Third Clutch Concludes with Molly and McGee Returning

May 31, 2011

McGee returns to The Owl Box looking for Molly

No Question, It is McGee

No Question, It is McGee

Female Bluebird guarding the door - That is not a bluebird on top.

Male Bluebird keeping an eye on the bluebird box

Female checking out camcorder

Is this pose good?

Owlet at City Hall over mowing weeds

Barbecue Sauce
The very best! The only one I’ve used since 1965
1 c. butter
1 c. chopped onion
1 c. catsup
1/2 c. brown sugar
6 Tbs. Worcestershire sauce
1 tsp. salt

Put all ingredients in a saucepan. Heat to near boiling; turn down heat and simmer for 15 minutes.

I mentioned fixing Country Ribs with Donna’s special Barbecue Sauce for Memorial Day and how delicious it is. The request poured in for the recipe, so here it is, but first let me tell you just how good it is. This stuff is so good you can eat it like gravy on mashed potatoes…and for a Okie nothing can get any better. You will be in for a delightful barbecuing experience, but here is the trick to using this Barbecue Sauce. Since it has a lot of sugar, it will burn fast, so use it just before the meat is finished cooking, then add more before serving or after it is on your plate.  I slow cooked the salted ribs for two hours wrapped air tight in heavy aluminum foil at 300 degrees. You want it to stew in its own juices until it is almost fall of the bone tender. Next remove ribs from the foil and dip them in the barbecue sauce and place on a hot grill. Flame for couple of minutes per side, don’t burn’um, basically you are just adding grill marks for favor. Add additional sauce to tastes and dig in.

The Third Clutch has concluded, the last owlet did not return last night plus we got a surprise, Molly and McGee returned and spent considerable time inside The Owl Box once again.

We also discovered the Bluebirds have nested inside the Bluebird Box.

Have a great day,

Carlos, Donna and Austin

64 Responses to “Third Clutch Concludes with Molly and McGee Returning”

  1. flukestail Says:

    3rd clutch owlets gone. Molly & McGee back in the owlbox. I feel like spring is here. And it feels good.

    P.S. Keep an eye out for new eggs, Mods. Just sayin’…and hopin’. ;)

  2. Torri Says:

    Yey, sounds like everything is good and Molly and Magee finally get their home back. Love the bluebirds posing on the (very expensive looking) cameras. Thank you Royals for continuing to share your time and great energy with all of us.

  3. Caboval Says:

    What a wonderful conclusion and thank you for letting us be a part of it Carlos! I hope to see some more field trips!!! Thats so fun and even to see the “other” wildlife around your house!!! We saw hawks,coyote and pup ,rabbits….what am I forgetting?? Oh yes the owls!!!!!! Hope to see that again!!! Thank you Carlos for enriching our evenings! Caboval

  4. VSue Says:

    …and the circle of owl life
    will continue to no doubt
    Clutch four soon to be I want to shout
    Such joy and harmony
    these owls surely have brought you and me
    Watching them takes away all strife

  5. VSue Says:

    Thank you so much Carlos and Donna
    and Austin too
    For bringing such joy
    in generous sharing of your time and energy
    For all to see
    the wonderful owls

  6. Liz Says:

    Thank you, Carolos, Donna and Austin! You all bring so much joy to life. There is something so special about Molly and McGee Royal!!!

  7. Martha (calliopekid) Says:

    Thank you so much to Carlos, Austin and Donna for all the time, love and patience you have shown in faithfully broadcasting this memory making experience for us. I really appreciate all your dedication and hard work.
    Martha Gibbs (calliopekid)
    PS – Austin, I LOVE my sunglasses.

  8. Lindadpa Says:

    Thank you so much, Carlos, Donna and Austin. Such fun to go to the hunting fields and to see Molly and McGee return after the successful fledging of the third clutch! Your time, efforts, and sacrafices of time and energy are appreciated by so many. This is still my favorite owl site nothing can take the place of a ‘first love’! And where else would one get such a full-service host/hostess to the point of a treasured recipe for barbeque sauce —which I will be making this coming weekend. Plus you take us along on vacations! Lovin’ every minute spent with you folks! HOpe to see more of you! Linda

  9. Barb Says:

    I personally think Molly has been tied down a bit to much as to why she wasn’t in the box for McGree….. You go girl and get a massage take a little time for yourself, it’s OK. Humor set aside, I’m so joyful at being able to watch our 3rd clutch grow up and that their all healthy. What a new experience we viewed this time with our field trips too. Again many thanks to the most caring family for sharing everything it takes to keep us entertained. We just can’t vision all the hours and work involed for our enjoyment. We’ve all gained thru this experience, I know it will always be a beautiful magnificent postive learning experience for me in my life with much gratitude to all the Royal family.
    Warm Blessings, Barb in MI

  10. Carlos, you have brought such joy to so many of us on so many levels. Your family name, Royal is most certainly what you are. Molly & McGee, rock on! “We’rrrrrre rootin’ for ya!! Get it – root?”

    Huggs & Hisses!


  11. GeniaKnitz Says:

    Have recorded the recipe and hope to try it soon.

    Carlos, did you notice how as soon as you said perhaps M&M would be giving another clutch a miss, they came home? LOL.

    I’ll miss Squeaky Toy and Little Bit and their two older siblings, but wish them a long and happy life and many owlets of their own. We didn’t get to see them from the beginning but nothing could surpass their antics in the backyard – SUCH fun! Thank you, Carlos and Donna and Austin.

  12. Joan from Colorado Says:

    Once again.. hey it’s been fun and I got to be part of it..thanks, Joan

  13. Says:

    gee, while i watch, which is so great and fun, i keep thinking of when you showed us all the wires and such taking up donna’s diningroom and how glad she was to get her space back. it seems like everyone is expecrting this to be a 24/7 thing again. you know you start something and the next thing it gets out of control again. we all love you so much and wants to hear you and see you as much as we can. and it is great there is mission control and all the great stuff you are teaching austin. thank you from the bottom of my heart for this wonderful thing you are sharing. looking forward to hear you again. love you

  14. Christy in West Virginia Says:

    Dear Carlos, Donna, and Austin:
    Many,many thanks for your devotion to the owl family and to us MODs! It’s very quieting in this hectic life to take a few moments to keep up with Molly, McGee, and the owlets. One of the wonderful things I discovered in Molly’s blog came from a MOD; there is a poem by Wendell Berry calle “Peace of the Wild Things”. It is a gem, and says it all about this experience with M&M. Just google the title and it will come up.

  15. Jo-Ann Says:

    Thank you so very much.. I didn’t get to see the last 3 nights but I did think of the owls and your field trips of the hunting grounds.. I guess Molly just needed a rest for awhile and now its back to the bonding business again.. It will be interesting to see if the owlets come by once in a while. I will be watching and enjoying the next clutch if you are still so inclined to take care of our MOD needs and continue to have the cameras up for us who are so very obsessed . You are the best. Thank you… thank you…. thank you…..

  16. mandozee Says:

    thanks for the Barbecue Sauce recipe, thanks for the pictures of Mcgee and the Bluebirds. mandozee

  17. Beth Jones Says:

    Thanks for keeping us advised on Molly and McGee as well as the other birds around your home.

    The BBQ sauce looks like my recipe except I add a Tablespoon of Mustard. I also use the same recipe for sloppy joes. Just add browned ground beef or ground sausage.

    Thanks for all you do!!

  18. Thanks for the recipe! I will be using it as my favorite store bought one is no longer around. Lucky you have Blue Birds. I have three BB houses filled with sparrows. Have not seen the blue bird this year.

    Have a great summer and lots of neat travels.

  19. MoonDrops Says:

    Aww…a bittersweet moment of silence! Hate to see them go, but know they are healthy and strong and wish them well with families of their own.
    Thank you for the yummy-sounding BBQ sauce. A grillin’ I will do this coming weekend and put it to good use…thanks, again!
    I think we all had our personal names for this clutch…”Gee”, “That”, “Was”, and “Fun” were just that!
    Thank you just isn’t enough, but I don’t think there are enough adjectives to express what you, Donna, Austin, the owl box and the owls mean to us all. Please know all your efforts and dedication mean the world to me…I’ve learned so much and have such beautiful memories, stunning photos, books and trinkets to treasure.
    God Bless the Royal Family!
    In friendship,

  20. One cup butter – HELLO! How can that NOT be good? :)

  21. Puggz from Mill Valley Says:

    Field Trips, owl antics, chat AND recipes,
    what more can you ask for?

    Thank you Carlos,Donna and Austin!
    You all are the best!

  22. Lisa A. Burns Says:

    Owlet at City Hall…too funny Vaca!!!
    Thanks for the recipe Carlos. M & M in the box……4th Clutch? Oh my.
    Toooooo much fun!!! Hugz from NE FL !

  23. francie bowers Says:

    Yummy, will be trying that out! so glad M&M are back, the kids finally left home!! Have a great day and thanks for the update!

  24. cathair Says:

    Thanks for sharing so much fun, wonder, and learning with us.
    You’ve made a difference in so many lives – feathered, furry, and otherwise.
    Thanks for letting us fly along with you.

  25. NatureLuver Says:

    Wow, nice camera set up Carlos. What kind of flash set up and lens are you using? Is this the set up you control from inside your house? I’m taking a basics in SLR cameras this cpming Thursday. Need to learn how to use my Canon 40D. I want to shoot birds, pictures of course! You, Donna and Austin as well as Molly & McGee have been my inspiration to get back to what I love to do…bird watching and photography.
    Which camera did you use to take a picture of the blue bird sitting on your Molly cam?
    VacaDude, that is just too cute…Molly protesting to let the grass grow!!! LOL.
    Clutch #4 in the works? Oh my, don’t they ever rest?

    Liz Garney, League City, TX <3<3<3

  26. Joyce Hebert Says:

    thanks so much for the sauce receipt…will try…was surprised to see magee at midnight in the box…is something going to start???

  27. Melodie Penton Says:

    I have a Blue Jay nest right up near by back porch. I am having great fun watching the comings and goings.
    I was so excited to see Molly and McGee going in the owl box! Thanks again for all your hard work, it sure is fun! Melodie Penton

  28. WOW we did have fun…..Field trips were so calming and fun,like when I was a wee child and dad would take us to the farm .
    Absolutely appreciate Donna’s BB Sauce. I shall make it this weekend ,my grand boys live ribs and sauce. How very generous the Royals are to us.
    We’ll be looking for you all and the Owls.

  29. Kim Says:

    Thank you for the McGee portrait and beautiful pictures, Carlos!!!

  30. Theresa Says:

    Thank you Chef Carlos and Chef Donna…I will definately try this recipe, sounds yummy to me!

    Theresa aka windbeneathwing

  31. Lynne Townsend Says:

    Carlos and Donna,

    Loved last night in the “Owl Box”!! Thanks you Donna, for the bar-b-que rec.–can’t wait to try it!! Loved seeing Molly & McGee in the box this morning—–we are all back home. Thanks you so much for all of this!


  32. Sarah Jane Says:

    This is spaynneuter from Oregon…thanks for the picture of your camera with that amazing lens. I love the behind-the-scenes shots you give us.

    BTW, the field trips were so fun because we got to hear you narrate the action, or even the non-action. It was great!

    Thanks for bringing us together again.

  33. Kit from p'cola Says:

    Thanks for the cute pics, drawing, and bbq recipe, and especially for showing us the owls! I never get tired of the blog and the ustream site.

  34. PegRod Says:

    Field Trips, Food, Family, Friends, Fledging, Fun, Fotographs, Sempre Fidelis – Fabulous!

  35. arags Says:

    The fun has only gotten more interesting as time flies by. Thanks to one and all. Joining the owl show (in progress) following the return of the happy travelers has been delightful, different, and delish. Donna, I too have been using that recipe for years and agree there’s none better. Often the simplest of things can be the best. Bird watching with y’all has made it possible to enjoy the sport despite the blazing temps here in Texas. Nice, very nice indeed. The bonding experience with Austin & Carlos is just as sweet as our owl lovers M & M. Sending heartfelt and sincere thanks. arags in the heart of Texas.

  36. Elizabeth Mason Says:

    Ditto to all of the above, beautifully expressed. I’m looking forward to my Second Clutch book and still loving my Ashley and Carrie calendar. My husband is a barbecue sauce (and butter) lover, so we’ll be making the new recipe real soon. Please continue to keep in touch.

  37. Susan and Howard Cohn Says:

    Thanks for the BBQ sauce recipe. How long will it keep in the fridge?

  38. Carol Says:

    Have really enjoyed watching the field trips, even though it means I’m up really late here on the east coast (good thing I’m retired). We’ve all learned so much about owls and nature in general. I feel so fortunate to be part of this experience.

    Austin is so fortunate to have a grandfather like you and you are fortunate to have a grandson like Austin. These times with you will stay with him the rest of his life. Family is so important.

    Thanks also for the wonderful pictures, they are absolutely amazing. They seem to get better all the time.

  39. donna Says:

    Last night was awesome, Molly & McGee back in the owl box hopefully getting ready for #4! I’m looking forward to see what tonight brings us. The pictures are beautiful, we don’t see to many bluebirds in our area. Thanks for the recipe, sounds yummy, I love ribs! Thank you all for everything you do, you bring alot of happiness to many people. (smiles) Take Care!

  40. Judy Sackson Says:

    Always something new on the Royal Blog! The sauce recipe sounds fabulous, we will have to have ribs very soon at our house!
    The pictures are as fantastic as always; Carlos, you get better and better!
    Thank you for all you do for us MODs, and we are looking forward to any new goings-on in that great backyard of yours!

  41. Sherry Kelly Says:

    Okie?!! Are you from Oklahoma?

    Due to circumstances beyond my control, I only got to attend the first field trip. Looking forward to a 4th clutch – if it happens.

  42. Glenn Says:

    Carlos, I just saw the Kestrel video that you recorded. It looks like a pair of Kestrels and hope they nest in your Kestrel box. It’s amazing what you can do with this new camera software. Thank you Carlos, Donna and Austin.

  43. TOPPSY Says:

    OOOOOOOOOOO YUMMY—how can you go wrong, adding brown sugar???? Gr8 job,,,,,,wouldnt wanna do worchestire sauce, but will give it a go. Glad M & M are trying it again,,,,betcha they’re gonna have more,,,,,,,,,,,its just too much FUN being noticed alot,,,,,,,
    thanks for the updates!!!

  44. Holly Sue Says:

    Dear Carlos and Donna,
    Thank you so much for sharing your sauce recipe – we can’t wait to try it out! It sounds delicious! Thanks also for the beautiful photographs. Your yard field trip was wonderful – I loved seeing the rabbit at last – and the fields we visited were lots of fun too. Thanks also to Austin for his fine camera work. The clarity of the owlbox camera is amazing – I feel like I could just walk into the picture! Hopefully we have more owlets in our future!
    Love to all of you! Holly Sue

  45. AnnSavage Says:

    McGee is such a handsome owl! And I love Vacadude’s cartoon. :)

  46. AnnSavage Says:

    Oh, and thank you for the BBQ sauce recipe!! :)

  47. redpeg Says:

    Are you up to a fourth clutch?! Sure hope so – you bring so much pleasure to so many people. You, Donna and Austin are the best!

    P.S. Keep playing the Molly songs :) Everyone loves them. Thank you, thank you.

  48. BJ Says:

    Will absolutely have to try your recipe…it sounds delicious.
    Oh those two love birds….at it again. They are the most fortunate barn owls to have found the Royal yard to call home.
    Thank you for all you share with your “fans”.

  49. Deb Says:

    Thanks for the recipe. Sounds delicious! Going to give it a try.

    McGee is certainly looking as handsome as ever. Love the pics of the blue birds, and the captions for the bird on the camcorder. Love it!!

    Thanks again, Carlos, Donna and Austin so much for the wonderful experience of watching Molly and McGee again.

    Deb in OH

  50. Chris Says:

    Hello all, The last owlet was in the owlbox this morning, Wed Jun 1 @ 6:40 AM Eastern. She took what looked to be quite the scolding from Molly who seemed like she was trying to get her out of the box. After sulking a bit, the little owlet did fly off just a few minutes later. Hope she has finally learned to hunt on her own.
    Chris in New England

  51. Cathy Glueck Says:

    Thanks again for the great owl watching experience!!! And for the great pics on the blog. It seems in one picture that the male bluebird is sitting on one end of a clothesline set up. Is that true??? I thought I was the only one who still hangs laundry out, cool to know there are clothes lines in California too!

    The recipe sounds great, will try soon on some chicken maybe. Thanks again for everything!

  52. SARose69 Says:

    It is exciting to think that M&M may be starting a 4th clutch!

  53. Janie Says:

    Molly and McGee have no idea how happy they have made us by coming home. It was a joy watching them in the box last night. We can’t thank you enough Donna, Carlos, and Austin for allowing us to once again say “Gee that was fun and I was part of it”


  54. PegRod Says:

    Memory Lane

    June 1, 2010 – Two In, Two Out

    I love all the Carlos Royal photographs, from the beginning to the present – each one is unique – and a gift of the moment.

    “Everything has its wonders, even darkness and silence, and I learn whatever state I may be in, therein to be content.”
    —Helen Keller

  55. flukestail Says:

    “Everything has its wonders…” Helen Keller

    All due respect, Ms. Keller never saw a centipede.

    • PegRod Says:

      lol flukestail!

      Even centipedes have their wonder and a virtual look is much better than a close encounter of the mega-leggy kind.

      Although you said it in jest (and I laughed), Google shows a lot of interesting facts, ie, the centipede is one of the oldest animals on Earth – found in fossils dating over 400 million years old.

      Thank you flukestail for bringing attention to the forgotten centipede!

  56. pelicangirl Says:

    The sauce recipe and accompanying meat sounds wonderful….I wonder…..are there some ties to the “South” with that huge amount of butter??!!! We make everything good with butter down here (well, almost everything!!) Thanks for keeping us updated. The photo of McGee is beautiful. He is a magnificant bird.

  57. KatCanno Says:

    After seeing your BBQ sauce recipe I thought about the MODs recipe book I purchased during the first clutch. I have searched & searched all my files and cannot find it. Is there any chance it would be available again?
    Vacadude – I love every picture you draw!!!

  58. Carlos, if Molly goes into nesting again, will you be broadcasting it again??? And if so can you help us get ‘Car’unbanned from SPO/HF???? Sparrow (aka Bonny H.)

  59. Cherry Daniel Says:

    Making the BBQ sauce as I type! BTW, what are salted ribs? I googled and didn’t see anything that looked like what you would use!

  60. linda scroggin Says:

    Just wrote down the bbq sauce recipe I’ve heard so much about.

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