Three Owlets Keep Coming Back

April 30, 2011

Owlet On The Owl Box

Love The Ladders

Owlet uses ladder to get back up to the owl box

I'm Hiding (click for I love you Mom)

Caught in the light

Director McGee Behind the Camera

Director McGee Behind the Camera

This owlet tried to go inside the kestrel box (Opening too small)

Playing King of the Mountain

Owlet Branching

Owlet hiding in neighbor's tree

Hopefully, we fixed another issue today, we replaced our internet router. For sometime now we have been having the wireless internet connection drop in and out. It appeared to have been the internet provider and it may well have been but today the wireless connection quit completely so down to Fry’s Electronics for a new one I went.

The question now is “Did it fix the problem?” To be honest, I am not sure because before I could get home with the new router the wireless started working again. I replaced it anyway and after a call or two to the maker we got the new router working. Have you noticed how these supposedly plug and play items are more like plug and call for help.

It was kind of interesting that they gave a website for help first but if the router is not working one does not have an internet connection. Like I have said before, technology is good for the brain, it keep the neurons firing or is that swear words under my breath that you are hearing.

Now, that I got that off my chest, the owlets were up, down and flying around last night. One owlet must have gone to the ground a dozen times. Don’t panic, they can get back up to the box by themselves; it just may take them a little time, in some cases a day or two. I think too often people jump the gun and run to help instead of letting them learn the lessons written in The Owl Book of the Ages.  Austin and I got to witness again last night that when a younger owlet goes to the ground and has trouble getting back, one of the older owlets goes to it and shows it show to get back to the box by using natural steps such as fences, ladders and trees. This also happened in The Second Clutch, which I documented with photos of the event on the blog.

What I find most interesting about the Third Clutch is that three owlets keep coming back to the box during the day time where the oldest owlet fledged over a week ago and has not been back in the box during the day but has shown up every night since it fledge.

Austin Faure made the Union Tribune Newspaper today, the North Country Section. The front page heading was “Hooting All The Way To The Bank.” It tells the story of him making the DVD to help pay for his college education. Way to go Austin.

Since several people have asked me, no, there will not be a Third Clutch Photography Book, but you can get The Third Clutch Family Portrait on Café Press as a Large Framed Print to complete your collection. And it is on sale right now.

Carlos, Donna and Austin

41 Responses to “Three Owlets Keep Coming Back”

  1. Becky Says:

    You are so tenacious not to mention generous with your time and talents in trying to get a better connection. Thank you. I LOVE seeing the new pictures of the newest clutch. I remember, was it Carrie?, when one of the second clutch had to be shown how to get back up to the box. Was it Ashley, though, that did the teaching? That part I’ve forgotten. Wonderful viewing that was. Remember how freaked out all the MODS became when Carrie fell to the ground? hahaha. Mother Nature is a wonderful teacher for us, too. Blessings.

  2. marie Says:

    Great pictures once again Carlos! Thank you for sharing!

  3. Eileen "Teatime" Says:

    Beautiful pictures once again. Thank you!!!

  4. Jo-Ann Says:

    Thank you once again for your updates and pic’s.. these were wonderful as always.

  5. Joan from Colorado Says:

    Great pictures Carlos..You must have a small fortune involved in electronic equipment..and we are the ones that benefit.. thank you.. I have named two of the owlets. one is Donna and one is Carlos. I can’t exactly decide what sex the other one is.. , joan from Colorado

  6. paula greene Says:

    so happy to see the third clutch and I love the new pictures!
    thanks so much carlos!

  7. Bonnibell Says:

    There is nothing like your updates. The owlet trying to get in the kestrel box was funny! Thanks again, Carlos and Donna for this wonderful treat. I watched two owl boxes this season and while it was crazy fun, it will never be the same as the Molly and McGee first clutch experience. Meantime, I hope these three babes fledge successfully and safely. Have any more trips planned for the summer?? Faithfully, Bonnibell

  8. Ruth Says:

    I love finding new pictures on Molly’s Blog. Great pictures! Thanks Carlos. I always look forward to seeing new ones posted. Ruth (petenwell)

  9. Donna Simonson Says:

    Another great Saturday night at the Owlbox! Love the pictures and the new 3rd clutch pic is just too perfect! A cherish gift I’m asking for Mother’s Day! And yet another, “thank you, Carlos”!
    Love, hugs and prayers owlways,
    “OwlLuver, Murrieta, CA

  10. sharon durham Says:

    as always you seem to capture the essence of each owlette, thank you for each and every pics and video.but I know you love it even tho it can be frustrating byt like you said its good for the brain…best wishes to all of you and glad that Austin is getting his due recognition…..Thanks again to all your love and comassion for a little ol barn owl!

  11. Lucy Sanders Says:


    Just wanted to say thank you for giving us some of the 3rd clutch. I love the way you have kept us updated when you have been home and now with actual “on air” knowledge!!! The only thing I miss is the Social Stream and you popping in every once in a while! Thank you…

    Lucy (silent MOD from Troy, Ohio)

  12. debbie Says:

    sing along:

    “you got to flap your wings and bounce around…
    you ought to practice so you don’t hit the ground…
    you have to take that first step out the door…
    show ’em you’re no scardey cat anymore…

    you’re gonna fly, your gonna fly, you’re gonna fly!!!”


    “wesley’s lesson” by barbara allen. :)


  13. Leslee Says:

    WAY TO GO…AUSTIN…I believe Austin takes after his granddaddy…two really smart and clever guys.
    I hope we get to know how Austin is doing when he goes to college. Just a note now and then…He’s a great kid.

  14. donna Says:

    Great pictures Carlos as always! Sounds like a big party near your house, the owlets seem nervous. So nice to see Molly & McGee, they take good care of their babes. Thank you again for all you do.

  15. redpeg Says:

    I so look forward to hearing from you, Carlos, and all your adventures with technology, not to mention all the ladders.. (I bought stock in “ladders” last year!) And a big kuddos to Austin – he is well on his way. Keep talking to us!

  16. Cynthia Bradley (bradleytwins) Says:

    Thank you Carlos for the beautiful pictures of this clutch and for keeping us updated on their progress. I’ve missed the times you’ve put them on the air….but will try and check in so I can catch it next time.

    Glad you had such a good time on your vacation…enjoyed your photos and reports on that too. Thanks again for being so considerate of all of us MODS!!

    • joly2u Says:

      cynthia, the feed is on live full time during the fledge, so hurry and look before they fly away or McGee kicks them out!

  17. GeniaKnitz Says:

    What a joy to watch “our” owls and owlets tonight. I love the camera and the angles – such fun to watch the owlets take off from the box and see where they are going. At one point an owl was calling and flapping on the kestrel box, and one owlet finally took his courage in both wings and flew over to join the parent. Both owl and owlet must have been SO proud!

    Love the “Owlet Branching” picture above, by the way; WHAT a gorgeous wing!

    Can’t thank you enough, Carlos. Nor can I begin to measure how much I have missed THE Owl Box and loved this peak into their fledging antics.

  18. Rosemary Says:

    Had so much fun tonight, watching the owlets playing outside… Someone delivered a mousie for one of them…This is just so much fun, Thanks

  19. Kim Gorman Says:

    Congratulations, again, to Austin and thank you again, Carlos, for all your dedication to family and friends, far and wide. And for the animals you so wonderfully house!

  20. Donna Koski Says:


    Love all your pictures and postings. I look for them everyday. I have had east coast company the last few days and I have not been able to watch. Thanks for sharing all. I am going to watch tonight.

    Donna (Bingodabber)

  21. Phyllis Benson Says:


    These pictures are great! Thanks so much for sharing them with us. Like everyone else, I have really missed this site and have enjoyed watching the last few days. Love the new camera! Thanks again!

  22. Carole in Charlotte, NC Says:

    The new camera giving us a sharp color picture of our favorite owls is fantastic! I have loved watching our first loves of Molly and McGee and their growing family. Carlos, we can never thank you enough for the joy you, Donna, and Austin have given us. Carole

  23. donna smith Says:

    Fabulous pictures Carlos. Thanks for your updates- they are so appreciated. Other owl boxes were fun to watch but there is nothing like Molly and McGee and their families.

  24. Katy Says:

    Carlos, I just finished watching from 4:00-6:00 PDT. I’m thinking a critter was put on the landing pad to entice our new “Wesley”. Someone else finally ate it. Watching all 4 as they flew in to check on the box was amazing, with 2 finally entering the box, 1 flying off and poor, hungry #4 waiting and hoping till the very break of day to finally go in. Funniest to see him/her looking out “just to be sure”. THANK you so very much. There is nothing like the owls. Catbird22

  25. Rita Says:

    Do the new owlets have names? I might have missed that on a previous post?

    • joly2u Says:

      Rita, Carlos decided not to name this clutch, but I personally call them M1-4 (like last year the punks were called P1, P2, etc).

  26. Mary Jo Says:

    Carlos, just when I think you have taken the most beautiful pictures you out do yourself again!!! Thank you so much for keeping up the blog and posting the most beautiful pictures. You bring so much joy to the world in such uncertain times. You are the best!!! Mary Jo

  27. SARose Says:

    This has been a tough time for my family with the death of an aunt and serious health problems and this brief time with the owls has been so healing. Thank you!

  28. Heather from Maine Says:

    Carlos and Donna: Thank you so much for continuing to share the owls, the owletes and the beautiful things in your lives with us. I love getting up in the morning to check the owl family, I love to watch sunrise in CA and enjoy the birds that welcome it.


  29. mandozee Says:

    Great Pictures as always. Live and learn we humans do it with computers and the owlets do it when grounded. mandozee

  30. mandozee Says:

    Great Pictures as always. Live and learn we humans do it with computers and the owlets do it when grounded. Thanks for the show it’s been so fun to watch. mandozee

  31. francie bowers Says:

    Beautiful pictures Carlos! and kudos to Austin, what a kid, the Molly video is a treasure for those of us who bought it! Thanks for keeping us informed, looks like this bunch are real homebodies!

  32. Barb Says:

    I finally figured it out…Why would they leave all this attention and the loving home of Carlos and Donna? 3 squares a day, step ladders, a roof over their heads and a cool shower in the heat of the day. Again Donna and Carlos thanks for all you have given us and still continue to. We love watching the babies plus their awesome parents teaching them. MI

  33. Judy Sackson Says:

    I am having a hard time deciding which I am enjoying more, the little ones jumping around every night (on your fabulous new camera) or the fantastic photos you have been posting. It is definitely hard to decide.
    Thank you so much for everything you do for us, Carlos and Donna! And congrats to Austin, it is well deserved–that DVD is great!

  34. PegRod Says:

    Carlos, the new photographs are just stunningly beautiful and unique – you certainly have enough for a 3rd Clutch Calendar! With this new photographic documentation, I believe that you will have the most complete and amazing record to date of a family of wild common barn owls throughout the life cycle, and which (along with all the books, poetry, songs and products), I still believe the Smithsonian Institute needs to catalogue and keep as a standing exhibit for the world to enjoy for generations to come!

    Vote Molly!

    • GeniaKnitz Says:

      UNcommon barn owls, PegRod!

      Been watching them today and thinking about that biblical quote that “not even Solomon in all his glory was arrayed as one of these.” SO beautiful.

      I’m told the pattern of their plumage is like a human fingerprint – no two are exactly alike. (Though I really do think Molly and McGee’s various owlets have a familial resemblance.)

    • joly2u Says:

      I agree!

  35. joly2u Says:

    This is great, Carlos, thanks for your perseverance. This clutch is quite interesting, so thanks for the addendums of the activities we can’t see. And aren’t they beautiful! They are a precious part of our lives, benevolent voyerism! Fun to envision them pouncing in the garden and see one climbing the ladder–and I must say, these cameras are especially wonderful!

  36. CatsnRoses Says:

    I haven’t read all the other comments so don’t know if someone already posted, re: plug n play electronics –

    When I worked in IT, we used to call it “plug n pray”! And that was Win ’95 and prior. Back then, just about everything was a hail Mary!

    Glad you got things up and running. Of course you would. ;->

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