Molly America’s Most Famous Barn Owl

May 29, 2011

Molly America's Most Famous Barn Owl

Celebrate this Memorial Day with pride, dignity and honor.

Carlos, Donna and Austin

50 Responses to “Molly America’s Most Famous Barn Owl”

  1. Couleedam (Nora) Says:

    Awesome picture!!! Carlos, Donna & Austin, thanks for all you do. Have a great Memorial Day Holiday!!! Hugz & Hearts, coulee

  2. Ruth O'Neil Says:

    And thank you, Carlos, for you service to our country!

  3. Janie Says:

    Everyone should have their picnic with family and friends, but don’t forget what this day is for. It is to honor our fallen soldiers and to pray for the ones who are protecting us and our freedom now. Thank you for your service to our country, Carlos.


  4. Debby Lyons Says:

    Beautiful picture! Thanks for continuing to bring
    The OWL BOX to MODS everywhere. All you do is so
    so much appreciated.Looking forward to the next
    field trip.

  5. VSue Says:

    Now that is one very OWLsome photo!

    I would love a large print of this one!

    And thank you for bringing the chat and owlbox back for us MODZ <3 to you and to everyone

  6. nycdragonfly Says:

    To Carlos, Donna and Austin

    From one veteran to another, thank you and you all do the same.
    Celebrate this Memorial Day with pride, dignity and honor.

  7. ldgreene123 Says:

    Love that picture Carlos!! Thanks for all you, Donna and Austin do for us!!! Have a great Memorial Day!!

  8. Tresbien Says:

    Deepest appreciation to all who now or ever have served our country. Thank you. Beautiful tribute Carlos!

  9. Bonnibell Says:

    That is so awesome!! Thank you for your service to our country and for you service to humankind. I’ve enjoyed the field trips… Happy, safe Memorial Day to you as well. Bonnibell

  10. OwlyKats Says:

    What A wonderful Picture! So Patriotic! Living here in Colorado Springs with Fort Carson,The AirForce Academy, Peterson Airforce Base. I always have our service Men in Women in constant Prayers for protection. I am so gratefull for every Service member who has served our country! And Most of all Tommorow Is to Honor and reflect on Those Service members who have Lost Their lives defending Our Country down through the centuries. From The bottom of my heart I cannot begin to thank them enough and their families for their greatest and most difficult Sacrifice!!
    May we never forget how truly blessed we are to Live In The United States of America!
    Thank You Carlos For your Service.

    Kathleen S

  11. Ruthful Says:

    Carlos, thank you for your service in the Navy in protecting our country. And thank you for providing the joy of experiencing the Owlbox. Best regards to you, Donna and Austin,

  12. MoonDrops Says:

    That photo is simply stunning! Thank you Carlos, Donna and Austin for ALL you do for us MODS. You are just too good to us and I feel like a spoiled brat!
    What is Memorial Day these days? For most, it’s simply 3 days off work. For others, it’s lots of savings at stores nationwide. But for most of US, it’s a day to remember our fallen troops who fought in battles WORLDWIDE, thank those who returned and pray for those who are active today and protecting all of us. To do my part, I walked to the nearest cemetery, prayed and thanked the military personnel resting there for making the ultimate sacrifice on my behalf; I do understand freedom is NOT free.
    Have a great Memorial Day, everyone!

  13. Deb in Ma. Says:

    Owlsome picture, Carlos! Thank you for the patriotic presentation! With deep appreciation to all who are serving or have served our country.

  14. debbie Says:

    oh, beautiful…

  15. Theresa Says:

    OMG!! That is just beautiful! Being retired Navy spouse, I will take pride in my country and pray for all the families that can’t be together tomorrow, and that they stay safe. Thank you too for serving our country and for all you have done and still do for all of us. You and Donna are wonderful people and I hope you have a wonderful Memorial day.

    Theresa aka windbeneathwing

  16. Janice aka dg1018 Says:

    Thank you Carlos for the awsome composite picture. It made me feel very patriotic, I just might have to display it with my other flag pictures for the 4th of July. Thanks for your service to our country….it’s a great country dispite all of our troubles.
    Hope you have a great Memorial weekend, Carlos, Donna and Austin. Thanks for all you do.

  17. Darlene Salisbury Says:

    Can I just say WOW!!
    That photo is breathtakingly beautiful. Thank you so much for posting it. It is a delight to see you broadcasting again. What a pleasure and a gift for all of us out here in Molly Land.
    Thank you Carlos for all you do and thank you for your service to our country.

  18. Pat Christianson Says:

    Thanks you for such a great picture! It is now on my desktop.

  19. GeniaKnitz Says:

    Thank you for reminding us what Memorial Day is about.
    I remembered my career Naval aviator Dad at church today.

    And that is one gorgeous picture! Molly and McGee are still the most beautiful of all the barn owls.

  20. Ruth West Says:

    Thank you Carlos and Donna

  21. Joyce Hebert Says:

    awesome picture…may your Memorial Day be blessed with the freedom we have because of those who gave their lives for us…molly may not be an eagle but she is known throughout the world…her freedom of flight inspires all of us to try our wings…

  22. Joyce Hebert Says:

    my neice just graduated from the naval academy with honors and she has honored our family… we take pride in what she accomplished and is willing to serve her country…

  23. francie bowers Says:

    Wonderful picture Carlos!! Have a lovely day, also Donna & Austin!!

  24. mandozee Says:

    And remember those who gave their all so we could be free, and never never never forget. Our freedom was earned. mandozee

  25. Healani AKA FoxyTuTu Says:

    BEAUTIFUL!!!! God Bless America!

  26. Donna Koski Says:

    God Bless you, your family, all your readers and all the troops living and deceased.

    Donna bingdabber

  27. owloverbo Says:

    Thank you for your service to our wonderful country and for all that you have given us in this past year ++.
    I love the picture, how about at least a button for sale of that shot. (if not a tshirt). Would love to wear it proudly.

  28. Linda Young Says:

    Donna, so you wanted an owl box? Now look what Carlos, Austin and you have done. United the whole world with one barn owl (well two) made millions happy and more aware of our surroundings. Kudos to you all and thank you Carlos for your service. Deet, deet, deet. With love and appreciation, Artgirl

  29. Kit Says:

    Happy Memorial Day weekend to all the MODs, Royals, Owls & Owlets!!

  30. Donna V Says:

    Beautiful picture Carlos, thank you to all our men & women in the service. Molly looks regal and she is the most beautiful barn owl!

  31. Sherrie Pearl Says:

    Breath taking picture, thank you so much Carlos. Thank you for your service in the Navy.
    Have a wonderful Memorial Day. We are safe because of our armed forces past and present. God Bless America.

    Molly fly high, proud and free.

    Hugs to you, Donna & Austin and thank you


  32. Carole in Charlotte, NC Says:

    Absolutely beautiful!

  33. LoneStarStateTX Says:

    Spirit, that made those heroes dare
    To die, and leave their children free,
    Bid Time and Nature gently spare
    The shaft we raise to them and thee.
    ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

    A great Memorial Day to Carlos & family, and all…


  34. Deb Lay Says:

    Great picture. What a nice way to honor our military. To those that are gone, those that have served and to those are currently serving..Thank You!

  35. Susan and Howard Cohn Says:

    1st Thank you for your Service to America.

    2nd Thank you for sharing your owl box with all of us.

    3rd That is a really great picture.

  36. Blessings to you Carlos and Donna,whowaited long months for you to return from your Naval duties. Thanks so much for serving. Your generous and cheerful nature remains intact today as you take us one more journies of joy. I love the field trips. You and Austin and Donna (holding the fort)are surely wonderous people.

    Celebrate life,
    Eileen Curran,Phoenixville,PA

  37. Jan Halstead Says:

    What a beautiful picture! Thank you so much for sharing your talent with us once again. Thank you for your time of service in the navy. Lost my father a few months ago at the age of 95 who was a WWII veteran. I think of him today and the many men and women around the world who still are proud to protect and defend our country and way of life. May it owlways be so. Jan in Indiana

  38. donna smith Says:

    these comment take my breath away. I could not say anything better. My husband is a former marine who marches in our local parade every year in spite of his age, our daughter is a retired AF colonel who was deployed several times and her husband is the local Wounded Worriors director.
    Thanks to you Carlos for your service and now for all you do for all of us. We love you!

  39. Colleen Poor Says:

    Thank you Carlos and Donna for your service to our great country. I always say the same to the family members because they serve too while their loved ones are away. My dad was 20 years in the Navy, 15 of it out to sea, so I have have great respect for all of you. May all of those who are serving have a blessed Memorial Day wherever they may be.

    Thank you for the great patriotic picture of Molly too!

  40. NatureLuver Says:


    Salute and God Bless!

  41. Charles DeBerry Says:

    Carlos, Donna Austin & Family, I can’t thank you all enough for the Owl Box experience…it has become one of the most joyful and rewarding experiences of my life…On this day one year ago I had the pleasure of meeting you all and several other Molly watchers at the first Picnic in (Walnut Park), (still working on the poem BTW, I’ll finish it someday, soon I hope)…what an awesome day that was…and that was only the beginning, look at all the joy your “little ol Owl Box” has brought to millions of people around the world, and so many of us have kept in touch and formed truly valued friendships, thanks to you guys , Molly & McGee, and most of all our Divine Creator…the Creator of all creatures great and small…thank you once again Carlos, Donna, Austin and Family and my MOD friends worldwide for an amazing year of memories…may God richly Bless You All…(((((HUGS)))))CDB
    *Remembering Mary B. Ellis whom I was blessed to embraced on that day, and will forever embrace in my heart* Rest in Peace Mary, Molly’s MODS are still going strong, “bless You our Angel”

  42. joly2u Says:

    What a sweet picture! Thank you for your service, Carlos, and for all who have served, may your sacrifices never be betrayed. This is a lovely picture.

    • joly2u Says:

      p.s. The 2 youngest both followed Molly’s deets last night, and youngest ate like a big boy, sob. When they were gone 2 adults entered box. We thought M&M until owlet returned & did not recognize them. They flew away without arguing. I’m wondering if was Wes & mate, size, color, behavior…..

  43. vera daley Says:

    Awesome picture. Thank you for serving.

  44. Beth Says:

    Thank you Carlos for your service to this country! The greatest country in the world

  45. Holly Sue Says:

    Dear Carlos,
    My greatest appreciation to you, and Donna, for your service to our country and the beautiful Molly tribute to the sacrifices of so many. We are so blessed to be Americans!
    With Love to you! Holly Sue

  46. To my favorite Royal Family in the World!

    Carlos, I know you served in our Military (a Navy guy, as I recall); I, as well as many others, express my gratitude for your service. My husband (USMC-Vietnam) & I attended a Memorial Service this AM in LVNV. We were reminded of our own service to our Vets, especially those with needs. Everyone can do something & even just one small act of kindness can be a tremendous lift for someone who gave so much. I love our country & all those who have fought for liberty & freedom. USA!

  47. Janetniu Says:

    Dear Carlos, Donna and Austin,

    Thank you for the beautiful print of Molly and our flag — this is a very appropriate reminder of the love we all have for The United States of America!

    Thank you for all you have done to bring Molly, McGee and their offspring into our lives. Happy Memorial Day.

    Janet Giesen

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