From Japan Coach is Safe

March 18, 2011

Click to make a $10 or more donation to Red Cross

Carlos and Lucy/Coach at Book Signing

Click to make $10 Donation or more to Red Cross

We are so happy to hear from Lucy/Coach in Japan and that she is safe.

Hello Carlos,
I am doing fine although I am keeping a close eye on the current situation in Fukushima. The earthquake was a little over 300 miles from our city of Nagoya, it was rather strong here but everybody is fine in our area. We are grateful that the families and friends of our team members are also all okay. We do have one player that lost her house in the tsunami but thankfully her parents were able to evacuate before it reached their home. They are now recovering and living with family members.
We were fortunate that our city wasn’t strongly affected by the earthquake other than residents having to evacuate the coastal areas. We have food and water and our utilities are running normally but we have been asked to conserve energy. The only indication I’ve seen of something peculiar was when I went to the grocery store yesterday and the aisles of rice and dried noodles were completely empty. When I asked about this, they said customers were buying these items and sending them to families in Northern Japan.
I want to express my gratitude to those who have sent emails asking about me and my friends. I’m humbled by the amount of concern that our owl friends have shown me. Carlos, the family you have created is so caring and compassionate, thank you again for all that you’ve done and know that we miss you.
Thank you for writing and for your good wishes. Have a wonderful trip and all the best to you and Donna and your family.
Best wishes,
Lucy / Coach

I have included links to the American Red Cross if you would like to make a $10 donation. Just click on either of the two empty shelves  above.  Japan can use our help.

Carlos, Donna and Austin

33 Responses to “From Japan Coach is Safe”

  1. Lynn Dumont Says:

    Wonderful, wonderful news!!!! I’ve thought of her so often since this disaster. Everything else pales in comparison to what these beautiful, gentle people are having to experience. Thank you so much for sharing and love to Coach.

  2. Maxine Says:

    Thank you for sharing this e-email with us. I’m glad Coach is fine.


  3. Christine Peters Says:

    Thank God she and her friends are safe. Thank you for sharing this information with us. We are all one family after all.

  4. Caboval Says:

    Oh Carlos thank you for posting this information about Coach!!!! We are all so worried!!! I hope she is doing ok and has supplies!!! Caboval

  5. pattiinVA (Patti Sowers) Says:

    Carlos, thank you for forwarding word 2 us of our dear friend, Coach. I have immediately donated for the third time. Please if you talk to her again let her know her owl friends are praying for her and the citizens of Japan. I pray God will grant her safety and peace.

  6. mandozee Says:

    good to know thanks. mandozee

  7. Breezy Says:

    Carlos, thank you for posting this much hoped for update from Coach. She and all of the citizens of Japan are in the thoughts and prayers of millions of people around the world. May God wrap his loving arms around those who survived and those who are rendering aid and give them the strength needed to face the most difficult times ahead. I’m so grateful for the Red Cross and other Humanitarian organizations, including those who care about the animals and other creatures we share this Earth with.

    Happy and safe travels to you and Donna


  8. Couleedam (Nora) Says:

    So grateful for the information, Carlos!! So many, many of us have worried about Coach and her team. Thank God they are safe!! I am very appreciative of your taking the time to share this with us :)
    Hugz, coulee

  9. PegRod Says:

    Carlos – Thank you so much for sharing this news from our beloved moderator, Coach (Lucy), and Coach, thank you for your email to Carlos which is reaching your fans and friends. I looked at the photo you created of Ashely and Carrie with the subtitle “Byodoin Temple in Uji City, near Kyoto”. Through your friendship, many Molly fans have learned more about Japan and its culture and geography. Our (and owl) spirits are with you and we send prayers of love for understanding, healing and strength for the present and in the challenging days ahead.
    Ashley and Carrie visit Japan

  10. LoveYourDNA Says:


    Thank you for the update. It’s good to hear some good news from a fellow MOD in Japan.

    I work for Electronic Arts up in Redwood City and they are matching cash donations for the people in Japan. I decided we also needed to help the animals there too, so I got EA to match donations for World Vets (similar to Doctors Without Borders). Many of our pet people are already donating!

    Keep us posted on your travels.
    Best to you and your family!

  11. Sherry Kelly Says:

    Love hearing this great news about Coach! Thanks for passing it along. My thoughts and prayers are with the people of Japan during this most difficult time.

  12. planetmom Says:

    Thank you for this update Carlos. So glad that Coach and family are ok. They have all been in our prayers.


  13. Heather from Maine Says:

    Thank you for the good news about Coach and the owl updates. I so appreciate what you do for all of us MODs.

  14. Sue Couch Says:

    What a blessing that Coach is okay. Thank you for passing on her message to you. The people of Japan are truly an inspiration to us all. They need and deserve our prayers and our donations.

  15. knittinghiker Says:

    Coach – thank you so much for letting us all know how you are doing! I”m glad you are hanging in there. I cannot even imagine what the people of Japan are going through right now. I am thinking of everyone there and plan to make my donations this weekend.

    Julie, thanks for the information about world vets – good to know to go along with docs without borders and red cross.

    Coach – take care, stay safe, and thanks again for letting us know how you’re doing.

    knittinghiker [torre]

  16. Elaine/eggdrop Says:

    I was thinking about you, Linda/Coach and wondering if you were ok. Thank goodness you are. Thanks, too, for letting us molly friends know how you are.

  17. Nancy Paine Says:

    thank you Carlos so very much for posting news of Lucy/Coach.. was wondering if she was alright. I am so glad. Our thoughts and prayers are with everyone in Japan.

  18. Rosemary Says:

    Thank you Carlos for forwarding Coach’s email.
    So glad she is safe. We will continue to pray for
    her, and all of those affected by this horrific

  19. dennens Says:

    Thanks so much, Carlos, for forwarding Coach’s message. There are a number of people we know in Japan and so far we have been very lucky. I was concerned about Coach as Japan is relatively small for the pummelling it is taking. Coach it is very good to hear from you! Our best thoughts and wishes coming your way. Hugz! dennens/jo

  20. Lynn Dumont Says:

    Carlos, Donna, Austin and all who see this post – if you go to this site

    100% of your donation goes directly to the animals in Japan. Thanks so much!

  21. joisey38 Says:

    So Glad you are ok coach!! <3 Please be safe and God Bless you and the people and animals of Japan!

    Sandy (joisey38)

  22. joly2u Says:

    Thanks Carlos and Coach. Japan’s people are amazing, and I pray for miracles to get past this suffering.

  23. muttsfan Says:

    Thank you Carlos for passing on such good news in the midst of such sorrow, I know that many of us MODs have been asking after Coach in chat rooms. Coach we are thinking of you, your family, and your country. Please everyone help the Red Cross help those who need us now – muttsfan

  24. Vee Miller Says:

    Carlos ~

    Thank you so much for forwarding Coach’s message to you. Lots of the owl family were praying for her safety and also for all thos affected by the terrible earthquake and tsunami. Not only do they need our prayers, they need our donations – whether it be through the missionaries in your church or the Red Cross.

    We are so blessed in America, and we need to bless those who are in need in Japan.

    Thanks Carlos!

  25. Carol Says:

    Great news, and great job Carlos thinking to put the links to the Red Cross up. Every day I am grateful for a roof over my head and the safety of my own human brood.

  26. Betty Rexrode Says:

    Years ago I lived in Japan(30 miles south of Tokyo)teaching school. I fell in love with the Japanese people and their culture. It is hard for me to watch the scenes on TV. I hope everybody who is touched by this massive diaster will donate to the Red Cross or some reliable agency. Carlos’ extended owl family is very giving and generous….now is the time to help.
    Thank you Carlos for letting all of us know how Lucy is doing.

  27. kit Says:

    great news about coach! so sorry about japan, a very tragic situation. a military buddy of mine was stationed in pensacola and shipped out to japan in january. now on his way back to florida, said it’s unbelieveable there.

  28. I am grateful that Coach has come through this disaster and know that the people of Japan will rise above yet again. Our sense of connection with humanity is most sensitive during such trials as have been faced by Japan and other countries recently devastated by natural disasters. I cannot help but be eternally grateful to Carlos for his undying efforts and for the incredible technology that allows all of us to stay connected, wherever we are. Faith, prayers & love – the glue of our souls.

    Angel Fitzsimmons

  29. didinp Says:

    Thank you Carlos for letting us know Coach was alright. My prayers are with all the people of Japan


  30. Mareoooo Says:

    I am so glad to hear Coach is safe! And, thank you Carlos and Donna for letting us know that! All of our hearts and prayers go out to the people of Japan, now. Yes, we are all one family. <3 Love to all.

  31. owloverbo Says:

    Thanks for the update. Glad to hear some good news with all of the tragedy.

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