Two Out, Two To Go

May 3, 2011

Third Clutch Branching

Owlet On Bluebird House

Check The Gag Shag Thickness

Twoclub's Owl Box

McGee on North End of RV Garage

McGee On South End RV Garage

McGee Taking Off

The question yesterday was, will all three owlets fledge at the same time since it appeared that all three were staying in the box together. I mean, like, we had three Wesleys in the box or at least we thought we did. The oldest owlet has been out of the box for over a week now. Then this morning we discovered, we don’t have three Wesleys, only two owlets left in the box.  Just when you think you have it figured out, they throw you a curve.

If you want a gift for Mother’s Day then you need to order it today.

Proud to be an American

Carlos, Donna and Austin

35 Responses to “Two Out, Two To Go”

  1. Theresa Says:

    LOve, love, love the picture of the owl peeking out of the box. Loved Twoclubs version of the owl box….what a HOOT!! LOL keep em coming…

    Theresa aka windbeneathwing

  2. Tresbien Says:

    Thanks for the update Carlos. Thought I saw only two in the box this morning and wondered if one was hiding in the back.

    Love TwoClubs’s owl box — creative and beautiful!

    xoxo Linda

    • PegRod Says:

      Yes, I wondered if the third owlet was faceplanted and hiding in the back, too, Tresbien!

      I also love that twoclubs sent the photo to share with us – what a great imagination and beautiful room, too! I vote that we hold our theatrical productions of The Owl Box plays in her bucolic garden room – love the white picket fence (heartz and hugz).

  3. Joan from Colorado Says:

    I have been picturing poor little lonely, Wesley
    for days.. wonderful pictures of McGee.. soon there will be an empty owl box.. how long this time ? sadly, Joan

  4. PegRod Says:

    The article about Austin, “Escondido Teen Feathers His Nest With Owl Movie Proceeds. Sales of 1-hr DD boost college fund” by Christy Scannell, as an Special article to the San Diego Union Tribune (California, USA)in the “North Inland” section on Saturday, April 30, 2011 was excellent! Congratulations to all, but especially to Austin for his creativity, courage, and commitment (I will alway remember that he started his day with a long list of “things to accomplish” on the yellow legal pad – another useful tool learned from his grandpa, Carlos!). I can’t find a link to share, but a friend gave me a copy of the article.

    Love the new photos – “branching” has more meaning with the Third Clutch’s flying lessons and exploration.

    Happiness …. is being here in Molly’s World!

  5. Memedee Says:

    Oh, I love the photo of McGee taking off!

  6. DotRot Says:

    Thanks so much for the continued updates, Carlos. I love the quality of the new camera (I’d love to know what kind of camera it is.)

    I’m also VERY proud to be an American!

    • PegRod Says:

      I am also proud to be an American.

      We are so lucky to have an exceptionally talented and giving DotRot among so many wonderful fans with MOD! What gifts she has given to Molly friends and fans, beginning with her two volumes of limericks, which Carlos has provided on this website

      Lots of other free stuff on the Official Molly the Owl Cafe Press site, including the two editions of the Owl Box Lexicon, the word puzzles, song parodies and more.

      Just click on images for free Adobe Acrobat pdf documents to keep forever in your computer or print out (if you don’t have the free software, just Google it and go to the official website for a free download). I always download the pdfs on my computer desktop first so I can find them. I made a “Molly” file on my desktop – and then I can click and drag them right into the folder! Easy to Do – Easy to Find!

  7. SARose69 Says:

    I was afraid that “The Three Musketeers” would all fledge last night! It is such fun to watch them during the day–as well as the antics at night. I was pretty sure this AM I was only seeing two. Thanks for the confirmation! Love the pix.

  8. It’s been a wild couple of nights at the owl box.
    They are such characters and are so much like Molly and McGee’s first clutch. Love the silliness that goes on late night.
    It is sad to know that since another has stayed out of the box it won’t be long before the other two are gone. I’m sure Molly and McGee will return and start all over again. Hopefully, we will get to be a part of it once again. It brings such joy to us all.
    Thank you from the bottom of my heart Carlos and Donna!

    I am also proud to be an American!!!

    Sending love from Colorado,

  9. PegRod Says:

    Memory Lane

    May 3, 2010 – Carlos took some great photos and posted them in the blog. Back when the blog was new and people did not know how to comment, there were few. We were all too busy watching The Owl Box 24/7!

    May 4, 2010 – I will jump ahead to a year ago tomorrow! Some famous photos! All free to look at on the blog, but the coffee table book is a priceless treasure that every library in the world should have!

  10. kit Says:

    another graduate! it’s been so much fun watching them sport around the box. Molly is such a good Mom of 10! so cool…Royal Owl Graduation, Royal Wedding, USA makes the world a bit safer, what a week! Thanks!

    greetings and love from pensacowla, flowlrida. (thought I’d get in on the spelling fun as well)

  11. Kathy Copas Says:

    We can’t say it enough—for all you do, thank you! McGee is such a handsome owl. My favorite! Thanks so much for sharing his pics and all of the others, too.

    Kathy from New “Owlbany”

  12. Judy Sackson Says:

    You know, I think McGee is my favorite, too. He looks so regal in his photos(on either end of the RV garage).
    This new photos get better every day, so much fun to watch all the cavorting around trying out their wings. Not for much longer, they’ll be gone soon (sob).
    I have to agree, I’m proud to be an American also!

  13. Lisa A. Burns Says:

    Proud to be an American too. : )
    Love watching with the newer camera early on the east coast, …picture so clear with great color! Wonderful show this morning! Amazed by all the in flight moments too.
    Thank you Carlos, Donna, and Austin!!

  14. Carlos you are the best, love your up dates and photos are the best. I miss hearing your voice every day talking about the owls. Congrats on your and Donnas 50th coming up! I am also very proud to be an AMERICAN! Everyone stand up for the RED WHITE AND BLUE!!!!!!!

  15. DWD in Atlanta Says:

    Thanks so much for keeping us updated and showing the last days of this clutch. It seems all boxes have thrown is curve balls this year. It’s been really strange.

    I ran across some info you may want to save. I was watching the Wildlife Center of Virginia check out the baby eaglets of the mother that was hit by the incoming plane last week. The doctor was taking photos while they were being removed from the nest. A viewer asked why they used flash photography. Ed Clark, an expert witness for the US Fish and Wildlife Service and the US Department of Justice, gave this answer.
    ***Flash photography seems to have very little effect on raptors, for some reason. Their eyes are so reactive to changing light conditions when they fly that it really does not seem to phase them in the least. Loud noise is another matter.*** Wish that info had been around when the worry worts were out.

    Thanks again and enjoy your summer.

  16. krem Says:


    Thanks so much for letting us see the 3rd clutch again!! I noticed it is getting hot again in S.M. Are you putting the misters on? There is a bit of gular fluttering going on…


  17. Cynthia Bradley (bradleytwins) Says:

    I need to know if it is too late to order a coffee table book of the second clutch. I don’t need it for mothers day. I tried to order it the other day on line and now can’t find it anywhere. Thanks if you can help me out. Love seeing this third clutch and hearing their voices. Thanks Carlos and Donna.

  18. Lynne Townsend Says:

    Love each update you give us!!!!! Always looking in on Molly’s “brood”, and still missing your morning visits! Keep us posted on happenings.


  19. Linda D. Greene Says:

    Oh..happy here in Henderson Harbor, NY watching these funny owlets. Thanks Carlos for everything!!!

  20. twoclubs Says:

    Deet, deet, deet, to what everyone else said. This has been such an exciting spring and we so appreciate your bringing the third clutch into our homes, Carlos. And I love having my own clutch in my garden garage and thank you for posting for all to enjoy. Gee that was fun and we are still part of it. So very proud to be an American. Bless us all.


  21. Deb Van Oflen Says:

    yep, sure going to miss them when they are gone. Is it to late for another clutch? mandozee

  22. Janice aka dg1018 Says:

    Carlos, I got up this morning, 4:00 San Marcos time, and was surprised to see all 4 sitting there. Got a great screen shot. Then one by one they started leaving, except one stayed pretty much in the box until about 5:30. I sat here for almost 2 hr. watching the comings and goings and writing down times and what was happening. I sure thought at 5:29 there was only going to be one in the box today but 5:30 2nd one came back and goes in the box leaving one on the porch. Took forever it seemed for that one to go in the box at 5:41 and boy were there some birds of some kind scolding them. It was a treat to watch them this morning. Looked like Molly and McGee did a lot of fly overs trying to coax them away but didn’t work. Could hear the deet, deet, deets—thanks again for putting the camera back on. Loved it.

  23. Nancy Says:

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful pictures! I can’t tell you how much I appreciate watching the owls. They are so peaceful as they sway back and forth as they sleep during the day. It’s so calming. You’re the best!

  24. Madonna Varchetto-Bonner Says:

    Hi Carlos, the third clutch owlets are just beautiful. I’m so glad you introduced me to the barn owl. The “kids” are so much fun to watch. When will we be getting the second clutch coffee table book? I think I remember back in the fall someone saying last of April, but have not received it yet….getting excited. As always warm wishes to you and Donna. Madonna

  25. Cynthia Bradley (bradleytwins) Says:

    Thanks for the link PegRod….got my order in! So excited!!!

  26. NatureLuver Says:

    GOD Bless America and all our TROOPS!

    And God Bless the Royals & our Owls!

    Liz G.
    League City, TX

  27. Janie Says:

    The 2 owlets in the box remind me of Wesley and Austin. Austin will have to tell Wesley when it’s time to go like our first Austin did. Gosh I miss that first clutch. They will always be first in my heart.


  28. Lisa Treacy Says:

    I can’t thank you enough for the last few nights! Being able to watch the owlets has been such a treat!! Ir is such a joy to see them!

  29. Glenn Says:

    Carlos fun watching them. With this Camera we can see them doing a lot of landing way in the back center, I think it is the Krestrel box. I also noticed one of the owlets staying out past first light the other day. I thought he was like Carrie and going to go for the palm tree but went back in the box.

  30. twoclubs Says:

    Deet, deet, deet what everyone else said. So wonderful to watch Molly and McGee’s clutches. They have been so successful and are such beautiful owls. Your photos as always are amazing, Carlos. You capture those moments when they are so spectacular. And thank you for sharing my fun garden garage with owls for all to enjoy. Waving the American Flag !!
    (((Hugs))) and < 3 Hearts

  31. mandozee Says:

    yep, sure going to miss them when they are gone. Is it to late for another clutch? mandozee

  32. donna Says:

    Carlos & Donna, thanks for letting us in Mollys world again, what fun! I’m not getting much sleep, but wouldn’t miss it. This clutch reminds me of the 1st, which will always be special to me. I hope we get some peeks from the 4th clutch and see you too! McGee looks so handsome in the beautiful pictures you took, love the pics. Thank you again and take care. Always flying our flag!

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