First Books Have Arrived

January 19, 2011

Molly and McGee, The World's Most Famous Barn Owls

Carlos – Feel better soon!
My book arrived today!  We marveled once again over the quality of the pictures, and they certainly do pull at one’s heartstrings!!!  It was a “once in a lifetime” and I was there thanks to you all.
Comments: Carlos, Eric, et al,
My Molly and McGee book was in my mail tonight. It is simply wonderful. A true keepsake. Fantastic photos, sweet text, just excellent from cover to cover. Congratulations, and Thank You!

Molly and McGee, The Second Clutch

Remember it takes both to complete the set.
Carlos, Donna and Austin

23 Responses to “First Books Have Arrived”

  1. Katy Says:

    I can’t wait to get mine. And I will be ordering the 2nd clutch book as well.
    Carlos, get well and thank you for everything.

  2. Colleen Poor Says:

    Carlos, oh my gosh! I got my Molly & McGee book today and I must tell you I got goosebumps looking at the totally wonderful and marvelous pictures you took of the owls. You and Eric did a great job together and I thank you so much! I have ordered the Second Clutch and am looking forward to those pictures as well.

    I hope you get to feeling like yourself again very, very soon!

    Thanks again!

  3. Kathy Copas Says:

    Carlos, that’s great news! It was delightful reading Austin’s earlier update, as well. Now, I reckon all of us snowed/iced in here in the midwest will soon have something to look forward to in our mailbox if/when the mail trucks can actually manage to dig out and get here!

    When you’re feeling better—even without broadcasting the owl box this year—perhaps you could nostalgically reactivate KOWL for a broadcast one morning and chat with us about this book, the 2nd clutch book, the other owl boxes/eggs in the San Diego area, your travels, and all else. Many of us MODS miss your informative, insightful, and fun KOWL morning coffee chats almost as much as we miss Molly!

    You, Donna, and Austin take care and be sure to pass along any Blehm baby news you may hear, too! For ALL you do, thank you!

  4. CAequuslvr Says:

    Ii think Kathy has an absolutely wonderful idea for Carlos to hopefully do a “special” KOWL broadcast with us MODs about the photo book.

    Can’t wait to receive my copy.

  5. Monica Says:

    can’t wait to get mine, and then the second one too.. so eggciting knowing it will be on the way soon. Hugs to you and Thank you in Advance for the great job..

  6. Tresbien Says:

    I didn’t get this update so must have been unsubscribed again.

  7. The Appelts Says:

    Oh my,,, I did not want to be tardy for this fine book party, so I ordered my copy today. I am so excited that my husband and I will to get to relive all the excitement and fun with M&M and the kidz of Clutch 1.

    Proud to wear my KOWL t-shirt,
    Jennifer (“spoonbread”)

  8. Donna Simonson Says:

    Carlos and Eric,

    I just opened my book and let my eyes and heart take me back to the time of Molly’s first clutch. What a beautiful gift you have given us! I’ve only had it in my hands for a few minutes but I needed to share with you both just how much it means to me. There aren’t enough words to describe all the wonderful memories that have come back by the way of these photos; photos from a shoebox of Carlos’ favorites. When I saw the book was dedicated to Donna, I felt a wonderful full circle of life and love that Carlos and Donna share like just as that of Molly and McGee. A small tear fell from my eye as Donna and I share the same name. I, too have a wonderful mate of 33 years. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful; A job well done our special friends. I so look forward to the next edition, Molly’s Second Clutch photo book.
    Love, hugs and prayers owlways,
    “OwlLuver”, Murrieta

  9. Jodimaher Says:

    Tell Austin that the Art Center in Pasadena is a great school. My brother in law was fortunate enough to go there and Disney hires from that college. :) Check it out ! Love you guys!
    -jodi maher

  10. kathy Cannon Says:

    I received my book at work yesterday – I jumped for joy, and wanted to yell YIPEE and do a happy dance!! but it wasn’t the right place and time (smile). I can’t wait to have quiet time to myself so I can throughly enjoy every picture on every page and remember when each one was taken.
    Thanks for the CafePress coupon – I will use it for sure!!!

  11. Mary Kaye Says:

    Take a look at these awesome photographs. There are no owls, but the birds are surely noteworthy. I love the shot of the Steller’s Jay.

  12. Catherine Lyon Says:

    My book arrived Wednesday. What a beautiful thing! I expected the pictures to be gorgeous, but the words were a wonderful surprise. Thank you, Carlos and Donna, for all your work to give us our owls last year – and thanks all who put together this memorable book.

  13. Connie, red and yellow tulips Says:

    just home from a long day at hospital with gravely ill husband, and there was my coffee table book waiting for me. What a nice relief to look thru and remember back to the time of Molly and Mcgee. Love the book, nice pics and nice arranging. If you don’t have one, you should get one. Loving it.

  14. Deb Says:

    Carlos, Donna, Austin and Eric,

    I was so excited when I got home this evening and saw my Molly and McGee book waiting for me on my porch!! I just opened it and flipped through some of the pages and my eyes filled with tears of joy. Just had to stop a minute to let you know that it was mailed on January 18th so it only took a week. Can’t wait to sit down and look through the entire book.

    Thank you to everyone involved in putting together this wonderful keepsake.

    Deb in OH

  15. Lucy Davis Says:

    Thank you for the wonderful picture of McGee. We all appreciate that you continue to keep us up to date about Molly and McGee. I received my coffee table today. WOW!! What a treasure! Now I have to order the second book. Looking forward to your next up date.

    Lucy in GA

  16. Katy Says:

    My Molly and McGee Book arrived in my mailbox today just in time to settle in and savor every photo while the big snow storm whirls through. Carlos, thank you for your talent in these gorgeous photos. Thanks also to Eric for his wonderful, creative wording. Brings tears to my eyes. “I’ll teach my boy the sweetest things: I’ll teach him how the owlet sings” –William Wordsworth
    You have taught us all. Catbird 22 loves this!!

  17. Linda Says:

    My book arrived yesterday. How wonderful it is. Can’t wait to share with friends.

    Thanks Royal family and of course M&G

  18. flukestail Says:

    Remember…it takes M&M bookends to really complete the set. And, to really, really, really complete the set…it takes a 3rd clutch coffee table book of Carlos Royals’ stunning photographs & Eric Blehm’s beautiful copy.

  19. flukestail Says:

    Christmas morning! Just found my coffee table book on the front porch…in the middle of an ice storm! This adult woman screamed like a little girl!

    I ripped it open.

    I read the dedication page: “For Donna”

    I turned the page, saw the picture of the owl box, and read “I’ll teach my boy the sweetest things; I’ll teach him how the owlet sings.” (by William Wordsworth).

    And I burst into tears. Haven’t turned another page yet.

    And now I’m laughing…because when an owlet sings, that screech can rip at your eardrum. :)

    I will write you again, Carlos. I’m making a cup of cinnamon apple tea, listening to the wind howling outside, and then I’m going to sit down all by myself and get lost in this long-awaited book. How many times can I say thank you to you?
    I’m a happy girl right now.

  20. Kim Says:

    I received the Molly and McGee signed book this week, and I love it! You all did such a great job selecting the photos, and the book is quality. Simply beautiful. Thanks so much, I’ll treasure it, and remember Molly, McGee and their little owlets fondly for years to come.

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