Today Is Molly and McGee Day

March 25, 2011

How to protect your babies

Okay, you can have a quick look.

Mommy's Boy

A Series of Four (Click on image to be cool)

Let’s Celebrate and Reminisce.  Get out your Molly mugs, put on your favorite Cafepress T-shirt, put on your owl jewelry, brew some café mocha, pull up your screen shots, put your Vote Molly sign out in the front yard, straighten your large framed prints, put out your Molly & McGee books for all to see and read, set your DVD player to repeat, pop in Molly’s Story a documentary, fire up the computer and let’s blog our way down memory lane together.

The goal is to have Molly Fans posting their Molly and McGee stories and experiences all day, so don’t be shy…post something and it is okay to post more than once if later you think of something else. In effect, let’s do something new; let’s turn the blog into a chat room for the day. Invite your friends to join us on Facebook and Twitter too.

Let the world know what kind of experience(s) you had while watching The Owl Box…Molly & McGee, The World’s Most Famous Barn Owls and their owlets. First Clutch or Second Clutch. Don’t know where to start? Try some of these sample questions. How did watching Molly affect your life?  What was your favorite moment? What did you like best? What made you laugh? What made you cry? Did your life change in any way? How did it affect those around you? What was their reactions?  If you could say something to Molly and McGee what would it be? How many hours do you estimate you watched? Why do you think The Owl Box got 20 million views? Why did The Owl Box and Molly attracted so much attention? Why did you watch? Why did you keep watching? Which was your favorite owlet and why? I am sure you can add to the list. What brought you to The Owl Box? Where or how did you hear about it?

Relax, have fun, this is not a test but it will be an experience to remember, if you join in.

Carlos, Donna and Austin

381 Responses to “Today Is Molly and McGee Day”

  1. francie bowers Says:

    Dear Carlos, it would be hard to put into word the changes M&M and the Royals have made for me…a new community of loving, caring people! It is my one year anniversary for the M&M crew too…the time went so fast and was so exciting, and I met so many new and wonderful people! Thank you so much for introducing me to a new world!!

  2. Lindadpa Says:

    Good Morning, Carlos, Donna and Austin! It would be impossible for me to pick a favorite memory – they were all wonderful! From the excitement of watching a hatch to flying lessons to treat deliveries to warding off intruders – there were so many memorable moments! The fact that you put off a much-planned-for vacation so millions could enjoy viewing the excitement at the owl box is a memorable act of selflessness! We love and appreciate all you have meant to so many and we will remember that “Gee, wasn’t that fun and I was a part of it”! for the rest of our lives! God Bless you in your travels and the best to Austin in his future endeavours! Linda

    • Dear Carlos and Donna, I came on after Brian Williams announced Molly on the NBC news. I first went to Ustream chat site but then switched to the SPO. I’ve enjoyed every minute and met many new friends around the world. The serenity those owls has inspired me often to post Wendell Berry’s “The Peace of Wild Things”. The humor we’ve share watching those “monkeys” doing face plants and other funny things has brought much joy. Thanks for making this happen. May you, Donna, Austin and all your family be blessed always.
      Enjoy your travels! Much love,

  3. Becky (Owl watching is eggsciting) Says:

    Carlos & Donna, I want to thank you for all you have done in broadcasting Molly & McGee. It is coming up on my 1 year anniversary of watching. I started watching March 30, 2010 when Wesley was 2 days old, and got hooked right away. I have met some wonderful friends on the chat, and have had a great time learning about owls.
    May God bless you richly,

  4. Roxanne Says:

    Well to be fair, I would have to say that M&M effected my life but that would also include Carlos, Donna and Austin!!! 2010 was not my best year personally and it was full of stress. But watching M&M and listening to the Carlos updates helped to put a smile on my face almost everyday!!

    I will always cherish my memories. It was so much fun watching the babies do baby stuff like – ‘hey what is that thing on the wall? a bug…what is a bug?’ And watching them spread their wings and become full fledged owls.

    Thanks so much Carlos, Donna and Austin for changing your plans, taking the pictures and keeping us up to date. What a wonderful experience. Best to you and your family. Enjoy your adventures and I look forward to seeing the pics and hearing about your travels!

    Take care, Roxanne

  5. Janie Branison Says:

    I thought from the beginning that Max would be my favorite, but Austin and Wesley stole my heart. My 2 favorite moments were “Wake up Wesley” and when Austin came back and told Wesley it was time to go. It is strange how the tears come even now when I think of the first clutch. It was absolutely magical and we will be eternally grateful to you for bringing us into the world of owls and owlets. Thank you, Carlos.

    janie 2

  6. Beth Jones Says:

    I was going through a very rough time in my life, family death, moving away from where I had known for years, unemployment and “empty nest syndrome”…so much going on in my life. Molly and McGee were my only stability. I knew I could watch Molly and the babies and escape, if only for a little while. Little did I know at my age I still had many lessons to learn. They taught me life goes on. They taught me how small my world is. They taught me that death happens, babies leave home and feeding the family isn’t always easy but that you must go on and care for those who are depending on you; you must keep going. Your photos hang in my home reminding me every day of the lessons Molly and McGee taught me. Thank you so much for making this opportunity available to us all. The Royal family will always be in my prayers for safe travels and happiness.

    • NatureLuver Says:

      Thanks for the post Beth. You bring tears to my eyes. Life is not always easy, especially after the loss of a loved one. I feel your pain and agree with your enlightenment of the lessons learned. Deet Deet Deet to a fellow traveler!
      (((((HUGZ & HEARTS))))))
      Liz G.

    • VSue Says:

      Wonderful post Beth and thank you too for being a wonderful friend to others. Yes, the owlets, Molly and McGee and Donna, Carlos and Austin surely helped many of us get through the stress of the day by sharing a wonderful part of the world with us all; where friendships have been made.
      (((hugs))) to you

  7. Joanne Koehnke Says:

    Carlos, I missed watching the first clutch, but was able to part of the second clutch MODS. It truly was a “once in a lifetime experience” to learn about owls raising their owlets. It was so much fun to arrange my life to watch the owls. Much sleep was lost, meals were planned to be finished before Molly Time, clothes were left in the washer forgotten about. What fun. What made it extra special were your broadcasts. You are so funny, caring, and exciting. It was such a fun experience which I will never forget!

    • Brenda Hebel Says:

      To the Royals:
      I agree 100% with Joanne K. It was also relaxing to me to watch Molly take care of her brood. I learned so much & really enjoyed every time Carlos came on to talk to us! I will never forget the “once in a lifetime” experience. Everyone at work thought I was NUTS! I just about burnt up my new IPhone watching! Thanks for all you did & the time you spent last year for all of us to watch.

  8. PegRod Says:

    Happy Molly and McGee Day! Just waking up, so I will start with a “Deet, Deet, Deet” and do a happy dance to “Wesley’s Lesson” and put more comments later on today.

    Carlos, love your entry and thank you for providing the questions to stimulate memories!

    I am one of those people who can honestly say, because of the wonderful gifts of The Owl Box, and all the wonderful owls, people and experiences that came with it, 2010 was the very best year of my life! I am eternally grateful that I can say “Gee this is fun, and we are a part of it!”.

    MODs don’t forget to keep spreading the word to new people, too! Love all the comments from so many kind and loving Molly fans throughout the year. What a Great Group of Gutz!

    • debbie Says:

      “wesley’s lesson”…such a happy and bouncy song, i LOVE it!! always a great way to start the day!!


  9. donna Says:

    Thank you for the pictures Carlos! I was one of those worry warts, I remember crying when Molly stayed out for a long time and she came back all wet, my family thought I was nuts! I had my computer on all day and night watching the owls, your smiling face and learning many things. I loved the way Molly would watch her babies with love in her eyes, oh she is such a beautiful owl I miss her and all of you.

  10. donna Says:

    tears again

  11. Cinda B (SPO Owl Box) Says:

    I found Molly and McGee on St. Patrick’s Day 2010, and couldn’t even begin to estimate how many hours I spent watching – first clutch, second clutch, and the glimpse at mating and bonding we got to see of Molly & McGee. It’s in the thousands, I’m sure! My favorites are Austin (happy 1st Birthday!) and Carrie (she of the sweet, sweet twittering!) I’ve had a lifelong fascination with and love of owls, so this means more to me than words can say. Thank you Carlos, for being the spark that lit the fire! Safe travels to you and Donna, and Happy Molly & McGee Day!

    • Cinda B (SPO Owl Box) Says:

      Oh my goodness! I was so focused on my Molly & McGee memories, that I forgot the best part – all the wonderful friends I have made from all over the coutry and world! They and the owlets have certainly made watching wildlife my “happy place”. Thank you to all the MODs too!

  12. Teri Tiede Says:

    Carlos, Donna and Austin… Watching the first clutch was so amazing. I never had any idea how owls ate, hunted, cared for their young, even horking was a mystery to me. I can now say after 2 clutches that it is no longer a mystery, thanks to you and your broadcasts letting us know what was happening and why. You were so informative and caring. I would have to say my favorite has to be Wesley… He was so different then all the others (1st and 2nd)and I was so touched with Austin taking such good care of his littlest sibling. I hope you have a wonderful, well deserved vacation and know we will always be here to hear about all your adventures abroad. I consider you part of my family. Thank you so much for opening my eyes to a wonderous world of owls. “Gee this was and is fun and I am priviledged to be a part of it”. Love you all!!

  13. sfsueny Says:

    Dear all…the experience of watching M&M raise two clutches was a life enriching experience and taught me so much about these beautiful birds. I now contribute monthly to Valley Wildlife Center in CA – check them out…they do amazing rehab & rescue work for wildlife in CA. I can tell you that I met a new friend in the chat room…and tonight we are going to a concert together in NYC! The message of the Owl Box for me is to ‘pass it forward’…to share kindness with each other and to treat the earth with a gentle hand. Thank you always. Susan

  14. mandozee Says:

    I just love M&M. Many sleepless nights and not much got done. I heard about the box on the news, had the site up before the story was finished. I got a bad case of MOD fast, But also a new strain COD Carlos Observation Disorder. His on camra chats ment as much to me as watching the owls. My family and friends thought I was a little crazy watching owls. but they became part of my life.


  15. Couleedam (Nora) Says:

    I saw a post on Facebook about the owls, I clicked the link and I remember ChocoMare warning me that I would be assimilated. . . boy was I ever!! I watched daily and was fascinated by the owlets as well has how tender Molly & McGee were. I don’t think I had a favorite, they all were endearing in their own ways. I loved hearing about the owls, and I loved the still photography, there was a story here and Carlos, Donna, and Austin, you told it superbly!!! I was so excited to become a moderator (you have no idea what that meant to me). The owls have changed me and the friends that I have met through the owlbox have enriched me!!!! Thank you again for letting us see their third clutch. Hugz, couleedam

  16. PegRod Says:

    By the way, I just Googled “Molly the Owl” and guess how many results! You would think she is famous or something (smile).
    About 2,350,000 results (0.04 seconds)
    Molly the Owl Wiki page has lots of memories shared there, too.

  17. sdsurfchick Says:

    As much as I loved the owl experience and will treasure the mementos collected throughout the clutches, it is the new friends that I will cherish forever.

  18. Judy Says:

    I’ve been watching the Oceanside owls to fill the big void but nothing will ever replace Molly, Magee and their kidz in my heart. They added so much to my life and I will never forget this wonderful experience. Thank you Carlos and Donna. Please stay in touch.


  19. Angela S Says:

    Hi Guts! :)
    I <3 and miss you all, since I don't get on-line as much as I did when Molly was on the air. However, I do love seeing you when I can. There are so many great memories of Molly and her famowlee… I can't remember laughing as loudly and as hard as I did when the chatters were in rare form for Clutch #1! I fell in love with Max, because he was the first barn owlet I had ever seen except in still pictures, but then Princess Wesley stole my heart and became my favorite owlet of all. I still have my "Team Wesley" bumper sticker on my car. I look forward to the chat family getting back together one day to watch Molly raise another clutch! Take care everyone, birdlovers4ever

  20. Ruth (from Minnesota)! *pudgemuffin* Says:

    Such warm feelings – with the owls and friends! I laughed some days until I fell off my chair, smiled over the owls with fellow MOD’s until my mouth hurt, and my heart completely warmed. The experience was quite a ride … insight on the owls, words can not express the experience Carlos and Donna provided us on the other side of the screen. Any owl – any where – now immediately drums up the knowledge and friendships CROSS country and tweaks my heart. ♥

  21. debi Says:

    I remember getting teased constantly by my friends that were too *busy* to watch the amazing going ons inside the owl box. Sometimes you just don’t know what you don’t know… ya know?

    I remember the very first time McGee brought a treat and had such a hard time watching it being shredded to feed to the babies. I remember the great mouse escape, and rooting for Zorro, the little mousie running for it’s life.

    My most precious moments were when the *kids* began pouncing and trying out their wings… and I REALLY MISS the morning recaps from YOU Carlos! The whole experience of the first clutch was so magical and was a great diversion from a very difficult year.

    Thank you and your family for giving us such an amazing, once in a lifetime experience!!!

    dboring1 (debi boring)

  22. debbie Says:

    happy molly and mcgee day!!! yay!!


    i found the owlbox after someone on a cocker spaniel website posted the link. bless her wee heart. it was max’s birthday and i was totally enchanted and hooked after that.
    the owls, the videos, the photos, the chatters (you lurkers too…), barbara’s music, carlos’ updates, donna’s appearances on cam, austin’s electronics input and talent, there is SO much we thank you for.
    absolute magic!


  23. Susan Pizon Says:

    What can I say,? You came into my life, and lit a candle, in a very dark place. That little light soon became the glowing beacon of hope I was in such need of. As you grew, I became alive again. Your pictures are proudly displayed in my home, and I often replay your antics, seeing those famous face plants, playing soccer with Dudley, preenig your siblings with tenderness and love, flying practice within the box, falling off the patio and climbing back up using the ladder, and you Wesley, we never thought you would actually leave the box……all of those memories are still, flashes of wonderment that will be with me forever. Thank you Carlos and Donna, for allowing me to be a part of this blessing.

  24. DebNeedsToTweet Says:

    Happy 2nd Annual Molly & McGee Day. Best wishes for many healthy clutches to come. Hopefully our Daily News with Newsman Carlos Royal will return to the air in the future. I agree with sdsurfchick, although the owls are great, it’s the friends we’ve made that makes this so special. Greatest moment? Watching Jody hatch live – definitely! The little helmet head will always be my favorite. Good luck Carlos, Donna, Austin – come back to us soon!

  25. Dear Carlos,Donna and Austin…

    My owl tree is “smiling” on this “Molly and McGee”

    Where to start? I look around my home and see Molly and McGee and families, everywhere!

    Thank you for bringing such joy to our lives. There are so MANY wonderful moments to remember, it is difficult to select one…what is most interesting for me, is the look on the faces of the little kids that shared this with me.

    You gave us something that keeps on giving, an awareness of beautiful owls. How often did we even give them a thought before watching and learning, together. What you gave us, so unselfishly, will always be a part of us. MANY thanks!! As much as you are missed, we are happy that you are doing what you love to do…travel.
    The updates that you post are such a joy, we look forward to them.

    Love and hugs,
    Elaine Brayton
    Port Orange FL

  26. Donna Says:

    Dear Carlos,Donna and Austin
    I join the many viewers of Molly and McGee in contributing to much the last year meant to me. These owls became an everyday part of my life. i bought so much owl stuff that my husband was laughing at me. not only was/is Molly such a part of my life, but you Carlos and Donna and Austin contributed to the wonder of it all. I am now watching all the other sites of owls and of course enjoying them very much and the people on the SPO site are like family, but we miss you so much. you brought these owls into our lives with such love and humor and knowledge. hopefully you will continue to be a part of our lives in some way, just by posting or blogging or viewing. we miss you..we miss Molly and her babies. and we love you and your family very much for enriching our lives.
    Donna from San Mateo, CA

  27. Sheryl Frankel Says:

    Molly and Mcgee came into my life at a point where I needed a reaffirmation of life and I am forever grateful. I was diagnosed with breast cancer and found Molly and Mcgee as I was undergoing my radiation therapy. Being unable to do much of anything else because of the fatigue and exhaustion, I spent most of my hours watching the owl box. As I regained my strength and the little ones fledged so did I as I re-entered my life alive and whole.
    Thank you again!!

  28. debbie Says:

    how many of you were late to work because you were watching the owlbox…??

    *raises hand*


    well…like today…i should be getting ready to go out the door and here i am, still typing in the blog…

  29. Becky Says:

    Without sounding too pathetic, I am by myself most of the day every day. I haven’t worked for 3 yrs so I spend a lot of time alone. This gave me a community of folks w/a common interest and it was so much fun to be sharing this experience even if it was virtual. Thanks. It was so much fun.

  30. Teatime Says:

    How wonderful it is to say “Gee this was fun, and I was a part of it”. So much love of owls, chat friends and of course the Royal Family. It was a safe place to come in this world full of tragedies.
    My God Bless the Royals and all my chat friends.

  31. Dale Ann Harsh Says:

    I found the owl box late, not until the second clutch. And I lurked until that last little one finally made her first foray into the wide world…the it was too exciting to keep quiet. I couldn’t be as addicted to watching as some, but I did watch at work, during lunch, so everyone there knew what was going on. I watched on a trip north to see friends and family, so they were initiated… Who knew watching the activities of the box would be such a comfort when my sister lost her husband soon after that. Wes (I’m sure you named the owlet after him) would have loved it.
    Why were so many watching? I think it was the atmosphere you and the other MOD’s created. It was, and is, a very friendly supportive place to be. It was, and is, a great experience and I’m glad I’m still part of it.

  32. Donna Says:

    oh..having the website on my iphone made being at work so much easier, because i could put my iphone right in front of my monitor at work and voila…watched molly and the babies..such fun..miss you all so much

  33. June Plessel Says:

    I think most of us MODS will respond the same way. We all love Molly, and are most grateful for the gift we were given in the form of a 24/7 invitation to her and McGee’s reality show. We all want to thank Carlos and Donna, and we all wish them bon voyage. My post wouldn’t be complete without expressing my sorrow that Molly lost two owlets from her current clutch. Again, it is the owls way, but I think they feel it just as we do. I loved Carrie and Ashley, they were at times funny, clumsy, beautiful, loving to each other, and always in our thoughts and prayers. I painted them, and loved showing the other MODS my paintings, we enjoyed each others company. Have a safe travel and keep us posted when you can. JuneP

  34. Linda /artgirl4388 Says:

    Happy M&M Day everyone and TY again to all the Royals for this unforgettable experience. I found it when NBC ran the story and have never left. Now, because of you, we have many new owl boxes to watch and many new forever friends.
    Enjoy your trip and please check in – you now have 20 million relatives with inquiring minds!
    Deet, Deet, Deet,

  35. SedonaPat Says:

    First of all I have to thank you Carlos, Donna, and Austin for all that you did for the “World” by broadcasting the Molly Box. I was there from the very first egg. As I have said before besides the 6, and now more, baby owlets that were born in the Owl Box there were also hundreds, if not more, friendships born in that box too. I drove 8 hours to go to the Elephant Bar and again to the final picnic and met up with very wonderful people. I have the Molly DVD, the Molly music, and all the Molly and McGee memories to cherish. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  36. Nancy Anthony Says:

    Happy Molly & McGee Day! What a privilege to have been a tiny part of this wonderful experience. Most of us MODs are probably watching other owlets this spring but no one can match the comforting voice of Carlos on KOWL. I too looked forward to the morning updates and anything else Carlos wanted to tell us. If he made audiobooks, I would buy every one of them.
    I think over 20 million people tuned in because it was a warm and safe place where one could watch nature in real time and be welcomed by caring people.
    Carlos and Donna, please have a terrific time traveling and keep sending those wonderful photographs.
    And a note to Austin: You are a good looking guy but smile more please. Have fun and show the world that you are.
    Nancy Anthony (homedaleteach)

  37. Tresbien Says:

    Happy Molly & McGee Day to all, and thank you to Carlos, Donna and Austin.

    For me it was a huge thrill to go to the DC meetup and get to spend in person time with several of you. Big hugs to my fellow local Molly watchers and to those who drove for several hours to join us. Other friendships were made, have endured and become closer; each one is treasured whether we have met in person yet or not.

    I’ve been listening to barlycorn’s magical music and looking at some old screencaps. I lost my folder of first clutch images but have some from the second clutch here: The closeup of Molly’s face is a favorite that I alternate with your Molly Flying In as desktop wallpaper Carlos.

    Oh don’t make me pick a favorite owlet! Laughing hard at that, Carlos, because each one was special in his/her own way. Okay, I did have favorites: Pattison was one for being so adventurous and bursting out of the box, and Carrie won my heart with her sweet chirps from day one.

    I watched because it was a window on wildlife I wouldn’t have otherwise ever experienced. I continued watching when I realized how different each owl was from the other. I’ve learned so much and appreciate every day the chance to share with others how amazing is the common barn owl. Just yesterday we had a brand new viewer at Bonnie & Clyde’s Hideout. I thought to myself: Oh, what a wonderful adventure she has ahead of her to see these owlets grow and fledge!

    The adventure continues, thanks to you Carlos, Donna and Austin. Thank you for everything, especially the new images of Molly and family.

    Much love and huge gratitude,


  38. Ann Says:

    I started watching Molly and McGee after the eggs hatched in the first clutch. What a ride it was from that point on!!! I am a teacher of third graders in MA and two of our curriculum areas are the food web and birds. So my class at the time watched Molly and McGee care for those beautiful owlets and observed their growth right up to their fledging. I know a few of my students were continuing their observations at home with their families. I now have one of your calendars on my wall in my classroom and we are about to begin this years study of birds. I cannot wait to share the photos I have, Austin’s DVD and my owl shirt with the students. I cannot thank you enough for this incredible experience and for sharing it with the rest of the world. You have no idea how many lives you have touched through each one of us. Thanks again and enjoy your trip!!

  39. Sheila Nelson Says:

    My 2 sisters and I loved watching the first clutch. Our favorite owl had to be “Wesley”. The best pic was of him lying down flat in the owl box!
    We recently went to Coral Gables, Florida and moved our 90 year old Aunt back here to Wisconsin. Our dad paid for us to stay at a famous Hotel in the Gables while we moved her out and who was our favorite bellman there? Yes, his name was “Wesley”.
    He lives on…..

  40. Marcy Lingle Says:

    What a day for glory and remembering the precious owlets and the famous great parents, Molly and McGee.

    Thank you Carlos, Donna and Austin, we all loved your spirit and so much sharing with the world. Mere words cannot describe the effort you made for all of us.

    We like your style.


  41. Linda Brown Says:

    I found Molly & McGee on another group I was in. It’s the best thing I’ve ever run into. Molly and McGee controlled my life for the whole summer. I just couldn’t get enough of them. The hosts were the most wonderful people you could meet, so accommodating and entertaining us all the time. I truly miss getting to tune in to Molly and McGee. Sure, there’s other owl sites out there, but none will ever compare to watching this one. I was sad to hear Molly lost two of her babies, but that’s nature, whether we like it or not.

    Thank you Carlos and Donna for the most wonderful experience – watching barn owls and the babies, from eggs to hatching to growing up and just being silly. Enjoy your vacation, have a safe travel and hope to see you online again soon.

  42. Lynn Says:

    Molly will always be the most special to first owl love…she and McGee and their owlets made the past year one of my best years was truly a wonderful, magical experience. We, the MODs, shared laughter, joys, sadness, fears, and our lives. All because of a common barn owl…we became friends forever.

  43. Owlcoholic4life Says:

    Dear Royal Family and Molly Family,

    Life is just not the same waking up and not having coffee with Carlos! You have brought the world together in ways people would not have dreamed of prior to Molly and McGee. Due to your love, compassion and wanting to share this wonderful owl family, you have created many hours of pain relief, stress relief and have brightened the lives of many people throughout this world. While loving all of Molly’s Family, I would have to say that Wesley still holds my heart strings.

    I personally want to thank you for coming into my life and allowing me countless hours of reduced pain levels. I certainly miss the Royal and Molly family. Have fun in your travels and stay safe and Blessed. I hope to see you streaming live again in the future. Regardless of how many wonderful owl boxes there are to watch, there will only be ONE Carlos and Molly. Thank you for sharing your lives with us, The MODS of the world.

  44. Ingrid Says:

    Molly and McGee opened up a whole new world for me and many new friends too. I will forever be grateful to you Donna and Austin for all the pleasure you brought to us.
    Thank you from my heart.

  45. sue Says:

    Happy Molly and McGee day everyone!!! How can I even begin to explain how my life changed the minute I laid eyes on the Owl and the babies, I immediatley became a MOD and have remained one to this day!!! Carlos, Donna and Austin—you people are so very special and all of the people I came to call friends on the chat are and will always remain a very special part of my life!!! Thanks got everything!!!

  46. Margaret Says:

    Does it mean you have MOD if you get a little bobble head owl for Christmas that stares back at you while you stare at Molly and McGee?! Thanks again to Carlos, Donna, and Austin for a marvelous experience.

  47. Janie Branison Says:

    I have my own Molly now. She is a Lineolated Parakeet. She and her mate McGee (what else?) recently gave me 4 beautiful babies. Molly and McGee made such an impression on all of our lives. We are so blessed to still be a small part of it. I think I will put on my “Gee that was fun and I was part of it” sweat shirt to celebrate this day.
    janie 2

  48. Owlcoholic4life Says:

    I would also like to say how much we appreciate Eric, Chris and John for all of the wonderful memories that they have contributed to our Molly experience. They have provided for us the keepsakes that will last our lifetime. Thank you gentlemen for ensuring that we will always have a piece of the Royal and Molly family to treasure for the rest of our lives.

  49. kpanda Says:

    I joined shortly after you started on ustream. M & M were fascinating. Wild birds being wild. Wow. Babies defying the experts. Worry and laughs. Molly and McGee, dare I say it, so human.

    Then there was the generosity of our human hosts. Again, wow. Doing their best to get us the best views and the owlets the best playground. Doing their best to please us and graciously ignoring some abuse along the way. Talk about generosity of spirit. It was amazing. The first clutch was absolute magic. (I do think McGee let down the team on the second clutch at the beginning. But he recovered. More magic.)

    Then there were the chatters. Spurred on to have fun by our hosts, we did. The creativity was amazing. (My favorites are Phoons puppet shows and Car’s videos.) My sleep cycle is still completely messed up. You can’t laugh that hard and fall asleep at a reasonable hour. Who knew so much could be said about Nutella and bacon? Or about rodent identification?

    Thank you for the wonder!

    • NatureLuver Says:

      Well said kpanda!!!
      Loved “Coffee, coffee, Coffffeeee!” TY CAR!

    • Mary Leo aka ChinaDoll Says:

      kpanda – rodent ID? Surely you must mean the various wildebeests we saw delivered-ha!
      You touched on one of the things I especially appreciated about the M&M experience – the wordplay and humor in the wee hours. As others have written, my life too was challenging a year ago. The Owlbox reminded me of the serenity and peace I find in nature, so I started to spend more time outdoors – a very healthy thing for me. I had felt isolated too but our late night chats during the first clutch became a fun and supportive community. I truly miss the creative silliness from that crowd. M&M helped get me back into life. I am not usually one for party crowds but the San Marcos picnic was a hoot! Someplace on YouTube, there’s even video of me and DebJo singing the Molly song. I had no qualms at all doing that because I knew the audience online was not judging us but likely singing along.
      Carlos and Donna, may your journey be fun and safe. Thank you, thank you, thank you! The other night, I was walking out to my car and heard the familiar sound of a barn owl. My heart soared – I have owls in my neighborhood! I would not have recognized the call and had that special moment if you had not introduced me to the Wonderful World of Owls. BTW – I came to the OwlBox very early (eggs only) because I live nearby and the local paper had an item about the OB on UStream.

  50. Nancy Says:

    Happy Molly and McGee Day!

    I came to the owl box as the eggs were hatching in the 2nd clutch. I’d never seen anything so amazing. I never imagined the connection I would have coming from the humans in the box when I expected the connection to only come with the owls. The music that was inspired – and kept us singing, the stories, the books, the caring and the sharing was beyond what I thought would happen. It lifted my spirits each and every day.
    What a joy M&M brought to my life and that includes Carlos, Donna, Austin, Barbara Allen, Eric, Vacadude and The Rocketman. This was a special experience I will treasure!


  51. Jana Connell Says:

    Hi Carlos and Company,
    Today is Molly & McGee day. I have watched the owls since March of last year as well, keeping the page up all day throughout my work day. I work at a college so students and faculty walked by and watched off and on all day.

    Personally, as a Registered Veterinary Technician, I watched the owls in a different way then most folks did. I have rehabbed many raptors, and a few of them were barn owls. They are not the nicest of owls to handle! I have also watched, for hours in silence, on my belly, a family of barn owls in the wild that were raising their clutch in an abandoned mine, something we have plenty of here in the Mother Lode of the Sierras! I would stop and crawl up to the site on my belly so they wouldn’t see me. It was very educational to say the least. I also recorded with sketches and documented a cooper’s hawk on a nest through her entire incubation and subsequent fledging of all four babies. My kids were young then so I brought them many times with me. It was a fantastic experience and they still remember it.

    So Molly was pretty amazing to watch, and I would have loved to sketch her as well, but that was harder for me to do with her.

    I did enjoy every broadcast, as I love to seep in the beauty of our wild companions. Someone who posted above mentioned Wendell Berry’s “The Peace of Wild Things.” It sits taped to my desk right next to me. It’s been a favorite poem long before I met Molly and McGee.

    I am not much of an anthropomorphic viewer and I didn’t partake that much in the chat, but I was more a silent observer as I am here in nature. I came from the San Diego area 37 yrs ago to where I am now, the Sierra Nevadas, but have always been a child and watcher of nature.

    Thanks Carlos for showing the rest of the world how amazingly beautiful, powerful and equally precious our brothers of the earth are. I hope that your selflessness has spawned in your 20 million plus viewers a deeper awareness of our earth, how careful we must be with it, and a desire to be stewards of it, and of all of the creatures we share with it.

    Bless you and happy and safe travels.

  52. Anita Says:

    I was lucky to receive an email from a friend last February before the eggs started hatching. A simple email turned into an incredible experience which I still find difficult to express in words. Thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of all our hearts for the experience of a lifetime.

  53. WonderSchwermin Says:

    Molly and McGee gave me and my son an appreciation for owls we could never get from books. Any thing that combines science, and a message of kindness is a thing to be grateful for.

  54. Bonita Lyon Says:

    Happy Molly and McGee Day!!! Tshirt on in celebration and memory of the wonderful experience that was Molly and McGee!! Cannot chose one specific memory, however mouse that got away and the rabbit feet hanging out are a few. OH, how I cried when the M and M’s songs played on the final night of the first clutch! I also remember how really excited I was when I got the email saying “Molly is on the air right now”!! and then we got to see a second clutch! That would probably be my best memory. Thank you so very, very much again. Love Molly and McGee. Happy Molly and McGee Day, Bonnibell PS. Thanks for the precious photos.

  55. Linda Scroggin Says:

    So glad to know Molly and McGee are having another family and they are doing well, what a special experience. I was able to attend both picnics and everyone was so warm and friendly. Thank you so much for keeping us informed with how Molly and McGee are doing, now that we are all family.

    Love you all!

    • NatureLuver Says:

      Hi Beautifulchef,
      We met at the 2nd M&M picnic in October 2010. You are one of many that signed my MOD bag! I sent a picture to Donna, Carlos, Eric, and John. Maybe they can post it? That was one of my favorite moments. When I saw Carlos and John in the parking lot I almost screamed! Just like seeing the Beetles live! Felt like a little girl again.
      “Gee That Was FUN, and I was a Part of It!”
      Liz G. all the way from TEXAS!

  56. Annette L. Says:

    Wow! Where to start?! I laughed and cryed at different times. Laughed as the babies wolfed down the big treats that Molly and Mcgee brought them. Really cryed after the 1st babies fledged. Was just so sad to see it all end. Then the 2nd clutch came along and then…..laughed and cryed with joy! It wasn’t ending! I never talked on the chat but….was ALWAYS lurking. (just thought I was just too computer illiterate to be able to do it!) Stayed up late….loved all the comments by Carlos and just really came to look forward to his knowledge of the owls. Learned SO much!! NOw…..I have an owl box! So excited to see where that will lead!! Surely do miss all the MODs and Carlos and Donna….and of course Molly and McGee who brought us all together! What a WONDERFUL experience that I will NEVER forget!!! Thank you Molly and McGee and most of all Carlos and Donna!!! You are THE BEST!! :)

  57. kpanda Says:

    I laughed out loud for a full day at litl vixen’s comment on a partial rabbit next to polz: “That rabbit looks like a victim of a very bad pole dancing accident.” (I must have looked like a maniac in the grocery.)

  58. SedonaPat Says:

    Who could forget Ashley singing “The Molly Bobble” and also “Wake up Wesley” :O)

  59. Annette L. Says:

    One other thing…..the thing that made this whole thing so wonderful was that we got to see nature just as it REALLY is!!! No one intervened…even though there was death and that was very sad…..but Molly and McGee went about their life as they would not even knowing that there were millions watching. Can’t even say how special that made it! Just the way God created it no human intervention….which usually messes things up anyway. Thanks, again, Carlos, Donna, Austin and all the others that made this possible!

    • KITTY aka TOPPSY Says:

      OH MOLLY KNEW we were watching sometimes–she’d even stop and stare at the camera—( O O ) move closer—-OH! How we miss those days and owlets.

  60. PurpleTexan Says:

    My husband and I marked this special day with a birding tour of the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower center…in other words the BACK woods. Didn’t see many birds even though it was very early. Culminated in spying a horned owl in its nest at the back of the center in the “carriage house”. Molly & McGee brought to me a huge new awareness of all owls. Loved getting to know so much about barn owls in particular. Happy M & M day!

  61. WIBirdlady7 Says:

    I have enjoyed totally watching the babies grow up. Thank you Carlos and family for sharing this experience. I keep hoping we go live again sometime. I have to share with all of you, I bought all kinds of Molly and McGee goodies. I wear my Molly & McGee sweatshirt all the time. My kids are calling me a crazy bird lady. I have always had a love for birds, and while watching the last clutch I got my first batch of bluebirds in one of our houses. It was such a treat watching the bluebirds during the day and then watching Molly and family in the evenings. I saw my bluebirds came back the other day. I was so excited. I miss seeing Molly and McGee and I’ve watched other sites online but none compare to the gang in the chat and to Molly and McGee.

    Like others I laughed and cried watching. Thank you again Carlos for sharing this experience.

  62. I am so glad you are posting updates to the third clutch. Have been watching since the first clutch
    was just eggs. Started in the morning & ending late at night. Took a break during the day to do a bit of housework. Ha! Ha! Thanks again Carlos, Donna & austin.

  63. Anne Says:

    Thanks for the wonderful experience. I was also a lurker that just loved to watch. Missed the first clutch, was in for the last 2 eggs hatching for the second a rough start but still mesmerizing. I am happily awaiting the second book. Totally understand not wanting to put your life on hold that must have been a hard decision. Thanks also for sharing the oceanside information. Love HD and also seeing a lot of the same kind and knowledgeable mods. Loved the night all gathered to see M&Ms new crop of owlets. Thank you thank you thank you for all your wonderful gifts, dedication and sacrifice.

  64. VSue Says:

    I am so very grateful for the Molly and McGee updates as all of the other MOD’s are I am sure. Such an OWLsome experience to have been and continue to be a part of and great to be able to keep in touch via e-mail and chat.

    Thank you again Donna, Carlos and Austin too

  65. Diane Kirkland Says:

    I came upon Molly & McGee at the start of the second clutch. I just marveled every day at God’s little creatures, how they grew and learned, and the fact that these events–among barn owls and thousands of other species–are duplicated a million times over, all around the world, every year. We’re so dratted busy all the time, if we just stop to observe a tiny corner of our world, we’ll be humbled.

    Many, many thanks to Carlos, Donna and Austin for the time you took to make Molly and McGee an event for all of us; I hope you will consider another broadcast clutch in the future. We miss you guys, too, not just the owls and owlets.

    Think of all the creativity that came from it–Barbara Allen, Vacadude, Eric, Chris, Cafe Press. And the friendships! We may meet up in other owl boxes or creature sites, but there’ll never be another Molly and McGee.

    Diane (doorcountydi)

  66. whitedog01 Says:

    Happy Molly and Mcgee Day! Wow it’s hard to believe that it’s been a year already. Time sure does fly. The lessons learned, the friendships made, the love shared. I came across Molly and Mcgee on ustream when I was looking for a puppy site. Well I found them and was hooked. What puppy site? I started watching when C1 was still eggletes. As a chatter in clutch 1 i met some wonderful friends, fell in love with the owls and have some many precious memories. I didn’t pick 1 owl in particular as a favorite they all were. Favorite moments: “Wesley Wake Up” and the night Austin rocketed out of the owlbox. I cried and laughed until my gutz were ready to burst. I still have all the screencaps and the videos and continue to look thru them on a daily basis. I bawled when C1 was over, but not for long here came C2. I was asked to moderate for C2 and enjoyed every minute of it and once again the friendships made. I continue to receive emails and phone calls from them. I have been going thru a really rough time since C2 the contact with the MODS and mods have helped more than ever. We continue to stand by each other and thank you for “Standing By Me”. Thank you Royals for your love, your friendship, and your patience but most of all thank you for Molly and Mcgee. You are wonderful people and have blessed so many. May your future endeavors bring you much happiness and love. “Although we may be miles apart you will forever remain in my heart”.

    Love whitedog01

    • whitedog01 Says:

      one more thing! LOL (oops watch the caps whitedog01) Can’t wait to meet up with the chatters in Arizona.

    • PegRod Says:

      Thank you, whitedog01 – “Stand By Me” was one of the great videos that helped us when we thought Owl Box watching was over forever! I keep it in my “Favorites”

  67. Kit Says:

    Just to add an addition to my previous post…i forgot to Thank all the M&M kids: Max, Pattison, Austin, Wesley, Ashley, Carrie and the newest 4 of clutch #3 and the future clutches. M&M came into my life in 3/2010 and the experience has been terrific. i hope the kids continue to grow and thrive and I wish that as well for the Royal family and the extended family of MODS all around the world. good luck and be safe to all. when i am blue, i think of this experience and it always brightens my day! Thanks!!!

  68. Caboval Says:

    I remember last year when the mayor announced today is Molly and Mcgee day! I remember when you made it on the news and into the paper! I will never forget how I would get up at 4 am to look into the room to make sure the owlets were ok! I remember how Molly and Mcgee ran my life LOL I was so enthralled and amazed every single day!!! What an experience and I was a part of it!!! Carlos and Donna Im so glad to have met you and I want to say thank you, you are such wonderful people and now great friends!You have opened up the world of the owls for me and I have fallen in love!!! Who’d a thunk??? LOL Any way you have really made a difference in so many lives and now because of you many people realize the importance of not poisoning rodents but to put up owl boxes instead!!! You have truly made a difference in my life and I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!Caboval

    • KITTY aka TOPPSY Says:

      ohhhhhhh, CAB!(I miss all the chatters so.) Its tuff to bounce around and locate one another, but we slightly do. The Molly site on FB is good to add comments. But if you dont belong you can always go to the Molly blog (this one) BYE BYE BYE chatters, and thanks for all the HORKS and bacon and laffs.

  69. Deb Says:

    Molly and McGee’s first clutch was like a ‘first love’… Magical, and filled with sweet memories too many to count. I can’t imagine life without owls and I cherish all my owl-chat friends. As I enjoy watching the Oceanside owls now, I fondly remember the first four owlets who stole my heart!

    Thanks Carlos and Donna.

  70. Kathy Weed Says:

    I found the Molly and McGee link in a newspaper article shortly after the eggs were laid in the first clutch and was immediately hooked on watching. Oh so many wonderful memories: the hatchings, Austin trying to wake Wesley, first steps outside the box and then first flights, the Molly songs, etc. Sad moments too of losing the owlets and the last sightings as the owls fledged. All thanks to the wonderful Royal family. You brought so much joy to so many and hopefully an awareness of the fragility of nature and how we need to take care to protect all living creatures. Thanks for memories and for being such good people. The experience will be with me forever.

  71. owlloveyou2 Says:

    So many wonderful memories of M&M! My fav owlet was Wesley! I loved how the other owlets encouraged her to fledge; she was so sweet & hesitant, and that made her so endearing! The funniest thing was how the owlets covered in fuzz would cock their heads when viewing something, always cracked me up! I never knew how beautiful and nurturing barn owls were until I started watching the owl box. It was an amazing awe-inspiring experience! Not to mention the many wonderful chatters I got to know! Some were so witty and others so very caring! Thank you, Royal family, for sharing the owls with all of us!
    ♥ ♥ ♥ Happy Molly and McGee Day, everyone! ♥ ♥ ♥

  72. VSue Says:

    OH! Just one mroe thing…So many wonderful friends made and continue to be made. I also wanted to share memories, photos I took of the owlbox moments of the Second Clutch, where I came into the owl box family :) , from the wonderful hatching of Ashley. That “First Look” from Molly; where Molly looks right at her precious baby Ashley right after she hatched. Enjoy everyone this fine Molly and McGee day! <3 to y'owl

  73. VSue Says:

    OH! Just one more thing, then have to get ready for work. Running late but, well, I blame it on my MOD LOL :)

    About the memories; too many wonderful ones to list them all. The Owlbox experience for me, amazing! Making new friends, finding other people like me, acceptance, love, respect, support, encouragement from so many wonderful people that began as just names in a chat that quickly grew to become lifelong friends. (((hugs))) and <3 to y'owl; have a wonderful day/OWLternoon/evening y'owl

  74. Joyce Hebert Says:

    i can’t begin to give a number to the hours i spent just watching…it helped with the worry i have about husband illness…these time took away the worry…one i loved best has to be wesley…he was the cutest…funniest moment…wake up…family thinks i was going around the bend…love my books and dvd…hope all is well with this clutch

  75. Diane Says:

    What did I like best??? How long do you have to read–there was soooooo much!!!!! Watching the first clutch fledge was probably the most hilarious!! I would spend hours late at night (after 8:00 p.m.) watching. My favorite was probably Wesley and next favorite was Max. How could the first clutch not be anyone’s favorite!!! You also, Carlos, made the owl box so great!!! I could hardly wait for you to come on in the morning–you were so excited and it was hard not to get pulled into your excitement and enthusiasm. You, Donna, Austin, and the rest made it so wonderful; something I will never forget!! I have never met you yet I consider you to be a friend–a very giving, kind person. I hope you and Donna have a wonderful trip. Please keep in touch and post some of your pictures. I hated to see the owl box end, but deep in my heart I knew it would some day. However, getting glimpses now and then and updates from you is super!!!! Love it. Thanks. Yes, I believe we all had MOLLY OBSESSIVE DISORDER!!!! Who could not!!! The comings and goings of all Molly, McGee and all the owlets was fantastic! Thank you ever so much for all your hard work and dedication. Without you this would have never happened. I loved watching it all. From the bottom of my heart, thanks!!! God Bless.
    Diane Trout
    Whitefish, Montana

  76. Joyce Hebert Says:

    oh…my son told me about molly and her eggs and i looked it up and was hooked…their first time getting out of the box was great also…sad when they left, but when email came about second clutch there i was again in front of the laptop…got nothing done again for awhile…

  77. Judy Ambrose Says:

    Happy Molly & McGee Day, all!!! (and also, by the way, my sister’s 60th Birthday). I fell in love with Molly when I first saw her sometime in early March, 2010. <3 Watching her being a Mom was incredible to me. My favorite moment was definitely "Wake up Wesley" as Wesley was also my favorite owlet although I loved them all.

    But what made The Owl Box different from all the rest was definitely you Carlos. You made our mornings so delightful and happy. I personally couldn't wait till you came on. It was like sunshine in the room.

    All that being said, I wish nothing but the best of everything for the Royal family in all your vacations and endeavors. Thanks for everything. I'll never forget it.


    P.S. I've already read Molly The Owl to my new great nephew and he loved it!!! <3

  78. VSue Says:

    Oh! Just one more thing!

    Really, this time really… :)

    Big time memories was watching the owlets begin to become adults, then fledge, then to return, then to leave, then return. The in/out comings and goings when they first began to explore their world. Especially Ashley since she, well, if had to choose favorite would be Ashley since this is when I discovered the owlbox in Clutch two.

    I remember all of us MODs worried when Ashley left one time, did not return. Well, the morning my husband made me a latte and there in my cup was an owl..Here is that picture once again

    I felt it was Ashley! LOL Actually Ashley did return for a few more days until truly ready for that final fledge. LOL

    Okay now have to head out for the days hork…um, mean work. <3 to y'owl!

  79. the listener Says:

    Well, my Internet has been out and has just come back on. I could have missed Molly and McGee Day! I only have a few minutes as there are things I have to go do, but wanted to take a minute to say how much I enjoyed The Owl Box experience. It was the whole deal that made it so special. The Royal family, Carlos’s regular live updates, SS, and of course, Molly & McGee and all their babies. I have tried to stay somewhat attached to the other MODs on facebook, etc. but I just can’t get “into” watching any of the other owl boxes. It just isn’t the same. I bought all the wonderful books, DVD, mugs, etc. and am so thankful that my daughter turned me on to The Owl Box. It was fun – and I was a part of it!

    Sherry Kelly, Author of three very different books:
    A Cat Named Zooby (a charming true story for ages 8 to 108)
    Your New Baby’s Instruction Book (a great gift for expectant parents or parents of newborns – now babies can come with instructions!)
    The Big Life of a Little Man: Michael Dunn Remembered (the “can’t put down” biography of the little person actor who played numerous roles in the 60s and 70s including that of Wild Wild West’s Dr. Loveless!)

    Google them! Ask for them at your favorite book seller!
    Call in an order to Tate Publishing 1-888-361-9473
    Or order online at,
    Contact Sherry at

  80. SactoSylvia Says:

    I loved watching the owls and learning about the owls, but what really kept me coming back was the people… Carlos, and the wonderful late night Social Stream MODs.

    Black SHeep Rebellion, anyone?

    • Memedee251 Says:

      Oh, the Black Sheep Rebellion! I still have my little black sheep avatar. One of the best things to have come out of the M&M experience is the weekly “Friday Night at the Reruns” when a bunch of us get together to watch old M&M videos.

      Carlos and Donna Royal ~ I include you and Austin in my prayers every day just as I do all my MOD famowly. Your generous hearts gave me one of the happiest experiences of my life, an experience that is immortal. Your gift of the owls has expanded my life in beautiful and innumerable ways.

      Love, Meme in Owlabama

  81. Nancy Says:

    The first clutch was absolutely magical to me. I had never been a part of anything so spectacular in my life. I started watching when the 3rd egg was laid. Someone over on another board posted your site. One afternoon of watching off and on and I was totally hooked! I deserted my family and friends. I stayed up late into the nights and woke up early in the mornings. I would only shop for something I could eat at the computer or something I could throw into the crock pot. I made excuses not to run to town on errands. I was totally in the clutches of Molly and McGee awaiting every roadkill and pocket gopher fling and fly. The second clutch was not as exciting as I felt like the babies were meaner to Mom and Dad. They bit at their legs and attacked them when they came in. The first four sort of took up for each other and missed Molly when she wasn’t there. So, I watched…and watched…but have to admit that there is nothing, and I mean nothing for me, that could have compared to Max, Wesley, Austin and Pattison. I also miss your calming, soothing voice announcing ‘Beautiful San Marcos, California’. Please consider doing this again Carlos. Think of all the people that didn’t get to experience what we did. You opened a whole new world to us that otherwise we would have never known existed. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Wildcatwoman

  82. Dianne Morris Says:

    Not sure how I learned about M&M but I think it was from Phoebe’s site but it doesn’t matter as I found my way to the Owlbox and never left from the time when the first clutch hadn’t hatched yet. What a wonderful experience unmatched by any other and never having witnessed before the sheer delight of owlets hatching, growing, fledging with all the comedy, triumphs and not so favourite tragic events that went along with it before. Favourite owlet was Wesley (what a lovable clown!) and the saddest moments were when Kelly and Jody died, especially Jody. Still makes me sad.One of my favourite heartwarming moments is when Austin came back to get Wesley as she decided whether or not to stay in the box for another day. Can still see him now on the roof of the owlbox. What a wonderful human supporting cast as well: Carlos, Donna, Austin, John Atkinson, Chris and Eric. Bless all of you and thank you! Love you all! Special thanks to Carlos for making this a viewing pleasure by providing extra cameras, a playground for the owls and daily talks to keep us up to date. Many late nights for this Easterner waiting for McGee to bring the first treat and being in the longest days of the year, the time got later and later but worth every sleepless moment!

    Have a wonderful vacation, Carlos and Donna – hope you make it to Canada! Hope when you get back from your vacation, you would kindly provide us with updates. Good luck Austin in your endeavours!

    • Nancy Brown Says:

      PS: Want to try guessing if Austin, the Grandson, had any interest in Barn Owls before Molly’s Box. In my opinion maybe he became one of the biggest MOD’s.

  83. DianaJoe Says:

    Besides falling in love with the whole Royal family. Watching the Owl Box everyday made me appreciate nature and her creatures more. I learned to laugh,cry,anticipate all the new adventures everyday. Remember us trying to coax the little owle out and then BAM out he flew like had been flying forever. I,too love “Wake Up Wesley” but also the one where Molly chases the intruder away. The screeching was awesome. I love the new boxes,but like my first love MandM own my heart.

  84. Betty Rexrode Says:

    I’ve wondered what the accumulative hours were….. from M&M watchers, from all over the globe. It must be staggering.
    Some things in life can’t be repeated…..the magic only happens occasionally….we all got lucky with M&M, and Carlos made it all possible.
    Something started out small, but blossomed into a huge world audience.

    I couldn’t even walk near my computer without taking a peek at what was going on…and then I stayed and never got anything done. Didn’t matter as I had my priorities in order. I was hooked.

    Thank you so much Carlos, Donna and Austin for this magical, once in a lifetime ride.

    I wish you God speed on your travels. Be safe and send photos and updates….we all love hearing from you.

  85. Pat Proctor Says:

    Oh my where to start,I watched the first and second clutch,fell in love with M&M Carlos and Donna for the gift we were all given.My favorite memory was the second clutch when Molly left the box for the first time,the coopers hawk was flying around the box and Molly returned with a mouse about the time the sun was coming up and decided to stay in the box with her arm (wing) around Carrie for a good part of the day.Like she was comforting her.Carlos was kind enough to allow me to use some of his photos to make keychains and that photo was in almost every keychain.It was a beautiful experience,nature at it’s best,friends,family ,love,kindness among the chatters,picnics,just plain fun and I was part of it.Happy travels to you,praying for Gods traveling mercies for you and Donna. Pat

  86. PegRod Says:

    Without the chatroom rules created and posted by Carlos (and Donna?), and the Marvelous Moderators who so graciously enforced them, I would have neve stayed to experience the joys. This was my first chat experience and I learned to absolutely love it and have fun creating new words with a bunch of creative playmates (too numerous to name) in chat.

    DotRot stimulated a poetry revolution and made chat fun with her “tweet”-sized limericks. I loved how hundreds wrote poems, including some who wrote spell-binding Haiku for the first time, like Janetniu.

    Also, many thanks to RuthRings for compiling the First Clutch “Gee that was Fun” pdf. It is a treasure of memories.

    Second Clutch – DotRot and editorial company put together the fabulous Owl Box Lexicons to capture the fun – our own special language!

    Millions of Thanks to the Moderators for their patience, love and guidance (some with the help of our Dear Ceiling Owl)!

    • PegRod Says:

      The outgrowth of education from Molly and McGee is wonderful! And, all the new owl boxes to watch are reaching more and more people around the world.

      Cowliflower also gives her memories of March 25th, 2010 in her new blog for the Bonnie and Clyde Owl Box, which has a cute photo, compliments of Coach, by the way!
      She has also posted a running notice to visit here and leave comments.

      • PegRod Says:

        I didn’t remember that it was Cowliflower who, along with Ethger and TwoCatsMom,compiled the irreplaceable “Molly Charts” with the Molly and McGee First Clutch prey statistics and more. Moderators and chatters throughout the long nights identified and kept track in an unparalleled undertaking in Owl Box history!

      • Tresbien Says:

        Just wanted to note that the Owltlaws blog is primarily the work of angowleyez with support from the moderating team and all of the chatters. We are thankful to Cowliflower for compiling the data and Angela for highlighting it in the blog. Coach’s clever collages and images are an outstanding and hilarious addition. Come visit!

      • PegRod Says:

        Tresbien – thank you for that correction – obviously I haven’t been watching the box although I find it fascinating – not enough time!

        Angowleyez and all – thank you for what you are doing!

    • NatureLuver Says:

      Thanks PegRod for all that you do and for remembering the moderators! Here are some of them, sorry can’t remember all, that touched my life….for this first time chatter:
      Whitedog, Tresbien, Chocomare, Sdsurfchick, PhilJustPhil, DotRot, Chatterchopz! Special thanks to Barylcorn for all her songs and beautiful voice, VacaDude for his cartoons and numerous talents, CAR for Cofffeeee! Caboval and SMY131 for all their hard work in the background!
      Wish I had a better memory for names. PLEASE continue the list of moderators names that made our chat experience Owlsome!!
      <3 to them all!
      Liz Garney League City, TX

      • PegRod Says:

        I love your challenge to remember all of them! I think that they are all listed in the Bonus material of the Molly the Owl ebook (worth owning in addition to the hardcoverbook).
        The “night” moderators were another motley crew who kept us safe, educated and entertained for people living in all the Time Zones around Planet Earth!

      • NatureLuver Says:

        Another moderator – TY Couleedam!
        Another behind the scene helper, Casey13d, ty for emails and phone call when I came to the second San Marcos picnic.
        So many to thank, <3 you all!

      • PegRod Says:

        This Group Card for the Moderators of Clutch 1 is still online and can be viewed page by page! A lot of names will be there as well as forgotten memories.

      • birdlovers4ever Says:

        Caboval has been so sweet and helpful to me. I appreciate all of her efforts, as well as the many others who have contributed innumerable hours to the task of moderating.

  87. LizOregon Says:

    Thanks to a link provided by someone on another totally unrelated site, I arrived at the Owl Box about a year ago between Pattison’s and Austin’s hatching. Barn owls and live webcams were new to me, but I was hooked instantly. Soon, my husband joined in, watching on his iPhone, so we had stereo screeching in our RV!

    And what a joy it was to share the joys and sorrows of the first clutch with a worldwide community of bright, funny, compassionate people. I can’t even begin to estimate the hours I spent in the company of Molly’s family, both feathered and human. What fun we had chatting about food, making puns, having roll call, etc. while we waited for McGee to bring food. Carlos and Donna and mods, thank you for keeping the chat safe, informative, and fun. Carlos, thank you for your warm and reassuring broadcasts. And Donna, thank you for reminding Carlos to “turn on the sound”, and for putting up with your home and life being turned upside down!

    My favorite moment was watching Max swallow his first mouse whole. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing! I loved watching the owlets venture outside the box for the first time and play on the platforms. Another favorite was on the last night when all the owlets had left the box and Molly and McGee returned for some “bonding”. What a perfect ending!

    Although we are from Oregon, we happened to be in San Diego in May, so we were able to go to the picnic and meet Carlos and Donna, Austin, Eric Blehm and some of our chat buddies. What a highlight that was!

    Molly hatched more than owlets. There are VacaDude and his delightful cartoons, Eric Blehm’s wonderful book(s), Austin’s DVD, Carlos’ beautiful Coffee Table Books, Cafe Press products–a whole cottage (no, owl box) industry. Every morning I have my coffee in a VacaDude mug with Molly and McGee and the owlets. I have Eric’s book, Austin’s DVD, VacaDude’s cartoons, and a Max in the Palm mug. When we move out of our RV into a house, I will add Carlos’ book and some photos for the wall.

    Molly, McGee and their family flew into my life a year ago and stole my heart. No reality show will ever top The Owl Box! Thank you Carlos, Donna, Austin and all MODs for making this a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

    Liz (and equally hooked husband Ron)
    Ashland, OR (and on the road in our RV)

    Happy Trails, Carlos and Donna. :-)

    • carlosroyal Says:

      We will be hitting the road next week in our RV headed north to Canada and plan to make a few stops in Oregon. Thanks for joining in.

      Carlos Royal

      • LizOregon Says:

        Have a great trip! Wave to Ashland for us as you pass by. Wish we could be there to treat you to dinner, but we’re still in the southwest and won’t be home until the end of April. Safe travels.
        Liz and Ron

  88. ArtLady Says:

    I came on about halfway through the first clutch. I don’t even remember how I found the site, but once here I stayed! But I’ve always lurked, never been a part of the conversation, mainly for lack of time. It’s been wonderful, though, and I’ve loved every minute of it — thanks so much!

  89. LoveYourDNA Says:

    Dear Royal Family,

    “Thank you” just doesn’t seem good enough for all the joy, excitement, love, fellowship and even sadness your owl box brought me. My old high school best friend posted it on my fb page and from that moment on, I couldn’t get enough! There will never be another quite like you…

    Travel safe &
    with much love,

  90. Diane Moffett Says:

    Carlos You and Molly have changed my life i watched an eagle site and in there absense swithched to Molly and her 2nd clutch. It was so exciting watching the eggs being hatched, them being fed and becoming individual owlets. I now view nature in a different way and am excited to share with others. I feel truely blessed and am on a mission to help everyone i can enjoy wild owls and eagles. These birds are fasinating creatures and i cannot get enough. Thank you and Molly for changing my life. My life has been really hard as i am really poor,but escaping into Molly and Mcgees world has lifted me up in these hard times. I dreamed everyday of which item i would own of mollys if i had the money it was truely fun. I loved hearing the Molly songs they made me smile. I will miss Molly, Mcgee and our 2nd clutch of owlets this was a terrific learning experience and i never knew how beautiful Barn owls are. Thank you for caring about the world around you. And for bring us Molly and Mcgee. May you be blessed for ever you are agreat man. Thanks,

    • birdlovers4ever Says:

      Diane post your wish list here and a mail box in which to receive gifts and you never know… ;)

  91. carlosroyal Says:

    Donna and I just returned from the Apple Store where I tried to buy an iPad without success. We got there an hour before the store opened but that was too late to get the model we wanted so we will try again tomorrow…a little earlier.

    I would also like to say we were recognized and greeted as there were other Owl Box watcher in the line.

    • NatureLuver Says:

      Yes, Carlos and Donna, you are famous!
      I have the original iPad but plan to update once the craze is over and can get one without the wait. I have enjoyed my iPad, especially at night watching M&M in bed when I should have been sleeping. Think I got an average of 3.5, maybe 4 hours of sleep a night during C1 and 2.

    • Mary Leo aka ChinaDoll Says:

      Carlos – I ate at the Elephant Bar recently and have to admit that I was almost expecting the Royal family to walk in the door. My friends asked why I kept glancing at the various groups of people being seated. You should at least have a plaque posted on on one of the booths! MOD is apparently a life long affliction…

    • Sherry Kelly Says:

      Sounds like I need to check into iPads! You and Donna will always be recognized by MODs!

  92. Buffalo Eileen Says:

    Watching Molly and McGee through their last 2 nesting experiences was one of the happiest times of my life. It was all consuming as one just couldn’t tear themself away from watching those little darlings.
    THANKS for all you have done for us Carlos and Donna and Austin. I am so happy to have my DVD to relive this experience again and again.

  93. Roz L-M Says:

    Hi! What a great idea- Molly and McGee day! I was with M & M from the time Austin hatched through the first clutch fledge and then again with the second clutch. I became very attached to the owls and owlets.Molly and Max are the most beautiful owls in the world, in my opinion. In addition to the fun, I have learned so much. This dawned on me yeasterday as I listened to a radio broadcast about eagles. One broadcaster asked the other when it would be likely that one could see the new eaglets. Suddenly, I had visions of the hatching eggs, the scrawny eaglets, the feeding of rodents and fish (first probably like the owlets, in small schreds and later whole), and their eventual fledge when the human world could finally see them. Without the broadcast I would have none of this understanding of the natural world. Thanks you Donna, Carlos and Austin and thank you Molly and McGee!
    P.S. Carlos- we are getting some sunny days in Washington. Could be looking good in Canada soon!

  94. Cathy Messer Says:

    Not only did Molly and McGee make my year but so did the Royals!! Donna, Carlos and Austin wow you feel so much like family along with a lot of other followers. We fell in love with your family and our “special” owl family. I heard about it on NBC news and by the time I got around to watching it was for the 2nd clutch and I was totally hooked, hooked beyond words can describe. What entertainment and heart breaks all at the same time. At times I laughed so hard I was afraid I’d wake someone up in the house. But I could not get enough of them, I was glued to the computer and when Ashley and Carrie left it left a big hole but that’s ok as you enlightened us so much on the wildlife of the owls with no interference and it was awsome. Carlos you kept us so informed and you are so missed. Donna you started all this for wanting an Owl box and I bet you had no idea it would be millions of people from around the world filling your life and looking in your backyard at the life of the Owls. It was great watching the chat although I did not join in since I am a caregiver I never knew when I’d have to pull myself away. The chats made me laugh so hard sometimes, the group was great and the comments so funny about our little friends. I cannot explain how it changed my life, I have much more respect for the Owls, did not know much about them at all. Now I have large frame prints, mugs, t-shirts, sweatshirts and boxes of M&M and I love it. Your site and family will always be very close to my heart as we all grew to love you and your family and the owls. Your the one of a kind guy who connected so well with everyone and you are truly missed. I can still see the owlets watching bugs, twisting their heads and jumping around the box and learning to fly and stomp on things so many memories which will never be forgotten! I wish you and your family safe travels this summer and hope you enjoy every minute of it as you deserve it. Thank you so much for a great 2010 with the Owls and your wonderful family, what magic it was! And I am glad I was part of it. Much Thanks….

  95. Susan Says:

    HAPPY M&M DAY! I will never forget the informative, captivating lives of these two endearing owls. I will ALWAYS have MOD. Molly is my role model. McGee is my hero. Carlos is THE MAN. Donna is the ever strong woman behind the man. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  96. carlosroyal Says:

    I also received an eamil from Eric in whcih he said that Molly & McGee, The Second Clutch is basically finish and will be shipped off for printing next week.

    I have not seen the final drft as yet. Eric said, I was going to be surprised because he and the book designer had included some of my other fantastic bird photos in the book because they were also part of the Molly and McGee story and of my backyard photography.

    Now, I am excited about seeing a copy. That Eric, sure knows how to build some drama, doesn’t he. It shows why he is a New York Times best selling author.

    • PegRod Says:

      Molly the Owl Books publishing company, founded by Eric Blehm and his wife, Lorien, is a lasting tribute to the creative spirit awakened in so many by Molly the Muse!

      Carlos Royal’s photographs are unmatched and Eric Blehm and his colleagues know how to present these beautiful “captured moments” in treasure books. I bet that these coffee table books as well as Eric’s book for all ages, Molly the Owl, with Chris Adams’ magical and endearing illustrations, will be enjoyed for hundreds of years! The book trailer is a work of art and one of my favorite videos, too!

      I highly recommend Eric’s award winning book, The Last Season, for its beautiful descriptions of nature and for the careful journalistic investigation and accounts in this true life mystery.

    • Sherry Kelly Says:

      I have my copy of The Second Clutch on order along with an order for the little children’s board book. Can’t wait to get them both! Everything I have ordered thus far has been first class!

  97. Joy Allen Says:

    I don’t remember how I found out about the owl box but it fascinated me. I don’t sleep well so would oftne watch Molly at night when they were active. I only saw the original first clutch because I thought Carlos said he wasn’t going to do it again right away and I didn’t even know he was showing the second clutch. I also didn’t know when it started again this year. Living in Michigan, it has been a long winter and it never even occurred to me to look for the owl box. Is there a way you can notify or e-mail us when the box is on? I did get a notice a few weeks ago and when I tried to view it said the camera was off. I just loved watching them because she is beautiful and I marvel at the wonders of creation. It isn’t every day we get to watch something like that. When they fledged I felt such a let down that it was all over. Thanks again.

    • birdlovers4ever Says:

      Joy- Molly Royal has a page on Facebook. If you are on there, “like” her and you will get updates.

  98. owloverbo Says:

    Favorite moments-Max as a newborn(hooked me for life), the mouse that got away, anniv greetings for Inch(s), singing with Asch, face plants, horks, the “Molly songs” watching the class be broadcast around the world, Carlos, Donna, Austin,
    knowing the sound of a landing when Molly wasn’t in the box and so glad to hear her back, this blog, the magic it all brought to my life?
    I was glad to be a part of it.

  99. Jean D. Says:

    I care for my elderly mom. My only down time is early in the morning before she wakes up and late at night after she is in bed. Watching the owls was my virtual escape. From hatching to fledgings, I was there and what I missed I saw on “re-runs”. With all the troubles in our economy and in the world, Molly’s Box was a peaceful place. It was both the owls and people that drew us in. Carlos, you made us laugh and we miss you. Eric, Vaca Dude and Austin gave us books,cartoons and that wonderful DVD. And the wonderful songs by Barbara Allen, they still run thru my mind. The mods kept order and kept us informed. It was drama, comedy, worry, gore at feeding time, and both joy and sadness when the owls fledged and left us. I drove my friends nuts with Molly updates in e-mails, letters and phone calls. Many also caught the Molly bug and they all got Molly magnets at Christmas. But my greatest thanks goes to Donna, the unsung heroine is this adventure. She gave her home and yard to computers and miles of cable, passed on planned vaction time and even sacrificed Carlos to us. This was a 24/7 undertaking for Carlos and he never failed us. Thank goodness the new RV is working out and that Donna and Carlos are finaly going to travel. God bless you both. You are forever in our hearts and prayers. It was an experience we will never forget.

  100. Marie Says:

    One of the funniest moments was watching the first owlett learn to fly. All those practice run-ups! And then half flying half falling to the ground and then half flying and half hopping to get back up!!!
    Some great laughs!!
    My husband got very interested in Taunt. He always wanted to know if anyone had seen Taunt lately!

  101. Gail Says:

    Happy Molly and McGee Day! I love fuzzy animals, especially bears. I’ve been watching pandas and polar bears online for years. In a panda blog someone mentioned the owl box and gave the link. Lucky me – I clicked while Molly was sitting on that first clutch of eggs and was hooked. I learned so much about owls and other birds. I loved the fuzzy, bobbing owlets, but the most emotional times for me came as they stepped outside the owl box and practiced flying. Such joy as they tried, succeeded and then disappeared from view. Now I must say I love fuzzy and feathered animals. Thank you all!

  102. Lou Ann Newsom Says:

    I started watching just before Austin hatched. I was struggling with a illness with my husband and Molly gave me a reason to keep going. Kept my mind engaged and people who cared. I have a new appreciation for birds in general because of this experience. Thank you so much, I miss M and M it is just not the same watching other owls!

  103. PegRod Says:

    Music, Music, Music! Some of the Lyrics are free to see here and bring back so many memories of singing in front of the computer along with thousands all over the world! Virtual sing-alongs.

    Molly Song by Barlycorn
    Molly Was Her Name by Barlycorn
    Molly Bobble by Musique2 (notfordistribution)
    The Owl Box Rockz! By VacaDude
    BugGirl’s Ode – See July 17th entry and click on “download here” – lyrics are found in “Gee that was fun” on Molly’s Blog

  104. carlosroyal Says:

    Yes, Tauntz is still around and hopping about under the owl box. We see him regularly.

    • Nancy Anthony Says:

      Thank you for the update on Tauntz. I have been wondering about him. He must have magic dust sprinkled on him.

      Have fun on your trip. Be sure to take rain gear. I just got back from a trip to the Olympic Peninsula and it rained all the time. Hope all the winter storms are over before you get there.

      P.S. Be sure to have a meal at one of the Mo’s on the Oregon Coast. You won’t be disappointed.

    • PegRod Says:

      The first photo of Tauntz (I think) is in the same group with the fabulous photo that Donna Royal took of Carlos taking a photo of the owlets in the neighbor’s Palm Tree, and those fabulous photos of the owlets peeking through the palm leaves – daytime shots!

      • Roz L-M Says:

        I agree. Those photos of the kids in the palm tree are the BEST! Carlos, you are so talented. The one of Max has been a favorite computer screensaver.

    • Sherry Kelly Says:

      Yay for Tauntz!

  105. Sher Says:

    Thanks for the memories. A once in a lifetime event with the first clutch.

    I am sure you will be traveling our beautiful Oregon coast, but if you are near Salem email me; I would love to buy you lunch.

    Safe travels.

  106. NatureLuver Says:

    I cried when I read Carlos’ blog yesterday that we were chatting today on Molly & McGee Day! Brings back so many memories and emotions. Then reading all the posts today….have to keep wiping away tears! Love everything about MOD!

    One of my many favorite moments was when I logged on to chat just as Carlos was announcing that I won the Molly yard sign contest! Who would have thought I’d be #25 to post a picture of my front yard with Molly Watcher signs. I was crying, laughing, screaming with joy and trying to express that on chat. So many congrats flying thru chat. I was totally overwhelmed. Wow, that was totally FUN, and I was a part of it! Plus I have a beautiful coffee table book as my prize. DEET DEET DEET!

    Thank You Carlos, Donna, Eric, Chris, John, Barbara, Austin, Molly & McGee, Owlets!
    Liz Garney, League City, TX

    • PegRod Says:

      NatureLuver – I love those memories and the Molly signs! It was not until Carlos talked about the Molly yard sign contest and the Vote Molly signs that followed that I was able to have my eyes opened to see the wonderful words Chris Adams surrounded Molly with. I loved the photo of the young owlets – such love and pride. But with the Vote Molly sign, writing was in light blue, it had been hidden from me, but suddenly the words in light blue stood out and captured my heart!

      Beauty, Grace, Respect, Humor, Kindness, Perseverance, Heart, Loyalty, Caring and Friendship – Vote Molly the Owl – Peace * Love * Community

      I love the Vote Molly Trailer, too!

  107. Chris in Olympia, WA (cbbrunner) Says:

    Yesterday, March 24th was my one year anniversary watching Molly! I had received an email from a friend telling me about the site on Sportsman’s Paradise saying “The Momma was in there when I watched but I didn’t see the baby yet…amazing feed…”. I went to the site and looked and emailed her back “I saw the baby!! Cool!!” Thus was born an obsession that continues to this day. My family isn’t sure whether to thank you or not, but I do. While I do need to monitor my live camera viewing in order to be able to live “real life”, I have met some great friends and had some great times as a result of meeting Molly, and you, Carlos, as well. Thank you!

  108. Nancy Brown Says:

    “deet, deet, deet” Happy M&M Day. Hooked from first sight. Last March on a rainy day on our Vermont VTBIRD chat of sightings there was a link. My first veiwing was of Molly feeding newly hatched Max. Oh I have learned so much about owls, people, even computers. Whooo would think this old bird watcher could master an avatar, take a screen shot? Thank you SPO chatters. Thank you to Carlos and Donna, without you it would not have been. So inspiring, I will treasure Austin’s DVD, the two coffee table books of your fabulous photography, #2 soound just as wonderful as the 1st. The best to all, Gee it was fun and I was a part of it, enjoy birds.

  109. Carla In SEAZ Says:

    I didn’t learn of the owl box until the second clutch and started watching after Ashley and Carried had hatched. As an avid birdwatcher and nature lover, this was right up my alley. All it took was one visit to the box and I was hooked. Nature in action. I learned a lot about owl behavior from Molly and McGee and a lot of other things from all the wonderful people I got to know. And what a wonderful host family, Carlos, Donna and Austin. To many favorite memories to just pick one, but I’ll never forget the owl box and all the happiness it has brought me and everyone who watched.

  110. Randee G Says:

    I heard about the owl box on the news. Tuned in before any of clutch #1 hatched and was totally hooked for the year. Much gratitude to you and your crew, Carlos, for keeping us in the loop for so long.

    Many of my favorite moments have already been mentioned. However, most unforgettable was the episode of Molly and the Easter Bunny. That one is burned into my brain cells forever! I defy anyone who watched to say they could ever forget it!

    Randee in Escondido

    • NatureLuver Says:

      Wow, Randee G, you are so right. I was there LIVE for that one on Easter Eve! Not a favorite moment but most surely one of the most unforgettable. No recording of that one…too traumatic with the bunny screams. Turned off the Owl Box for the rest of that night but was back again the next morning. Can’t keep a MOD away for long!

  111. grams3cs(Tamera Howard) Says:

    Both my little dog Peanut and I shared the whole Molly and McGee experience. When she would hear the neighbor’s great danes bark, she knew the owls were on and she would come running to sit on the desk in front of the keyboard. When she heard the intro to the Molly Song, she would look at me like she was begging me not to sing. I think she even misses that now. I still get tears running whenever I think of M & M and the kidz. Never thought a bunch of darling owls would affect me that way. It truly was a fantastic experience and hope someday we can all share it again. Thank you Donna, Carlos and Austin for all the wonderful memories, and thank you to all the new friends I have made thru the Owl Box. To the Royals, have a great vacation and a safe one. Love the blogs….keep them coming!!!! grams

  112. Karen in Sebring (SPO site) Says:

    Thank you Carlos, Donna and Austin for bringing The Ways of the Owls into my home. A friend sent me the SPO link and the first thing I heard before the picture came up was a horrendously loud hissing sound! DH was asleep so I immediately turned the sound down, and then those tiny, disosaur-like creatures appeared, along with the most beautiful bird I had ever seen–Molly and her four babies, Max, Pattison, Austin and Wesley. I was hooked! My DH wasn’t interested but I was on the site most of the day and until McGee showed up with the first treat, about 11:15 here in FL. I could not leave them. I ate meals at my desk and no housework got done! The chat was funny, informative (thanks to the SPO chatters who put up the wIKI!), supportive, and many of us have actually met in person, all because you streamed the owl box. My favorite memories include Max climbing up the ladder, getting back to the owl box, and when Austin came back one more night to encourage Wesley to finally leave. I will never forget how no-fear Austin just shot out of the box and flew the very first time he tried. The older ones had been so tentative, but not him! And one more: I waited with great anticipation for Carlos to broadcast every day–I just loved seeing your happy face each day! Thanks for teaching me so much about the natural world. I love you all. Happy trails! Love, Karen

  113. Donna Says:

    a good and sad memory for me was watching Jody hatch live and the depth of the sadness i felt when she passed. you would have thought i lost a dear friend. i know its life, but its so emotional. i love all these owls and actually the stage that they all are now is my favorite because they are so cute and snuggly, but developing personalities. hope the new sites we are watching provide us with outside cameras to see their escapades like when Wesley had to be coazed out of the box. so cute..i miss Molly and her babies so much..i miss Carlos and Donna…they are the best.

  114. Donna Says:

    Have a great vacation..enjoy that new motorhome and come back safe. pictures and postings will be appreciated by all of us with MOD.
    On this special day, can you give us an update on Molly and her babies??? please

  115. Cathy Haggblom Says:

    I just want to thank you again, on letting me to watch Molly and McGee. What wonderful owls, I had never heard of barn owls before coming to this sight. I’ve learn so much more with nature and sights and sound. I hope some day or should I say year you would come back and let us watch it all over again. I still enjoy getting the updates, keep them coming.
    Also, enjoy your vacation, be safe and take care.
    Thank you again

  116. PegRod Says:

    Ice Cream
    Oh, My!

    It’s getting near lunchtime and I am reminded of all the discussions of Food! The Molly Watchers Cookbook was an enormogiganticus undertaking by DotRot – what started off as “maybe we’ll get 300 recipes” turned into a Tasty Tome – described as”

    “This fully indexed collection from the creative minds of Molly watchers around the world contains over 1,000 recipes, as well as household tips, personal stories, and photos. There are also illustrations by John “VacaDude” Atkinson.”

    I will never forget jes63 being the first to get the cookbook printed in two volumes! She took it for others to see at one of the early Elephant Bar get-togethers, while at the same time Molly fans were trying to figure out how to print the e-book of Molly the Owl.

  117. mj Says:

    When I first started watching Molly & Mcgee and the kids, I never ever dreamed I would sit and watch and smile and laugh and worry about Barn Owls. Sure made a believe out of me. That was the most wonderful experience I have had in such a long time. Watching Molly & McGee, then the eggs coming and hatching. I never knew that barn owls had such a loving and wonderful connection with each other. My computer went down one time during the M&M saga, that I had to run down to our library and get on one of their computers because I didn’t want to miss anything. I remember the time that McGee brought Molly a rabbit and she did not want that rabbit. She would push it away and McGee would bring it back to her. Finally he gave up and left, very very soon after McGee left, out the door with the rabbit went Molly……Remember the old saying…’If Momma ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy”….Thank you for ever and ever Carlos & Donna for letting us into their lives.

  118. Cindy Says:

    Those babies gave me much light and laughter during a miserable work situation. They also gave me a feeling that all is well, at least in one small corner of the world.

  119. ginger in tn Says:

    Oh, watching Molly and McGee and the first four was such a wonderful amazing and fun time. I loved watching nature unfold, and I loved chatting with all the wonderful people on the SPO!!! I will cherish my mug, my photo, my book, my necklace etc. that I purchased during this fun time!! Thank you Carlos and Donna for letting us invade your home, your yard, your family and your life for a while….the time will always be remembered and always cherished!!

  120. KathrynR Says:

    Molly and McGee’s first clutch was so magical to me. I started watching just after the second egg hatched, and next thing I knew I was on almost 24/7 it seemed. I couldn’t wait for updates and squee’ed with delight at every new milestone. And for the second clutch, I loved “Cashley” for their comical antics.

    But for you Carlos, all I can say is “Sound, Carlos, turn on the sound!!!” LOL.

    Thank you Carlos, Donna, Austin and Eric for an incredible year.

  121. Karen B. Says:

    The Molly and McGee owl cam opened up a whole new world of owls to me. What a wondrous look into the private lives of the barn owl! I never could have imagined all the human connections these owls have brought together. My favorite moment that I witnessed was the “Wake Up Wesley” interaction between Wesley, sleeping on the floor, and Austin, prodding her/him to get up. I laughed so hard watching that!

  122. Claudia Says:

    May favorite M&M moment was the morning Austin decided to return to the owlbox and spend another day with Wesley. I remember Carlos giving Donna the word, and hearing her say, “Oh, no!” We loved those owls but they sure interfered with the plans we made….

  123. Torri Says:

    This whole experience was wonderful- there aren’t enought superlatives to express my feelings. I watched the first clutch with awe and then the second clutch was my comfort zone as my mom went into hospice. We lost her and one of the babies within hours of each other. All of you were wonderful to me and to each other- what a magnificant group of humans who became so influenced by these lovely owls.
    I’m now grateful for all the other boxes so I can keep in touch with the wonders that Carlos started.

  124. The Appelts Says:

    Happy, M&M Day, to all! What a joyous time we had and are still having due to the Molly books, songs, and memories. My husband and I are traveling through the Florida Keys and passed the time by recalling the fun and poignant times spent in the Royals’ owl box. We experienced the highest of highs and the lowest of lows but one emotion remained constant — an amazing bonding of kindred spirits from all countries, all backgrounds, and all points of view. Now that is what I call an owlsome experience!

    Our best to all on this special day and a heartfelt thanks to Carlos, Donna, and Austin for sharing M&M and the kidz with all of us.

    spoonbread of Colorado

  125. Laurie Bishop Says:

    I always will regret not seeing the first clutch from the beginning, but I watched from just before they fledged, and had the greatest time. I’m not sure why. The comraderie? The enthusiasm and humor? The cuteness of those precocious little owlets? The excitement of waiting and watching, night after night, while they contemplated their next step into the world…? The information about owls contributed, too, so I knew what to watch for and consequently my anticipation grew. Well, I think all of that, plus your (Carlos’) great announcing skills. :-)

    Anyway…what a time it was. I’m grateful for it.

  126. Camperfamily (Kim) Says:

    I first found out about M&M from my daughter, whose classmate had been watching the 1st clutch. I was taken at that very moment! It was a journey into nature that many of us have never seen. We were able to see ‘inside’ the home of a Barn Owl!
    I was able to attend the San Marcos picnic and the Elephant Bar gathering! The friendships made have been so much fun!
    The MOD’s have given so much of their time and I thank them for that! They made the chat room safe, interesting and at times very funny!! Thank you to all the MODS!!
    We now live in the country and have a Great Horned Owl who lives close by. Each night they come to sit on our house! Hoo hoo hoo!!! We are in the process of building an owl box and hope to have a family of our own! I find horks on our property and carefully inspect them! They are full of interesting little things!!
    My ‘non- owl’ friends think I’m a bit ‘off’, but it’s ok….maybe, I am! I know I will always have my owl friends to comfort me!!!
    Hugs to all of you!!

  127. Joyce Says:

    I love Molly the best but next was Ashley . When you named her Ashley , my granddaughter Ashley and I had a screaming fit on the phone. My granddaughter and I really bonded over this wonderful experience . It was so wonderful and amazing that it became special to so many people. Thank you Carlos and Donna and Austin for all you did to make this so extraordinary. When I printed the recipe book I think my husband almost fainted. He never did get what a wonderful thing this was!!!! Having MOD is hard to understand but other MOD’s get it !!!!! In fact this was one of the most fun things in my life.

  128. Sarah Says:

    I started watching Molly, McGee, and the kids the day that Wesley hatched–I heard of the site just in time to watch the hatching, and from then on I was hooked. Watched the kids grow up and fledge, and was broken hearted to think I would never hear from them again. I was so happy when I checked in on the owl box and discovered a new set of eggs, and was so happy when Ashley hatched on my birthday. I followed the second clutch as much as I could, but because of a move and change in internet service, could only watch a few minutes at a time and late at night. I became a real night owl.

    Thank you so much for the glimpses of Clutch 3. It is so good to hear from you from time to time. I missed the live program a couple of weeks ago, but was thrilled to find that a video was available and I was able to watch it late at night.

    Thank you for opening my world to include this most fascinating experience. That is just what this old grandma needed.

    Sarah from Tennessee Great Smoky Mountains

  129. Theresa Says:

    I miss not seeing Molly and McGee. I enjoyed all the times we got to watch as a team. I truely think the magic in all of it was with the Royals. They took us into their lives and made each one of feel special and wanted. We all grew as a family and I just want to say thank you in the deepest way. You can watch anything, but to make it magic, you need the kindness of someone who is willing to give up their life for strangers. Maybe next year we can invade their lives again as I think they miss us too. With sincere gratefullness and much love I say to you the Royals….we all love and appreciate YOU!!

    Theresa aka windbeneathwing

  130. YTQ Says:

    I haven’t read the other responses, because I want my thought to be mine.
    I was totally enthralled with the OB, M&M, chat, pictures, Carlos’ broadcasts, Cafe` Press. I didn’t get a lot of sleep, up late watching the owlets and the parents, up early doing the same thing. I was in heaven! And in love! It was like my first real life love. Emotional, deep, long lasting and unforgettable. When it got taken away, I was MAD! At everyone and everything connected with it. And I lashed out at Carlos. I’m sorry for that. I truly am.
    But the most wonderful thing is the experience of seeing these beautiful creatures up close and personal, getting to know them, their personalities, and the stuff I learned is incredible! I researched, and read, and learned so very much. I will never forget it.
    Thank you Carlos, Donna and Austin. Molly and McGee were my first loves and the time spent in the OB will stay with me forever. What an experience!

  131. Marla in Colorado Says:

    Just last night I was looking through my Molly and McGee book…first clutch. After looking through the glorious pictures again,I decided I was going to write Carlos and Donna a note of appreciation. Then I see today is celebrate Molly and McGee day!
    I can’t even begin to say what this experience has brought to me. The discovery, the knowledge, the amusement, the friendships, the miracle of life all has been experienced here and will forever be kept in my heart. I am so thankful to have the pictures capturing the journey I traveled with Molly and McGee and families. The love I hold for them is fierce and intense. They endeared the barn owl to me for a life time.
    I’ve shared with my pre-school class about barn owls and we have made owl art projects this year. All because of Molly and McGee. This is something I will do every year with each class.
    Carlos and Donna, I can’t thank you enough for the delightful trip with a common barn owl. Your dedication to it was amazing, your pictures stunning and your enthusiasm contagious. Thank you, from my heart.
    Molly and McGee will live on….a long time after their earthly life is gone. Thank you for that. It has all been a wonderful gift and is so appreciated.
    Marla in Colorado

  132. PegRod Says:

    Molly Fans around the world rallied, figured out how to vote online, and created a successful land-slide Victory for the Common Barn Owl to win Audubon California’s Bird of the Year!

    “Gee that was fun, and we were a part of it!”

    • debbie Says:

      that was so awesome. and a write-in at that!
      tho they would not accept an individual bird’s name…he said that they would know who we meant. :)

      go molly!

  133. SARose69 Says:

    I loved getting up early to check in on the owls just before dawn [not so bad for me viewing in the Central Time Zone] and hearing the squawk of owlets last thing at night. As long as there was squawking, even if I was in the other room, I knew all was well with the world. I especially appreciated the Chaco’s Rodentia Network News in the morning! Always brought me a smile to start my day!

  134. SARose69 Says:

    And I’m wearing one of my Molly shirts today in honor of M&M Day!

  135. VacaDude Says:

    Last Sunday the 20th of March marked my 1 year anniversary of the first time I brought up the Owl Box on my computer. What a year it has been!

    I am sure that of the generic memories I could conjure, most will have already been covered by others. So I will say that for my own part Molly and McGee awoke something in me that had been hibernating–my sense of silly. Then in the course of meeting the other MODs, I experienced an explosion of ideas and a stretching of my creative and artistic muscles (hopefully offsetting the various corporeal muscle groups that did NOT get much of a workout in this past year). Through a desire to entertain and inspire, I began to try new things and new artistic mediums. I began to get that feeling that anything was once again possible. The ideas were without limit. (The credit cards, alas, are definitely limited–as my recent forays onto eBay have so recently proven).

    And for me it still continues–last night I broadcast my 75th episode of the VacaChat! So we are still having fun, still pushing the boundaries, and still partaking of all the glorious sights and sounds of owl box watching.

    And yet, for all the new fuzzy faces to get to know and watch grow, I have to say that Molly and her family will always hold a special place in my heart. It’s like they say–you never forget your first love!

    And so to Carlos, Donna, Austin, Eric, Chris, Barlycorn, the moderators, and everybody else who was and continues to be a part of this experience, I wish to thank you all from the bottom of my silly, silly soul!

  136. PegRod Says:

    I remember the morning when Moderator ChocoMare was inspired and wrote this wonderful creation – it is in the Bonus Material of the Molly the Owl e-book, but I also copied it from chat! A lot of people may not have seen it – Thank you Head and Chief Moderator ChocoMare for your care(and for Rodentia News Network!).

    The Gospel According to Carlos
    By Susan Elise Auten (ChocoMare)

    In the beginning was the Box. And the Box was without stainz, horkz, or shagz. And it was good.
    And the Ceiling Owl said, “Let there be Owlz”. And the Owlz came and it was good.
    And, behold, the Owlz were fruitful and multiplied in accordance with Ceiling Owl’z command. And it was very good.
    And Ceiling Owl said, “I shall give my hooman the ability to use technology to share Owlz with my world.” And there was Carlos and Donna and it was very, very good.
    And the world rejoiced and thanked Carlos and Ceiling Owl for the blessings of Wee Owlz.
    And, lo, the Owletz ate of the rodentia of the land: rabbitz, ratz and mousies, and other creaturez of unidentified name. And Owletz grew.
    So in the fullness of time, the Owletz grew feathers and gained in strength and wisdom, learning from Molly and McGee.
    And when Ceiling Owl appointed the time, the Owletz departed the Box and flew on their own.
    And Ceiling Owl, Carlos, Donna and the World were pleased.


  137. gmarch Says:

    July 2010 changed my life 4ever! Brian Williams was on the NBC Nighty News broadcast w/his last story, about a barn owl named Molly in San Marcos, CA. I quickly went online and found her. I was hooked immediately! Many a great late night/early morning was spent watching my lil Ashzilla and Cary grow into stunningly gorgeous owls. Molly and Leggs Mcgee will 4ever be w/me. My fellow viewers and I laughed and we cried, but it was a fabulous ride:) Thank-you, Carlos (and your family) 4 all you have given me.

  138. Michele Says:

    Happy Molly and McGee Day! I started watching just when Wesley was born and she did turn out to be my favorite! So funny how she didn’t want to leave home. I learned so much about owls from watching…I was most impressed by what wonderful parents they are. Plus the babies can be hilarious!

    I also enjoyed the on-line community. It was the first time I ever felt compelled to chat on line. The sing-alongs with Barbara Allen were so much fun. And getting to know Carlos and Donna made it all the more special. I did get to where I was having “Coffee with Carlos” in the morning. Thank you for your warmth and for a wonderful experince. We will always love Molly and McGee! I wish you and Donna all the best in your travels.

  139. Gabrielle in Houston Says:

    Molly and McGee created a family that was and is beautiful and free and fascinating. The REAL family, however, was created by Carlos and Donna and Austin when they broadcast the owls. This Super-family was large, and raucous, sometimes contentious like all families can be, but above all it was kind and loving and caring. All over the planet people were engaged, and fascinated and interacting in a way that could be a model for anyone who believes that true peace is possible on earth. There are other owls and owl boxes, it is the people who made them so unique. Thank you Carlos, and Donna and Austin. And thank you to all of us who watched and interacted and cared not only for the owls, but each other. God Bless us every one.

  140. Sherrie Pearl Says:

    Dear Carlos & Donna,

    When I found Molly, McGee & Family on March 29th, 2010 it was truly one of the best experiences that I could have. A friend sent me the link of Molly & the bunny and also the OB link, I was hooked immediately, it did however take me a while to figure out how to chat :)

    Last year was a special time with the happy and the sad times in the owl box. This experience has opened the door to many new friendships. There are many other owl boxes out there, Molly & McGee will always be in my heart. I miss your live chats, I loved hearing This is Carlos Royal coming to you from San Marcos,CA.

    I used to love staying up glued to the PC waiting for McGee to come in with a treat and only getting to see his legz, and checking on the owl box 1st thing in the morning before I did anything else.

    I have a new appreciation for owls.

    I love watching Wake Up Wesley and Ashley & Carrie. Loved watching the 4 owlettes playing at night on their playground.

    Thank you Carlos, Donna & Austin for bringing us M & M and putting your lives on hold.

    Thank you Eric,Chris and John and Barbara.

    I am so happy to say “Gee That Was Fun and I Am So Lucky and Blessed to Have Been Part Of It”

    If you’re ever in the Phila area I would love to meet up with you.

    Safe travels and thank you so much for all that you have and will continue to do.

    Love always
    Sherrie ( Sher67 )

  141. karen plate Says:

    Dear Donna and Carlos,
    I started watching M%M after seeing you on the NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams. Since then I have been hooked. The many friends that I and many have met are unbelievable. From all over the world! Which in its own right makes this incredible beyond words. But, I think one of my most memorable moments was having to watch Carrie fledge. My heart was broken because I knew she was gone off to her new life. For me it was very sad and I remember crying like I had just lost a friend. I Love Molly and McGee. It was your broadcasting that took me to a new place in cyber world. Which I had never ever been. I love you guys and hope you all will be forever in my life. You are forever in my heart. Sometimes I wonder if one of the owls I watch now is one of Molly and McGee’s? First love. First clutch, and 10 miles as the crow flies. I often wonder…but I can believe. Hugs to you, Donna and Austin.

  142. Holly Sue Says:

    Dear Carlos, Donna and Austin~
    How monumental! Happy Molly and McGee Day, along with honors to the world’s most beloved owlets! The photographs are terrific as always.
    After I learned of Molly and McGee on NBC I was hooked and glued to my newly purchased laptop ~ after all M&M could go wherever I’d go! I sit here in my M&M shirt with my M&M mug and reminisce….
    No thank you that I could offer would ever be adequate to show my unending appreciation for your 24/7 devotion to bringing us the miracle that Molly and McGee became to all of us. We sat with anxious anticipation for each hatch, grieved at loss, tried to understand the “way of the owl”, worried about the cold, the heat, owlet screeching, the food supply, daring to fly ~ often with laughter, often with tears. I looked forward to Carlos on screen each day, always cheerful, sharing information and stories and “stuff” ~ I miss you so much! I can’t look at Molly and McGee, or Ashley and Carrie (my first owlets) without first a smile and then watery eyes. We have wonderful owl families to watch this year all thanks to your “pioneering efforts”, but the magical year with Molly and McGee will remain a treasured memory forever! Also precious is the dear, dear friendships of such wonderful people I will never meet in person but deeply love. What started with chatting about owls evolved into a blessed, supportive, funny caring and loving community. We share joy and sorrow, family memories, daily experiences, give information and advice, sometimes argue, but always with respect. And it all started with You and Molly and McGee. You must be very proud to have made millions of folks so delighted ~ what a gift to educate so many about our earth’s precious wildlife.
    Thank you from the bottom of my heart! Enjoy your own upcoming venture through the beauty of nature and don’t forget to keep in touch!
    With love to you! Holly Sue

    • Holly Sue Says:

      In addition:
      To complete my thoughts I must add my gratitude to some very important people! The Molly and McGee storybook is a treasure to me and I’m so looking forward to the Second Clutch book. Eric is such a remarkable talent! My silver charms and pop-up cards are such precious keepsakes. I was very happy to learn of his other books which I quickly acquired. I thank Barbara Allen for her gift of song! The “Molly” songs are on my computer for my frequent sing-alongs! They bring smiles and occasional tears but always a warm feeling full of sweet memories. Thanks also to Chris for giving me the chance to get pictures, calendars, mugs, framed tiles and gobs of t-shirts to proudly wear! I also appreciated John’s wonderful artwork that could be funny as well as sometimes sweetly sad, and how he continues to share with MODS everywhere. All of you are dear to me.
      With great affection, Holly Sue

  143. Janet Tamarak Says:

    A friend told me about Molly and McGee and I was immediately addicted.

    I think I was one of the first to see the website and have been on ever since. I didn’t blog and I live in Colorado so I wasn’t able to come to any gatherings. So on my own I just watched and watched and learn about barn owls but also about people, children and how our ‘love’ interests bring us together. So many people became involved and look what emerged. From books to music to poetry to new families, so much talent emerged.

    Molly and McGee saved my life. I have medical problem and pain and somehow watching seemed to relax me and gave me GREAT joy. I was able to step out of my pain and depression and found that I would laugh aloud and surprised myself!

    I cannot pick a favorite moment or stage of the clutches but do wish I could watch everyday again. It helped me start and end my day. In addition, all day during the day it gave me peace and joy.

    The teachers who noticed the site and actually brought it to their classrooms should also be congratulated, thank you. The children were so much fun to listen to.

    I have not thanked you both for sharing this wondrous experience so I would like to now take the time to thank you thank you thank you. I will always be checking to see if we are allowed to watch again.

    Warmest wishes to you both.

  144. Sharon Johnson Says:

    My favorite moment was when McGee brought in a live mouse, and the mouse escaped! The look on Molly’s face was priceless! I learned so much about Barn Owls, and was captivated each and every time I logged in to watch what was going to happen next. I still look forward to your blog updates Carlos. Thanks so much for all you and your family did to make this experience possible!
    Sharon Johnson

  145. TByrd Says:

    Woohoo! Happy Molly and McGee day! You opened up a whole new world of wildlife for us and for that we thank you ever so much. My favorite moments are when the owlets start their pouncing while practicing their flight techniques. I also cherish the love Molly showed the little ones by draping her wings over the owlets when they were ever so vulnerable. Thank you so much for such a once in a lifetime experience. You’re loved by so many MODs.

    Respectfully, Thresa Granger (AKA: TByrd)

  146. PegRod Says:

    First Clutch Chatter Clowney created some of the first Photo-Shopped creations, including the Rabbi in the Corner (typo for rabbit)! Others, inspired by chatters’ typos and imaginations included:

    Molly the owl delivers a worry warthog to Chatterchops
    Molly the owl delivers a worry warthog to Chatterchops
    Molly brings the babies an elephant
    Molly brings the babies an elephant

    Second Clutch Moderator and Chatter Coach (Japan) gave Molly fans many Photo-Shopped delights!

    First Clutch Chatter Chatterchops became and still is an Owl Box Celebrity! She is also a Moderator now on VacaChat. Ruthrings and littleguys made a beautiful owl quilt in honor of Princess Mascot Chatterchops.
    chatterchops' quilt 004

    Lots of quilts were made in honor of Molly – like this wall hanging Ruthrings photographed at a quilt show captures the beauty.
    Molly quilt1

    A beautiful quilt was presented to Donna Royal at the 2nd Walnut Grove San Marcos Picnic. It was a gift of love from many quilters hands coming together to create a “Thank You”.

  147. Sherrie Says:

    The local Wild Birds Unlimited store sent an e-mail with a link to a barred owl box in Indiana which linked me to Molly’s site. It was love at first sight and almost an instant addiction from that day on. I have 4 young grandchildren who live hundreds of miles from me. I told my husband and friends that as I watched Molly and family, I felt as though I was watching my grandkidz growing up. Some thought I was nutz but Max, Pattison, Austin, and Wesley stole my heart. My favorites are Austin, who obviously adored his baby sister, and of course Molly, for without her…. wait a minute… Carlos! You are my favorite because without you I never would have had this once in a lifetime special opportunity. Deet, deet, deet. Although I did not chat, I did lots of lurking and loved getting to know the awesome mods and chatters. I always enjoyed the reports from you coming from the owl box. Like most of us, I lol alot and cried tears of joy and sorrow when the first clutch fledged. I vowed not to get so attached to the second clutch but I was soon affected with MOD once again. This experience has been unforgettable and I’m glad I was part of it. Thank you dear Carlos, Donna, and Austin

  148. Pat Canada Says:

    Carlos and Donna,
    Like many others, Molly and McGee have changed my life. I started watching her first clutch a few days after Max was born and started chatting about the time Wesley was born. I never stopped watching until the second clutch fledged. This is the first ustream and chat room ever for me, and I found such warmth and friendship with everyone.

    I introduced my family, friends and students to Molly and her family and some of them thought I was nuts (still do) and some of them fell in love with our little owls too.

    You and Donna gave up your time for us for a year – now it is your time to “fly” so fledge Carlos and Donna…fledge and have a wonderful time..

    Love, Pat Canada alias pcanada (pcan)

  149. Jerri Weed Says:

    Dear Donna and Carlos,

    Where To Begin. Hmm..this Year sure has Flown by. (no pun intended) You all Really Set the Mark on Owl Boxes Live on Ustream that is a Fact and So Greatful that there are so many Owl Boxes out there for Barn Owls to Find and call it their Home.

    There will Never be another Carlos..Cafe Mocha..Coming to Live from San Marcos, CA.. And KS Favorite–I was there and I was Part of it–

    Every Morning I get Up I get Comfy in my Command Chair and I get to Look on the Wall and see the The Beautiful Print of Molly and Max. KS favorite.

    KS Misses You All but Knows U all Luv To Travel but Really Appreciate ALL of the Updates U give and Especially the Photos. Sorry Dabbing away a tear now.

    KS has the Privilege to Work side by side with Choco every Morning and Her Rodentia News. Too Cute.

    Please Stay Safe and Keep us Up-dated as U travel. Would Love to know How Austin is Doing as Ashley as well. KS Keep’s Ashley Husband in Prayers While He is Serving For Our Country.

    Maybe One Day KS Birthday Wish will come But KS can’t tell U what that is, So Shhh…is the Word..TeeHee

    KS Misses U all So Much and Molly & Leggz McGee So Very Much..

    Happy Anniversary,


  150. June Schafer Says:

    A friend sent my daughter the SPO link and knowing what a bird/animal lover I am, she sent it to me. I arrived about midway through the first clutch. Loved watching but really became a MOD when I found Molly back on the nest for the second clutch. Always stayed up too late and got up too early but a MOD MUST check on the owlets! My family just shook their heads! I have always had pets and know that each has a distinct personality. What truly amazed me is that so do the wild owls. MODS know how entirely different each one is. From shy Wesley and Carrie to Go get ’em Max and Ashley. God’s creatures are awesome! As for my favorite happening——that would absolutely have to be Molly chasing off the visiting owl while McGee sat idly on the porch. If looks could have killed, McGee would have hit the ground! Have that picture up for March on my M&M calendar. Love it!
    To everyone who had a part in The Owl Box, my deepest heartfelt thanks. I love the memory items I purchased and especially look forward to M&M Second Clutch book. Carlos, you made The Owl Box more special than any other. I never wanted to miss your updates. You made us feel such a part of it all. Make sure Donna knows how much I appreciate her part in OB. I know she had to give up her home, yard, and husband. Thanks to her. I probably would not have handled it well!!
    Have just the best trip ever. I pray for traveling blessings for you. If you ever come across to the south, be sure to make some stops in SC. Beautiful mountains and beaches!!
    Love to All!
    June Schafer

  151. Barlycorn Says:

    Ahh, ’twas a wonderful time for sure was it not? My favorite candid moment (still) was Molly checking out the cam with that beautiful face up close and personal. I loved all the owlets and McGee, but Molly will always be my girl. And, so there was a barn owl…

    Thanks for the memories Carlos and Donna!

    • Christine Peters Says:

      Oh, thank you for your wonderful songs, which I purchased and play whenever I’m feeling low. Such joy they bring to my heart!!

    • Sherry Kelly Says:

      You helped make The Owl Box special! Thanks for the memories!

      • debbie Says:

        thank you again for the magical music, barbara. i find myself singing/humming them always. it was totally fun when tuned in to the owlbox first thing in the am…when carlos put the songs on…the speakers got turned up, no matter the time.
        i am sure all the neighbors know the lyrics as well… ;)



    • SactoSylvia Says:

      Your songs were a huge part of the owl box experience, Barbara. Thanks you for sharing them so generously with us all! (I was also fortunate enough to get to buy one of your CDs at the picnic, so I can still play them whenever I wish!)

    • PegRod Says:

      Molly fans really enjoyed both of the live interviews which Carlos shared with viewers.

      The first interview was with you performing (with guitar) and some of your students from the Mead School in Connecticut singing the Molly Song. June 8, 2010

      The second on June 9, 2010 where you discussed with Carlos your music career as well as your passions and love for education and research in mathematics, and spacial concepts in the human brain.

      Thank you Barbara for a musical version of The Owl Box story told with your amazing lyrics and easy to sing and happy melodies.

  152. PegRod Says:

    Dudley (heartz and hugz)

    At one time during Clutch 1 rs14us was designated the “unofficial biographer” of Dudley. I guess rs is still riding around in that van.

    Ruthrings and Casey made wonderful “Dudley” souvenirs for the 1st Molly Picnic out of round stones with small feathers and twigs glued to them and the name painted on – when someone in chat mentioned that they could not afford to buy merchandise, we talked about how you could go outside and find a smooth round stone and hold it in your hands and remember Dudley and all the love in The Owl Box.

    Carlos did clean out the 10 pounds of gag Shag after the first Clutch and looked for Dudley who seems to have disappeared – more likely arisen.

    So many Dudley stories and fun.

  153. Laurie F Says:

    To the Royals, Owls and all the MODS ~ Falling in love with Molly, McGee and all their babies has been such a joy which I’ll always treasure. Counting eggs, watching hatchlings break out of their shells, and following the growth and eventual fledging of each of the beautiful babies ~ with the behind-the-scenes videos ~ what a gift!! I’m the youngest of 8 kids so I must say Wesley was my favorite in the first clutch, and I couldn’t choose between sweet Ashley & Carrie. Molly is such an incredible, nurturing Mommy and McGee deserves all the “canoodling” he can get with how hard he works to feed his brood. I recently went to Busch Gardens on vacation in Florida and got to touch a great horned owl – spectacular!! Also, I work in a retail store and as much as my co-workers all thought I was crazy about the owls, our buyer has brought in so much owl merchandise & it flies off the shelves!! We just got in some stuffed momma & baby barn owls thanks to Molly’s influence. May all the MODS continue to find joy in the beautiful wildlife around us! It has been a priceless experience thanks to Carlos, Donna & Austin – as well as Eric and Chris. Thanks a million!!

  154. Barbara Miller Says:

    I was introduced to Molly & McGee from a story that appeared on the nightly news during the 2nd clutch. For me, it couldn’t have come at a better time! I had recently lost my husband to cancer at only 61 years young, and I miss him still every single day. Molly and McGee, Ashley & Carrie gave me something to look forward to, got me out of bed in the morning, and seemed to make life worthwhile again. I want to express my sincerest appreciation to all those involved in every aspect of this wonderful experience. I am a better person for it. Thank you sooooo much!!

  155. Lynda from Arkansas Says:

    Carlos & Donna – I started watching M&M shortly after you started the broadcast. A friend put it on her Facebook. I was enamored because I started collecting owls as a very young girl. I used to joke that I was hoping their wisdom would rub off on me. I’m a Colorado born & raised woman living in Arkansas. I’ve discovered the beautiful song birds that are abundant in the South…much different from Colorado. I’ve spent many, many hours watching the 2 clutches and catching glimpses of #3. While I was tempted to chat, I knew myself well enough to know I would get way too hooked and spend more time than I was already spending if I got connected to the MOD’s! So, I was a “creeper” on the chat box. I loved how everyone rallied for each other and to keep the chat friendly and clean. M&M bonded folks from all over the country and the world. Your efforts to stream them to us have been a blessing. I’ve learned so much more about owls and I’m feel the experience brought my interest full circle…from young girl dreaming of owls to an eyewitnessed owl box! Thank you all for sharing this experience with us! While my family would just shake their heads whenever they walked by my glued to my screen, I was thoroughly enjoying one of my favorite creatures, fulfilling a lifelong dream!

  156. Cathy Bezy Says:

    I missed Molly & McGee’s first clutch but thoroughly enjoyed watching the second clutch grow and fledge! It was such a beautiful gift from Carlos & company and I will always treasure the experience. It was far better than anything I’ve seen on televison. I realize that it was quite a production and a lot of hard work and I do understand if Carlos doesn’t intend to do it again, but…….if he does decide to give us all another glimpse of these beautiful creatures, i will always be a fan! ^_^

  157. edtNZ Says:

    Such a wonderful experiance. I became addicted to watching the cams. TY Regards from New Zealand.

  158. Jennifer O'Hara Says:

    Carlos, Donna & Austin,
    What a great idea on this anniversary week of M&M’s owlets births! This has, without question, been one of the best years of my life! I learned, I loved, I cheered (and cried)- In short – I came alive with those owlets! You gave us so much by sharing yourselves & M&M with us. And then there’s the caring & loving family of MODs that was created through the sharing. Wow! This was truly a miracle! I miss you & our owlets terribly, but respect that you have a life too. There are no words that can ever convey the depth and breadth of my gratitude. You have a friend for life in me (& in so many other MODs). Thank you for staying in touch with us. I wish you joy and fulfillment in your travels. But please know you have a very large extended family out here who love you & don’t want to lose touch with you. You have my deepest gratitude & love.

    Jennifer O’Hara (jennifero2000)

    • gmarch Says:

      I couldn’t have said this better, Jennifer, how magical the past 8 months of my life have been. glenna

  159. Owloverbo Says:

    Almost forgot and the first clutch coffee table book captures my feelings to the “t” or shoud i say “m”. Love you all

  160. Tresbien Says:

    Donna, Carlos and Austin: Would each of you share your favorite owl box memory of the last year please? Thanks so much.

    PS As the day has gone by, I’ve thought a lot about the early morning visits with Carlos. What precious times those were for us and the ones I most miss. No I didn’t see any jammie bottoms. Never did! lol (1000 hearts)

  161. Lynette Keeshan Says:

    What a great idea! The only bad part is..I missed most of the day and would sooo like to read every post! The part that surprised and pleased me was..the G rating! So hard to find a “safe” place today. But even the G rating wouldn’t have kept me coming if it hadn’t been such an awesome place to be. All the MODs, the fun in the chat room. Games, Challenges, poems ,Vacadude and Chris and the movie and ohhh the songs!!
    Can’t forget, waiting for Carlos to update us on all the great goings on! You made the Box what is was. Thank you for all you did (and continue to do) and sacrificed for all those months! You and Donna are an amazing couple! Thanks for putting up with all of us!
    Lady Kee

  162. JudySue from Wisconsin Says:

    Happy Molly and McGee Day, everyone! How I miss you all, and how grateful I am to you, Carlos, for keeping us up-to-date on Molly’s new family.

    I started watching shortly before Molly’s first clutch started hatching, and it was love at first sight. Where else could so many MODS watch nature happen untouched? So many great moments. They way they would cock their heads to look at something (sometimes we were sure they were looking at us). How they took care of each other. How funny they looked with their fuzz-covered bodies, but how beautiful they became as their new grown-up feathers came in. McGee is a great Dad and provider, and Molly is such a devoted mother. How she made sure the youngest got their share of the treats- shielding them from the others as she fed them (contrary to what some people assumed was true). We were at first worried when Molly disappeared and finally came back- wet, then amused to learn that Molly does indeed like showers. One of my favorite afternoons was watching “Wake up Wesley!”

    Like others, I woke up early and went to bed late, not wanting to miss anything. I always looked forward to Carlos coming on with his Molly mug. “Sound, Carlos!” And like others, I was amazed to see Carlos’ and Donna’s dining room turn into command central with all the cameras, wires, monitors etc.

    So much talent came out of this experience. Carlos wonderful photos, Vacadude’s amusing (and touching) cartoons, Austin’s DVD, the recipes, DotRot’s limericks, the catchy songs! Thanks so much to Donna for giving up your trip last year so we could all be a part of something so special.

    “Gee that was fun, and I’m SO glad that I was part of it!”
    Love, Judy Sue

  163. Janice Grassmeyer Says:

    2010…The Year Of The Owl…an extraordinary year in my life due to M&M and families. Carlos, Donna and Austin weren’t so bad either(it wouldn’t have been so much fun without your input). I started watching the first part of March and was so thrilled to see egg rolling, hatching’s, horks, varmint shredding, fling & flys, pouncing, rodents escaping, flight practice, roof dancing and I even laughed at the squirts (those cute little tushies). Housework was forgotten, dinner burned and laundry left until absolutely necessary.
    My favorites:
    Owlet, 1st hatch-Pattison the hunch back (probably because I could pick him out of the group).
    Owlet, 2nd hatch-Ashley aka Miss Fussy Britches(she could really squawk).
    Dead Rodent delivery-the possum (the owlets played with the long tail).
    Live Rodent deliver-the little bunny(sad but that’s nature and chat was a hoot).
    Video-Jody hatching and Carr’s Ashley Needs Coffee(great job Carr, so fun to meet you at Oct. picnic).
    Commentator-Carlos, of course, you made it twice the fun.
    DVD-Austin….You rock young man.

    I made some wonderful friends and found a whole new world on ustream. I wear my Molly gear proudly and still tell everyone about my wonderful experience. The wonderful came from so many caring people on the owlbox site, the awesome videos
    So Happy Molly & McGee Day everyone! As someone once said. “Thanks For The Memories”, I know I will treasure mine of the M&M experience forever.

    • Janice Grassmeyer Says:

      Slip of the finger and posted to soon.
      Helper Extraordinaire-Donna (thanks for all the reminders to Carlos…NO SOUND!..too funny.
      Comic by VacaDude-The Chocolate Easter Bunny delivery.
      Moderator-can’t pick a favorite but have to give kudos to Dot for her quick answers to almost any question. Without our great moderators, the experience wouldn’t have been so great.

  164. SactoSylvia Says:

    Some of the most profound owl box experiences took place off-screen, outside of the owl box. One such occasion was late last year, when the Social Stream MODs learned that one of the first clutch MODs (aka “classic” MODs) was very ill. Many of us remembered how Mary B. Ellis had greeted everyone by name as they entered the social stream each evening. A few lucky MODs got to meet her at the first Owl Box picnic – which she made more memorable with her large, red, owl box-theme hat – and the smaller get-together organized by some of the MODs. One lucky MOD had the chance to become Mary’s good real-life friend.

    When Mary took ill, she specifically asked her family to be sure to let her owlbox friends know. When we heard about her illness, many of us sent our virtual hugs and prayers and hoped that she would feel our love. Not long after that we heard that Mary had passed on, surrounded by her family and warm wishes from her owl box friends.

    Mary was someone who embraced life, and she asked her family and friends to wear bright colors to her memorial service. Of course her owl box friends were scattered all over the country, and most would not be able to go to San Diego for her memorial service. But many of us wore bright colors that day to honor Mary, and some MODs got together at the old owl box social stream to share their memories of her time with us. Two MODs who live near San Diego attended the memorial service and brought screen shots of the on-line remembrance to share with Mary’s family.

    Molly did indeed “bring the world together through modern technology.” By so generously sharing the owl box with us setting a fun and kind tone for us to follow, Molly, Carlos, and Donna also helped make the world a warmer and friendlier place for those of us who were lucky enough to stumble into The Owl Box.

    • Christine Peters Says:

      Oh, Sylvia, I remember that day so well. I was one who couldn’t attend the service, so was on line with all the MODs who came on to remember and honor her. I never cried so hard or so long in my life. It was such a moving experience. What amazing things this Molly experience has brought to all of us.

  165. PegRod Says:

    Links and Screenshots

    First Clutch Chatter OwlyKats spent many hours collecting and organizing the many links used by the rotating shift of moderators and chatters. She compiled a document after working hours which she shared freely! This records a history that would otherwise have been lost. Thank you OwlyKats!

    Links From Molly the Owl ChatRoom:
    Compiled by OwlyKats

    How to Take Screenshots – my computer memory will never be the same! I think many Molly fans have learned something they never expected and have gotten great joy from the new art of taking computer screenshots of action in a live streaming Owl Box. Who knew that wiggley owlets were so hard to photograph, or preening Molly’s feathers ruffled like a hummingbird in motion, or flinging and flying McGee barely stayed still – so much energy and motion. The best link moderators gave me for this since it shows “how to” for Mac, PC, iphone, and more:

    My “Favorites” is full of links to the screenshots taken by the many talented and dedicated Molly fans – Thank you for sharing these!

    And YouTube! Oh, My – lots of good Molly and McGee memories will remain there for years to come – Thank you “Google” for making it easier to find all things for “Molly the Owl”.

  166. joym13 Says:

    Happy Molly and McGee day! Molly and McGee started a love of wildlife that I didn’t know I had. I find myself noticing so much more of the wildlife around me now when I am outside. The friends I made in the chatrooms and the experience we had is something that will never be duplicated. Thank you Carlos, Donna and Austin for giving us this gift.

  167. SactoSylvia Says:

    CAR, her wonderful Daily Hork, and “Carrie Needs Coffee!”

  168. MelB Says:

    I started watching Molly during the first clutch and quickly got obsessed. It was the first thing I checked in the mornings at home and I loaded it up on my Smartboard computer at my school as well. I got my students interested in Molly as well. She was always on in the background after the lesson was done. I also loved to tune into Carlos’s broadcasts. Watching the owlets grow up and fledge was special and I was sad to see the final broadcast for the first clutch.

  169. Sam NY Says:

    Dear Donna, Carlos, Austin. I would like to thank you for all the hard work you put into making the M&M experience what it was. When my college pal who fosters rescue dogs sent me the link to Molly at SPO, I had no idea that those little blue symbols would take me on a journey. And what a journey it was! I learned a lot, and I made some new friends. If anyone had told me that I would watch birds all day, and then get together with a bunch of strangers from the internet, I sure would have told them to think again. But here we all are a year later, with our lives enriched by it all. Thanks again.

  170. Kathy Martinez Says:

    Carlos there are not enough words to express what You and Molly did for me . My great grand children ( 4 and 9 ) live with me . When I would get home from work they would take keys to my room and run to turn on Molly ( my computer is now named Molly ). The hours of enjoyment and knowledge we learned was great . We spent hours learnig about barn owls and life. I spent to much time on this site and do not regreat a monent of it ( although my work had a different view of it ) One time I had you on but mininez so no one would know and you came on to broadcast and the sound was loud , my boss came to me and said (“I turned Carlos down on your computer ” I have never been so embrassed in my life . My great grand children had the best time of their lives watching and learning.. We would be outside , with computer on of course , and they say : Gramma , Graama Carlos is on ” What an awesome experience , THANK YOU , from the bottom of my heart. Once in a lifetime experience for sure , I will never forget , nor my great grand children . THANK YOU ! THANK YOU ! Go fledge and enjoy ! You and Donna have earned it . Best for Austin also , I will be keeping an eye on him .

  171. Tracey Says:

    I found Molly & Mcgee from the San Diego online newspaper. Having watched the first & second clutches as well as viewing the third clutch show I can tell you that I will never forget the amazing experience it was! All of you have a special place in my heart. Since I live in Hawaii the viewing was at the perfect time and so enthralling I could barely look away. And on those especially challenging days when everything goes wrong I just go to youtube and watch Carrie needs Coffee and it is like medicine instantly healing me. For that reason Carrie is my favorite owlet but Ashley is a close second!
    Mahalo nui loa Carlos, Donna & Austin!

  172. My Molly and McGee experience was wonderful in every way. But most of all I miss you, Carlos, and your broadcasts which made us all feel like family. My favorites are the first four owlets, all so sweet in their own way. There will be other owl families, but none are like familia Royal. Even though my family thought me totally bonkers, I say “Gee that was fun and I was a part of it”.

  173. dizzyts Says:

    The owlbox was such a special place. Just reading some of the comments here make you know how much this has meant to so many people.
    I was hooked on the owls immediately, loving nature as I do. There were many happy times, some very sad times, and I learned so much along the way. We also have a box now–no owls, but waiting!!
    It is certainly an unusual thing that brings so many people together from so far, all enjoying the company of each other as well as enjoying the owlwatching.
    Carlos and Donna, I really appreciate you sharing your lives with us. I have fallen in love with you–your love of famiy and love of life. It was a pleasure to see how you interacted with each other, your grandchildren, and with your watchers. In this crazy old world, seeing a little bit of normal was just fantastic!!!
    Thank you so much for all that you did–you will probably never know how much you touched people’s lives. Enjoy your trip.

  174. Debbie G Says:

    Chocomare, tresbien, dotrot and CC, the Daily Hork….Visits with Carlos and Donna, Barlycorn’s music, vacadude, eric…
    It’s about the community that grew around molly and mcgee, the personalities, the stories, the moments shared by so many. I was mostly a lurker, but I always felt a part of something larger than any one of us. Thanks to all of you

  175. Kitty Carlyle Says:

    Oh boy, where to start. Well, I think I will play my Molly music for starters, then some videos of Carlos making announcements in the evening and so on. Oh yes, the wonderful DVD by Austin.

    I was surfing the net one day last year around February, I believe, when I came upon an article in the San Diego newspaper, online. They showed the front page of the actual newspaper and the article on Molly being an internet sensation. Being the bird lover that I am, I had to click to see what this was all about. Well, WOW, there I was in the owlbox, looking at our beautiful girl and her eggs. I was hooked in an instant. I had never seen such a beautiful barn owl, ever. I left the page up all day and all night, showed my son and we watched on occasion, listened the entire time and then suddenly there was this ruckus in there that scared me to bits. It was McGee and of course, I had the same reaction that most people do when they first see when they hear and see a barn owl couple bonding. My reaction was the same as most people’s. I jumped out of the chair screaming at my son, OMG, there’s another owl in there and it’s trying to kill Molly!!! Hahaha! I soon found out that was completely natural and normal and then I learned so much more about owls than I ever intended to, and almost all thanks to Carlos, Donna and Austin, their brilliant grandson who brought it all together for us. The entire experience brought me so many new friends, world-wide, helped me through a very difficult time in my life and so much more.

    I think one of the biggest highlights about my experience with Molly was Carlos, himself. He gave so much of himself, his time, his expertise and his photography for all of us. He could be counted on to broadcast on a daily basis. He was like our best friend and our mentor. That is what made the owlbox so special. Without Carlos, it wouldn’t have been anywhere nearly as much fun. And so many thanks to Donna for putting up with it all, and all of us as well.

    As far as favorite owlet, that would have to be Wes, for me. She was the baby of the family and didn’t want to leave. She was so cute as they all were but for some reason, she was the cutest to me. At least from C1. My favorite from C2 was Carrie and I think she was somewhat like Wes in that she didn’t want to leave and didn’t want to leave and didn’t want to leave. LOL

    Closing the owlbox was sweet heartache. We knew it had to happen because nothing lasts forever, but it did hurt so bad to suddenly sign online and have no owls to see anymore. Not just owls, “our” owls. They became part of our family and the family of everyone watching, world-wide. One day they were there, the next day, they were gone. It hurt a lot and it took some getting used to but it’s ok now. Yea, Lost Without U should be my theme song for sure. Hahaha. I am still a sorry mess, sometimes, but it’s so much better with all my friends from Carlos’ & Donna’s owlbox, Austin and Molly & McGee. Thank you, Carlos, from the bottom of my heart!


  176. […] Today Is Molly and McGee Day Let’s Celebrate and Reminisce.  Get out your Molly mugs, put on your favorite Cafepress T-shirt, […] […]

  177. Nancy Says:

    NBC brought me to the second clutch. Molly, Carrie, and Ashley kept me there. Dear Carrie. I miss her so, but the framed print on our wall and coffee mugs keep the memories going!! visited the Arizona Sonora Desert Museum in Tucson today and they were doing a show with a barn owl–MOLLY!

  178. Liela M. Maielua Says:

    I was talking with a friend when I kept hearing a voice in the background I finally asked who it was and she said she was listening to Carlos and watching an owl box in Calif. and that I should get on and check it out. Once I viewed it I was hooked from that moment on, every night I rushed home from work to see what was happening. I laughed and cried it was such a wonderful experience for me, I will be forever grateful for letting me be part of it.

  179. Amanda (minasparrot) Says:

    Hey everyone! Happy Molly & McGee day!!! I hope all is well with everyone! Life is great for me! Molly completely changed my life by giving me something new to be totally passionate about. I had no idea what I could feel for this small creature and her family on the internet but I soon found out! Love, Love, Love! I think I have to say that wake up Wesley was my favorite moment. I love them all but for some reason Wesley has a special place in my heart. I love the friends and community I have met here and have enjoyed watching it spread. Thank you Donna and Carlos for such an incredible experience that I will NEVER forget.

  180. Janie Branison Says:

    Today has been a bitter sweet day with all the memories, tears and laughter. Of course I knew I missed Molly, McGee, and the Royals, but didn’t realize how much till today. I’m glad we had this day-Gee that was fun and I was part of it, but one scoop of ice cream only makes you want more. Will we ever get over wanting more? I think not.

  181. VSue Says:

    Happy Molly and McGee OWLternoon everyone…

    I just had to stop in again to say that!

    <3 to y'owl

  182. Christine Peters Says:

    Carlos, the original social stream group still gathers on Friday nights to chat and watch old movies of Molly, McGee and the owlets. We look forward to this every week, as it helps to keep our new “family” together. We are a really tight group now, fast friends, who e-mail, phone each other, and sometimes send packages to each other through the mail. We cry and laugh (like over the black sheep episode), rejoice in each other’s good news and commiserate with each other’s pain and sorrows. The baby who was born during clutch 2 is our very own Baby Mod and we are all “aunties” to him. His mom keeps us updated with pictures and funny stories about him. So much joy and happiness has grown out of Molly and her family; I can’t begin to tell you.

    I think you should be credited with starting the owlbox craze; all of the new boxes broadcasting over Ustream are an offshoot of your endeavors; they all know about you, and I notice that chatters will often say “remember when Molly …”. So she lives on in the memories of thousands. We are eternally grateful for the updates you give us on clutch 3, thrilled that she is alive and well, and that she and McGee are raising a new clutch. My life has changed dramatically in the past year. Thank you from my heart, you, Donna, and Austin.

  183. Maggie Says:

    Molly and McGee were brought into my life and a time whent I MOST needed it.
    I had lost my beloved brother to pancreatic cancer and was grieving. I was told by a dear friend about the owls. I tuned in and watched it everyday.
    I loved when McGee would fly in and all we could see was his LEGGGGS!
    Each day I enjoyed seeing new and exciting things. It wasn’t until the last
    2 owls were left. Austin and Wesley were closest to my heart. It was when
    Wesley was left all alone and his beloved Austin came back to talk to him
    was when I lost it. It sOOO reminded me of my BIG brother and how he
    would do that for me. The owls help my heart heal. I will NEVER forget
    the experience I had watching that precious family of Molly & McGee.
    God bless you Carlos, Donna, and Austin.

    • birdlovers4ever Says:

      Maggie~ your post brought tears to my eyes. I hope you continue to enjoy fond memories of your beloved brother.

  184. gardenpoet Says:

    I heard about Molly & McGee shortly after Wesley hatched. It has been a truly special experience. A way to see wild animals as they really live, to connect with others and learn about so many things. To cheer each other, comfort each other, have some laughs, take a break from work, form friendships. It has been an inspiration for books and songs, poetry and art. And it has been a source of hope through a sometimes rough world. Thank you for starting it all and for keeping us updated. I miss your chats, but I hope you have a fabulous, well-deserved vacation (don’t forget to send pictures!)

  185. Julie Says:

    I found Mollys box when I was listening to the radio driving and a local radio station ask listeners to phone in and tell what they were currently obsessed with. Someone from my area (I still don’t know who!) called in and told the DJ about Mollys box. That night I googled Mollys box- and the rest is history. It was such a wonderful experience and I learned so much! Molly, McGee and their 2 clutches were the focus of our attention, of course, but you, Carlos, Donna and Austin, the Mods and the chatters made it something I will never forget. Thank you so much, Carlos, for all you did for us and still do. Look at all of the owl boxes everywhere! I feel very, very lucky to have been listening to the radio that night, at that time, in my car, at a stoplight.

    Oh, and sweet little Carrie was my favorite. Just loved her. Hope she is out in her own owl box now!

  186. Patsi M., aka 'happyart4u' Says:

    Happy M&M Day! I first heard about Molly during the 1st clutch and spent many nights staring at my computer after that. Good memories include the Great Mouse Escape, learning that bunnies scream (eek!), bonding, the night we all stayed online chatting away even though the camera was malfunctioning & screens were black, watching the owlets bouncing around while learning to fly, singing along with Asch’s songs, wondering if Wesley would ever leave home, watching the empty owl box, being excited about the second clutch, Jody (happy & sad at same time), the black sheep avatars, ignoring the bots, & all the funny avatar changes. I’ve been watching an eagle cam this spring; it’s cool, but not the same (mostly because they actually sleep at night — what a concept!!). Many thanks to Carlos, Donna, Austin, & all the MODs. Such a great experience all the way ’round!!

  187. Cheryl Gordon Says:

    I heard about Molly and McGee right after Wesley hatched and was hooked right away. It’s been a truly special experience to see animals as they really live and to connect with people around the world. I’ve learned about many things, have laughed and cheered and cried. It’s been a break from work, a comfort, an inspiration–all the songs and books and art and poetry. It’s been a source of hope in a sometimes tough world. I cherish the memories, and the friendships. Thanks for starting it all. I miss your chats, but hope you and Donna have a great vacation and remember to send pictures!

  188. Candy Says:

    I wasn’t a MOD right from the start, but once I was hooked it stayed in my heart and that was made possible by you and the whole Molly and McGee chat of friendly people.

    Thank you Carlos for giving me something to look forward to and for giving me a smile everyday.

    Donna, thank you for sharing Carlos with us and you two make a great couple to take away your vacations so you could share your enthusiasm of Molly and McGee.

  189. Braveheart2665 Says:

    Happy M & M day !
    I stumbled upon them one summer day
    after my falcons fledged & flew away
    I loved them from the very start
    they came right in & stole my heart

    What to say about such an amazing experience that has brought so many people together from so many places & we call ourselves MOD’s.

    Words are hard to come up with but it was the Molly Motto of Peace, Love & Community which really spoke to me. It was Molly & Mcgee who brought us all together as people who loved these owls & their owlets & oh how we loved them & still do. And so much love has come from this MOD community. Countless acts of MOD kindness still going on every day – it’s a beautiful thing.
    And so I decided a few weeks ago to start my own Facebook group called
    MOD’s 4 Peace*Love*Community. I wasn’t sure how it would go over but we have 60+ members so far.
    It has been such a blessing & this week we have had great screen shots & posts of owlets, eagles & such.Anyone is welcome to join. I am Linda King on Facebook & Braveheart2665 on the social stream.

    Lastly I would like to thank Carlos & Donna who made this all possible. There are no words for how much this has meant to so many of us. Happy trails to you & God bless.

  190. Jerri Weed Says:

    Oh KS has 2 other things—KS Found Carrie’s Gel To use on her MoHawk–Hmmm…KS will a Use for it.

    Oh If anyone Needs ShamWow’s Please Yell at KS. Got Plenty on Hand..


  191. Joan S Says:

    I had foot surgery and was confined to my chair when a lady from church gave me the web address for a barn owl that had just laid eggs. I was hooked right from the beginning. Molly and McGee and all the little owlets made my healing time so wonderful. I could NOT get enough of them. I loved every minute. Thanks for the memories, Carlos and Donna. I have all your books.
    Love you bunches.

  192. encinitaskj Says:

    I think about Molly and McGee everyday. They are my screensaver. The calendar is on my bookshelf and the coffee table book on the table in the family room. They are the best!

  193. Gwen Says:

    Ditto on everything said! I still miss this more than anything from the last year. All of these memories have touched my heart deeply. Wish we could do it again….Maybe someday. My favorite M&M used to be chocolate–now any reference to M & M -I immediately think of our beautiful owls. Thank you Carlos & family for changing and enriching our lives.

  194. SightsAndSounds Says:

    I became interested in birding last year (better late than never!) and someone on a bird walk mentioned Molly the Owl. I found the site and was instantly charmed by the owls and their keepers. You all put in a lot of work around the clock for a long time and I appreciate your efforts and generosity so much. I bought the DVD for my mother, who didn’t have good enough internet access at the time. Thanks to one and all! Gee, that was fun…

  195. Glenn Says:

    I first heard of Molly on the Today Show in first part of August. I missed out on the first clutch, but got see see lots of pictures,videos and the Movie Nights on Vacadude I watched Molly and carlos one night then two and then I was hooked for good. Thank you Donna for wanting a owl box and and I’m glad you and Carlos put in on live for all of us to see.

  196. Linley Morris Says:

    My friend Jill, whose birthday is today, told me about this wonderful happening last year when I was home sick. I fell in LOVE immediately and watched daily even late into the night. I am a Preschool Teacher of 4’s & 5’s and told them all about what was happening. I printed out all the information from this site, many of the pictures from ustream and made a book of it with all the cartoons and pictures to copy. I have the mousse pad, mug, t-shirt, e-book, hard copy book, clutch 1 coffee table book & #2 on order, DVD. I learned so much through this experience and will never forget it. My favorite was when McGee came with the mouse & Molly was gone, can’t watch that one enough. Thank You Carlos, Donna, Austin, Eric & Chris! Austin keep up the good work you have been doing, you will go far in life and we all will be able to say we knew you when… Carlos & Donna have a wonderful and well deserved trip and keep us posted when you can about your travels.

  197. flukestail Says:

    Simply put, my Molly experience filled me with gratitude.

  198. PegRod Says:

    Going down memory lane and I forgot to recognize the moment!

    Love the new photographs you have posted here, Carlos! Thank you for sharing them with us, each one is special. I especially get a warm fuzzy feeling from the photo “Mommy’s boy” – beautiful expression and lighting.

    The video is priceless, too! Thank you for all you do in 2011 – The Year of Molly’s Blog!

  199. AnnSavage Says:

    Molly and McGee, Carlos and Donna and Austin, thank you for many, many, MANY hours of camaraderie and enjoyment!

  200. Sally Says:

    I started watching M&M about one year ago and was immediately mesmerized by the opportunity to learn more about nesting barn owls. In the 70’s I was fortunate to work with children at an outdoor education center and with the hawk and owl clinic where we cared for injured birds of prey. Many birds recuperated and were successfully released and many more were not. Everything we can do to educate people of all ages about the importance of a healthy population of barn owls and other birds of prey will make a difference.

    Carlos and Donna, you have contributed in a very special way and have reached so many people who now have a better understanding of the web of life and are acting in positive ways. Thank you so much for sharing.

    My copy of Molly and McGee arrived on January 21, the anniversary of the arrival of M&M in the Royal’s backyard! I will treasure it and the joy of the journey with gratitude to you!

  201. My boyfriend makes swords. Not toy’s but the real deal. He wanted to make one for me. Something I’d love and have forever so he ask me what did I want on it….NO thought was need, right away I said MOLLY !!! I couldn’t think of anything I would want more. I now have a hand made one of a king Molly Sword. It hangs on the wall where I see it everyday and remember all the happy times I was with her, the little one and McGee. I miss them so very much and wish they were back 24 / 7 again.
    Carlos, Donna, I do understand why their not and I’d like to thank you for letting me be a part of them the first time round :-)
    I posted pictures of the Molly Sword and my very pretty daughter on
    Again, Thank YOU and may GOD BLESS you and yours

  202. Angela (njellica62) Says:

    An amazing inside look into nature that I will never forget.Gee that was fun and I was a part of it!!Enjoy Carlos,Donna and Austin…and God Bless ya’s!!

  203. Mary Weber Says:

    Carlos and Donna, it must be overwhelming for you to read all this love lavished on you and the owl/ets in these messages! My contribution is just to say that your hosting the Owl Box with your video and audio appearances is what makes this experience what it is. Your information, enthusiasm, and creative ideas (not to mention those irresistible products) were the heart and soul of this Owl Box. I am another participant who is deeply indebted to you for a wonderful experience–and a wholesome one, rare in today’s media. Happy M&M Day to the (appropriately named) Royal Family. You have given us a treat suitable for a king!

    I wonder how rare it is for Molly to be having these nonstop clutches. Amazing that she and McGee have survived as long as they have. Here’s to a long life for the tireless couple and for all their offspring!

  204. Sherry Kelly Says:

    My daughter turned me on to The Owl Box about half way through the first clutch. It didn’t take long for me to become a MOD – and I have my card and certificate to prove it! The whole package of The Owl Box and the way Carlos encouraged all the participation from viewers and made each of us a part of it in his special way is what made the experience what it was.

    I recognize so many names here, from the chat room and the social stream. They bring up many precious memories – some sad, but most glad. Thanks again to Carlos and Donna, and to each and everyone of you who made it all so special and meaningful! Happy Molly & McGee Day!

  205. carlosroyal Says:

    Did you know that Molly’s Box made the Top 100 list of Post on today? There are 18,693,272 sites on, there were 567,739 post. Molly’s Box ranked # 57 which put Molly’s Box Blog not in just the top 1% but in the top .01% today. You made it happen.

    Thank you

    Carlos Royal

    • PegRod Says:

      Congratulations! Is that based on Pacific time? If it is, then we have 4 more hours to post more comments! What is your goal Carlos? That is how you get your fans motivated!

    • VSue Says:

      Now this is such wonderful OWLsome newz!!!!

      What an absolute HOOT this has been and continues to be

  206. Karin Says:

    Just found out what day this was. So to Molly and McGee keep on keepin’ on and to Carlos and Donna plus the MODs and all the others who have been envolved in the songs and books and art work thank you for all of us together have pushed M&M over the top. Too barn owls all over the world keep poppin’ out them owlets by golly.

  207. DandiLion Says:

    From beginning to close Molly, McGee, and their owlette familys have brought laughs, knowledge, good friends, new friends and countries together. Nothing can match what you and Donna have done for all of us Carlos. Only a book with all the chats and videos could come close to the wonderful experience we all have had. Most importantly – Its all your fault; and we love you both for giving us Love, harmony, and a true insight to the inner sanctum of Owls. xxoo

  208. Gail Liebson Says:

    I’ve had so much fun since finding Molly and her family. I am so grateful to Carlos, Donna, and Austin for sharing this experience with us. I’ve only been here since the 2nd clutch so Ashley and Carrie were baby owl firsts for me. And I’m so glad I got to see Kelly and watch Jodi hatch. I’m so sorry we didn’t get to see them grow up.

    The people I’ve met inside the owl box are some of the nicest, funniest, smartest people!! I am so happy to be a part of the MOD family!! Thank you everyMODy!!

  209. JL and family Says:

    I first saw Molly and McGee, a friend recommended the site and i was so tired from writing my elected representatives in Congress. It was so interesting to watch Molly and then wee MAX hatched, it was a ~*MAGiCAL*~ moment. ALL those months from March to May 2010 were just absolutely ~*MAGiCAL*~ with all the wonderfuL friends from around the world that i made.

    Thank you so much CarLos, Donna, Austin and ALL invoLved.


  210. Marianne Says:

    Carlos and Donna,
    thank you so much for sharing Molly, McGee, and all of their little owlets with us! Your generosity of time, money, energy and interest made the world a much, much better place last year. Watching the Owl Box and chatting with fellow MODs were some of my happiest moments in 2010. You and Donna were always so warm and welcoming to all of us – you are truly special people. There were so many wonderful experiences, but I think my favorite was when the previously-thought-dead mouse got up and ran out of the owl box as Molly and the owlets watched in disbelief! Again, thank you so much for sharing the owls and yourselves with all of us. Have safe, wonderful journeys, and keep in touch!
    Happy Molly and McGee Day!!!

  211. finnwv Says:

    I love my Molly and McGee Photography Book Clutch One and am really looking forward to Molly and McGee Clutch Two! Love Austin’s DVD that brings back so many memories along with all the wonderful pictures posted on the blog! Carlos, Donna, Austin – thanks so much for this most wonderful experience and this beautiful blog that keeps the Molly & McGee experience alive in our hearts through sharing our memories! Thanks again for everything!

  212. PegRod Says:

    Memories of Carlos and Austin making trips to Fry’s for more cable and electronic equipment! And the story about when they changed the featured internet page on the sample computers to The Owl Box Ustream site while they were visiting Fry’s.

    “You can never have too many 12-foot ladders” – Carlos started with 2 and ended with …. how many?
    One owlet (Max?) claimed a ladder since the elevator had not been installed yet.

    All of Carlos’ ideas gradually led to an amazing playground setup for hunting, pouncing and flying practice for the owlets. It was just awesome to watch.

    Thank you for the treasure house of recordings on Ustream of inside and outside the owl box!

  213. Cowliflower Says:

    Molly wasn’t an event, it still IS an event and everyone here and all the recollections prove it. Molly was a world brand new, literally filled with innocence and new life. The time that McGee tried to re-gift a rabbit to Molly (evening of March 26!) I knew I was hooked. Yep, I was done! All the lovely open-hearted people I came to know as the weeks went on was a bonus beyond all expectations. Thank you Carlos and Donna and thank you everyone who is posting and reading here. I will enjoy reading these comments in the weeks to come. Hope you have a wonderful and long delayed trip north, Carlos and Donna. Hugs to everyone.

  214. Deb Says:

    Happy Molly and McGee Day!!

    Someone posted the link on Facebook and I clicked and was hooked. I started watching just right before the first egg hatched with the first clutch. I would check in from time to time. This led to watching hours and hours. I couldn’t pull myself away. Plus getting up in the middle of the night to check in on them. During the day at work I would think about them.

    It was wonderful how this owl family brought millions of people around the world together and we all fell in love with them and you. It was an amazing experience and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. I think of Molly, McGee, their kids, you, Donna and Austin everyday.

    I miss all of you and the owls very much. You came into my life at a very low point and it made me feel not so alone in the world as all of you became part of my family (as I call it my extended family).

    Always look forward to the updates and pictures you post. Thank you for continuing to include us in your daily lives.

    Take care and as always you continue to make this fun.

    Deb in OH

  215. Judy Sackson Says:

    Happy Molly & McGee Day!
    I had not been watching very long last year when Molly & McGee Day was announced in San Marcos. What excitement that was! I have been a lurker from early on, have all my trinkets to show for it (I swore early on that I was only going to buy a mug–so much for that!)
    It is very hard to be original after reading so many memories and special moments. I know that Carlos and Donna and Austin had an enormous impact on all of us, and without them things might have been very different.
    I know that I will always treasure my time watching the 2 clutches, and am always excited to hear the updates on the third clutch and on the adventures of Carlos and Donna! And what to say about Austin! What a future he has!
    Here’s to 2010–the year of the Barn Owl!

  216. Cathy Glueck Says:

    My introduction came in August just before Jodi hatched when a fellow teacher mentioned the owls and the website. Little did I know that I would become addicted and tie up so much of my time for just a few months until the second clutch fledged in October. I think just about everything has already been said but I loved best the funny chat conversations especially Owl Trek episodes and talk of bacon. The Lexicon was a stroke of genius and all the fun cutouts and play items were great too. Thank you Carlos and Donna and Austin for bringing so much joy and education to the world!!!


  217. debbie Says:

    love you gutz.

    ks…please hand one of those sham wows this way.

  218. Lucy Sanders Says:

    All I can say is that those 10 months of the 2 clutches were so fantastic that I will never forget. I have a MOD pendant on my keychain and it makes me smile everytime I see it! Following the owls, the u-stream MOD’s, Carlos and all of great info and intake he gave us was a wonderful, inspiring experience. I have always loved nature in all forms, feed bird, even put meal worms out everyday for the carolina wrens so watching those phenomenal barn owls was awesome.

    Thank you so much for everything you gave us!!!

    Take care,
    Lucy (silent MOD from Troy, Ohio)

  219. PegRod Says:

    Carlos – I love the FAQ section you put together for fans. In between Clutch 1 and 2 chatters sometimes used those questions for fun quizes, trivia, and memories –

    Life Mates
    Molly Facts
    McGee Facts
    When Do The Eggs Hatch?
    Baby Owls
    The Owl Box
    Cameras and Technology

    You state, “Thanks to Jennifer Hofmann for the FAQ’s!”

    Many of us came to The Owl Box with little or no knowledge. We learned the best way, through observation – you often reminded us to slow down our pre-existing thoughts, and to watch, listen and enjoy the moments unfolding before us.

    Oh, and thank you to falconer and Owl Box maker, Tom Stephan.

  220. Sarah (slewvi) Says:

    Oh there were so many favorite moments!
    One of my favorite experiences was watching Wesley swallow the big rat. It was very stiff, and she worked on it for quite a while, at least 1/2 and hour according from the time I started taking screen shots. when she finally got it down she looked so demur. Then she hiccupped. Too funny. Another time was the last day she and Austin were in the box together and she had been chewing on a very dry rat carcass. then she put it down and lay down on top of it and went to sleep. After a while, Austin started trying to get to the rat carcass but she was on top of it. He kept trying to nibble on it. He finally woke her up.

    In the second clutch, I loved the moon, Jupiter, Molly conjunction shot. And I loved it the time Ashley sat down on the rodent so Molly couldn’t see it, take it out and re-gift it. That was so funny!.
    But I was most moved the evening after the hawk attack episode in the morning. Molly was in the box all day, then came out as soon as it was twilight and stood on the porch, scanning the sky. She looked so vulnerable and so brave. I realized that Molly was really alone with the responsibility for her life and the owlets’ and there was no backup, no 911 she could call, saying “someone is after me and my babies.” It was really poignant. I really appreciated her bravery in this dangerous world. She is truly quite an owl!
    Maybe we will get to see Molly and McGee next year. I have appreciated the glimpses this year so much! Thank you for such joy.

  221. BugGirl Says:

    I was browsing through Bald Eagle nest cams when I came across a link to Molly’s Box. I had recently finished reading Stacey O’Brien’s book, “Wesley the Owl,” and was left wanting to know more about Barn Owls, so with a click of the mouse, I started the journey that all of you know so well. That was just a couple days under a year ago, just before OUR Wesley hatched, which I was delighted to witness. And Wesley always remained my favorite owlet, although I was also partial to Ashley. My favorite character in a supporting role would have to be Glowz, even though I was never able to determine which kind of orb-weaver spider she was.

    As much as I enjoyed the owls and the chat, it was over a month before I joined in. Like many of us, I had no prior experience with chatrooms, and it took me time to figure out how it all worked. But I found that if I waited, someone else would ask all my questions for me! Finally I wanted to be part of it all so much that I jumped in and have never regretted it for a moment!

    This past year has truly been an experience for a lifetime, largely because of all of you! The wonder of all that we’ve watched together, the happy – and sad – times we’ve shared, the friendships we’ve gained, and the explosion of creativity inspired in us have made it a year to treasure forever.

    Thank you so much Carlos, Donna, and Austin, and many others, for making this incredible journey possible! And thank you also, Carlos, for making this day an opportunity for us to reminisce together.

    P.S. I certainly got my wish to learn more about Barn Owls. And now, getting acquainted with other pairs and their owlets, it has become clear that there’s always more to learn, with each owl family being but one facet of a multifaceted jewel!

    • PegRod Says:

      BugGirl keeps the memories and antics of Glowz alive during Story Time with DotRot (stories spontaneously created beginning at 3 pm PST and then read by Zorro (the mouse puppet) on Sundays usually halfway through VacaChat on UStream which begins at 6 pm PST. Anyone can sign up to write a few lines in a “round-robin” style of creating a story. DotRot picks the story title a week ahead of time. On Sundays at 2:30 pm Chatters sign up for a number, usually there are about 12-15 participants. At 3 pm DotRot posts the introduction to the story. You get to think on your feet and have fun writing about memories with all the real and imagined “characters” from The Owl Box of San Marcos, CA.

      BugGirl wrote the section in this Story Time where Glowz did a hot dancing number!

      Carlos and Donna are almost always included in the stories, too. Like this one about a Johnny and the Horkers concert!

      Join the fun with memories of The Owl Box – no pressure, you get time to say “Thinking” before you write, and typonese is an accepted language (in English).

      It is a game and meant to be fun! “Gee this is fun and we are a part of it!”

  222. knittinghiker Says:

    I learned about Molly and McGee from a birder friend. I was immediately addicted! What a great way to see the owls and watch them hatch and grow – something I would have a hard time observing routinely in nature. The Royals gave so much of themselves to bring this to us and I will remember it forever. I couldn’t even begin with my favorite moments – loved the updates from Carlos, Donna’s reminders for sound, all the chat, and just watching both clutches grow. Molly was so tender with her babies and I loved to watch her care for them.

    From this, I met wonderful folks, am chatting with folks from who knows where, and checking out other cams of animals – didn’t even know this was all out there!

    I hope you all have good travels Carlos and Donna!

    torre [knittinghiker]

  223. Martha (calliopekid) Says:

    Happy Molly & McGee Day!!!!!
    I have been reading posts all day long and didn’t want the day to end without putting in my “2 cents.” I have a few important memories to share.
    I didn’t find the owl box until the beginning of the 2nd clutch. I just happened upon it after all the hummingbirds fledged. What I remember most is one night when I was feeling so low and down and I logged on to the chat. I told the MODS that I was in bad shape and they all surrounded me with hugs and encouragement. By the time I shut down for the night I had been laughing and felt soooo much better. Wow, the caring folks (Molly lovers) are unbelievable. And the other sad time was Jodi’s passing. I still have the white candle I burned that night.
    And I remember how the sun beams from the owl box seemed to go right up to heaven. All in all I will never be able to convey my thankfulness that I was able to experience a once in a lifetime event like Molly & McGee. How can we EVER thank Carlos and Donna (and Austin) for making such an incredible journey possible.
    Blessings to you all and May God Bless you in your travels.
    Martha (Calliopekid)

  224. PegRod Says:

    Archives for 2010 Outside the Owl Box Ustream recordings are here – sort by most viewed, most recent, etc.

  225. Dianne Says:

    Thank you so much for The Owl Box, for showing us the wonders of owldom.

    My computer was on for most of a year while I lurked. Since I live on the east coast, not only did I watch during the day, I got to watch the owls’ evening activities before I went to bed, and their late late late night (3am) antics when I got up at 6am (with my cup of coffee, hoping to hear the latest from Carlos).

    I always think of sweet Molly “cuddling” her littlest one, encircling it with her wings to be sure it got enough to eat after the others had eaten their share, keeping the older ones away as much as feeding the tiny one. I’d always heard birds fed only the oldest with the biggest gaping mouth. Not our Molly.

    I left for vacation on the last day of the first clutch. When I returned I tuned in just in case, and there was Molly staring at a “for rent” sign on her house!

    I could have done without the drama of the second clutch, but then I would have missed the special relationship between Ashley and Carrie. Because of that relationship, I have to say Ashley is my favorite baby owl. And as Carlos said, if there had been no camera, we wouldn’t even know how many babies were in the box, much less what they were doing.

    Carlos was the perfect host of The Molly Show. He was like a kindly grandfather to us all (even though we’re the same age) – always the upbeat optimist, always willing to find the answer to any question. The rules about being nice helped the show immensely. I loved the organic way (I read that somewhere) one thing led to the next – mugs, cartoons, books, songs, lexicons, etc.

    Thanks again Donna, Carlos, Austin! Enjoy your travels/school!

    Dianne in Florida

  226. Darlene Salisbury Says:

    Wow. Where do I start. I’ve said many many times Carlos that this has made such a huge impact on my life. I’ve made forever friends because of Molly and McGee. But mainly because of you Carlos. I’ll never forget when Jody hatched. We got to witness it and the narration of you Carlos. The excitement in your voice..I shall never forget.The whole experience has been and continues to be the coolest thing ever. I’ll also never forget seeing the last ones fledge. I shed tears. Once for the first clutch and then the second clutch. I am so glad the Molly and McGee continue to thrive. I’m looking forward to getting my second clutch coffee table book.
    Very well done..
    With fondness,
    Darlene Salisbury
    NW Oregon

  227. GeniaKnitz Says:

    Every time I see picture of Molly my heart sings again, just as it did at the beginning. She and McGee are such wonderful parents – the Owl Box webcam gave me 8 months I will never forget. And we learned all kinds of things the “experts” didn’t know. I know a lot more about barn owls now than I used to, but the most important thing I know is how much I love them. And it all started with Molly and her sweet Leggs, and our dearly loved owlets. The first clutch was such pure magic: I could bore you all to death with my memories of Max and Wes and Austin and Patti, but I won’t. Just know, Carlos and Donna, that my memories live in my heart and I thank you for them all.

  228. Debra Heidmiller Says:

    I enjoyed watching the owls so much! I met such wonderful people here on the website and at the last Molly picnic. Beautiful Chef, you owl cookies were yummy. And I won a stuffed owl there! I still enjoy looking at my coffee table book of Carlos’ pics and listening to Barbara’s songs on the CD. And I watch Austin’s DVD every once in a while just to remember what fun it was. It was a very special time. I think that it changed us all for the better! Gee it was fun and I was a part of it! Thanks again everyone, I sure do miss it all!

    Fawnskin Deb

  229. Sam Says:

    This has come together in such a way that it seems poetic, in it’s energy, and it just amazes me. The Sounds. The sounds,can still be recalled as I look at photos of various events. The graphs of nightly food deliveries. Chatting. Photos, marvelous photos. Comics. Books. Picnics. Songs. Carlos’s unique shirt. Cakes. Heart stopping dramas and elations. Mugs. MODS. Media. Memories, so many memories. Interviews. Classroom visits. There is so many facets to “Molly and Mcgee”, and it only magnifies with each of our own experiences.
    But, how it came together seems so effortless…Even though we know it wasn’t. So thank you all for these memories…especially the Royal’s.

  230. Laurel Lemke Says:

    I came on during clutch 2 after learning about Molly on national news. I had never experienced UStream before, it was a bit of a challenge. I did not know about night vision cameras.

    I shared my new hobby with the inpatients that I serve. Sometimes we broadcast live using the LCD projector. After I got the DVD, I showed it to patients on a ward when we were unable to use our regular treatment center. The main way you can tell my allegiance is the high class hoody with Molly landing on it.

    After the camera stopped, I spent some time with the Pot Plant owl. I enjoy posts from a special Facebook group.

    I am inspired how you use your talents to bring people together for good. I am rooting for Austin.

    God Bless,

    Laurel Washington State

  231. Juanita Hood Says:

    Wow! I just read everyone comments and everything I would have said has already been said. The experience we all shared has no words to define. It was very educational but most of all it gave all of us a chance in a lifetime to confirm that there are many wonderful, careing people in this world filled with uncertain times. Carlos, Donna and Austin brought us all together. Sharing their love for owls and their compassion for ALL living creatures. Max is my favorite if I would have to pick one. I think it’s because he/she was the first and we watched him/her grow from a little pick chick into a beautiful,loving and protective “older” caregiver to his/her brothers and sisters. Such a wonderful story. Thanks to everyone responsible for memories that will live on forever.

  232. Divibe05 Says:

    Dear Carlos and Donna,
    I discovered the owl box and M&M about a year ago while checking my mail on AOL. Little did I know the wonderful world I would be entering by clicking on that link! The C1 owlets had already hatched, but I enjoyed every minute of the whole experience. My favorite moment was the fledging of Wesley. My husband is the Wesley in his family, and due to his sixth owl sense (he claimed he never watched!) I was able to run in with morning coffee just in time! Awwww! There definitely was a bond there. It was also amazing to watch the creativity of everyone who was involved–I will forever be grateful for the chat, dvds, books, drawings, music, lexicon, screenshots, links…and photos! Thank you, too, for letting “Molly Go to Washington”–your generosity in allowing us to have that fun meant so much. The “owls” were sent back to you with an unbelievable amount of love and appreciation! It was a day I will never, ever forget–meeting such a diverse, and wonderful group of people. That truly has been my favorite part–all the really wonderful people connected to the owl box. And we wouldn’t have met without you. Owl people are the best!

    Lots of good wishes to you both and all the MODs–and Molly and McGee!


  233. Theresa, aka Tippy Says:

    Thank you for an opportunity to share. A friend of mine who knows I am a nature lover sent me the site by e-mail. I began watching shortly after the very first owlet hatched. Initially the lessons I learned while watching were basic: Molly inspired me to clean closets and cupboards, removing clutter as she had only what she needed and not a lot of excess knick knacks and such. Later, the lessons were more significant. Eric’s book about Molly and McGee as well as Austin’s DVD reminded me that opportunities were available when you invest time and energy in what you enjoy. Who could have ever predicted, let along even dream, that one day an owl would fund a young man’s college education? That plus watching the owlets, who, at first thought that all there was to life was the inside of that box, slowly muster the courage to venture forth out into that grand world full of opportunity and all they would have missed had they stayed nestled, yet stunted, within the walls of that box inspired me to venture forth and finally submit one of my own stories for publication. Just last week I received my first response and though it was a rejection, I took the first step — like the owlets, I was afraid to set out into the unknown, but who knows what a world of opportunity may await me?

    In addition to the Molly and McGee book, I bought the coffee table book of the first clutch, Austin’s DVD, the pop-up cards (which I love!), an ornament and the photo “Looking for Molly.” I was also inspired to write a poem about the first clutch. I enjoyed, and still do, participating in chats – the first time ever, meeting and getting to know the other MODS and what has been a worthwhile and heartfelt and memorable experience. Thank you Carlos, Donna and Austin. p.s. I sent those crocheted booties! May God bless all who stumble upon this site.

  234. Donna Simonson Says:

    Dear Molly and McGee,
    Today it will be 1 year and 6 days since I first began watching you on ustream. A friend of mine knew I was going through some tough stuff in my life and thought that I would find peace and joy in observing you in your owlbox in San Marcos. I think every MOD can remember the exact date they became a part of your family. It’s just one of those days we can never forget when and how we came to know you and love you and the Royal family. I would suspect there are millions of memories along with the millions who watched you from around the world. I was one of the lucky ones who only live a short 40 miles from you. Somehow I could feel the wind from beneath your wings and know somehow that all was well and at peace. I don’t know how I could ever say enough thank you’s to the Royal family; instead I say, “and yet another thank you, Carlos, Donna and Austin.” I keep Austin’s DVD story of Molly ever present in my laptop to enjoy the wonderful memories of the first clutch and to remember how it all started again with the second clutch and now a third clutch! I’m so grateful and honored to have been and be a part of Molly and McGee Day both last year and today. I love all my MOD friends, the Royal family, Molly’s family, the backyard critters at the Royal estate, Eric and the creativity that flourished and continues to flourish from so many such as Vacadude and Mr. Carrot! Millions of memories to always treasure and knowing more will come!
    Love, hugs and prayers owlways,
    “OwlLuver”, Murrieta, CA

  235. Laurel Burden Says:

    Of the many wonderful memories, people, images of this past year, Dette was one of the most outstanding mods to join the group and served up a great cup of Dutch coffee! Thank you, Royal family.

    • PegRod Says:

      I copied this from Detta. The symbols may not work here, but it is her coffee!
      8:44 DetteS: ⊂(*v*)⊃ ⊂(°v°)⊃ ⊂(°v°)⊃ ⊂(*v*)⊃ ⊂(*v*)⊃ Royal Dutch Coffee for everyone

      The group card for Dette is still online and shows how much she was loved. She was a dedicated Moderator and retired from the long nights. She has a forum online.

      • joly2u Says:

        Has anyone been in touch with Dette lately? I’ve wondered how she is. The above link only brings up her card, not the forum. Do you have a forum url?

      • PegRod Says:

        Dette’s Forum Page – Mollyholic Anonymous Forum

        The site is still there, but it does not look to be active. When Clutch 2 came right along, I think it was not needed as a vehicle for staying in touch.

  236. Meglurks Says:

    To all of you,
    I found out about Molly from the Jon Carroll column in the SFChron, so I began at the egg stage. I was always a lurker, often with my Granddaughter on my lap. The things I found amazing were the people on both the chat and social stream. They looked out for each other, listened and managed the group interaction with grace and firmness. When problems occurred, the group supported the necessary actions to get everything back on track. But the main thing I find almost unbelievable, is that Carlos/Donna were there at the right time in the right place. That a skilled photographer who was also a terrier-like technology problem solver, a thoughtful/caring wife and Molly all got together at the same time. The odds against this must be astronomical. The humor, common sense and a feeling of community all resided in the Royal family and friends. Thank you so much, I’ll never forget it……and I need coffee, coffee, coffee.

  237. Kathy Copas Says:

    Favorite stuff…

    … the absolute sense of positive joy and enduring community here in the “owl nation.” In spite of the occasional chatroom nitwit(!), the Internet at its very best.
    … the simple beauty and wonder of the owls in the midst of sometimes stressful conditions in our country/lives and the way that grounded all of us in what is really most basic and important in life.
    … connecting with the other Kentucky/Indiana MODS and doing the live remote broadcast with you from the movie theatre in New”owl”bany for the “Legends of the Guardian” opening—raising some great funds to help barn owl rescue/rehab AND actually having a rescue owl stretch its wings close enough to brush across my face! (Wow—what an amazing experience!)
    … connecting with Eric and actually having the privilege to be a part of the Molly coffee table book (page 112!).
    … everyone’s creativity around the entire Molly experience—the art, music, words, crafts, photos, videos, and other personal expressions.
    … all of the wonderful daily narration from you, Carlos—America’s grandfather!

    Love to you all and safe travels—keep us posted as you can!
    New “Owl”bany, Indiana

  238. VSue Says:

    hOWLo to everyone once again just wanted to post again to wish y’owl a wonderful owlevening with pleasant sleep and hootiful OWLdreamz…

    <3 = heart to y'owl

  239. Robin/Bigsis Says:

    Happy Molly and McGee day! The Royals have changed my perception of things p~ I tend to see barn owls when they aren’t even there! If someone shows me a picture at work, I say things like…that looks like a barn owl ;) I know that I have Molly Obcessive Disorder, but my coworkers just think that I have gone over the deep end! Thank you Carlos,Donna and Austin…for causing my MOD and touching all of our hearts with “our OWLS” . Special thanks also to the moderators that walked me through the chat process. xx Bigsis0917

  240. Mareoooo Says:

    Mere words cannot express what/how I feel about the owl box, Molly & McGee, the owlettes, Carlos, Donna and Austin, and all the MODs. Whomever coined the term “Molly Obsessive Disorder,” must have met ME a year ago! I am eternally grateful to all of you for pulling me through a tough time, & restoring my faith in humanity and in all that is good. Thank you. You have touched my heart and my life and I shall always remember ALL of you warmly and with the fondest of memories.

    I learned of the owl box on Facebook from one of my former students of 20 years ago, …. he posted the link; I took one look and I was obsessed – hook, line and sinker! It took me over a month to figure out how to post (chat) on the social stream …. I had never done anything like that before, but, boy, am I glad that I did! You people had my heart strings tied up almost immediately. I laughed, I cried, … at some points, I even bawled my eyes out! When Molly didn’t return that first night out, … omg, what worry warts we were! We were thinking the worst, …. but, she came through – as she always did.

    I don’t know if I had a favorite owlette, but if I had to say, it would either be Max – (as someone previously said: “the older, giving sibling who helped to care for the younger ones”), or Wesley, the baby, who had such difficulty leaving the nest. I think that is what endeared me to her. When they all left, ….. I thought my heart would break! But, thankfully, Carlos continued to take pictures of them in the neighbor’s palm tree, so we KNEW they were okay.

    I miss hearing Carlos’ gentle and compassionate voice, too. His patience with us was beyond compare. He doesn’t know this, but, I’ve adopted him into MY family, also! ;o) Thank you, Donna, for sharing him with us! And, Austin, I wish you continued success when you go to college & in all your endeavors.

    SO many wonderful memories, you guys! I hope we can all remain connected, & hopefully, be rejoined watching Molly again, someday! Wishing the Royals a wonderful, relaxing, and safe vacation! Enjoy!
    Mary Williams

  241. Dear Carlos, Donna and Austin,

    I see Molly every day when I turn on my computer. I have her and her first clutch as my wallpaper. I just for a moment reflect back on last year and the wonderful experience The Owl Box was. I remember the words, “and I was part of it”. To be honest, I have the DVD and the 1st clutch book and have ordered the second clutch book, but can’t bring myself to look at them. I wish I could turn back time and relive it all again. Thanks so much for the hours of fun, anxiety and most of all, learning so much about owls and meeting so many great people in the chat.

    Nancy (Ultra_and_Violet)

  242. joly2u Says:

    I think someone sent me an email about the owls, knowing I am a nature lover–or I saw a tweet. I worked 3 years as an animal interpreter at a nature center teaching school groups about wild animals, including a barn owl and a gho who used to ride around on my shoulder. Despite that I came to realize I knew nothing about owls, in a way. It’s like the old saying about vivisection: you can dissect a frog and know about the frog…but you’ll never know the frog. In the restrictions of the captive environment, we never knew the animals as the beings they really are. I did have one special experience there, when I decided to find out why the gho kept trying to walk up my arm. Everyone used to mash down on his jesses so he couldn’t, assuming a bad motive. I observed he wasn’t attacking and one day eased up instead. I found out all he wanted was to stand on my shoulder and lean against me because he had a bad wing and was struggling to balance. He could have torn off an ear or anything, but never did anything but seem pleasured to be steady at last. Humans are not always great observers, and in this owlbox experience you have opened a door such as no one did before.

    The “being” of these owls just blew me away. You, Carlos, were the spirit of the owlbox experience. I have such respect that you were able and willing to learn unexpected things and then respond to that knowledge swiftly and with astounding perception, ethic, ingenuity and intelligence. Wow. You blessed the whole world. These owls themselves have some quality that still moves me as no others do, even the new youngsters that we haven’t had a chance to get to know. I can’t figure out why, but they still make me tear up, and are deep in my heart. Added to that your remarkable creative talents which warmed the site, such as your friendly morning updates, and your, Donna’s and Austin’s willingness to share yourselves with strangers you could not even see, though we could see you–and it became a meaningful experience. And I admire the way you supported the talents that came your way, such as VacaDude, Eric, Chris and Barbara. Their gifts added so much, and still do and will into the future.

    I love each owl in a special way, but my heart tends to go to Wesley and Carrie, possibly because the cams cut off before we could really find out how they were doing. If we are blessed with a next time, maybe there will be some way to track the youngest a little bit. Life is hardest on the youngest, and maybe it arouses the maternal instinct. Observing how much harder life was for the 2nd clutch, struggling for life at a time when the weather was hot, rabbits probably too big to catch, food more scarce, was a revelation. I have such amazement for the pluck of wild animals. I wish everyone could get to know something, some animal, in this real way, so the human heart will enlarge and the mind soften and expand.

    Endless thanks to you, Donna and Austin for your sacrifices. From the standpoint of your effect they were worth it. You have been quite an example of the meaning of recognizing an opportunity when it has presented itself, and acting on it with energy and commitment. Thanks for not just walking away. You have a large family.

  243. joly2u Says:


  244. Mareoooo Says:

    Oh, P.S. It was such fun and I got to be part of it!!! Thank you!!


  245. Happy Molly and McGee Day Everyone! I am so thankful to have been a part of the whole Molly and McGee experience. It has brought so much joy into my life in a time when things in the world seem to have been in such turmoil. Carlos, I so looked forward everyday to seeing that great smile of yours and hearing your voice say…”this is Carlos Royal coming to you live from the Owl Box in San Marcos California” with updates as we all learned together about Molly and McGee and the Common barn owl. Two of my favorite memories were when the owlets were rockin away, heads swinging and swaying to the song the Molly Bobble….that put smiles on everyones face for sure. The other favorite was when there was a white feather or smudge in the lower left corner of the owl box in the shape of a small rabbit or rat sitting up on it’s hind legs and we couldn’t figure out what it was so, someone came said it was the “Ghost of Dinners Past”. We all cracked up! I still laugh every time I think of it.
    I loved it all and miss it all so much. I know we all have other owl boxes to view but, there is just something so special about Molly’s box, you, Donna, Austin, and all the others that no other Owl box could ever compare to. Molly and McGee have brought so many wonderful memories, happy times, and new acquaintances from around the world and I am so greatful for that.
    Thank you Molly and McGee, thank you Carlos, Donna an Austin, and a special thanks to all the moderators and chatters, Erik Blehm, John Atkinson and Chris Adams for making the whole Molly and McGee experience happen.
    Sending love to you all,

  246. Jo-Ann Says:

    I was hooked since “March 24, 2010 9:36 AM” I can’t believe how addicted I was? I mean I am still…I spent hours each and every day watching our wonderful owl family (also the Royal’s) and always lurking while laughing at all the chatter going on in the chat room. I felt I got to know everyone involved with this whole wonderful adventure..learned so much about owls… so many memories. It is now one hole year and one day since I became a MOD!!!!

  247. gmarch Says:

    I wil 4evah Luv you Molly & Leggs McGee! Thanks 4 changing my life 4 the better!!! *wink* Thank-you Carlos and Family 4 giving them the way into my heart!

  248. VacaDude Says:

    I tried posting this image earlier, but for some reason it didn’t go through. Let’s see if this works… :)

  249. Sheila in Arlington Hts., IL Says:

    Face Plants! How crazy to see those darling owlets “fall” asleep!

    What an incredible blessing this all has been. Happy Trails to all…’til we meet again!

  250. Susan Belloff Says:

    I began watching soon after Carlos started broadcasting the first clutch and never stopped. I suffered from MOD but loved every minute of it. I am so thankful that Carlos has given us the opportunity to continue to follow Molly and McGee through his blog. I see Molly every day when I turn on my computer as she is my wallpaper! :)

  251. prettyrose44 Says:

    I loved the Molly Song and got hooked listening to it. However, I had another song going around in my head once I started watching Molly and the first clutch but couldn’t come up with the title. So I involved my husband who finally remembered it as “Girl Watcher” a song we both liked that went back to 1968 when The O’Kaysions sang it. I have changed the words to “Molly Watcher” and if I was better at the computer and could sing I would have put the words to the music and added them here but can’t do either one! So maybe someone who knows more about the computer and can sing too can figure out how to put the words with the music and share it with all the MODS. Here are the words which I hope everyone enjoys because I had fun changing them to Molly Watcher.

    This is a link to the original group and song.


    I’m a Molly watcher, I’m a Molly watcher…
    Watchin’ owls go by, My, my my
    I’m a Molly watcher, I’m a Molly watcher…
    Here she comes now, Mmmm, mmm, mmm

    I was just a computer newbie
    And found a new pastime to dwell on
    Whenever I detect her there in the box
    I watch the show with her and the owls

    I’m a Molly watcher, I’m a Molly watcher…
    Watchin’ owls go by, My, my my
    I’m a Molly watcher, I’m a Molly watcher…
    Here she comes now

    Hello there, Molly, My my, but you do look swell
    Could you please fly a little slower
    Wonder if you know that you’re putting on a show
    Could you please come a little closer

    I’m a Molly watcher, I’m a Molly watcher…
    Watchin’ owls go by My, my my
    I’m a Molly watcher, I’m a Molly watcher…
    Here she comes now, Mmmm, mmm, mmm

  252. joly2u Says:

    Some favorite things: the sight and sound of Pattison bouncing on the roof, while the others looked worried and amazed, then making a running fly-off; watching the playground sideways, then Carlos up on the ladder every morning–rain or shine–to re-place the camera after the owlets’ love of landing on it had turned it askew. I never laughed so hard, loved it. I miss it all so much. Thanks for making it such a playground for the owls. I feel kind of sorry for the others who don’t have it so nice.

  253. Coach Says:

    I woke up one morning and was watching the local San Diego news on my slingbox in Japan. They ran a story about a pair of owls named Molly and McGee in San Marcos that was quickly becoming an internet sensation. After the story, I found the broadcast where Molly was patiently sitting on her eggs and the rest is history. Watching the Owlbox gave me a sense of being closer to home and it was nice meeting and chatting with people from all over the world.

    Carlos and Donna made it a warm and friendly place to visit and I looked forward to his almost daily reports. This was the first time I have ever joined a chat room and it became a learning experience for me. I’ll never forget the first time I wrote something, I think it was “Hi” and suddenly there were people greeting me and I remember being nervous about it as if they could actually see me! Or when I received a pm from a “ustreamer” and thought I was in trouble, lol.

    Since the broadcast I’ve been fortunate to be able to meet with fellow chatters in San Diego and to also meet Carlos. You are as warm and friendly as we saw you during your broadcasts. The Royal family has been wonderful and giving and watching Molly and McGee was a delight but what I will treasure the most are all the new friends in my life… Their friendship and support have been there when I needed it most.

    Carlos, Donna and Austin thank you for this incredible experience you’ve given us and thank you for continuing to be part of our lives.

    Safe travels,
    Lucy / Coach

    • PegRod Says:

      We are all so happy that you are safe, Coach, and grateful that you have helped to bring the world closer together with your heart, spirit and friendship across the Pacific with what some have called “The Fellowship of the Wingz”.

  254. Tresbien Says:

    Still reading and recalling special times, a favorite being when Molly cleaned the debris out of Carrie’s eye. How amazing that she noticed an issue and was able to deal with it in the owl’s way! Another favorite memory is of Carlos installing Spritz, the mister, on one of the unexpectedly hot days. Caring plus creativity yielded a solution for which we were thankful. You rock Carlos! Hope you’re reading this on your iPad.

  255. Rita in DC Says:

    Better late than never. Just a quick deet, deet, deet to the wonderful Royal family, all the creatures that have lived with them, and all my fellow MODs!

    —Rita in DC, AKA bluenoter in Chat

  256. Jill (aka NightOwlet) Says:

    I just wanted you to know how much joy and pleasure you brought into this world of ours when you allowed us to share this beautiful and charming family of owls with you… I was more touched by watching Molly, McGee, and their precious little babies than almost anything I can think of. I am one of the lucky ones, as I was there for both clutches, so I got to know them intimately. I adore animals with a passion, and my heart would melt each and every time I looked in on this incredible little family.

    Sharing their world became a part of my daily life back then, and, when things weren’t going well for me, I always knew that checking in with M+M would make me smile and forget my troubles, at least for the moment. I was so grateful that you put together such a tremendously heartwarming DVD, and it will forevermore make me both happy and sad whenever I watch it.

    This has truly been the experience of a lifetime, and my love for these owls has given Molly, McGee, little Max, and all the others a permanent place in my heart. I will think of them and appreciate this delightful experience for the rest of my days. I thank you for making this possible, on behalf of myself and thousands of other adoring and caring fans. This was simply magical — and I am elated and proud beyond words to have been a part of it…

  257. Sherrie Pearl Says:

    Hi all again,

    Besides lip reading and laughing and yelling Carlos No Sound, I want to say a big big thank you to all of our wonderful M & M MODS in Blue


  258. PegRod Says:

    I can remember laughing and enjoying the day that Eric and Carlos did this show.

    Molly’s Home Shopping Network

    So much stuff! All treasures requested by Molly Fans.

    Carlos, Eric and Chris worked very hard (along with many sleepless nights) to produce and deliver the best and most memorable souvenirs of a magical time.

  259. Ann Richards (Nashville) Says:

    Thanks for setting the way for all the wonderful barn owl boxes that we are continuing to watch now! Because of the time, energy, money, love, and expertise Donna & Carlos put into Molly’s Movement, we have learned so much, met great people, and have had our lives enriched in ways that can’t be put in words. May we all send this knowledge out into the communities so that young and old may take pleasure and pride in taking care of our world and of course take care of our dear. dear barn owls who never knew we were peeking (or did they????).

  260. PegRod Says:

    One of my favorite memories from the First Clutch is of the night that inside the Owl Box the screen went black (no night vision, I think) – Carlos and Donna had gone to his mother’s birthday party and the cameras were on their own. The chatters spent the night watching a “black screen” and imagining the happenings inside the owl box. What vivid imaginations. One chatter said that if you stood up halfway, tilted your head until you got the angle just right (contortionist), you could see the “ghostly glow” of the moonlight on Molly feathers when she moved – and it was true!

    And, the very night before this happened I remember when chatters went wild once they heard the word “hork”. Chat scrolled a mile a minute while people laughed and created phrases and just typed the word “hork” over and over. The Moderators had to shut down the chatroom and told people to behave. I wish that we had the chat transcript from that night, but there were no recordings of chat. The test of time shows that the word “hork” is here to stay! Hork, hork, hooray!

  261. PegRod Says:

    Carlos did many great live interviews (everyone loves his voice and style). Here are a few links.

    Chris “Rocketman” Adams did this great interview with Carlos later on, near the end of Clutch 2. on October 11, 2010. Cameras were turned off on October 20th.

    Live with Eric and Chris – June 6, 2010

    Eric Blehm and Carlos Royal always gave us entertaining broadcasts. No matter how many “Take 2”’s they had to do!
    May 18, 2010
    Nov 26, 2010

    Carlos Live with Austin (July 12, 2010)

    Carlos Live with John Atkinson (July 24, 2010)
    Carlos interview with JohnVacaDude on Skype (?) – Shows off Custom made Carlos shirt with VacaDude material.

    Carlos did a revolutionary thing when he experimented with using Skype in conjuction with the Owl Box. He was never afraid to try new things, and was great at “let’s see what we can do” and he never gave up.

    Someone needs to go through the tapes and put all the school interviews together. I’m not sure if they are all on OB1 or OB2 recordings.
    ( But in the meantime, here are a few.

    Live Narration Milford Elementary School in Ohio – March 11, 2010

    Live Narration Questions and Answers – March 20, 2010 – While waiting for the first egg to hatch!

    Live Narration Audubon Elementary, Remond, WA – March 22, 2010

    Live Narration Marco Forster Middle School – April 1, 2010

    Live Narration Peterson’s Montessori School, Ensenitas, California, USA

    Owl Box Early Montage – May 15, 2010 (Kyle the Carrot makes an appearance)

    Carlos Making Molly Calling Sound (June 12, 2010) For Rent The Owl Box sign on Box quiet and poignant footage of the empty owl box at night until……Molly came back! Second Clutch was in the works.
    We thought it was over, but then I figured out to post comments on an article about the owl cam to go dark (I had courage and faith from Carlos always trying new things) – and I kept posting comments– Everything I learned about posting comments on the internet, I learned from The Owl Box!.

  262. Jerri Weed Says:

    KSBORN really couldn’t wait to Hear Carlos Voice Every Morning but 1 thing KS didn’t say was a Very Special THANK YOU to the Moderators That the Royals had…. The OwlBox would Not have been a Safe Environment without them. KS Can’t Name them all but will Try..WD–Tres–Thimble–Choco–Hundon–Coach–Surf–Cab–KS knows she is missing some and Sorry if so But Much LOVE To You All…

    • PegRod Says:

      MODs are like MOMs

      We love them even if we don’t remember their “real” names, they protect us, keep us safe, teach us lessons, and give us wingz to fly (heartz and hugz – we luv you gutz)!

      Some more Beloved Blue Suits, Smurfs, Moderators, and others aka’s:

      Beantowner was always quick to the draw with links galore! Sheri from Memphis had quite an imagination for rodentia and treats and posts in the chat banner. SnugglesDad has many names, but has always been watching over us, while cooking on the outdoor grill! PhilRitchie (with many kisses), DetteSophie (Dutch coffee), Wyanet (gift of hearing); and some part-timers stepped in, like Ruthrings (who did many services including organizing the first Molly Picnic), some who were sent to the corner alot in Clutch 1 became moderators in Clutch 2 (like rsl4us). Dozens of former chatters are now moderators in all the other owl boxes in 2011!

      (heartz) theowlwatch – always watching

      And….. applause … UStream-Bot was always the first line of defense against bad words and unwelcomed links!

    • PegRod Says:

      More Blue-suited Moderators we Luv and who luved MODs!

      luvmolly!, whitedog, joym13, LoneStarStateTx, and you know, donnaroyal moderated now and then, too!

      • PegRod Says:

        Candles and others on the Owl Box Social Stream kept it educational and friendly and turned it into a nice and safe place for streamers.

      • Jerri Weed Says:

        Like KS Said Can’t recall Everyone of them Bit LUV Them All…Oh KS does recall on the OwlBox the Reveal of theowlwatch..LOL..

        Again Thank You Donna and Carlos for Bringing Molly and Leggz McGee into Our Homes.

      • PegRod Says:

        More Marvelous Moderators!

        Dandilion (videographer, too), ssocenblu (movie organizer), bethfl, ruthiesmom2, some names above are abbreviated, like tresbien, hundon (amazing new Matilda owlet photo this week, by the way –

      • PegRod Says:

        So many wonderful Moderators – Did I mention TurtlePie (Daily Celebrations), minasparrot, luvs2bassfish, Rockbuddy, couleedam, CuteLibby, Jodimaher, and I know I mentioned Jasmine and her cake pops somewhere!

        There are still more, I know! Help fill them in, friends, if I have missed some – we need an alphabetical directory.

  263. Colleen Poor Says:

    I might be a day late for Molly & McGee day but the memories are still with me today. I remember seeing the babies and Molly for the first time and getting caught up in the wonder of it. I still watch the owls around the world as they show up on cams to this day, laugh at all the baby antics and mom birds caring for them but none surpass Molly’s endearing attention to her owlets. I loved the way she helped her babies out of their shells. Never thought I’d ever see that! Thanks so much, Carlos and Donna, for putting your lives on hold for us. May your travels be full of fun, good memories and hope you see some critters to keep the wonder going!

  264. Lisa Tye Columbia, SC Says:

    Hi everybody! I learned of Molly on the NBC news last year and immediately became addicted to watching Molly and the babiez every day. I cried tuckets when Jody died, but laughed daily at watching the babiez play with each other, learned so much by watching Molly take care of the owlets…it was (and still is) a wonderful experience. I “met” so many friends online in my first chat room. Now, just checking your blog (Carlos) makes me smile and fills my heart with joy. You have a great, loving family and each of you shared your world with us…and I will forever be grateful! I have my Molly sign in my yard still and my Molly sticker on my car!

  265. violetmoon6 Says:

    So many to name and if I do the tears will flow..Molly will now and always be my first love. Thank you all for the life long memories. :: sigh ::

  266. Debbie Says:

    I have spent a couple of days reflecting on Molly and McGee and The Owl Box. I have come to the conclusion that it was YOU that made everything so special. Of course, I loved watching our little owl family, but you are what made the experience meaningful for me. I lost sleep in the morning getting up early to hear about the nights events. Some mornings you even made me late to work. I went many afternoons hungry because I just had to get the “noon report” and skipped or delayed lunch, (I am CST) You gave me permission to be a kid again and forget that I had adult problems and responsibilities and I found out that my life didn’t end just because I forgot about both of them for awhile. I sure miss Molly and McGee and the precious owlets. I miss Wesley most of all. I loved watching Wesley pop up from the back of the box. I still play “Wake up Wesley” from time to time. Most of all Carlos, I miss you. I feel that we are all a family now connected by the love for your human family and your owl family. I love you both, Donna and Carlos and appreciate you for allowing me to share a moment in your life.

  267. Sally aka MollyLoverForever Says:

    “Vote for Molly” – I will always vote for Molly. “This is Carlos Royal coming to you from KOWL, San Marcos, California.” Donna Royal. All the Molly songs. “Carrie Needs Coffee.” That SPECIAL head tilt. VacaDude’s cartoons. The times we chatters cracked each other up so much we laughed until we cried. “Carlos – no sound!” My husband’s calling himself the “owl-in-law.” Going to the second picnic. Meeting DotRot and ChatterChopz. Signing NatureLuver’s tote at the picnic! Being a MOD. Continuing to be in touch with other MODs. The continuing joy and laughter which were started by the whole Molly experience – what tremendously wonderful feelings! Love to ALL! <3

  268. PegRod Says:

    Molly Goes to Washington, DC! I will always remember what fun that was when chatters shared the links to photos of the cardboard cut outs made of Molly, McGee and the owlets and taken to Washington, DC at the first get-together of local Molly Watchers! Some photos are found here (click on view album):

    Moderator PhilRitchie posted two videos of this event:

    Clowney and Boston area Molly fans made a great video in two parts, too, of their get-together.

    So many millions of memories. How many seconds are there in a year?

    60sec x 60min x 24hr x 365 days = number of seconds in a calendar year, (31,536,000)

    Now multiply that by 20 million viewers and the number of memories are astronomical!

  269. PegRod Says:

    Tauntz the Rabbit.

    A few more of Carlos’ photos are found in these posts. I thought it was very interesting when Carlos discussed the fact that the owls were not likely to hunt right under their box, so the rabbits were likely safer there.

    Tauntz in September portrait

    Tauntz in October portrait

    Ashley looking for Carrie – Carrie and Ashley looking for Tauntz on the ground near the white picket fence

    Viewers were worried about Carrie when she went off camera and down to the ground. Carlos not only assured us she was safe, but gave us these awesome photos!

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