Molly The Owl Book a Finalist

May 10, 2011

Molly & McGee Tweeting "Time to Fly Away Little Owlets"

Two Owlets Getting Ready To Leave Palm Tree

Owlet Leaving Birdhouse to Join in Hunt

Wings Spread

One Owlet

Two Owlets

On Sale only $$15.75 to Celebrate being a finalist

As we enter into the final days of this Third Clutch, we find this group to be the most active in and around the yard at night. Molly and McGee tweeted them out last night while on the Kestrel Box and soon there were four owlets circling, landing and entertaining us. We might not have gotten to see them grow up but they sure are giving us a show now.

If you want to support The Owl Box is it really simple. You can purchase a copy of The Second Clutch, Molly & McGee, Photography by Carlos Royal, or you can visit CafePress where there is a large selection of Molly Merchandize or you can buy Molly’s Story, a documentary DVD by Austin Faure. All the sales from the DVD sales go into Austin’s college fund.

Big Announcement today. Molly The Owl book has been selected as a finalist. To celebrate Eric has put the book on Sale on $15.75 plus anybody who purchases a Molly The Owl T-shirt, will receive with their order a
free Molly Is My Co-Pilot Keychain.

Dear Mr. Blehm,
Your book Molly the Owl is a finalist in the Seventeenth Annual San Diego Book and Writing Awards

Enjoy and have a great day

Carlos, Donna and Austin

37 Responses to “Molly The Owl Book a Finalist”

  1. Couleedam (Nora) Says:

    Wow, how exciting for all of you!! I have really enjoyed watching Molly’s owlets play on the playground!! Thanks for giving us the opportunity to get to know them :)! I hope Eric’s book wins an award, it certainly was well done!! Hugz & Hearts from couleedam aka Nora

  2. Bonnibell Says:

    Glad you are getting so much joy from the owl box still. I watched the solo owlet for a while last night…kinda sad, all by “itself”. Congrats to Eric. I hope he wins. Thanks for more great photos!! Bonnibell

  3. Cindy Says:

    Love the photos as usual Carlos. What fun you must be having watching them.
    There are owls somewhere around us. I can hear the mother/father calling them. Can hear the babies as well. Maybe owls related to Molly and McGee? Fallbrook isn’t that far from you all.

    GREAT news about the book for Eric. I have my copy on my coffee table where I can enjoy it along with your book of photos :0)

    Happy day Carlos, Donna and Austin


  4. PegRod Says:

    Molly the Owl, a book for all ages by Eric Blehm with the unbelievably beautiful illustrations by Chris “rocketman” Adams! Awesome announcements today! I found and looked at the website for the Seventeenth Annual San Diego Book and Writing Awards.

    I see that the site has many categories, and Molly the Owl (in my mind) could fit in many of them! It says, “Winners will be selected from among the finalists and announced at the awards ceremony on June 11th, 2011. All entries were reviewed by at least three judges.”

    To be nominated is an honor, to win is a deserved recognition, but to live in the hearts and minds of people from all over the world forever — that is an honor that most books will never by given as their “claim to fame”.

    • PegRod Says:

      Another reason that Molly the Owl is alreaedy a winner, is that it has so many educational materials ready to accompany it – from video recordings to teacher units, and photographs, owl boxes, puppets, coloring pages, cartoons and links galore (just to mention a few)!

      • PegRod Says:

        Music, how could I forget the music! Reading the book, Molly the Owl, and singing all the Molly the Owl songs by Barbara Allen and others makes reading fun, educational and memorable!

    • CAequuslvr Says:

      PegRod, you always have such great things to say. You add so much to the blog –especially the “historical” links of the Molly & McGee journey. Can’t thank you enough.

      • NatureLuver Says:

        I second that CAequusivr! Thanks for all your great input PegRod, you are a wealth of information and it is greatly appreciated! <3 (hoot) & Deet Deet Deet!

  5. Donna Koski Says:

    Well those little owls are sure active, I finally got to see them last night flying around and about in the distance. It seems my going to bed hours has been too early too watch them lately. I need to stay up later. I really enjoy them and all the pictures that Carlos takes. Carlos needs to enter them in Contest, they are so beautiful. Thanks again

    Donna Bingodabber

  6. Sue Couch Says:

    Congrats to Eric for making the finals with his delightful book. And kudos to you Carlos for these excellent photos (You just keep getting better and better!) and for the opportunity to be entertained by the owlet antics. I will miss them when the final one is gone. But maybe there’ll be more later, if M&M cooperate and if you decide to broadcast them (I hope, I hope!)

    Loved reading the story about Austin. Molly’s fame just keeps on spreading!

    Blessings to all!

  7. Janet Tamarak Says:

    Molly has been such an inspiration. Congrats Eric.
    Great article in newspaper Austin. Congrats
    So much to celebrate! Congrats Carlos and Donna

  8. Sharon Says:

    Congrats on the book!!! Carlos, you really have a talent taking photos. They are just beautiful!!! Thanks again so much for keeping us posted on this latest clutch. Have to admit we still miss the live cams but probably getting a little more work done around here. :-)

  9. mandozee Says:

    thats grest Eric. Thanks for the glimpes of the owlets and M&M. mandozee

  10. Elizabeth Mason Says:

    I finally ordered the second clutch photo book–had been “considering” it for months. I’ve sure enjoyed my calendar and it will be great to have the entire book of pictures. Thanks to you all for this experience.

  11. Holly Sue Says:

    Dear Carlos,
    Hearty congratulations to Eric and all of you for Molly The Owl as a finalist! It is a winner for sure! Thank you so much for the beautiful photographs and the wonderful color broadcast of the owlbox – it is such a joy in my life!
    Love to all of you, Holly Sue

  12. Chris in Olympia, WA (cbbrunner) Says:

    Congratulations to Eric, Carlos, and Molly !!

  13. Bev-MIret. Says:

    Thanks, Carlos, for keeping us up to date with the owl box activities and your family and extended family. Love the pictures!

    I am going back Friday to share Molly’s story with another classroom (my old room!). The story and love of Molly & Leggs MaGee continues.

  14. Lynne Townsend Says:

    Carlos and Donna and Austin,

    Wow! What a wonderful thing for Eric! Do hope he wins, but what an honor it is to be nominated! Carlos, your pictures are just priceless-each and every one.

    I have the Molly site open every evening and by 5:00a.m. each morning. These owlets are just so entertaining to watch! Thank you so much for having the cam up for us. Will be watching to see a 4th clutch (and maybe a live feed). You know, watching Molly and visiting with you brings us all “back home”. Blessings to you!


  15. Laurel Burden Says:

    Congratulations to Eric, Chris and the Royals. The book is a joy and this is a well-deserved honor.

    It has been wonderful to watch these owlets-now-owls celebrate their freedom. Carlos, your camera angle has really allowed us to see how much fun they all have at this stage! Thank you for this treat.

  16. Joyce Hebert Says:

    this is truly awesome…what an honor…all the hard work, hours, time spent putting it together, it should be rewarded…i love my book and dvd…thanks for all the good times spent with the owls…

  17. Ruth O'Neil Says:

    The San Diego Book and Writing website says the award is for “The Last Season.” Is Eric finalist in two categories??? Deservedly, I would say.
    As for Carlos’ pictures I will never cease to be awed and amazed!

    • Ruth O'Neil Says:

      oops… That must have been a different year’s list.

      • PegRod Says:

        I highly recommend Eric Blehm’s book, “The Last Season”. Beautifully written and a journalistic triumph of investigative research about the account of a true story. Some sentences I just want to read over and over, because of their poetry and richness.

  18. Ginny Howard Says:

    Wow, What an honor for Eric! It is a beautiful book and I cherish mine!

  19. PegRod Says:

    Memory Lane – May 10, 2010 – Camera Perch

    Carlos has given us such a wonderful gift of continuity, comparison, and creativity with his beautiful photographs of three clutches of owlets of Molly & McGee throughout their life cycles.

  20. Carlynne Allbee Says:

    Congratulations on being a finalist. Considering how many writers call San Diego County home…you are in good company.

    Here is a link to the group behind the award

    Good luck
    Carlynne aka littleguys

    • PegRod Says:

      Thank you littleguys – I read a little more and saw that they honor “Dr. Seuss” (1904-1991), by giving the Theodor S Geisel Award to the best book of the year, too! I didn’t know that he resided in San Diego County (La Jolla) and that the University of California at SanDiego library is named after him for his generous contributions and devotion to improving literacy.

  21. CAequuslvr Says:

    Carlos, once again spectacular photos. I especially like the two in the palm tree.

    Eric, what a wonderful honor. We MODs always knew it was a winner. I would think that Chris Adams’ art would put the book in the running for the Caldecott Award, too.

  22. SARose69 Says:

    Congratulations Eric and Carlos!

  23. A FAN OF M&M Says:

    So M&M are telling the little ones to go find their own home so they can grow more their home? I hope I hope I hope! Oh Carlos thank you so much for all you do. I never thought I’d be so happy about some silly old birds, but then again M&M are really not silly old birds are they. They have brought such joy so many so thank you for making this possible!

  24. kit Says:

    Congrats to you all!

  25. Camperfamily (Kim) Says:

    Carlos, for some reason these recent photos have been so amazing! They fill my heart with love!

    Hugs to all:)

  26. Debra Heidmiller Says:

    Yay Eric!!!! Congratulations!

  27. NatureLuver Says:

    Just Love everyone’s comments. I feel like the old gang is all here and I can’t help feeling a little sad…..I miss the early days of The Owl Box. I think the fact that this clutch is almost gone is making me feel this way, even though I know it really means the beginning of the next clutch.
    Carlos….next time?? (wink)
    We all know that Molly The Owl book is already a winner! Congratulations Eric, Chris, Carlos & Donna, you too Austin! Such an honor to have known you all and experienced The Owl Box. My heart is overflowing with JOY!
    <3 <3 <3
    Liz Garney
    League City, TX

  28. PegRod Says:

    Memory Lane – May 11, 2010

    Included here are some of Carlos Royal photographs of the First Clutch owlets peeking out the door of The Owl Box! Those viewers watching and chatters chatting were all observing and learning together – it was a grand time!

  29. lobo Says:

    They are so beautiful! I’ve been watching for a week now after checking the ustream link just out of curiosity to see if there was any new activity. Thanks for sharing their last few weeks around the owl box.

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