Molly and McGee Back in Box

June 30, 2011

Molly and McGee in The Owl Box All Day

90 Responses to “Molly and McGee Back in Box”

  1. carlosroyal Says:

    Camera is on

  2. Couleedam (Nora) Says:

    Thank you Carlos for the update – gotta love them, they look as wonderful as ever……hugz & hearts, from couleedam :)

  3. Maureen Says:

    wow – more fun! and I wanna be a part of it!! again!!!

  4. janie2 Says:

    Woo Hoo!! I’m going there right night to see them. Molly and McGee will always be my favorites. I even named a pair of Linnies after them.

    Thank you, Carlos, Donna, and Austin!!


  5. Mareoooo Says:

    Wow! Thanks, Carlos – for alerting us to this! I’m astounded and ecstatic! And, *I* wanna be a part of it, too!

    Mareoooo from North Carolina

  6. Kayaking Kimmy Says:

    I want to know if Molly is ever going to get a day off! Geesh!

  7. Lisa Treacy Says:

    Oh it is so good to see them again!! Thanks Carlos!

  8. Karen in Sebring (SPO site) Says:

    Thank you for telling us about M&M! Love them most of all!

    Karen in Sebring

  9. Toni Powell Says:

    I had forgotten how long McGee’s legs are!

  10. Carol (planetmom) Says:

    Thank you Carlos. Good to see them again. They look like they are in love!

  11. Glenn Says:

    Thank you Carlos! I just peeked in the owl box and behold Molly and McGee in the box in the daytime. I also just got you email
    I hope you get The Owl Box 2 camera up and running so we can see all the birds flying around and the beautiful sunsets.

  12. Cindy Says:

    Oh, that face – just grabs my heart.

  13. Joyce Hebert Says:

    love that face…thanks…hope you keep us informed..

  14. Sarah Jane Says:

    This is SpaynNeuter in Oregon: What a gorgeous pair and gorgeous photo. Thanks for turning on the camera, Carlos!


  15. What a charming picture! They are the old experienced ones now, aren’t they. How fun to see them together again. Thanks for letting us know. I’m sure you’re on the fence about how much you will broadcast/follow them this time around. Hmmmmm.

  16. Heather from Maine Says:

    This is SOOO exciting! Carlos, Thank you for this joyous news.

  17. Sherry Kelly Says:

    Love me some Molly, McGee, and Royal family!!!

  18. Bonnibell Says:

    I am not watching any Ustreams/owlboxes this time around. Updates on Molly and McGee will help me through some depression/anxiety times I am having. Carlos, you are the best and I thank you yet again for all…. Bonnibell … Molly and McGee have such a SPECIAL place in my heart.<3

  19. Rosemary Says:

    Oh how sweet… I just love these two marvelous owls.
    Thanks for the heads up… and I will be so happy to
    see them with another clutch…. I am sure you will share
    all you can with us.. and I hope they don’t get in the way
    of your travels….

  20. Katy Says:


  21. dennisotool Says:

    Its great to see them back in the box, oh boy more owls to watch, Just think ,this is where all this owl watching first all began and brought us all together and made us all MODS! Is Carlos going to broadcast again, sure hope so, but if not I understand, its very time consumimg! Anyway it so good to see them both together again!

  22. Liela M. Maielua Says:

    As always thanks for the update on M & M they look so sweet. Could this be the start of the 4th clutch, fingers crossed.

  23. Napaelle Says:

    Thank you Carlos and Donna!!!!!!!!!

  24. Nancy Harp Says:

    What a joy to see those two in the box again. Thank you for sharing!

  25. Great news! I am so pleased! The three eagletts ,whose Mom was killed by an airplane will soon be released,I’ll have M&M to keep me enthralled. Marvelous.
    celebrate life,
    eileen curran

  26. Becky Says:

    Oh my goodness! How much fun is it to see those two! More babies??

  27. Deb Says:

    What a pleasant surprise. My favorite owl couple!!! Thanks Carlos.

  28. Oh, I am so Happy, Happy, Happy……..

  29. Leslee Says:

    The two most beautiful Barn Owls in the world…totally. Love those two lights of life. They have changed my life for the better.

  30. Eileen "Teatime" Says:

    What a great feeling to see Molly and McGee back in the box.
    It will be like a family reunion with everyone watching together, and of course Carlos, Donna and Austin keeping the cameras
    rolling when they are not on vacation. This feels like
    “Christmas in July” to me….I am so happy.

  31. grams3cs Says:

    Thank you doesn’t seem enough to express how grateful I am to have M&M back!!!!!!! Tried to get attached to the other owls, but no could do. Glad the first couple is back!!!!!!!!!!!!! grams3cs

  32. Robin Says:

    Wow! Can’t believe they’re back. The Royal’s have made it so comfy they choose not to move on.

  33. Connie, red and yellow tulips Says:

    How I miss Molly and McGee. They helped me thru a difficult time in my life, losing my husband. I came and watched and chatted with the Mods. I love owls and wait patiently for anything regarding them First loves are hard to forget! Thanks for it all and letting me be a part of it!

  34. Jackie Says:

    What a great surprise to see M & M back in the box. This has been such a wonderful experience and I’ve learned so much.
    Thank you, Carlos and Donna!

  35. Karen Robinson Says:

    saw them almost right away! great!

  36. Nanci Says:

    Woohoo! So thankful you are keeping us informed, Carlos, Donna and Austin.

    We all just *love* seeing this famous couple with possibly another clutch in the horizon.

    Nanci aka Nanmarks

  37. emeraldcher Says:

    Wow! What a great thing to happen once again!

  38. marie Says:

    I still miss watching them.

  39. Trisha Says:

    Thank you for updating us Carlos. Is that a recent picture or an archived one? Just love those two little birdies!

  40. Dale Ann Harsh Says:

    Aw! C4!!!

  41. PegRod Says:

    Memory Lane
    Molly & McGee
    Last Year

    June 28, 2010 – Molly and McGee Return

    Same time, this year (plus or minus a couple of days)

    What beautiful sights to see our beloved Molly & McGee back in their “Home Sweet Home” in the Royal Gardens of San Marcos, California, USA!

  42. VSue Says:

    What an absolutely bOWLtiful photo!

    I love it. And look at them Leggs!

    Thank you so much for the update.

    Now what are we to do
    knowing another clutch likely soon
    all thanks to you
    for sharing the news
    that surely chases away the blues

  43. PegRod Says:

    This new photograph of Molly and McGee takes my breath away and brings tears of happiness. Thank you Carlos.

  44. Cynthia Bradley (bradleytwins) Says:

    Carlos was this taken today? Are you going to start streaming M & M in the box again (I’m hoping and praying)? That is a beautiful picture….they are such a “photographic” couple!! :)

    • Deb Says:


      Yes Carlos has turned the cameras on. They were both in the box and flew off a few minutes ago. And someone is back now.

  45. kitty martenson AKA TOPPSY Says:

    ARE YOU—teasssssssing us cOWLos???? Come on now, thot you were gonna travel and enjoy retirement???
    OH==how we’d love to see those 2, be parents again.
    and of course, YOU and Donna too.

    hope hope hope

  46. Mary B. Says:

    Molly and McGee have been the best therapy I have ever had. The first clutch helped me got thru martial problems; the second clutch-divorce. The blue birds came on just as I am trying to adjust to being alone. And comes a day when I think I cant take it anymore—this beautiful picture appears before Me!
    Carlos, Donna and Austin–
    You have been assigned a special mission by the Lord above!
    I will be ever grateful for your generosity!
    You have touched many hearts…..mine included, I am so blessed.

    • Mareoooo Says:

      Mary B. – please know that you are NEVER alone ….. all of us MODs are always here for you!

      Mary W.

  47. Susan Belloff Says:

    OMG! I LOVE them! They look like they are posing…They are, after all, celebrities! :)
    Thanks for sharing!
    By the way, I watched the video of you and Austin out in the field observing the owls in the sycamore tree. It was great!!! Loved the whole video. Laughed so hard when the table leg fell in the gopher hole and then again when Austin’s chair leg also found a gopher hole. You two make the best team! It was so funny how the owls stood up and showed themselves the whole time you were off getting the battery and then scrunched back down in the hollow of the tree as soon as you got back. They gave us a great show while you were gone!

  48. yay owls Says:

    Thank you!

  49. GeniaKnitz Says:

    We were chatting today about favorite owls in various categories; made me smile that almost every favorite was a Royal owl or owlet. As most beautiful owl – McGee; most beautiful owlet – Austin. Favorite owl – tied between Max and Wes. Etc. And here M&M are tonight!

  50. Joan from Colorado Says:

    Carlos, you are so considerate to let us look in at the most famous owls in the world once again.. thank you thank you, Joan

  51. Donna Simonson Says:

    Oh to see Leggs McGee and his beautiful bride Molly!!! What a loving photo to share Carlos. Us MODS are joyous and oh so proud. The legacy continues . . .
    Love, hugs and prayers owlways,
    “OwlLuver”, Murrieta, CA

  52. Toni Says:

    Yaaaaah!!! Another clutch perhaps. Hope we will get to see. THANK YOU FOR THE NIGHT FIELD TRIPS CARLOS AND AUSTIN

  53. Jo-Ann Says:

    Looks like a lot of rock and rolling will be happening in the owl box again… thank you Carlos…..

  54. Betty Mitchell Says:

    Made my day! Hope you will continue to share the latest updates. Thank you!

  55. Gina Says:

    Thanks Carlos….it was soooo good to see Molly & McGee again!

  56. NUBSPEACE Says:

    yay !!!!! my favorite couple <3 xo

  57. Camperfamily (Kim) Says:

    ‘Gee this is going to be fun’!!!!!

    Wonderful news! See you in chat!

    Thank you Carlos and Donna:)

  58. moniq Says:

    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!! Carlos and Donna. ((hugs to you both))) Love being home again with Molly and McGee <3

  59. What a sweet photo. It’s obvious to me why McGee got the nickname “Leggs McGee”! Thank you so much for the update and the lovely photo. I haven’t been able to tune in for the hunting grounds field trips, but I hope to view the videos soon. I have watched the recording that is currently playing on Ustream, of the young owls in the tree. They are so precious and how exciting to see them “in the wild”. You, Donna & Austin have given us so much already, and you continue to give. Thank you!

    Anita in Baton Rouge

  60. debbie Says:

    totally enjoyed watching/listening to the pair last night. happy to find the camera on again this morning!! yay!!


    thank you, carlos…this is brilliant!

  61. Helen Starkey Says:

    Molly has the sweetest face. Thanks for sending us the picture.

  62. Donna Says:

    Carlos, I want to thank you so much for sharing Molly & McGee with us, we’ve missed them so. TY TY

  63. SARose69 Says:

    I had a feeling this was going to happen! Yay! Hope you’ll show us some of the journey as long as it doesn’t keep you from travelling.

  64. Linda /artgirl4388 Says:

    Donna, Carlos, Austin and family,
    Hope you have a wonderful 4th weekend. TY again for all your magnificent photos and reports. The latest is such a gift!
    Take care,

  65. Judy Ambrose Says:

    OMG!! That’s all I can say ~~ that Molly :) <3

  66. Amy B. in IL Says:

    Thnak you for the great news. Always have M & M on my mind!

    Take care,
    Amy B. in IL

  67. Deb Lay Says:

    What fun. I got owl bumps when I reas “Camera is on”

    • Donna Simonson Says:

      Deb, that is the cutest comment about owlbumps. I love it and oh so true for all of us MODS. It’s a great event again for all of us. Vote Molly!
      Hugs from OwlLuver in Murrieta,CA

  68. Diane Says:

    How exciting that they are back in the box!!! It is great news to know they are still safe out in the big world!!! Thanks for all your hard work and your wonderful updates with the goings on in your yard Carlos. You and your family are incredible people. I love it all!!!

  69. pelicangirl Says:

    Great news! Please keep us posted!

  70. Marilee Godsil Says:

    You made my day!!!! Thank you, M & M! Thank you, Carlos and Donna!

  71. Glennette Starsiak Says:

    Was so excited to see Molly and McGee together leaning on each other. What a beautiful site they are. Thanks for sharing your owl box with all of us MODS.

  72. didinp Says:

    Why do seeing these owls make me sooo Happy?

    Thank you Carlos Have a Festive 4th!

  73. Audrey Says:

    I think you need to rename the blog to “The Owl Factory”. Molly will soon be worn out if she starts another brood. LOL

  74. June Schafer Says:

    Doin’ my happy dance!!!

  75. Treva Roberts Says:

    Yeah, we’re going to have a second clutch for 2011.

  76. CAROL HODGES Says:

    Wasn’t about this time last year Molly laid the eggs for the second clutch? They must really like THEIR OWL BOX!
    Last year during our hot spell, one egg hatched on my birthday, but didn’t survive the heat…..I was sooooo SAD!

  77. Deb Says:

    Carlos & Donna I want to thank you so much for your generosity in letting us see Molly & McGee again last night and today. Hubby and I had today as vacation day and it has been the best seeing them again and chatting with ole friends. Thank you so much and sending smiles to you


  78. flukestail Says:

    Molly girl! Made my day to see you. What a treat!

  79. donna smith Says:

    This is so exciting. I have been so missing Molly. Thanks so much Carlos.

  80. mandozee Says:

    Hay Carlos: what a cute picture. Thanks for the peek into the box to watch them. mandozee.

  81. I am so thrilled!! M&M are my favorite couple (next to Donna and Carlos!)

  82. joly2u Says:

    Boy, that’s a real “Leggs” McGee photo, I love it! They are so cute together. I guess the tax shock was a cold-water intro to the adult world for hard-working Austin, but I think the 2nd video sounds very exciting. Thanks for letting us see them as much as possible, Carlos, you’re tops.

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