Every Clutch is Different

May 1, 2011

Portrait Of A Grown Up Owlet

Owlet on the rose arbor

Wings Up

Owlet hanging on by a toe (talon)

Look At Me (Click for I Love you MoM.

Owlet On Grape Post (Look mom I know how to hunt)

Molly Looking Thin (She just delivered another treat)

Stepping Out (Click to order Second Clutch Photography Book)

Learning About Tree Branches (Click to order DVD)

Just like kids every bunch is different and this Third Clutch is no exception. During the first clutch for example, not once did any of the owlets land in the tree branches but this brood has just got to try them out, which has resulted in tangled feathers, wings and talons. Also, this group likes to go dive bomb the garden and bounce back high into the air about three feet practicing their hunting skills from the grape post and the end of the RV garage. As I pointed out yesterday, three of the owlets keep coming back to the owl box daily while the oldest fledged over a week ago. With the other clutches one by one the owlets fledged and did not return to the box on a daily basis except of course Wesley who just did not want to leave the box. In effect, we have three Wesleys in this third clutch. With the first two clutches the owlets spent most of their time at night in and around the owl box playground but this group of owlets spend most of their time in and around the yard out of view of the camera. Not exactly fun for our Ustream viewing audience but exciting for us to watch from the patio.

Austin mentioned last night that he would like to do another video but this time have it more about the owlets after they come out of the box. He has been coming over setting up his Christmas video equipment at night working to get footage of not only the owlets but Molly and McGee flying about the yard. The issue, like most things is time; he won’t have time until after school is out for the summer to do the editing. We will keep you posted if this project goes forward after Austin graduates, school comes first.

Yes, three are back in the box again this morning and they look full grown since none of the three have hardly any baby feathers remaining.

Enjoy your day.

Carlos, Donna and Austin

62 Responses to “Every Clutch is Different”

  1. Ginny Says:

    If Austin makes the DVD I will buy it.

  2. Bonnibell Says:

    You must be enjoying the entertainment in your yard!! It truly is amazing how different the behaviors are. The photos are just absolutely stunning, Carlos. I so enjoy them and the updates. I love and miss Molly and McGee (and you too )Thanks again. Bonnibell

  3. debbie Says:

    beautiful photos of beautiful owls. thank you.
    i just love the wee white fronted owlet. they are *all* brilliant, but he is my favorite in this clutch. ;)

    molly…gorgeous as ever!


  4. Michaela Says:

    That would be wonderful if Austin made another Video! I would buy one!

    Thanks for sharing the Owlets with us again!

    Take Care,

  5. Marla in Colorado Says:

    Love hearing what you are seeing!! It’s fun to see the differences in the kiddos!! So good to see the picture of Molly. I keep missing her. Thanks again for turning the camera on. It is sheer joy to be back!!

  6. Senyome Says:

    Carlos, you’re right, Molly looks thin on the picture you posted today. Well, she raised ten owlets within one year and now she has three more Wesleys on hand! McGee needs to step in with some fatherly authority.
    Thanks again for the stunning photos, I’m envious of your nightly patio views.

  7. Becky Says:

    Hi. It’s yet another gray, rainy day in s.w.Ohio.Could you please send about a week of warmth and sun our way? We have had 22 days in April of rain-rainiest in Ohio history. blah! The pictures help though. I just love the first two esp.the one on rose arbor.Beautiful all. I was watching last night ’til about 9/9:30 your time. I finally saw someone flying in and land on a box?I did wonder if they were hanging out somewhere out of my sight and wondered too if you and Donna watch from your window. I gave up finally and went to bed. (Molly does look so thin.)I told my husband to come see the pictures and he said “Vicious predators!” He just says that ’cause he knows it gets my goat. Beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder and I think they’re beautiful. Thanks.

  8. MoonDrops Says:

    Ooohhh, as always, your photos say “a thousand words”!! I am especially partial to the photo of the owlet on the rose arbor…just lovely!! Molly does look thin…is age becoming a factor for her? Now, if that owlet in the tree is a female…we have a tomboy on our hands…lol!! Although I love the colors of the female, that photo of what appears to be a male owlet to me with his wings up is stunning! Enjoy your backyard entertainment! Austin’s project already sounds divine, but as Grandpa says…school first…we all are willing to wait! Best of everything to you all!

  9. Darlene Watson Says:

    Thanks for keeping us posted on what is going on with the M&M family. It is so nice to have info. so you aren’t guessing who’s who and what is going on. I have been enjoying the other owl sites but it hard a times to know what is really going on. So needless to say I and many more miss seeing you and keeping us informed. Thanks for all you do and many thanks for the photos.

  10. BJ Says:

    The color night camera is really enjoyable viewing of this clutches antics. Fun to watch and very thankful for your continuing narration of what goes on off camera. I noticed a flash light shining once in a while…evidence that you and Donna were watching too. I’d personally love to see more of your garden (vegetables, fruit, etc.) I so enjoyed the video you showed that you filmed on your phone, I think, when you first started streaming. Your love of nature; the gardens and the creatures is so inspiring. That being said, I need to get to tending my garden….Have a wonderful day!

  11. Linda Smith Says:

    I too hope that Austin makes another video/ in his spare time of course. As school should come first!

    It is wonderful to see how the owlets have grown up, so fast it seems like this time. Thank you and Donna for keeping all of us “in the loop” with information and pictures of all of the owls. They are just so beautiful :) Take care and it is great to have you both back on here again !!! It means so much to all of us.

    Linda Smith

  12. June Schafer Says:

    The most beautiful photos yet—-especially the rose arbor!! Watching this morning (Sunday) it appeared CA was having one of those earthquakes until I realized M or M had landed on the camera with a treat! One of the owlets went quickly over to get it, took it to the landing pad and then, drat it, had to share with a sibling.
    It continues to amaze me how different they all are!
    Best wishes to your amazing Austin. He is becoming quite a busy young man. Know you are proud.
    Thanks again for giving us the treat of the 3rd clutch!!!

  13. NatureLuver Says:

    Dear Carlos & Donna,
    TY, TY, TY for broadcasting and the wonderful new color outside camera and angle. Makes night time watching much more exciting. I just tuned back in yesterday. Missed almost a full week of checking emails. Glad I did not miss this.
    Love the updates but miss KOWL broadcast….Wonderful memories. Tell Austin that I will buy his DVD of the owlets backyard fledging frolics. I bet you guys are having a blast watching them. I think of you all often as I watch my backyard birdfeeders. I had Indigo Bunting and Rose-breasted Grosbeak at my feeders this year, along the upper Texas coast, between Galveston and Houston. Always great birding around here. Wish I could put up an owl box. Don’t think it safe due to too many neighborhood cats and power lines.

    God Bless You & The Owls,
    Liz Garney, League City, TX
    PS. Even if you don’t open up chat a KOWL broadcast every once in a while would be lots of FUN, ;). <3

  14. 1SkatrPie Says:

    Carlos, your photographic skills continue to improve and are bringing us views that are so amazing, even though you are not doing a C3 coffee table book, these might be your best pics yet!

  15. J. McCollister Says:

    Thanks Carlos & Donna for letting us enjoy a little of the 3rd clutch. Thought we wouldn’t be able to see them at all. Such a treat for all of us who have watched 1st, 2nd and now part of the 3rd clutches. They are all so beautiful.

  16. mandozee Says:

    Carlos, Donna and Austin

    Great pictures, get all the footage you can while you can Austin. You can put a dvd together when you have the time. I’m sure it will be worth the wait. mandozee

  17. Sherrie Says:

    Beautiful photos of your beautiful owls. Thank you Carlos.

  18. Joyce Hebert Says:

    thanks for the photos…awesome…nice that you can see them playing around…they are the cutiest…

  19. Thanks Carlos and Donna for this continuous story. I like knowing these differences in the clutches too. I’ve observed some between yours and the recent one in Oceanside too. Nice to know they are not “cookie cutter” creatures. Personalities and various preferences. Fun!

  20. Joan from Colorado Says:

    Your rose arbor looks gorgeous.. I have tried to grow roses since I moved to Colorado but the deer eat them so no success.. thinking of you, Joan

  21. PegRod Says:

    The new Carlos Royal photographs, along with the blog commentaries of your observations and reflections on the activities of the Series of Four “Third Clutch” owlets provides a wonderful panorama view of the activities in your back yard paradise. And the comments in response to your blog entries are such a pleasure to read and think about.

    I support a new creative DVD made by Austin, too! Now, I am going to find that link to the newspaper article about him – Congratulations!

  22. Susan Says:

    Wowie, I see them live today! Thank you, Carlos,for the live cam feed. What a treat. Also, thank you for the updates on third clutch activities.

  23. PegRod Says:

    I can’t find the story link online for the article about Austin’s wonderful business sense, but I did just find the link for a new cartoon by VacaDude!

    Caption on his website reads: “Molly’s 3rd Clutch Owlet’s Hat (4/30/11)
    “Been watching the new owlets at Molly’s place. Also caught some of the Royal Wedding telecast the other night, and was amazed by some of the hats the ladies wore! So I decided to have one of the owlets try one on for size…”


  24. Carole in Charlotte, NC Says:

    Wow! Beautiful pictures of these owls! I really miss your commentary of the owl family and owl box, but happy you can enjoy your travels and still keep us MODs informed! Thank you and I look forward to Austin’s DVD if it is developed. Be safe. Carole

  25. SARose69 Says:

    Another video would be awesome!!!! I hope that it works out. I would be ordering a couple of them!

  26. Nancy Says:

    Hi! I hope Molly is OK. She does look really thin. Such a good Mom.

  27. Wildcatwoman Says:

    I’m enjoying the updates Carlos, just as much as you and Donna enjoy watching them from your patio. How many males/females are in this clutch of four? Keep us posted with their antics. Miss you guts!

    What great pictures Carlos! They are so beautiful! I Saw many of them being taken last night on the OwlBox. It is just great to be able to watch the action these past several days. You should pop in on Vaca’s chat in the evening and surprise us all. He is keeping it open for us to chat while watching Molly and the gang before they all fledge.
    As you may know, Ustream has change their chat format and most everyone seems to not like it at all as it is very hard to read as it scrolls in the opposite direction from what we are used to. So, here is his old retro chat (chat only) link if would like it. http://www.ustream.tv/channel-room/3506056
    the link is also on Vaca’s site in the banner.

    Thanks for sharing Molly’s adventures and your photos once again.
    Sending love from Colorado,

  29. Virgene Colby-auntie_vee Says:

    Sure am enjoying all the 3rd clutch updates. Watched last night and saw some of their antics. Fun. It does sound like you have new dogs in the neighborhood! So glad you are back but I must mention I did enjoy our (blog) trip to Canada.

    Thanks Carlos and Donna.


  30. francie bowers Says:

    Thanks for the wonderful photos Carlos, I needed a new screen picture! How much fun to watch them in the yard, you are so lucky!! Happy Mother’s Day to Donna, we can’t forget her…I know I am a week early but don’t want to forget!

  31. Jane - Russellville TN Says:

    Thank you for sharing these photos and also having the camera on again. I just love the new night time view. Tell Austin I will order that group of 6 again if he makes the video. He can put some of the second clutch in if he needs to fill in some space. I am sure I am not the only one that would enjoy seeing both clutches.

  32. Jo-Ann Says:

    Yes, This clutch is so much different from the other two. these seem so much more mature.
    .. I was enjoying the last few nights with the owls and their antics. I smiled as I saw your flash going off and couldn’t wait for the pic’s today… thank you so very much…

  33. Maxine Says:

    I’m really enjoying watching them mornings around 3:30a.m. PST. They gather around the owlbox, fly to the kestrel box, and down to the play area. The night color camera is great. I especially liked the Owlet on the rose arbor photo.

    Thanks for sharing with us.


  34. Sue Steinke Says:

    Thank you Carlos, Donna and Austin once again for sharing the third clutch. I never get tired of seeing Molly & McGee and their owlets. I love the nighttime color this time also. God bless you.

  35. Susan Says:

    Just wanted to express my gratitude for the updates, Carlos. I don’t post anymore, but, as a BIG M&M lover and follower, regularly check into your blog for news. I, too, envy your backyard owl experiences!

  36. pelicangirl Says:

    I look forward to your updates and photos; please keep them coming! They are such beautiful creatures!

  37. Janice aka dg1018 Says:

    I think these three are going to be your permanent guests at the Carlos and Donna Backyard Gymnasium for Owls. I was amazed to see three back in the box again today. Love the camera set up for night time, Carlos. How can you get any sleep at night with all the racket going on in your backyard? They seem to really have a great time flying about.
    Good Luck to Austin with the video project—it will be a good one, I’m sure. And thanks for the pictures, you always capture some great moments.

  38. julie Says:

    Thank-you for sharing the latest little owls with us. This clutch is indeed fun to watch. Love seeing all four together at night and the playfulness among the sibs. And an early Happy Mother’s Day to Donna and Molly!!!
    Take care.

  39. sunshine97 (Deb) Says:

    I would love to see another video by Austin. I know it takes lots of his time but we do appreciate it.

    Thanks for broadcasting the owls for us lately Carlos

  40. Vee Miller (VeeTX) Says:

    Thank you again Carlos for sharing the third clutch with us through photos and the cameras. Just like our human children, owlets are so different. I wondered about the three almost grown owlets still in the box and had the same thought, “Oh no, three Wesleys :-)” Molly is probably thin from hunting for her three “home-loving” kiddos. Kinda like the 30 year old son who still lives in his parents’ basement – just don’t want to leave home.

    Yes, I look forward to Austin’s next project. I still enjoy playing my DVD every few weeks. Such good memories of our first “owl love.”

    Happy Mother’s Day Donna!!!!

  41. Lynn Vavroch Says:

    Thank you Carlos and Donna for bringing back the cameras so we can see these beautiful creatures once again. The third clutch is just as beautiful and precious as the first and second. Love watching them flying around at night. I envy you being able to watch them from your back yard.
    So so happy to see Molly and McGee again.
    I would love to see Austin make another dvd. I would definitely purchase it!
    Thanks again so much for letting us watch these beautiful owls along with you.
    Carlos, your pictures are absolutely beautiful! You certainly are an amazing photographer.
    Thank you for everything from the first clutch until now. I very much appreciate it all.
    Happy Mothers day Donna and to Molly too of course. She is such a good mom!

  42. I have to add that I had fun watching the 3 bounce around and try out their wings when I got up here (CST) around 7:30-8 am this morning, May 1 – – still before dawn in CA. Wonderful color and good pictures. Thanks.

  43. Carol Watt Says:

    Carlos, Donna and Austin

    Thank you again for the great photos. Again you have out done yourself. We are so spoiled. Austin I am waiting for you DVD and will be one of the first to have it, first your study hard and graguate.

  44. debbie Says:

    yay for austin thinking about another video!!

    ting ting ting ting…


  45. Kim Gorman Says:

    As always, your photos and words are balm for our souls, Carlos. I’d be interested in another Austin video! Keep us informed! Thank you for the updates and lovely photos. So glad you are getting to watch these youngsters!


  46. Tammie Franklin Says:

    Hi Carlos! Yes-pls keep us posted. Yes, school comes first. I would LOVE a 3rd clutch book and DVD! I hope Eric comes to visit your “coffee table” again. What is the status of the 2nd clutch book? I’m sooo glad you decided to share the 3rd clutch..they are soo beuatiful. Thank you! Tammie ~ Sunshine41

    • carlosroyal Says:

      The Second Clutch Book is at the printers and is on schedule for delivery late June or early July according to Eric’s website. Two babies and the The Chinese New Year pushed back the delivery date.

  47. vicki Says:

    What an in credible family you have. Your talents, Donna’s quiet patience and Austin the go-getter. I do so miss the chatters too. Great news about Austin’s proposed project-count me in for one when it happens. Molly and McGee will always be my first love. My backyard is full with Canadian geese, mallard ducks, sandhill cranes and the assortment of finches and sparrows, purple martins, black capped chickadees,cardinals and I hate to admit it but the squirrels and deer too. I love them all and they gave us an Easter present by showing up while all of my family was visiting. Best wishes to you all!

  48. Sherry Kelly Says:

    I am so looking forward to a new Austin video! What a great idea!

  49. Trisha Says:

    Watched the owlets all last night. They were funny and loud!

  50. Diane Says:

    Thanks again for keeping us all informed. I loved reading how different this clutch is. Another video would be great! I love seeing pictures of the owls and knowing what they are doing. Yes, Molly does look thin in that photo. I bet you and Donna are having fun watching them dive bomb and practice! How exciting to watch!

  51. Lisa A. Burns Says:

    Beautiful photos Carlos! Thank you.
    Having fun watching the 3rd Clutch…they are so hilarious in the mornings here on the east coast!
    Love seeing Molly and McGee. Enjoying this very much!! Thanks again!!

  52. Francie Yarber Says:

    Thanks Donna, Carlos, Austin
    The Owl Box and the varied owlet families have been an ongoing story to behold made even more precious by the MODs and all who have participated. Love it

  53. Sue Couch Says:

    These photos are marvelous, Carlos. Thanks! It is fascinating to watch these owlets As you point out, they are so different. Maybe they will never leave…just learn to hunt and bring their own treats back to the box! :-)

  54. CAequuslvr Says:

    Carlos, thanks again for all of the wonderful photos. What great news another Austin DVD.

    I think it is great that Clutch 3 is doing something different. Keeps it fun.

    When the newspaper article goes on line will you please post the link?

  55. Hi there,

    I am not sure if this is the best place to ask this as it is a legal question…

    Carlos, I would like to get a tattoo of Molly but I know that images from the box are copyrighted. Is it possible for me to use an image?

    Thank you

  56. Kris Says:

    Thank you so much for posting the updates and photos. One of the owlets has a distinctive dusky hue to the facial feathers, which is interesting. Do the owlets have names?

  57. flukestail Says:

    Seeing this pic of Molly, reading of Austin wanting to make another video, noticing the “Wesley” fluff on these owlets…wow, I miss the Carlos, Donna, the MODS, and the live broadcast so so so much.

  58. Jodimaher Says:

    Thank you for sharing, what a great experience and goes to show you kids (even if owls) are all so different! I look forward to austin’s DVD.

  59. Sandy Says:

    All I can say is thank you for once again sharing these wonderful owls with us. It is a joy to watch them. We are all very fortunate to have you.

  60. Sherrie Pearl Says:

    Thank you so much for broadcasting the end of clutch 3, Molly & McGee def make beautiful babies :)

    Sherrie Pearl

  61. Sandy Says:

    eggcellent pictures and thanks for the post. Keep up the good work, Austin. I read your article in the local paper! So glad for the owl box. These recent winds we have had here in San Diego have taken out some baby owls from a nest in a tree. They are at project wildlife now; hope they make it.

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