Day 90 and Still At Home (not alone)

May 19, 2011

Charlie's Angels, The A-Team or The Three Stooges

Hey you guys, could you make room for me?

Yes, I take after my dad, McGee

I screwed up, owls are supposed to stand on one leg for photos

It is going to take more than a tweet to get me out of here.

Don't you wish you looked this good?

Did you tune in last night and see all four owlets still at home, but there was one change that I noticed. When Molly did a fly by two of the owlet left with her. I assume for a trip to the hunting grounds. At least that is a start at getting this bunch away from the owl box.

Have you noticed that since we did not name these owlets that they seem to be working on a group name such as Charlie’s Angels or The A-Team but last night they looked more like the Three Stooges with you look over there, no I’ll look here, no you look here and I’ll look over there. They also had a great time playing musical chairs going from the West end of the front porch to the photo posing ledge to the North, then to the East end of the front porch, check the box, then move back to West end of the front porch were they started. It seemed they moved every time they heard a noise in the distance as they called out to Molly and McGee, “Where’s dinner?”

Here is what I would like to know. Is this the only clutch that has stayed around this long? Now, so we can compare apple and owls here is what I want you to do. Count the days from the first egg hatching to the day the owlets left the box for good. With the first clutch here it was 85 days, with the second clutch here it was 86 days but with this third clutch we are on day 90 and still counting. Give me the count on the other owl boxes if you have that information. I would like to know just how big of an anomaly this is or are we just huffing and puffing for nothing?

Now for the question: Will they show up again tonight?

The action usually starts around 8:15 PM PST, set your reminder alarm.

We will be watching.

Carlos, Donna and Austin
P.S. I tricked you, we did not broadcast on Owlbox2 last night, not because we didn’t want to be because we had what is known a pilot error and crashed the camcorder. I doubt that is will be flying by tonight but we hope to have it going for Austin’s live broadcast this Saturday 3 PM PST.

News Flash: Chris will be doing a live Ustream broadcast on The Owl Box Channel, May 25,th from New York City while he is at the BEA, The Largest Book/Publishing event in North America. I think he is going to interview The Founder of the Nautilus Awards. We will post the time later.  If you click on the first photo you will see something new on CafePress…You may need to scroll down once you get there.

73 Responses to “Day 90 and Still At Home (not alone)”

  1. Barb Says:

    What a HOOT we’ve been having. This clutch has me laughing out load at their actions. They stay pretty rooted in hopes of a treat from M&M. Enjoying ever minute, many thanks to the Royal Family again and again.

  2. VSue Says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE seeing these precious owls
    Oh! How they bring the laughter howls
    Happy as can be
    They make me and my family

    Hooting and screeching
    For the computer we be reaching
    at the end of the day’s work
    So catch sight of a hork
    or just a pass-off mousy treat!

    What fun this is for us all
    This night I bet
    it will be another Owlball!
    I have my self all set
    and ready for the night
    To watch the owls flight
    and their antics of fun
    As the day’s work for me be dun
    Time now for owlfun!

  3. redpeg Says:

    Everyone loves you, Carlos, even the owlets! Thank you, thank you!

  4. Eleanor Dodge Says:

    I too have been watching and laughing at this most comical bunch of all M&M’s clutches. They just won’t give up! Many thanks Carlos for giving us an added pleasure with the Owl Box. We really have missed M&M even while watching the other owl boxes. It is never the same. I’ll be there again tonight to watch the antics of those little darlings.

  5. Donna Koski Says:

    Well I was so happy to see all the owls out at 8pm last night. I got to see all of them before I went to bed. They looked like they were having a good time hanging out. I thought they knew we were watching them looked like they were posing for pictures most of the time. Fun, Fun.

    thanks Donna bingodabber

  6. PegRod Says:

    So much fantastic news and so many more great photographs!

    How exciting is it that Chris “Rocketman” Adams will be doing a live broadcast on the Owl Box Ustream Channel on Wednesday, May 25th! Rocketman Rocks! MODs will look forward to finding out what time to tune in to see the interview about “our” story in the award-winning book, “Molly the Owl”, which Chris captured so beautifully in his illustrations and Eric Blehm captured in his poetic journalistic style – the true story.

    Just think – “Molly the Owl” will make its debut at the BEA BookExpo America in New York City! More people will have a chance to hear about our beloved Molly & McGee families and all the humans attached to them.

    The “Molly the Owl: book trailer is still one of my favorite videos of all time!

    Ever grateful for all this fun!

  7. Bonnibell Says:

    I LOVE it!!!! I smiled through the whole gallery/post. Three Stooges!! Perfect. I LOVE your captions, Carlos. Perhaps, somewhere in the owl world, Molly and McGee requested to someone up above a little reprieve in fledging time to give Carlos and Donna Royal a little extra enjoyment and joy for offering up such a wonderful owl home, “THE Owlbox”. Of course, if that is so, Molly and McGee are, as we expected,are EXTRA SPECIAL!!! Love to you both! Bonnibell

  8. Yep, Moe, Larry, curly and Shemp is what I have called them since you turned the cameras back on and also in a previous comment to one of your posts Carlos. They are a true comedy team.
    I have my laptop on all night waking several times to catch a glimpse of the their comedy show each night around 1:10 am Molly time 2:10 am my time. They are having a ball! At this rate, Molly and McGee just may have to fend for their box as these kidz may return in the future and want to claim the palatial Royal estate for themselves to start their families next Spring.
    What a riot!

  9. donna Says:

    Wonderful pics Carlos, beautiful owlets and so entertaining! I think we’ll have to wait a while for a 4th clutch , these kids to want to leave. Thanks again for sharing this clutch with us, what a joy! Love from the east

  10. kit Says:

    Love the pics from last night! Again, we watched until wee hours…so much fun…Thanks! Also love the new stuff at Cafe Press, the license plate is a must! We can have them in FL.

  11. Yes, I enjoyed watching them all 4 bouncing around in early evening last night. Never any food deliveries while I watched, but I guess they are getting what they need – – when I asleep. Another great batch of photos here, Carlos and Donna. I have a hunch Donna has great input for the captions! And they are priceless! Thanks Donna for your clever ideas! Fabulous array of gifts on the store page!I’ll try to check on number of days on another box – not sure about that.

  12. Janie Says:

    They are back for a night of fun-for them and us. I hope they stay for a while. I enjoy them so much. Thank you, Donna, Carlos, and Austin.


  13. Donna Simonson Says:

    Oh my gosh!!! I have never seen any owletes out so early before the sun has set!!! Carlos I saw the flash from your camera, what a great pic that will be and definitely every MOD will want one! This clutch is so different and unique. It’s an amazing beautiful sight to see them at the owlbox and twilight. What a gift. I can only imagine how you must feel seeing in with your own eyes in person! Rock on Molly’s owletes!
    Love, hugs and prayers owlways,
    “OwlLuver”, Murrieta, CA

  14. Sherry Kelly Says:

    Love ALL the Molly merchandise!

  15. ldgreene123 Says:

    Carlos..MtGal and DotRot had a 2011 owl tracking chart with all pertinent info for all the owl boxes. If Dot kept it up, she would have the info on fledging etc. At any rate, we are sure enjoying these owls. Saw McGee bring in a treat and he looks as majestic as always. Thanks for the show!!

  16. mandozee Says:

    Yes they sure did move around alot. Fun to watch. mandozee

  17. OwlyKats Says:

    Oh Carlos,
    I am Sure having a blast watching these Owls. They are Such a great Team.
    So Glad That Molly & Mcgee have let them stay for so Long. Hey Maybe We will get lucky and they will stay till My B day On Flag Day
    I Love to dream big!!!
    Thank You
    Donna, Carlos & Austin
    Hello To All You MODS I sure miss you

  18. Without a lot of research, I do know that the Oceanside box was vacated the same night that your box was vacated, which I thought was an interesting coincidence (and not sure now when they were born; need to check) and they did not linger around the box at night nearly this long, just a few nights as I recall. (I don’t watch that consistently) After he cleaned it, there are now some horks in the corner however! So, somebody was in there at some point! : )

  19. VSue Says:

    My Oh MY
    I do think I shall cry
    But tears of utter joy!
    Coming home after the day’s work
    I see owls; OH BOY!
    I will no longer ask why
    they remain here for us to see
    For it is the way
    for them it is to be
    So I shall enjoy each day
    and night especially
    for the owls I can see!

  20. donna Says:

    Oh Carlos it’s so good to hear your voice on the owl box, we miss you!

  21. Glenn Says:

    Carlos, Mel & Sydney owlets hatched feb 16 to feb 25 and some of them are still hanging aroung the box as of last night. Thats 90 plus days some of them have been there if i’m counting right. Carlos come join us on chat at Jill site Willow and bear for Molly’s chat box. Jill has kept his chat open for us to use. Here is link to Jills site chat room

  22. Madonna Varchetto-Bonner Says:

    Wow Carlos, so good to hear your voice! Just like old times. These owlets are something else. Mel and Syd have a couple owlets still hanging around as well. Watching both sites each night. Love hearing from you…It is what makes this site so special! Madonna

  23. Ginny Says:

    Did the two owlets that died hatch first?

  24. joly2u Says:

    Carlos, so great to hear your commenting again! Thanks, this is an extraordinary treat.

  25. Gwen Says:

    So happy to hear and see the original Owl Box, read your blog & admire your absolutely beautiful pictures. We would like another book-at least I would! Thanks again Carlos for the happiness you brings to us!!

  26. Deb Says:

    Love the picture with 3 of the owlets on top of the owl box. Too bad there was no room for the 4th. That would have been great. How about Molly and McGee’s Angels.

    After the 2nd clutch left I checked in on a couple of the other owl boxes once in a while but did not stay with them. So I don’t know how long the other owlets stayed around after. No other boxes compare to Molly and McGee’s family for me. They remain number one and always will. Plus you, Donna and Austin have made this the best experience ever.

    I was one of the ones still up at 2:00 am on the east coast this morning watching. Enjoyed hearing your voice again.

    I have enjoyed watching them so much. It is the best TV entertainment around.

    Thank you to all of you for all that you do!!!

    Deb in OH

  27. francie bowers Says:

    Thanks Carlos, you are a wealth of information today…the owlets sure are something!! Maybe this year is a bumper year for rodents and M&M aren’t working as hard as they did with other clutches? but they must be getting tired of feeding these large babies!

    • Francie, I’ve also thought that it could be the opposite – that there are a lot of owls now competing in the same open spaces for the same rodents, and that Molly and McGee are not working so hard to get these young ones “out there”. Also that Molly and McGee are not the fresh new parents they were with clutch one, and may lose some of their capacity to so carefully train and wean their subsequent clutches. Another viewpoint.

  28. Janice Barreras Says:

    Carlos, have truly enjoyed the viewing of the owls. It was sooo good to hear your voice last night — very faint at first, and then I turned up the volume and couldn’t believe I was hearing you!!! Thank you for letting us enjoy the third clutch. Such strong memories and emotions from your owl box because of the “extra’s” you, Donna and Austin continually gave to the experience. Am really enjoying this group of owls!!

  29. Sue Couch Says:

    So glad you got the three on top of the box….adorable! When I saw them, I thought, I hope Carlos gets that…and you did! Missed your commentary. Had the sound turned off to avoid listening to so much sqwawking. Will leave on tonite in case you come on again. I am loving these owl antics. I can’t believe how big one of them is. He looks like he could make at least two of McGee! Must take a lot of mice to fill him up!

    Thanks again for allowing us all the opportunity to see these “babies”.

  30. Mollie McNair Says:

    Carlos and Donna, thanks for giving us a glimpse of Molly and McGee’s third clutch. You can get all the info you would ever want about all the broadcast owl boxes from the ever-remarkable Barb O’Brien in the Sportsman’s Paradise Online chat room. She has been keeping a huge spreadsheet on all the owl boxes: Click on the picture to enlarge the spreadsheet so that it’s readable.

    • PegRod Says:

      Mollie – thank you so much for posting the link to Barb O’Brien’s spreadsheet on Owl Box Families of 2011! What an awesome gift – that was a lot of work and is so well-organized and brilliant, Barb!

  31. Lynne Townsend Says:

    Carlos and Donna–and Austin,

    Love, love watching these babes!!! Can’t wait every night for the fun to begin!! The pictures are the greatest and your clever captions are hilarious!! Keep it ALL coming to us–we are all loving it!


  32. Kim Says:

    Just saw this video posted by a friend on facebook; it’s an article in the Huffington Post of a barn owl and a black cat who are friends. Thought you all might enjoy it too!

    Thanks again for everything, Carlos and Donna!


  33. Tammie Franklin Says:

    Hi Carlos – what MDSE was new? Anyway – no matter – my credit card is on fire again – Love the Molly stuff! As always! Thank you for sharing!

    Tammie ~ Sunshine41

  34. BJ Says:

    They are just beautiful to watch. I tuned in last night and was amazed at how content and happy they appeared just “hanging out” at home. These are the “homeies” for sure. Face it Carlos, you and Donna have a fantastic home that is a haven for the wild life. Haven’t heard much about Tontz….how does he handle the fly about antics in “his” yard at night?

  35. Treva Roberts Says:

    I watched the owls last night and noticed one of the owlets voice is more of a trill than a screech
    or like a melody screech. LOL Is it possible that because there seems to be an abundance of treats perhaps that is why they are hanging around longer? I mean Molly & McGee’s hunting is less of a chore and more successful?

  36. susanralph Says:

    Deet, Deet, Deet! What a treat! Carlos, thank you for the live cams and your live narration. Simply awesome. Congrats to Eric for his award-winning book! I have my original copies. Its a great day in Mollywood.

  37. 1SkatrPie Says:

    We have a name for the one with the “trill” we call him “HoarseyOwlet” and wondering if their voiceboxes are accustomed to making that sound for THIS LONG?!

  38. John B. Says:

    Carlos, I was lucky to catch your midnight (E.D.T.) broadcast this morning–Thanks for the camera info.. Logitech 9000 Pro has many positive reviews, but does not brag about having the Sony HAD sensor, so I wonder what makes it so good in low light. Maybe it has aperture control, hmmm…

    I too have noticed the one owlet’s distinct call. On my cheap laptop sound system it is the only one that sounds something like what I thought it should; everyone else sounds like a raspy hiss.

  39. DianaJoe Says:

    They have been calling for food for so long they are almost out of squawks . How do you and Donna sleep with all that “calling” so long LOL

  40. Selena K Says:

    This clutch sure seems to be the “plumpest” clutch so far too. I mean, they know they have it good here and are surely putting on the extra, ahem, owl weight. What fun it is to keep track of their antics. Thank you Carlos!

  41. SactoSylvia Says:

    Thank you for continuing to post your still shots and your thoughts about this third clutch! I have my own names for two of them. Trilly is my name for the owlet with the unusual voice, the one that seems to have a trill in his/her hiss. The one whose posture reminds me of Pattison is Patty 2, of course. Whatever their names, it’s been fun watching them hang around the owl box.

  42. Laurel Burden Says:

    Owlceanside’s Dinky was still dropping last night (~85 days) and Starr Ranch’s youngest three are still there–hanging out with The Injured One (who does seem to be getting better) (~100 days).

    Congratulations to all of you on the well-deserved book recognitions!

  43. Anne Martin Says:

    Dear Carlos and Donna, This clutch is really giving us a show each night; I love them even though I didn’t get to watch them hatch and mature. It’s like there are 4 Westleys here—–“feed me!!” Thank you so much for sharing; you are just so sweet. Some of us have been wondering if the mimosa tree was trimmed way back or cut down; would you mind commenting on it? We would appreciate it. Again, thank you for letting us be a part of it all.

  44. Irene Hercules Says:

    Well! What’s with these guys! Are they acting like good Italian sons who stay home until their 40’s and anjoy mamas cooking, housekeeping and no rent? I am enjoying them even tho’ they should be leaving the “nest.” They still give my joy to watch them.

  45. joly2u Says:

    Yay, thanks Carlos! Barbara’s songs. I heard your voice come on, Carlos, but couldn’t get back to puter in time to know what you said. Maybe you’ll repeat it.

  46. YTQ Says:

    Thanks for the songs and the memories!!

  47. Samantha Says:

    I think if u are going to continue to show these beautiful babies u should delete all of the info about Kelly and Jody dying.

  48. VSue Says:

    10:50 pm and there be two owlets (owls) screeching the night away…

    For some silly reason this song comes to mind…

    Dancing the Night Away by Leo Sayer

    Words modified without permission for the owls…LOL

    Standin’ beside of the Owlbox
    Lookin’ out across the field
    Everythin’ is beautiful
    But I still don’t feel like I oughta

    Things we horked, not so long ago
    I got ’em all now, babe
    But I ain’t got you no more

    Still I remember
    The way you fed me
    And all the sweet things you used to screech
    When we were young owlets
    screechin’ the night away

    I remember everythin’
    Mousies you used to bring
    You were so light and graceful
    You seem to float right through the air

    Me I looked so funny stompin’
    But you loved me anyhow
    Now I wish I could find somebody
    To feed me like that now

    Still I remember
    The way you fed me
    And all the sweet things you used to screech
    When we were young owlets
    Screechin’ the night away

    Standin’ beside of the owlbox
    Lookin’ out across the field
    I should look for companionship
    But it just gets in my way

    All the lights are flickerin’
    Out along the yards
    I see people standin’ there
    But I just don’t fledge no more

    Still I remember
    The way you fed me
    And all the sweet things you used to screech
    When we were young lovers
    screechin’ the night away

    Let me see you fly
    Let me see you fly
    Oh, Molly, let me see you fly
    I can still see you fly
    I remember you flyin’
    Oh, momma Molly, let me see you fly
    Bringing just another mousy treat for me….

  49. Kim Gorman Says:

    Carlos, you nailed it! That IS the original Charlie’s Angels pose!!! What great shots and always love your captions. Congratulations, Chris!!


  50. VSue Says:

    Well, in my silly sleepiness I read back and see I messed up the song a bit but…

    All in fun so hope you all don’t mind.
    I am sure you all “get it”
    when it comes to this MOD thing
    sights of owlets makes one heart sing

    And it be 1 am here 21 May 2011
    and now there be three
    owlets that I see
    And where is number four?
    Can I see that one through the owlbox door?
    Or can that one be
    In one of the Royal Palmz Tree?

    Well, wherever they all be
    ‘I can hear them
    screeching the night away
    What a wonderful way to end the day
    (or begin the day)
    the sweet soundz of the owls
    screeching the night away

  51. Janie Says:

    It’s 7:50 CDT and there is an owl in the box. He ate a treat on the playground, picked up another treat and went in the box. It’s daylight, baby

  52. SactoSylvia Says:

    I just watched Chris Adams’s Utube video about his upcoming trip to the American Book Convention. How exciting! Congratulations to Chris, Eric, and Carlos for this well-deserved recognition!

  53. twoclubs Says:

    Oh Happy Days. They are still hanging around and what fun they are to watch. Yes, I too love that one with the different deet voice. So very cute. And WOW, Chris and Eric, I am so proud of you both for your upcoming awards. Can’t wait to watch Chris on Wednesday. And our outstanding Austin. Clappythingems for you Austin. And Carlos, thank you again and again for bringing us all together. Hearts and (((Hugs))) Twoclubs Jane

  54. SARose69 Says:

    What a joy to these them still around! Can’t wait to see/hear Chris at the big event in NYC!

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