Celebrate Fourth of July

July 4, 2011

Patriotic Molly Mug

Show your are proud to be an American Download Free Print

There is no better way to Celebrate the Fourth of July and show your patriotism than to order a Patriotic Molly Mug. Let everyone know you are Proud to be an American! Download Free Print (This will be the last time it will be offered free. It will be removed from Free Stuff this week)

Enjoy and have a Happy and Safe Fourth of July

Carlos, Donna and Austin

P.S. I am fix’n Barbeque Country Ribs using Donna’s now world famous recipe.  Hmmmm-mmm good!

27 Responses to “Celebrate Fourth of July”

  1. janie2 Says:

    Happy Fourth, Carlos!!


  2. debbie Says:

    happy july forth, carlos, donna and austin!


    thank you, for broadcasting the owl box for us to watch. this has been wonderful, having molly and mcgee time. yay!

    looking forward to the next dvd, austin…cannot wait! :D


    ps…have one of those ribs for me!! mmmm

  3. mandozee Says:

    Have a safe and happy 4th everyone. Take time to remember the cost of freedem and thank those who died and fight so we can be free. mandozee

  4. Judy Sackson Says:

    Happy Independence Day to Carlos, Donna, Austin, all of their family and all the MODs!

  5. Nancy Harp Says:

    Happy Fourth to everyone. May this be a very special day for all of you.

  6. VSue Says:

    Happy Fourth of July to you Carlos, Donna and Austin and all friends and family

    Happy Fourth of July to everyone!
    And waking up this morning, lurking and sneaky a peeky into the lovely owlbox to see McGee and Molly together, snugglez like the lovely pair they are, just made my day all the more special

    Thank you Carlos for turning the machines back on so we MODs and everyone can enjoy another day of OWLantics

  7. Joan from Colorado Says:

    Dear Carlos..It’s good to see Molly and McGee back home again.. Happy 4th to your family

  8. SARose69 Says:

    My lips are smackin’!

  9. Kit Says:

    Happy 4th to all!

  10. GeniaKnitz Says:

    Happy 4th, Carlos and Donna! I’ll be drinking tea from my American Barn Owl mug today.

    Hugs to you both

  11. PegRod Says:

    Happy Fourth of July 2011!

    New viewers may not know about the wonderful videos, like Vote Molly! Americans founded this country to make the world a better place. The Owl Box of San Marcos, Calfornia, USA, represents the best in life for me!

    If you read the words around the Vote Molly image you will see values that many of us hold dear:

    I never noticed them the first time, being nearsighted, but one day they became clear and remain in my heart:

    Words surrounding Molly’s image “Beauty, Grace, Respect, Humor, Kindness, Perseverance, Heart, Loyalty, Caring and Friendship”!

    The best of America the Beautiful ((hearts and hugs))

  12. moniq50 Says:

    Happy 4th to you, Carlos and Donna.. Enjoy those famous Donna Royal ribs..

  13. PegRod Says:

    Don’t forget that the limited edition of the two incredibly wonderful coffee table books of photography of “Molly & McGee” and “The Second Clutch” by Carlos Royal are going fast! If you think you want a book but are not sure – you may be too late.

    Old American Proverb – “Here today, gone tomorrow!” Be “Present” and if you can afford it, buy yourself a present, and one for a friend, library, school or retirement home, too! You wlll thank yourself for being so wise and wonderful!

    Molly the Owl Books – even the bookmarks are inspirational!

  14. AnnSavage Says:

    Thank you for the freebies, Carlos! You’re the best!

  15. Bonnibell Says:

    I printed it a while back and it is on a plate stand for viewing!! Thanks for everything. Happy 4th to you too! I will have to put in a request for that rib recipe on Molly’s page. Enjoy. Bonnibell

  16. Joyce Hebert Says:

    made you sauce and used on bar-b-q redfish and family really liked it…little more onion they said…happy fourth to you also…love molly and mcgee but would like to see owls in tree…see if they are ready to leave..

  17. debbie Says:

    hiiii, again carlos!
    (are we eating ribs yet?) ;)

    just now watching the owl box and having part of the “final farewell” playing…is there any way that wee video could be included on austin’s new dvd? it is such a great one and there are SO many great pics on it… many, many more than would be room to include in “the second clutch” book, i should think…all the memories from the second clutch- it would be wonderful to have a copy of it.

    it is just a wee thought.
    would you ask austin for us if he would consider it?

    pretty pleeaasse, with bbq sauce on top?

    thank you!!



  18. Donna Says:

    Carlos,thank you so much for sharing M&M again, it means so much to so many. My laptop has been on since you started last week. What a treat to see McGee in the box so much, he’s so handsome! You can tell they love each other, McGee seemed nervous last night when Molly was gone. Happy 4th to you all and a yummy cookout!

  19. Sherry Kelly Says:

    Hope you Royals have had a great 4th!

  20. A FAN OF M&M Says:

    Carlos, Donna and the rest of the Royal Family,
    Happy 4th of July. Thank your for this wonderful viewing pleasure. We really appreciate that you have provided the opportunity for us to watch M&M. What a great Holiday gift.
    May you enjoy your upcoming vacation journeys and hopefully when you return you once again afford the opportunity view M&M once again.

  21. Marilee Godsil Says:

    I thank you so for restarting the cameras and your vigilance over our darlings’ Owl Box. Your and Donna’s presence and care has allowed M & M to flourish and give loving care to their offspring. All creature know and appreciate the love and respect that is exchanged between species. Thank you forever, Royals.


  22. kitty martenson AKA TOPPSY Says:

    RIBS EH???????? well, good its not ‘wings’ LOL

    hey———stay safe in this Holiday, and each day,,,,,,,we all appreciate your dedication both the birds AND us.

  23. Margery M Says:

    Wow! I love this patriotic picture of our dear owls!!!
    Carlos and Donna, we are forever indebted to you for the gift of your love and time to these beautiful birds and us, too!
    I am salivating just thinking about those ribs!!


  24. tnmom Says:

    Sooo glad the cam is back for the 4th clutch. Thanks!

  25. Mary Kowalski Says:

    I am so glad to be enjoying M&M in the Owl Box again. I am hoping for #4.

    I wish the photos had chat names attached so we could put faces to the names.

    This is fun and I am so glad to be part of it.

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