Eggs, Eggs and More Eggs But None To Eat.

January 18, 2011

Rancho Bernardo Owl With Eggs

13 eggs and counting in owl boxes that have cameras plus there are hundreds of owl boxes that have gone up without cameras. It looks to me like there is going be a bumper crop of little owlets flying around in 2011 and we thought 2010 was a great year. Can you believe it; most of these people didn’t have to wait two years for an owl to show up like we did. They got owls right away. Someone asked me if that didn’t make me a little mad? “Heck no,” I answered, “this way I can slip out of town and no one will even notice.”

Remember: “The only proven way to improve the owl population is with owl boxes.”

350 books shipped today, they plan to ship the other 150 this week, there was a slight setback in that not all the labels arrived. I will be signing the rest of the books this weekend. Don’t forget, the books are being shipped media rate so delivery time is one to three weeks but if yours arrives early then be sure to blog us a note.
Here are the links to the two books that make up the Molly and McGee Set.
Molly and McGee, The World’s Most Famous Barn Owls

Molly and McGee, The Second Clutch

Carlos, Donna and Austin

48 Responses to “Eggs, Eggs and More Eggs But None To Eat.”

  1. Cindy Says:

    Glad you’re feeling better Carlos.

    Best to Donna.


  2. Cassie Julich Says:

    Such a tease with that photo! You know we all thought MOLLY???? LOL
    Love your posts and continued engagement and info.
    Hope you are feeling much better.

  3. Janie Branison Says:

    You can’t slip out of town without us missing you and your updates. Thank you, Carlos.

  4. 1SkatrPie Says:

    Hmmmm…Carlos, so! You think you can “slip out of town and no one will even notice” huh? WELL, I think your absence is already noticeable and we miss you
    sorely! Somebody would issue a “Carlos ALERT” if you
    slipped outta Dodge without saying goodbye, although we will allow you to do so if you keep posting your beautiful photography, GET WELL, and keep in touch!
    We love you and this still IS our #1 MOD Watering Hole! You have to feel happy about the numerous owl boxes and eggs Molly & McGee inspired, wow, what a feeling…Hugs and Be well, we can hardly wait to see our books…and sure would love to see you again, too!

  5. Any chance that some of these owls with eggs around the area could be some of Molly’s owlets? I’ve watched Sydney a little bit. She is beautiful, but nothing compares to Molly and Molly’s box.

  6. No Carlos, maybe you think you can just slip away and no one will notice, and we all felt that maybe you thought that way because of all the new owl boxes that are being broadcasted, but we still put at the top and hope that someday you will change your mind about broadcasting again and will return. It wasn’t just about Molly and the other owls it was also about looking forward to your live broadcasts, your knowlege, and you and Donna making us laugh and feeling like you have become a part of our family. We will be here for you in case you start to miss us too :)
    Hope you are feeling better today Carlos.
    Sending love,
    Pam (aka)CastOwLRockCoL

  7. Sharon Palac Says:

    “Carlos, no sound!” Miss your KOWL broadcasts and the Molly and McGee show, but so glad it happened! Glad you’re feeling better and hope you and Donna have many safe travels in the near future.

  8. Virgene Colby-auntie_vee Says:

    Carlos, get and stay well. We will always enjoy a blog when you find the time. Please enjoy seeing the USA this summer.
    I think you had a hand in the interest now evolving about barn owls. That was good because we can keep persuing our interest,learning more about the beautiful barn owls.


  9. Theresa Says:

    I agree with the people above me….we would miss and notice if you left. I wondered too, if any of the mating owls could be from Molly and McGee. There are several owl boxes out there,and all are wonderful, but we all really enjoyed the video’s that you did talking to us and explaining things. As a newbie in watching owls, I knew nothing and learned so much from Donna and Carlos and I give a heartfelt thanks to that, so yeppers we would surely miss you both. I sure hope to see you return in 2012. So, get plenty of rest and go see the world and come back with lots of new ideas and techniques, we are all waiting!

    Theresa aka windbeneathwing

  10. ClouPa Says:

    Carlos! This is a picture of Molly – and her first clutch?
    I searched for Rancho Bernardo owl and kept coming up with Molly. I am checking in on 5 different owl box web cams!
    Thanks to you for introducing me to the owls!
    Stay healthy and travel far! Thank you for the updates.

    • carlosroyal Says:

      No, it is a photo sent to me from an owl box that is located in Rancho Bernardo. They have a camera but are not broadcasting at this time.

  11. Lynne Morrow Says:

    Our wonderful Molly Mansion is up overlooking the Mississippi River above St. Louis. It is a marvel and we are awaiting our owls to find their new home. It is a dandy and is equipped with camera and sound. All we need is a family. Thanks for the inspiration. Don’t know when they will show up in this cold part of the country. It’s gong down to zero tomorrow night.

    Appreciate the news and we plan to share plenty in the days to come when our owls arrive!! Lynne

    • NatureLuver Says:

      Awesome Lynne. Good luck with your box and let us know on Molly’s blog when the big event happens! Deet Deet

  12. Treva Roberts Says:

    was just on the oceanside chat and you should see how many were expressing how much you are missed.See what you started with Molly & McGee now your legacy lives on in numerous owl boxes throught out the world.
    We love your post please keep us in your thoughts, your always in ours.

  13. Dale Ann Harsh Says:

    Looks like, with all the newcomers, you guys get to retire from the ‘owl box’ business! You certainly earned it with all of your hard work.
    Keep the updates coming, it’s fun to hear from you… but it will be just as much fun to hear about the trips you take and all the new things you do.
    Thanks again,

  14. A FAN OF M&M Says:

    Carlos, you get well, you travel and then you come back rested. I still have a glimmer of hope you will at least give a glimpse of M and her new clutch with you wonderful camera. We know you don’ t have the cables up, but a photo will do! Molly is no doubt preparing the box for a new brute and we hope they are all healthy and add to this wonderful new BO population we got going here. One question, you mention Molly, but have you seen McGee? Thanks for keeping us posted. Maybe we’ll see you in the other owbox chat or SS to say HI. We sure miss you, you HAM! The other boxes, esp Syd & Mel have keeping me happy but we do miss M&M, you, Donna, Austin and even the Great Dane barking!

    • A FAN OF M&M Says:

      Correction I meant “brood” not “brute”. Not even sure how I even typed Brute, oh well! Just anxious to hear of Molly has more owlets.
      Deet Deet Deet Deet Deet Deet

  15. Jeri Lynn in NW FL Says:

    As always, you are the generous soul we have come to know and love! What a model of humanity you are for the rest of us. Let us hear from you. I really enjoyed the picture from the other day, seeing Molly peeping out the door! She is so pretty!

  16. joym13 Says:

    Carlos – thanks for the book update! All the owls with their eggs are very eggciting ;) (Sorry – couldn’t resist) Which owl box is the picture taken from?

    • carlosroyal Says:

      Rancho Bernardo. They were kind enough to send me some photo even through they are not broadcasting.

      • joym13 Says:

        Thanks for the info Carlos! That was very nice of them – looks like they have the same kind of box. How wonderful what you, Donna, Austin, Molly and McGee have done for other owls!

  17. Sorry Carlos but I Forgot to ask in my previous response to your latest post about the picture of the Owl with eggs. Where is the Rancho Bernardo Owls site? We cannot seem to find anything on it?
    Thank you!

  18. GeniaKnitz Says:

    Sorry, Carlos. I don’t care how many other owl sites there are, (and some of them are excellent), but they don’t have Molly and McGee, and they don’t have you and Donna.

    You may ‘”slip out of town” but believe me when I say WE WILL NOTICE!
    And miss you with all our hearts.

    If you could read some of the PMs on those sites, your ears would be burning. We love M&M, and we love you. And that doesn’t change.

  19. Sally L Dausch Says:

    How are you doing Carlos, hope you are feeling better. I bet the word of M/M owl box was spread by them and the kids and now all the owls want one, who wouldn’t rather have thier babies in a nice safe dry house that outside in a drafty palm tree or in the ground or a hollow tree. There may be lots of boxes going up but I miss you and your family, you made it really special and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for that. You and Donna go enjoy your retirement knowing you have left one heck of a legacy to the owl world…………..<3:)
    deet deet deet

  20. Donna Koski Says:

    Maybe some of these owls showing up were
    Molly/Mcgees off spring. That would be nice.


  21. NatureLuver Says:

    Hello Donna, Carlos and Austin,
    It is very EggCiting with all the owl box’s out there. I’ve checked in with a couple of them and It has Been nice to chat with familiar MODS, but YOU are missed Sooooo much. I miss your smile and gentle way, your zeal for life and love of family. I miss how you made us all a part of that. I’m not whining, just want you guys to know how much you mean to ME.
    Please spread your Wings and travel the World. Be safe, happy and healthy and keep in touch when ever you want. I too will always be here For YOU!
    Double and triple deet deet deet!!!
    <3 <3
    Liz Garney, League City, TX

  22. SARose69 Says:

    I can hardly wait for my books to come! I’m so glad about more and more people helping owls by putting up owl boxes! What a great legacy for Molly and McGee!

  23. SARose69 Says:


  24. Says:

    Three weeks is a long time to be sick. Please feel better soon!

    I bet some of those boxes have offspring of Molly and McGee in them. The population had to begin somewhere! You have really started a wonderful thing. Beautiful owls are on a comeback.

    Take care and once you’re well, have fun! Will keep watching Molly’s Box when you can post.

    All my best, Laurie

  25. Joanne Borle .. aka Joanne51 Says:

    Hi Carlos and Donna,
    Hope all is well with you both :0)
    Carlos … my first reaction when I saw the latest pic was Carlos hooked up the cam to take a peak.He,he,he!!!
    Aaah well. However, Carlos, I also must tell all of you there you will always be the best with me and so many other Molly lovers. I know there seems to be quite a few Barn Owl couples to watch .. who do I choose, who do I choose???? Soo, lots of us watch them all… and, every now and then comment how we miss Molly & McGee and wonder how their owlets are fairing. The other day one
    chatter, commented that a particular owner of one of the newer owl boxes was “number 1” ..I had to bite my tongue not say anything out loud (not in my books I thought). I guess I just always will have a special place for M&M and the Royals. We had so much fun and learnt so much together and the new owl families are neat too but M&M and the Royals will always be number 1 for me.
    Oh, before I forget I was surprised yesterday to receive a charm in the mail. I forgot I ordered it so it was a nice surprise but the pkg was stamped Nov.9/10 … hunh!
    Take care & thanks for keeping us posted on the book signing.

  26. Susan Belloff Says:

    Who are you trying to kid? Those of us who followed both clutches know very well it was your personality that made the Owl Box unique. There may be other owl boxes to watch but, in our estimation, there will never be another one that will equal Molly and McGee’s.
    Loved the picture of Molly in the box and the gag shag she had kicked out.
    Sorry to read that you have been ill. Glad you are beginning to feel human again. :)

  27. Gwen Says:

    Carlos, Thank you for the updates and keeping in touch with us. I really miss seeing your broadcasts from the owlbox though!! You are very sweet to share so much of your life with so many who have now become your friends forever. Stay well.

  28. Debbie G Says:

    Carlos, what are the possibilities that some of the owls who took immediately to the owlbox are “our” owls from Molly and McGee. It would make sense that owls raised in a box would settle into one. Some of these new ones are fairly close to you, aren’t they?
    Can’t wait to get my book! Hope you’re feeling better

  29. Eleanor Dodge Says:

    Hi Carlos,
    You are so funny if you think you can slip away and no one will notice. LOL As you can tell from all the postings we miss you very much. I, like the other MODZ have been watching Mel and Syd but it’s just not the same as our M&M with you at the helm. I also will be watching the blog and any news from you is so appreciated. You and Donna will always be #1.

  30. Carlynne Allbee Says:

    I like your attitude about the owl population. No telling how many are out there without cameras. Don’t know if my neighborhood owl has a box or lives in one of the many trees in our area. Sure was talkative tonight. Guess he or she was enjoying the full moon.
    Thank you for the updates. Carlynne aka littleguys

  31. Diane Says:

    Have all the books for the first clutch been spoken for??? I just ordered Austin’s video today! Is it too late to get a signed copy of the table book for the first clutch? thanks.
    God Bless you all for all you have done!!!
    Diane Trout

  32. owletlover Says:

    Carlos, if you find a few minutes could you check out the owl in Lucy’s box? I feel almost certain that she is one of M & M’s by looking at a photo I have but it’s not a real clear one. The markings look like it could be one of the first clutch. thanks

  33. Patsy Butler Says:

    Carlos you and will always be missed along with Molly and McGee and the owlets. Glad you are felling better take care of your selves and stay well. Just love your blogs and up dates thanks for keeping us up dated and a great pic of Molly picking out. Also Carlos we mods would love it if you Donna would come to the Elephant Bar so we could see you both. Sending hugs and good wishes your way.
    BTW I have tears running down my face from all the responces from everyone and yours to…. from MomNbeth

  34. VeeTX Says:

    Hi Carlos!

    Thank you for your posts and keeping us updated. I’m so glad you’re feeling better.

    Do you realize how you have turned the world on to owls? That’s why we’re seeing new boxes going up everywhere – even though they’re not broadcasting; more and more owl couples have safe places to mate and raise their young, thanks to you! Also, we learned the importance of owls to the community to keep down the vermin, etc.

    Now finish these last books or whatever, pack that camper and hit the road. Happy Trails to you and Donna! You, Donna and Austin will always be very special to us.


    Vee Miller

  35. donna Says:

    Dear Carlos, how I love getting updates from you, it makes my day! I’m sure there are many many people who miss you, myself included. You could’nt slip away without us knowing, you are in our hearts to stay. The Royals and Molly & McGee will always be number 1 to me. I’m still hoping that some day we will see you and the owls again. I check in on the other owl boxes but there’s something missing, all of you! Love to you all

  36. Christine Peters Says:

    Is Ms. Tuppence the same owl as the one in Rancho Bernardo? Don’t find either on Ustream. People are wondering. Thanks.

  37. OwlyKats Says:

    Dear Carlos,
    Oh We would notice if you and Donna Tried to sneek out of Town. But You two sure deserve to Take a Long Vacation, To stop and Enjoy the Glory of What God Created for us.
    I sure do Miss your morning reports & Donna coming in To say “Sound Carlos Sound.” I also miss Molly & McGee.
    Thanks for keeping Us updated here on the blog. I look forward to your Photo’s of all the Wondeful places you travel to.
    You both are always in my Prayers.
    Love & God’s Blessings,
    Kathleen S COwlorado Springs, CO

  38. Bugmom Says:

    Carlos, Eric, Donna, et al,

    My Molly and McGee book was in my mail tonight. It is simply wonderful. A true keepsake. Fantastic photos, sweet text, just excellent from cover to cover. Congratulations, and Thank You!

  39. KG in CA Says:

    Carlos – Feel better soon!

    My book arrived today! We marveled once again over the quality of the pictures, and they certainly do pull at one’s heartstrings!!! It was a “once in a lifetime” and I was there thanks to you all.

  40. Debby Lyons Says:

    Got my beautiful cofee table book today – it is an amazing book. The photographs are just stunning. So many moments captured that forever will touch our hearts. Thank you so much.

  41. Ellie Says:

    Just a note to let you know that I received your wonderful coffee table book today (1/19/11). I absolutely LOVE it!!! I have preordered the 2nd clutch book and can’t wait to get it!!! Thank you so very much for taking the time to create these books. They are beautiful!!! I like everyone else will miss watching another clutch, but certainly do respect and understand your decision. Ellie Day

  42. Bonita Lyon Says:

    Trying to get into another owlbox. They are terrific, but I miss Molly, McGee and the Royals. *sigh* Bonnibell

  43. Diana Briscoe Says:

    Dear Carlos,
    Just wanted to wish you a wonderful Birthday. So glad that you are feeling better. Stay healthy!
    Sure do miss your smiling face & voice.
    God Bless You,
    Love & Peace,

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