Caleigh Still Looking

February 16, 2011

Caleigh Still Looking (Click Image for Larger Photo)

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Well, I finally gave up and went to the doctor. The doctor gave me a prescription with the words, “Take these twice a day for ten days and if they don’t work. Come back.”  I sure hope they work. I will let you know in about 10 days. This is getting really old.


I have also received a few emails wanting to know why I have not posted many photos lately. You might think it is because I have been fighting the flu bug but I have a better excuse. My main camera, my Canon EOS-1 Ds Mark III has stopped working; I guess I just wore it out taking photos of Molly, McGee and the owlets. I took it in for repair and they tell me the issue is the shutter mechanism has failed and has to be replaced. Like I said, I think I just wore it out. I should have it back in a couple of weeks.


While I am waiting for my Mark III to be repaired I will be taking photos with a new backup camera that Donna bought me for my birthday. It is a Canon 7D. The photo of Caleigh was taken with my new camera. Wow, I am impressed and I think I am really going to like my new camera for more everyday use. It is smaller and lighter.


We are still getting reports that people are just getting their copy of Molly and McGee, The World Most Famous Barn Owls. Like I said when they were mailed, it could take up to three weeks because they were shipped media rate. Eric has since changed the shipping to first class mail: Yes, it costs more but you get your book in just a few days instead of three weeks.  You can still order copies of Molly and McGee, The World Most Famous Barn Owls, photography by Carlos Royal.


And if you loved Molly and McGee, The World’s Most Famous Barn Owls, then according to Eric you will love Molly and McGee, The Second Clutch even more. Eric is still taking pre-orders for the book which is expected to ship in April/May. Order yours now. Molly and McGee, The Second Clutch. If you order now you will also get 4 high resolution, 8.5’ by 11” photos you can down load instantly.

Austin’s DVD Molly’s Story, a documentary is still available at as Austin continues to chase his goal of 4,000 sold. Austin is also in the process of opening an online store for young teenagers. He is just waiting on approval from PayPal to turn on the site. Stay tuned.


We have not seen McGee since returning from the desert. It has been too cold to sit out and watch for McGee but I am sure he is still around because Molly is still in the box… hopefully sitting on eggs.  We plan to announce that you will be able to buy those latest Large Frame Prints of McGee by this weekend since so many of you have asked for them. It seems Chris also has the bug, but he told me today that his goal is to have them on CafePress by this weekend unless he has a relapse.  Visit CafePress today and save $3.00 on purchase of $30.00 or more.


All the best,


Carlos, Donna and Austin




83 Responses to “Caleigh Still Looking”

  1. Marie Says:

    Hope you are well very soon!

  2. Nancy Says:

    Take those pills as the Dr. ordered Carlos! Be well soon and we miss you all so much!

  3. Phyllis Benson Says:

    Get well soon Carlos!!

  4. My main camera, my Canon EOS-1 Ds Mark III has stopped working; I guess I just wore it out taking photos of Molly, McGee and the owlets.

    Carlos, you only get so many clicks and you just may have used them up. Keep an eye on how many clicks you have used occasionally. I don’t know much about Canon bodies as I use only Nikon, but we all know stuff breaks and hopefully your camera will come home good as new. Yes, always have a backup body, gads I would not be happy w/o my camera for even one day.


    Hope you feel better soon.
    Please keep us informed about Molly and McGee
    and -hopefully – baby owlets!!
    Miss your happy face on our daily video reports. The new owl boxes, esp. Syd and Mel, are great BUT you made this one so special :)

  6. Teri Saffren - Irthum Says:

    Stay on those meds Carlos and hopefully they will do the trick. Try to get rest too! Love to you, Donna and Austin! And thank you for the update.

  7. Sandra Everest Says:

    Sorry you have not kicked the bug yet and hope what the doctor gave you does the trick. The flu bug has been rampant in my area of Texas; I try not to get around crowds as I’m a cancer patient and my lungs are not too good; if I should catch a cold, it could be very bad.

    Liked the picture; hope she finds a mate soon!
    My best to you and yours, Sandra

  8. Darlene Salisbury Says:

    Good to hear from you Carlos.
    So sorry to hear that you are not better. Hope it goes away like yesterday.
    I received my book a couple weeks ago and I just love it. I’ve been showing it off at work. The photos are just outstanding. Thank you for posting so we know how you are.
    Take care.
    Darlene from Oregon

  9. Francie Yarber Says:

    Donna and Carlos
    Take Care
    Thank you so much
    Love the updates

  10. Carlos, with our big blizzard 2 weeks ago (chicago area), and the zero temps last week, your desert photos were MOST welcome! It is unfortunate that your symptoms linger. I hope you can recover really soon. We MODS are watching Ms. Sydney over her 6 eggs (at Oceanside) with 3 pips today, and a little pink body in one of those!!! Maybe you take a peek too. It never stops being exciting. She is carrying the gopher around and chittering, as if to say “Comeon kids, I’ve got plenty of food just waiting for you”! My best to you and Donna.

  11. markitta powe Says:

    hope your feeling better real soon take care

  12. Twoclubs Jane Says:


    Just get well. That is all we want for you.

    Hearts Full of Health


  13. Jannae DeSiena Says:

    Carlos, hope you are feeling better soon! You and Donna need more road trips!

    Just wanted to let you know that last night my husband and I went out in the backyard (here in San Marcos) and could hear a barn owl above us, possibly in a tree. It was really loud! We both looked at each other wondering if it could be a relative of M&M. We’ll never know, but cool just the same. Now we definitely want to consider an owl box.

    Take care and get well!!

  14. Holly Sue Says:

    Carlos, Carlos, Carlos!! I can’t believe that you are JUST NOW seeing the doctor! MEN – you fellows are so stubborn! May you heal quickly. I’m sure Donna was exasperated and concerned seeing you remain sick week after week. I trust you have learned a valuable lesson to not put off seeking medical care when you get such a bad bug! By the way – it is wonderful to hear from you and see the terrific photograph of Caleigh with your new camera. Splendid, as always! Waves to dear Molly and McGee, greetings to Donna and Austin (great news of his new venture), and love to all of you! Keep in touch!
    With Love, Holly Sue

  15. Joan Says:

    Dear Carlos is always great to hear from you..this bug you have is surely persistent .. I hope that the RX works soon, thanks for the news about Molly.. warm regards, Joan from Colorado

  16. Beth Jones Says:

    Glad you finally went to see the Doc!! I’ll keep you in my prayers for a quick(er) recovery. Thanks for putting the new McGee pic up for sale. I just love your work!!

  17. Jeri Lynn in NW FL Says:

    Goodness Carlos! Stay out of the cold and do as the dr. says! I love my book. It’s just gorgeous.

    You sound like my daddy, always waiting months to see about himself. Take care of yourself! Perhaps Austin will drag you back to the dr. if you do as he says! :) I bet he’s a great driver by now.


  18. Judy Ambrose Says:

    Hey, Carlos! Great to hear from you and see your wondrous photographs. I received my Molly & McGee photo book and I couldn’t be more pleased. Thank you so much!! I’ll never forget.

    Hope you’re feeling better real soon! Love to Donna, Austin and the entire Molly crew. Keep in touch.

  19. Betty Says:

    Carlos Please take your pills and rest up….means laying around hot Tea hot chicken soup.Caleigh looks so beautiful…her mate will come soon….i really miss seeing you with your smiles and Donna coming in and telling you No Sound…of course molly and mcgee…and the owlets
    take care Betty

  20. Betty Rexrode Says:

    Welcome back from the desert.
    I received 3 large, framed photos last fall…they are beautiful. I also received the Molly & McGee coffee table book a few weeks ago. Really gorgeous photos.

    Get to feeling better….this has gone on way too long.
    Betty Rexrode

  21. Carlos, I am so glad you FINALLY went to the MD.It is not at all like you to say anything about your health,so I am assuming you are really feeling miserable. I am quite concerned,please revisit the MD if you are not 100% better. You need to be well,you and Donna are a precious couple. Let us know after 10 days how you feel. OH…take some nice yougurt if you are taking antiobiotics. Hang in there Donna, I bet Carlos is a bit difficult to handle. hehehh

  22. Bonita Lyon Says:

    So happy to hear from you!! I honestly miss you when you don’t post on the blog and I really miss your photos. Sorry about your camera, but new one looks good! Gosh, Carlos, hope the meds make you all better. It’s been way too long. Watching other owlets, but M and M always in my heart…no box will ever be the same as that experience. Look forward to photos when it warms up…How I would love to take a little peek in at Molly. Hey, thanks again and take care of yourself!!! Bonnibell PS. I feel bad for Caleigh that she can’t find a mate…she is so beautiful too!

  23. emeraldcher Says:

    So good to hear from you. Please take care of yourselves and enjoy life to its fullest.

  24. Carlos,
    I wish you a “more” speedy recovery! I received my photo book recently. I was so excited I tore open the cardboard right there in my car but then had to put it away as I was crying so hard I didnt want to get the pics wet. They are stunning and brought all the memories of those months flooding back in a torrent. I was overwhelmed with emotions and had to wait to go through the book slowly and linger over my favorites until later. It is a masterpiece. Thank you Carlos, Donna, Chris and Eric for making a permanent momento for us millions! That book felt like a big hug!

  25. SARose69 Says:

    Hope you get rid of that bug soon!!! Thanks for the updates.

  26. Carol (planetmom) Says:

    Get better Carlos. That stuff is awful, it took me 6 wks to feel decent and I am still short of breath a month later. Glad you went to the Dr. Have fun with your new camera. Keep us posted.

  27. Janice Grassmeyer Says:

    So good to read a new blog entry…I check almost every day. This is too long to be sick, Carlos, glad you went to the Dr. Hope the pills work.
    Would love to see Caliegh gets a mate. It looks like your new camera is a good one.
    Love my coffee table book and can’t wait till the next one comes. Beautiful pictures. Wondering if since I ordered The Second Clutch such a long time ago, do I still get to download the 8.5 x11 photos? How do I go about doing that?
    Wishing you a speedy recovery and hope to see pictures of Mollys little ones in the future.
    We are on Sandhill Crane Watch here in Nebraska. It’s a March event, come see it sometime.
    A Molly Watcher

  28. Elizabeth Mason Says:

    Gorgeous picture! Thanks so much. We are loving the Ashley and Carrie calendar. The pictures are wonderful and the paper is thick and sturdy. Feel better.

  29. June Schafer Says:

    Thanks for the post Csrlos. I was getting a little concerned about you. Hope the meds work quickly! If they don’t I’m SURE you will go back!!
    Hope Caleigh finds that mate. She has waited long enough!
    Keep us posted!
    Blessings to all,
    June Schafer

  30. Jan Sessions Says:

    Yea Carlos, we hope that the meds work and that you are all better soon!

  31. NatureLuver Says:

    Hi Donna and Carlos,

    Carlos I had to take antibiotics for 10 days before it went away. I know how you are feeling! Yucky! Be sure and take them all then you should be as good as new.

    Eric said there was a mix up with some of us that had several books ordered but that he was sending them this past Tuesday. Can’t wait, should have my Molly & McGee books this week. Hope I don’t have an emotional melt down like Maria (#24). Clutch one was a pretty awesome experience and you are the reason.

    Get well soon,

  32. Eleanor Dodge Says:

    Hi Carlos and Donna,

    Sorry to hear that you are still caring for that bug but hopefully with the Dr.’s help and the RX you will get better.

    Watching Mel and Sydney brings back so many memories of our Molly days. Syd is a sweet little owl and looks like a new mommy who may be one of Molly and McGee’s owlets. One can only dream. But it’s not the same as when you were popping in with a broadcast and we miss you! And of course miss our Molly and McGee.

    It’s always nice to hear from and thank you for the updates on what is happening in your life. Wishing Austin the best of luck in his new venture. You must be so proud of him as any grandparent would be for such a fine young man.

    Now take those pills and get better and look forward to your future blogs.

    Much Love

  33. Bugmom Says:


    Always comforting to hear from you. Hope you mend SOON. Fondly, bugmom

  34. donna Says:

    Carlos, so happy to hear from you, but sad you’re not feeling better, hope the meds do the trick. I have my coffee table book and its beautiful! Please get lots of rest and keep us updated on how your feeling, you are missed very much.

  35. Barbara Says:

    I’m glad to hear that you finally went to the doctor. Hopefully you’ll be feeling better soon.

  36. Sherry Kelly Says:

    My daughter and I both received our beautiful “coffee table” books and I have now preordered The Second Clutch so that I will have a complete set.

    Take care and get well soon!

  37. flukestail Says:

    We shall be patient, Carlos. We want you to get completely well. Chris too. MODS are a devoted group. We’re not going anywhere. Hi to Donna & family. Get some rest…help the antibiotics work.

  38. Dear Carlos, Please take care of yourself and get better soon. AND…do take your meds as prescribed. I have not had time to email but a couple of weeks ago I received my book and I thought it was Christmas. I am in love with it, you and everyone else did a beautiful job. I pre-ordered The Second Clutch when I first saw it advertised. I was a MOD for the Second Clutch so that book will mean even more to me. I sure do miss watching Molly & McGee but am so very grateful that you and Donna did all that wonderful work to bring the world of those beautiful creatures into our homes and lives. Thank a million times. Take care and well wishes for a speedy recovery to you.

  39. Deb Lay Says:

    Feel better soon Carlos!

  40. Katy Says:

    Hope you are feeling better soon!!! Spring is just around the corner.
    Thanks for all the updates. We sure look forward to them and love to hear from you and Donna.

  41. Rita in DC Says:


    It’s great to hear from you and to see that breathtaking photo of Caleigh (sp.?) the kestrel.

    I’m so relieved to hear that you saw a doctor! Please do exactly what he or she says, and get well soon already!

    –Rita in DC, AKA bluenoter in Chat

  42. A FAN OF M&M Says:

    Carlos first owlet born for Syd and Mel tonight! Matilda born at 7:30 PM Cpme say hello. We would love to see you there!

  43. Theresa Atkins Says:

    Want an instant smile, take a look at all of Willow’s kids. And of course the newbie Matilda. So many babies not enough screen space to watch all the nest boxes at once!
    Take your meds and get to feeling better soon so you can go on your next trip.

  44. Sally L Dausch Says:

    sorry to hear you are still not 100%. Here is hoping that the meds work, I guess you have an imposter showing up on the social stream, I see your pic once in a while with a disclaimer from a mod or two telling them they are an imposter,go figure, did you ever think that someone would try to be you lol, everyone knows there is only one. Take care of yourself,feel better


  45. Judy Sackson Says:

    I’m really distressed to hear that you are still not over that nastiness! This has been going on far too long–so glad to hear that you have finally seen the doc!
    I check in on several owl boxes every day now, and am enjoying watching them, but everyone is right, it just isn’t the same. Five different sites still don’t make up for what we had with Molly and McGee.
    It is nice tho, especially now that they little ones are hatching!
    Take care of yourself, we need you well!
    Hope Caleigh finds a mate soon…..

  46. Colleen Poor Says:

    Good to hear you went to the doctor finally! Hope the meds help and you’re all better soon so you and Donna can get going on your travels. Sorry to hear the main camera needed fixing. Yes, you must have worn out the shutter with all those great pictures you took. Thanks for making birds my favorite things to watch. I’ve taken up watching 6 of the owls that are nesting and hatching little ones on UStream. They don’t have the same intensity and personality that you put into your broadcast but they are dear and joyous to watch just the same. Take care of yourself and thanks for the updates.

  47. joly2u Says:

    I’m enjoying the other owls, but it is not the same. Carlos, respectfully, having gone through some things myself…if you have been prescribed Levaquin or Cipro, google their side effects, and insist on a different family of antibiotics. Safer antibiotics work equally well. To assist your recovery, I strongly recommend Cellfood drops (Lumina Health, sold at health food stores), Quantum Adaptogen Complex and Premier HCl (Premier Research Labs, sold through Quantum distributors), and to help with breathing, Wellness Formula herbal tabs (Source Naturals, sold at health food stores). Lucky you, I’ve already done the research and and even “clinical testing” (on myself). Some nasty, partially unidentified stuff is going around and some of the treatments create a whole new wave of worse problems.

  48. Kim Says:

    Carlos, we hope your next update includes you feeling all better!! Glad you went to the doc. Keep your eyes out for McGee! And thank you for the picture!!

  49. Janice Veteran Says:

    Carlos, I have a Canon 7D and I love it. At the Photography conference in San Antonio last month, I Met with Canon and they said the 7D really was a top of the line camera. Once you get use to the buttons and adjustments on the camera, it really is the best one as far as ease of use. Put any of the 2.8 lenses on it and you will get a great photo.
    Thanks for the photo of Callie.
    Janice Veteran

  50. Virgene Colby-auntie_vee Says:

    Dear Carlos you not only wore out your camera, I believe you have worn out yourself too. Take care, get well soon and please let us know when you have licked this bug. Your new camera did a great job on our beautiful Caleigh. Lots of hugs to everone who made all this possible.


  51. Lynn Williams Says:

    Aww, Carlos..I feel for you having this bug!! My poor mom has it, too!! She has had it since just after Christmas. She has taken 3 different types of prescriptions, had the nurse practitioner tell her then, that it was viral bronchitis..but still wasn’t any better at all..that was like 8 weeks she went BACK to the dr. who put her on Avelox. That seems to be ‘starting’ to help..but if she does much at all, she starts coughing up some gunk again. I think she DOES sound some better though since starting Avelox.
    I was wondering..I was one of the ones that was picked to get the complimentary 1st coffee table book and I haven’t received one yet. Should I have already? I have been SOO excited to get it, so was starting to get concerned.
    I am definitely having surgery to have my left kidney & ureter out on Feb. 23rd. Cancer all up & down the ureter & starting in the kidney pelvis.. UGH. They are doing it robotically so hopefully that will help in the process of healing etc.. Then they found 2 new tumors in my bladder, so I will have to start treatments as soon as I recoup from surgery. The other troubling thing is that the right ureter has some suspicious cells. :( They are going to keep a close watch on it. We COULD try treatmts there if we catch it early. I have a lot of peace though, knowing that God is in control of it all and that He does all things well.
    Take care..and I so hope you and my mom are feeling back to par soon!
    Love, Lynn

  52. Kathie Utt Says:

    Sorry to hear that you are still not feeling well – if it gives you any comfort you are not alone! I received my book and it brought tears to my eyes. I miss everything about my experience with you, your family, the owlets and of course Molly & McGee. Your photography work is amazing. Thank you for everything!! Take care of yourself!!

  53. Elaine Pontious Says:

    I have been coveting the 7D for months – am green with envy! We received our book and it is gorgeous. Take care of yourself. Thanks for the update.


  54. Janice Barreras Says:

    Carlos, hope you win the fight this time with that bug — it has been much too long. Glad you have meds to help you with this. So good to hear from you and see what Austin is up to and that Caleigh is still around and looking for a partner. You are the reason the ‘following of owls’ is so strong and you are sorely missed. Right now you need to focus on getting well, doing leisurely things that you enjoy and getting ready for your travels with Donna. I received my coffee table book (ordered them both when they were available)and am enamored. Love to see your posts and updates (actually eagerly await them) — miss you both dearly. While reminiscing in one of the chat rooms, someone typed your standard opening to your broadcasts at KOWL (‘This is Carlos Royal coming to you from the owl box in San Marcos, CA’, . . and my stomach just clutched — it reminded me of how much I miss those “owlcasts”. You really made owl watching special. Get Well so that you and Donna can start having some fun!!

  55. Treva Roberts Says:

    Take care of yourself and get well soon. We still and always will miss you. Last night Syd & Mel had their first hatch. Almost missed it because I was waiting for Carlos excited voice “We have a hatch” “We have a hatch”

  56. Donna Koski Says:

    Here I thought you were on your way to Canada. I hope you get well and get off soon. We will enjoy the pictures while you are here and maybe when you are gone you will be sending some. Poor camera it was really busy no wonder it wore out.

    You guys stay well. God Bless DonnaK

  57. Sue Couch Says:

    I am seeing you healthy and hopping around like your normal self. Thanks for the photo. Will look forward to more when you feel like it.

  58. Lisa A. Burns Says:

    So glad to hear from you Carlos! Worried about you and what I call, “The Crud”. I had it for almost 6 weeks as well, and I hardly ever get sick. It’s that kind of virus. You will get better soon. Please let us know. Love seeing Caleigh and getting an update. Love to Donna.
    Hugs to my adopted Family in San Marco, California!!!
    Lisa from NE FL

  59. CAequuslvr Says:

    Carlos, Donna got you a great gift, the picture of Callie is wonderful. What a gorgeous bird.

    Hope the antibiotics are working and that you are on the mend.

    WOW!! So super to hear that Austin is expanding his entrepreneurial empire. Can’t wait to check out his new on-line store.

    I purchased an additional Molly & McGee photo book. I would like to give it to a MOD who is unable to afford to purchase a copy for his/herself. If you or anyone you know would like this copy, please let me know by replying to this message.

    • joly2u Says:

      Thanks for your wonderful offer. Please see the message right below yours, a fellow fan could use your generous gift. May your generosity return many times over.

  60. jacque green Says:

    thank you for picture she very pretty , I hope you feel better I’ve been sick since Dec 2010 I notice some one is offering book MnM photo i can’t afford it i would love to have it please i live on 865 a month I would not ask this way but i love the owls the 1st cluch i was thier at the fist hatch their like my family miss them will be able to look at them all the time if sound to forward iam very sorry.

  61. vicki Says:

    Caleigh is just gorgeous!
    Sorry about your flu. So many others have it too. I bet anyone who tells you misery loves company you may want to shoot and not with you camera (maybe a real cannon!). So exciting to hear about Austin’s new venture. What a great idea! Just hope Donna is now fully immune to whatever you have. Take your medicine like a good boy, rest and get well soon!

    Love and Thanks to all!

  62. Selena Says:

    Glad to hear that both you and the Canon are recovering nicely and will both be back in action pretty soon :)

  63. Maryann Says:

    Awwww…beautiful Caleigh and still looking :(
    Thank you for the picture. I do hope Caleigh will find her “Prince Charming” and have her own clutch some day.

    Be well Carlos! It was so good to hear from you.

    Wishing you and Donna all the best, and of course Molly and McGee!

    hearts and hugs,

  64. Pat Harris Says:

    Hi Carlos,
    We’re praying you’ll soon be well and ready for anything.

    I have been thinking about the owls, of course. You think that right now Molly is sitting on a new clutch. That’s great. But if she does this year as she did last year, she’ll be having another clutch in the heat of the summer. Will you be around to run the mister for the babies again? See I’m already concerned about the next clutch. I have decided to cancel my updates on the Molly blog and keep my memories of a fantastic season. I don’t think I could bear it if we heard that Molly was sitting on eggs during the summer heat. I want to thank you for some wonderful memories. I received my book of photos and it is beautiful. Thank you so much for it, the dvd, the excitement of watching the babies hatch and grow, TWICE! Blessings on you all. Pat

  65. PegRod Says:

    Thank you Carlos for keeping us up-to-date on the Royal Family news (many of us feel like we will always be in your extended Molly Family).

    It was great to see a 2011 photograph of “Caleigh” aka 2010 “Callie” – that also brings back memories of the time that chatters spent thinking about “Wesleigh” aka “Wesley” and variations on other owlets’ names.

    Kestrel Box Memories – “Austin Moves Out” on June 8, 2010 shows the owlets enjoying the kestrel box as another piece they claimed as part of their Jungle Gym!

    Just a few days earlier, on June 5, 2010, the owlets probably observed their father, “McGee The Provider” using the kestrel box as a landing pad and watch tower!

    I was thinking that you showed us photos of Callie the Kestrel earlier, but the first photos I see on the blog were from August 16, 2010 where you said “The female Kestrel showed up again today but this time I manage to get a couple of photo. Now all we need is for the male to show up.” We all remember that the kestrel was Donna’s favorite bird to watch!

    Molly’s Blog, in my mind, will always be the best place to stop by, visit, and stay awhile. Molly’s WordPress Website is unrivaled.

    Thank you Carlos for keeping the ‘Eternal Flame’ of enlightenment going – for me, and for many others, you seem to be able to nourish that delicate balance of “nature” with “owls, owlselves and owlthers”. Watching The Owl Box planted a seed of creativity in many which you allowed to grow and ripen – and that is a rare thing.

    Providing Molly books and “Stuff” is not blatant commercialism, but creativity in action, and for the enjoyment of a select group of fellow human beings who understand what a gift they have been given.

  66. Joyce Hebert Says:

    so sorry you are still under the weather…hope in ten day your are your old self again…camera takes good pictures…please keep us posted on molly if you can…thanks

  67. Joyce Hebert Says:

    oops…did get my book and it is amazing

  68. flukestail Says:

    Lynn, wishing you a successful surgery & a speedy recovery. Sending you good wishes & love…flukestail.

  69. Jodimaher Says:

    Carlos & Donna, I love this picture ! I am bringing my Molly & McGee book to work next week to show it off. I was in awe when I opened it. One word, AMAZING ! love you guys, recover fast Carlos.

  70. Kit Says:

    Hope you and your camera are both well soon. Thanks for the beautiful picture of Caleigh.

  71. PegRod Says:

    Callie is not the only one looking for a mate. See this interesting story about a Snowy Owl named “Elvis” who flies from Greenland to Scotland every year looking for a mate. Still looking…

  72. Says:

    So I take it Caleigh has not found a mate yet. Nice picture. Way to go Donna in getting him a new camera. Always like hearing on how Molly & McGee are doing. with as many eggs being laid this year. You both could end with quite a brood to watch fledge also. Gotta love the mystery. But also make sure you take your horse pills twice a day/smile. I am sure I using my imagination in describing the size of the pills. Anyway make sure you say Hi to Donna, and continue to enjoy your travels. AJ

  73. PegRod Says:

    While Callie is posed and waiting, she might be thinking about the topic of this week’s Story Time with DotRot, read by Zorro, on the meaning of life from an owlet perspective – Carlos and Donna take a major role in the story, once again, in Act III, before the conclusion.

    Donna’s dining room table also plays a role. For those unfamiliar with its significance, see Molly’s blog, earlier postings – this one has the original set up.

  74. Sandy Says:

    nice camera…when it gets warmer, please send us a snapshot of our beloved McGee. thx

  75. Deb, Salem MA (CatsnRoses) Says:

    Poor dear Carlos, you have been ill waaay too long! Have you tried zinc/Zicam?

    That just confirms what I’ve known for years. I do swear by it – and I use at the least little sign (along with echinacea), so colds don’t have much of a chance. (I won’t jinx myself by saying how many *years* it’s been since I’ve been sick.)

    I love it when flying, too. Nothing worse than being trapped in a plane with someone who’s sneezing and/or hacking. At least with the Zicam, I don’t feel totally vulnerable.

    If you haven’t tried it, give it a shot! And do feel better…

  76. Sharry Says:

    Thank you for keeping us posted on Molly and McGee and for the beautiful pictures

  77. Carl Partridge Says:

    Great pictures, as usual, Carlos. We all miss you at social stream and hope you are staying well.Say hello to Donna for us.

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