Imposters Lurk

March 30, 2011

Facebook Imposter using my photo

There are imposters lurking on facebook. I have been receiving emails daily that someone is trying to make you believe that he is me. His name may or may not be Carlos Royal, but he is not me. He is using a photo of me to make you think he is me. If you get a message from this person or any other imposter you should report them to facebook. If their name is Carlos Royal they have the right to use their own name but not a photo of me or imply they are me. I did a Carlos Royal search on facebook, you can too, there are many Carlos Royals but the one using the above photo is not me. If you click on his link you will see a place to “Report/block This Person” under the photo.

I do have a facebook page Carlos Royal now but it is not the one with the above photo. I am using the photo below.


My facebook page has this photo.

All the best,

Carlos Royal

47 Responses to “Imposters Lurk”

  1. Linda D. Greene Says:

    Carlos..will do!!! New inventions come with new challenges..ldgreene123

  2. Kathie Utt Says:

    What is the matter with people? Apparently too much time on their hands!! I guess you should look at it in a positive manner – someone is trying to be you and that should prove what a great person you really are!!

  3. Amazing! Yes *you* have two FB identities. LOL, I friended both. JFI, I am getting a lot of “friend” and “social” emails, but they are not to my FB email which has a separate email account.

    Thanks for the warning. Unfortunately, there is a lot of “hacking” going on at FB. Thankfully I run only Macs;)

  4. Carol Says:

    We would all like to grow up to be Carlos Royal! Oh, that won’t work, we’re the same age.

  5. Eileen "Teatime" Says:

    This is the reason I will not register on Facebook. People think I am not “cool” but too many people have been hurt by Facebook. I hope
    Facebook can find the source. Thanks for the update. Have a great vacation, don’t let this Facebook problem consume any of your vacation time.

  6. Sharon Penfold Says:

    Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery???

    So sorry that you have to put up with that! It just further proves how likeable you are. Have a great day!

  7. mandozee Says:

    i’m not on facebook, but i’m not that cool anyway. LOL mandozee

  8. Pat Williamson Says:

    Carlos, I block and reported the fake you. But the link in your e-mail did not bring up your real site. I found it by using your name search. After I blocked the faker then I re-did the search and it didn’t show for me anymore.

    BTW, Your pic is much better looking than his other ones!

    Wish you would tell us the specs on your iPad. I’m trying to decide which one to get (16,32,or 64) and can’t figure out how to make the decision. I guess it is best to get the 3G one since WiFi is not always available and the service can be initiated and then stopped. Please, please, please!

    Hang in there and be safe on your trip!

    • Ellen Matics Says:

      I have the old I-pad and got the 64. I have thousands of pictures on it and have only used a small amount of space. I just ordered the new one and ordered the 32. If you go to Apple they have suggestions as to which one to get based on what you want to do with it. Have fun

    • NatureLuver Says:

      Hi Pat,
      I have the 16G iPad which I just filled up with music and pictures. I plan to remove most of the music and a lot of my pictures. I don’t need to have them all since they are on my MAC at home and my iPod. I also have Legend of the Guardian’s movie, books and lots of apps on my iPad. When I buy the newer version this summer I will get the 64G so I don’t have to worry about which songs and pics I have on my iPad. I originally bought mine for travel and downloading pictures but find I use it for so much more. Love my iPad!!!!
      Good luck and have FUN with it!
      Liz Garney, League City, TX
      PS. Carlos did post that he bought the 64G

  9. memedee251 Says:

    yeah, that guy has been this for awhile, all over ustream. We know it isn’t you, Carlos.

  10. shu curtis Says:

    Please tell us that those pictures were in fact you! The ones with the sunglasses…I think I can tell the difference, did get two strange emails from facebook from Carlos Royal. Did question the delivery system and now I know! People should get
    their own life it really is more fun! Messages lack your sense of humor. shu

  11. owlcoholic4life Says:

    It’s a shame that some people are so starved for attention they would stoop to something like this. I also received the emails that shu curtis is talking about. Please verify here, (on the blog) Carlos if you were the one that sent those. If not, we will have IP address info on that person and can hopefully stop them. Thanks for the heads up and hope you and Donna are enjoying your vacation.

  12. sue Says:

    People really have too much time on their hands!

  13. Mareoooo Says:

    Wow, I learn something new every day ….. Thank you, Carlos & all, for alerting us to this.

  14. owloverbo Says:

    Such a shame that someone would try to sham others impersonating such a good person. To use that overused term, “they need to get a life” We love the real Carlos

  15. Barbara Bolton Says:

    Sorry this has happened to you Carlos…you certainly do not deserve it! Thank you for alerting us to this…oh, and please enjoy your traveling vacation! much deserved. We hope to get updates along your journey…

  16. Shirley Charlton Says:

    Hi Carlos, I just read your message about the imposter. That is sick. There are a lot of weirdo’s out there who get satisfaction from causing trouble. Try not to worry and have a nice holiday. We all know who you are and what a wonderful person you are. That’s all that matters. Take care, Shirley

  17. Caboval Says:

    Hi Carlos, thats one reason we took off the social stream over at Jills because thats where this guys posts. So we dont ever see him anymore. Whats wrong with these people? Sheesh!!! Caboval

  18. Elizabeth Sprague Says:

    This fake Carlos was posting to all the owl cam sites in a very bad way. I went to his site and reported him for using your picture, etc.

  19. NatureLuver Says:

    Wow Carlos,
    I always felt uncomfortable having myself on facebook. Thinking about just taking myself off. I don’t use it that much anyway.
    Are people just bored with their own lives or do they mean real harm to imposter someone on facebook?
    I agree Caboval, “What’s wrong with these people?”
    Liz G.
    PS. Carlos stay safe. Always keeping you in my prayers.

  20. Bonnie Hudson Says:

    Thanks for the warning. How sad. As always thank you for your Molly post and updates. Bonniekay

  21. gmarch Says:

    I have seen this impostor. He/she used to post a lot on the SS at Mel&Syd’s. I knew it was not you and I ignore them. Perhaps this person has mental issues? Take care, Carlos and don’t let anyone get you down, YOU ARE GREAT!!! (& famous) *wink*
    Glenna aka gmarch53

  22. MutherNature Says:

    I tried reporting this guy, but don’t think it went through. I will certainly block him!

  23. MnMwatchnSantee Says:

    Carlos: shaking my head about this. Even though they say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, this guy needs to be caught. Seems there always has to be a skunk at the picnic. I’ll be on the lookout for the “fake” Carlos.

    I was out at the Water Conservation Garden @ Cuyamaca College last Saturday to take the garden tour. The docent noticed my Molly & McGee shirt & asked about it. She pointed out the owl box there in the garden & asked if I’d seen the bit on KUSI news the week before. I did see it; “Hoot” & “Holla” got quite the press. She got a real kick out of hearing some of the owl box terms such as “gag shag” and me explaining about McGee bringing Molly treats for the “pantry.”

    Enjoy your precious time & vacation w/ Donna. You two are very special people.

    Peace & Blessings,

    • PegRod Says:

      Genny – the details of your visit to the Water Conservation Garden are so much fun -thank you for sharing!

  24. June Schafer Says:

    Thanks for the warning! Good grief—what a waste of everyone’s time!!
    Take care!

  25. Donna Simonson Says:

    Thank you for the post regarding someone impersonating you. I hope the individual is stopped quickly. Your ever-present watch over what you have created and own I can clearly understand. You set the bar for all the fun we MODS have experienced and will continue to experience under yours and Molly’s family wing. Be safe our good friend in owl ways!
    Love, hugs and prayers owlways,
    “OwlLuver”, Murrieta, CA

  26. joisey38 Says:

    I could not get this link to work Carlos

  27. Thanks for the heads up Carlos. Must be the same “GOOF BALL” that was impersonating you on Ustream not too long ago. We were all on him like flies on doggie do do and he was kicked off causing some ustream sites to stop the social streaming. All of us true Molly followers knew it was not you by the way this impersonator posted. His words were not the kind of things you would have said. I think we have gotten to know you pretty well in the last year to catch a fake ….LOL. I say catch him and throw him the the Lions…in this case, us the OwLions…LOL
    I had to close my facebook account due to all kinds of hacking going on. What a shame!

    Sending love from Colorado

  28. SARose69 Says:

    It will take more than a faked picture to fool us MODs! We are also the glad participants in “Carlos Obessive Disorder” and will recognize real Carlos from any fakes!

  29. Nancy Says:

    Thanks Carlos for the info. I hope they get him and stop him from doing that. Hope you and Donna have a fun vacation. And I hope the weather is good for you. Hope to hear from you soon!!!

  30. PegRod Says:

    “People’s behavior makes sense if you think about it in terms of their goals, needs, and motives” – Thomas Mann (1875-1955). Our not knowing the imposter who is hiding behind the image of Carlos Royal makes it impossible to discover the person who is hiding – each of us is as unique as a snowflake and life is a journey of learning how to be ourselves.

    Imposter – Come out of hiding, learn to be yourself, discover your own talents, and talk in your own voice, and there will be a place for you at the table of life – Carlos Royal’s seat is already taken.

  31. Robin/Bigsis Says:

    Thanks for the warning Carlos xx

  32. Jim Shoemaker Says:

    The nerve of some people. I reported this person too. I only hope the folks at Facebook can take his page down soon.

  33. Nancy Anthony Says:

    Carlos, and to all others receiving the phony FB you. Someone did that to my husband and then trolled his friends looking for someone to send money by Fedex. The tip off is when you are asked to become friends when you already are friends. Just delete and report it to FB. If anyone asks for money, report to local FBI office. It has been a nightmare for us.

  34. Kit Says:

    not to be a debbie downer, but i closed my facebook account awhile back due to shenanigans. sorry that happened to you…there’s only 1 Carlos Royal for we MODS!

  35. Joanne Borle Says:

    Hi Carlos,
    Thank you for the update.

  36. VacaDude Says:

    Yikes! I see that the impostor used the photo of Carlos taken when Mary and I visited last summer. That makes me feel bad–I hope they can shut this person down quickly! Some people just got no class.

  37. Treva Roberts Says:

    Thanks Carlos, your always thinking about your family of (MODs) that’s one of the reasons we love you.

  38. Alana Says:

    Carlos, when I began watching Mel & Sydney owls and their owlets online, I had written to you on your Blog about someone impersonating you in the “Chat Rm.”. I believe he also did the same on other owls’ sites. Almost everyone in the Chat Rms. finally figured out HE was NOT you! Thanks so much for keeping us updated with Molly & McGee news and photos. @:-)

  39. Pat Canada Says:

    It is very disturbing that some people can do things like this. It must be very are too good a person for this to happen to!

  40. Kathy Martinez Says:

    Your still a handsome devil. Please have a great time on your adventure with Donna and be safe.

  41. LoveYourDNA Says:


    Here’s something for Donna about a male Kestrel being treated for a broken wing…

    Best always!

  42. donna Says:

    Carlos, know one could fool us we know the real Mr Royal, you’re the best! People like that have no life and are jealous of people who do. I’m not on facebook either bad stuff happens on there, I don’t need it in my life!

  43. Jackie Theisen Says:

    I clicked the link & it’s only a blank page. Hmmm, not sure what this is.

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