In Flight

May 4, 2011

Owlet Landing on Kestrel Box

Owlet Flying In

You had better put on the brakes.

What's The Matter, Don't LIke It Here?

Practicing Touch and Go Landings

Looks like you need more practice!

Yes, I am happy. This clutch will be leaving soon.

We are closing in on Mother’s Day and we are closing in on the final days of the Third Clutch. In fact, when Austin and I were discussing this very topic the other day I predicted that the last owlet would be out of the box on Mother’s Day. What do you think? Mother’s Day or another week? I am not so sure since we still have two in the box.

From the photo I posted yesterday showing the depth of the gag shag, I think I will clean out The Owl Box after this clutch leaves. That is if Molly and McGee give me some time to do it. It not that I want to clean out the box but the issue is we have a lip on the box so the owlets can’t kick it all out but they have sure tried. Also, the more gag shag that is in the box especially as it starts to dry the faster the cameras are covered with a white power I call owl dust. I will definitely need to clean the cameras too, which reminds me, if you are building or buying an owl box with a camera, the camera needs to be accessible for cleaning from outside the box.

Have a great day

Carlos, Donna and Austin

53 Responses to “In Flight”

  1. GeniaKnitz Says:

    Oh, boy, do I wish I lived in Oceanside so I could attend the talk/presentation you and Austin will be giving!
    That’s fabulous.
    I am sure loving these final days of Clutch 3; thank you so much.

  2. FAB kestral box/juvenile owl photos here, Carlos!!! Will the July 22 be on Ustream? Not clear from what you say here. Would enjoy seeing it!

  3. VSue Says:

    A flying we will go
    A flying we will go
    Ho Hoot an owleo
    a flying we will go

    Just a song in my head as I watched them young owls practice their flying skills

    Wonderful photos thanks for the sharing and updates

  4. Joyce Hebert Says:

    great shots again…you are a pro now…i think we have a wesley again and i think they will go on or by sunday…good luck cleaning…nice you and austin were asked to speak…great honor…good luck getting it all ready…jamma

  5. twoclubs Says:

    More spectacular photos. Thank you so much for keeping them coming, Carlos. Yes, Mother’s Day is The Day is my guess as well. How appropriate: Molly Is the Mother of the Year again. Sure wish I lived on the West Coast to go the lecture. Can it be taped and put on UStream or YouTube?

  6. PegRod Says:

    Thank you Carlos and Austin for more amazing photos and wonderful news!

    Many Molly fans have learned to take screenshots and capturing an owlet or owl during motion is beyond our computers’ capabilities. We love the moments you are able to show to us, that millisecond when time stands still and you can see the details of form and feathers. With this rapid growth from egg to adult [from hatching, eating treats, horking, gular fluttering, preening, playing, learning to walk and then dancing, imagining the hunt and hunting (visualizing the catch), snoozing, faceplants, balancing, Molly yoga, chirping, “deet, deet, deeting” and more], owlets, as well as adult owls appear to be in constant motion. I think that is one reason that they are so much fun to watch.

    Always grateful and also proud to be a citizen of this beautiful natural world.

  7. Lynne Townsend Says:

    Wonderful, wonderful, pictures!!! As usual, you do a spectacular job—I love seeing each one. You are so good to us, and we all appreciate it I know!!! Don’t envy you cleaning out the box–I will be “cheering you on” from afar. LOL Thanks again Carlos!


  8. mandozee Says:

    I will miss them when they are gone. The M&M box was my first and the best in my heart.I watch the others but they arn’t the same. mandozee

  9. Shirley Charlton Says:

    Love your new outside cam for the night with the color. It shows up all the colors in detail. Great shots of them in flight. Thanks again for sharing the last days of the third clutch before fledging. You are such a great person to do this for us.I wish all of you the best.

  10. Kristin Nazaret Says:

    Gorgeous photos as always Carlos! Have fun with Austin in your presentation!

  11. Thanks for info: no Ustream on July 22. But I’ve marked my calendar, and will watch for any adaptations you and Austin might make for this event! Ya never know!!!

  12. finnwv Says:

    Thanks so much Carlos, Donna & Austin for sharing Molly & McGee’s Third Clutch fledging with us! It has been fun to watch them and so appreciate you posting your beautiful pictures! Happy Mother’s Day to Donna & Molly! Hope too there could be a recording of the presentation! Would be wonderful to see! Love to all and thanks bunches! God bless!

  13. PegRod Says:

    One more comment regarding the “forty –five minute talk/presentation on Molly The Owl, an Internet phenomenon on July 22, 2011 at 1 PM at Mira Costa College, Oceanside” – I hope that the people at the college realize that this should be broadcast on Ustream for Owl Box fans around the world to see (either as a recording or live) – it is also an opportunity for one or more of their students to learn how to do this, for their college to gain visibility in the world, and of course, for us to see you and Austin again!

    • NatureLuver Says:

      I second that PegRod! Might even be something that Austin can incorporate into his next DVD. Plus I would love to see and hear Carlos & Austin again.
      Liz Garney
      League City, TX

    • CAequuslvr Says:

      Excellent suggestion, PegRod. Let’s hope they do this. Would be wonderful.

  14. MoonDrops Says:

    Fantastic photos by a fab photographer who definitely knows how to capture the moment! What a wonderful gift for Molly should the owlets be gone by Mother’s Day! For Molly, McGee, your and the owlet’s sake, truly hope a lesson was learned last year that there isn’t a summer clutch when food supply is low and temperatures soar. I don’t envy you cleaning “Mount Gagshag” out the box, but so sure the owls will appreciate it. What a wonderful honor for you and Austin and how I would love to attend the presentation, but alas don’t live near the West coast. However, a taped version would be so appreciated. “Break a leg” to you both!

  15. vicki Says:

    Happy Mother’s Day to Donna and Molly!
    What an honor for those students-wish I lived close by-thanks again for keeping us up on Molly and McGee’s families. You are a wonderful photographer.
    The best to you and your great family (human & owls)!

  16. Ericka Says:

    As usual Carlos your pictures are fantastic. I look forward to your updates everyday. Can’t wait to hear more on your presentation.

  17. Oregon Birder Says:

    Love the photos you have been posting of the 3rd clutch. Have not visited the other owl cams, as they are not near the level of clarity and color as yours, since the return of M&M’s webcam. Thanks so much for work, time & effort of letting us visit again!

  18. Theresa Says:

    Always a rainbow in my e-mail when I get these lovely pictures. You and Donna’s talent really amaze me. You should teach photography as you both sure know what you are doing. Love the photos, thanks so much for remembering the “fans”. :)
    Theresa aka windbeneathwing

  19. Tammie Franklin Says:

    WOW Carlos! Would be neat if you and Austin could UStream that for us MODS….. :-)
    Miss you all! Loving the pictures!! Thank you soo much for sharing. Ok – now for you and Eric to print us a 3rd clutch book w/ all of your AWESOME pictures. Cowl idea huh?
    Many thanks!! Tammie Sunshine41

  20. Vee Miller (VeeTX) Says:

    These photos are fantastic! I love the one where the owlet is approaching the kestrel box and you can tell he’s not going to make it. Since we can’t be there watching with you from your backyard and patio, these pics are the next best thing!

    I agree with PegRod – the college would get their name out there and be seen as progressive if they would video the presentation and then put it out on YouTube or UStream! This is an honor for you and Austin. Way to go!!!!

  21. finnwv Says:

    Thanks for the closeups today Carlos! <3 Sweet!

  22. Virgene Colby-auntie_vee Says:

    I sure agree with PegRod…very well said, about the eggs to adult.

    Thank You Carlos for the great photos and to Donna a Happy Mother’s Day!

  23. Deborah Moore Says:

    Can you suggest where I might be able to obtain an owl box and the camera equipment needed? I have viewed many other sites and your box size and the camera fitting is the best. Thanks.

  24. OUBobcat (barb) Says:

    Just terrific pictures, a great eye and a wonderful camera, Carlos. Glad to hear you have a chance to speak at Oceanside. What a thrill for the two of you. Happy Mother’s Day Donna and of course Molly too. I think the owlets will have left by then. They sure were a handsome clutch and reminiscent of clutch one. Sure hope you get a chance to do some housekeeping. Good luck!!

  25. SARose69 Says:

    I saw the flashes last night so I was hoping you’d post pictures today! I hope they stay for a while yet! I wake up every morning worrying that they will be gone.

  26. Judy Sackson Says:

    Great to hear about the talk you and Austin will be giving at Mira Costa in July! Since my son & family live in the area, I’m going to try and make it down there. I think everyone is correct though when they ask for it to be streamed or whatever. All the MODs will want to see it, and it will be good publicity for the college.
    Fabulous photos, as usual!
    Happy Mother’s Day to Donna and also to our Molly!

  27. debbie Says:

    the wings are always so amazingly beautiful in the photographs…but in this set i love the “reach-y feet” and talons. owl art.


    gorgeous owlets…molly, as always, stellar.

    total congrats on the presentation!! that will be awesome!
    looking forward to clutch four… ;)


  28. carlosroyal Says:

    I have removed the infomation about the talk because they are concerned they will not have enough room. Like I said, seating was limited.

    • PegRod Says:

      Understood. Word spreads fast on Molly’s blog where we have a harmonious meeting of supportive, intelligent people and creative minds.

  29. PegRod Says:

    Austin Faure is on top of things! My Mom ordered a Molly the Owl DVD to give to a friend, and it came within one day of ordering! And the Free pink “Series of Four” lanyard is really nice. Attractive, handy and comfortable for keeping your keys while you are out for a walk, or, for anyone who holds meetings, for nametags. The free one is also in the shade of pink that reminds you of women, mothers and people who raise money for cancer research.

    What a wonderful young artist and businessman – and someone we can all call our Molly friend!

    Thank you Austin.

  30. Camperfamily (Kim) Says:

    Carlos..they have to get a bigger venue for you and Austin!
    The third clutch pictures have been so amazing!
    It must be so wonderful to sit in your backyard and watch them!
    We have a pair of great horned owls and I love when they visit. Haven’t seen any babies yet!

  31. Judy Ringgenberg Says:

    Thanks so much for this opportunity to see the end of M & M’s 3rd clutch. My first and favorite Wildlife cam is M & M.
    When you clean out the box.. please wear a face mask. You don’t want any shag dust getting into your lungs.
    And.. thank you for providing this peek into
    something truly wonderful.

  32. Judy Sackson Says:

    Does this mean that you would rather leave room at the lecture for the students and for those who need to make your(plural)acquaintances? Please let us know.
    I know I will abide by your wishes in all things…well, almost all things….
    By the way,is this the school that Austin will be attending?

  33. Sherry Kelly Says:

    Hope the talk/presentation will be recorded so the world can see it! They should just televise it!

  34. donna Says:

    Beautiful pictures Carlos, Molly is so pretty even with a mouse hanging out of her mouth. How nice it must be to have them in your back yard. I think about you & Donna sitting outside at night and watching the show, what fun! Thank you again for sharing with all of us

  35. knittinghiker Says:

    great pictures – Molly is adorable with her little mouse!!

    thanks for opening up the video for these last days; these owls are so cute too and I love watching Molly and McGee taking care of their kids.

    I think they will fledge when they fledge! who can guess? hahahaha


  36. Liela M. Maielua Says:

    Thanks so much for all the wonderful photos they are enjoyed more that I can express. There are so many owl boxes out there but this is still #1 one to so many of us.

  37. NatureLuver Says:

    I was watching too as you were shooting these pictures last night. How fun to see them today. I get up at 4:30 a.m., CST, and this morning all four were on the box and Royal landing pad/play ground. Reminds me so much of clutch 1 and how much fun we had. Again I love your outside camera set up. Carlos you are too good to us! TY. Good luck with the July 22 talk….how are you going to limit it to 45 minutes? LOL
    Oh, agree with you, the owlets will all be out of the box by Mothers Day.

    Happy Mother’s Day to All
    Liz Garney
    League City, TX

  38. Jo-Ann Says:

    More wonderful pictures!!!! You have the best camera for taking those great shots….Thank you. Our Owls will fledge on Monday… the day after they celebrate mothers day… They can’t leave before.. that would be cruel for the to leave before..

    Owl dust????? THAT IS CUTE!!!!!! Love all the slang words this group has produced. Maybe you can bottle and sell some of the Owl Dust in little enclosed capsules??????

    Happy mothers day everyone and a special one to Donna!!!!

  39. joly2u Says:

    Wow, Carlos, these are some of the best pics ever. I know, I keep saying that each time… but it’s always true! There is something about watching this family of owls that gives me a special feeling, and you have made it so easy, with your conscientious efforts and technology. This clutch is amazing. I watched McGee’s deliveries last night, and they seem so easy and with no missing or dropping by the owlets–that I’ve seen, that is. If the July meet is an internet special anyway (I assume that means people will be tuning in by internet to ask questions), would we be able to tune in to observe, or will it be in a closed, school-only system? I agree they should seize the opportunity to capitalize on it, and stream it. Maybe Austin could help prepare it. My hope for these owlies is that it will take longer than mother’s day, but that’s for my sake. Happy Mother’s Day Donna and Molly. By the way, where’s the tree that was near the fledge ledge?

  40. Cathy Melton Says:

    Carlos and Donna,
    I can’t thank you enough for all you have done.
    I watch the other cams,but Molly and McGee will always be my favorite.Carlos,I enjoy your pictures so much.The owlets,the kestrel,Bushart gardens,the flowers.You are an amazing photographer.Thank you for the blog,the FB page and giving us more live web-cam of the owls.So many of us MODS love you and Donna.Thank you so much!
    God Bless,
    Cathy Melton(MOD)

  41. Moniq50 Says:

    Thanks you so much Carlos, Donna, for the wonderful pictures and all the updates on Molly and McGee’s owlets.. What a treat to see them all before they fledged. This blog is my savior, knowing what is happening in the M&M world. I visit other owl boxes, but Home is here with Molly and McGee. Thank you again for doing this. ((hugs)) to the Royals.
    Happy Mothers Day Donna !!

  42. Betty Mitchell Says:

    I see that the Royal Owltel has a vacancy this morning. Thank you so much for inviting all of us back and sharing the owls, your beautiful photographs, your insight and humor. Please stay in touch. I am always deet-lighted to see your posts.

  43. Treva Roberts Says:

    Carlos your photos are the best, your talented in so many ways and love to share it with others which makes for the special person that you are.
    We have all missed you, Donna & Austin even though we found other owl boxes to watch, just wasn’t the same without your narratives. LOL Its good to have you all back in our lives. Happy days

  44. Donna Koski Says:

    Sorry to hear they are all gone. I loved all the pictures, beautiful and the comments. Thanks again for all your work.

    I hope we can do this again.

    donna (Bingodabber)

  45. Kim gorman Says:

    Congratulations on the successful third fledge, Carlos!! And thank you for your dedication to all the living creatures in your beautiful yard. Thanks, also, for working hard to keep all the cameras clean, no small feat!!


  46. Deb Says:

    Love, love, love these photos. Amazing pictures!!!

    You are the best.

    Deb in OH

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