Killing Time

April 5, 2011


Just Interesting

On Monday we dropped off the coach at Country Coach, the place where it was built, for some minor repairs, or at least we hope minor. We had planned to stop and have them adjust the pocket sliding doors, which were hanging up. Donna got stuck in the bathroom, which was both funny and a little frightening. We had also made an appointment for them to defog the driver’s side dual-pane window, but upon arrival we noticed that three of the wheels were leaking a little oil on the tires. It seems the seals had dried out due to non-use, so we asked them to check that out too. They estimated they could do all the repairs in two days so we checked into the small hotel where the RV Park is located. We are the only guests…got the whole place just to ourselves.

As I write I am looking out a big picture window watching the Willamette River flowing by. It is close to flood stage and moving swiftly; I sure would not want to fall in. This morning was beautiful with bright sunlight shining through the bare tree branches dancing to a slight breeze like ballroom performers all moving in a choreographed arrangement.

Basically, we are just killing time and went to the movies yesterday. We saw HOP, a cute story about the Easter bunny. Going out to eat can be an adventure if you will stay away from the fast food and chain restaurants. We had breakfast at the local watering hole Jake’s café in Harrisburg and received some old-fashioned service with a charming smile and friendly atmosphere to go with their thick bacon, hot coffee, warm biscuits and gravy, hot pancakes and eggs any way you like them.  Almost makes one want to move back to a small one street town. On second thought I kind of like being able to shop in supermarkets and I would miss Fry’s Electronics.

65 Responses to “Killing Time”

  1. Sherry Kelly Says:

    Hope the repairs go smoothly. We can’t have Donna getting locked in that bathroom again! The description of your breakfast is making me sooo hungry, but I am not going to eat just before going to bed. I am not going to eat…I am not going to eat…

    • Elbee Says:

      Speaking of food-if you decide to drive Hwy 101 in CA, you must stop in Cloverdale, just north of Santa Rosa, and try the HISTORIC Owl Cafe! We stumbled upon it and found it wonderful! We took photos of paper doll Molly with the collection of owl figurines and with the cute, very old pickup truck outside. Fun place and great food! Your photos are stunning as always and please keep them coming. Happy trails, Elbee, Portland MOD

  2. Linda Greene Says:

    Carlos and Donna, Great photo!! May your RV’s troubles all be small ones and fixed soon. Love the small town feel. Glad your able to enjoy all of your experiences. Take Care..ldgreene123

  3. 1SkatrPie Says:

    Hi Carlos,
    It’s snowing up here in NW Washington, so take
    your time because it’ll be flooding after that.
    Just relax and get ready for some WET STUFF once
    you hit the Evergreen State! Happy Trails and
    make sure you know where your Gore-Tex is packed!

  4. redpeg Says:

    Thank you for all your updates – I love hearing from you. Don’t stop, ever! Yes, the bathroom episode was funny, but what’s up with all the RV problems? We want to do the RV thing in our retirement in 10 years but are beginning to rethink that! “On the Road Again….”

    • carlosroyal Says:

      Remember an RV is just like a house but on wheels and it is always moving so thing constantly need to be fixed an or adjusted. It helps if you or your better half is handy. It is just part of RVing. We have found that the more you use your RV the less trouble you have. This RV had not been used much, we will get most of the bug out on this trip.

      • Janie Branison Says:

        I had a problem with the breaker box in our motorhome when my 2 grandkids and I were spending a week at the lake. The repairman had his head in the closet and jumped a foot when he heard-“Gimme a kiss”. I said “It was the bird! It was the bird” Yes, I had a bird on my shoulder. That Quaker parrot almost got me in trouble. They say that house repairs are the joy of being a homeowner and it’s the same for motorhomes. I hope the rest of the trip is uneventful.

  5. Janet Wilcox Says:

    This is so fun listening to you and imagining how it is. Love the one stop light towns and especially their special eating places. Good thing is you have a journal and we have fun too. Blessings, JanKW

  6. Jo-Ann Says:

    That thick sliced bacon sounds yummy!!! Small towns are fun to visit and explore. Oregon is quite pretty.. Hope your repairs are minor and you can get back on the road again and continue your trip… Yep, nothing like home after your travels.. Always fun to go away, but also wonderful when you get home!!! Happy trails….

  7. Jane Duckett Says:

    In your absence I have found the Iowa eagle cam and two adorable grey dinos. The eagle’s pantry makes Molly’s look pristine. There is nothing like a headless muskrat to start your day. It is so windy and cold on that nest I fear that the parents will blow away. Great viewing, tho. Almost as compelling as Molly but not quite.

  8. Doris Cacp Says:

    Carlos, you are such a wonderful writer. I really enjoy and look forward to your daily posts of your adventures. Please keep us up to date on your travels…..thanks much Doris

  9. Caboval Says:

    You had BACON??? Oh I bet it was good!!! Sounds like youre enjoying your adventure!!! Love< Valerie

  10. Joan from Colorado Says:

    Dear Carlos and Donna.. gosh, all is not smooth sailing on a road trip is it? I sure hope that this will be the end of your problems with the Motor Home.. Luckily, all of this happened while you were in a place where you could get help.. with your outlook on life , I guess that you will just keep smiling and say that it is just part of the adventure.. thinking of you both and wishing you well. Joan

  11. Robin Belanger Says:

    Sounds like you two are having a great time in spite of the slight delay. Oh, and BTW Carlos, Fry’s would not only miss you but could shut the doors if you weren’t here. LOL. Keep on enjoying.

  12. Lela Anderson Says:

    Glad to know you are fellow Country Coach owners. Toured the factory and soon after became a Country Coach owner. We love our RV and look forward to many new adventures just like the Royals! Happy travels :)

  13. Dale Ann Harsh Says:

    What a wonderful photograph. I love the back lighting. Looks like you found yourself a teazel. I understand Goldfinch love the seeds and the dried heads were actually used as combs.

    It’s really fun to share in your trip. Thanks for taking us along!

    • PegRod Says:

      Dale Ann, is this the plant you identified in Carlos’ beautiful close up photograph – a teazel?
      Thank you for this information – who would think that a Goldfinch could reach into that thistly burr looking plant for a delicious treat!

      • Leslie in Michigan Says:

        Teasels were used by the old time weavers to comb out the wool, straighten the fibers and remove the burrs, sticks, etc. They were put on 2 boards with handles and combed. Guess where velcro idea came from??

        Makes great dry arrangements.

  14. Ruth O'Neil Says:

    Carlos. . . Fry’s Electronics would miss you too!!! lol

  15. Patty Perfect Pat Says:

    Carlos and Donna, loving your journal updates.You are in my territory now so its fun to get your take on my little piece of heaven.I can see it now…instead of the Lewis and Clark expedition it is the Adventures of Carlos and Donna. Too fun! I don’t miss the supermarkets or Fry’s. They are around at a distance if I want to make the effort. I do miss M&M but how could they have become any better? Really fun to know you are having fun. Please keep the updates coming…I love them. Thank You!

  16. Jerri Weed Says:

    Oh KSBORN needs You at Fry’s Electronic’s. KS Bought Stock into it a Long time ago whe U 1st started all of This Wonderful Things For Us for the The Owl Box. LOL

    Sorry Donna about Your Adventure in the Ladies Room but at least You are Out of it and didn’t have to crawl out any Windows. Now that would have been a sight to see. Sorry KS trying get U to Laugh at that Situation. One day U will.

    KS thinking maybe a Car Trip or a Plane Trip would be in order right now. Just a thought.

    Love To You All–Please Be Safe and Always Keep us in Tune.

    KSBORN in AZ

  17. MoonDrops Says:

    Hi Carlos and Donna,
    Even though you are having some minor RV troubles, that trip sounds so relaxing. Aren’t Mom and Pop cafes the greatest? The atmosphere is always so warm and inviting and the food…well, almost like sitting at Grandma’s kitchen table again! Hope you don’t run into any flash flooding like Topanga Canyon had. A creek running through my friend’s property went from 8 inches of water to over 10 feet, flooding part of the property. It’s posted on YouTube rushing down the blvd. Have you seen the latest RV commercials? Looks like they used Molly and Tauntz in them…so cute!! Thank you for the updates; happy and safe trails to you and Donna!

  18. Krista Says:

    Hello Carlos! We were just down near Harrisburg today to visit the Cascade Raptor Center in Eugene! I highly recommend it if you have an hour or so to wander through! Here is a link:
    Our kids chose to go there for their Spring Break & it was a fantastic experience for us all & worth the 2.5 hour drive from Vancouver, Washington.
    They have an Eurasian Eagle Owl who is just amazing! & a lovely pair of barn owls among many other charming raptors. The organization is very active in rehabilitation & release when possible, we could not have been more impressed!
    I was thrilled to hear you were within minutes of where we spent our day, what a small world!

  19. gmarch Says:

    Hey Carlos, glad you having a good trip… just wanted to let you know about Jaye Moore’s raptor center. I don’t know if will be near there, but she is a great MOD Glenna aka gmarch53 :)

  20. rosemary Says:

    You guys are rolling with the punches, and having a great time, in spite of the set-backs….
    Great pictures Carlos, just keep sharing, we are
    loving every minute of your adventure.

  21. ~Healani~ AKA FoxyTuTu Says:

    You been missing 80 – 90° Temps here in SanDiego. So far we have had a couple of cooler days (70°/75°). I see by some posts that you will be running into some really wet & snowy weather! Be safe & keep up w/the updates, we all enjoy them!

  22. catsmommy Says:

    I’ve been ‘lurking’ this season, so busy myself, but love your blog and it gives me such a warm smile every time I visit. You two are having such fun and such adventures… thank you for sharing. I look forward to each posting.
    Much Aloha from CatsMommy (we just came home from the island and it was beautiful as always)

  23. Raya Says:

    Hi, Carlos & Donna!
    Reading your adventures makes me smile! Sounds like you’re having a good time, the hardware problems notwithstanding. Thnx for lettuing us travel with you at thgis pleasant easy pace!
    Take care, enjoy!
    Amsterdam, NL

  24. Darlene Salisbury Says:

    Hey Carlos. Sounds like you are having a great trip. You are so close to my neck of the woods. That would be cool if my husband and I could meet you for coffee or something. We’re in Albany. That would be the best thing since sliced bread. I enjoy your updates and pictures so so much.
    Carlos and well and enjoy your trip.

  25. BJ Says:

    Killing time….and enjoying it. Does that sound like you and Donna, or what? Was the photo a thistle? Took a bit for the hyperlink to open and I couldn’t be sure what it was. Downtime is going to the movies…how cool is that? Sure all the “kinks” will be taken care of soon and you’ll be on your way to Canada and beyond. Really enjoy hearing about your road trip…Miss your streaming from San Marcos with M & M and your beautiful garden but you and Donna must enjoy your road trips away or you would not have gone. So wishing you Happy Trails…till you are home again. BJ

  26. FloridaSkye Says:

    Thank you for “killing time” with us, Carlos!!

  27. joly2u Says:

    Not half as much as Frys would miss you! Stunning photo of the turkey vulture.

  28. Gail Rinard Says:

    thanks so much for keeping us in touch..feel like we are traveling with you and look forward to your posts as you move along, I grew up in a one street town and remember how lovely it was. good things that many people don’t remember now.

  29. Maureen Says:

    I love your daily entries! Your writing style is wonderful. Did you ever do any professional writing? You and Donna deserve this wonderful trip and I hope all your RV problems are little ones!!

  30. sue Says:

    Hi Carlos and Donna
    My parents traveled around our whole country in an RV back in 1986 (less 6 states). That was some of the best memories of their lives. Treasure your time together traveling. Cherish every moment. I am sure you are.

  31. Lisa A. Burns Says:

    Love the photo Carlos! You have the eye!
    I am from a small town. Wonderful charm!
    Thanks for the update too…we just love them!!!

  32. Cindy Says:

    Soo Carlos, got your wife stuck in the bathroom . . .my, my. I hope you waited to giggle until you got her out!

    It’s good you are finding all the little problems with the new RV and getting them repaired before you find yourself in nowhersville. (is that a word?)

    Happy trails and like all the above, many thanks.


  33. Vee Miller (VeeTX) Says:

    Sending positive thoughts that there won’t be any further repairs – or at least no major repairs to the RV.

    We have lots of those small one-street towns in Texas (as you probably know) and it IS wonderful to have friendly waitresses and good down-home cooking. There’s one in my good-sized town that’s been here for decades. It’s Joe’s Coffee Shop, “Where Irving Eats and Meets” (that’s their motto). Old fashioned service and southern cooking.

    Thanks for the update and we’re happy you’re making sure the RV is in good repair and safe to drive.

    I’m singing Willie Nelson’s “on The Road Again” in your honor and and in the hope that your stop-over is short and you’ll be heading north once more.

  34. mandozee Says:

    Hi Carlos, Killing time can be fun, thats when the unexpected can happen. the little things that make any trip fun. Hope they can get your RV fixed, hope you brought enough checks with you. LOL. I also watch Rusty and Iris, and Mel and sid. But sure miss Molly and Mcgee. But am sure they are fine. Maybe someone who lives near the owl box can post if there is any activity, maybe Auston hint hint hint. Mandozee

  35. Anne Martin Says:

    Dear Carlos and Donna, Thank you for taking us along on your vacation! Your minor problems so remind me of the movie RV–lol
    Hope there isn’t anything dragging under the RV–you already nailed the awning bit in the movie!!!! Now I’m picturing Carlos climbing high places to get a connection to send this vacation update!!!!Have fun you two

  36. YTQ Says:

    Carlos and Donna, when you go past my town, wave and I’ll wave back! I wish I could meet up with you near Salem. I would be honored. It looks like you are enjoying Oregon. It’s beautiful, but wet! In March, 173% of normal rainfall, 156% so far for April!

    • Elbee Says:

      A MOD meet-up with Carlos and Donna in the Willamette valley-wouldn’t that be fun and we could be part of it!! Well, we have been part of a wonderful time with Molly & McGee and family. Heartfelt thanks. Elbee, Portland MOD

  37. Lee Says:

    Oh, how we are enjoying hearing about your adventures! Thanks much guys!

  38. sfsueny Says:

    I don’t think you are ‘killing time’…I think you might be enjoying time!

    It’s not the destination…it’s the journey.


  39. kit Says:

    It’s the glitches in a road trip that make the story and you write a great story. Thanks for the updates!

  40. Dawn Says:

    Thank you for sharing this trip.. Makes me want to hit the road again.. Due to health we had to give up our RV last year.. Enjoy every minute, even the normal set backs that happen on the road.. love to you both.

  41. Love the thick bacon and warm biscuits! Keep up the homey narrative! And I hope the RV costs are not too great.

  42. Leslee Says:

    WOW..RVing isn’t for wimps, is it!!!! Being the only occupants of a motel…reminds me of PSYCHO!!!! EEEEEEEEEEEEEKKKKKKKKKKKKKK…..LOLOLOLOLOL

    Just kidding…here is my advice…my grandmother always told me…”Be aware of your surroundings!” I think that’s the best advice ever…

    Sending all positive thoughts for a carefree journey…

  43. Francie Yarber Says:

    Love it. Thanks Donna and Carlos

  44. Ellie Day Says:

    Hi Carlos and Donna, I love your journal of your travels. You should write a book, you have a gift of words and express yourself very well!!

    I have been “lurking” on a website that shows a Mama eagle and 3 potential babies. I can see that 2 have hatched. She is absolutely beautiful. They are in Iowa. The website if you, (and/or all others) are interested is:

    Keep us all informed as to your wonderful discoveries and stories. Love it!!

    Your loyal Royal follower, Ellie Day

    (I lurked the whole saga of the first and second clutches of Molly and McGee, cuz I don’t have facebook or twitter, but I enjoyed it just much as if I did!!). Take care and be safe.

  45. flukestail Says:

    Carlos, I find you charming.

  46. donna Says:

    Carlos, love reading about your adventures. Hope you have better luck with the RV, it’s going to get a could workout! Have a wonderful time and keep the updates coming, we love them. Love to you both, from the east coast.

  47. Jane Bossart Says:

    Thanks for all of your travel updates! I look forward to your entries.


  48. Camperfamily (Kim) Says:

    The stories of the ‘bathroom’ continue to make me laugh! Good thing Donna didn’t get locked in and have to listen to the ‘seat’!!!
    We have had many issues during our travels and we still to this day tell them first before the others!
    Life’s challenges always bring a great campfire story!!!!
    Did you bring the marshmellows!!!

  49. Howdy Donna and Carlos,
    Mercy….dear Donna how did u get out of teh throne room. Sorry you are having some problems with the Motor Home. You both seem to take it in your stride.
    Guy Ferri of Food Network has published several books on his journies to diners,drive-ins and dives. You may locate some really delicious meals.
    I so enjoy your great commentaries. Keep them coming. Stay safe.
    Eileen Curran,Pa

  50. Julie Says:

    Thank you Carlos for the blog! I always look forward to reading it. So entertaining. I imagine being stuck in an RV bathroom can be a little claustrophobic! yikes! Poor Donna.

    Keep the updates coming! I don’t need to tell you to have fun on your travels because it sounds like you already are! : )

  51. Donna Koski Says:

    I have read all your comments on your trip so far, they are very interesting and enjoyable. Feel like I am riding along with you. Thanks for sharing and have a good time.

    donna bingodabber

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