500 Books Signed

January 17, 2011

Molly Kicks Out Old Gagshag

There are many that claim the owl box should be cleaned out between broods but as this photo taken this morning clearly demonstrates the owls are quite capable to do it themselves. By the way, this is the first photo I have taken since becoming ill three weeks ago; I just have not felt good. Hopefully, I am on my way to recovery. It felt wonderful to get some sunshine and fresh air this morning.

I have signed just over 500 Molly and McGee books and they should be mailed sometime tomorrow according to Eric. It was like the night before Christmas, it was difficult to go to bed and I was up by 4 AM, but then I had to wait on everyone else to get up and around. The books arrived earlier than expected and this time they flew right though Customs but don’t get too excited just yet.

“Please remember, Eric and Lorien are having their baby this week, and won’t be able to look into your orders. Please be patient. Media Mail takes one to three weeks and some books won’t go out until the last week in January.” What I am trying to say is don’t send Eric any emails asking about your book(s) until the end of February… Please. But if you are one the lucky ones and your book arrives sooner than later let then everyone know what you think of the book here on the blog.

The game plan is for me to sign the rest off the books this coming weekend at Janet’s house (10 pallets are stored in her garage) and they will be mailed the following week with the help of volunteers. This is a good time to order your book.


Several have asked if Molly has any eggs since the owl box in Oceanside has two eggs. I don’t know, I don’t have any of the cameras are hooked up, but I don’t think so because Molly is standing up in the photo I took this morning and is more to the front of the box. By the way the owl box site in Oceanside is wonderful; it looks like they are taking the broadcast to the next level. Excellent owl box, excellent cameras, looks like HD and they seem to be wonderful people. http://www.ustream.tv/channel/owl-cam-oceanside-ca

Carlos, Donna and Austin

To order Molly and McGee, The Second Clutch click link below.


103 Responses to “500 Books Signed”

  1. ChocoMare/Susan Says:

    Praying for a full recovery for you, dear Mr. Royal.

    We will ALWAYS treasure our time with you, Mrs. Royal and Molly & McGee but are so glad to see others taking up the mantle of Live Streaming of Barn Owls… actively watching Mel & Syd from Oceanside!

    • jacquie Says:

      Thank you Carlos…it was fun and we were all there! Hope you feel better soon.

      In the meantime, I hopped over to the Oceanside box. Mel and Sydney have 3 EGGS!!He does a little foot stomping dance and in she comes to bond. Very cute, although I’m worried the eggs may be in jeopardy with all their shuffling about.Thios morning she’s sitting and rearranging her eggs dutifully. ;)

      You might enjoy watching while you recover.

  2. PegRod Says:

    Oh Carlos – we love you so much! You are so kind, generous and thoughful and you have paved the way for many friendly Owl Boxes to be watched from all over the world!

    Thank you for this wonderful news – that “mysterious bug” that everyone is getting just takes a very long time to get over – some are still not feeling quite right after 6 weeks even with every kind of treatment known to humans! Hang in there ((hugz))

  3. Thank you, Carlos, and I wish you well.

    Broken link for Oceanside? Or is it just me?

  4. Never mind – I found it. :)

  5. Sarah (slewvi) Says:

    Dear Carlos,
    Thank you for the picture of molly. She will always be first owl in our hearts. I’m sorry you’ve been unwell, please take good care of yourself and Donna. You will always be first in our hearts, too.

    With deep appreciation,

  6. Janice aka dg1018 Says:

    Thanks for the picture and update on the coffee table book. Patience is a virtue they say, so I will be patient for sure.
    Hope you will be feeling fit as a fiddle real soon so you and Donna can go on your travels.
    Thanks again for the update.
    Janice aka dg1018

  7. Kathy Copas Says:

    Carlos, we sure love having our books signed BUT we love having you in good health more than anything! Please take good care of yourself, don’t overdo it, and know that you have the thoughts, prayers, and support from thousands of us out here in the “Molly nation.” You will forever be a wise and wonderful grandfather to so many of us! Thanks for posting the photo of our dear Molly. Please keep us posted on how you and Donna are doing. We love you all and we care!

    Kathy and your Kentucky-Indiana MODS

  8. Karen in Sebring Says:

    Dear Carlos, I am so sorry to hear you have been ill. My husband is on his 3rd week, too, with some mysterious bug. Thank you over and over again for broadcasting our special owls Molly and McGee. They, especially Molly, is the most special owl of all, the one I compare all the others to. Thank you VERY much for the new photo of Molly! I am so excited that my signed book will be on its way soon(?)..I hope. Bless you and your family and I hope you get well soon! Love, Karen

  9. Pat Williamson Says:

    Take care of yourself…sometimes virus infections can be a loooong time going away. I had two back to back that took about 9 months to finally go away. Don’t waste your energy…if you need rest…do it!

    Thanks for the links to the new owl cam in oceanside. I hadn’t even searched yet for one. Does look like a quality site and I see some familiar names in Chat. I’ve gotten hooked on the http://www.africam.com cam sites…just great to see all the wild animals!

    I know the book will be great! Looking forward to getting it when available.

    Thanks again,


  10. VeeTX Says:

    Hi Carlos:

    I’m praying that your health will return and your energy and strength be restored. I so want you and Donna to pack up that motor home and get on the road and have some fun.

    Thank you for the picture of Molly, and I agree that Kanga’s Mel and Sydney site is great; but please know that you, Donna, Austin, Molly and McGee and families will always be tops in my heart.

    Thank you once again for everything – blessings are coming your way.


    Vee Miller

  11. DWD in Atlanta Says:

    Hi Carlos…..I think I have what you have. I have been sick for over a week, my husband for 2 weeks now. I am so behind on house chores since the holidays. I hope you are feeling better.

    So good to see Molly. She will be first in my heart of owls. I have been watching Mel & Syd, O&O and Bear & Willow. The HD camera is great!!! Something just isn’t the same as M&M. Maybe after the eggs hatch, that will change.

    I hope you at least get one camera hooked up so we can get updates of what is happening in the owl box. I know you will be traveling but hoped we could be updated between your travels.

    We miss you & the owl box. Even if there is nothing happening in there yet. Take Care!!!

  12. sdsurfchick Says:

    Carlos, Glad to hear that you are feeling better. Thanks for sharing the picture of Molly. Get well and stay that way! Love, Surf

  13. Darlene Salisbury Says:

    Our dear Carlos,
    Thank you so much for posting a picture of Molly. I’m glad she is doing well. I trust you will be getting 100% better very very soon. Thank you for the update on the book. I can’t wait to see it and enjoy it. I’m taking it to work to share with my co-workers. Please take care of yourself. You have given us so much. We’ve made life long friends and it’s all due to you. You have given us a gift that keeps on giving.
    God Bless.

  14. Thank you Carlos for giving us a glimpse of Molly in the box. I think she is cleaning house and getting ready for clutch #3. Yes, Oceanside cams are fantastic and we are greatful to have Kangarobin’s broadcast but, Like others have said, You and molly are, and always will be so special to us and number one in our hearts.
    Sorry to hear you are still feeling under the weather. I wish I could send you some Jewish Penicillin….. (home made chicken soup) but, I am sure Donna has already has made some for you.
    Take care of yourself and Donna. We miss seeing you all and appreciate you giving us these updates! Please keep them coming.
    Sending love,

  15. ItsAllAboutMeToo Says:

    Carlos – as many others have already said, but I will say it again — First & foremost, your good health is more important to me than receiving the signed book. I have waited this long, I can surely wait a little longer. Just get lots of rest, & do not over do it. Get better soon!! Thank you for posting the picture of Molly! I have been watching Mel & Sydney & have wondered what Molly & McGee are up too. Now I know…and I just keep learning more & more from your site. Who knew owl’s cleaned out their own box/home? I am sure she is getting it ready for her next clutch. You & Donna & Austin have been terrific and I wish you all good health & happiness in 2011. Get better & enjoy your travels & please continue to keep us updated!!

  16. Lynn Dumont Says:

    Oh, Carlos, so happy to hear about the books and so glad you’ve checked out Oceanside. Mel and Syd are going to be great parents and are worthy successors to Molly and McGee. Three eggs now, as of this morning! All of us there talk about ‘our’ Molly and babies all the time. We miss them, but it was time. May God bless you, Carlos, and your beautiful Donna and family. You have brought us all so very much happiness and love and sense of community. Our lives are enriched because of you, our always and forever friend.

  17. GeniaKnitz Says:

    Dear Carlos,
    I’ve been watching Mel and Sydney, Bear and Willow, and Mr. and Mrs. Owl at Starr Ranch, and it is all very exciting – actually saw Syd lay her egg this morning!
    But it just isn’t the same. The other owls are beautiful, but they’re not OUR owls. Made my whole heart smile to see the picture of Molly you just sent out.
    Sorry to hear you weren’t feeling well, and glad to know you’re feeling better. I will abide my soul in patience until my book arrives.
    Thank you for the gift of the Year of Molly and McGee.


  18. Kathy Says:

    Dear Carlos, Speaking for myself, but perhaps for many others, please consider getting well before you exert yourself to sign all those books. As the other commenter said, the books will wait. Your health is a priority. Eric and Lorien’s baby is a priority. The book will be a treat whenever we get it. I had no idea you were still ill, but will be sending my best thoughts to you and Donna, along with those of all the other Molly watchers out here. Also, I am so so grateful for the picture of Molly. Just knowing she is there and okay is plenty for me.

  19. Becky Konkol Says:

    Mr Royal,
    Glad to hear from you and so happy to see the picture of Molly peeking out at you. But, am sorry that you haven’t been well. Hope you’ll be feeling better soon.

  20. pat canada Says:

    Hello, I just started watching Sydney and Mel and they are nice, but Molly and McGee and you and Donna are my first love – no other site will every be the same….

    Love to see the blog and updates and I am sorry you were ill. Rest and get better!! so you guys can travel and have fun…


  21. Mary Says:

    Thanks Carlos for the new picture of our Molly.
    It appears Molly is doing her “spring house cleaning” a wee bit early.
    Sorry you’ve been under the weather. Sounds as if you have the same thing everyone around here, including my doc, calls the “creepin’ crud”. It creeps up on you and then hangs on, and on, and on…
    Tried clicking through on the link for the San Diego owls. No luck. I’ll try later on.
    Get well, stay safe, and mega hugs to you and yours.

  22. Sherrie Pearl Says:


    Feel better soon.

    Thank you so much for posting pic of Molly, she will forever be my favorite owl.

    Oceanside has a great cam and it’s so much fun watching along with Jill’s box too.

    Miss you so much.


    Sherrie (Sher67)

  23. Dyana McNeal Says:

    I pray you are completely recovered soon! Thank you for the wonderful picture of Molly! I believe you have done a great service to barn owls in your area and across the country. The number of live streaming boxes with mating pairs is unbelievable since you began with Molly. I believe you have shown others what a wonderful thing this was. I often wonder how many more boxes have been added to peoples properties that don’t have cameras in them.
    Thank you again for all you, Donna, Austin, Eric, Chris, and John (Vacadude) have done! We will never forget you or Molly or McGee. Please keep us updated on your blog as often as you are able!

    Love, dymc

  24. Sue Conner Says:

    So sorry you aren’t feeling well, Carlos. Get well soon.

    Thanks so very much for the picture of Molly and the shag clean-out.

    Please keep blogging about your life and times and keep us posted on Molly and McGee.

    I’ll never forget you or the owl box.


  25. Ann Ragsdale Says:

    Thanks Carlos. The update/picture is great. I too have had a mystery cold/sinus/viral whatever, for two full weeks. Aaargh. I do believe I know first hand just how awful it is….and it doesn’t seem to want to leave – a little like Carrie. :-)Will tuck you up into my prayers.

    So happy you are pleased with the books! Anxiously awaiting the arrival of the Second Clutch book later this spring. I hope we are well by then! hehehe

    Best regards to all my old owlie palies too.

  26. Steve Says:

    Carlos, Thank you so much for the glorious picture. Just seeing Molly brings us joy. We are at the vet hospital at Colorado State. Our dog has had cancer for a year and he is in a lot of pain right now. Your picture lightened our hearts. She is so beautiful!!

  27. Bonita Lyon Says:

    Glad you’re feeling better, Carlos!! Thank you so much for sharing your photo of Molly peeking out from her box as she gets her nursery ready! Thank you also for recommending Mel and Sydney’s box. You are are right, the camera quality is excellent, not exceeded by yours, however. Wow, you have alot of books to sign!! What treasures those are! Continued good health and I look forward to your blog updates. Fondly, Bonnibell

  28. Holly Sue Says:

    Dear Carlos, I am so distressed that you have been ill! These things seem to hang on and on this year and really wear one down. You are in my thoughts and prayers for a full recovery soon and getting your strength back. It was wonderful of you to post the photo of Molly in the owl box doing her new year cleaning. No matter how many owls there are to watch, Molly has first place in my heart (along with McGee and the owlets, of course). I miss her dearly and so miss seeing you and hearing you every day! I hope that you and Donna will be able to get away and relax very soon. My best to Austin and good wishes to Ashley and Spencer as well! With Love, Holly Sue

  29. Janice Barreras Says:


    Glad to hear you are feeling better. Fought the same thing around Thanksgiving — took Emergen-C in water, bottle after bottle after bottle. Seemed to kick it after about a week. So good to hear from you and see Molly. You are the reason Molly and McGee were so loved — miss you and Donna and the owls. Will always choose your site above all others. Am looking forward to the coffee table book. Thank you for signing them — means even more. Continue to get well and we look forward to hearing from you and seeing glimpses of the owls.

  30. PegRod Says:

    Carlos – this YouTube made me think of Home is Whenever I am with my Molly Friends! While I have been sick it makes me feel better! – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L64c5vT3NBw

    Anyone who belongs to YouTube, please post links on this video and others if you can to this blog! I don’t know how it works, but I also think that this father and daughter would love to sing Molly songs!

  31. jackie theisen Says:

    Hi Carlos, so happy to see pic of Molly, have missed her & McGee so much & seeing you too. Feel’s like such a loss that we wont have You, Donna & the owl’s. I was in awe of all you did to bring us the owl box & all you did beyond that to give everyone what they wanted & all the time you spent to do this. I thought your new year ‘s blog was nice of you to share with us also, knew it was in fun but well written.sound’s like Donna is taking good care of you & you are in my prayer’s for your health & also, blessing’s for bringing so much joy, awe & wonder to so many , I will alway’s be greatful.

  32. Joan Says:

    Dear dear Carlos.. who would have ever thought that I could get so attached to someone that I have never met..I feel that you are someone to be so trusted and respected.. I am sorry that you have been feeling so lousy .. hope that you are better now. Did Donna get the bug too? It was great to see Miss Molly again.. thanks for the picture!! Joan from Colorado

  33. Kim Torkelson Says:

    Hi Carlos, so glad to hear from you and that you are feeling better. Keep resting don’t worry about the books, we can wait, just get better. Was so fun seeing Molly again, busy cleaning house. Thanks for the update on the book.
    I too am watching Mel & Sydney, Molly will always be our first love. Take care and continue to get better. KimMn

  34. Chana Meddin Says:

    Dear Carlos, 1-Please put your health before signing our books because we care more about YOU than how quickly they arrive in our mailboxes!
    2-Thank you for the photo of Molly cleaning her own
    gagshag! At least you won’t have to do that again!
    3-The Oceanside site is wonderful, but I keep waiting for you to come on…and miss that so much!
    4-Know that we all love and appreciate deeply all that you and Donna, Austin, Eric, John, and Barleycorn have given us and if you’re ever up to it again, WE’LL BE BACK!
    Love to you all and please get well (I have it, too, does the darn thing travel on the Northwinds?!) Take Good Care and please let us know when Eric and Lorien have their little girl,
    thanks! MODS RULE THE STREAM!!!

  35. francie bowers Says:

    Dear Carlos & Donna, thank you for the picture of Molly, you know she will be first in our hearts! Hope you feel better,you sure must have had a whopper to be sick for 3 weeks…take it easy and thanks again for giving up a whole year for us!

  36. JL and family Says:

    Great picture Carlos, thank you so much for sharing. Sending you positive karma, vibes, thoughts and prayers your way for your recovery.

    Thank for the thumbs up on the owLs.

    {{{{{{C♥RLOs & F♥MiLy}}}}}}

  37. Janie Branison Says:

    Carlos, thank you for the picture of our dear Molly. I have been watching Mel and Sydney and watched her lay the 3rd egg this morning. The thing you have to remember is–YOU made the wonderful experience of Molly and her family what it was. Your smiling face and good humor every morning made a once in a lifetime experience even more special.
    Now get well and take our Donna on a trip in the motorhome. Updates and pictures on the blog would be greatly appreciated.
    Love to you both and Austin.


  38. Cassie Julich Says:

    Dear Carlos, hope you are feeling better soon. I know Donna is giving you the best of care.
    Thank you so much for the fun photo of our Molly doing a little housecleaning.
    Looking forward to receiving my Molly and McGee book of your photos.
    Take care of you,

  39. Janie Branison Says:

    Opps, forgot to click the notify box. Senior moment.

  40. Torre Says:

    What a cute picture of Molly – such a cute face. I hope you are feeling better soon; those viruses are not fun. Thanks for the update. As others have said, take care of your health – I can wait in the book! I hope all goes well for Eric and his wife and soon-to-be new little baby!

    After seeing several owl boxes now online, I think about all you’ve done to get people interested in putting up boxes. But what is great is that these folks have decided to share it with us too – how nice!

    Take care, Torre [knitting hiker]

  41. Donna Simonson Says:

    Carlos it is always so good to hear from you our good friend. My goodness that’s a long time to be under the weather. So much going on at the Royal family household, hopefully a slower pace now will help you begin to restore your good health and wellness. Ahh, and a new little girl coming into the world for Eric and his wife, such good news. I agree with all your friends here who have posted, “the signatures can wait until you feel better!” Such a wonderful sight to see our Molly peeking out of her cleaned owlbox. She is definitely the perfect mate and mom to her McGee and their owletes. I too, became aware of Mel and Sydney in Oceanside from your blog and other fellow MODS. I like to look at them as a different experience and grateful to be allowed to have a gimpse of yet another barn owl family. I do believe that once again, you have provided “footsteps to follow”. There’s no doubt that you are the “world brand” of owlboxes, but how gratifying it must be for you, Donna and Austin to know how much awareness you have created with regards to barn owls and mother nature; a job well done and so appreciated around the world. Not many can say, “I have touched the world. . .” Many blessings to you and yours. We all hope to hear from you soon!
    Love, hugs and prayers owlways,
    “OwlLuver”, Murrieta, CA

  42. debbie Says:

    Thank you Carlos for the updates. Any information you provide about M & M is greatly appreciated as I still miss them very much. I pray you have a speedy recovery and stay well throughout the rest of the flu season. It’s interesting to see Molly cleaning out the box. Come join us in the chat room with Mel and Sydney. You will have a blast. Tell Donna to get hooked up to chat also. Sit back and enjoy being the spectator for a while. I am looking forward to getting my coffee table book. I can hardly wait. Take care Carlos and keep the updates coming. When your feeling better I’m sure you will be taking pictures because that is what you do…so post them to the blog, I’m sure we would all enjoy seeing them. Once again, thank you and Donna for all your generosity and sharing M & M with us.

  43. Terry Flinn Says:

    Thanks so much for keeping us updated on the books, I will be anxiously waiting and patiently I might add for the arrival. Also thank YOU so much to updating us on Molly activity as it sounds she is doing a little house keeping. I so hope she has another clutch and that you might catch a snapshot here and there to share. Again thank you for the education and loving memories of being part of Molly and McGee! Send Congrats to Eric from all of us Molly fans and glad you are feeling better too. Terry Flinn

  44. Kathy Says:

    Thank you Carlos for the new picture of Molly, good to see her beautiful face. And thank you for the update on the books. Take good care of yourself and don’t overly stress about getting the books signed. As much as I eagerly await my copy, I would much rather that you are healthy and happy. And I also hope that you Donna have a wonderful year. I sincerely appreciate the dedication that it took for both of you to keep all of us sated with our love of Molly, McGee and their offspring. Any updates on these wonderful creatures that you are able to offer, in between having much deserved fun, please know will be greatly appreciated. You both have done so much to raise awareness about nature and barn owls in particular and to provide a wonderful focus for many, many people. The ripples of your influence go far beyond what any of us will ever truly know.

    All the best, Kathy Bowman

  45. Joyce Hebert Says:

    looks like molly keeps a clean house…i hope you get to feeling like your old self soon…thanks for the picture of molly and take a trip real soon and relax

  46. Mary Jozwiak Says:

    Im glad you are feeling better! Dont let all the book signing and mailing wear you out so you suffer a relapse. The new owl boxes are great to watch and a lot of Molly and McGee fans have reunited at these sites. Maybe you’ll stop in and say hello some day! I saw many familiar “faces” at the Oceanside owl box. Thank you for keeping in touch with us…we miss you and Donna!

  47. Sherry Kelly Says:

    Thanks for the photo and thanks for the update. Can’t wait to get my copy of your book! (But I will be very patient and pray all goes well for Eric’s new arrival.)Carlos, please take care and stay well. Sherry Kelly, Author of Your New Baby’s Instruction Book

  48. BonnieKay Says:

    Carlos, Thank You for the peek at Molly and the info on an owl box in Oceanside. Molly will always be #1 but I will check it out. Hope you feel better soon. I am so looking forward to my book. Stay in touch please. Bonnie

  49. Karen Liner Says:

    So very sorry to hear that you haven’t been well. You’re in everyone’s thoughts and prayers. Heal quick! Thank you so very much for the picture!

  50. donna Says:

    Dear Carlos, hope you feel better soon! We can wait for the book, your health is more important. “Good things come to those who wait” I also have a Molly and Mcgee clock coming to add to my collection. Love the picture of Molly peeking out the door,maybe she’s getting ready for more babies. Hope for more pictures, we miss her and McGee. I’ve been watching the Oceanside owls, they are beautiful. It’s just not the same without you, Donna, Austin and the rest of the Molly gang. I’m having a hard time. Please get alot of rest and get better soon! I’m so glad you kept the blog on so we can keep in touch with you and hopefully see pics of Molly. Thank You Carlos for the knowledge and the happy times you brought to so many, we will not forget! Love to you and your family

  51. Ruth White Says:

    Take care of yourself Carlos. Thank you for the beautiful picture of Molly. I miss everything about Molly and McGee. Miss your daily updates. I cannot watch the other owls….it’s just not the same. I understand your decision not to broadcast… but it’s hard.

  52. Debbie Says:

    I can’t WAIT to get my book.
    But of course I will! Take care of yourself.
    Watching the other owl boxes, it’s fun to see personalities! None match Molly and mcgee of course!
    Thanksso much for the picture of Molly.

  53. Marcia Morrison Says:

    Dear Carlos, I hope you will be feeling fine again as soon as possible, so you can go out traveling and having adventures with Donna once more. Please take care of yourself /yourselves. Thanks for the cute picture of Molly! Just to know she’s in the world makes me happy. I understand your decision to do other things in 2011; go have fun and follow your dreams. If you get a chance, post here once in awhile to let us know what you’re up to. Much love and appreciation for all you’ve done for barn owls and those that love them!

  54. mandozee Says:

    carlos: take care of yourself please don’t over do it. I was sick the week after christmas no fun. And thanks for the pic of Molly great to see her again. I’m saving my pennies for the 2nd clutch book I sadly missed the first one. you are missed but enjoy your travels you erned them and more.


  55. joym13 Says:

    Sorry to hear your still feeling under the weather Carlos. My husband had bronchitis in November and it lasted 6 weeks, I hope yours is shorter lived than that. That is a great picture (of course) of Molly – she is a beauty. I’m glad for your and Eric’s sake that the books came in faster than expected. I know it is a book I will enjoy for years to come. Get some rest so you can feel better and stay in touch. Thanks for everything!

  56. Vicky Says:

    I wish you a speedy recovery and lots of R & R. The picture of Molly is just beautiful…she is just precious…Thank you for sharing it with us…

    Health and Happiness to you, Donna & Austin,


  57. GeniaKnitz Says:

    Carlos, if you have not seen this, do check it out –

    “Mel & Sydney: Uh, Oh…” a Daily Hork video

    Very, very funny

    • PegRod Says:

      GeniaKnitz – Thank you for sharing this link – I had not heard about it yet! The fun begins again! Carrie needs coffee is still my favorite from this group!

      Carlos always said that Molly’s Blog would be The Place to get all information from when he said it up to now and into the future – thank you Carlos! You were right!

  58. Jeri aka owlbseeinu Says:

    I do believe Molly is living up to the saying “out with the old, in with the new”. Perhaps she IS preparing for 3rd clutch!
    Carlos, the most important thing is your health. Be nice to yourself as you heal. Just know, we MODS are sending healing thoughts your way!

  59. SactoSylvia Says:

    Carlos: Thank you, thank you, thank you for posting a picture of Molly!

    Now – please take good care of yourself. As everyone else has said, that is the highest priority right now!

  60. Kim Gorman Says:

    Dear Carlos, PLEASE get better before you try to expend yourself more for our sakes! Your generosity and kindness are legendary, but we want your health and comfort above all. See your doctor if you must and rest, please!

    I always knew you to be a gracious man. Your comments about the oceanside box show that again. I know Robin has said several times how much your help and advice has meant to the success of their design. The owls and we thank you. Now get well first and let us see that smile again. :).

  61. charb Says:

    Dear Carlos, Hope you get well soon. It has been a wierd flu year- and we are happy you could make it outside to catch Molly at her housekeeping chores! Thanks again for your continued posts to us forever MODs! We’ll be watching your blog as long as it is up! You all take care of yourselves, char

  62. Eleanor Dodge Says:

    Hi Carlos,
    Thank you so much for the picture of Molly. She is #1 even while we watch other owls like Mel and Syd. It’s good to see the barn owls again but nothing can compare to our Molly and McGee. So excited to hear that you are signing books and I hope I am one of the lucky ones to the book sooner than later. Worth waiting for so no problem here if it arrives later.

    Please take care of yourself and recover from your illness. Like everyone is expressing get lost of rest if you need it. Your health is much more important than anything else.

    Much Love

  63. Art Says:

    Carlos, please take care. I’ve heard that there is a nasty Type A influenza going around and it is a very bad strain. Don’t forget your chicken soup, Vitamin C and sunshine every day. A big hug and a good laugh can’t hurt either.

    The first thing that came to mind when I checked out the Oceanside box was “Carlos and Donna Royal made ALL of this possible.” Everytime I tune in, I see how your influence abounds and think about the high bar that you have set. Without your creative vision, your innovative spirit, your technical pioneering skills, along with those accoutrements that made the Owlbox a one-of-a- kind, we wouldn’t be seeing Mel and Sydney in quite the same way. Thanks for so much and now.. rest, rest, rest.

    • Chana Meddin Says:

      I just want to second what Art so beautifully expressed. As I wrote earlier, though, it feels strange not having you pop in with your Hawaiian shirt, broad smile, and KOWL voice to
      shout out Big MOD love to all of us around the country and the world! Yes, Oceanside is wonderful, thank you, and you are still DA MAN!

  64. Deb Says:

    Hi Carlos,

    Thanks for the update on the first clutch book. Can’t wait to receive mine! Saving up to order my 2nd clutch book.

    Thank you for posting the link to the Oceanside barn owl site. I’ve been watching off and on since yesterday afternoon. I will forever hold Molly and McGee in my heart and they will always come first for me. Miss seeing you from the Owl Box every day as you have become part of my family. Love hearing the familiar ‘owl box’ noises from this family as it brings back good memories of our Molly and McGee. It is interesting to watch Mel and Syd and how they interact with each other.

    Glad you are feeling better and continue to do so. Sending you healing thoughts for a complete recovery soon.

    Hope you will continue the blog and give us updates of Molly your family. We all love hearing from you.

    Take care of yourself.

    Deb from OH

  65. joly2u Says:

    Glad you’re better, Carlos, and I know how good that sunshine and fresh air feel after being sick. And the sun will give you lots of vitamin D to speed your health along. By the way, it’s the best healer of pneumonia. Thanks for being so kind as to post the photo and connect with us again. We miss all of you.

  66. Betty Mitchell Says:

    Get well soon, Carlos! Always appreciate your updates.

  67. Madonna Varchetto-Bonner Says:

    Carlos, glad you are finally feeling better. I appreciate the pic of Molly….she is soooo pretty. Thank you! I tried Mel and Syd, but just keep thinking of M&M and Ashley and Carrie. So at this point, just does not work for me. I’ll try again , I guess, but it is just not the same. I hope you and Donna have a great time with your traveling, get rested up….and then maybe we could catch a 5th or 6th clutch. Well, it does not hurt to dream, right? Continue to get well, I’ll keep you in my prayers, warm wishes, Madonna

  68. jacque green Says:

    I’am glad you are feeling better. What a surprises to see Our Molly doing well. I thank you so much for any info on Molly and McGee. I’am enjoying the other Owls, but there only One MnM luv the Royal familey


    This is a great site you mentioned BUT….there’s no YOU in it. It’s just not the same. I’m glad to see so many of my chat buddies there and Mel & Sydney are fine owls but they’re not M&M :( So please keep up your blog and keep us informed. Molly clearing out the gagshag…is that pre-nesting behavior? I hope you are feeling lots better and I can’t wait to get my hands on that 1st book :)

  70. LoveYourDNA Says:


    Please take good care of yourself. Hope you will be feeling better soon! I miss you and the Owls… Thanks sooo much for a glimpse of Molly today!!

    with hugs & affection,

  71. mandozee Says:

    Hello MOD’S Ustream must have horked big time? No owl watching for who knows how long. I miss them already. It’s amazing how fast I became attached to Syd & Mel, and Iris & Rusty. But Carlos Molly & Magee will always be my favorite, Like your first Doctor Who. I can still recall the first episode I ever saw. it was just too cool, have since watched all the episodes I could find. Lets hope Ustream comes back online soon and in time for Vacachat.

    • PegRod Says:

      Tip – I tried the popout window and it opened up with the chat – I can’t sign in, but you can see chat! Click on square in upper right hand corner on bar above chat. http://www.ustream.tv/channel-popup/chat/6575544

      I can’t get any Ustream channels this morning! If that link above does not work, go to the main page of Oceanside Owls first! I hope they fix it before tomorrow’s eggspected fourth egg from Sydney! http://www.ustream.tv/channel/owlceanside

    • Janie Branison Says:

      Today’s withdrawal is nothing compared to not seeing Molly and McGee, but I hope UStream gets it act togeher soon so we can see some of the other owls. Carlos caused quite an addiction didn’t he? ;-)

      • PegRod Says:

        Try the “popout” chat icon on the page – upper right corner of chat box there is an icon if you have it. I can’t get anything on Ustream but that worked to watch chat.

      • PegRod Says:

        From the popout chat, I just got the following message from Moderator and Blue Suit “sunshine97”

        10:39 sunshine97: Hi Peg, I had to use FireFox. IE problem with Ustream. Google Chrome also works

    • PegRod Says:

      For those of you who cannot download Firefox or Google Chrome to see Ustream, you might want to Google two great sites while you are staring up at the clouds wondering when all this will be fixed! Search for “Cloud Appreciation Society” – lots of beautiful photos – and “Earliest Snowflake Photos from 1885” and look for todays’ NPR blog. Fascinating!

      • PegRod Says:

        Another tip for Internet Explorer users like me having trouble with Ustream! You can watch both the inside and outside views of the Oceanside Owl Box on the “sportsmansparadiseonline (dot) com” – In brown clickable heading bar, just left of “Home” is “Live Wildlife Webcams” Yay, it works!

  72. Lisa A. Burns Says:

    Hi Carlos! I had a feeling you were still under the weather. I know because I had it for 3.5 wks and I never get sick. You will be ok in a few days. Thank you for the wonderful pic of our Molly cleaning house!! Makes me so happy.
    Thinking of you, Donna, Austin, and our Owls all the time! Big Hug!!!

  73. Linda /artgirl4388 Says:

    Carlos, so glad you are feeling better – Donna’s chicken soup is working! And TY so much for the Molly photo – it is so cute.
    Take care of yourself and glad you are watching Syd/Mel. All of your MODs are there! Love you, Donna, Austin so much and we are still having fun and being there because of you.

  74. Kendra Linkous Says:

    Oh, what a cute little face peeking out of the owl box! Makes me miss her so much.

  75. catsmommy Says:

    Get back to 100% ASAP darn flu bug is a bad one.

    TY for sharing the image of Molly cleaning her box, what a great owl she is. So pretty.

    Get healthy and get on the road, enjoy those USA sites and then come on up to Canada, suggest the summer months LOL

    Give Donna an owly kiss from me and a big old hug to Austin… stay well, you are always in my thoughts, prayers good internet friend.

  76. Monica Says:

    Glad to hear that you are feeling better! Thank you for the picture of Molly cleaning out her box. She is just so beautiful, and I miss her. Hope you have a terrific year traveling the US…post us some pics of the birds along the way. We love your photography!

  77. Francie Yarber Says:

    Thanks for that Molly update photo. Brings on a feeling comparable to homesick. You are so dedicated and hard working; taking care of Molly book business while so ill, and still giving us Molly fans a ‘taste of home’ with your great photos. Much rest and happiness and a joyful retirement for you and Donna; what a great couple.

  78. Camperfamily (Kim) Says:


    Hope this finds you feeling better soon. My 10 year old has been sick for 4 days. Fever etc. It’s been hard for her and now missing school.

    Thank you for the picture of Molly! So, cute, like she was telling you..hey..I’m cleaning my room!

    Rest, eat your soup and feel better soon.


  79. Lynn Williams Says:

    Carlos, First of all, I am so sorry to hear that you have been so ill. I pray that you will be feeling back to your old self very soon & will pray for you!!
    Its exciting to see Molly back in the box and figure time is approaching for her next season to start.
    I have been watching the Oceanside box as well as another near there that the mother owl’s name is Willow..its a black and white camera but a pretty good picture and sound. As of today..you will hardly believe THIS! She laid her SEVENTH!! egg!!! WOW! Of course time will tell if they all hatch, but isn’t that something?
    I wanted to let you know that I found out the bladder cancer I was in remission to for 4 yrs is back & not only that but they have found it in my left ureter as well. There is more than 1 tumor & I have a surgery on Feb. 2nd to see if they can be lasered and I can possibly have more treatmt’s that now will have to go into the ureter as well..and more biopsies taken..if its low grade, treatm’ts will be tried, if higher grade, I will have to have surgery to have my left kidney and ureter removed & possibly my bladder also. I know the Lord is with me and will help me through this and with prayer, I have a strength and peace from God that is just inexplainable.. Feb 2nd will tell us more..
    if I’m not around as much this time, could be because I had to have the big surgery. I sure hope not.
    Looking forward to getting my coffee table book and so excited that they are in!
    AND Looking forward to hearing about the new baby coming!
    take care all
    Lynn W.

  80. Teri Saffren - Irthum Says:

    So glad you are feeling better Carlos – please do not overdue too fast – this whatever is going around can kick you a second time.
    Thank you for the picture of Molly and the box. She is still the most beautiful owl there is. What a sweet face. You made my day !

  81. flukestail Says:

    Hope this finds you feeling well again, Carlos!

  82. Carole Dalgarno Says:

    Thank you for the latest picture of Molly. Bless her little heart for doing “spring cleaning”. Take care of yourself. We sure love getting updates on Molly – please keep them coming.
    MOD in Temecula

  83. Kit Merritt Says:

    Carlos, so glad you are feeling better & Thank You for the new pic of Molly, she looks busy! I finally ordered the coffee table book today…I always want to rember the experience. Thanks!


  84. Maureen Says:

    I’m loving these updates! I hope you feel 100% very soon, Mr. Royal!

  85. Liz Says:

    Thanks for your generous comments re the new owl boxes! Loved, just loved seeing the photo of Molly. Any glimpses are always very welcome – she won our hearts over. I will always remember M & M and their owlets with huge fondness. Big thanks for all you’ve done and hope you feel better soon.

  86. owloverbo Says:

    Oh, seeing her loved face brings me such peace.
    Like seeing a long lost love.

  87. Alana Says:

    As one can clearly see…what a tribute to Carlos, Donna and Austin! You’ve definitely left a footprint in our hearts Carlos. I, too, have been watching Mel & Sydney…and as much as I am enjoying this experience, I agree with others that Molly & McGee and owlets will ALWAYS be no. 1. Mel & Sydney however have filled a huge void and I for one am delighted that this has surfaced. It’s a wonderful visual experience (HD). Sydney laid her 4th egg this morning!! Thank you so much for posting this photo of Molly. I’ve often wondered how Ashley & Carrie are doing. I miss them soooo much!

  88. Carlos,
    Please take a look at Lucy’s box in Poway. There is speculation that this might be Max. It does look a lot like Carrie too, but she would be too young. No eggs yet. But this female looks quite happy in the box. The mate is Ricky.

    Please let us know if you think this is one of Molly’s kids.
    Janice Veteran

  89. Drsballou Says:

    I wish you a speedy recovery.Thank you so much for posting the picture of Molly.

  90. Susanralph Says:

    So sorry to hear you have been down and out healthwise, Carlos. Best wishes for feeling 100% soon! Also, a BIG TY for the pic of Molly, our Mollywood diva. I was so tickled. Can’t wait to get my “Molly and McGee” book.

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