One year ago today

January 21, 2011

One year ago today was the first time we saw Molly.

87 Responses to “One year ago today”

  1. joym13 Says:

    Who would have thought, huh? A year none of us will ever forget!

  2. Bonita Lyon Says:

    AAAAWWWWW, what a memorable day. I think of her and you all every day. Bonnibell

  3. rosiebud Says:

    Happy Anniversary Carlos and Donna! What a special day that turned out to be for us all of us..

  4. Deb Lay Says:

    And our lives were changed forever! Thank You!

  5. Gates 2057 Says:

    And wow, did that ever change your life!

  6. Katy Says:

    And look where it lead…..!!!

  7. Happy Anniversary to you and all of us too! Who would have guessed what it would turn into?! Thank you again for brining the world together and making such a huge impact on wildlife! I will never forget you guys or our owl family!

  8. Christine Peters Says:

    I actually didn’t meet Molly and her owlets until they were all hatched. A friend in AZ told me about it, said “you have to check out this website”. And the rest is history. I hope Molly and McGee are well and have a good breeding season.

  9. PegRod Says:

    It was the best day of my life and I didn’t even know it yet!

    And we have more milestones to celebrate all year long! Two upcoming ones:

    February 14, 2010 – Ustream broadcasting began and the seed of love was given to the world by the Royal Family. It grew into a beautiful tree with branches that keep on growing – Spring is here and buds are popping out all over!

    March 26th, 2010 – the official “Molly and McGee Day” in San Marcos, California proclaimed by the Mayor!

  10. Janet Knapp Says:

    Carlos & Donna, thank you for a wonderful blessed year.. you gave us all so much joy. Have a wonderful year, travel and continue to enjoy life. You are two very special people. Janet K

  11. Cassie Julich Says:

    Oh my….what a lovely anniversary. And who could possibly know what would follow.
    Thank you Carlos and Donna for letting us know about this special date.

  12. nagg1979 Says:

    awww- <3 <3 <3 how i have missed them so :D but alas we now have the next chapter in the owl family chain – sydney and mel with their 5 new eggs – another newlywed couple~~~ all because of the royals, molly and mcgee setting the standard ;)

  13. Kim Torkelson Says:

    One year! What an experience for all of us. Our granddaughter is over today and before bed she asked if I would read the Molly the Owl story. Brought back lots of wonderful memories. Thanks again!! KimMn
    Glad you are feeling better Carlos.

  14. pat canada Says:

    awwwwww Hope they are doing well and starting another family. Look at all the wonderful things they made happen.


  15. GeniaKnitz Says:

    Hope Molly and McGee and all the little ones are happy and thriving. I will never forget this past year!
    Thank you again, Carlos and Donna, and happy anniversary. SO looking forward to receiving my book, in the fullness of time I hastily add. No rush.

    It’s taking 5 other boxes to begin to fill my heart the way Molly did.

  16. Corkyandporky Says:

    Wonder how Molly’s broods are doing. How lucky I was to get to know them.

  17. Rosemary Says:

    As someone said earlier, ” And our lives were changed forever.” Thank You Carlos and Donna for a very special year..

    Sorta like a Happy Birthday MOD’s.

  18. PegRod Says:

    Carlos, I know we can see some of the first images of Molly & McGee on the slide show on OB1 Ustream page, as well as find links to all Archived Recordings –

    But, I remember one day you found the “Lost Files” – Do you remember when you recorded those for us to see on Ustream, and if so, can you post the link!

  19. Couleedam (Nora) Says:

    Carlos, Molly and McGee, changed my life, added new friends and added so much to my knowledge of barn owls. I thank you from my heart, Carlos, you have made a difference in many lives and in the environment for barn owls.

  20. Louise Landeta Says:

    Is there any chance that we might get an update on Ashley or Carrie? I know it’s a stretch, but can’t help but wonder if they are in the area and could be identified? Also, how long before they can mate and have a clutch of their own? Thank you.

  21. flukestail Says:

    Happy Anniversary! Wish we were all in the chat room watching Molly sit on another clutch and chatting away about the anniversary. What a wonderful year!

  22. Mary Says:

    And to think…we were all part of it!
    Many thanks to Carlos and Donna for opening their hearts and home to the world!

  23. Ingrid Says:

    One year ago I came to love owls and all good things about them.
    One year ago millions of people fell in love with a barn owl named Molly.
    One year ago a man named Carlos and his wife Donna gave us a gift
    that will never be forgotten.
    One year ago joy was born and continues to this day.
    Thank you Carlos, Donna and Austin

  24. Kirk B Says:

    Little did you know that the next 8 months would
    Turn into a 24 hour a day job but was full of joy and surprises
    Thanks for letting us be a part of history and tell Molly and McGee and kids thanks too!!!!

  25. Bev-MI Says:

    Gee, this was fun, and I am glad I was a part of it! Deet! Deet! Deet! for Molly, her family and the Royals!

  26. !!Diane Ruiz Says:

    One little owl and her mate….and the world was changed and united. Thank you Royal family.

  27. Carol Cooper Says:

    And, what a glorious adventure we all began! :)

  28. sharon durham Says:

    so many fond memories I will take with me always thanks to all who contributed to bringing Molly & McGee to the world…I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the introduction into the world of nature….May you and yours have fun and enjoy your lives….

  29. Joan Says:

    Dear Carlos .. I first heard of Molly and McGee from a friend in Edinburgh, Scotland and now what a fantastic fairy tale we have all lived through.. I wouldn’t want to trade the experience.. it sure was something to look forward to every day with such anticipation.. thank you for the chance to share it all.. do you ever think of what an appropriate name that Donna gave to Molly and you Carlos came up with McGee, they couldn’t have had better names .. Joan from Colorado

  30. Monica Says:

    Where did the time go?? What a fabulous ride we had..and I’m glad I was a part of it. Thanks for the memories Carlos..and the updates on your blog

  31. Lynn Dumont Says:

    To quote Freddie Mercury: ‘Bring her back, bring her back. Don’t take it away from me because you don’t know……what it means to me. Love of my life… of my life…..oooooohhhhhh’. Just kidding, Carlos (tho one can dream). Has it really been a year already? As you walk out into your lovely yard, blow her a sweet kiss from her auntie Ladyvet. I’ve been watching Mel and Syd (now with 5 eggs) and am getting excited, but Molly and McGee will always be my first loves. Thank you Carlos. Always.

  32. Madonna Varchetto-Bonner Says:

    I did not find M&M until the second clutch…my loss. You know, I don’t think I have ever seen one event that has brought sooo many together for so long. And Carlos, it is just not M&M it is you and Donna and Austin. You all have become like family to us. Sure we all miss the owls so very much, but we miss you all as well. I’m still not gonna give up on another broadcast. It was so uplifting to watch the owls and then hear from you…that great laugh,smile. Connecting to the owl box was the first thing I did in the morning and first thing I did after coming home from work. My husband asked me everyday..what are the owlets up to today? He would have a big smile on his face when I showed him the computer screen. So many have been hearts have been touched. I thank you with all my heart! Madonna

  33. Twoclubs Jane Says:

    Anniversary Greetings to Dear Molly, Carlos and Donna. Carlos, I think you must have looked up at Molly and said “Let the games begin” for we were certainly players in this wonderful year.

    Look what you started (smiley face here) and we all came running to watch and laugh and cry. Oh sigh, I still miss our Molly and McGee and Family but we are fortunate to have other sites to follow now.

    Best to all, and this is little Eric and Lorien’s baby’s birthday. A very nice day of the year indeed.

  34. Ricki Says:

    Wow, a year ago Molly came into your lives and then you so graciously shared her w/ all of us – McGee and the 6 babies. What a great year.
    Thank you for everything. Every day I look at all my Molly mementos and what memories they bring to me. Can hardly wait for my book to arrive.

  35. Ann Says:

    It looks like we are seeing her, still!

  36. Janie Branison Says:

    I can’t believe it’s been a year and then shortly thereafter you shared Molly and McGee with the world. That magical experience can never be duplicated. Carlos, you made it so much fun along with the teaching. You taught us to love owls and we are all trying to find the magic again with other owlboxes, but they don’t have you, Donna, and Austin. It just isn’t the same. Love to all of you.

  37. Robin/Bigsis Says:

    And we have all had smiles on our faces since that wonderful day! Love to all, Robin/Bigsis

  38. VSue Says:

    A year ago today?

    Wow how time does does fly as do
    the owlets and owls too!

    I missed the first clutch but was so happy to have discovered Molly during the wait for the Hatch of Ashley and the rest of Clutch 2.

    Such wonderful fun and I was a part of it, and continue to be a part of a great big family of friendships made possible through the loving and generous efforts of you Carlos and Donna, Austin too
    Thank y’owl for all that you have done

  39. DWD in Atlanta Says:

    I started watching late Feb or early Mar. Who knew one could get so attached to an owl. LOL

    I am trying to love these new families as much as Molly. But she will be the “special” one. I hope we get a peek at her again one day. Even if it’s just snapshots of her in the box with babies. At least we will know they are still together and mating.

  40. jackie theisen Says:

    Carlos & Donna, Our live’s were changed for ever. So Thankful you brought Molly, McGee & all the owlet’s & your Family into our heart’s. I will never forget the wonder of it all. I can still hear molly calling…..

  41. Healani Says:

    Skyfire wont open

  42. Lorie Fisher Says:

    Happy Anniversary! Wow, what a year it has been! Thank you for the gift of Molly and McGee. Just today, I received a surprise gift in the mail from my youngest son who is 20…it was the beanie baby barnowl from the Guradian’s movie! My husband and all 3 of my grown children know how much Molly, McGee and the owlets have meant to me. They have a special place in my heart, and I am so thankful to you, Carlos and Donna, for granting this experience to me and to so many others. What a blessing it has been! Also, yesterday, I received the beautitul coffee table book of Carlos’ beautiful photographs that my husband ordered as a surprise for me at Christmas. I am so blessed that my famly “got it”! They didn’t make fun of the hours I had spent on the computer watching our beautiful owl family, nor did they ridicule me about my attachment (or sadness when nature took it’s course during the second clutch). It was a wonderful year, and I am so glad that I was a part of it…gee, that was fun!!!
    Thank you so much Carlos, Donna and Austin!!!

  43. Jan Halstead Says:

    How wonderful for Molly’s one year anniversary of arriving in the owl box and Eric and his wife’s baby arrival happening on the same day! Great timing. We miss you Royal family more than we can say but do so appreciate all the updates and pictures you send to us when you get the time. The new owl sights are great but lacking what you gave so lovingly to us. Thanks for all you continue to do for us.

  44. SARose69 Says:

    Wow! It’s really been a year now!

  45. NatureLuver Says:

    “HaPPy Anniversary….HaPPy Anniversary…..HaPPy Anniversary…..
    HaaPPy Anniversary!!!
    Thank you for sharing Molly & McGee Carlos, Donna & Austin
    Love Liz

  46. Kim Says:

    What a year it was, Carlos!! Thank you, again. Look at all the friends you made and all the friends we were introduced to we’ll never forget. You all live in our hearts forever.

  47. BJ Utgard Says:

    My what a year has brought to us all…
    We are only here for a time….so glad that you all have been part of my time here. God Bless.
    BJ Utgard

  48. BJ Utgard Says:

    PS. My first time on the M & M was March 13th the day after my best friend, Maddie passed. Many might say, she was “just a dog” but not to me. She was a gift from God. My time spent viewing and eventually chatting on the web with others about Molly and McGee and watching their clutches be born and live gave me reason to come home…thank you Carlos, Donna and Austin for sharing them with me (us) it meant more than I can express. It touched hearts in ways that words my written words cannot explain….as my Maddie was…you and M & M were gifts from God. Thank you. BJ

  49. Suzanne Says:

    We share 2 clutches, anxious moments when Molly disappeared for over a day and came back wet, when McGee disappeared and wasn’t bringing food, worrying about them. I’d log on after work and seeing Molly was so comforting – she is such a beautiful owl, caring for her little ones – with a touch of humor. I received the photo book of Molly/McGee and 1st clutch. Fantastic! Carlos – you are a magical host, opening up your life to millions. While I wish I could see Molly and McGee raise another clutch, I understand your reasons. Thank you for being the good in the world that keeps us all sane. I’m hoping the owl box we put up has some visitors soon!
    Warm regards,
    Suzanne (Moraga)

  50. What a gift Carlos & Donna. It’s one that keeps giving and giving in memories galore. Thank you so much from us
    Nan & Trinity

  51. Sally aka MollyLoverForever Says:

    That is so special. Thanks for the “anniversary” notice! <3 :)

  52. joly2u Says:

    Carlos, Donna and Austin, what a special anniversary. It’s so amusing that you couldn’t have guessed what a serendipitous event flew in on those wings. Thanks for rising to the occasion.

  53. Cindy Says:

    And . . .what a day it was :0)


  54. Ruth White Says:


  55. susan Says:

    happy anniversary. I still think McGee is the most handsome of owls.

  56. Linda Greene Says:

    Dear Donna and Carlos,
    Belated Happy Anniversary!! Congrats on such an exciting and successful year. ldgreene123

  57. mandozee Says:

    Carlos: thank you for the gift of M&M and giving a year of your life to us. They and you will be missed by me very much, all the time you took, coming online and talking to us was special. I don’t think that will happen with any other of the owlboxes. Vacadude has taken your place, and has brought the other MODS and I many hours of fun.
    So I want to thank you again Carlos and family for all the new boxes you have opened for me and others to enjoy. But yours was my first and most loved, like the first Doctor who episode I ever saw.
    Stay well and enjoy your travels and what ever else life holds for you. And please post on the Blog when ever you have the time and let me/us all know whats going on with you and any info on M&M because you are all part of one big family.


  58. Teri Saffren - Irthum Says:

    Wow – what a wonderful year it turned into! So glad I got to see most of it – “gee this was fun, and I was part of it” – thanks to you all for sharing Molly with the world! I will have the utmost love and respect for you and for owls always !

  59. Sandi Wilson Says:

    January 21, 2010! Happy anniversary on day that affected so many in such a unique and wonderful way. Thank you again for sharing your experience with the rest of the world. I will cherish the memory of Molly, McGee, and their owlets forever. Fondest regards to the Royal family and their talented associates.

  60. Sue Couch Says:

    Thanks for the notice, Carlos. This past year with M&M, the owlets and you, Donna and Austin have been so precious for me. I will always treasure this experience. Thanks,so much, for making such a fantastical difference in so many lives….a real gift of love.

  61. Lynne Townsend Says:


  62. Lynne Townsend Says:

    Thank you for your “reports”. Love hearing from you–what fun it was!!!!! And I was a part of it! My best to Austin as he begins this part of his life, he has a great future ahead of him I am sure. Keep us posted on “happenings”–look forward to each one.
    Lynne Townsend(LynneMcKay)

  63. grams3cs Says:

    Thank you so very much for the past year of laughter and tears. Never thought I would have become so attached to a pair of barn owls. I watched the video of the final farewell and had tears streaming down my face. When “Molly Was Her Name” came on, my little chihuahua actually licked me to sing along instead of biting my nose like she did when I would sing along before. Guess she misses M&M and the kidz too. Take care and continue to enjoy life. Look forward to your blog updates. When I go to the “Owl Box” there is “no sound, Carlos” LOL Good Luck Austin in school.

  64. Rita in DC Says:

    Gee, that was fun! Deet deet deet!

    —Rita in DC, AKA bluenoter in Chat

  65. GeniaKnitz Says:

    From a comment at Starr Ranch

    At the above site, I found info re: clutch size determination by the female and factors contributing to the decision. I was fascinated by the statement that, according to the research, the female determines the size of the clutch before she starts laying eggs.

    Nothing to do with the Blehm baby, just thought this was interesting and not too technical.

  66. owletlover Says:

    A whole year has passed! Can’t help but wonder how many eggs Molly has laid this time with all the other owls laying. Still miss her and McGee – we got to know them so well – or so it seemed! lol

  67. Ruthie Says:

    I am so happy that Molly and McGee choose your box, and thank you for sharing a remarkable experience with all of us.Best wishes to Carlos and Donna. And, as you take off to see the world, I wish you both a safe journey.

  68. CAequuslvr Says:

    Time flys by so quickly. It has been simply magical. Thank-you Carlos, Donna& Austin for being the spectacular, Royal family; Eric & Chris for the books; Barbara for the music; Vacadude/John for the humor; and all of the MODs for the community that has given me somthing that is irreplaceable and unforgettable. Something that will always be in my heart and memories.

    What is even more special is the legacy that the M&M experience has brought — all of the owl boxes that are being put up will hopefully ensure that the Common Barn Owl will continue to thrive.

    Yes, as they say “the rest is history”.

    P.S. May I suggest that “Molly” needs to be included in the name for Baby Girl “Molly” somewhere. What a great story she would have to tell.

  69. christine Says:

    And I still love that owl!!!

  70. Judy in San Diego Says:

    Carlos & Donna ~

    What a wonderful anniversary! I cannot ever begin to explain how amazing this entire experience has been. I think you both know, tho! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for allowing us to meet Molly & McGee, and their owlets from both the first & second clutches. In so doing, you have also allowed many of us to meet each other and form lasting friendships. Who’d have ever thunk it? I hope you enjoy each and every day of your travels and that you also remember your time with Molly & McGee as fondly as we do!

  71. owloverbo Says:

    And we are so glad you found her and she found you and you shared with all of us.
    Happy Anniversary!

  72. boochick Says:

    I think of Molly, Max and all the owlets/kids (and of course the Royal family) everyday!!! Thanks for all the memories!

  73. boochick Says:

    oops, I mean McGee of course!

  74. Jodimaher Says:

    What a great day in Owl history ! Miss you guys and all that is Royal ! I can only imagine that M&M are having as much fun as all the other owlies that some are watching. I wish them a wonderful, succesful 3rd clutch !
    Love ya

  75. Treva Roberts Says:

    Thanks for the memories……………what can I say that hasn’t already been said? Miss you and all the owls everyday. My thoughts and prayers are with you Carlos, Donna, Austin and the new bride Ashley. I’m so thankful for being a part of the magic that took place in your backyard. Along with the rest of the world wishing you all the best in your future travels.

  76. La Mesa Mom Says:

    Thank you so much for the wonderful memories. Glad you’re feeling better, and it was so much fun meeting Molly and McGee and all the babies. A very special happy anniversary to you all!

  77. Judy Sackson Says:

    ….and the rest was history!!
    It was amazing to see all the MODs become so involved and attached so quickly – we all miss you Royals and Molly and McGee so much! I hope they have another clutch that is as successful as the first two.
    Am checking in on Sydney and on Willow, but it’s not quite the same.
    Glad to hear that you are beginning to feel like yourself again, Carlos. I hope you can have trips that are successful as your 2010 Owl Project!

  78. PhilJustPhil Says:

    The anniversary of Mollywood and Carlos’ new career as the “Wizard of Owlz”. Thank you and Donna and Austin for a great ride. It was fun and I was glad to be a part of it!!!

  79. Bonnie Hafdell Says:

    I joined the Owl box during the first week of February and instantly had a severe case of MOD. Thank you for a great year. Maybe you will broadcast again in the future, I surely will be a part of the journey. aka jacumbaowlwtchr

  80. Tammie Franklin Says:

    Wow! She was soo young, yet soo strong. I love her always!! MOD Forever. Thank you Carlos for the updates!

    Tammie – Sunshine41

  81. Susan Pizon Says:

    Glad to hear you are feeling better Carlos!

  82. Sandy Says:

    already a year has passed. I miss jumping on and off the computer everyday to watch, listen and chat. Remember Carlos, if you get bored from all your world travels, you know where we are! Hook it up~~thanks!

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