January 22, 2011

Just a quick note. We haven’t seen much of McGee but last night Donna walked outside and then called me. There was McGee sitting proud on the posing ledge. He sat there for a while as we watched, then he looked around and flew into the box. From what we could hear he had returned for a little anniversary celebration, it was exactly one year ago  (January 21, 2010) that he and Molly showed up.


Here is a link to Willow, she has 8 eggs so far.


That makes 19 eggs in just three boxes.


I signed about 1,300 books today. They will be mailed this coming week. Just remember, they are being shipped media rate so it could take up to three week for you to get them.



52 Responses to “McGee”

  1. Amy B. from IL Says:

    Thanks for the McGee update! Woo hoo!

  2. Ginny Howard Says:

    Yay, So good to hear news about our Molly and McGee. Thanks for keeping us informed!

  3. GeniaKnitz Says:

    What a happy day! You saw my beloved McGee, and I received the beautiful book in the mail today.

    But I count 20 eggs – Mr. & Mrs. have 7, Mel & Sydney have 5, and Bear & Willow have 8.

    And I repeat – while I rejoice in all 20 of them, they still won’t come close to filling up the Molly-shaped hole in my heart.

  4. Christine Peters Says:

    Thanks for the update. We all have been wondering if those 2 were doing well. Lots of owls around, but M&M are our favorites.

  5. Maureen Says:

    I received my book today and cried a little knowing that this will be my only reminder of some wonderful days I spent on the computer.
    Tomorrow is my birthday and the book arrived just in time
    Carlos, Donna, Austin and everyone else, you know who you are

  6. Virgene Colby-auntie_vee Says:

    We know you need a rest, not much, signing all those books, but thank you Carlos. And thank you again for letting us know when you see our wonderful owls. That is good.

  7. Judy R Says:

    Thanks for letting us know that M & M have returned and will likely raise another clutch. I have been looking at Mel and Sydney some, but they can’t replace M & M for me. M & M arrived in my life last year at a very difficult time and gave me a very much needed lift. Thanks so much for sharing them with us.

  8. Janie Says:

    Thank you so much for the Molly and McGee update. We miss them, but hearing about them is wonderful. They will be first in our hearts forever.


  9. Joan Says:

    Dear Carlos thank you and Donna so much for the latest news about our beloved owls.. I surely like to hear about them.. Joan

  10. June Schafer Says:

    WhooooHooooo——party time in the owl box!!!

  11. Michelle Says:

    Whoo-hoo, McGee gettin’ lucky! Thanks for the update Carlos! But I’m sad, I can’t see the other owl boxes on my iPad, no Flash! :(

  12. Mary Says:

    WOO-WHOO! My book arrived today!
    Going through it brought tears, laughter, and many memories that will remain in my heart always.
    M&M came into my life when it was dark. They brightened not only my outlook, but also my attitude.
    Thank you Carlos, Donna, and Austin for things you’ll never know.
    Blessings to you all! Stay safe and keep the updates coming.

  13. Bonita Lyon Says:

    So happy M and M are setting up house again. I miss them so much. Love the updates. Thanks, Carlos. Bonnibell

  14. Sherry Kelly Says:

    Maybe one of those 1300 signed books will be mine! I am anxiously waiting!!!
    Sherry Kelly, Author of “Your New Baby’s Instruction Book” a guide book for new parents!

  15. Sharon Palac Says:

    Yes! A new clutch is waiting in the “wings”! Thanks for keeping us posted, Carlos, Donna, and Austin!


  16. jackie theisen Says:

    Happy to hear McGee is still around. Even with so many owl’s to watch , miss Molly, McGee & the owlet’s. Thank’s Carlos for letting us know..

  17. jacque green Says:

    I love up dates on MnM, all i have is good Memories. Take care and please keep us inform. thank you Carlos and Donna

  18. A FAN OF M&M Says:

    Thank you Carlos for this update. I had asked about him in one of my post! This is good news! I am sure soon you will have clutch # 3!
    We appreciate so that you are keeping us updated!

  19. Says:

    Amazing and beautiful, that’s what our journey with Molly and McGee was, and now the results–all those new eggs, some of which (many, we hope) will be tomorrow’s owls. So I am cheering all of them, from Molly’s and McGee’s new clutch to the beautiful UStream clutches we have to watch to all the unknowns out there. Grow and fly, little owlets!

  20. Mary Jozwiak Says:

    Thank you for the update Carlos. Patiently awaiting my book. Glad you are feeling better! Dont get carpal tunnel syndrome from all the signing!

  21. BonnieKay Says:

    Thank you for the news of Molly and McGee. I have tried to watch the other owls but keep thinking of our M&M. Now if we knew one of the others were Max or Pattison wouldn’t that be fun. We can only wish. Thanks again. Take care. Bonnie

  22. lyn licay Says:

    Thank you for the update, Carlos. McGee was always my favorite because of his dedication to the family and M&M will always have a special place in my heart.

  23. Madonna Varchetto-Bonner Says:

    So good to hear from OUR owl box…M&M! Thank you Carlos for the update. I think about them everyday. Glad to know they are well and prob gonna have the 3rd clutch. Please take some of your fantastic pics and share with all of us who love them so. I’m waiting for my 2nd clutch book…April or May…worth the wait! I can still see those little heart shaped faces of Ashley and Carrie peeking out of the owl box…waiting for Molly and Magee. And it was sooo much fun. And it made me smile. Thank you Carlos, Thank you! Madonna

  24. erindort Says:

    Carlos, I certainly enjoy hearing bits of news about Molly and McGee. And I also want you to know how very much I enjoy the recorded videos on the OwlBox site. The new owl boxes are wonderful; but, the Molly videos are like comfort food. Thanks.
    You guts take care, and have a fun year!

  25. Carlynne Says:

    It sure was fun working with you at the book party today, Carlos. If I had not been there to see it, I would not have believed all the books you signed today. Are you packing your hand in ice tonight? What stamina. And you never stopped smiling.

    Thank you for being you, and thank Donna for sharing you with us.

    Littleguys aka Carlynne

  26. knittinghiker Says:

    Wow – 1 year ago and 6 owlets!! Happy Anniversary to Molly and McGee! I’m glad to hear they are hanging around and appear to be doing well! That’s a lot of books to sign! I’m looking forward to receiving mine.

  27. BJ Utgard Says:

    So glad to hear they are well and doing what owls are meant to do….our dear Molly & McGee.
    Happy Anniversary.

  28. Linda Greene Says:

    So excited to see your post re Leggs McGee. Am waiting patiently for the book. Take care with all that signing Carlos.

  29. DWD in Atlanta Says:

    Thanks for the update Carlos. I have been wondering how those 2 are doing. My youngest son turned 30 today. Tomorrow will be my 35th anniversary. Time sure does fly!!! A whole year with Molly & McGee. Sure wish we could get some inside photos. BTW….which boxes are you keeping tabs on for your egg count. I do wish the Tuppence’s were on air. I am watching O&O (2), Mel & Syd (5), Bear & Willow (8) and Lucy & Ricky (0)but they have only been in their box 3 weeks.

  30. Judy (sunza) Says:

    Carlos ~

    Thank you so much for letting us know about Molly & McGee! And take care of your tired signing hand, Carlos! As everyone else has said, Molly & McGee are irreplaceable in our hearts as are you & Donna & Austin! Happy Trails to You Until We Meet Again!

  31. kathy Cannon Says:

    Thank you for the update Carlos. I’m so happy you were able to see McGee tonight! I love my books and all the pictures you have shared with us.

  32. Robin/Bigsis Says:

    WooHoo…Bonding on their anniversary p~~~

  33. grams3cs Says:

    Thank you so much for the update on McGee. Glad he and Molly are doing well. Miss the tow of them and you and Donna and seeing Austin sitting in the background at his computer. Take care and keep the updates coming. grams3cs

  34. SactoSylvia Says:

    Hooray! Thank you for the update, Carlos! And re your earlier post – I’m so glad you got to visit your friend Max and give him the book with your photos of his namesake!

    And to think… one year ago, not one of us had a clue about the adventure we were about to take with Molly and McGee!

    Many thanks, again, to you and Donna for making that adventure available to us!

  35. Deb Says:

    Carlos, thanks for the update on McGee. Very much appreciated and as always love hearing from you.

    Although there are other owl families popping up, no one will replace Molly and McGee for me. And of course the others do not have you, Donna and Austin. All of you made watching this owl family so special to millions of people around the world.

    Looking forward to receiving my book. I can’t to get it!!

    Deb from OH

  36. Twoclubs Jane Says:

    The M & M legacy continues. We will never be the same. We’ve got MOD and that is just a fact we will all have to live with (smiley face and clappy thingy).

    Thank you Carlos for the update and that link to Jill’s site has sent so many more MODs to the chat room there. Great to see everyone. Thumbs Up.

    And can’t wait to get my book (owl face).

  37. Liela M. Maielua Says:

    So good to hear that Molly & McGee are still around and obviously doing well thanks for the update they are still #1.

  38. Becky Konkol Says:

    I ordered one of the owlet books quite awhile ago even knowing they’d ship late. Their status is? Thanks.

  39. Joyce Hebert Says:

    well, happy anniversary to molly and mcgee…if all eggs hatch we will have a lot of little owls flying ca. thanks for the update

  40. Glenn Says:

    Carlos and Donna thanks for the McGee update. Lots of eggs and boxes to watch but we sure mis our stars of the day Molly, Mcgee and The Owl Box. Maybe one day we can get them back, it just doesn’t seem the same with out Molly and McGee.

  41. NatureLuver Says:

    That’s a good thing McGee did not forget his anniversary or he might have ended up in a different kind of box…..the dog house!

    Wonderful updates Carlos! Glad M&M are doing well. You must be curious as to how many Eggs they have by now? I know I am.

    All my love to the Royals and Austin
    Liz Garney, League City, TX

  42. elyn Says:

    So good to hear about McGee, thanks. M & M have become like friends. Miss them!

  43. Kit Says:

    congrats to molly & mcgee on their 1st (?) anniversary, hope there are many more!

  44. donna Says:

    Thank You Carlos for the news about McGee, hopfully they have eggs too. Oh how I miss them and all of you, Molly’s owl box will always be #1. Looking forward to my book, I’m sure it’s beautiful. Please keep the updates coming, it really makes my day better. Thank You All Again for all you do, we miss you. Love and take care, I’ll always be a MOD

  45. Theresa Atkins Says:

    WOW, looks like we’re going to have lots of little owlets to keep track of this year. I wonder how many boxes which were put up because of M&M have activity which isn’t being streamed. I’ve been doing my best to try and keep track along with Phoebe’s (hummingbird)efforts. I haven’t seen Willow the duck yet. It might be too early for her to start laying yet. Spring is going to be wonderful this year.

  46. Anita Says:

    Thanks so much for the update on McGee. It’s great to know that “our” owls are doing well and “setting up shop” as usual! Although there are many new owl boxes to follow this year, Molly & McGee will always be first with me. Thanks again for the opportunity!!

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