McGee Reflecting Light

January 30, 2011

McGee bows to the crowd after his grand performance

Donna and I were treated to a rare event last night. We had been out for a Mexican dinner with friends and when we returned McGee was out on the fledge ledge where he stayed for about two hours for our viewing. Even though I titled the photo “McGee Reflecting Light” the photo reminds me of a Mexican Bullfighter with his cape bowing to the crowd after a grand performance.

Carlos, Donna and Austin

190 Responses to “McGee Reflecting Light”

  1. Maureen Says:

    This is the most amazing photograph! I love the updates on your blog. Happy to keep hearing about the owls.

  2. Deb in Ma. Says:

    Awesome photo, Carlos!!! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Betty Says:

    McGee is so beautiful….I sure miss him and Molly…Thank you Carlos for showing us Pic’s of McGee….I know there are other Owls site I do go look at them but not the same as Molly&McGee..and of course you telling us what was happening….thank you very much Betty

  4. Teri Saffren - Irthum Says:

    He is so beautiful ! Seems like they want you to be sure that they are home again. Thanks so much for posting the picture Carlos. It’s so nice to see McGee and Molly any way we can.

  5. Rosemary Says:

    Like many others, I have checked out the other owl sites, but truth be told, there is no place
    like the Royal Owl Box, with Molly and McGee.

    So kind of you to continue to share with us sitings of Molly and McGee and their families.

    Thank You.

  6. Wanda James Says:

    Such a beautiful picture! He is such a strong, handsome bird. Thanks for the updates.

  7. Camperfamily (Kim) Says:


    Carlos wanted to share with you that we have two Great Horned owls hanging out right over our Master room! Each night now I wake to hoo, hoo, hoo…..We went out to see them last night! There they were! Right on my roof! It made me realize what it must be like for you! Magical!

    Hoo, hoo, hoo….

  8. Awesome! Their wings are HUGE!

  9. Susie Bretz Says:

    Please subscribe me to your blog. Thanks so much.

    • Chris in Olympia, WA (cbbrunner) Says:

      You have to check the box under your comment that says “notify me of site updates” when you make it to subscribe. :)

  10. Phyllis Benson Says:

    Beautiful picture!! Thanks!

  11. Corkyandporky Says:

    That McGee never fails to deliver…in every sense of the word.

  12. Ginny Williams Says:

    OMG!! What a beautiful picture. Would love to get this one in a print or on the Cafe Press website on a t-shirt, etc.

  13. Eileen "Teatime" Says:

    Thank you Carlos for keeping us updated on Molly and McGee. Sure do miss our favorite owl family.

  14. Lee McGrew Says:

    Oh Carl, You continuing to share your wonderful pictures of Molly and McGee and ‘whatever’ are soooo appreciated! I don’t think you can ever know…how much! love and blessings for you all ~

  15. Jo-Ann Says:

    Such a handsome beast… oooppps meant to say owl…
    Thanks so much for sharing your pictures and updates. Like those before said, I too, have visited the other owls but they in no way compare to our Molly and McGee and the Royal family!!!!

  16. Melodie Penton Says:

    Absolutely Beautiful!! That is one great picture! Sending love to you and Donna and to the most famous Owls in the World too!

  17. Kathy Copas Says:

    There will never be a more handsome owl in all the land than our dear McGee! Thanks, Carlos, for sharing him with us.

  18. Toni Says:

    Happy Belated Bday Carlos and glad you are feeling better =) Wanted to let you know I LOVE my new book. The pictures are amazing.
    Thank you too for updating us on Molly and McGee. I believe there are many that look forward to your posts. Hi to Donna and Austin too!

  19. Becky Konkol Says:

    Thank you so much for posting this extraordinarily beautiful picture. You are quite the photographer. Ever entered anything in photo contests? You should. Hope you are feeling well again. I guess if you’re eating Mexican, you probably are.

  20. Ahhh McGee was just showing off for you and Donna is all. He sure is a beauty! Thank you for still sending us pictures and letting us know how they are! Hope all is well and take care!

  21. Jackie Says:

    Thank you, Carlos. We appreciate the updates and the beautiful pictures!

  22. Sharon Penfold Says:

    Thank you Carlos for continuing to communicate! Please, never think for a moment that we don’t appreciate any tidbit that you have time to throw our way. I know that you are so, so missed by all of the MODs. There will never, ever be an experience like the one you gave to us, and please know that we love you for that!! Love and blessings to you and yours, and to Molly and McGee. First, always, in our hearts! Share1222

  23. Michaele Says:

    What an amazing photo, thanks so much
    Carlos for sharing it. Miss Molly and
    McGee and most of all your regular
    broadcasts, truly a labor of love.
    Glad you are feeling better, take care.

  24. knittinghiker Says:

    what a beautiful barn owl McGee is – thanks so much for sharing. Looks like that wing needed a big stretch!

    I truly enjoy all of these close-up views that would be so hard to just stumble across in the wild unless one was lucky enough to live on property they like!

    Happy Belated birthday! Glad you’re getting over your virus!

  25. VeeTX Says:

    Awwww 0h my first true owl love – McGee, in all his glory. Thanks for sharing Carlos. I know you’re aware how much we love Molly and McGee. Hope you and Donna get off on your vacation soon, and hope you’re feeling totally better!!!!

    Vee Miller

  26. PegRod Says:

    Dear Carlos – Our Knight in Shining Armor, Photographer of the Night of “McGee Reflecting Light” and Beloved Blogger – the poetry and imagery in the words you use to describe McGee’s photo take this brilliant two-dimensional work of art to an even higher level of thought and feelings!

    Thank you, Donna and Carlos, for sharing the gift of your talents with us ((huggz)).

  27. ClouPa Says:

    AHHH! There are those great LEGS we have missed so much!
    Thank you, Carlos, for your precious updates!
    Bless you, Carlos! Best wishes to Donna and your family.

  28. Janie Says:

    Thank you for sharing McGee with us. We all miss him and Molly so much. We miss seeing your smiling face and Donna telling you to turn on the sound. Kangarobin doesn’t seem to mind that we have so many memories of M&M want to talk about them. Please drop in on the Mel and Sydney site and chat once in a while.

  29. emeraldcher Says:

    regal; simply regal!

  30. MaryLou Says:

    Carlos, thanks for continuing to share the pictures of our two favorite barn owls Hope we get to see some fledging owlets later this spring.

  31. Terry Says:

    I So very much enjoy you sharing updates. I miss watching Molly and Mcgee more than you know. Love my book too.

  32. Says:

    Leggs McGee still just takes my breath away! What a wonderful photo! Thanks, Carlos for still letting us see them!
    Dyana McNeal

  33. Heather from Maine Says:

    This picture is just glorious! Carlos THANK YOU for continuing to enchant us with Molly and McGee.

  34. Jane Bossart Says:

    Thanks for the great picture and all of the updates. I received my book last week and it is just incredible. I wasn’t going to order the “Second Clutch”, but after seeing this one, I knew I had to have it!


  35. Cynda Says:

    Happy belated birthday, Carlos! Thank you and Donna for continuing to post pictures of Molly and McGee. It warms my heart to see they are back raising yet another owlet family. /s/ Cynda in Fruita P.S. Hope to see you this year!

  36. GeniaKnitz Says:

    Oh, Carlos, thank you for that picture of our McGee! He’s a wonderful owl, and that’s SUCH a great picture! He really is the *most* beautiful owl.

  37. rosiebud Says:

    Anyone know how fast they can fly?

  38. dennens Says:

    You have a talent of capturing amazing photos and feelings. I miss you all and love getting these snippets. PegRod said it well! Take care – Jo

  39. Sharon Says:

    Great description and beautiful photo, as usual. Thanks so much for continuing to share.

  40. Judy Says:

    McGee just loves to pose for your camera! Excellent shot.

  41. francie bowers Says:

    Just beautiful Carlos, so glad you can still enjoy M&M…and that you are sharing with us. You know they are our ‘first love’ in owl watching!

  42. flukestail Says:

    Gorgeous photo of McGee. Carlos, we’re gonna need a coffee table book for the “3rd Clutch, No Broadcast” period! Love the photo!

  43. Joan Says:

    McGee is enjoying being the Star of the show.. up to now he has had a bit part with just a fly in and out with food but now that we can’t have the focus on Molly anymore, he is willing to step up and take the spotlight for himself.. what a handsome fellow.. thanks for the picture.. it is beautiful!!
    Joan from Colorado

    • Sue A. in Wisconsin Says:

      OMG, this photo is simply breathtaking!! I have a lump in my throat.

      Carlos, thank you so much for sharing your photos with us. There will always be a special place in my heart for Molly, Magee and all their offspring. I can’t wait for my first and second cluth books. I know I will have a hard time putting it down, once it arrives!

      Thank-You for everything you do for us.

  44. Liela M. Maielua Says:

    What an awsome photo MCgee sure knows how to pose for the camers.

  45. Pat Williamson Says:

    Beautiful photo! It’s a keeper for sure! Thanks for sharing!

    Pat Williamson
    Divide, CO

  46. Laura Shrader Says:

    Seeing this photo was like seeing an old friends face on face book…sure do miss Molly, McGee and the little ones.
    Laura in Tennessee

  47. Sally aka MollyLoverForever Says:

    Our beautiful McGee! How absolutely splendid! Thank you, Carlos!

  48. Peggy Martin Says:

    Hi Carlos…I haven’t received my book yet. Should I be worrying? At what point do I figure there’s a problem? Thanks for answering

  49. Theresa Says:

    Let’s bow out head in prayer before the fight! Awesome picture!

    Theresa aka windbeneathwing

  50. Angowleyez Says:

    Carlos Royal once quoted” I’m an early riser. I try to seize the day and get things accomplished before most of the world wakes up.”

    McGee seems to model himself after you.

    The “Cream” always rises to the top. <3 Angowleyez

  51. Carol (planetmom) Says:

    Your pictures are always so great. Thanks for this one. We all miss them both as well as you and Donna. We love the updates. Thanks again.


  52. Karen Cunningham Says:

    Another “great” Carlos Royal photo. Thanks for keeping us up to date on Molly and McGee.

  53. Beth Jones Says:

    Carlos –

    I would love to buy this as I did some of your other prints. This is an absolutely gorgeous photo. Please advise how I might get a copy for my wall at home. An autographed copy would be even better. This is beautiful.

    Beth Jones

  54. jess Says:


  55. Leslee Says:

    No matter how many owl webcams there are and how many eggs, owlets, etc…There will NEVER be another time like the one we had with Molly and McGee’s first clutch. That was and is magical…nothing can take it’s place, nothing will ever be the same as that. I am a better person because of you, Donna, Austin, Molly and McGee. You all will hold a place in my heart forever.

    • Mary Kowalski Says:

      This is just how I feel. What a gift we received, thanks to the incredible generosity of Carlos, Donna, Austin and the owls.

    • Sue Monhan Says:

      Leslee, I couldn’t have said it better. It’s silly I know but I sometimes grieve for the Royal Box fellowship. The Carlos face and the back ground of Donna saying ‘turn the sound on’. Thanks Leslee for putting my thoughts into lovely words.

  56. Pat christianson Says:

    That is one of the most spectacular photos you have taken! Thanks a million for continuing to share. PS glad you are better and had a nice birthday

  57. Chris in Olympia, WA (cbbrunner) Says:

    Love the photo!! But who is McGree? I always thought his name was McGee? ;) :) LOL

  58. Nancy Says:

    Gotta love this picture! Thanks for the update Car-ros! LOL (referring to post #57) LOVE IT!!!

  59. Mary Kowalski Says:

    Carlos – Even though we can’t follow the day-to-day progress of the new clutch, catching a glimpse of McGee through your photo is a treat. I look forward to future photos and hope you and Donna are enjoying a season with PRIVACY and freedom to enjoy your own home. Gee it was fun, and I was a part of it. Thank you again!

  60. Nancy Harp Says:

    What a wonderful picture! Thanks so much Carlos for keeping us posted on “Our” owl happenings they are just like family. Looking forward to my coffee table book. Nancy

  61. SARose69 Says:

    What an awesome picture of McGee! Thank you so much for sharing! I miss you and the owls every day, but I’m glad you are taking care of yourself! Blessings,

  62. Ruth Says:

    Stunning! I miss Molly and McGee!

  63. The Appelts Says:

    Love these sights from San Marcos, California, but surely do miss the soundz. Carlos & Donna, please come back on air and the sooner the better!


  64. Marie Says:

    Miss seeing our owl family.


  65. Carole T Martin Says:

    Your photography is breath taking! I think Molly and McGee really enjoy posing for you, realizing their best will be “caught in time” by the best! Please continue to share with us as your time allows. The Royal and M&M families will always be a very special part of our lives. Take care and stay safe. Carole

  66. Linda /artgirl4388 Says:

    I feel a tee shirt coming on!!!!!!!!!!!!

  67. Sherry Kelly Says:

    Your photos and posts make my day!

    McGee looks like royalty in this photo, as well he should, after all he does live in the Royal Owl Box!

    My best to you & Donna and all my fellow MODs,

  68. FoxyTuTu Says:

    Awesome pic Carlos!!

  69. Dianne Shoffner Says:

    Wonderful photo..thanks for sharing

  70. Madonna Varchetto-Bonner Says:

    Breathtaking photo! Another pic for your next book, right? lol. I really appreciate the updates, Magee is soooooo beautiful. You and Donna are so fortunate to get to see M&M anytime you want…I’d be sitting out on the patio all the time with my camera. They love the attention, you can just tell. I hope you know Carlos how much all of us appreciate any glimpse of M&M we can get. They are for sure the most famous Barn Owls of all time!!! Warm thoughts to you and Donna, Madonna

  71. Janice Barreras Says:

    No matter how many times we have viewed the Royal owls, there continue to be shots that take your breath away!! Made me tear up because your site is one of a kind and no one can fill your shoes. Every time I open my e-mail I quickly scan for Molly’s Box and truly look forward to your updates. Thank you for the stunning shot.

  72. Braveheart2665 Says:

    I’m calling it McGee Our King of the Royal Barn Owls – He is simply magnificent!

  73. Lela Says:

    I believe the term you were looking for, Carlos, is El Matador. Yes, he is posing just like one! Just gorgeous.

  74. Eleanor Dodge Says:

    Thank you Carlos!! This is an awesome picture of my favorite owl. I like so many am viewing the owls on other sites but nothing compares to your broadcast and our Molly and McGee. I truly appreciate the updates also.

  75. Teri Friedman Says:

    Carlos, you are blessed to be able to catch these poses with your camera. Keep them coming please. Teri

  76. A FAN OF M&M Says:

    Sir McGee! WOW Awesome photo. You are blessed to still have these moments to watch them!

  77. Treva Roberts Says:

    Thank you Carlos for sharing your beautiful photo. Indeed I think McGee is posing for you. We do miss your narratives and look forward to your blog updates. Although we appreciate the new barn owl sites our Molly & McGee will never be replaced in these MOD hearts.

  78. Jodimaher Says:

    look at those legggsss!!!

  79. Debbie G Says:

    This is AMAZING!
    Thanks so much Carlos!
    There may be other owls we’re following now: but only One Molly and McGee

  80. donna Says:

    Carlos, thank you so much for sharing McGee with us. What a beautiful picture, keep them coming please. I agree with so many, the Royals and their owl box are #1! I miss hearing your voice everyday and your smiles. Love to you and your family, thank you all so much!

  81. Bugmom Says:

    Great photo, Carlos. Thanks for keeping us posted. Hope you and Donna are doing well.

  82. Lisa Says:

    McGee is so handsome! And he knows it! I miss him, Molly, and the babies! And now they are making another family…Thank you very much for sharing your superb photos and updates.

    I got my book last week, and it’s not what I expected. I expected alot, but the photos and text left me breathless! I can’t wait for the Second Clutch, now. Thank you for sharing your exceptional photos with us.

    I check Molly’s blog daily, but I am returning to my first home, the Sutton Bald Eagle Nest near Stillwater, OK, to keep vigil. Last year, after we lost not one, but also the second baby eagle, I was desolate until I happened on Molly’s site. I was healed,addicted,thrilled,amazed, and caught up in the mystery of life, thanks to our owls and your sharing them with us. Thank you very much. I hope someday you can turn those cameras back on, but only if you will let us help with the investment in time and money!

  83. BJ Says:

    Carlos, I love it. Thank you for sharing that with us. BJ

  84. Dee Hodson Says:

    Wonderful picture Carlos. It is simply breathtaking. Appreciate you posting it.

  85. Pat Says:

    Hmmm … seems like McGee misses the nightly photo sessions. Thanks for the great picture of this magificent specimen, as well as the updates on the Royal owl box.

  86. catsmommy Says:

    Iknow everyone else has expressed this but WOW, what a fabulous photo…TY for sharing. Esp so we can peek into your owly world. McGee is still the most handsome Mr. Owl out there.
    I agree, that McGee appears to be bowing with such elegance, what a guy, knows exactly how to make us fall for him all over.

  87. Steve Says:

    OMG He is so majestic!! Thanks Carlos

  88. Debbie (IBINAZ) Says:

    I LOVE still being connected to the Royals and M&M. The photo is priceless, as are ALL the Carlos Royal photos. Speaking of which… I received my coffee table book and it’s beyond what I expected. Thank you Carlos and Eric!!!

  89. Twoclubs Jane Says:

    Carlos, that is the most awesome of all your photographs of McGee. You did capture both the majesty of a toreador and the bow of a handsome aristocrat. Kudos for this picture. We still miss you. You are our inspiration. Thank you.

  90. BonnieKay Says:

    What a beauty our McGee is. I think your photos get better and better Carlos. Thank You so much. Bonnie

  91. Linda Greene Says:

    Carlos, you have put a big smile on my face. Just absolutely love McGee’s picture. The love just keeps going on and on. Thanks so much..ldgreene123

  92. 1SkatrPie Says:

    Dear Carlos, I may be taking anthropomorphising to
    new heights, but my spirit soars with these pics of
    McGee and Molly with her eggs in their box and I cannot help wondering if M&M actually WANT you to know and tell us that, despite the numerous wonderful owlboxes out there spawned by them and you, THEY REIGN SUPREME AND DON’T WE FORGET IT! lol!

  93. Darlene Salisbury Says:

    What a wonderful picture of McGee. Thank you Carlos for keeping in touch with all of us out here in Molly and McGee Land.
    Hope you are doing well.
    Thanks again for sharing. It makes me all the more excited to get my Molly and McGee coffee table book.
    Take care.
    Darlene Salisbury from NW Oregon

  94. kit merritt Says:

    Thanks for the excellent shot of McGee and the updates! We love Molly & McGee.

  95. Roz L-M Says:

    Carlos, This blog is always my last stop before turning in for the night. Tonight I was not disappointed with this amazing picture of Legs McGee in all his glory. Thanks for taking the time for all of us. The connection is still there! Fondly, Roz

  96. karen Says:

    I noticed that the title of the latest picture was “McGree Reflecting Light”. Did McGee change his name?

  97. Joanne Borle Says:

    Hi Carlos and Donna.
    What a wonderful treat to watch McGee for that long.
    What a beautiful photo & it is neat how the light reflects off his wing.
    I see what you mean re how he reminds you of a Mexican bull fighter bowing.
    from Burnaby, B.C./Canada

  98. joly2u Says:

    Carlos, I am in awe. This photo is one of your most stunning. I know you have excellent equipment, but your photography goes far beyond the merits of equipment. You are getting masterful, it is art.

  99. jackie theisen Says:

    Wonderful pic Carlos. sure miss The owl’s. Thank’s for up-date’s. Take Care.

  100. DebNeedsToTweet Says:

    What a great shot Carlos! Thank you so much for continuing the blog and updating us with news and your spectacular photos! Enjoy your break and know that we love you, Donna, Austin, Molly, McGee and whatever else comes our way via Mollys Box!

  101. Robin/Bigsis Says:

    (((Carlos and Donna)))
    This had to have taken your breath away! Next job for Carlos…….nature photagrapher “extraordinaire”! I can’t wait to get my books ;)
    Much love,

  102. Margery Masters Says:

    Wow! Carlos! What a spectacular photo! I think McGee misses you as much as we do!

  103. Sandra Everest Says:

    McGee is bowing to his audience!

    These latest pictures are just beautiful; what a bird!

  104. Karen in Sebring Says:

    Hi Carlos, This is your most beautiful photo of McGee that you have posted! I have been watching other barn owl sites but none compares to the Royal owls! You sure spoiled us with your interviews with school children, with Eric and Vacadude, etc., your lively comments, Donna and Austin, and of course the magnificent Molly and McGee! I miss you all SO much! Thank you for all you did! Love, Karen

  105. Ruth O'Neil Says:

    Fabulous, Carlos. Thanks!

  106. Irene Hercules Says:

    McGee shows us how big and beautiful their wings can be. No wonder they can carry a large rodent to the nest. I really miss the “family” of owls. This winter is just too hard here in the midwest (Missouri,and to think, last year,a little later, we all took part in the saga of Molly and McGee.
    Gee, that was fun, and I was a part of it.

  107. Karen Brock Says:

    This is an amazing photo Carlos, a true gift from God. You have been blessed with these owls and they love you as much as you love them. You continue to give us this wonderful blessing and I thank you very much for sharing with us.

  108. Diane Says:

    Thank you so much for the updates we are getting!!! You and your family are very very special people indeed!!!!
    God Bless you and your family!
    If you ever come to Montana (the Glacier Park/Big Mountain area), please get in touch.
    Diane Trout
    Whitefish, Montana

  109. Julie Says:

    WOW! Look at those legz and wingz- oh yes, can’t forget those talonz. Awesome photo Carlos! McGee loves to pose, doesn’t he? He is the perfect mowldel! Thanks so much for sharing with us. Makes my day to see photos of M & M. : )

  110. mandozee Says:

    All I can say is great pic! Love M&M and you all so much. But enjoy the rest it’s well earned.

    Gods speed in your travels, mandozee1888

  111. Becky Says:

    Brilliant picture!

    I miss McGee!

  112. Nita Says:

    Thank you, Carlos, for the beautiful picture. I love them all. Especially the updates. Just to see McGee warms my heart. I miss Molly but in a few weeks perhaps more great pictures of her “3rd” clutch and Molly. I treasure the emails.

  113. Carol Watt Says:

    OH!!! that takes my breath away. Thank you Carlos for sharing, looking forward to the next photo.

  114. CAequuslvr Says:


    Another spectacular photo. Thank-you again so much for sharing and keeping us updated about M&M.

    If I remember correctly the clothing that bullfighters wear is called “vestido de luz” (clothes of light.

    • PegRod Says:

      Oh CAequuslvr – thank you for that enlightening tidbit – “vestido de luz”! Out of the darkness and into the light!

  115. Joyce Hebert Says:

    awesome…to think you got home in time to catch this…wonderful picture

  116. Darlene Lasker Says:

    Wow! He is one beautiful creature of the Owl Kingdom. Thanks for the updates and allowing us to still be a part of it. Were you a professional photographer before you retired? I check in with the other Owl Boxes on ustream. I guess we were participants in something that was a special once in a life time event and you and Donna,Austin,Eric and Barbara are the reason we were so fortunate to expierience the fun.

  117. Rita in DC Says:

    Thank you, Carlos (and Donna)!

    There are barn owls and then there are barn owls, but there’s only one Molly and one McGee.

  118. Sue Couch Says:

    Thanks so much for this fab foto! The other owls are beautiful, but Molly and McGee are first in my heart!

  119. Lynne Townsend Says:

    Beautiful picture and beautiful owl. Thanks so much for the update!
    Lynne Townsend(LynneMcKay)

  120. Selena Says:


  121. jacque green Says:

    I just can’t get over McGee. he’s so beautiful, thank so much for the picture, I’ll Have a speical place for Molly McGee. Love Jacque Green

  122. Holly Sue Says:

    Absolutely magnificent photograph of McGee, Carlos! It is great to be getting updates on M&M and your observations of the owl box in your back yard. Sure do miss the owl family and you and Donna! Thank you so much for keeping in touch!
    With love, Holly Sue

  123. Alana Says:

    I GOT MY MOLLY & MCGEE coffee table book today!!! The book is amazing with the most stunning photos of M&M and their 1st clutch. Although I missed experiencing the 1st clutch entirely, I knew I had to have this book (as well as the forthcoming follow-up book with the 2nd clutch. The second clutch is the book most meaningful to me as I became quite attached to M&M, Ashley&Carrie, whom I miss dearly. Who knew???…that I would become so entranced with this? I feel so privileged in being apart of this amazing cycle of life (2nd clutch). Thanks to Carlos for sharing this world with all us. I love this book and will treasure both books always.

  124. SARose69 Says:

    My First Clutch book came today! I devoured it from cover to cover! The sweet memories were overwhelming. I loved the Owl Box experience and I am so happy to have this treasure trove to take me there again and again. What a great job Carlos and Eric did with organizing the book. Thank you!!

  125. YTQ Says:

    I received my Molly Book today, and it is more than I had hoped for. Thank you so very much for this tangible reminder of a very Magical Moment in Time, a never-to-be-forgotten experience. Thank you Grandmother Royal for being so special that Carlos wanted to share Molly with you, and ultimately, the whole world. The spin-off of The Owl Box is, of course, more owls to watch, but none will ever compare to Molly and McGee, our very first glimpse of Barn Owls and their owlets in the wild, and our first love. My heart is full, my eyes are even fuller and are running over. I will never forget.

    • PegRod Says:

      Yes, YTQ – Thank you so much for these beautifully expressed thoughts. You reminded me to not forget the beautiful Grandmother Royal who has inspired many to do good works. We often forget to look back to beginnings, the roots, and the foundations upon which we keep growing in the Family of Humanity.

  126. Oh MY Golly Carlos, I am so amazed and blessed by this magnificant photo of our Mc Gee. If you can catch a breath and look quietly at the photo the stand he is standing on looks like a cross asif Mc Gee could speak on behalf of all our creatures who are in desperate circumstances trying to survive and thrive. This phot could become the rallying call to wildlife and habitat.
    As always I am truly blessed to have Carlos being Royal to us and gifting us with these photoes.
    I am so pleased that you are feeling stronger. You gave us a scare. Love to you all.

  127. Dinah (RuralGrit) Says:

    What a beautiful photo! Thanks for sharing. I received my book today and it is wonderful! You and your whole team (especially Eric) did a masterful job and it is a beautiful production….a wonderful reminder of a special year and event. Bravo!

  128. Robin/Bigsis Says:

    WooHoo!!! I got my book…I love the pictures and love that it is dedicated to Donna! Can’t wait for the 2nd clutch book to come :) Well done Carlos!xx

  129. Kathy G Says:

    Beautiful shot! We sure miss seeing the owls. Thank you for sharing with us. Enjoy the view! What a fabulous specimen. It made our day!

  130. Susan Says:

    I just wanted to tell you that the coffee table book is just beautiful. Thank you so much for this whole experience. I will cherish the memories forever!

  131. Christy Says:

    Beautiful picture of McGee. I have lurked on the other owl boxes, but it is not the same! We miss you Carlos and Donna – and are happy to see the blog continues…The pictures and updates are great!

  132. Steve Says:

    Carlos, Can you put this picture on cafepress. It is stunning!!

  133. AJ Says:

    Thank you Carlos for still sharing photos of McGee and Molly, always well enjoy. It sounds like you and Donna are having wonderful well deserved time. And so good to hear Molly and McGee are still entertaining you both. Please continue to share photos, of any of your backyard bird. Best Wishes always for you and Donna. Smile

  134. Sandy Says:

    What a beautiful picture of our famous McGee. We really appreciate your sharing of the photos. I also received my Coffee table book a couple of days ago and it is gorgeous. Nice job! Keep enjoying life as it is. Racoona

  135. Monica Says:

    Carlos, What a beautiful picture of McGee, handsome as ever. Thank you so much for sharing..
    still waiting patiently for my coffee table book..can’t wait to get it.
    Hugz to you and your family

  136. SARose69 Says:

    I love that “vestido de luz!”

  137. Lisa Tye Columbia, SC Says:

    Molly and McGee are really wonderful posers..they’re just gorgeous. I just found a surprise at my front door….THE BOOK!!! I’m shaking with delight as I flipped through (while still trying to get my work done, the pets fed, and finally lay down to stare intently at every page)!! Then when I saw that the book was dedicated to Donna…the “happy tears” began to flow…such a beautiful book with beautiful pictures…by such wonderful people! Thank you,,I keep saying “thank you”…but it does not seem like enough for all the joy this experience has brought to my life!

  138. Lisa40 Says:

    Hi Donna and Carlos
    Happy Belated Birthday Carlos! wow what a owlsome photo of McGee I got my Photo book today OMG it is better than I expected and all the memories started flooding back and you and Eric have done a fabulous job and thanks for everyone hard work and please keep the photos coming in the blog.

  139. Sue Monhan Says:

    Thank you Carlos and Donna for sharing your life and your home and your grandchildren and your owls with all of us. The photograph of McGee is just fabulous, and I’m not even prejudiced!!! Hahahahaha. Like everyone else, I miss you guys sooooooooo much.

  140. Kim Torkelson Says:

    Carlos, Just a quick note to let you know I got my M & M beautiful Book today. The pictures are wonderful. I have looked through it several time already. Thank you Thank you so very much for sharing this great experience and now I have a book that will always bring back wonderful memories. Thank you also on updates of Molly & McGee. Such a wonderful man you are.
    Hope you had a wonderful Birthday and many more to come. KimMn

  141. Mary Jo Says:

    Thanks for the photos and updates. I wonder if you really know how much joy you bring to all of us Carlos and Donna. What wonderful people you are!!!

  142. Mary Jo Says:

    What a beautiful bird!!!

  143. knittinghiker Says:

    Hi! Carlos, I wanted to let you know that I received my Molly and McGee coffee table book today, 2/1/11. The book is fabulous!! The photos, layout, titles, etc. are so beautiful. Thank you so much for the effort that took – these photos are on opportunity that most of us would never have – what a treat!!

    Thanks, Torre [knittinghiker]

  144. Mary Kowalski Says:

    My lovely coffee table book arrived today and I spent time reliving that precious experience. Thank you to everyone who had a hand in producing the book and a special thank you to Donna for patiently and with good humor supporting Carlos as he brought us a gift of a lifetime.

  145. Lucy Sanders Says:


    That’s a beautiful picture, like your comment! Received my Molly & McGee coffee table book today and it is wonderful, beautiful,touching, and a reminder of what a beautiful time we had watching that owl family compliments of you, Carlos!!! The pictures brought some tears just remembering all the beauty we watched, the friends we gained, and more appreciation of the awesomeness of nature and God’s creatures. Thank you again for all you gave us Carlos , Donna, & Austin. Ordering The Second Clutch coffee table book is next on my list! Eric did a great job putting your pictures together in this book.

    Take care,

    Lucy (silent MOD from very icy Troy, Ohio)

  146. joly2u Says:

    Carlos, when you display something so utterly wonderful, could you give us a Barbara song with it now and then? Thanks for everything.

  147. Sheila Young Says:

    This is your best pic yet. Love it.

  148. Kirk B Says:

    got my first clutch book yesterday and it is just great Carlos! I wasn’t in on watching the 1st clutch but my daughter is a senior at SDSU and told me about Molly and McGee coming back so i started watching and became a MOD just like so many others. Thanks to you all for this peek into nature and the chance to meet so many others via the chat !!

  149. flukestail Says:

    Waiting, waiting, waiting, waiting for my coffee table book…will it ever arrive?

  150. Joy H from Largo, FL Says:

    Thanks so much for keeping us updated Carlos,
    and also for your beautiful photos of the owls!
    Take care!

  151. mujver Says:

    I bought several Clutch #2 items. I talk to my Carrie and Ashley cup every morning when I have my cuppa coffee. They were so gorgeous. I hope nobody hears me talking to a cup though.

  152. ginger in tn Says:

    I received my coffee table book the other day and just now had a chance to read it. I was moved by the pictures, by the story and by the poetry. My emotions were re-ignited as I remembered the thrill of watching this sweet little family go through birth and fledge, in a once in a lifetime chance to see it all so clearly. I feel so lucky to have happened upon you when I did and will never forget our time together. Thank you for the book….it is beautiful and a great tribute to this wonderful owl family. It WAS so much fun, and I was part of it!!!

  153. Twoclubs Jane Says:


    And I just received my coffee table book also. It is outstanding. The photos, the layout, Eric’s wonderful introduction, and oh, the memories.

    Thank you Carlos again and again and again. Deet deet deet.

  154. Darlene Salisbury Says:

    Hello Carlos,
    Just popping in this evening to let you know I’ve received my Molly and McGee coffee table book.It is absolutely outstanding. The photos are just wonderful as is every single thing about the book.It is a work of art that is for sure. Thank once again Carlos for something so precious. It’s worth every penny, and if anyone has any questions about whether you should get the book or not, by all means get it!
    Once again, thank you from the bottom of my heart.
    Darlene from NW Oregon.

  155. Amberlight Says:

    Such a beautiful picture, gosh I miss seeing Molly and McGee on Sportsmans Paradise. They are not only the “most famous Barn Owls in the world”, they are the most famous Barn Owls in my heart.

  156. Sue Ascher Says:

    I just wanted to tell you that I received my book coffee table book yesterday. As I paged through it for the first time, with a lump in my throat, all the memories of that first clutch came flooding back. I will treasure it, and I am so looking forward to receiving the The Second Clutch. These books are true works of art and beauty. (I’m sure The Second Clutch will be as fantastic as the first.) Eric’s writing brings it all together to make it so beautiful. Thank you for all you have done to make this last year a true adventure for all of us MODS. It feels like we are all blessed with a whole new family….and you are a part of our family!! Thanks you so much.
    Sue A. in Wisconsin

  157. Vicki Eiden Says:

    After digging for over 3 hours here in northern Illinois(our snowblower lost a wheel half way down the driveway), we finally have our driveway and walkway cleared. Funny what you run across while shoveling. Under about 3-4 feet of snow, I found my coffee table book that had been dropped off sometime at the onset of the blizzard. It was intact (well preserved in its white blanket) and is just the highlight to a very stressful muscle-aching day. Thank you Carlos for your artistry. What a treasure!

  158. Divibe05 Says:

    Hi Carlos,
    I, too, received my Molly and McGee book yesterday, and I want to echo other comments by saying that it is truly beautiful. And moving beyond words. Not only is it a wonderful display of your photographs, but I am delighted and so moved by the quotes and the writings Eric chose to include. Elizabeth Campillo did such a great job on the design, incorporating all the special elements that made the M&M owl box event so special. I am especially grateful to you for answering our MOD requests for this keepsake. I will treasure it and everyone involved always.

    Thank you so much! ( I have already ordered The Second Clutch!)
    Diane B.

  159. Lisa A. Burns Says:

    Guess what? My book was delivered…
    OM Gosh!!! It is wonderful, wonderful !!!!
    I just LOVE it!!!! Thank you!!
    Exceeded my expectations!!
    Eric…you did an amazing job. Carlos,…WOW !!!
    PS: Can’t wait for Clutch #2 Book !!!
    PSS: If you didn’t purchase it, you need to get get it!

  160. Angela (njellica62) Says:

    Hello Carlos and Donna..I received my book yesterday and oh,my goodness it was so emotional for me as I looked ever so slowly at each page.What an experience that was!! Well done.The book is fabulous.Thanks for doing this book which I proudly have displayed in my living room.Can’t wait to get the 2nd one.Take care and God Bless

  161. Jan Halstead Says:

    Love this picture of Leggs. Both Molly and McGee are so comfortable around you and Donna that it makes taking great pictures even better. They know you are family. Got my wonderful Coffee Table Book Feb.1 just as Ind. got hit with ice and snow. When I slid in from work that evening I looked for the book as I did every evening and there it was tucked behind the snow shovel for a little protection from the elements. After going up the slick steps to my front door I was afraid my book would be ruined but it wasn’t. Only the cardboard was a bit damp in places but the book itself was fine. I said a prayer of thanks as I opened it and turned the pages one by one, reliving the moments over again in my heart. Couldn’t help the tears flowing or the laughing sometimes sighing that came from page to page. What a work of love and talent. Thank you Carlos and Eric, and also to all the ladies who got together and got the books ready for sighing and mailing. I was touched to see that the book was dedicated to Donna who wanted you to build an owl box one day a long time ago. God Bless.

  162. Monica Says:

    Just recieved my First Clutch Coffee Table book.. I barley got through the first 5 pages without getting tears.. What beautiful pictures, and OH MY, all the memories that came back from watching Molly and Mcgee and our little ones growing up and fledging. I cannot wait for my 2nd clutch Coffee Table book to arrive..I just want to say thanks again for the most wonderful and amazing pictures and the memories I will have forever!!!
    Miss you and your broadcast from the owl box.
    Hugz to you!!

  163. Janet Says:

    Thanks for posting pictures and updates.
    Miss your broadcast every day.

  164. Roz Says:

    It’s wonderful to “keep up” with you on your blog. You certainly left a “Royal” legacy with awareness of owl boxes and sharing M & M and two clutches with us. Now we “box hop” to try and keep up with all of this! Thank you so much for the initial experience of finding M & M and the joy it has brought. I cherish my Chris Adams original of the four owlets as well as Vaca’s original of Jody, our sweet helmet head. Memories forever! Roz in La Jolla, CA

  165. Sherrie Says:

    Carlos, My M&M book arrived this week and I just want to say LOVE IT! Your photography is spectacular and Eric is so gifted. The book brought back such wonderful memories. I’m watching several owl boxes now, but none will ever measure up to Molly and the gang. You, Donna, Austin, Eric, Chris, Vacadude, and the MODs, and the owls will forever have a special place in my heart. Thank you so much for all the fun! Sherrie Coughlin

  166. DianaJoe Says:

    My book came this week,also. A book I will treasure forever. Thank you

  167. Sherry Kelly Says:

    My beautiful copy of Molly and McGee made it through all the ice and snow and arrived in my Yukon, Oklahoma, mailbox this morning. My sweet husband trudged through our snowy yard to fetch it and the book warmed my heart! It is truly a special book and keepsake of a very special event. Now I have to order The Second Clutch to complete the set!
    Sherry Kelly, author of A Cat Named Zooby, Your New Baby’s Instruction Book, and, The Big Life of a Little Man: Michael Dunn Remembered (Google them!)

  168. tom and judy Says:

    We received our book last week. Just love it! Thank you Carlos and Donna for all your devoted time and enery to bring us this first clutch and book! You’ll never know the joy and friendships you have brought to many people. You’ll are truly apprceciated and loved. Thanks again, Tom and Judy

  169. donna Says:

    Carlos, I recieved my coffee table book, a beautiful book I will treasure forever. I’m getting a little worried, no updates from you. I hope your feeling better, I’m a worry wart. Please let us know how your doing and Molly & McGee, we miss you all so much!

  170. Susan Belloff Says:

    I received my coffee table book on Tues Feb. 1st. It is absolutely gorgeous. I just love it! The photography is every bit as beautiful as I knew it would be from viewing the pictures you had posted online, but the way the book was put together makes it really special. I have to admit, it brought a tear to my eye. Now I want to order the book of the second clutch!

  171. Michael Sansom Says:

    Got my coffee table book today. Magnificent; worth every penny and more.
    Will order 2nd clutch book if it is available to ship to Canada.

    Thanks to all who helped bring this book to fruition.


  172. spinjenny Says:

    My copy of “Molly and McGee” arrived in the UK today – wow!!! It is everything I hoped (and knew) it would be!

  173. Ginny Williams Says:

    Hi Carlos –
    Please tell me you’ll be recording tonight’s broadcast for those who can’t be there live?????

  174. bill wallner Says:

    To view the Certificate of Molly’s flight on board the Space Shuttle, go to
    and enter confirmation
    #STS133P000122480757 plus the generated CAPTCHA code.

  175. flukestail Says:

    Too cool! Molly in space! Thanks to Bill Wallner for this. How did you make this happen?!

  176. Linda Wright Says:

    This is such a treat!

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