McGee Reflecting Is Available

February 17, 2011

McGee Reflecting (Click to order)


So many of you asked for the photo of McGee Reflecting to be made available in a Large Framed Print that we have not only made it available but put it on Sale! To order just click the image. If you want to just browse around our CafePress Store go to: And while you are there be sure to check out all the FREE GOODIES located at the top of the pages.

We saw McGee fly in with a rather large treat last night, stay a few minutes for bonding I would say, according the racket they were making, and then flew off. Like I said, we are almost sure that Molly has eggs.  It will be exciting to see how many owlets come out of the box with all the other owls laying so many eggs. I bet Molly is keeping right up with them. For us this will be like an old-fashsioned birth, we won’t know what we’ve got, until we get it.  (Sorry, no broadcast this year.)

Our travel plans continue to move forward as we get the motor home outfitted for the trip. So far so good, not like last year when everything kept causing the trip to be delayed until we just gave up and broadcast the second clutch.

All the best,


Carlos, Donna and Austin


36 Responses to “McGee Reflecting Is Available”

  1. Bev-MI Says:

    We miss you Carlos! Hope you are feeling better. Enjoy your travels, be safe, and please do keep us up on the sightings. I check in on the other sites, but not as attached as I was to Molly.

  2. Monica Says:

    Hope you are feeling better Carlos and thanks for the updates on Molly and McGee…Can’t wait to see how many she will have, and fledge on her third clutch.. The other owl boxes are just not the same as our beloved Molly and McGee, we sure do miss them, but it’s great to keep in touch with all the M&M chatters ..Thanks for keeping us posted..Hugz

  3. Jeri Lynn in NW FL Says:

    That is a stunning photo! Wow! Continued success! (Get well, too!)

  4. Jo-Ann Says:

    Thank you for keeping us posted… I so love to hear any of the updates on our owls!!!

  5. Beth Jones Says:

    Carlos, hope you are feeling better. Always appreciate the updates on Molly and McGee.

    Is there a special code we need to get the 50% off the framed prints?


  6. NatureLuver Says:


    I got my M&M book today. OMG!
    SUPERCALIFRAGILISTICEXPIALIDOCIOUS, I Love it! When I saw that you dedicated it to Donna I got choked up. I am just so excited. Can’t wait to take it to work tomorrow. Already sent Eric a message. Such an amazing time and so beautifully captured with your photos. You guys do GOOD work!

    I’m excited about following M&M through your updates and hopefully more of your great pictures. I think it will be fun this way. A little mystery always adds to the excitement. Plus this clutch will be perfect since we won’t know otherwise.

    You and Donna enjoy your travels and know many good wishes and safe travel prayers are going your way. Say hello to Austin too.

    Deet Deet Deet
    Liz Garney, League City, TX

  7. Janice Barreras Says:

    What flair McGee has, providing us with this pose. Always await and enjoy the postings you provide of your family and your adventures. Take care on your travels — will wait to hear what you are up to next.

  8. TOPPSY Says:

    HEY HEY we are all for you cOWLos,,,,,,take care of Donna and enjoy life to its fullest while you can—every day.
    So appreciated all the time you DID give to us watchers.
    Will keep my fingers crossed for your continued good luck and laffs.

    kitty m.=california

  9. Debbie G Says:

    Thanks for the updates Carlos! send us photos of all the wonderful places (and birds) you see your trip!

  10. Astrid Says:

    Thank you Carlos for the Update on M&M, I know a lot of Barn owls are having Eggs right now and are on web cams, but I lost my heart to M & M and there Owlets, and miss them greatly, that is why I cherrish any updates on them.
    Happy Travel time and be safe.
    As always
    Astrid (flygirl1best)

  11. BJ Says:

    Thank you for keeping us informed about Molly and McGee…to know they are well are having more baby owls is very special. Glad that you are feeling better and preparing for your next adventure. God Bless.

  12. MoonDrops Says:

    Hi Carlos, Donna and Austin,
    Oh, that photo of McGee is so magnificent! How rich and stunning the large framed print is!

    I must echo the others…there will never be another Molly and McGee nor the coverage…so spoiled! Do enjoy catching up with the chatters, but so look forward to the updates on M&M.

    I’m so glad to hear you’re on the mend. You know, many times once a very busy existence withdraws, resistance declines and we fall prey to its consequences.

    May the Lord be with you and Donna keeping you safe as you enjoy the travels and adventures you’ve earned and so deserve. Please say hello to Austin and encourage him with his studies.

    God Bless and keep you.

    In friendship,
    Deet deet deet!! Miss that soooo much!

  13. Liz uk Says:

    So good to hear news of Molly and McGee, they won such a big place in our hearts. I wish them all the best with their new clutch. And very good luck to you and Donna with your travel plans.

  14. francie bowers Says:

    Hi Carlos, hope you are feeling better and can enjoy your next vacation. thanks for keeping us posted on Molly & McGee, we miss them!!

  15. Pam Says:

    Hi Carlos, Donna and Austin, I just wanted to send you a quick note, mostly to thank you for being such an inspiration and taking the time to keep us updated on the owls and you and your family. You captured so many people’s attention and handled the experience brilliantly and compassionately from every angle. I stoppped watching when the first fledge was born because I couldn’t bear to hear of any problems or accidents with the owls…..I cry way too easy! Anyway, I’m just now checking back with you guys and thankfully found you all doing well. I wish you all well and want to give you yet another thank you for a job very well done. You have a special talent and it’s nice of you to share. Take care, Pam

  16. Kathie Utt Says:

    Hi folks – glad to hear that you saw McGee and glad to hear that you are moving forward with your travel plans – you certainly deserve it!! Appreciate the updates – keep us posted.

  17. Sandra Everest Says:

    I do believe you will have Molly and McGee forever in their box! How fun that they are keeping everyone guessing!

    Here’s hoping you will be “on the road again” soon!

  18. vicki Says:

    Thanks Carlos for keeping us in the M&M family loop. Sounds like you may be feeling better. If the groundhog was right, you will be starting your Spring travels early this year to boot. Here in the Midwest, we just had a tremendous thaw. Almost 20+inches of snow gone in a weeks time (well, most of it). Hope all keeps getting better for you too. Take those pills so you can take more stunning pictures. Hugs to you, Donna, Austin and all the MODS.

  19. Margery Masters Says:

    Thanks for the update Carlos! I think of you and Donna often and I’m glad you are going ahead with travel plans. I hope you get some good pics of your adventures.
    Most of all, thanks for keeping us posted regarding Molly and McGee. It will be loads of fun to see the owlets come out of the box!

  20. Anita in LA Says:


    I’d like to order the framed McGee Reflecting print. Is there a special code (for the 50% off deal) that needs to be entered at check out?

    Thanks for offering this print to us, along with all of the other Molly & McGee merchandise. I think it is great that we are still able to purchase M&M items. Thank you also for continuing to post photos and updates on this blog. Your Molly’s Box Blog is my 1st bookmark in a list of many and it is the 1st site I check each morning.

    I hope those antibiotics fix you right up so you and Donna can get busy with your travels.

    Take care, Anita

  21. dennisotool Says:

    Hello Carlos and Donna, Hope you are feeling better by now, We surely miss you both very much and miss our Molly and McGee, thanks for your updates on them, They both will always be first in our hearts because after all You and they started all of this and brought us all together. Hope they have many owelets and that they are healthy and all live to fledge. Miss you all so much. Enjoy your travels Carlos and Donna and keep us all posted when you can. Have fun most of all and enjoy your travels. We love you… athy from Iowa

  22. PegRod Says:

    Thank you Carlos and Chris ( for making this magnificent photograph of McGee available for purchase – I know lots of people are thrilled! I just wish that you could have put in gold print at the bottom your accompanying comments from the blog which added another dimension of beauty to the scene.

    This made me curious to find the first photograph of McGee that you posted on Molly’s blog. You say “We saw McGee fly in with a rather large treat last night….”. The first image of McGee posted on the blog (March 26) was actually a cartoon of McGee carrying a rather large treat (Chinese food take out!). John “VacaDude” Atkinson, you explained to viewers, had sent you the original first cartoon after the first owlet “Max” hatched, and was inspired to draw more – the rest is history!

    The next image was inset in a poem written by Robin Mover – I remember you saying that the photograph a Molly was taken by Donna Royal. The one of McGee here, looks like one of your slides.

    The first outside photographs of McGee taken by Carlos Royal and posted on the blog appear to be on April 16th, the first of many amazing ones that Carlos Royal shared with Molly fans – the beginning of a beautiful photographic diary of a wonderful year with The Owl Box in 2010!

    Thank you Carlos for setting up this blog in the first place, making it such a great place to visit and keeping it up for people around the world to learn from and to enjoy.

    As far as your motor home getting outfitted for your Royal trip – we will always think of Coach’s inspired photo!
    Safe Travels Our Dear Friends

    Molly and Royal Fans always look forward to your updates!

    • CAequuslvr Says:

      PegRod — I think that it is so great of you to provide us with some history. Thanks for keeping the record.

    • CAequuslvr Says:

      PegRod, Thanks so much for the info about Jacques Green. I left a reply to his post. Hopefully He checked the box to receive replay and we are able to connect.

  23. Judy Sackson Says:

    Talk about a trip down Memory Lane! What wonderful remembrances we all have. Thanks so much to PegRod for reminding us of that fabulous time we all had
    (fun–and we were part of it!)
    Hope you are starting to feel like your old self, Carlos, so that you will be able to enjoy your travels. Keep us updated when you can!
    Love to Molly and McGee and all the new little ones (hope they will all grow and be healthy!)

  24. donna Says:

    Thank you Carlos for the update, I check in everyday. I, and alot of people miss you all very much. I check in on the other owls, mostly Syd & Mel but it’s not the same as M&M. Take Care, all of you and enjoy your travels

  25. CAequuslvr Says:

    This photo of McGee will make a very special addition to the M&M photo gallery. Thank-you so much for making it available.
    Glad to hear that your future travel plans are on schedule.
    Wish you & Donna the best.

    Fellow MODs I have a copy of the “Molly & McGee” photo book to give/send to anyone who couuld not afford to purchase it. Just contact me through this blog by replying to my post.

    • PegRod Says:

      CAeauuslvr – Glad you enjoy the “historical” links posted for Molly Fans!

      Jacques Green in post #60 in the previous blog entry replied that they lived on a low fixed income and would surely enjoy a copy of “Molly & McGee” photo book! Not sure how to get in touch with the person.

  26. Eleanor Dodge Says:

    Hi Carlos,

    Always good to hear from you and glad you are feeling better and getting ready for your long awaited trip. You most certainly deserve it after all you have done for us MODZ. And so nice to hear that our McGee is taking good care of our Molly with a third clutch on the way. They are so precious to us all and we miss them so much. So your updates on them is greatly appreciated.

    I love the new picture of McGee! He is such a stunning guy. I’m still enjoying my picture and the book is so gratifing when I’m in my missing Molly mood. And I finally broke down and bought the coffee mug with their pictures on it and can now look at them while I’m having my morning coffee.

    Take care of yourself and Donna and enjoy your mnay trips to come. Miss you and our M&M!!


  27. AnnInSDtoo Says:

    Love the update, and esp the comment about finding out “the old fashioned way” what we have waiting in the box!

    I too enjoy my owlet mousepad and my McGee’s Fling and Fly coffee mug!

    Safe travels and thanks for the blog updates!

  28. Anne Martin Says:

    Dear Carlos and Donna, I continue to lift your family in prayer. I hope your vacation plans are on track. Thank you for keeping your owl-extended family up to date; we care.

  29. Don’t blame you one bit. You deserve a break to enjoy your retirement. I,for one, truly appreciate the updates.

    Hopefully, you will be able to just update as you see the unfolding of the “Molly Sage” as it continues.

  30. charb Says:

    Happy Trails, Carlos and Donna. We’ll be awaiting your posts of your trip and the owl box! Have a great time!

  31. Sandy Says:

    thanks once again for the update…just have a safe and fun journey…(-:

  32. Lisa A. Burns Says:

    I miss you Carlos, Donna, Austin, The Owl Box, and M & M!!
    Thank you so much for the update.
    Big Hug and Safe Travels !!!

  33. Twoclubs Jane Says:

    Whoo Hoo, Cafe Press just confirmed my McGee Reflecting Light print is being shipped today.
    I can’t wait to receive it. Gosh, we miss you Carlos and Donna.

    Have wonderful travels in the meanwhile.

    Hearts and (((Hugs))) Twoclubs Jane

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