Catch Them Before They Fly Away

April 29, 2011

McGee with a treat

Best Time to watch is 8 PM to 10 PM PST

I think we will only have a few more night of the owlets before they all fledge.

All the best,

Carlos, Donna and Austin

48 Responses to “Catch Them Before They Fly Away”

  1. GeniaKnitz Says:

    A few nights that we would not otherwise have had is SO much better than never having me these little ones.

    Thank you, Carlos, Donna, and Austin

  2. GeniaKnitz Says:

    That should be *met! LOL

  3. Leslee Says:

    You can’t imagine how seeing Molly and McGee’s owlets have made so many of us MODs happy…or maybe you can…thank you so much for letting us see them for so long…you are the best…and your site will always be the first, last, forever the one for me.

  4. Cherry Daniel Says:

    I have only seen three of the owlets in the box

  5. Kathy Copas Says:

    Carlos, we simply can’t thank you enough for sharing them with us!

    Kathy in New “Owlbany” IN

  6. Janie Says:

    Watching them now. Looked like one went to the ground. Did you get a picture of it down there?

  7. MoonDrops Says:

    Thank you Carlos and Donna for letting us MODS come “home” once more to visit with Molly, McGee and family…there’s no place like home, there’s no place like home!! Bless your heart!


  8. Connie, red and yellow tulips Says:

    Thank you for bringing us back to our owl family. It has brightened my days and feels like old home week all over again. Thank you so very much. Connie from Wisconsin.

  9. Glenn Says:

    I got to thinking about the Krestrel hawks, Maybe some of Callie’s little ones will fledge and come over to your house and start a next this next time. Carlos, Donna and Austin good to see you have the cameras back up for us to see the owlets to fledge. Glenn

  10. Marla in Colorado Says:

    Thank you over and over..for letting us see a part of Molly and McGee’s world once again. It is sheer joy to be here …and to be a part of it again.

  11. Cynthia Fitzgearld Says:

    dear carlos,,,i am enjoying the owlets and molly and mcgee,,,,alot of ppl are i noticed all viewers ,lots we have missed ityou and owls all part of our familys.i noticed all flashes on screen took alot of pics again tonight.i just love and miss your not very happy now adays.i appreciate you streaming the owlets ,you have done so much for us,and i hope to see clutch 4.ty and donna for cynthia

  12. Donna Simonson Says:

    How appropriate to see the British “Royals” wedding in the wee hours of the morning here on the West coast and now sit back and enjoy the evening hours with the “Royal” family we have all come to love in San Marcos, CA. Oh the romance continues . . . What a wonderful joyous complete day on this earth. Spread your wings and fly!
    Love, hugs and prayers owlways,
    “OwlLuver”, Murrieta, CA

  13. Chris in Olympia, WA (cbbrunner) Says:

    Well, then we get to wait for the next clutch! ;)

  14. debbie Says:

    having a blast watching the owlets and chatting at vaca chat! totally loving this!!
    we knew you were getting great photos tonight!!

    thank you, carlos!

    the addicted owlboxmagic

  15. A FAN OF M&M Says:

    This is just such a joy! I can’t thank you enough. My barn owls are on the same schedule as M&M. As I drove home tonight I heard the little hisses somewhere in one of the oak trees in my neighbors back yard. I vision them as one of M&M 10 babies. The mom and dad deet deet deet by my window at night, probably uprooting one of the many gophers we have in our yard.
    Before M&M i thought this deet deet deet was a bat and the hisses were opossums. I have learned so much about my own nature in my own backyard thanks to you and Donna and your owlbox. Thank you for all you do!

  16. donna Says:

    Thank you Carlos, I’m loving every minute!

  17. Marilee Godsil Says:

    Bless you, Carlos and Donna. Thank you for giving of yourselves to let us enjoy the magic that is Nature.


  18. kpanda Says:

    Thank you for sharing!

    M & M’s kids seem different from other owlets in other boxes. There is something so companionable about them. They seem like such good buds! Tonight, watching them, I was waiting for one of them to say ‘Hey, let’s put on a show!” How’s that for silly.

    Thank you.

  19. June Schafer Says:

    Thanks so much for this time with M&M and the gang! Think I see the Wesley/Carrie of this clutch. Been singing Wesley’s Lesson to him. He’ll get those wings and his bravery working soon enough!
    Love and thanks to all!!!

  20. francie bowers Says:

    thanks so much Carlos…beautiful babies!!!

  21. mandozee Says:

    I have enjoyed watching the owlets and M&M very much. Thank you Carlose for turning the cam on and shareing their lives with us again. I’ve lost some sleep and things arn’t getting done and my DVR is getting full, oh well. And the new cam is great, the colors are so rich even in the dark. Mandozee.

  22. Judy Ambrose Says:

    Carlos, can’t thank you enough for creating an environment so that Molly and McGee can continue to stay healthy and safe and have new, happy and healthy owlets. That is always wonderful to see. We need more owls.

  23. jacque green Says:

    Thank you so much Carlos and Donna. Us Mods loving this Molly and McGee their the first in your life. Take care.Thank You again.

  24. joym13 Says:

    Thank you for sharing this with us Carlos – these babies are so entertaining!


  25. Deb Lay Says:

    As Moondrops said.. There is no place like home!

    Thank you are sharing them with us. They bring us so much joy!

  26. Eileen "Teatime" Says:

    Thank you for updates on our favorite owl family
    “Molly and McGee”. We are all blessed to have the
    “Gee this is fun” to remember always.

  27. Deb Says:

    Carlos, Donna and Austin,

    I love watching these babies as well. Thanks for letting us enjoy the third clutch before they fledge. Brings back some good memories.

  28. PegRod Says:

    I just got the email with the Mother’s Day Magical offerings! Anyone who is not on the mailing list should visit Cafe Press to see the gorgeous new photo available as well as “I (Molly the Owl Heart Face) You Mom” on cards, mugs and more!

    There is a Third Clutch page, too! For those who need a new Framed Print, Keepsake Box, cards and more! The links are a little hard to navigate, so here it is! I just adore that new photo of the “Series of Four” owlets.

    And for all the mothers out there, including Carlos’s wonderful mother and wife, and Molly hte Owl (and all the other creatures of the earth) – Happy Mother’s Day and thank you for all you do to keep life loving, growing and learning.

    Of course, without fathers, we would have no mothers! Thank you males of the world, too!

  29. Sue Couch Says:

    Thanks for this post, Carlos. Your last post, made me think you weren’t broadcasting because of the Internet problems. I will definitely be tuning in to watch these delightful creatures as they hop about and flap their wings before they fly away for good. Thank you for these fun times with Molly, McGee and their sweet babies.

  30. Carol Ann Bossemeyer Says:

    Hi Carlos,
    thanks i am at a flat out run with the end of the semester but i do check in and watch. They are so sweet as are you and Donna. Have a blessed day!!! I will have accomplished my associates this semester. 3 more semesters till my Bachelors….
    Carol Ann (cbosseme)

  31. Joyce Hebert Says:

    thank you for giving us the opportunity to ooooh and ahhhh with these little ones…they look just great…seems time is short as they look ready to fly…have a great weekend…joyce h (jamma)

  32. Sarah (slewvi) Says:

    oh it is so good to see these owlets. They look like M&M’s babies. I love to see the treats being brought in. The night color cam is awesome, can really see the greens and browns. I am just sorry your trip was cut short. Hope all is well for you and donna.

  33. Shirley Charlton Says:

    Thank-you Carlos for turning Molly and McGees box on for us so we can see her new clutch fledge. That is very considerate of you. I really appreciate it.

  34. Kay Graham Says:

    Thank you so much for the time you spent on this and your thoughtfulness to keep all of us informed and part of this. TurkyLurky

  35. PegRod Says:

    There is a Cafe Press Sale on, for Mother’s Day, according to an ad on The Owl Box Ustream page!
    10% off $50+ with code TELL10

    On this page, in the index under The Owl Box photo on right side near top of page, you will see “Molly Merchandise” as the next to the last item (pale white and a little hard to read). Click on that and you will find the Cafe Press Official website.

    • PegRod Says:

      PS – Remember to thank Carlos Royal (the Great Host, Teacher and Benefactor, Photographer and Wizard of Owlz), Donna Royal (artist, wife and hostess, without whom none of this would have happened and been sustained), Austin Faure (Molly the Owl DVD and computer/internet facilitator), Chris Adams (illustrator, imaginator, and website wonder – rocketman), Eric Blehm (author and publisher), John Atkinson (cartoonist and educational host – vacadude) and Barbara Allen(songwriter, teacher and singer – barlycorn)for all they gave the world. People with resources can do so by buying some beautiful gifts, if not for yourself, for others who are less fortunate ((hearts and hugz))!

      The Owl Box – Oh, what a wonderful world of Moderators, MODs, Molly fans, volunteers, and creative friends who made the world a better place in 2010. By carrying on the message of love and OWLz, the world is also a better place in 2011.

  36. FloridaSkye Says:

    Thank you again Carlos for sharing the owlets with us.

  37. Janet Tamarak Says:

    No amount of thanks can express the joy at being able to watch the new batch of owlets. You both are wonderful to share this experience again.
    They give me so much joy and hope.
    God Bless you both and Molly and McGee and the owlets too.
    I also so enjoy your photos and writings about you vacation. Better than most books!
    Thanks again!

  38. kit Says:

    Thanks, Carlos, for letting us watch the owl family again! Had to have 2 laptops going. 1 for Molly and 1 for the Royal wedding!

  39. GeniaKnitz Says:

    Oh, Carlos and Donna, I am having the BEST time watching the three owlets who are still in the box. They are so sweet and so funny – well, they are, after all, the progeny of Molly and McGee!
    This afternoon they have – over and over – lined up against the “back” wall as if they were told to do so so we could admire them. And laugh.

    Thank you so very much. I am just loving it.

  40. CAequuslvr Says:

    Carlos & Donna– Thanks so much for providing us with more “sights & sounds from the owlbox”. It is always such a special treat and priviledge.
    I agree with Janet (Comment # 36), they give such hope and joy.

  41. Senyome Says:

    I better take the opportunity and check in before it’s too late. BTW, what happened to the chat and the social stream? Have they been discontinued for this site as well as for the Oceanside cam?

    • carlosroyal Says:

      We have been travelling so we have not had the chat room or the blog turned on. Also, we don’t expect the owlets to be here more than a few more nights, but we could be fooled.

  42. knittinghiker Says:

    Carlos and Donna – thanks for letting us watch the 3rd clutch “babies” as they are about to fledge – they are very cute and sweet! I’ve enjoyed watching mom/dad bringing in the early treats. I was really chuckling when one had a treat and his/her sibling was trying so hard to steal it away!

  43. vicki denham Says:

    hello Carlos and Donna,
    Did bot know that the third cluth was on u-stream
    they have tugged at my heart once more sorry I did not find out earlier went to Molly blog box saw all your photos on your trip to Canada beutiful flowers, birds great shot of the turkey.
    the picture of you two under the picture of Diana and Charles very good picture. I was very happy to have the owls on ustream now I will have to learn all the owlets names thanks again both of you for sharing.

  44. Carlynne Says:

    I am so glad you arrived back from your trip in time to watch the fleging. That has always seemed to be your favorite part and I can only imagine how much fun to watch.

    Carlynne aka littleguys

  45. Cherry Daniel Says:

    Beautiful pics and many memories from c1 and c2… the picnic, the songs, wesley wake up, spread your wings and fly…..

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