6,410 Viewer Hours, Updated Numbers

March 13, 2011

Huntington Library and Museum

Blue Boy



Molly definitely has six owlets; we finally managed to get a good count but no pictures to prove it yet. She laid 7 eggs and six hatched, the seventh just disappeared. We speculate that she ate it when it didn’t hatch but since we didn’t see it happen, we are not sure. Four of the owlets are big and healthy while two are much much smaller. What is interesting is that two of the eggs were about 30% smaller than the other five eggs and we wonder if these two smaller owlets came from those small eggs. The two little owlets seem to be much smaller than their age would indicate. Food has not been an issue in The Owl Box as McGee continues to bring in the rabbits and the rodents.

Molly left the owlets long enough to take a bath. How do we know? She came back wet and it wasn’t raining, in fact, it has been rather hot around here the last couple of days. If you remember, she also did this during clutch one and two. We have concluded that Barn Owls like to take a bath, especially after being cooped up in the owl box for the long brooding process or at least Molly does.

The female kestrel Caleigh, after three years of calling for a mate and then finding one, decided she did not like the box and left. We watched the male bring in food trying to get her to nest in the box but the female would just take the food and fly off. I told Donna at the time, I thought that she was rejecting the box, which is amazing considering she spent so much time calling from that box. The reason we feel they have abandon the kestrel box is we have not seen either Caleigh or Calvin for three days now. I think she wanted a nesting place where there was not so much competition. Remember the crows, the jays and the mockingbirds were all giving her a hard time while she was on the box calling.

Donna and I took a short trip to The Huntington Library and Museum in San Marino, California  last week to see the gardens, the books and the paintings. We saw a 1455 Gutenberg Bible and a 1611 King James Bible. We also saw one of James Audubon’s Illustrated Books; it is what they call a “double elephant” in the book industry, about 2 feet by 3 feet in size.  Now that’s a coffee table book. The book was published in 1827 and one sold in December 2010 at auction for $10.5 million. Gee, here is some fun thinking. What do you think your copy of Molly & McGee, The World’s Most Famous Barn Owls will be worth if it survives a couple hundred years. Who knows, you could be leaving your heirs a fortune or maybe not.

We strolled the Japanese, Chinese and Rose gardens, but our favorite place was the museum where they have Pinkie and Blue Boy, two of the world’s most famous paintings. Blue Boy was painted by Thomas Gainsborough in 1755 and Pinkie was painted by Thomas Lawrence in 1794. These paintings had no association until purchased by Henry Huntington in 1920. Today one painting is rarely mentioned without the other, which has caused many people to mistake them for contemporary works by the same artist, which they are not.

Molly’s video “Mom Knows Best,” has been viewed 4,850 times on YouTube. If you haven’t seen this edited version you might want to check it out at http://www.youtube.com/carloswroyal

The numbers are in for the one hour Molly Special, 7,611 unique viewers, about 3,500 at peak time for 6,410 viewer hours. That’s right, as a group you spent 6,410 hours watching the Molly Special. Plus the Molly Special Third Clutch recording has had 2,993 views. http://www.ustream.tv/theowlbox

Thanks for watching and yes, it is a sign you have M.O.D (Molly Obsessive Disorder)

Carlos, Donna and Austin

59 Responses to “6,410 Viewer Hours, Updated Numbers”

  1. Rita in DC Says:

    Thank you once again, Carlos, Donna, and Austin!

    –Rita in DC, AKA bluenoter in Chat

  2. Ann Richards (Nashville) Says:

    Thanks for sharing these things. Most MODs also like other birds, all nature, travel, and the arts, so keep the posts coming! And let me know know if you come to Nashville. Our new symphony hall, amongst other attractions, is fabulous–a feast for the eyes and ears. (I know, because I sit on the stage for my job!)

  3. grams3cs Says:

    I’m so sorry that the kestral box didn’t work out after all. Poor Donna, she was the one who wanted the Kestral box most of all. Well Callie didn’t know when she had it so good!! Glad to hear that Molly and McGee’s little kidz are growing and healthy. Is Tauntz still around, or has he become dinner? Thank you again for the fun times you gave all of us and enjoy your vacations. Hope to see you all again.

  4. NatureLuver Says:

    Hi Donna and Carlos,
    Sorry Caleigh and Calvin left but I’m glad they got you to reconnect the cameras for a peek at M&M. I was one that missed the live broadcast but made a little of live chat and watched the recording. All of it was wonderful and VERY much appreciated. Molly with six little ones, wow, hope the two tiny guys make it.
    Thanks for the pics and updates, keep them coming!
    All my love,
    Liz Garney, League City, TX
    True MOD for life!!!!

  5. mandozee Says:

    We may also have C.O.D. Carlos Obsessive Disorder. Your on camra chats and all the special things you did for us all made watching Molly so much fun that we couldn’t stay away.

    your missed but enjoy your travels. mandozee

  6. Becky Konkol Says:

    Exquisite pictures of the art. Probably as close as I’ll ever get to them but they are beautiful, aren’t they? Carlos, have you tried painting? I’m wondering the two smaller owlets will make it! Fingers crossed. Thank you, again, for the posting!

  7. Carol Watt Says:

    Thank you for the updates on Molly and the other great information. That is what makes you the special valued person you. I look forward to these mesages from you. Again thank you for taking to time to share. You and your family are the best.

  8. Katy Says:

    Thank you for sharing all of this, Carlos. We learn more and more thanks to you! Sorry about Caleigh. Maybe she and Calvin found another secluded spot. Perhaps they will return for the plentiful food in your yard once they have a family. Keep the posts coming. We who have MOD stop what we are doing as soon as your posts show up in our email box!

  9. Judy Sackson Says:

    We were just at the Huntington the other day for the Chinese New Year festival! It’s a fabulous place. Glad you had a good day!
    Thanks so much for keeping an eye on the little ones for us, we are all so concerned for them. Hope the tiny owlets pick up soon.
    Sorry about Caleigh, but maybe you will still get some boarders for the kestral box!
    Happy traveling!

  10. VeeTX Says:

    Yay!!! It was so good to hear from you and that you and Donna are actually taking a vacation. Thank you for sharing your experiences and for the photos of the museum and Blue Boy and Pinkie. I would love to see the Guttenberg and KJ Bibles.

    Caleigh probably knows what’s best for her and Calvin and potential babies. She fought off those crows and hawks long enough. Kestrel is such a beautiful bird.

    Thanks Carlos for sharing with us. As someone else said, I think a lot of us have COD (Carlos Obsessive Disorder). Have fun and be safe.

    Vee Miller

  11. Carole in Charlotte, NC Says:

    The pictures are stunning and the updates are greatly appreciated! Thank you for taking the time to keep us in “your world.” It’s wonderful to continue to be a part of it! Take care, be safe, and I look forward to your next excursion. Carole

  12. Barbara Says:

    Carlos, as always, such a treat (!) to get an update on M&M, and on the Royal family. I miss getting your video updates, so I was beyond happy when you had your special M&M broadcast. I hope you & Donna have a wonderful time traveling this Spring.

  13. SARose Says:

    We are always charmed by your adventures whether or not owls are involved.

  14. Jo-Ann Says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! Such a wonderful update… hugs and kisses…..So wonderful of you to keep us MOD’s updated on our favorite owls and Kestrels and such!! I look forward to more updates, more like being on pins and needles waiting to hear more…

  15. So sorry you lost your Kestrels! Donna must be devastated. I was one of the people that thought both Blue Boy and Pinkie were painted by Gainsborough! Now to learn they were not even painted close in years.
    I was also unaware the paintings hang in the Huntington Museum in San Marino!

    Hopefully the two little owlets will do well. Thank you for your update and education:-)

  16. PegRod Says:

    Carlos, each new blog entry gets better and better! The chance to see the artwork from The Huntington Library and Museum is wonderful, awesome and unexpected! MODs may not know about the Google Art Project. I think there is a chance for everyone to participate and upload photos. NPR did a show about it in early February.
    Read more here.

    Carlos, I love your descriptions of the events in the Royal Gardens equally with the one-of-a-kind photographs you share with us. Each moment becomes special through your eyes.

    Thank you for taking MODs along on a Virtual Tour with the “Carlos and Donna Royal Retirement Adventures Project”.

    • CAequuslvr Says:

      PegRod–thanks for the links to the Google Art Project. Wonderful information.

      I love the title for the next C&D happening.

  17. Darlene Salisbury Says:

    It is always good to hear from you. Those pictures are wonderful to see. I’m glad to hear Molly, McGee and their kids are doing so well.You must be disappointed about the kestrels. That’s a bummer.
    I’m glad you’re healthy and doing well.

    Even though we don’t watch Molly anymore, she has created such a community on SPO.

    Thank you once again for everything you have done.

    Take care and be well..
    Darlene Salisbury From Oregon

  18. JL and family Says:

    DiTTO on all said…

    Hope you and Donna are enjoying yourselves, thank you so much for keeping us informed. You sound like you are back in the pink after not feeling well for so long. Wishing you all safe travels and again THANK~Y♥U so much for the latest broadcast of MoLLy & MeGeE and the third clutch, it was sorta’ like revisiting the first but with MORE wee owLets!

    {{{{{{CaRLOs, DoNNa, AuSTiN & ALL}}}}}}

  19. SactoSylvia Says:

    Thank you for the trip report, Carlos! I’ll have to put the Huntington on my to-do list for my next trip to the LA area!

    I’ve watched both the third clutch special and Molly Knows best – one more than once. So I guess by your definition I’m a MOD!!!??? Tell me something I don’t already know!

    Thank you as always for the update.

  20. Caboval Says:

    ***raises hand Yes, I may have C O D LOL!!! I just loved seeing you on Monday!!! Thanks you for showing us the lovely places you travel to Carlos!!! Sorry to hear about Calleigh! Maybe she might come back??? Oh well I think about Molly everyday! Hope the babies are getting nice and big <3 Caboval

  21. Lori Says:

    Thanks again for sharing. Love the pictures!

  22. Lisa Treacy Says:

    Wondering where Molly takes a bath?? Any ideas??

    Thanks for the update!

  23. corkyandporky Says:

    Thanks, Carlos, for the info about the two paintings. Blue Boy was introduced to me by my grandmother when I was about 6 and was the first piece of art I knew how to identify and appreciate. I was never as interested in Pinkie but did think it was a twin to the boy painting. I learned something from you today.

  24. Joyce Hebert Says:

    nice that you and donna were able to get away…thanks for the update and am not surprised at the number of watchers..we all have it really bad…MOD that is!!

  25. Bonita Lyon Says:

    Thanks for the update and wonderful photos. Looks like you had a great time. Sorry to hear Caleigh and Calvin decided to look elsewhere. I know, I have a pair of mockingbirds and a pair of scrub jays that spar all the time over their territory here. I can kind of understand them wanting a less “rowdy” neighborhood. Bless M and M and their young family. Continued fun travels and thanks again for the photos and M and M update. Bonnibell

  26. donna Says:

    Always great to hear from you, yes I have COD & MOD. Love the pictures of the paintings, very interesting to read about. I hope Molly’s 2 little ones will be ok, McGee and Molly do a good job taking care of them. I remember the night Molly came in wet, we were all worried about her.Take care and enjoy your travels, please keep us updated, it makes my day!

  27. Linda Trevena Says:

    OH! How I envy you! Viewing Pinkie and Blue Boy! AND, a 1455 Gutenberg Bible to boot! Thanks so very much for the update on Molly and her 3rd Clutch! I’m happy to hear that you and Donna are enjoying carousing the area. You both deserve it! Thanks again, Carlos.

    Best wishes,
    Linda Trevena
    Mystic, CT

  28. Donna Koski Says:

    What wonderful and Interesting news about the owls, birds and your little trip. Made it sound real interesting. Perhaps a new book is coming out of your adventures.

    Thanks for the update on everything.

    Donna (Bingodabber)

  29. Kit Says:

    Nice pictures! Yes we have MOD here in p’cola, fl. Thank you for the Molly info, hope the little ones get bigger fast!

  30. Sherry Kelly Says:

    Carlos, you just brightened my day! And it is cool and cloudy in Oklahoma today. Too bad about Caleigh and Calvin, but I am glad that Calvin stuck around long enough to prompt you to do the update with the cameras. Thanks for giving us the “tour” of the Huntington Museum along with the art lesson. It is always a pleasure to read your posts and the education is like the icing on the cake. You are a blessing to numerous MODs – or maybe we are CODs (as explained above in Mandozee’s post – #5). Thanks!!! Sherry Kelly, author of ‘Your New Baby’s Instruction Book’ (for parents of newborns)

  31. Kim Says:

    Carlos, I love reading your well-written, timely and informative blog! Thank you for the information about Blue Boy and Pinky. You are right – I thought they were by the same artist! And thank you again for the Molly update. What a busy mom and dad! I’m sorry you won’t have Caleigh to watch. Smiles to you and Donna!!

  32. Leslie Says:

    Ditto to all above!!!
    Do you think possibly that Mooly is starting a “new” species. Minature owls, b could be!!! LOL Keep us posted on how they grow.
    Love you and Dnna a bunch..

  33. Leslee Says:

    I wish some crows would move into the C&C box…Crows are super smart and it would be so fantastic for you to watch them raise their young. If you ever get a chance, watch the documentary “A Murder of Crows” It is absolutely marvelous. BTW…that is what a bunch of crows is called…A Murder….interesting isn’t it.
    Thanks for all you do…Miss you all

  34. Jane Duckett Says:

    It is so good to see the baby dinos on the video.

  35. A FAN OF M&M Says:

    I am originally from San Marino and they allowed us to do a Greek Video in the gardens for my senior english project at SMHS. Isn’t it a beautiful place?
    I am glad you and Donna enjoyed the Museum. We have little treasures right in our backyard here in CA! Thanks for the update on M&M and babes. Enjoy your trips and thanks for keeping us posted!

  36. TOPPSY Says:

    oh shoot dont need to REtype all that was said above,,,,,you GET the idea,we appreciate the updates and OMGOOODness,,,,twas funny to read== that now,
    we are NO longer M.O.D.’s

  37. Lynne Morrow Says:

    Thanks for your great comments from the Owl Box and also your trip tour. Great fun. And yes, I’m still have MOD after all this time. Thanks for being there and keeping up posted.

  38. La Mesa Mom Says:

    Thanks for the great update on the family! Are Ashley and her hubby ok in HI?

  39. Linda /artgirl4388 Says:

    Donna and Carlos,
    Love the photos from the Huntington – am an artist and always thought those two paintings were special. Glad that was a great adventure. TY again for your caring for us MODs and keeping us up to date. Wonder who will get into the kestral box. Donna, always fondness for Caleigh. Perhaps she’ll be back.
    Enjoy your time and so glad to hear from you anytime. Artgirl

  40. Debra Heidmiller Says:

    Thanks for the update Carlos & Donna! We miss you and the owls. Glad that you are having a good time doing a little traveling. You guys certainly do deserve it!

  41. Treva Roberts Says:

    Carlos Thanks for sharing your travels with us and the updates about Molly & McGee. We MODs feel like your family and cherish our connection with you and Donna. My first thoughts were of Ashely& husband when I heard about the tragety in Japan and the anticipation of destruction to HI so thankful that prayers were answered. Be safe and enjoy your travels. Till next time.

  42. Susan Belloff Says:

    Such an interesting post! Wonder how the little owls will make out. Love the pictures…my grandmother had a copy of Blue Boy hanging in her house. I immediately thought of her when I opened your emailed blog. Cannot believe Caleigh and Calvin left! You must have been disappointed but it was fun while it lasted. Maybe you will get another pair of kestrels someday.

  43. Nancy Says:

    Thanks Carlos for the info. Very HAPPY you think of us in all that you do. Hope Molly and Mcgee and all the little ones stay healthy and strong. Appreciate all you and your family do. Thanks!!

  44. Faye (GaSunshine) Says:

    Really enjoy your posts. Glad you haven’t forgotten us. lol I know my coffee table book is special and one of a kind. It was signed upside down and on the back page!!! Love it. Have a wonderful time on your many trips.

  45. Vista Joan Says:

    I have been out of town and missed broadcast. Was it recorded and if so how do I find and view? Thanks, Joan

  46. Anne Martin Says:

    Dear Carlos and Donna, I am so sorry to hear about Callie; I know how you both looked forward to watching her finally set up a home in the yard. Thank you for sharing your travels with us; you are both so loving and giving!

  47. Lisa A. Burns Says:

    Amazing stats Carlos. Not surprised though! LOL!
    I enjoy your updates…Thank you so much!
    So sorry about Callie taking off like that…perhaps she will be back? We will wait and see.
    Liked seeing the paintings, and the lovely flower.
    So hope M & M’s little owlets make it.
    Hugz to you and Donna!

  48. CAequuslvr Says:

    Carlos, another wonderful update. You are so right, the Huntington is a beautiful place. Is the flower by Martin Johnson Heade? I just love his work, everything is so lifelike.

    Sorry to hear that Caleigh & Calvin decided to move. I think you are correct about there being too much happening for their comfort. Hopefully some other, special birds will like the box.

    Glad to hear that M&M & owlets are doing well. Always appreciate the updates.

  49. Diana Briscoe Says:

    Thanks so much for the update Carlos! Always love to hear about Molly & family. Hope you and Donna are having a great time traveling and seeing different things. Yes, I do have M.O.D.
    God Bless You both!

  50. Sandy Says:

    hey, thanks for this recent update…sorry about Caleigh and Calvin. maybe they will return, yet.I am glad to hear about Molly and McGee’s new clutch. Congrats, again! Sure miss the owls, but I will be checking on “Hoot and Holla” on thegarden website and then see what happens in their box. Take care!

  51. joly2u Says:

    Thanks for the update, you’re a peach. I like the Huntington, too. Haven’t been there for many years though. Sorry we won’t get to see pics of Caleigh and Calvin. Maybe they’ll pop in and visit sometime.

  52. Sally in Aus Says:

    Oh the joy of beautiful art,gardens and nature combined!Thank you Carlos for sharing your experiences and enthusiasm.It’s lovely to hear of Molly and her new family and fingers crossed for a healthy new clutch this time around.I have so many treasured memories of the first two clutches and wear the silver owl box and McGee on a necklace every day.You would be amazed at how many people ask me about them and as I teach, I have the chance to tell children about how they can view nature via U stream. Thank you for starting me on an adventure of a lifetime watching Owls.Of course being in Australia,Mel and Sydney are my favourites this year!

    • carlosroyal Says:

      We are happy and excited that there are more owl boxes up and broadcasting. It has taken some of the pressure off us to broadcast as we continue to pack up the motor home for our travels this year. We also agree Mel and Sydney are great, but what we find most exciting is the number of the reports we get from people that have put up owl boxes that don’t have cameras but have owls. Most of them are reporting owlets. With more broadcast we believe more owl boxes will be installed and that is good for barn owls. Someday, maybe next year, we hope to visit Australia.

      Carlos Royal

      • Sally in Aus Says:

        Wouldn’t it be fun if you called in to visit us here in Melbourne….We would love you and Donna to drop in and say “g’day”. I could show you the wildlife around our home!!At the moment we have ring tailed possums,brush tailed possums,a fruit bat in the fig tree and so many colourful wild birds around here I’ve lost count!We also live near the bay so there are all the sea birds and a couple of black swans to see too.Thank you for your reply Carlos…You are most welcome anytime…hope you come to the land down under sometime soon.

  53. Karole aka ssocenblu Says:

    Thanks for the great picutres of The Huntington Library and Museum. I so miss going there, now that I live in Northern California. I must go back and see it again. It is so beautiful! Enjoy your trips when you do finally get on the road. Safe Travels!

  54. GeniaKnitz Says:

    SO sorry I missed the show, but we were out of town without computers.
    Just watched Molly knows best – I miss our girl and her owlets so very much.
    She is a truly special owl. Can’t believe C3 is growing up without us watching!

    Thank you, Carlos.

  55. Marilyn Turner Says:

    Dear Royal Family,
    Thank you all for your on-going love and dedication to Molly, McGee and their oweletts! This provides us MODers with the latest and greatest news about the most Famous Owl Family on the planet! I think Caleigh is a very smart bird and Cal is equally smart to go with her!
    Love you Guyz!

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