Molly Is In The Box

July 6, 2011

Molly Back In The Owl Box

McGee came back first and then started calling for Molly and sure enough it was too long until Molly showed up. McGee left this morning but Molly stayed in the box.

The count down is on, I will be signing the Second Clutch Books this weekend. The plan is they will be mailedthe following Monday, July 11th. You still have time to get your orders in for signed copies. I will be signing all the pre-ordered books.

To order your copy go

Have a great day!

Carlos, Donna and Austin

14 Responses to “Molly Is In The Box”

  1. Liz Says:

    This is so wonderful! Thank you so much Carlos, Donna and Austin!

  2. Thanks so much for keeping us posted, Carlos! It does look like something’s up with their coming family life!

  3. Cant wait for my pre-ordered 2nd clutch book…and will we be seeing a lot more of M&M????

  4. Glenn Says:

    Carlos, We are looking forward to getting the signed books that i ordered and will order the DVDs when you post them . Molly back in the box alone, I wander if she is trying to tell us something! Thank you Carlos, Donna and Austin.

  5. Sherrie Pearl Says:

    Great Carlos TY

    BTW Mon 7/4 at approx 5:23am pst when Molly finally came back to the box, McGee was waiting for her and they def did bond.

    There were a few of us on watching and waiting for Molly to come home.

    Hugs & <3

  6. Donna Says:

    Thank you so much Carlos for sharing Molly, she is so beautiful.

  7. Joan from Colorado Says:

    So. the love story continues.. Molly and McGee sure are sweet.. thanks Carlos, Joan from Colorado

  8. PegRod Says:

    Yay, Molly’s back in the box!

    For those wondering about all the feathers in the box, this is a period of molting of feathers by Molly and McGee. Read and learn more on this link – Lots of good sections on Owl Physiology.

    Owl Feathers and Flight

    “The Owl Pages” website (Australia) looks like it has a lot of ads, but it has lots of great educational links and information!

  9. Bonnibell Says:

    Well, those two are really trying to confuse you, Carlos!! It certainly seems strange…I’m still thinking 4th clutch! Meantime, thank you so much for letting us watch what happens!!! Bonnibell

  10. mandozee Says:

    Glad M&M are back home in the box again, and that it wasn’t taken by other owls. mandozee

  11. VSue Says:


    “Egg Laying Watch” is on then…maybe?

    Well, I just got to my e-mail now time for me to head on over to the wonderful Owl Box….

    Thank you so much for keeping us all updated

  12. LoveYourDNA Says:

    Thank you for keeping the camera on when you can. Molly is a vision!

  13. “The plan is they will be mailed the following Monday, June 11th” I assume you mean they will be mailed on Monday July 11th?

  14. cathy king Says:

    i am so excited they are back. i even got a new laptop today so i can watch molly and mcgee much later from the east coast now. not tied to a desk.

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