The Third Clutch has officially ended

June 1, 2011

Molly and McGee



The Third Clutch has officially ended. Molly and McGee did a great job. Look at the picture and you will see their pride.


This is our year to travel so the camera may be turned off at any time but in the mean time enjoy the Bluebirds. They should be really fun to watch in a few days when they start feeding the baby birds at the door. If you watch early mornings you will see the male carry out a white sack. It contains the baby  bird’s poop, that’s how they keep the nest clean.


Carlos, Donna and Austin

58 Responses to “The Third Clutch has officially ended”

  1. emeraldcher Says:

    Thank you Carlos and Donna……..will be watching and safe travels.

  2. Katy Says:

    thanks so much for everything you do for us. I have never enjoyed something so much as watching the owls. You and Donna have a wonderful travel year and best wishes to Austin as he begins what will be a fabulous career in movies, or documentaries or where ever life leads.

  3. Susan Bentley Says:

    Carlos, you and Donna and Austin have given us such a wonderful gift – thanks so much! Have fun on your travels!

  4. VSue Says:

    Wonderful news
    Surely chases away the mood blues
    And watching Molly and McGee
    Into the owlbox they go
    I think you and I know
    Clutch Four
    will soon be here
    Make me want to shout and cheer
    for another year of owlets to be
    But this we will have to wait and see

    As for the bluebirds at their house door
    Such lovely sights to see
    Gee this is such fun
    so glad to be a part of it

    • PegRod Says:

      VSue – always a delight to read your poetry. It reminds me of how minstrels would sing the traditional legends and ballads to tell the tales of history.

      I love watching the bluebird box, too, and hearing all the lovely songs of the birds living in the surroundings of the Royal Gardens of San Marcos, CA. Thank you so much Carlos for giving us this new gift – “our glad bluebirds of happiness.”

      • VSue Says:

        Why thank you PegRod
        These birds surely do make my heart sing
        And I so love being able to be a part of this thanks to everyone especially to you Carlos, Donna and Austin for you time and generosity in bringing us this possibility of sharing and learning and just being a part of this wonderful community

  5. Ann Richards (Nashville) Says:

    From Nashville and from MODs all over the world, we thank you for this exciting peek into Nature’s finest! Thanks for all your time, energy, thoughtfulness, $, and love. We love you back, and let us know when you come to Nashville!

  6. Caboval Says:

    Carlos and Donna have safe travels and thank you for letting us watch the blue birds! And thank you for opening up chat for the field trips!!! Really enjoyed that!!! (((hugs)))

  7. Donna Koski Says:

    Thank you for all the wonderful moments. They were greatly enjoyed.

    I hope you have a wonderful trip and take lots of pictures enjoyed your commentary.

    Donna bingodabber

  8. Becky Says:

    Have fun.

  9. Virgene Colby-auntie_vee Says:

    Thank you for letting us see Molly and McGee back in the box. We know all is well with them.

    So glad you will be continuing your trips. Many sights to see. Will like to recieve blogs of your trip as you have time.

  10. Donna Koski Says:

    I forgot to mention while driving my grandson had a white owl come down towards his windshield at 8 and 805 last week. He wasn’t sure what to do but it pulled up at last moment and he didn’t hit it.

    I showed him a picture of Molly, Mcgee and the young ones and he said it looked exactly like that. Are you sending your fleet down to San Diego??? No more room in San Marcos???

    He was quite taken back had never seen a Barn owl before.

    donna bingodabber

    • Caseyl3d Says:

      Donna bingodabber.

      8 & 805 is right where I live. Whoo hoo!!
      I have barn owls in my neighborhood!!

  11. Lisa A. Burns Says:

    Thank you so much! Loved every moment…
    Enjoy your travels Donna, Carlos. Thanks to Austin as well.

    Hoping for 4th Clutch, of course. :)

  12. Nita Says:

    That is a beautiful picture of a contented, happy Molly and McGee! Now they can have some time just for themselves. And you and Donna as well. Happy travels and we love your travel comments and pictures along the road. Perhaps when you return Molly will be back in the box with the 4th!!

  13. Gisela Says:

    Thanks for these wonderful pictures that have delighted so many people. It’s great that M&M are still with us. These two look like they’re now planning the fourth clutch. Happy trails to you and them.

  14. Bonnibell Says:

    Thanks again for sharing the tail end of the 3rd clutch fledge exerience. It was grand. Wondering where you and Donna are off to next??? Well, safe and happy travels to you both. I am looking forward to watching the bluebirds. Thank you! Bonnibell

  15. GeniaKnitz Says:

    We will miss you.
    We will miss them.
    Much love, and thank you so very much.

  16. NatureLuver Says:

    As usual Carlos your photography blows me away….so beautiful. Thanks for sharing all this with us. This is a great hobby isn’t it???

    Keep up the great work. God Bless you, Donna, Austin and of course our Owls!

    Deet Deet Deet!!!
    Liz Garney, League City, TX

  17. Diane Says:

    Thank you ever so much for the work you all did on the third clutch!! It was so much fun–I have loved every minute of it from the get-go. I have been watching since the birth of Wesley. Your generosity it so much it’s hard to put into words how fabulous you and your family has been. I will watch the bluebirds!!!! Thanks. Have fun on your next trip (and we hope to see pictures and have updates)

  18. vicki Says:

    So good that you and Donna are taking time out for each other. Will welcome any news about your travels as well as Molly and McGee.Thank you for all your efforts to bring this gift of nature to us.

    Will be waiting to hear how Austin’s enterprising efforts work out too.

    All the joys of a happy, safe and fun summer to you and Donna and Austin!

  19. mandozee Says:

    Carlos & Donna: Travel, you deserve it. I’m sure we can tag along via your blog. Thank you for all the fun times you have given us. mandozee

  20. Treece Says:

    Gee, that was fun and I was a part of it!! Thanks ever so much, ♥Carlos♥. ♫♪Oh, Molly was a common barn owl♫♪….

  21. Camperfamily (Kim) Says:

    Thank you Carlos, Austin and Command Center! The field trips were the best! Really exciting!

    We recently returned from a hike and saw an all white owl! It flew one direction and then the spotted brown (like Molly) flew the other direction. Have you heard of the ‘white’ owl? It was all white! It’s face and body. But, it did happen rather fast, so maybe the view from below made it appear white, just not sure. They say S. Ca has white owls, but they are rare. My 10 yr old says it was all white, I only had a moment of seeing him, and it did look all white….so I wonder if???

  22. Joyce Hebert Says:

    thanks for the third cluch…travel and we will go with you in pictures…we will survive…love the bluebirds…see them at my son’s but not in my yard…enjoy life while you can…

  23. Vee Miller (VeeTX) Says:

    How can we ever thank you for everything you’ve done to bring joy into our lives. We will miss M&M while you’re gone, but we will also miss you, Donna, Austin and even Stevo and the adventures of “Team Carlos.”

    Have fun on your travels! We look forward to receiving updates from The Royal Travelog. For a lot of us, we will get to go places we could only dream or read about. Thanks again for everything!!! Praying for safe travels and new and exciting adventures.

  24. Theresa Atkins Says:

    I work as a systems administrator at Navy Hospital Camp Pendlton and I put American Molly up as my desktop background and have gotten wonderful comments about it.
    I bet M&M are saying “finally the kids are out of the house”!

  25. Sounds like a PLAN, Carlos!!! Just give us those preview announcements of your filming, when you know you will be back online. I love to join the party! And do enjoy your summer travels. It’s TIME for that!!!

  26. SARose69 Says:

    We will enjoy any time you feel like broadcasting! Enjoy your travels and keep us posted!

  27. Jim Shoemaker Says:

    Safe travels to you and Donna. If y’all get to Abilene, Texas, email me and we’ll spring for dinner. Take care…

  28. Cynthia Bradley (bradleytwins) Says:

    Thanks Carlos for taking the time to bring us the third clutch and the “hunting grounds”. Hope you have “happy travels”!! Will continue to watch any time you have the cameras on!

  29. sdsurfchick Says:

    Carlos and Donna, thanks for the opportunity to join with our old and new OB friends. Your generosity of spirit continues to amaze. Godspeed. Surf

  30. PegRod Says:

    Bluebird House Cam

    Carlos, thank you so much for this new close up view peeking into the box of the baby bluebirds and parents flying back and forth feeding them in that lovely shingled house you built for them in the Royal Gardens. And, thank you for putting chat back for now! I think I see those golden California poppies in the backgound now.

  31. ldgreene123 Says:

    Carlos..Thanks so much for getting that shot last night of majestic McGee. Safe travels!!

  32. Janie Says:

    I’m laying on the floor, pounding it with my fists, and sobbing that you will soon turn the cameras off. You know I’m kidding, but will miss you both and will miss Molly and McGee. Have a wonderful trip and enjoy yourselves. Thank you for letting us see the end of clutch #3 and seeing that Molly and McGee have returned. The trips to the hunting grounds were so much fun and having chat back up was great, but now I wish you God speed. Stay safe and come back to us.
    Love to Donna, Carlos, and Austin.


  33. Judy Sackson Says:

    We all have our suitcases out, just waiting to learn what kind of clothes to pack….to get aboard the Royal traveling palace for our next trip!
    It’s such fun, we may have to go to some of these places outselves sometime! In the meanwhile….
    Love the bluebirds….thank you so much Carlos and Donna and Austin….for taking such good care of your MODs!

  34. LoveYourDNA Says:

    Bless your souls!

    ok, i had to laugh though about the sack of baby bluebird poop… Dad’s Across America: Take Note!

    cheers and many safe travels,

  35. Jo-Ann Says:

    Enjoy your travels!!! thanks for the updates and I just know you will share your trips with us… Everyone needs a little time off once in a while…. Happy travels….

  36. OwlyKats Says:

    Donna, Carlos & Austin,
    I have had So much fun watching the 3rd Clutch. I really enjoyed The Field Trips you took us On. Thank You so much for letting us be apart of The glorious wonders of nature.
    I wish You and Donna Safe travels.


  37. Liela M. Maielua Says:

    thanks for all the great viewing, what a handsome couple M & M are and yes they have done a great job with the owlets.

  38. Sherry Kelly Says:

    I love reading all the comments from my fellow MODs and I say “ditto” to all of the above! You Royals and all the Molly & McGee followers are certainly a special group – and I am blessed to be a part of it!

  39. Sarah Jane Says:

    This is truly such a gorgeous picture of Molly and McGee. They look so content and happy to be together. Thanks, Carlos.

  40. Gillie5 Says:

    Thanks so much Carlos for sharing Molly and McGee and their beautiful owlets with the world. Such a precious experience. Happy travels to you and Donna. Thanks also to Austin for his wonderful input:>)xxoo

  41. Dianne Piazza Says:

    Two weeks ago, I saw my first ever bluebird (male) in person. Much to my delight, the female followed shortly thereafter, and the two of them moved in to our bluebird house in the backyard and proceeded to lay four eggs. I was beyond excited, anticipating this to be the best backyard entertainment of the summer.

    Much to our dismay, last week one morning, we awoke to the nesting material pulled from the box and three of the four eggs gone. We think it was a raccoon, but can’t be sure. We were both devastated.

    The male bluebird hung around for the next few days but we haven’t seen him or the female now for three days. I’m sad to say but I think they’ve moved on to what they think are safer quarters.

    Just wanted to thank you for the virtual bluebird box that I’m watching now, it’s not right out back but right in my living room on my laptop screen. Hopefully we’ll see the bluebirds return again one day to our box (that is now fortified against predators).

    They are such a delight…so beautiful. Thanks again for the bluebirds, and of course the owls. :)

    West Chester, PA

  42. PegRod Says:

    Memory Lane

    June 2, 2010 – Wesley Takes Off

    June 2, 2010 – Moving Out

    Included are some unique photos, including the one that Donna Royal took of Carlos Royal with his camera taking photos of the owlets in the neighbor’s palm tree, and one of the “Daring Rabbit” Tauntz (desert cottontail)!

  43. PegRod Says:

    The Bluebird Box on The Owl Box channel

    The camera angle that Carlos has set is just amazing. He worked (climbing more 12-foot ladders) until it was just right! You can see the little heads of the bluebird babies through the small round door of the shingled (teak) box – a delight to watch.

    Some in chat described their little heads, peeking out and peeping for food, as looking like a muppet when closed and a funnel when opened for the worms and insects that the two parents, named William and Kate (for the Royal Bluebirds), bring often.

    Treat Report – Chat Moderator angowleyez –
    7:57 angowleyez-1: We recorded treats this afternoon: 2 pm: bug 2:01 pm bug 2:02 pm bug (this clutch is easy) – (in case you are new – this is a joke based on trying to record and identify the rodent treats brought to the owlets by Molly & McGee!). For the First Clutch of owlets, an amazing chart was kept!

    Chatroom Moderators (in blue) continue to provide lots of educational links when present, on bluebirds, common barn owls, the Royal gardens, and more.

    The sounds of the birds in the Royal Gardens of San Marcos has been described as peaceful as background “music” – you can also listen to bird calls on the “Whatbird” dot com site if you want to learn to identify birds by their “songs”. You can start with the ones Carlos has named – look below the video at the text – “We have had kestrels, bluebirds, hummingbirds, phoebes, wild ducks, killdeer, and mockingbirds all nest and raise their young in our habitat.” We also know that he has more visitors – more than 50 species – including red-shouldered hawks, Cooper’s Hawks, crows … and you can hear roosters (and coyotes) in the morning in the distance.

    Carlos invited chatters to tell their friends and spread the word about The Bluebird Box featured on The Owl Box site (it is in the same yard along with the kestrel box) while we await a Fourth Clutch of Molly & McGee (I believe!) – this event will last at least for a couple of weeks!

    Pass the Word! Don’t delay!

  44. CAequuslvr Says:

    Carlos & Donna–Thank you so much for again letting us be a part of the wonderful, special world of Molly & McGee.

    Can’t wait to go on my next trip with you (vicariously, of course).

  45. Cassandra Says:

    I hope you have fun, safe travels. Thank you for the bluebirds. Was hoping you could also get a Kestrel family in the future. You guys rock.

  46. yay owls Says:

    Am so grateful for your generosity and kindness. Carlos and Donna, enjoy your travels and know that our hearts are with you.

  47. Becky Says:

    Love this last(for awhile)picture of Molly and McGee in front of their empty nest-full circle moment. Have a wonderful time wherever you’re going next.Take care of yourselves.YOu’ll be missed until we see you again. Bless you.

  48. PegRod Says:

    Memory Lane

    June 3, 2010 – Sticking Around

    Hmmmm …. that title of the blog entry from last year sounds like us, the faithful Molly & McGee and Owl Box Watchers!

    • PegRod Says:

      Oh, and that would not be possible without the gracious hosts, Carlos and Donna Royal! The Bluebird Box on The Owl Box channel is a wonderful new learning experience for those who have learned to sit back, watch and learn.

  49. PegRod Says:

    Memory Lane

    June 4th waa a big day for Molly & McGee’s First Clutch last year, as you will see from the following photographs and blog entries from 2010. For viewers who want to see the dogs behind the barking you hear from time to time, look here!

    Included are the lyrics to the “then new” Molly song by Barbara Allen (barlycorn) – all her songs are available on Molly the Owl books in the section with Austin Faure’s documentary. Molly Watchers, MODs and Fans are hoping for a Fourth Clutch and a Fourth original song by our beloved barlycorn and a new DVD by talented Austin Faure who graduates from high school this month – so much creativity, talent, love, dedication and hard work!

    June 4, 2010 – Max in the Palm Tree

    June 4, 2010 – Max Wants More Airtime

    June 4, 2010 – Max & Pattison Daytime

    June 4, 2010 – Mockingbird Patrol (red-shouldered hawk is perched on the kestrel box I believe)

    June 4, 2010 – Molly Song

    Thank you Carlos Royal for these wonderful and truely unique photographs and this exceptional blog.

  50. Carlos Glad you all got your grandson through most of college. I know there are still other expenses I know because I helped put first hubby though college.
    But you well….I won’t say anymore. I just don’t see why you keep up with the Molly Merchandise when your not going to show her and McGee on a regular basis…..isn’t enough, enough????

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