No Broadcast

January 10, 2011

We will not be broadcasting The Owl Box in 2011. Last year, when Molly showed up, Donna and I put our plans on hold while we broadcast The Owl Box. We have decided not to do that this year because at our age (closing in on 70) we do not believe it is a good idea to put ones dreams on hold. Molly was a once in a lifetime event and we will never forget her or the wonderful people we met because of her.

While 99.9% of the Molly experience was wonderful, we had our share of threats, not only to us, but to Molly and The Owl Box and as this past weekend in Tucson proves, it only takes one kook to turn an event into a real tragedy. There were also those that wanted us imprisoned and filed complaints with local, state and federal authorities because they had different views than we had when it came to the owl box, feeding the owlets and flash photography. Others did and continue to just make up stuff and post it on other sites as fact to create controversy.  I share this not to complain but to let you know that broadcasting The Owl Box was not all honey and roses.

We have not reconnected any of the cameras so we have no information as to activity inside the owl box. Donna and I plan to spend most of our time traveling in 2011 and we want to thank everyone for their support.
There are several ways to remember Molly and The Owl Box.

You can order a copy of Molly and McGee, a coffee table book with over 100 of my favorite photos from the first clutch. This book is due to arrive almost any day now; we are just waiting on the ship to arrive at LA Harbor. If all goes perfectly, they could be signed and in the mail by January 24th. We have our fingers crossed.

You can order a copy of The Second Clutch, a second coffee table book with another 100+ photos from the second clutch. This book will not be shipped until sometime in April/May.

You can order a copy of Molly’s Story, a documentary DVD by Austin Faure where all the funds goes into his college fund. Free Shipping and Same Day Shipping, if you order Molly’s Story DVD today.

You can order Molly the Owl, a hardcover illustrated book that tells the magical story of Molly and her first clutch. Over 5,000 copies of this book have been sold.

You can also order cards, T-Shirts, mugs, keepsake boxes, calendars, framed photos and other items from our CafePress Store.

Molly The Owl Books will remain live as will Cafepress and Mollysbox/blog. Mollysbox/blog and Molly The Owl Books will be the places to go to for updates. and

345 Responses to “No Broadcast”

  1. sdsurfchick Says:

    I will love you forever for sharing Clutches 1

    • Lani Wilson Says:

      Carlos, Donna and Family,

      So sorry to hear all you were put thru! Thanks for sharing the fun and I am proud and glad to say I was along! Have a wonderful year full of fun ,laughter and safe trips!

      Hugs from Lani in San Diego,
      aka Luckyladyeds

  2. Mary Jo Says:

    Thank you so much for all you do. Yes, it was a lifetime opportunity and we were part of it!! Enjoy your travels, as I know you will. Thanks again.

  3. Cindy Says:

    Happy Trails! Thank you for sharing! (sniff, sniff)

  4. Cassie Julich Says:

    Of course I’m disappointed that you won’t be broadcasting in 2011 but understand and respect your decision.
    Many thanks for letting us move into your home and become a part of your lives.
    Gee, this was fun and I am so glad I was a part of it.
    With love and thanks,

  5. sdsurfchick Says:

    I will love you forever for putting your lives on hold to share Clutches 1 and 2. May the next chapters of your life together be full of love, joy and all the beauty that nature has to offer. Your Surf

  6. Jim Shoemaker Says:

    Thank you for sharing this. I had no idea you were threatened because of this. Enjoy your travels with Donna. If you get to Texas and get top Abilene, shoot me an email, jimkshoemaker at gmail dot com and we’ll do coffee.

    Take care and God bless,


  7. Doris Caco Says:

    Carlos, I am greatly disappointed, but really understand and support your decision. Life goes on and you must enjoy what you have left of it. My experience following Molly was truly a life giving experience that I will hold precious to me. Thank you for all the time that you put into this project that taught us much about nature. You and Donna are great people and deserve all the travels that you plan this coming year. We would, however like to see some pictures now and then of those travels. Stay healthy and enjoy life as God brings it to you. Doris Caco, Ohio

  8. nancy in o'side Says:

    That’s ok, Carlos & Donna, we all needed to get back to work anyway! Thank you for all you have done to spread the word about the fabulous barn owls. Enjoy yourselves, you deserve it!

  9. Pat Harris Says:

    I really can’t blame you for not doing another broadcast. We have no idea how it affected your lives. For us….well….”Gee this was fun and I was a part of it.” Thank you so much for a wonderful 2010 experience. I hope that 2011 is as exciting for you that 2010 was for us. Travel, enjoy each other, do all that makes you happy as you have made others happy. And if on the off chance you get bored, we’re always here waiting for you to change your mind. LOL. Peace and blessings to two of the most selfless people I know of. Be safe on your travels and check in once in a while so we know you’re okay.

  10. Nancy Anthony Says:

    Thank you Carlos, Donna, Austin and all. You all gave of yourselves more than anyone should be expected to. Enjoy your travel. My husband and I will be joining you on the road soon. If you ever get up to Idaho, we will let you know about our favorite spots (Of course, we might be in California at the time. LOL) If I could send you love over the internet I would. Take care. Nancy

  11. Louise Says:

    Thanks for the memories. Enjoy your travels. God bless you and your family!

  12. Susan Bentley Says:

    You are so RIGHT! Molly and McGee and the owlets – it was a once in a lifetime experience and we are all in your debt for sharing it with us. Enjoy your travels in 2011!

  13. Cindy Says:


    So sorry to learn of the negative part of The Owl Box broadcasting but for the other 99.9%, twas a marvelous experience. I had never chatted before, nor gained such knowledge of owls.
    I had much laughter, some tears as those little ones fledged and a new appreciation for owls.

    Was a pleasure to meet you, Donna, Austin, Ashley and your son. Such a nice family.

    Enjoy your travels . . .

    And . .thanks for the memories :0)


  14. Torri Cable Says:

    Kudos to you both- I’m glad you’re going to follow your dreams. You’ve added a new dream to my life and while we won’t see M & M this year, there are two more owl boxes to enjoy. I like to think that you were their inspiration. I’m sorry you were treated so badly by ignorant people and hope all remains peaceful in your corner of the world.
    Happy travels,

  15. MutherNature Says:

    A wise decision!

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing Molly, McGee, Max, Austin, Pattison, Wesley, Dudley, Ashley, Carrie, Kelly and Jody with us for almost all of 2010.

    Enjoy your life – it is too short to wait for ‘later’.

    Please keep doing Molly’s blog; not hearing anything from you would be like a death in the family.

    Love all you guys!

    Gee, this was fun, and I was a part of it!

  16. Beth Jones Says:

    Thank you so much for sharing Molly and her family with us. We are sorry you had to go through so much with the wierdos of the world out there.

    I can tell you that it was an experience of a lifetime that I will always remember very fondly and cherish deeply. Your photos of Molly, McGee and their offspring are alive and well in my Florida room here at home. I drink my morning coffee out of my mug and have the Molly The Owl books ready to share with Grandchildren (when they arrive in this world). I will also have both photo books (ha, when they arrive). Please do not give up on your photography. You capture so much in your photos that most people can’t even see in life, much less a photo. I cry as I type this… you, Carlos, Donna and the Owl family will be sorely missed. But the wonderful memories will remain always.

    Thank you for your kindness and allowing us to be a part of your family for a short time as well as a member of Molly’s.

    I wish you all the best! Safe Travels to you!


  17. Jerri Suominen Wolder Says:

    I can certainly understand wanting to travel in 2011, since I am now able to travel again myself. The MODs helped me through my journey with open heart surgery and I have made many many friends because of your unselfishness with sharing Molly and her family with all of us. I appreciate so very much all the friendships I have made with perfect strangers that are now like family to me because of this wonderful gift you have given to all of us MODs! Thank you for your time,your efforts on our behalf in sharing this beautiful family. So sorry it had to get twisted and unhappiness was created when all you wished to do was to share this wonderful Owl family with the world. God bless you and Donna and Austin for sharing your lives with us.

    Gee that was fun, and I am so honored and happy that I was a part of it. It will never go away,it will always be in my heart and mind forever.

    Thank you so very much!
    Jerri Suominen Wolder from West Jordan,Utah

  18. Annette Light Says:

    as you have brought so much JOY to SO many! We love you both. Thank you thank you thank you……I cannot thank you enough! I could cry because we wont see sweet Molly and McGee again. But, I sure understand.
    Take Care!!!

  19. Jennifer Says:

    We will all miss seeing Molly, McGee and a possible 3rd clutch, but fully understand your situation and wishes to go and enjoy your golden years! You and Donna are so fortunate to have each other and your health so you can be able to enjoy each other and vacations. When you are home I’m sure you will be able to tell if there are owlets in the owl box to give us updates! That would be all we could expect! Looking forward to getting the Molly & McGee coffee table book!
    God bless and thank you!

  20. Dana C Witzke Says:

    but….post some experiences once in awhile???!!!

  21. Teri Saffren - Irthum Says:

    I am heartbroken at the news but I also cannot thank you enough for the once in a lifetime experience you gave us all.
    Enjoy your travels and please keep posting to the blog so we know you are well and having fun. May God bless you and keep you safe always.

  22. PegRod Says:

    Yes, Carlos and Donna, we understand your decisions. I completely echo the comments made above. We love you and thank you for this life-changing experience and all the hard work that went into it – you will always be part of the most awesome and happy year of my life, which opened the door to a happy 2011!

    At one point you stated that you would keep this WordPress site up and that you would post blog entries from time to time. This website is a fabulous resource to be enjoyed by millions still! I also hope that you post blog updates as you feel inspired to do so – and any photographs which you wish to share here with Molly Fans – We are Forever – remember!

    Go forth and spread the good news – that is our new mission.

  23. Betty Says:

    Oh my gosh, I’m so happy for you all, but so terribly sad for the rest of us. I knew that there was some “controversy,” but not to the extent that you write, even threatening lawsuits. I had no idea. Lots of demented people out there just wanting some reason, any reason, to do harm, so I understand. But thank you, Carlos, and Donna and Austin so much for the wonderful experience. I’ve also purchased books, DVD, pictures, and other items to help keep Molly, McGee, and the two clutches (and you all) forever in my mind and heart. Again, thank you so much. You are amazing, kind folks and I wish you the best. Enjoy your travels and kids and grandkids and all the birds an nature. My love to Molly and McGee.

    PS: In the second clutch book, are all four owlets featured with lots of “baby” pictures? Little Jody’s hatching was so incredibly beautiful.

  24. JL and family Says:

    We were worried here, that would happen.

    Thank you for sharing all with us, putting up with all the negative and HaPpY TRAVeLs to the both of you.

    iT ALL started with a common barn owL in a owL box and ended with a beautifuL wedding…

    Will spread the word on the books, DVD, el etc..

    Thank goodness there is a LOT more good in the world than the bad, and you both are a big part of iT!

    {{{{{{{CARLOs&DoNNa & MoLLy&McGeE&FAMiLy}}}}}}}

  25. Michelle Says:

    I read your post with such a heavy heart. Molly and McGee, you, Donna, and Austin have become such a special part of our family. While I completely understand not putting dreams on hold, I did hope you loved the whole experience enough to not be able to pass it up until Molly and McGee decided they were done with us.

    What I feared and now realize was even worse than I feared was the unfortunate fact that too many people like to create chaos. I apologize sincerely to you and your family that anyone would attempt to hurt you like this. Threats to harm Molly and McGee are equally intolerable. No one could possibly blame you for choosing not to broadcast again.

    That said: Ouch.

    I will miss my feathered family intensely. Forever. This does light a fire to finish and erect our owl boxes. But still, Molly and McGee are very special.

    I hope you will occasionally bless us with any distant observations you have, but we certainly must understand if you do not under the circumstances.

    Carlos, thank you. Thank you so much. Your broadcasts brought into my life a precious insight into the private lives of Barn Owls, deepened my affection for all animals, ignited an unknown passion for owls, and fed my soul. Only good should come to you for the gift you gave the world.

    Thank you once again, and please do not let this mean goodbye!

    Hugs and love,


  26. Helen Erickson Says:

    Carlos & Family

    The owl box was a very lovely time in my life and I’ve met (thru chat) some very nice people. Thank you for the adventure. It was nice meeting you and your family. Sorry you had to experience some of the bad side of this experience. Stay safe and have fun traveling. Don’t forget to chat with us when you can. Love all the pics.


  27. Jen Doughty Says:

    While I understand your decision, I can’t say that I am not disappointed. Here in Wisconsin, Barn Owls are scarce, and me, my husb, and my 2 boys really enjoyed watching Molly, McGee, and all the owlets. Thank goodness we have Great Horned Owls in our backyard…though we don’t see them much, we hear them all Winter. Enjoy your travels, and hope you’ll keep us updated from time to time…and who knows…maybe you’ll have a change of heart?

  28. Ginny in NJ Says:

    We thank you for all that you did. You gave us an extreme amount of pleasure allowing us to share Molly, McGee and family with you. We will miss your posts but certainly understand that you want to continue to have new adventures in your lives. We wish you the very best that life can offer.
    Thank you again.

  29. Sue Orjada Says:

    Carlos, Donna, and Austin,
    First of all, I want to thank you for the privilege of being allowed to witness this wonderful event. You have given us all a window to and an appreciation of all the nature that surrounds us. There were times I was concerned that someone might try to hurt the owls or you. It only takes one to bring about tragedy. Though I would love to see Molly and McGee again, I think you are making the right decision for yourselves and the owls. Gee, have fun with your travels! God bless you.


  30. Spoonbread Says:

    Thank you, Carlos and Donna, for sharing the Owl Box with us. Gee, it was great fun and yes, my husband and I are thankful we were a part of it.

    Safe travels and God bless you and your family and Molly, McGee, and their owl family.

    Glenn & Jennifer

  31. emeraldcher Says:

    I am so glad you are doing this for yourselves. Life is way too short. Will you still be blogging about Molly and McGee here if ever again or will the blog go too?

    I hope you will continue your photography and posting pics.

    Enjoy the freedom and special times with one another. Hubbs and I are nearing 65 and realize how precious life truly is.

    Happy Trails! Please keep us updated on your travels. I am so sorry for the negativity this created. Should never have been. You deserve “a life” beyond an owlbox!

  32. francie bowers Says:

    Thanks so much for all you & your family did for us…so many lives have changed because of Molly and McGee…and you made it possible.

  33. Lajollaseal Says:

    Thank you Royal Family!
    I think all of us diehards understand to what great lengths you went to to bring Molly and McGee’s family to us. And we all appreciate it beyond words. I personally was out of work last year and it made life a little easier to have something so simple and wonderful to watch. I am always sharing Molly’s story with everyone who comments on my Owl purse.

    You and Donna gave thousands of people such a great gift for life, and for that I am very thankful. Have a wonderful year traveling.


    (p.s. I just got a job!)

  34. Joan Says:

    Dear Carlos and Donna.. It was a once in a lifetime experience and I loved every minute.. I sure would love to hear and update from you now and then like ” Yes Molly is still around and you saw her” Many regards and thank yous.. Joan from Colorado.. the first e-mail that I open is always yours.

  35. Michaela Says:

    Dear Carlos and Donna,
    Thank you so much for inviting us all into your home and personal life. And above all Molly and McGee. You have educated so many people about Owls. How they live and take care of there young. And how We Do Not Need Poison to take care of the Rodent Problem. We only need Molly and McGee!
    As I have said before you have Awaken so many People to get out of there House and Look at Nature. People who never had any Friends, now have Friends. We thank you for that Carlos!! With all the Crazy stuff going on in the World, You made us Smile and gave us a reason to Turn on our Computer at 3 in the Morning!
    Our Creator has a Special Place in Heaven for people like you!!
    On Behalf of all of us, THANK YOU, for coming into our lives…
    Sharing a Story that we Never Forget!!
    Molly and McGee…
    Austin, thank you for the Memories on DVD…
    Good Luck in College…
    And Donna and Carlos your kind Smile will forever be Etched in our Hearts…
    Thank You Again, and Thank You for Loving Nature!

  36. All good thing must come to an end. The same with this. I think you have made the right decision even if it does make me sad. I do want you to know, that I am in the process of putting a Peregrine falcon nesting box where I live, mostly because of you (we have no Barn owls where I live). I too am going to try to have two cameras. I will not have the option to take still shots like you did so well. So even though you will not be broadcasting, it still goes on. If you are looking to sell (at a good price) any of the equipment you will not be using let me know, I have purchased all new equipment but as you know things do break. We have our final meeting this Wednesday and either we are not going to place the box or we are – It’s D day for our project.

    I just wanted to say thanks for all you have done and we did so enjoy it.


  37. Ellie in Tucson Says:

    Thank you for ending the suspense, Carlos & Donna. Here’s to safe travels and wonderful adventures wherever you go. Thanks for bringing us the incredible experience of M&M and family, and for fostering lots of enduring relationships along the way. I think the vast majority are going to understand the whys and wherefores for your decision not to make such a significant part of your life “public” for another year–2010 was uniquely M&M-centered. You deserve the freedom to move on, for all the reasons you have documented. Have a WONDERFUL “Life After Owls.” And, THANKS!

  38. Ruth O'Neil Says:

    The fact that our owl experience will not be repeated only makes what we had even more precious. I feel so very fortunate to have been a part of it. I am blessed with very dear new friends from all over the country. The memories of those hours spent together still bring a chuckle and a smile even as I sit here and type this. Carlos and Donna, your efforts, expense, and time are what made it so unique. I cannot thank you enough. I absolutely applaud you for your plans and wish you as much fun in 2011 as we had in 2010. God Speed!

  39. Chris aka whitedog01 Says:

    Carlos and Donna,

    I truly understand about not putting life on hold. It’s to short. I will be fledging west myself the beginning of next month. I am so glad I was able to see Molly and Mcgee and help mod in the chatroom. Because of you, Donna and Austin and of course Molly, Mcgee and brood, I have met some amazing people and am truly blessed with the friendships we have created. Love to all of you. Hope our paths cross again soon.

  40. beezy357 Says:

    Sad news andon my birthday yet =o(((
    While I understand, it still is so sad because we looked forward to each evening watching the owls.
    My barn owlbox is up and we won’t put up a camera but hope that we help repopulate the area with barn owls. Saw one here a couple weeks ago.
    God Bless you and Donna.

  41. The Appelts Says:

    Thank you, Carlos and Donna, for sharing the Owl Box with us. Gee, it was great fun and yes, my husband and I are thankful we were a part of it.

    Safe travels and God bless you and your family and Molly, McGee, and their owl family.


  42. Diana B Says:

    Well I guess all good things come to an end. If you happen to see small owlets out and about the box – please let use know. I learned so much about owls from watching Molly and McGee. Thank you for your generosity – sorry so see you go. Best wishes to you and your family for 2011

  43. Thank you Carlos and Donna and Farewell!

    Safe travels. Gee that was fun………..

  44. VeeTX Says:

    Out of the goodness of your heart you shared Molly and McGee’s experience with us and we are so grateful. I knew, while all this was going on, that you were spending an inordinate amount of time keeping everything going, broadcasting, working with UStream people and VacaDude, Eric, Word Press and others to satisfy the wants of the chatters. I and a number of chatters admitted how there were so many things left undone in our lives because we watched the owls so much. But you, Donna and Austin were there behind the scenes working to make the experience a pleasure and fun and something we’ll never forget; and we won’t!

    I’m in your age bracket and my dream, for years, has been to travel the USA in a travel trailer. Unfortunately I won’t be doing that; but I was hoping you could take pictures along the way of
    your travels and post them on the blog (if it’s not too much of a bother). It’s terrible that a few nuts would spoil a good thing and decent, honest people pay the price. We still love you guts and will hold you in our hearts forever. Have fun and enjoy life as long as you can. Happy Trails To You.

    Vee Miller

  45. Pat Williamson Says:

    Wow! So sad to hear of the ugliness you had to go through. You are such special people it is hard to believe some people can be so hateful. Hope some of the rest of us could make up for that part. I learned so much from The Molly Box and admire all of the creativity, energy, talent, patience, and time you all gave to us this last year.

    So glad you both will finally get to your travel dreams! I’m in your same age bracket and trying to plan what may well be a “last” trip back to Florida where I grew up next year. We never know when we won’t be able to travel again and it is great to know you will be able to continue your dreams. Molly & McGee were just wonderful and the books are a real treasure (I have them all with the rest on order.) The Molly Box was a true phenomena and we may never see it’s like again…what a treat to be able to say I was there for both clutches! It was a lot of fun and I was privileged to be a part of it all.

    BTW, hope you can get to Alaska in your travels…recommend the summer time there. You can put your RV on the Ferry in Bellingham, WA and get off at Haines and then go over the pass into the Yukon and drive up into Tok, Alaska. It is a great trip (we moved there in 1980 that way) and I’d go in a heartbeat again! On the ferry, the fare for the RV is high, but the trip is fantastic and the Yukon trip is a big treat.

    Have fun in your travels and I hope we get news about the trips now and then. Also hope to keep up with news of Austin’s college. He is such a lucky fellow to be so talented at his age!

    • Chana Meddin Says:

      Carlos and Donna, please, if you do find yourselves in Bellingham waiting for that ferry, I would love to treat you to the best coffee the Pacific Northwest has to offer.
      Plus, the bookstore here in Bellingham is
      the only one, to my knowledge, carrying “Molly the Owl” and it’s near the ferry!
      chana meddin

  46. BonnieKay Says:

    Thank You for the memories Carlos and Donna. I hope you have happy travels and know you have a place in so many hearts. My pictures af all the owelets and of M&M put a smile on my face and I look forward to the book. God Bless and enjoy your travels. Bonnie

  47. finnwv Says:

    Words escape me that would truly express my appreciation and gratitude, so I will just say again, thank you from the bottom of my heart for this wonderful experience of Molly and McGee 2010! Best wishes to you, Carlos and Donna, in your travels and all that you find to do! God bless you and your family! Love you guts!

  48. Kim Torkelson Says:

    I am so sorry to hear that you had such troubles with people that don’t understand how wonderful you and Donna are. We all have been so blessed to be part of such a wonderful experience. I too can understand why you and Donna want to travel, there are so many many beautiful places to see. I will miss not seeing the 3rd clutch but can understand your reasoning. I am so excited to be getting my coffee table book soon. I know the book is going to be beautiful, just as everything else I have received from you. Thank You, Thank you for all that you did, sharing Molly & McGee’s Family with all of us. I sure miss seeing you and Donna when you came on to chat. You always made me laugh. Would be great if we could hear from you from time to time on your travels and family.
    God Bless!!

    Love, Kim KimMN

  49. grams3cs Says:

    Thank you so much for putting your dreams on hold for us for a whole year. You increased my love of nature and especially owls. I worry about M & M and the kidz with all the bad weather SoCal is having and if your beautiful property is doing ok and not being flooded. You and Donna have a beautiful and fun filled vacation and am looking forward to more of your great photos.
    I am shocked about the threats and lawsuits over something you have no control over. Do the idiots realize you were in touch with the wild life experts at all times when we were all stressing out over stuff we thought was important and turned out to be ok? I guess the way some people can be happy is by making someone else miserable.

    Have fun and again thank you from the bottom of my heart. grams3cs

  50. Linda /artgirl4388 Says:

    Donna, Carlos and Austin, the ripple effect of your generosity has reached all corners of the world. I thank you for your fun, loyalty, joy at the owlet births, sadness as we lost some, the magnificent photography and just plain fun that we shared every day. I have made so many new, wonderful friends and will always be a MOD.

    I wish you safe journeys and happiness – life is short – we are the same age and have both had our 50th reunions this year. Knowing how sudden life can change as witnessed just this last weekend, let the fun begin Donna and Carlos. And Austin, keep up the good work and always follow your dreams.

    I know we all want to hear from you once in a while, so hope you will check in. After all, you are family. Do you realize you could stay in every state and country in the world with a MOD?

    Love, Horks and Deet, Deet, Deet, Linda/artgirl4388

  51. Kirk B Says:

    Molly & McGee and the owlets brought us all together and gave us love,laughter,and sadness…… Thank you Carlos,Donna,and Austin for being a part of our lives and letting us be a part of yours. Keep us updated on the blog when you can,and if you happen to see a little owlet this spring poking their head out of the door,please let us know.

  52. Ruthie Says:

    Dearest Carlos, Donna and the owls,
    This was indeed the saddest post, I’ve read,it’s to bad that people can really screw things up. For us, your family and the rest of the planet! I thank you for what you have shared with the rest of us that give a dam! Thanks again, and be safe.

    Peace Love light

  53. Maria Claire Pugliese Says:

    Carlos and Donna, thank you for everything you did for us, the world and the animal kingdom. You are two of the most amazing people I have ever met, full of kindness, generosity and positive attitudes. You changed my life(I flew to CA!!!!), you brought me new friends and showed me a whole world I didnt know about. You brought me joy even while my heart breaks for my sister who is ill. I hope to run into you guys one day after I move to CA and I am shopping at Fryes. I will never forget you and will cherish this experience for the rest of my life. I hope you keep us updated about your travels through your blog so I can see more of the world through your unique perspective. With Love always, Maria, currently from FL

  54. Cheryl in Denver Says:

    Have fun in all you choose to do in 2011! Gee that was fun and I’m glad I was part of it. Thank you for the memories.

  55. Cathy Says:

    Carlos and Donna, much thanks for sharring 2010 and Molly and McGee with us. It was an absolutely wonderful adventure, one that will never be forgotten. We all became so much a part of your lives and the owls and you will be greatly missed, your humor and constant work on the huge project. Many many thanks and god bless you and Donna and enjoy your travels. Always Cathy in Spokane.

  56. Cathy Glueck Says:

    Thank you Royal family for bringing this unique and precious experience to all of us. I’ll never tire of checking this blog for updates about your travels, pictures from all over and maybe the occasional Molly sighting! Saying thank you just doesn’t seem adequate for the joy, education, and friendships that were gained from “being a part of it” but thanks is all I have!

    Cathy Glueck
    aka CatinMO

  57. Susan Dalnoky Says:

    I am sad about this news, but also grateful to you and Donna for what you gave us all. We knew it was a hardship for you on many levels, and it is OK that this was a once in a lifetime event. Somehow Molly gave us a wormhole to a time and place that can’t exist in our real lives. Thank you for giving us a view of her reality, and a fantasy place for similar souls to gather.

  58. JCnBA Says:

    Thanks you for this wonderful time you shared with the world. Although disappointed it will not return, I understand there could be nothing like C1 again. I learned so much, I shared so much with others and made wonderful friends because of you. I can’t express my feelings adequately enough. My world became a better place because of you and because of the caring, funny, thoughtful MODs. Forever I will remember the spring of ’09 as the year I learned about the owls. Thanks you,again. You will always live forever in my heart and every time I see an owl I will think of Molly and McGee. Peace….

  59. K8orlando Says:

    Thanks for a remarkable event. You created something wonderful that enriched many lives. I’ll never forget it.

  60. Sunshine Says:

    Sure understand your reasons Carlos. Thank you so very much for the fun & wonderment you gave to all us. While I’ve never met you I will always consider you a friend and I will miss your updates.

    Be happy, enjoy life, and be safe


  61. Melissa Says:

    Thank you Carlos and Donna for sharing your 2010 with us! I pray that the .1% bad can get settled and put behind you and you can move forward remembering only the 99.9% good. Best wishes for a glorious 2011!

  62. Rhonda Says:

    My husband and I both thank you for the wonderful experience that you and Donna shared with us in 2010. The owl box got me through a very difficult time in my life with the loss of my father.

    Molly and McGee will never be forgotten nor you and Donna for being so gracious to share a part of your lives with us. I think of you often as I have my morning cup of coffee in my Molly mug and do admit, I miss your morning coffee talks! It wasn’t just about Molly and McGee and the owlets.

    It’s a shame that a select few have to stir the pot but you handled it well.

    You and Donna (and of course Austin and all the others that made contributions to Molly and McGee) will never be forgotten. We wish you and Donna all the peace and happiness that you richly deserve. Live your dreams!

  63. Debbie G Says:

    This was a once in a life time experience… and Gee it was fun! Thanks for sharing all this with us. Drop us all a line on your blog from time to time and maybe a picture or two.
    The DVD and book are a treasure; can’t wait to see the photogrpahy book!
    Be safe and Be happy: Thank you again

  64. Two Clubs Jane Says:

    Dear Carlos, Donna and Austin,
    You gave us all an amazing journey in 2010. I can’t begin to thank you enough for creating this beautiful space that gave us a view into the world of owls and friendships from afar. It was magical!

    I understand your need to move on and have your travels. It doesn’t make it easier for us as we will surely miss you and our Molly and McGee Family.

    Lastly, I was sad to hear about the difficult other side you experienced. It is a shame that there are those out there who take away the awe factor.

    I thank you, I bless you and I understand.

  65. Janie Branison Says:

    Of course we are all disappointed, but your happiness and safety are utmost in our hearts. We love you Donna, Carlos, and Austin. We will never forget you and the joy of watching the owls. Carlos, we will miss you as much as Molly and McGee, but wish you and Donna God speed in your travels. Thank you for putting your life on hold for us, but now it’s time for you to enjoy your retirement.

    Love you!


  66. Marie Says:

    Carlos and Donna,

    Best wishes to you both always, and thank you for the wonderful gift and education that you shared with the world. It came at a much needed time for me and all of it was very much appreciated…and that includes you too!

    God bless you always!


  67. Vades Brinkley Says:

    Dear Donna and Carlos, I am soooo sorry that you have had threats made against you for bringing so much joy and good to so many people around the world. I and so many others will miss the two of you so I am hoping you will keep in touch with us as you travel. It is a sad time and we will also miss Molly and McGee. But, we can all say “Gee, that was fun and I was a part of it”. As someone else said, “Happy Trails to the two of you”.

    With much love, gratitude and appreciation,

    Grants Pass OR

  68. Kitty Carlyle Says:

    Dear Carlos, Donna and Austin,

    I am crying as I write this but I sure do understand your decision. You gave us so much of your time, your life and your talent. But most of all, you gave us the most beautiful owls in the world and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for this gift.

    I wish you all well, I hope you all live long and happy lives and I hope Molly and McGee will continue to have beautiful clutches of many little owlets for many years to come.

    God bless you all for all you have done for so many people and for bringing so much joy into so many hearts, all over the world.

    Goodbye my dear friends and if you can, please stay in touch with us through the blog.

    Your friend, Kathie Davis aka Kitty Carlyle.

  69. Carol (planetmom) Says:

    Dear Donna and Carlos,

    I am sorry to hear too that you won’t be doing it again, but I can certainly understand. I support your decision. It was a once in a lifetime experience. I know how much work you put into this and I am sorry that there are people out there who would threaten you. I will take these memories with me forever. It was a lot of hard work and commitment on your part but a lot of fun for all that did participate. Enjoy your travels. Hope we get to hear about them too. I just retired and plan to do some of the same. I agree with not puting you life on hold. Do it no while you can.


  70. GeniaKnitz Says:

    THREATS?? Oh, Carlos, no!!
    Of course you must do what is right for you and Donna.
    But I want you to know how sad it makes me – that people should treat you like that, when all you wanted was to have fun sharing your joy in these beautiful birds.

    And I must admit it has me in tears that there will be no more more Owl Box, no more Molly and McGee. I love them – and their owlets – with all my heart, and I love you and Donna and Austin for all you did.
    The whole wonderful adventure really was fun, and I am so grateful I was part of it. I cannot begin to tell you how much I will miss you all.

    Thank you.

  71. susan Says:

    Yep it’s time to let the owls get on with their wild lives without all us voyeurs looking on. I am very saddened to know that people have been posting bad stuff and threatening you and the owls – that alone is enough to say enough on this. Just know how much we appreciated seeing what owls really do when left to their own society. I can’t wait to get my M$&M photo book. sm

  72. LoveYourDNA Says:

    Carlos, Donna & Austin,

    You will never be forgotten by this MOD! I loved EVERYTHING you did for us. I’m sorry if you ever felt put upon….

    I hope we will hear from you again one day. And heck, you should reconnect the cameras just for your little family to enjoy!

    With all the love and respect I have,
    julie beddome

  73. SARose69 Says:

    Of course I am saddened to hear that we won’t have another Owl Year but I am glad to have my memories and the books I have and those I’ve ordered that will be here this year! Also saddened to hear about the threats and harrassment. As they say, “No good deed goes unpunished! But what a shame that people are so cruel and stupid! Gee it was fun, I’m and glad I was part of it!

  74. Janice aka dg1018 Says:

    Totally understand your decision.
    Thanks for the memories. Now go make more beautiful memories with your family.
    “Gee that was fun and I was part of it”
    Enough said.


  75. Lori G Says:

    Dear Carlos,

    I applaud this post & appreciate, more than you know, your honesty & delivery of your side of the story. Thank You! And Forever; Thank You for All of the Magic You, Donna, & Austin brought to our lives freely. God Bless & Keep You and May You and Yours be Blessed tenfold!! Enjoy!!!
    Farewell & Peace

    Gee, now that was fun : )

  76. June Schafer Says:

    Carlos and Donna, you have made a wise decision. It is a sad one for MODS all over the world but one that I totally understand. For all the hours you devoted to keeping M&M on the air, THANK YOU!! It is most difficult to express how much I enjoyed getting to watch them and to get to know you. Watching the owls just emphasized how awesome God’s creations are.
    I will always think of M&M and the Royals when I have coffee in my Molly mug, jot dates on my M&M calendar, and enjoy my M&M photo book.
    May God’s blessings follow you always.
    Happy travels.

    June Schafer
    Greer, SC

  77. Christine Peters Says:

    I had no idea there would be so many posts here before me. But it just shows how many people were touched by this experience. It’s sad that people actually tried to undermine what was meant as a fun learning experience. We just have to take with us the memories of the good times. This has opened up a whole new world for me; I’ve found websites with other birds that I knew nothing about, and if it were not for you that wouldn’t have happened.

    Stay safe and healthy, enjoy your lives and here’s hoping for a wonderful year of travels. Blessings on your whole family.

  78. sue Says:

    Carlos and Donna I can understand why you do not want to post Molly and McGee this next season but I hope you understand what a joy it was to experience them!!! Maybe once in a while you can let us know if you see anything like babies that you might see!! We all love you and thank you for letting us into your home this past year!!!

  79. dymc Says:

    Carlos, the time that you gave us with Molly, McGee, the babies and yourself was amazing. This was an experience I believe we all cherished and will never forget! Thank you for the selfless giving of yours and Donna’s time to allow us this peek into the lives of the magnificent creatures! We are so grateful for all you have done. I’m sure we cannot begin to truly understand the magnitude of these broadcasts. I pray you and Donna have a wonderful year! If you are able, we would love for you to continue to update your blog with your travel anecdotes and impressive photography! Many of us are living vicariously through you! Thanks again, and God bless you!

    Dyana McNeal

  80. Anne Says:

    I am confident you are making the right decision, and I’m so grateful for the once-in-a-lifetime experience we all shared (well, twice-in-a-lifetime, if you count the second clutch – how amazing it was to experience the story again!)! Thank you, thank you, for the opportunity to get to know Molly, McGee and owlets, the supporting cast of other wildlife, and YOU! It was just great. Happy Trails to you, Donna, Austen and everybody.

  81. Another HUGE thank you Carlos, Donna and Austin. You have contributed something to nature lovers that no one else has, even if they had cameras on owls, they did not provide the personal joy and daily verbal reports. It has been unique, amazing nature project. Thanks for sharing with all the world!

  82. Carol Murphy Says:

    Carlos and Donna, Thanks so much for all you & your family did for us, MY life and so many lives have changed because of M&M, you and your family made it possible, I will miss M&M but I understand, Thanks so much,and for all my new friends I have now and thank you for pulling for me through a rough surg.
    Thanks again Carlos and Donna

  83. DotRot Says:

    Carlos and Donna (and Austin too),

    Words fail me (and I’m not one to ever be at a loss for words). I fully support you and understand the difficult decision you’ve made. This event, from beginning to end, has been a miracle – a miracle of lives changed, unlikely friendships formed, dreams fulfilled, and God and his glory revealed to us in never before imagined ways.

    You know what a change this experience brought to our lives, especially to ChatterChopz. She continues to make advances that we never dreamed possible, all inspired and triggered by her exposure to the owl box. Her owl box will be going up this spring (as soon as the ground thaws enough for us to dig the requisite 3-foot deep hole to set it securely to withstand the high winds here).

    I too have had my life changed by all that you brought us. I’ve rediscovered things that I had put away in an effort to avoid pain and found that the pain was only imagined – the joy is all that remains. You’ve awakened memories and opened me to new things that I’d never have imagined.

    I will remain eternally grateful to all of you for what you’ve brought to us. You will remain in our prayers as you travel. If you ever head toward Missouri, please let us know. Perhaps we can meet up in Branson some time and take in a dinner and show.

    We love you and cherish the memories,

    DotRot, TheDaddyBird and ChatterChopz

    • CAequuslvr Says:


      Also, many, many thanks to you and CC for all the specialness you both brought and gave to the M&M miracle.

      Will never forget the limmericks and the lexicon.

      Bless you

    • catsmommy Says:

      Just what to take this opportunity to say Thank You Dot and Chatterchops and Daddybird for all you gave to this ‘even’t too… what a great time we had and you three add so much to it…HUGS AND LUVS AND WAVES

  84. Linda Greene Says:

    Dear Donna and Carlos, As has been said before me, you are truly a beloved couple. Your graciousness as shown by sending 2 thank-you notes when the USPO ruined the first one, was extended throughout the year by the many experiences you afforded to the MODS. I know that you have made the right decision and wish you well in all you do.

    If your travels ever bring you to Lake Ontario area(specifically Henderson Harbor, NY) let’s do lunch. I would plan a Molly & McGee reunion.

    Be safe, happy and well!!!

  85. Helen Says:

    I want to add my THANK YOU for the memories also. Was a great experience and I completely understand your reasons for not doing another year of Molly World. Have a great year and enjoy your travels.


  86. Karen Sims Says:

    As so many others have said … I’m heartbroken that I won’t get to see your smiling face and the owls any longer. I knew that you, Donna, and Austin had to be severely restricted in your personal lives keeping all of the cameras and technology running 24 hours a day. What a shame that some people hurt you though. You are such sweet, selfless people. I feel blessed that you were a part of my life even though it was virtually Thank you all for sharing so much of your time!

    What a great experience it was … gee that was fun and I was a part of it!

    Enjoy your travels. Hope you continue to post periodically – your posts bring happy memories immediately to mind.

    Thanks so much,

  87. Judy (sunza) Says:

    Dear Carlos & Donna ~

    I can only echo the comments made above. It was a joy to share Molly & McGee and all the kidlets from both clutches – even my grandsons in Colorado were following them. I am so very sorry and angry that there are people in this world who threaten and hurt others, especially you and your family. That is just intolerable and I can fully understand your decision to get your life back & enjoy it! They always say “Don’t put off til tomorrow what you can do today” and that should be your mantra. As with the other MODS, I have made many good and lifelong friends, which never would have happened without your selfless sharing of Molly & McGee and yourselves. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, and now GO AND TRAVEL & EXPLORE & HAVE A BALL!!!

  88. Chana Meddin Says:

    Dear Carlos and Donna,

    You two have given so many of us an experience which has profoundly changed our lives in unimaginably magical ways! Your generosity of spirit and kindhearted devotion to the owls and to us supported many through tragedy and hardship with the support of you, Molly & McGee, and the friends we made as MODS. I wish there was some way to quantify this and spread it into angel-dust to take away the sting of what you courageously, finally told us in this post. None of us will ever have any idea the sacrifice you made in 2010, but we will carry this experience in our hearts for the rest of our lives. Please accept my deepest gratitude and best wishes for you and your family in years to come. Now, kick back, rev up that RV, and, hopefully, you will keep in touch through the photography and posts on your blog. Godspeed!

  89. Torre Says:

    Thank you for letting us know. I wish you and Donna safe and happy travels! I hope the daffodils in Canada are beautiful if you find your way there – I know that trip got put on hold.

    I was so saddened over the events in AZ. I had no idea to what level you were having problems – how sad that so many in society have lost their civility. It affects us all when things like this happen.

    You both were so kind to share your time and efforts to bring us this wonderful experience.

    Torre ( knittinghiker)

    You both were so kind to share your time and efforts to bring us a wonderful experience.

  90. Carl Partridge Says:

    I think most of the MODs will understand. We will,of course, miss seeing any future clutches but realize your need to do other things with your life. Be assured we all love you and Donna and will never forget all you have done for us.Take good care of each other. ENJOY LIFE

  91. rosiebud Says:

    Thank you Carlos, thank you Donna!!!

    I had no idea you were both so close to 70, I was wondering how you could be going to your 50th High School Reunion?

    You both look absolutely great, especially since I now have an idea on how old you both are…

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart for allowing me into your home, it is a memory that I shall treasure forever…

    I have no idea of the problems you mentioned in your last post, but remember these words. Opinions are like A–h—-s, everyone has one.

    Continue to take care of each other, God Bless you both and your ever growing family!!!

  92. Lynn Says:

    Everything has been said but to let you know we love you and your family and we will always be MODs. Thanks for clutch 1 and 2.

    Until we meet again.

  93. joym13 Says:

    Carlos and Donna,

    Your decision is totally understandable. Thank you so much for giving so much of yourselves to bring so many people so much enjoyment – there always as to be some people who ruin a good thing, I only hope the good far outweighed the bad.

    I wish you nothing but happiness and safe travels in your future!

    Have a safe and healthy 2011!


  94. Colleen Ireland Says:

    Not a problem Carlos, although we will ALL miss Molly & McGee, but you deserve to do some travelling in your twilight years, and you deserve a break after broadcasting for basically the whole of 2010. Cheers to you Carlos and Donna and you will never know how much we all appreciate what you have done for us and the world, by broadcasting Molly & McGee and their families. Enjoy but do keep in touch with us through your travels on the blog. We love to hear from you. Thanks again!

    CHEERS from “IrisheyesCanada”

  95. Lisa Treacy Says:

    Dear Royal Family,

    It makes me sad to realize that we will not be able to see Molly, McGee, and the owlets of the past and the future. It has been such a learning experience for my 6-year-old daughter and myself.

    We will continue to watch the DVD we have and we wish all of you (human and owls) the best in the future. Thank you so much for taking the time to include all of us from around the country and the world in your lives.

    It is horrible to think that we have to be afraid of events such as the one this past weekend. What has become of humanity? Makes me worry about my daughter’s future.

    Thanks again to all of you. You will never be forgotten!

    Lisa and Katie Treacy, Illinois

  96. jacque green Says:

    Sorry you went through that. I”am so happy I was apart of it.You and Donna have wonderful trip. I knew you were’nt coming back I’am sad but it’s ok You’re whole family is wonderful.I will miss you all and Molly n Mc Gee Love you both Jacque Green

  97. Karen Brock Says:

    Carlos, Donna and Austin,
    I want to thank you all for the wonderful gift you gave to everyone and I hope you all have the best that life has to offer. I know this took a lot out of your life this past year. You gave me so much and I know this was done with love in your hearts. I will definitely keep up with your blog and look forward to hearing from you. You are one of the most wonderful loving families that I have had the opportunity of getting to know.
    Austin, you are an exceptional young man that has also given us so much. I love the DVD and will cherish it forever.
    Donna, I know what it took to turn your whole house and yard into a world viewing. Not only was your home viewed but your life as well.
    I understand why you cannot broadcast but know that you will be greatly missed.
    We love you will all our hearts.

  98. Rosemary Says:

    Carlos and Donna, I can only say Thank You for
    sharing the last year with me… You, Molly and McGee made last year the best experience I can remember.

    I will always be grateful that you shared Molly
    with us…and I totally understand your leaving it all behind to LIVE your own dreams…

    Travel safe, and know that no matter where you go you will have a friend… not just in the USA, but everywhere in the world.

    Much love to you and your entire family.


  99. Becky Konkol Says:

    Dear Family Royal:
    Bless your hearts. I am so sorry that you had even a moment of sadness and/or fear over the kindness and opportunity you granted us.Good for you that you are going to do what you want!Even though I let out an audible ‘aw’ when I read you’re not resetting the cameras, I’m glad you found in favor of yourselves. You gave us all a wonderful gift and may God continue to bless you for that. I enjoyed so much getting to listen to you and laugh with you and your wonderful sense of humor. Wishing you continued good health and happiness. Becky

  100. Kathy Says:

    Really sorry to hear about the nutjobs that created trouble for you. Don’t understand why but then the older I get the less I seem to understand. I do hope you will keep Molly’s Blog up and post photos when you can. It would be fun to see some photos for any future clutches as the opportunity arises when you are home. Enjoy your travels hope you get up here to Western Washington. If you do maybe your WA fans could hook up to meet you. Thanks for the memories!!!!

  101. Monica Says:

    So sad to hear no broadcast of Molly and McGee, but respect your decision.. How can people be so cruel when you and your family have been so loving. I will miss you dearly, and watching Molly and Mcgee.. Thanks for all you have done, and if by chance you do see them, could you please let us know? Hugz to you and your family.
    Love, Moniq50

  102. Suzanne (Ping1) Says:

    R.I.P. one of the greatest experiences I have ever been a part of. Kudos t you and yours, Carlos, for having the time and patience to take us this far. I think it is better to go out a winner anyway, and you’ve certainly done that.

  103. Sharon Palac Says:

    Dear Carlos and Donna,

    Although I am saddened by your and Molly’s absence online, I do understand that you put your heart and soul, time and money into broadcasting both clutches.

    Thank you for the joy and wonder Molly, McGee, owlets, and your family gave me at a time I needed it the most.

    Happy Trails!


  104. VSue Says:

    Carlos, Donna and everyone

    I am so very grateful for the immense time, energy and resources and LOVE you put into the Owlbox for two clutches; and so glad to have at least been able to be a part of Clutch two when I discovered the owlbox. Meeting new people and making some friends would never have been possible.

    I am sure there were nuts, as unfortunately regardless of how fun, wonderful and good something is and how people are there will be those who find something even invent something to complain about.

    That was such wonderful FUN and am so glad to have been a part of it :) <3

    So, thank you and enjoy your travels.

  105. Diane Says:

    To the Royal Family, Thanks so much for the gift of Molly and the Owlets. I enjoyed every moment of it. I was also aware that this little project was taking over your lives. I thorougly respect your decision, but I surely will miss you all! Keep us updated of your travels.

  106. Katy Says:

    Carlos and Donna,
    You are the dearest two people I have had the pleasure of knowing. I am sorry that there are folks out there with an unhealthy outlook on the world. Thank you for all you did for us, the Moderators to protect us, , the Owl Items to purchase, the wonderful books! You are the “Owl Whisperer”. The joy you have spread around the world will keep our hearts warm. Your love and promotion of nature has educated more than just us, but also our children, and their children and on and on.

    Enjoy your life and remember
    we will always be forever indebted to you and Donna.

    Katy alias Catbird22

  107. Holly Sue Says:

    Dear Carlos and Donna,
    My best wishes and prayers for both of you for a 2011 full of the joy of sharing wonderful new experiences and exciting and restful travel. How sad that some brought sadness, stress and worry into your lives after your great gift of Molly and McGee and the darling owlets. You gave us so much, months of your lives and this amazing opportunity! I will so miss your smiling face and hope that you will keep in touch on the Blog – you and Donna feel like old friends! Please pass on all best wishes to Austin for the brilliant future that awaits such a talented young man! It really was so much fun and boundless thanks for making it possible for me to be a part of it! With love to you both, Holly Sue

  108. Thank You all so much. You have shown me a new corner to explore.

  109. carol murphy Says:

    Carlos and Donna,Thank you so much for all you & your family did for us, so many lives have changed because of M&M, and you made it possible. Thanks to all the great friends that has come from Knowing M&M too. Love you always all of you, Carol

  110. Pat Proctor Says:

    We will miss you,enjoy your travels.

  111. zesty Says:

    Dear Carlos and family: thank you for a truly unforgettable experience and for sharing your lives with all of us MODs. Happy New Year and happy trails to you! Deet deet deet deet deet deet…

  112. LizOregon Says:

    Happy Trails to you…from fellow RVers from Oregon (currently wintering nearby in Santee). You deserve the trip of a lifetime after giving us the experience of a lifetime! We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for every moment of Molly and McGee and their owlets. Ron and I watched in stereo–he on his iPhone and me on my Macbook. What fun we had! We cherish the memories and all the mementos. Meeting you and other MODS at the picnic last spring was such a treat.

    We are so sorry that the “internet terrorists” invaded the Owl Box, even a little. We really appreciated the diligence of the chat room mods keeping it a safe place by weeding out the bullies. The positive impact that Molly and McGee had on thousands of people worldwide was a beautiful thing, that we will always remember.

    Have a wonderful trip. We think of you as extended family, so we hope you will let us follow you around the country by posting on a blog occasionally. But if you just want to disappear we totally understand! :-)

    Our love and warm wishes to you both and Austin,

    Liz and Ron

  113. Michelle Says:

    Get out there and live life, Royal Family! Thank you for opening up your life with M&M, it will always be a cherished memory for my 8-year old daughter and myself. Happy and safe travels to you! (will you be visiting Canada? ;)

  114. barb stegun Says:

    thanks for the owl box..Keep the door open for future Molly and McGee news. Take care. OUBobcat

  115. Saavik Leary Says:

    I want to thank you Carlos, Donna,and Austin and all who have worked so hard to bring the Owlbox to us, I’ll miss you, but you have your own lives to live :)

    Best wishes to you all, I’ll be thinking of you.


  116. Madonna Varchetto-Bonner Says:

    WOW….so sad, heart broken, tears falling, feeling lonely………..then….remembering, starting to smile, happy because I was part of this wonderful experience! I too understand, and hope you and Donna have a wonderful 2011! Please keep up the blog….maybe some pictures of your travels and just once in a while let us know if you se M&M? Please!!! It is something you just don’t get over easily. Stay well and happy. Love you both for what have done for us. Madonna

  117. Karin Says:

    Thank you Carlos and your lovely family for giving us the Owl Box with Molly and her family. Safty first so take care and sorry for the hassels that going public with Molly’s story has caused you. Hope it was worth it. I hope we will hear from you in the future on the Molly Blog.

  118. Kathy Feltch Says:

    So sorry to hear about the threats, you gave us so much laughter and fun with you and the owls M & M, with everthing that is going on in the world it was a place to go to watch nature in its true form, and meet people from all over the world that have formed many bonds of friendship. Thank You for all your time and work that you, Donna and Austin put into bringing us the Owl Box. I have coffee every morning in my owl cup and am looking forward to the table top book.. God Bless you in your travels, and as someone said you have family in every state..feel like you are part of ours..Keep in touch with your awesome pictures

  119. Mary Jo Says:

    Thanks for everything Carlos and Donna. This was a wonderful experiance. My Grandkids bought a DVD for me this Christmas. I was so thrilled to get it. I hope the negativity will go away. I can’t believe people wanted to cause you any harm. Will you be shutting down the blog? God Bless you Carlos and Donna. Mary Jo

  120. A FAN OF M&M Says:

    Carlos and Donna, although I am sad of this news, I don’t blame you one bit. I recall there were certain people who, for whatever reason, had it in for you. Why I will never know, as all you did was provide an avenue for our enjoyment and provided merchandise due to our request. You and Donna don’t owe us anything and the fact that you even took the time out to explain this just shows what a great people you really are! Have a great time traveling.
    We do hope M&M do have Clutch #3 and when you are home you can enjoy them on your own time. There are other Owlboxes springing up that we can enjoy; however there will only be One M&M and one silly Carlos. Deet Deet Deet Deet.

  121. Deb Says:

    Thanks for all you have done! Wishing you and Donna safe and happy travels as you enjoy coming year. Life will never be the same now, since we’ve experienced Molly and McGee! I will miss them dearly. I’ll repost my tribute to Molly and her brood here – “Owlet Lullaby”

  122. Rebecca Welch Says:

    Many thanks to you for all the lovely memories! I will treasure them always. You are such special people and I wish you nothing but the best! May 2011 bring you and yours nothing but happiness!

  123. CAequuslvr Says:

    I totally respect your decision and understand what tremendous personal sacrifices you & Donna made in order to bring us M&M 24/7. I personally will be forever thankful to have had the M&M experience. 2010 was an absolute extra special, year. It will also be in my heart and memories.

    Through your efforts you gave the world a wondeful gift.

    Travel safely and hopefully you will keep us updated on your blog. I am also hoping to see some more wonderful photographs of the places you & Donna visit.

    The very best to you both. Take Care, Be Well and Be Happy.

  124. Jo Bradley Says:

    Hi Donna and Carlos!
    As someone who has did wildlife rehab for 24 years, I want you to know that from what I saw, you did no wrong. You provided an Owl Box, other people provide bird houses and food stations. You never intruded or interfered, nor fed the owls. You had cameras that did not disturb them. Flashes would have happened had anyone else who did photography seen the birds. You provided education and understanding. I would guess there are far fewer people out there poisoning mice, rats and pigeons because they learned about secondary poisoning. Children saw nature where they may have never experienced it. You are right about the kooks. Please do not question yourselves. I do think one year is plenty to give up for the two of you. Thanks you for everything – “dennens”, pepl ,s

  125. Rose Ann Says:

    I was SO hoping you would broadcast, but I most certainly understand your decision. Thank you so very much, and I’m proud to say “…I was part of it”. God Bless!!

  126. Dianne Shoffner Says:

    To say thank you sounds shallow. Saying thank you is not enough for all you have done. You will never know the joy the Royal family brought to so many. Enjoy your travels and maybe our paths will cross again. God be with you and grant you peace.

  127. Ranyart Says:

    Carlos, Donna, and Austin
    Thank you for the magic. It’s meant more than you’ll ever know.
    Fare well in your travels.
    Gee that was fun and I was part of it!
    Deet deet deet.
    Love love love.

  128. christine Says:

    I’m sorry to hear that people caused you so much grief. The world has become a crazy place. Thank you for sharing the owl box with us last year. It was fun and my granddaughter and I learned alot about owls and have a new appreciation for birds. Enjoy 2011 and all your travels!

  129. Kathy Weed Says:

    Dear Carlos, Donna & Austin,
    I struggle for words to express my shock that while bringing so much happiness and joy to so many, you were dealing with such negativity. How can we ever hope for world peace when there is disharmony over a family of owls. As a result, I am filled with even more love and admiration for you for continuing the broadcast for as long as you did and for having been so upbeat and funny on the air.

    Molly, McGee and all the owlets will live on forever in my heart. Who could have guessed that millions of people would fall in love with them and follow their every move: anticipating the hatchings, rejoicing over headless critters offered for dinner, crying over losing the babies, reminding ourselves to breath when each owlet would step out the door the first time. Thank you just doesn’t seem enough to let you know that all that you did and sacrificed is appreciated. Please let all the kind words and loving thoughts expressed in these many posts help you to forget the bad stuff.

    Please do keep us posted about your travels and any owl sightings. Wishing you happy travels. God bless.


  130. Elizabeth or ET27 Says:

    Take time to smell the roses, watch the sunsets, see the world – just remember that you have created a very large “family” that will be waiting to see your photos of all of the above :-)

    Gee it really WAS fun and I’m so glad I was part of it. A once in a lifetime (or twice) experience that taught us all so much.

    Thank you again and again!!

    Elizabeth (one of your Canadian “family” members)

  131. Mary Jozwiak Says:

    Donna and Carlos- Thank you so much for sharing the Owl Box with us! I hope you both enjoy your year traveling and that you and your family enjoy good health so that you can continue to see and experience new things. Im hoping you keep in touch through your blog. We will miss you but I totally understand why you won’t be broadcasting. It is a lot of work and commitment and its unfortunate to learn that some people are not very understanding and seem to only care to cause trouble and unhappiness. Im sorry that you had to deal with these types of people!
    I wish you good luck and thank you again for sharing Molly and McGee and their family with us!
    God Bless You! Mary Jozwiak

  132. Diane Ballou Says:

    Carlos and Donna,

    I was so saddened to hear of the complaints brought against you. I cried as I read this post, of course some for that I will miss seeing another owl broadcast with you and Donna, but more because of the the negative aspects that were brought into your lives.

    I can not say thank you enough for this amazing experience that you brought into my life. The Owl Box and all of the friends I made here has made a horrible year of health manageable, and kept my spirits up. Laughter truly is the best medicine…and I got a lot of it here!

    I will never forget this entire experience, including your wonderful voice and how I looked forward to you popping up on my screen every day.

    Thank you for keeping the Cafe Press site up for a while. I just made some purchases with holiday money I received. I am saving up for a few more items, especially now that I know that there won’t be another broadcast.

    I wish you and your family all the best. I will miss you just as much as I will miss the owls. MY year of the owl has been fantastic!!

    Gee, that was fun and I was part of it!


  133. Theresa Says:

    ♪♫ …Molly Max Pattison Austin Wesley Donna Carlos Molly and McGee ♪♫
    All good things must come to an end but this one will NOT be forgotten. Thank-you, thank-you for

  134. donna smith Says:

    Dear Carlos and Donna,
    It’s hard to know how to tell you what a wonderful year you have given me. I am older than you are and this has been an experience I never dreamed of. I have been aware of some cruel comments and people during this time- all new to my experience. I wish you very happy travel time. Know that we will miss you enormously. You are in our prayers. Stay safe.
    Many hugs. Should you want to see a delightful southern town, visit us in Aiken!!

  135. Suzie2 Says:

    I am saddened to read this today, but certainly do respect your decision.

    One of the things I loved about the Owl Box was that when the rest of the world seemed to be going insane; I could always count on the owls to remind me of the real blessings of our world and that there are many outstanding and marvelous people in our world (the best chatters anywhere).
    They, unfortunately, do not get as much press coverage as the ones do as of late , but they do exist and I take much comfort in that knowledge.

    I am sorry to read abut the threats you endured; I have no patience with bullies.

    Thank you so much for giving us Molly, McGee and the babies of both clutches. It was, indeed, a lifetime experience and I know I will never forget it…they live in my heart.
    Take good care…I hope you will continue this blog.

  136. Joyce Hebert Says:

    thank you so much for enduring all and still giving us memories for a lifetime…best wishes on our travels and have a happy life.

  137. Lisa Says:

    Thank you to Carlos, Donna, Austin, and everyone “behind the scenes” who worked tirelessly to create such a wonderful experience in 2010. I wish you all the best in the new year and beyond. You have brought so much joy to so many of us, you deserve every bit of freedom and happiness you can grasp. Have a wonderful year!

  138. mandozee Says:

    Carlos & Donna: all I can say is thank you. Life is short, injoy it while you can. You and the owls will be missed. But the door has been opened and it can never be closed. Stay in touch if/when you can. You are family as are all the MODS around the world.

    Happy Travels, Bud & Deb aka mandozee & Jarkorgogo

  139. Lucy Sanders Says:

    Dear Carlos & Donna,

    I am so sorry that you received threats and other problems while broadcasting the Owl Box. What a shame our country has become this way, a change needs to happen! I am sorry there won’t be a viewing of a 3rd clutch but certainly understand! I wish you the very best in your travels. Thank you so much for all that you shared with the world. I will never forget 2010 and “The Owl Box & the Royal’s”. You all are fantastic!

    Best Wishes forever, Lucy (silent MOD from Troy, Ohio)

  140. maia Says:

    To Carlos and Donna, watching the second clutch was a great memory, i will never forget it.It brought joy to my life . I am sad & disappointed however i unerstand . If you do decide to broadcast at some point let me know. Thankyou very much to the two of you for everything you have done.

  141. Irene Hercules Says:

    Carlos and Donna,
    I wish nothing but the best for your travel plans. You two have given enough of yourselves this year that far outweighs what we have received. I will remember the Molly Box for a long time, and I am 80 years old, but still a child lives in me to enjoy this experience. Thanks to you both, and Happy Trails!!!

  142. Liela M. Maielua Says:

    Hoping the two of you have many adventures in 2011, enjoy life while you still have your health. Keep in touch through the blog when time permits and let us know if Molly & McGee are still around. Thanks for the memories of a lifetime.

  143. flukestail Says:

    A myriad of emotions upon reading this news…

    One of my favorite quotes:

    “At the moment of commitment, the universe conspires to assist you.” Thanks to the universe for its assistance in January, 2010.

    As I often said goodnight to my MOD friends during Molly watches,…

    Now I lay me down to sleep
    I know for sure tonight I’ll weep
    Since I can’t see our Molly again,
    Since this is really the final end…

    As we lay our “Molly” to sleep
    Our hearts and memories, forever we’ll keep.

    With love and gratitude forever to Carlos & Donna Royal.

  144. Janet Says:

    I understand and respect your decision, and I believe I would make the same choice. I am so glad that I was a part of the 2nd Clutch. Thanx for a wonderful experience!

  145. BJ Utgard Says:

    Dear Carlos and Donna,

    The second clutch was a “bonus”. I never expected even that as it was clear how much effort it took to keep it streaming and the chat room safe. Thank you for doing that for us and God Bless you and your family as you go forward with your dreams.
    BJ Utgard

  146. Says:

    Carlos, Donna and Austin,
    I think you have made the right decision. You gave us the opportunity to see two clutches hatch and fledge and be able to make comparisons between the two. It was an experience I will never forget. But sometimes if you try to repeat an experience it just doesn’t live up to the first time around.
    I am so sorry you were threatened…I had no idea your critics were carrying things that far. As I listen to CNN’s coverage of the Tucson shootings, I tend to agree with you. One just never knows when someone will carry out his/her threats.
    So thank you once again for sharing Molly and McGee and the Owl Box with us. I will always have a special place in my heart for owls because of it. I also appreciate having had the opportunity to “get to know” you and your family and all the other talented people who came to be associated with the Owl Box. You are all very special!
    Enjoy life!!!

  147. Terry Fischer Says:

    I read the posts often. There was an incredible amount of healing going on as people watched the owl family live their lives. No matter what was happening in the box it was a respite for me to tune into these lives that were as rich and deep as any human ones I’ve known. I have forever changed how I view any animals that I encounter. I know you have special stars in your crowns for the efforts you have made to share this time with us. Thank you sincerely. Terry

  148. Tammie Franklin Says:

    Carlos & Donna – Austin, Eric, John and everyone else that created a Magical Experience! I am sorry to hear that you had to (and maybe still are) deal with such meanness! I truly enjoyed the experience. I have watched my Molly DVD, listened to my CD and wear all of my T-shirts with excitement! I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Molly, McGhee, & families – Peace, Love, Community…. I have a Molly & McGhee “special” place in my heart and in our home. Take Care and Enjoy your Travels.. Tammie & Tiffany aka Sunshine41

  149. Lisa Says:

    When I had my son, my friend told me, “Life is all about creating wonderful memories” and that is just what you have done! Not only for me but for the entire world who was lucky enough to watch!

    The Lord never makes a mistake and you have the last name that describes who you are. You are both the most selfless and dedicated and generous human beings I have ever known. This is not the end but the beginning of many more wonderful memories with many more Royal baby owlets to come into the world as they branch out and all start their own families!

    Thank you with all my heart for the “Wonderful Memories” that you have created for all the world to see!

    God Bless you and your entire family including those beautiful Royal Owls! May you now go create more personal wonderful memories in your travels. You deserve it!

    We all love and thank you and greatly appreciate all you did to add joy to our lives and the owls lives too!!

    Bless you!


  150. Melanie Says:

    Although it is sad to think that we will never see our famous owl dual again, I understand and agree. You and Donna need to move on with your lives, plans & dreams. None of us know what tomorrow holds. That’s why they say ‘never put off ’til tomorrow, what you can do today’. The time has come.

    Thank you both so much for your time and effort. We were all blessed to have you share Molly, McGee and both clutches with us. I think that we learned a great deal from this experience.

    Enjoy your travels. God bless. ^j^

  151. Nancy Says:

    Carlos and Donna,

    Thank you so much for the time you have invested in making all of us appreciate the beauty in nature and the pure joy in learning and “living” with the owls. You have been an inspiration and appreciate all the two of you done for all of us.

    Take the time to enjoy your life and you’ll be able to say “Gee that was fun and I was part of it”

    Travel mercies to both you and Donna and I hope you will continue to blog and share your beautiful pictures.

    Thank you again – it was amazing,

  152. ItsAllAboutMeToo Says:

    Carlos & Donna: It was so much fun to be part of this joyful experiance and I want to thank you both from the bottom of my heart. I loved getting on the site and watching Molly & McGee and their little owlets, and also getting to know you both via the broadcasts. You are truely remarkable people! I have learned so much about barn owls & have learned to love them dearly. Who knew this could be so exciting! I wish you both the very best and I hope the blog continues. Have fun in your travels. Thank you again for letting us all be a part of this marvelous experiance.

  153. Julie Says:

    Carlos and Donna,
    Such disappointing news, but I understand your decision. I will never forget Molly, McGee and the 6 owlets- such an uplifting, wonderful experience!

  154. Piesupper Says:

    Don’t sell your equipment Carlos. We will all hope for 2012. I will miss most rushing to get up in the morning to hear your broadcasts. It was such a comforting way to start the day. I somehow knew we were witnessing something so unique and special, a once in a life time experience, that was worth putting everything aside and watching as much as possible.

    Wonderful things continue to happen in this world and it would be one of those things if you do broadcast again. We will all be here waiting.


    • PegRod Says:

      Yes Piesupper, my thoughts, too! Carlos is a wise, and not so old, owl – MODs Forever will wait Forever because we were part of it! Part of the heart of The Owl Box will always include the Royal We (US)! (((hearts and hugz for all)))

  155. Treehouse Says:

    Thank you Carlos and Donna, for your dedication and your sacrifice. What a trip it was and you both made it all possible. It was a year in my life that was made magical and never to be forgotten.

  156. Sandra Benowitz Says:

    Carlos and Donna, as much as I loved my journey with Molly, McGee, and the owlets, I completely understand your decision.
    I know that you probably don’t remember me from one of the EB lunches. However, I did ask you if you ever thought you’d get another career after supposedly retiring.
    I wish you both the very best.
    “This was so much fun, and I was a part of it.”

  157. Treehouse Says:

    Thank you Carlos and Donna for your dedication and sacrifice. What a year this was and you made it a magical year of my life that I will never forget. The best to you both as you get on with your lives. Fly free…………

  158. Cheryl in KCMO Says:

    Thank you Carlos and Donna for all your efforts in educating us on “Owlology”. We are all better people for this experience and wish you well. Please enjoy your travels and spending time with your family, and don’t let the mean people get you down. Take care and God Bless.

  159. Sally L Dausch Says:

    thank you seems so inadequate a word for what you and your family have done for millions of people. you have opened the minds and hearts of so many while sharing M/M 1 and 2 clutches. and because of your sharing we now have several other boxes to watch so all your hard work and love for these beautiful creatures will go on, thank you and enjoy your travels, let us know from time to time what you and your family are up to, we love you all………:) God Bless


  160. Colleen Poor Says:

    Hi Carlos and Donna,
    I’m not surprised you’re not going to broadcast and totally understand, especially after finding out how much equipment, time and then the threats to you, Donna and to the owls themselves. BUT let me also say, it was a totally blessing and experience I will always cherish and remember when I look at all the pictures in the books (yes, I ordered both the photo books) and when watching the video Austin did. You guys gave us almost a year of your lives and I thank you so much for doing so. Please have a great 2011 traveling and enjoying each other and I hope you’ll post a picture or two of your travels as we would miss not hearing from you.

    Take care and God speed on your trips!

  161. catsmommy Says:

    Althugh I am saddened by this announcement, I totally understand… and Agree.
    Thankyou for everything over the year and Blessings for a great re-retirement.

  162. Chuck "Surfzen" Says:

    While our country’s legislators spent the year fighting one another and we continued losing American lives for causes too complicated to comprehend, you, Donna and Austin opened a window to visit the doings of God’s little creatures which was a true blessing for those of us fortunate enough to participate in some way. Thank you, thank you, thank you. God bless your family,

  163. Kim Says:

    Couldn’t finish Deb’s video for the tears. I totally understand your decision, Carlos. Your grace, integrity and humor made this a once in a lifetime experience we will never, ever forget. Thank you, Carlos, Donna, Austin, Ashley, Eric, John, Molly, McGee and all the little ones there and all over the world who will benefit from your conservation talks and donations and from all the owl boxes that will be erected and followed because of what you’ve learned. We are so grateful to you!

    With love and admiration,

    Kim and Dave Gorman

  164. Jerri Weed Says:

    Dear Royal Family,
    You and M&M Made History and has Opened so Many others Chapters. KS will Miss YOU ALL SO… VERY MUCH!! KSBORN is Breaking out ShamWoW as Writing this. You Will Be Missed So Much but When I do Get Up Everyday I see a Beautiful Print Of Molly and Max and The 4 Owletts. Will Treasure The Books As Well Forever.
    Please Enjoy The Next Chapter In Your Life and Stop by the Blog and Say Hi To Us.
    Life is Short as you Say and You and Donna Need To Enjoy Every Bit it Offers.
    All My Luv To EveryThing You Have Done For Us,

    Gee That Was Fun and KS was Part Of It!!

    Thank U Again And Hugs From Phoenix,AZ–KSBORN

  165. Raya Lichansky Says:

    Dear Carlos and Donna!

    It’s a disappointment, but not unexpected, that you won’t be broadcasting the Owl Box in 2011. The memories of 2010 will remain forever in our minds and hearts, and in case we should forget how much fun it was and that we were part of it, we have the e-book and the DVD!

    I want to compliment you both enormously for the fact that you didn’t make us part of the bad (human!) stuff, that, as we now know, was part of the Molly expience for you! You gave us, owlaholics, the opportunity to keep ours beautiful and frought with so many and often overwhelming emotions about the owls.
    Your commitment to us was as remarkable as that to Molly and here family. Many, many thanks for all you did to all of them and us!

    Marjon and myself wish you a wonderful year with great new experiences wherever you are going to go. If ever you decide to let us know by means of this blog how you’ve fared, and maybe even how the Owl Box is doing, we’ll be happy to know!

    All the very best, stay well and healthy,

    Raya & Marjon
    Amsterdam, the Netheerlands

  166. TOPPSY Says:

    All I can add==is ditto==to so many super compliments you’ve gotten over and over.
    We all enjoyed the 24 hour fantasy life of becomming part of nature.
    Thank you for the time you took and works you did.
    I have been included into alot of chat-rooms over the years,,but this by far, was the most enjoyable and educational.
    **deet deet deet**

  167. So sad that you had to have the negative influences thrown at you. But Wow – to you Royals – what a gift you have given us. And the friendships we’ve made through M&M are so loving. It was a wondrous experience beyond belief and we have many good memories.
    Travel safe and enjoy. It would be wonderful if you would be able to put some pics on the blog on occasion. Our hearts are with you.
    What a light you have lit along the way.
    Again, thank you so much.
    Nan & Trinity

  168. PegRod Says:

    The Royal Owl Box Family lives on in VacaChat with Sunday afternoon “Story Time with Zorro”. The story writing session is hosted by “DotRot” with sign up usually between 2 and 3 pm Pacific time. Chatters who want to participate (and this is fun for ALL) sign up for a number. Dot starts the The Owl Box story off and then each chatter takes turns. No one knows what the story will be until we write it and there are often lots of twists and turns and laughter and some tears.

    VacaDude keeps his “Laughing Outside the Box” Clutch 2 cartoons free for all to see and has added a new one for 2011!

    • Katy Says:

      Thanks from the bottom of our hearts for this reminder and site posts, PegRod!!! Yippee! I bookmarked them all and look forward to renewing old friends and cartoon laughs!

  169. themauimom Says:

    It’s time to fledge … Spread your wings and travel on. I guess we knew this day would come and I’m sure it’s as hard for you as it was for Carrie and Wesley. Thank you so much for sharing this experience with us and your special family. I’ll miss you and Donna, take care. MOD’s forever!

  170. Eleanor Dodge Says:

    Lots of LOVE to you and Donna for all you have done and I personally understand all your reasons for not broadcasting again this year. I fully agree with you that it was a once in a lifetime experience and I am eternally grateful to you, Donna and Austin for all you have done for us. I will be enjoying my DVD and my coffee table book when it arrives this month. And of course I will always wear my MOD pendent with great pride. Enjoy your travels and look forward to keeping up to date with your blog.
    Much Love and Hugz

  171. joly2u Says:

    Carlos and Donna, only today I was reflecting on the experience of the owls, thinking how utterly unexpected their personalities were. Thinking how, when we see them living their lives, they are no different than our beloved pets and in most ways, ourselves–yet they live their lives out of our view, unknown to us and therefore under-appreciated.
    Kind of like you, Carlos and Donna, under-appreciated by a few whose mean-spirited, jealous, hypocritical natures blinded them to the light you were enabling. But for the rest of us, it is a life-altering experience. And you yourselves were a necessary and integral part of the lessons and the joys, not just providers. Your willingness to do what you did and your joy in doing it have touched me deeply.
    Only you have ever provided such a complete view, Carlos, and if you had not done it well, that would have broken my heart. Instead, your intelligent, creative and compassionate response to need as the needs became apparent, brought joy. I hope you and Donna will keep a little opening in your hearts for the possibility that after a lengthy time out, you might want to broadcast again next year, at least for one clutch. Perhaps a gentle wind will sweep through our country and times will change yet again.
    No one has given us the scope of observation and the integrity of method that you did, Carlos, and I think I did realize how much sacrifice it was, and there was always persecution. I suspect the uncalled-for belligerence of many remarks in response to your New Year’s blog had something to do with dampening your joy in this project.
    As you pointed out, Carlos, it’s not just you, it’s our society today. I had already experienced that shock when I became a fan of Susan Boyle, the “Molly” of the human world. It was even far worse there, to the point that around the world many of us rose up and answered it, and I think made some genuine changes in some things.
    So please keep us in your hearts as we keep you in ours. I plead with you to continue blogging. We are genuinely fond of you and would miss you very much. And your example is needed in the world.

    • LibLana Says:

      So well put, joly2u! I don’t think Carlos will broadcast again, and I can understand why. Everything else you said is what I would say to the Royals. Bravo to you!

  172. Says:

    I for one am glad too hear of your decision. As someone asked the other day if you would broadcast again. And I said no, because you both love to travel. And these are your golden years and you should do want you want not be tied down with such a huge comment. I for one understood the huge sacrifice you both made. Although my funniest comment of the golden years is when entering them myself, my Uncle said the only golden thing you will see is your pee!!! But you both deserve your freedom. Their other sites I can and will enjoy, as I am as my nickname states AJ4thebrds. In your travel and if you are still doing the blog, post a cool bird/animal or flower every now and then. So peace/happiness and love to both of you and Donna enjoy the Daffodils this year. As my other passion is flowers/gardening also. Smile

  173. spinjenny Says:

    I completely understand why you don’t want to broadcast again this year, though I hope perhaps in 2012 you might reconsider, particularly if you have kestrels breeding.

    I also hope you will continue to update us (when you are home) on Molly and McGee and the other wildlife, and post some of your still photographs.

    Have a great 2011, Carlos and Donna!

  174. Lorraine Hofmann Says:

    Good for you! I think that you should get back to “life” before Molly and agree wholeheartedly with your decision.

  175. Thank you for all you did for us to bring this magnificient bird to our lives. You have opened the doors to many other owl cams that we all can watch and learn from. I do totally understand how you must feel and we all need to respect it. You and Donna and your family are truly wonderful people and have touched so many lives. Please take care and have wonderful vacations as you surely do deserve it! God Bless you and your family!!! Thank you again!

  176. Kathie Utt Says:

    I am saddened to hear that you will no longer be broadcasting but truly understand the reasoning behind it. You brought so much joy to myself, my family and so many others – I don’t think I will ever experience such closeness with total strangers. Molly, McGee and all of the owlets will live on in my memory to the end. Thank you!!

  177. Melodie Penton Says:

    Carlos and Donna, You both remain friends of ours forever! Please send emails from time to time and pictures from your travels. We not only love Molly and McGee, but we love you both! Enjoy each day and many blessing in all you do! Thank-you both for a once in a life time experience! Melodie

  178. karen plate Says:

    From me to you: Thank You for giving all of us a beautiful experience with Molly and McGee:) I for one will never forget your sacrifice’s to make all MOD’s happy and I thank you all for that. Take care but keep us posted from time to time on your journey’s:)

  179. Pam Zunick Says:

    Thank you so much for the wonderful work you have done in the past year! I don’t think I will ever forget it. I wish you well in your travels!

  180. hummerzz Says:

    Carlos & Donna,
    Thank you for bringing Molly, McGee & Owlets into my life. This truly was an experience of a lifetime and I will always treasure being a part of it.
    Through the tears and laughter, the Owlbox has taught me so many valuable life lessons.
    And Carlos, I will always remember your smile and your positive outlook on life.
    Enjoy your travels with Donna and keep all of us updated from time to time.
    God bless you & your family.
    Fly free Molly, McGee & Owlets!!!

    Linda (hummerzz)

  181. Eileen Says:

    Dear Carlos, Donna and Austin (and Molly & McGee!)

    Live in laughter
    Live in love
    You’re family we’ll be thinking of.

    Share the seasons
    Share and grow;
    Take us with you where you go.

    Travel far.
    When journey ends,
    Come back safely to your friends.

    With all best wishes, and many, many thanks.

  182. Kenneth Patchen Says:

    I am glad you are taking up your retirement dreams again. The Molly and McGee pause was wonderful for all of us, although you did bear the brunt of it. It certainly will be a wonderful tale told through the generations in your family.

    I am not surprised to hear there was a downside to some of the reaction to what you did. I would prefer to leave wildlife alone too, but I know a popular audience to support wildlife-centric values needs to exist and that audience has neither the time, patience, money or opportunity to experience our fellow critters. What you did helped many. I would not be surprised if there are some ornithologists being hatched in some of those classrooms you spoke too.

    I will remember you, all the fine chat room friends, the learning and adventure, the music and two birds who paid the tuition to send a kid to college. May the good quantuum mechanics of the universe bless us all.


  183. Sandra Everest Says:

    Even tho very disappointed that there will be no broadcast next year, I totally understand why and am horrified to note the abuse by disturbed folks who didn’t like the site. What a shame that so few can influence an innocent barn owl life cycle program; crazies are everywhere. Please keep in touch with your comings and goings; I for one consider you a friend – you touched us all as did Molly and McGee and all her friends.

  184. Juanita Hood Says:

    Clutch 1 and 2 were so amazing, intertaining and educational. We will always remember Molly, McGee and families. But most of all we will remember the human family the “Royals” who opened up their home and their hearts to so many across the world with a “commom barn owl”. Wow that was wonderful and we were a part of it. Wish I could travel with you. It would be the trip of a lifetime. Take Care and God’s speed. Nannytx

  185. vicki Says:

    I’m so sorry you have had to deal with the “dark side” of notoriety. I will always remember the gift you and Donna gave us. Not just the glimpse into the barn owl world but your diligence, time and humor made this past year a very special event. I almost think it is better this way–my positive memories of all that you gave to us can never be duplicated.

    I hope you and Donna have a wonderful time enjoying all the fun in your future. You both are truly an exceptional couple and I hope the rest of my life can be as bonded and joyful as yours and Donna’s is.

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

    Vicki (my5kids)

  186. Elaine Says:

    You have made the right decision. I’m deeply saddened that you had to risk lawsuits (and worse). I guess that is the price for popularity in this country, sad to say. And you’re also right in saying that you mustn’t delay your dreams. Maybe you can keep us posted if you see additional clutches in the owlbox.

    Please know that you and Donna have all our respect and admiration for the kind way you allowed us into your home and lives. Be well! Wishing you many blessings and good health in 2011.

    Elaine & Tatiana, 9yo

  187. Dear Donna & Carlos,
    I respect your decision, as it is hard to walk away from something one has enjoyed so much. Thank you for sharing the year with the world. Be safe in your adventures and stay healthy! Would enjoy photos & updates from time to time! Prem se, Kay

  188. Kendra Linkous Says:

    Carlos and Donna, your attention to Molly and the Owl box last year has been greatly appreciated. It has been an experience I will never forget. I have both calendars and purchased the Molly book and the 2 coffee table books, so they will be forever in my heart. Thanks for all you have done.

  189. encinitaskj Says:

    It’s all been said eloquently but my personal thank you for an amazing, heartwarming experience. I, too, have and will be receiving, the coffee table books, mugs, calendars etc. memories I will cherish. I wish you only the best always.

  190. Lynda Says:

    I have loved owls since I was a young girl. I had a huge collection of everything owl for a very long time. When I heard about your owl box, I was thrilled. I so enjoyed watching the two clutches through your eyes! I know it took more effort than we can possibly imagine for you three to gift us this privilege. I thank you for the opportunity. I pray you have safe travels and enjoy life “outside the box”! And…how exciting that because of M&M, Austin has college almost paid for – a privilege indeed! Blessings on your journey!

  191. Linda Stauffer Says:

    I am sad to hear that you won’t be broadcasting this year but I understand why. I know this took up a huge part of your life. I watched all last year and wouldn’t have missed it for the world. What a wonderful experience. I have a new respect for owls. You and Donna will always be a special part of our life and I’m glad I was able to join in the fun. It was a very educational experience for us and our eight year old son. We have Austin’s great DVD to remember the experience. Looking forward to our clutch books. Take care and enjoy your traveling in 2011.

    Linda Stauffer
    Harrisburg, PA

  192. Donna Koski Says:

    I am sorry to see everything come to an end, it was wonderful. I do know about threats etc I wrote and won a contest in Wis once, it was in the newspaper just once and I got so many threats I had to change my tele number. And had the cops drive by often. It was a good, nice article. But there are those out there that just like to plan harm for no reason or to change other’s pleasure, they hate the world, I guess. I hope you have a wonderful life you brought pleasure to many, God Bless

  193. linaz Says:

    Thank you so much, Carlos and Donna. I understand your position completely. I think you have made a wise decision, considering all the wackiness in the world today.

    Thank you for the experience of Molly and McGee and the owlets. I will forever cherish the time I that spent with them and how wonderful it was to share their lives.

    Enjoy your trips, enjoy life. Thank you again for being such a great couple.
    linaz (Linda)

  194. Lynne Townsend Says:

    Dear Carlos and Donna,
    Oh my, where to start! Your broadcast of clutches 1 and 2 was a blessing to so many, and enjoyed world wide. I understand why you won’t be broadcasting again totally, but my heart is heavy. As I said once in chat–“once in every life, someone comes along”—-and for all of us, that was the two of you, the owl box, and your dedication to the project. I know that it grew to gigantic proportions, but what a wonderful thing it was!!!
    I wish you all good things in your travels, enjoy each minute and each other. Each day is precious for each one of us, and you deserve all good things.
    If by chance–you happen to see the owls, please keep us “in the loop” with a post on the Molly’s Box site.
    Thanks again for all you have done—-I am so glad I had the chance to be a part of it!

    Love to you both,
    Lynne Townsend(LynneMcKay)

  195. Bobbi Says:

    Carlos and Donna,

    I was very sad to read this email yesterday, but am so grateful for all you brought to us last year. You filled our houses with laughter, education, and good times, and we’ll never forget Molly, McGee, Max, Pattison, Austin, Wesley, Ashley, Carrie, Kelly, Jodi, Mockz, Tauntz and the rest of the cast.

    Thank you for your generosity in letting us all see the two clutches. I hope that you and Donna have a wonderful year in your travels, and that Molly, McGee, and any other little owlets that may come along come to visit you while you are home.

    Happy trails to you.

    Mahalo and Aloha,


  196. Carol Watt Says:

    Carlos and Donna what you shared with us was so outstanding. I would of never thought you were that old. I wish you the best in whatever you decide to do. Think about passing the tourch on to that awsome Austin who created the DVD (HA) I am so sorry there are people out there that couldn’t find anything good to do with thier lives. You gave us so much knowledge and WOW experiances. All the nature showes can learn from you. One of the best parts besides hearing from you was the fact that no matter what time of day or night it was you could always watch and see what was going on in the owl box. Enjoy your travles and if ever going through Yakima, WA I would love to buy you dinner and a Starbucks.

  197. Vista Joan Says:

    Dear Carlos and Donna, Many thank you’s for the Molly experience! Get out there and see the world. My husband retired early and that is what we did. Now in our late 70’s and a health issue and the hassle of air travel has curtailed our adventures. Always look forward to updates on your blog.
    Happy Travels, Vista Joan

  198. PegRod Says:

    For Molly and Owl Box Fans who like to write fiction (or are willing to “give it a go!”), and have grown to understand tears and laughter, there is a new challenge on National Public Radio (NRP)for story writing called “Three-Minute Fiction” – Deadline Sunday, January 23, 2011. Read more about it here:

  199. Kit Says:

    Dear Royals, I totally agree with your decision. As a 2 clutch MOD, I would love to see M & M again but understand the work and stress. We are installing our own owl box so we may have an owl family as well and help out owls in our area. You are due your peace and privacy as do Molly and McGee. I will always be grateful for the effort it took you guys to bring the owls to us and I’m sure it has enlightened many viewers to the plight of nature and what we can do to help preserve it. It was fun and I will always treasure being a part of it. Thanks!

    Kit Merritt (pensacolakit)

  200. Diane Says:

    Carlos and Donna,
    Just a “thank you” does not seem enough to show my gratitude for what you have made possible to so many people. I loved watching Molly and both of her “families”. I started watching when my daughter my daughter who lives in Denver told me about the website and I began watching the day Wesley’s egg hatched and never stopped watching. It was so fascinating and I was addicted to listening you talk. You really made the whole show! You and Donna gave of yourselves so much and I am so indebted to you both. May you and Donna have a wonderful time travelling this year. Please keep in touch with us all–I bet I can speak for so many of us MODs in the fact that we feel we are losing two very close friends. We would love to hear from you from time to time. May God bless you and your family. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. If you ever do see Molly and McGee start another family this Spring, could you please do an email now and again and keep us updated??
    Diane from Montana

    • Shirley Charlton Says:

      Yes please keep us updated once in a while on our emails about how Molly and McGee are doing if you see them again. Then it won’t hurt so bad that we can’t see them again.

  201. Kit Says:

    Forgot to add I will MISS you guys so much…Carlos, Donna, Austin, Molly, McGee, Max, Pattison, Austin, Wesley, Dudley, Ashley, Carrie, Kelly, Jodi, John, Eric, Chris, Barlycorn and all of the MODs!! Y’all take care!!


  202. Anne Martin Says:

    Dearest Donna and Carlos, I have prayed over your family and Molly’s family since I found you; considering the times you are making a very wise decision. I thank your family for their time and talents; I’m glad I have lots of Molly stuff to remember my time with Molly’s box; thank you for making that happen. I wish your family the best and I thank you for giving me my new family of chatter friends; we laugh, get through tough times, pray together, and tease each other until we rofl–it is great and I am a part of it! May the Lord bless you as you travel down the road that He has prepared for you.

  203. Healani Says:

    How sad. There is always those miserable people who just cannot stand seeing other people happy. What a shame. I am sorry you had to go through the threat of lawsuits etc. You and Donna brought a lot of joy to many all around the world. Never forget that. Hope we will hear from time to time how your travels are going. God Bless you and your family.

  204. Diane Says:

    Carlos, Donna and Austin,
    You have become part of my family… Thank you for providing this outlet and learning experience for all of us. You gave your heart and sole to Molly, McGee and the MODs over the last year, and it has been truly appreciated. I will miss Molly, McGee, their offspring, and most of all the commentator for KOWL drinking his Royal Mocha in the mornings. It is time for all of us to live our dreams and go on with life. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.


  205. Karen Piper Says:

    Thank you for all that you and your family have done to brighten our lives with the experience of Molly and McGee! I hope that you keep your blog going, as I truly enjoy checking in on the world of the Royals!

  206. Ricki Says:

    You and your family + M & M, the owlets, Eric, Chris and John made 2010 a most exciting, enjoyable, entertaining and educational year for me.
    I have all my mementos to remind me of all you gave to us to look at each day to remember this wonderful experience.
    Happy trails…….

  207. flukestail Says:

    MODS: Your responses to the “No Broadcast” news inspired me with an idea. I wrote to Eric asking him to consider this and have included it here.
    If you are interested in this, I urge you to let him know the same at

    Dear Eric,

    I know your baby is due any day, so I understand you won’t be able to put this on your radar for a while.

    I’m writing to you about the announcement by Carlos & Donna Royal that there will be no broadcasting of Molly & the owl box.

    I’ve been reading the many responses from the chatters. They understand the Royals’ decision, but they are heavy-hearted and left feeling quite wistful.

    The emotions expressed, the feelings shared…
    they gave me an idea that I wanted to pass along to you. Although you have created numerous items
    for us all to purchase and enjoy (I’m the person who’s also urged you to do M&M bookends to hold the beautiful books you’ve written, as well as Carlos’ photo books),

    I want to re-suggest to you one last item inspired by the overwhelming response to the “no broadcast” news: wind chimes.

    Wind chimes designed with memories of Molly & her brood…e.g. Molly (or M&M) sitting on the top, and each dangling string/wire holds her owlets, and one string holds an unhatched egg.

    Every time one hears the chimes, it would remind the owner of the Molly story…and all the facets involved. I personally have given wind chimes as farewell gifts to friends who’ve moved to various parts of the world, telling them that the “winds in the air travel the world…so when you hear these chimes, let it remind you of our time together…”.

    Wind chimes can be transported from one location to another. They can be handed down with books and videos in the telling of this story. They would be beautiful gifts.

    And I think there’d be huge interest.

    Chatters, MODS, fans…all would be attracted to the idea that these chimes would ring at different times in different parts of the world…just like the whole broadcast experience was…and it would be a constant, constant reminder of Molly, the Royals, etc.

    You’ve got your design and manufacturing colleagues already assembled.

    I strongly urge you to consider this as a truly, lasting “shared” piece of memorabilia that will continue to connect us all.

    Thank, Eric.

    • hyacinth Says:

      Flukestail, what a touching and eloquent idea! So many times I’ve read your comments in the chat room and here on the blog, thinking how your heart really epitomizes the spirit of the OwlBox in its purest form. I wish there were more out there like you. I will write Eric in support of your great idea.

    • Shirley Charlton Says:

      That sounds like a great idea Flukestail. I would purchase one for sure!

    • minasparrot Says:

      flukestail! that’s an awesome idea! I am about to get my very first house and I would love to have special windchimes!!!

    • Fluketail, I absolutely love your idea of a the windchime as a final closure piece in honor of Molly and McGee. I would for sure love to own one. It would make me feel as if Molly, McGee and their family were near by, just outside my window. I too will write Eric about your wonderful idea.
      Thank you for thinking of all of true Molly followers with a great way to cheer us up.

      Pam in Colorado

    • NatureLuver Says:

      Flukestail, great idea. I will email Eric too. Would love to have M&M wind chimes for myself and to give as gifts.

    • LibLana Says:

      I surely would purchase M/M wind chimes. Love the idea. Wondering if Chris Adams isn’t the person to create these since Eric is the writer not the artist of M/M stuff?

    • Thanks Flukestail for the kind words in your entry response #285 to mine #279. I know we all feel the way I do. Carlos said no broadcast in 2011…..but he didn’t say 2012….lol.
      Wishful thinking anyway! I just want you to know taht I did follow thru on contacting Eric about your idea on the windchimes and have not heard from him. Hoping others would also contact him.

  208. Lee Ann Says:

    Thank you Carlos, Donna, and Austin for all that you invested last year. It has been so much fun and educational, enlightening and inspiring. A real blessing!

    Best wishes from a Molly and family follower.

  209. Lisa A. Burns Says:

    Oh Carlos..and Donna…
    I will also, love you both, forever, for sharing our Molly, McGee, Clutch 1, and Clutch 2…your family, and your home!!
    My heart is broken,….but, I understand.
    With a heavy heart, I say Thank you..Thank You, Thank You!!!
    With Love, from NE FL,
    Lisa, An Owl Box, from San Marcos, California fan,..for life !!! :( sniff, sniff…
    Be Happy Royals !! xoxox

  210. A Royal fan Says:

    Soooooo sorry about all the problems you’ve encountered. Should’ve let us know – we would have ganged up on them! No doubt you’d have no more problems after we finished (hee hee).

    Take care and HAVE FUN!!!

  211. Mary Says:

    Carlos and Donna,
    I don’t have adequate words to sufficiently thank-you for the special gift you so generously gave to all of us – but especially to the more isolated special needs children and young adults who would would not have had this once in a lifetime opportunity if not for you. As a parent of a child with autism, I was amazed, deeply touched, and so very grateful to find that Molly, McGee and their owlets carried a magic all their own, able to penetrate barriers that normally limit human interactions and what can be a confusing and unmanageable world (sensory-wise) for an autistic person. The countless hours of curiosity, wonder, and joy we were able to experience with the OwlBox thanks to your enormous investment of time, expense, and unfailing dedication…well the remembrance brings me to tears just thinking about it. We saw progress and improvement with our son’s attention, ability to make eye contact, and even social skills over the many months of your broadcasts. No doubt, there are countless other families who experienced their own personal miracles over last year. It was truly gratifying to hear about ChatterChopz’s advances as well. How can we ever thank-you? I believe you are due for quite a few “Crowns in Heaven” in the next life but, for now, I hope and pray, there will be overwhelming joy and adventure ahead for you in this one! We keep you in our prayers each day. Blessings to both of you and safe travels on your next adventure. Thanks from the bottom of my heart.

  212. Carol C Says:

    Thanks for all the joy you brought me as I checked in on the owl box to relieve my brain from studying. I wholly support and commend you for coming to your decision. Gee it was fun while it lasted, but time to “cut the apron strings” and move on. Have a blessed 2011 and remainder of your journey on this planet. You and your family have been more than generous and kind while sharing a bit of your life with the world. I’ve got my coffee mug which makes me smile as I remember the owls and their broods. Now go take a nap!

  213. Ruby Slipper Says:

    Reminds me of the saying, no good deed goes unpunished. There will always be the naysayers, the nitpickers. The fact is thanks to the Royals, Molly, McGee and the kidz brought us joy, laughter in our lives when we so needed it. Even the tears reminded us all just our fragile life can be. These beautiful birds became like a warm blanket we could wrap ourselves around. Carlos, Donna, Austin, Molly, McGee and the kidz from both clutches we salute you. Remember, we are the majority.

  214. Joan S Says:

    Carlos, Donna, and family

    I discovered you and your owl box at a time when I was recovering from surgery, so all I could do was sit in the recliner and enjoy the owls. And enjoy, I did!!!!

    I understand your decision and fully agree. You guys added beauty and peace to a world that really needs it. I truly appreciate all you did during Molly and McGee’s raising of the two sets of owlets.

    From all the chattering I read, you guys helped lots of people at a time when the country was suffering from unemployment, stress, and much more. God bless you for all you did.

    Have fun in this next chapter of your life and I hope, one day, I will run into you somewhere in the USA.

    Joan Stewart
    North Carolina

  215. Irene Hanna Says:

    thank you so much for everything you did. Enjoy your travels.

  216. Selena Says:

    When I grow up I want to be just like Donna and Carlos! Thank you for the many memories we’ve shared. I will treasure the books for years to come. Gee that was fun – thank you for letting us be part of it!

  217. Virgene Colby-auntie_vee Says:

    Dear Royals, Molly was a once in a lifetime event which I will always cherish. The coffee table books will keep that event alive for me.

    Use that RV to see all the great things in the US and Canada. Safe traveling.


  218. Shirley Charlton Says:

    Carlos,My heart was very saddened when I read your Blog this morning that you weren’t going to show Molly and McGee’s Owl box in 2011. I can understand your reasons with wanting to live your life with having the freedom to do what you like doing best because life is too short. Also being afraid of all the threats. Some people out there are very sick! Thank you for sharing Molly and McGee’s first and second clutch. It was a fantastic experience for me and I know there will never be anything that wonderful for me again. You did a wonderful job of showing the Owls and Owlettes and I loved your updates every day. Nobody else will be able to match what you did for us to experience such a beautiful occurance. Happy travels to you and Donna. God Bless all of you!
    Shirley Charlton


    I’m disappointed of course but do understand. How sad you got threats. Let me just say that as a shut-in, I have so enjoyed this experience.
    Many years ago when I was a field birder, I got up at 4 a.m. to go on an owlwatch. I didn’t learn anything compared to this! Even through my studies and Project Feeder Watch at Cornell, this was by far my most educational and FUN experience.
    You have done more good by your site for so many of us, you have a special place in Heaven!
    Thank you so much for giving up almost a year of your life. You have done more for promoting owl boxes and bird study than most bird clubs ever do.
    I will always treasure this wonderful experience.



    I would love the windchimes … great idea!

  221. kaelin Says:

    Even though we are the majority at 99.9%, it can’t sufficiently make up for the way you were harshly criticized and pursued by a select few misguided individuals last year. I’m so deeply sorry for that. Whether they were simply hyper- passionate in their beliefs concerning wildlife or just out to cause mayhem wasn’t exactly clear. On the positive side, I hope you know there were quite a few well-known names from the OwlBox chat room posting online in your defense all along. The Mods never tired of defending your honor and setting the record straight.

    As someone from the “old school of class and fortitude” you never mentioned the growing harassment you were experiencing, but I could see some of the former joy and the light in your eyes begin to dim. That made me sad. You certainly saw the best of humanity, but you also saw the worst too. That’s what happens when millions become involved in the experience, I guess. You are justified in wanting to have a more private life now. Thank-You for keeping the Owlbox broadcast going for as long as you did with the strain you were under. I hope over time, that you will remember the millions of us who have always felt great loyalty and love torward you and will always think of you as our family.

    I did want to mention that the most high profile of these naysayers, who no doubt caused you the greatest pain, has now softened her opinions or at least has made an attempt to in recent weeks. Whether this new stance is due to a genuine change of heart or because she is in the process of writing another book and understands the economics of alienating OwlBox fans, I do not know. Either way, I am sure there is some regret on her part and I hope that one day you will receive the apology you so richly deserve. I pray so much for civility and tolerance in our country once again. Without it, we all lose. All the best to you now and in the future.

  222. Astrid Johnson Says:

    Dear Donna and Carlos, I can fully understand your decision of not broadcasting the Owls in 2011.
    After all, you gave all of us something so special and unforgetable to witness of Natures Kingdom, and we have our CD and Book to relive these wonderful moments of The Molly Family.You have given so much time and money to have make this possible, and I would once more say “Thank You” and may God Bless you.
    As always

  223. karen l moore Says:

    carlos and donna and austin and all–you are the VERY BEST—thanks so much for the experience—i’m so glad that you’ll be updating via the blog from time to time—i look forward to that—it’s always a bright spot in the day when i find a “molly’s box” email—have wonderful travels—and please remember that you are truly appreciated by us all—forever………………

    my thanks and my best—-have fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    karen moore

  224. PegRod Says:

    Carlos said previously that the archived Owl Box recordings will remain on Ustream.

    Right now there are two links to use found on Ustream – and you can sort the videos with tools on the page for “Most recent”, “Most viewed”, etc.

    1) Owl Box 1 (inside view-search “carlosroyal” on Ustream) – There are 803 recordings!

    2) Owl Box 2 (outside view-search “donnaroyal” on Ustream) – There are 229 recordings!

    Both VacaChat and the Social Stream have Movie Nights on Fridays and Saturdays to watch old recordings together with live chat!

    Also, selected videos are right here on Molly’s WordPress site –

    And, lots of Owl Box videos are on YouTube, too!

    Thousands of hours of free entertainment await those people who are not too timid to dive into the massive video archives found on the internet – Aren’t we a lucky bunch!

  225. Treva Roberts Says:

    Carlos as I read your posting this morning with a sense of loss, it is also with complete understanding and gratitude that I respect yours and Donna’s decision. Thank you so much for sharing your lives and the owl box with all of us. 2010 and the owl box was truly a once in a lifetime experience, which could not be duplicated. Thank you for sharing your lovely Ashley’s wedding,and Austin’s success in his education with preparation for college. The magic of the owl box brought so many of us together as a family unit that trully cares for one another. It’s my prayer that you feel comfortable enough and will continue to share excerpts of your life with us. Safe and happy trails to you and Donna. May GOD’s peace follow you and make HIS presence known each and every day. With XOXOXO Treva,
    a.k.a. aspengoldred2

  226. Lynne Says:

    oh gosh – I’m so sad but do understand – The time you spent seemed unendingand must have been so life changing – it was such fun and so very educational – loved every minute of sleepless viewing = we’ll miss you and hope that you occasionally update sightings on your blog!!!
    Carlos – we had an unusual visitor yesterday in one of our squirrel boxes – a darling little rufus colored screech own spent the day in one! the fox squirrels were perplexed but not battles erupted and today, with 5′ of snow falling, things are back to normal – squirrels back indoors and enjoying the nesting boxes you inspired. Will miss you, Donna, Molly, Magee and the broadcasts.I’d send you a pic but don’t know how to attach it here.
    Best wishes,
    Lynne in Toledo

    • Tresbien Says:

      Lynne, you can upload it to a photo sharing service like Flickr or Photobucket and then post the link right here.

  227. Sally aka MollyLoverForever Says:

    I understand and support your decision. Boo to the naysayers and nasty people – how unfortunate for them they are in the world in that way.

    Thank you – what you did was an incredible thing. I think you and Donna should be Man and Woman of the Year! With a supporting cast of Austin, Eric, John, John, Barbara, moderators and MODs.

    I had a feeling this is how it would be. I thought to myself, “I could live just fine with a little note on the blog now and then – ‘saw Molly,’ ‘saw McGee,’ ‘there seem to be owlets,’” etc. I thought I was ready for it, but when it came, for a few seconds, I felt the floor fall out from under my feet.

    The title of a section of my Christmas letter this year was “The Year I Fell in Love with a Barn Owl and her ‘Very’ Extended Family” and boy, did I ever! MOD all the way!

    It was a once-in-a-lifetime thing – the way millions of people came together as one – this was a HUGE event – worldwide – and as everyone has said, it would not have happened without you. We lived with the owls, thanks to you, in their one-room home, 24/7. We experienced all the emotions of being part of their family – sorrow, grief, joy, humor, love, laughter. So many times I laughed until I cried. Sometimes I just plain cried. The moderators did a fantastic job of keeping the Owl Box under control, and were wonderful chat leaders, kind and gracious. When the Owl Box camera went dark, VacaChat saved me from terrible withdrawal symptoms in the fall –it’s a great chat room – just as many laughs, and great fun times. I will always have the memories – the many wonderful people I’ve met, CAR’s great “Carrie Needs Coffee,” Coach’s fantastic collages, screenshots chatters took and shared, the Lexicon, the MOD certificate, the other freebies – and on and on and on.

    Please do make entries in your blog for us once in a while.

    Please do keep the Molly merchandise stores open (it will take some time for me to buy everything!). Would definitely buy wind chimes!

    Thank you again, so very much. Love and best wishes to you and Donna on your journeys. You deserve every good thing!

  228. Ingrid Says:

    Dear Carlos and Donna,
    You have given us so much of your time and energy by sharing the owl box of Molly and Me Gee. Words of gratitude just don’t seem enough for all you have given us. As much as I will miss the owl box I will miss your sunny nature as it always brought joy to my day. I so look forward to both coffee table books and am enjoying the vido along with the many other things I have purchased
    I wish for you and Donna happy trails on your travels and please know how much you are both loved

  229. Dwain Says:

    Thank you for all y’all did broadcasting. Enjoyed the view into the lives of all the owls. Hope your travels are safe and enjoyable.


  230. You will never know just how much the Molly story touched our lives. I thank you for sharing not only her life, but your, Donnas and Austins lives with us. It was a gift of your time, and knowledge, and your patient ways . You are a very special person and I thank you and Donna for sharing a very special time with the world. I hope you enjoy your travel and may God richly bless you for all you did for us.
    Love, Betty Spencer (Justbet)

  231. Couleedam (Nora) Says:

    First Clutch Poem

    Molly and McGee – you had me from the start
    You touched my senses & got into my heart
    I watched you hunt, bond, and feed your clutch
    With mice, voles, opossums, rabbits and such

    I enjoyed Carlos and Donna’s fine brood
    Watched daily and saw Carlos’ change in mood
    He built fledge ledge, ladder cam, and other toys
    To entertain the owlet girls and boys

    We laughed, we cried, we made new friends
    and on the last night we saw it never ends
    Molly and McGee back without hesitation
    Thank you Carlos & Donna – have a great vacation!

    With Love, from couleedam

    Second Clutch Poem

    The second clutch has come and gone
    Some really good friendships will live on
    Many sadnesses this clutch has borne
    We watch, we learn, rejoice and mourn

    Two healthy owlets survived to fledge
    Pounced and practiced on the ledge
    We watched and cheered their first flights
    They have given us endless delights

    Now memories will have to do
    And maybe an e-mail or two
    VacaDude has opened his site
    So we can still visit from morning to night

    With Love, from couleedam

    The Next Chapter

    Carlos, Donna, and Austin too,
    Who knows what life holds for you,
    As you travel near and far,
    Remember how loved you are.

    We laughed, we cried, we made new friends
    And all good wishes, this poem sends
    When I see an owl, or hear one too
    I will always think of you.

    The Owl Box’s magic will not end
    Many new boxes we will tend
    Watch new owls bond and fledge
    We will wave as they step off the edge.

    Hugz and Hearts from Couleedam

  232. Diane W. Says:

    Carlos, Donna and Austin,
    For some reason my last post didn’t make it, so I will try this again…

    You, Molly, McGee and their family touched many lives in a very a positive way. It is sad to see that it must end. You certainly deserve much more than any MOD could ever repay you with. I will absoloutely miss the owl family, but most of all I will miss KOWL and Carlos drinking his Royal Mocha every morning.

    Wishing you every happiness in your travels, and thanking you more than you’ll ever know for your selfless dedication to the San Marcos Owl Box. May God bless you all.

    Diane W.

  233. Evi Adams Says:

    bummer…..but thanks for all that you did…

  234. Lisa Tye Says:

    Through tears from reading all of the comments (and your blog)…I sincerely want to thank Carlos, Donna, and their family for sharing Molly and her family with each of us. It was so special, the naive part of me just thought that everyone would enjoy Molly, the smart part of me now realizes that of course there would be people out there that would not approve (of anything…not just Molly). Ya’ll deserve to now enjoy traveling…whatever you choose to do. Please know that you will always have a friend in Columbia, South Carolina. I hope that you WILL keep your blog going…as I will always feel that I have friends in San Marcos, California who taught me so much about owls!

  235. Rebecca Says:

    I enjoyed watching the Owl Box while you had it broadcasting. I am a homeschooling mom. The experience has given my children an appreciation for God’s creation. Thank you for your sacrifice!

  236. Donna Simonson Says:

    After reading the post yesterday, I had to take some time to feel disappointment and then all the wonderful memories began to flood my mind. You have given so much to so many. I believe and somehow know the “No Broadcast” is not farewell to your devoted Molly the Owl friends, just another chapter in this wonderful story of a common barn owl named Molly. Our MOD community is one to celebrate and share with others now and in the future. I am so sorry you experienced threats to your family and to Molly’s. You guarded us from the negativity and allowed all of us MODS to enjoy mother nature and her handiwork in the life and lives of Molly’s family and added an extra bonus in sharing the Royal family as well. Molly has left a talon print upon all of our hearts. I also suspect that we will all continue to have the opportunity now and then to say yet another “thank you” to you, Carlos, Donna, Austin, Eric, Chris, Vacadude and others for inspiring our lives and to serve our communities across the world in likeness of what we all experienced at the Owlbox in San Marcos, California. Travel safely our good friend. Remember “the road to the house of a friend is never long”. Stop every now and then and say howdy on your post; we’ll be looking for you! Take good care and love one another in these wonderful years of your life. Wishing you all of God’s blessings!
    Love, hugs and prayers owlways,
    “OwlLuver”, Murrieta, CA

    • So sorry to hear we won’t be watching Molly and McGee again, but I certainly understand! I’m sorry you were treated so badly! I so enjoyed every moment watching Molly and McGee it was such an enriching experience I can’t thank you enough for sharing it with the world! Carlos, Donna, Austin you’re amazing and I’ll look forward to reading your Blog! Have a wonderful, safe 2011! Quiltdancer

    • Jane Brunzie Says:

      I managed to keep back my tears until I read this post to my husband…I had to stop and cry a bit here and there. Thank you Donna for so eloquently and lovingly you have said what we all feel. This last changed all of us in ways we may not even know yet. It helped me what I got depressed watching what was going on in the world which has changed so much I don’t know it any more. I am saddened beyond words to find out that Carlos and his family were also drawn into the insanity. How can you not love these people and the peacefulness of Molly and her family…sometimes I’d just sit down for a few minutes to just soak up her sweetness as she sat on her brood. Even my husband who constantly complained about hearing the Molly Song so much went with me to the last picnic so they rubbed off on even people who didn’t want to be drawn in. There can’t be enough thanks to all of them for the love and joy they brought into our lives! Jane in San Marcos

  237. minasparrot Says:

    Dearest Royals…I have nothing to say that everyone else hasn’t already said but I have to say it to…Thank you for the life-changing experience you gave us with Molly and her brood. This was an incredible gift that I will cherish forever. I wish you much happiness in your lives. You’ve certainly done your good deed and then some!
    Love always,
    Amanda (minasparrot)

  238. Michelle aka micheshe Says:

    Carlos, Donna, Austin,

    With tears in my eyes, I thank you for all that you brought into my world. It was a phenomenal journey that I still hold oh so dear to my heart. Your reasons for not broadcasting any longer are certainly understandable and your freedom is well deserved. You must live your lives to the fullest now. Please don’t forget the blog and share some of your fun times and lovely photography. We will be praying for you all on your new journey. Molly and McGee and the owlets one and all will always remain a shining beacon in our hearts. As will the Royal family. Gee it was so much fun, and I am certainly glad I was a part of it…God Bless

  239. Kristi Heckman Ldylouis Says:

    I can’t tell you enough how greatly you affected my life. I will pass it on. I am again working on the paper I wrote about the Owl Box, it will be part of my college portfolio, it now looks like I have a new ending for it.

    Happy trails to you, until we meet again. You all have changed mine and so many others lives.

  240. Becky Carroll Says:

    Carlos & Donna, I want to thank you for all you have done for us by providing coverage of Molly & McGee and the owlets. It has truly been a blessing to watch them and get to know you. I pray for traveling mercies when you vacation, and for God’s blessings in your life.

  241. Dave and Cheryl Says:

    Thank You So Much To The Carlos Family,

    We followed both clutches with eager delight. We fully understand your decision to not broadcast during 2011. During 2010, you put in so much of your time, energy and funds to provide all of us with a wonderful nature experience.

    As good things must always come to an end … the time for Molly and her family to now continue their lives without us peeking in has come. Maybe Barbara Allen can dream up a farewell song to celebrate the occasion.

    Best of luck in your future travels. Take Care,

    Dave and Cheryl Schaefer

  242. Marilee Godsil Says:

    Bless you, Carlos, Donna and everyone who helped and supported you in this most wonderful peek into the lives of an critter family that is just one part of the extraordinary natural world we are lucky to share. Through you, so many persons have learned about barn owls, their drive to protect and care for the needs of the Mother and Babes. I was suicidal when I discovered Molly & McGee. Thank you, dear ones, for saving my life.

  243. Dawn Says:

    Carlos and Donna,
    While I am sad about your decision I also understand the demands that was placed upon you and thank you for all that you did to broadcast. I unfortunately did not see the first clutch but I LOVED watching the second clutch. I was absolutely wrapped up in Molly, McGee, Ashley and Carrie this summer. I learned so much about barn owls and had a very hard time tearing myself from the computer each night. I have ordered both coffee table books and look forward to their arrival; especially the second clutch to relive and cherish those moments. Again, thank you and God Bless.

  244. Joyce Fruchey Says:

    Dear Carlos, Donna and family ~

    I kind of feel like I’ve been shot – but I’ll recover : ) I hope your hearts know and feel how much you are admired, respected and loved by our merry little Molly and McGee followers. Your unselfishness in sharing the owl families with us will forever be treasured in my heart.You see, I was diagnosed with COPD in late stages, and had broken five vertebrea in my back during the initial clutch. So I had 24 hours a day of being able to enjoy Molly, McGee and the babies, as well as your moderated guest spots !! So to say I am forever greateful to you – is an understatement! You were my lifeline to the outside world that helped get me through nearly a year of disability. Certaily I’m saddened that there could be a third clutch that we’ll miss..but I also understand the necessity of living your life to the fullest – and as you are able! So thank you from the deepest part of my heart and soul for all the hours of work you went through to make this a journey of a lifetime for the rest of us ~ You will never be forgotten….you will forever be cherished memories! May God bless you with many years of love, health and enjoyment of life.

    Always ~
    Joyce Fruchey ♥

  245. Ericka Says:

    While I am disappointed that we won’t be seeing more owlets this summer, I do understand why you need to stop now in 2011. I cannot believe that anyone would have threatened you or thought you were doing harm. This was an amazing experience and one I will never ever forget. You were educating so many of who had no idea and would never have gotten the opportunity otherwise to view owls like this in their own habitat. You put so much of your lives into this and did not deserve any negativity for anything you did. May God bless you Carlos and Donna. Enjoy you travels. We will be thinking of you always.

  246. Doug Says:

    If you don’t want to broadcast because you want to travel that’s cool, but don’t let the kooks win and stop because somebody acted like an idiot.

    We loved watching Molly and will remember her fondly

  247. Carol Ann Bossemeyer Says:

    Dear Carlos, Donna and Austin,

    After reading all of the present comments on the blog my heart is once again full of the love born in the owl box. Like all of the others you have touched my heart and changed my outlook and I am blessed to know you. Molly and McGee bridged so many gaping holes in my life. Thank you for being willing. Thank you for all you shouldered. You are all quite the show family. You have gentle souls and are made of steel.

    So as the adventure, as we have known it, comes to an end, may many new adventures be born out of the love we have found here. So much wisdom, is the wind beneath our wings. May we all fledge safely. Please know how dearly you are loved and cherished. Have fun always.

    Carol Ann (cbosseme)

  248. Sheri Says:

    Happy trails to you and Donna. May 2011 be filled with great joy and happiness!

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart for allowing us the opportunity to be a part of the Owl Box and for ALL you had to do to make it happen. It was, indeed, a once in a lifetime experience. I’m so glad I was a part of it and I’ll cherish the memories always.

    Sheri tch2grade

  249. Stacy Balfour Says:

    Carlos and Donna,

    A heartfelt thank you for sharing your lives, and the lives of the owls that chose your owl box twice to raise their clutches in. Being able to watch the owls provided escape when I needed it last year, and I am forever grateful for the incredible experience that you shared with the world. Have a most wonderful year of travel.


  250. Margaret C Kremer Says:

    Thanks again to you and Donna. I certainly understand your decision not to broadcast anymore. It was fun and I was enriched by the whole experience!

  251. ItsAllAboutMeToo Says:

    Carlos, Donna & Austin: Thank you so very much for sharing Molly & McGee with the world. This was so enjoyable. I was so sad yesterday to learn you would not broadcast in 2011. I did go to your ustream site and saw a link to another owl-box site in Oceanside. I viewed the site today, the owls are called Mel & Sydney. I chatted with others and there are lots of Molly & McGees fans chatting there. I personally think (and others do, too) one of these owls could be one of Molly & McGee’s owlets!! Wouldn’t that be wonderful?!? I hope you have a marvelous time traveling and thank you again, from the bottom of my heart for all you have done! This was an incredable experiance that was made possible because of you!!

  252. charb Says:

    All of the above! go for it! Thanks so much for all you have given to all of us MODS! If you’re pushing 70, (we’re pulling it!) now is the time to get out there while you still have the health and desire. Wishing many years of fun for you and yours.

  253. debi Says:

    Hey Carlos! ::::NO SOUND!!!::: heh heh… Sorry…. Thought I’d say that one last time…. one for the road….

    Have a WONDERFUL life… and *ditto* to everything that’s already been said.

    Go ride into the sunset with your beautiful wife, and maybe, one day, our paths will meet again…

  254. Maureen Says:

    Although sad that there will be no Owl Box again, I am grateful for seeing the Box at all! Carlos and Donna, thank you! I hope you enjoy your travels to the fullest!

    Thank you, again for a most amazing experience.

  255. Liz Needham Says:

    As I read your email aloud to my family my eyes filled with tears, but I certainly understand. We not only grew to love Molly, McGee and the owlets but you, Donna and Austin. You feel like part of the family. I hope you have a wonderful year together! Be safe and post some pictures of your travels on the blog from time to time. Thanks again for the once in a lifetime experience, it sure got me through some rough times.

    Liz Needham
    North Carolina

  256. Katy Says:

    I would purchase wind chimes for our house and our kids’ houses!! What a fine idea.

  257. joly2u Says:

    Drat, it’s time for Carlos to come on for his morning update…. I’m already nostalgic!

  258. Dale Ann Harsh Says:

    Dear Royals
    We certainly understand your need to ‘have a life’ and thank you, again, and again, for allowing all of us to share in the fun of the owl box for a little while. Good luck and happiness in your future.

  259. ClouPa Says:

    “Oh, and one more thing…”

    How those words from you, Carlos, tickled me pink!

    Just wanted to thank you for educating me on the owls and so many other things too countless to mention.

    I have been right here from the beginning, lurking, and will continue to search the websites for any pictures or news you have to share.

    Thank you for being so gracious in sharing your lives, the owls lives, and the time and effort you all put in for the sake of us ‘lurkers’ and mods.

    Be safe in your travels. May God Bless you all.

    Deet! Deet! Deet!


  260. Roxanne Says:

    Thank you thank you thank you!! My 2010 was pretty stressful except for my lovely M&M experience! And it was such a pleasure ‘meeting’ you and your lovely family. I wish you all the best in the years to come.

    I hope you will continue to share your travels, family updates and fabulous pictures on your blog from time to time. Maybe Callie will find a mate sometime!! You are a multi-talented man and I hope to be able to enjoy and learn other things from you in the future.

    I will miss the daily adventures and the updates but all good things must come to an end, right?! I will have my books, DVD, calendars and other goodies to remind me of how much fun it was being a part of this phenomenon!! Great memories!!

    Enjoy yourselves!! Enjoy your wildlife!! Enjoy life!!

    All the best to you and yours (with and without feathers!!) =)
    Take care,

  261. Judy R Says:

    Thank you so much for Molly and McGee and the two clutches of owlets. It was very educational.
    They came at a really good time for me. I was caring for my husband who had Alzheimer’s and was very housebound. He passed away in September.
    The owls gave me something fun and interesting to focus on during a very bad time.
    Go… enjoy your life and make some fabulous memories.

  262. Margery M Says:

    Thank you so much for all you sacrificed for all of us to share the lives of Molly and McGee!
    I did not come on board until the second clutch, when I was recovering from hip replacement surgery. Molly and McGee and your daily chats with us were very much a part of my healing process. I enjoyed every part of it but was truly joyful at being the first to have my Molly sign on my front lawn in Southampton!
    We were all unaware of the negatives you were putting up with and it is always disappointing to discover such nay sayers out there.
    There are kooks everywhere and I’m glad you persevered in the face of adversity for if we allow the fear of those who would do awful things like Tuscon to discourage us from living our lives, then the kooks win.
    I wish you safe travels. I can’t tell you how much you will be missed!


  263. Theresa Atkins Says:

    I had often wondered if you were getting threats, etc from reading some of the posts on the non-monerated chat room. Unfortunately there are some holier than thou people out there who aren’t happy unless they find someone or some event to pick on.
    I agree with your decision and hope you guys have a wonderful time on the road. However please keep in touch with us on the blog from time to time so we know how you are. You know what worry warts we are (smile).
    Take Care

  264. Lynn Says:

    Donna and Carlos,
    I’m sad, but so grateful to you for sharing Molly, McGee, and their owlets with us. We’ve learned so much about owls, shared joys and sorrows, pictures and our lives. We became friends. It was an amazing and wonderful experience. I wish the best for you, and hope to hear from you again. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Love, Lynn

  265. Tricia Says:

    Dear Carlos and Donna,

    I echo so many of the good thoughts and wishes above!!
    So, I’ll just say a big “thank you.” I enjoyed the experience so much!!

    Love, Tricia

  266. pat canada Says:

    Carlos and Donna,
    I can’t thank you enough for what you gave us. I will never forget the experience and hope the good will outweigh the bad for you as you look back on it. Enjoy your travels and you wonderful family.

  267. Sherrie Pearl Says:

    Carlos & Donna,

    I was so saddened by your announcement that you will not broadcast in 2011. It is a shame that a few bad apples spoil the priviledge of watching Molly & McGee and their family. I was so hoping to see clutch #3. You unselfeshly gave of yor time and put your lives on hold. I will miss your updates. You feel like family. Enjoy your journey and be safe. You, Donna, Austin, Molly, McGee and their wonderful family will forever be in my heart. I am proud to save “Gee this is fun, and I’m a part of it ” I have learned a lot and have made so many friends. Bless you.

    All my love

    Sherrie Pearl AKA Sher67

  268. Michele Says:

    Dear Carlos and Donna,

    Thank you so much for sharing Molly and McGee with us for clutches 1 & 2. It was so joyful to watch the owlets grow up and share the experience with our MOD community. The sing alongs, etc, were so much fun! It was truly a wonderful gift that you gave us. We are grateful to you both for letting us into your lives.

    I did worry from time to time about a “kook” who may want to harm Molly (worry wart!) That said, thank you again and happy trails always! You and Molly will be forever in my heart!

    Gee, that was fun and I was a part of it!

    aka Buddy’s mom

  269. Tresbien Says:

    From a simple request for an owl box to another thought of sharing it with family came a unique and exceptional phenomenon you, Donna and Austin shared with millions of people all around the world. We got to view a family of barn owls rear their owlets not once but twice, and we had the distinct honor of coming to know something of a very Royal family.

    Everything you assembled or created was done with the utmost care and consideration for the owls and those observing them. It was such an honor to give back a little as a moderator when you and Donna were so extremely generous to all of us for so many months.

    Like others, I’ll especially miss those early morning visits, Carlos, sharing our morning beverages as we watched our owl family together. What special times we had and they will be missed! Most of all, you will be missed, and I hope you’ll continue to keep in touch as you head off on your long-delayed travels. I thank you and wish all the very best for you. Also special thanks to my fellow Molly mods, and all who added so much to our journey: Barbara Allen, Eric Blehm and Chris Adams, John Atkinson, and all of the chatters who shared the journey. You are thought of more than you imagine and never will be forgotten. Gee, wasn’t that fun and I was part of it! Much love, Linda aka Tresbien

  270. Diane Says:

    Although, we will miss the owl box and your daily sunny chats, you have made the right decision! It’s time for you to cross the things off your “bucket list” that you’ve always longed to accomplish and enjoy. You’ve touched the lives of many people all across the globe with your generousity and love for nature and mankind. Well done my friends!

    As a child, I was so scared of the barn owls that nested in my grandfather’s hay barn. Through you, I have finally grown to understand and appreciate the importance of their place on our planet. I now feel like I’m an owl expert as I educate my nieces,nephews and friends on the way of the owl.
    With thankfulness and appreciation,
    Diane E

  271. Debbie Says:

    So, so sad to not be able to watch Molly and McGee anymore, but I do understand your reasons. It’s a shame that there are some who could not sit back and enjoy the wonderful adventure you brought us. I want to thank you Carlos and Donna for bringing me something that I never thought I would see and I will definetly never ever forget. I learned so much from you and I now have a greater appreciation for owls and their families. I will miss watching but I hope that you both enjoy your retirement and once again thank you so very much.

  272. Trisha (from UK) Says:

    Oh how sad to read this! I echo what everyone else has said, it’s a shame that there are those few sad and pathetic people who can only see the negative side of life. I came to this site only at the second clutch but watched in awe at Molly & family from across “the pond”, and often at unsociable hours! Please if possible Carlos, keep in touch with any news of M&M? I’ve always loved owls but through your website/blog have learned so much – thank you for that. In the meantime, enjoy your travels, you’ve earned them.
    I wish you and your family good health and happiness.
    With the greatest regards, Trisha

  273. Patti Says:

    It is with great sadness that I read your post,but….I completely understand all of your reason’s. I hope you both have a wonderful year full of excitement and fun. Enjoy all of your travels,be safe and thank-you for 2010,a year that we will never forget. I am so proud to say “I was a part of it”.

  274. Elsie Says:

    Thank you so much for sharing such an amazing experience with the world. Now it’s your turn to go travel the world and have some new amazing experiences. Love and thanks to M&M and the Royal family!

  275. Sally aka Roxy Says:

    With a heavy heart I certainly understand your decision. How wonderful a time it was. I was unemployed for all of the second clutch and watching them helped me get through a tough time.

    Thank you so much for allowing all of us into your lives, home and heart. You and the owls will be in our hearts forever. Gee that was fun and I was part of it!

    Happy trails and enjoy life together.

  276. Chandra Says:

    Thank you so much for all you did for us. For sharing Molly & McGee and their beautiful babies with us. They are memories we will never forget! Enjoy your travels, relax, and know that you have given us all a precious gift that we will treasure always!

  277. Katy Says:

    you said it best of all. Thank you for your eloquence and your steadfastness in the chatroom.
    Carlos and Donna,
    Enjoy your travels. We will be fine. Some of us have found more owls to watch and more chatrooms in which to gather. Thank you for helping us find,enjoy, understand and share.
    We will miss you but like family, we know you will check in with us as you go. We look forward to updates on the blog.
    Thank you so much for everything.

  278. Judy Sackson Says:

    What an outpouring of love and appreciation and good wishes! I hope that it offsets the negativism and harassment that you have had to put up with.
    I was overwhelmed by the help that the MODs have attributed to watching you and Donna and Austin and the owls. You can see how much you have contributed to the well being of so many people in the world!
    It goes without saying that I join all the others in my thanks to you and the Royal family for all the time and effort you put in to give us this remarkable look into the nature and nurture of the common (or not so common) barn owl.
    I began watching at Pattison’s hatching, and ended by attending the October picnic. What a fabulous experience it has been (thanks to you)!
    I hope you have nothing but good health and happiness in you future adventures, and that you will keep us up to date (once in a while) with pix and travel logs.
    My only suggestion would be perhaps an reunion picnic at some time toward the end of the year when you are back in town for a while. We could raise more money for the Conservancy group.
    Thank you again with all my heart, Royals!!

  279. Carlos, Donna, and Austin,

    As I sit here with tears welling in my eyes I cannot express enough how grateful I am that you have given up so much of your lives and travels to share what is so special to you with all of us. I have been a part of the Molly experience since the first clutch thru the second clutch and have felt that you all had become family to me.
    I am so sorry and angry that some people can be so ignorant, cruel and jealous to have done what they have to hurt you, threaten you, and make up lies about you to cause you to make such a decision to end the live Streaming of Molly and McGee. Those kind of people are a disgrace to humanity and are just a handful compared to the 20,000,000 hits you received on UStream to show the love and appreciation from us true Molly followers. Please remember that we are the majority and love you for what you have done. Molly and McGee couldn’t have had a better life than the one you have provided them with.
    We are so thankful for all you have given us and for all the knowledge we have obtained through you and the Owlbox.
    I will miss Molly, McGee and all of our other little friends dearly but, most of all I will miss your sweet smile and your voice Carlos saying “This is Carlos Royal coming to you from the Owlbox in San Marcos California”. No matter how bad a day would be, just having your live sessions to look forward to seemed to make the day better with your humor, laughter, smiles and the sound of your deet…deet….deet! It surely was fun and I was a part of it! It’s just sad to see it all end as many of us are heartbroken.
    Enjoy your travels as they are well overdue and are surely deserved. Be safe and stay healthy and if you would, keep in touch with all of us thru Molly’s Blog. After all, you said it was for family and I feel we have all become family. Maybe it would a great surprise to pop in once in a while with a broadcast of you Carlos like old times.
    Thank you from the bottom of my heart! It’s been a blast.
    Sending love,
    Pam in Colorado ( a.k.a.) CastOwLRockCoL

  280. donna Says:

    My heart is broken and there are tears. I’ve been watching since February and what a wonderful experience it has been. Thank You so much Carlos,Donna and all, I will never forget. Enjoy your travels and new adventures!

  281. captainteneal Says:

    I would like to add another way to remember The Owl Box: donate to an organization that supports birds of prey. There is a raptor center in my area that rescues birds of prey and helps to educate the public. I’m planning to visit and send a donation, which I would never have done if not for M&M. Thanks for sharing them with us!

  282. angieTN Says:

    Will miss the Royal family and the owl family. As a person with a mobility impairment, I cannot express the joy I found at Molly’s box. I met some wonderful people with whom I hope to always remain in touch and spent so many relaxing hours watching the progression of the growth of our babies. Just watched my copy of austin’s video yesterday and treasure it.Thank you for everything and have a wonderful adventure.

  283. Anita Says:

    As Carlos stated, one way to remember Molly is to purchase some of her items via CafePress. Well, guess what? Today’s Groupon “deal” is for CafePress. For $25 you get a $50 voucher to be used on the Groupon web site. I just received the email and had a “light bulb” moment when I realized that CafePress sold Molly the Owl merchandise (at I wanted to share with all the MODs out there. Now we can buy more Molly merchandise! I’ve had my eye on the Clutch 2 Calendar for a while now. If you’re interested, here’s the link:

  284. Christa Says:

    I am closing in on 63 and totally agree with your decision, Carlos and Donna! I look forward to any blog entries you do in the future on any topic, because you are simply … interesting! Go for it!

  285. flukestail Says:

    Pam(aka)CastOwLRockCoL…you summed up our feelings perfectly! Ditto (or deeto) what you said! ;)

    • Thanks Flukestail! I know we all feel the way I do. Carlos said no broadcast in 2011…..but he didn’t say 2012….lol.
      Wishful thinking anyway! I did follow thru on contacting Eric about your idea on the windchimes and have not heard from him. Hoping others would also contact him.

  286. Gena Says:

    Thank you so much Donna and Carlos for all you did on cam and behind the scenes to make this such a wonderfully pleasant experience for all of us. You really educated and raised awareness of not only Barn Owls but other birds .. I didn’t even know what a Kestral was !!1 also your screen saver of the spider made me more comfortable with the crawlie things, by the end of the broadcast , no sticky notes needed.
    Hope you pop in over at Mel and Syd’s box for a peek !! Specially now that there is an EGG..
    Enjoy your travels God Speed !! and thanks for the memories !!

  287. Christy in West Virginia Says:

    Being a part of the Molly/McGee story was magical; I missed the first clutch, but watched them raise their second family last year. My Mom had just died last summer when I learned about Molly. Mom was an avid birder all her life, and watching Molly and Mcgee somehow helped to fill the hole in my heart. Mom would have loved seeing the owl box. I have ordered the book “The Second Clutch” so I can see Molly, McGee, Ashley and Carrie again.
    You all are the greatest – what a wonderful and interesting family! It was just as much fun getting to know all of you as it was the owls! Thank you for all of your efforts to show the world a very special story. And thanks as well to Barbara, Eric and all the others who helped make this a once in a lifetime experience. Although I am disappointed not to see the owls again, I surely respect your decision not to broadcast any longer.
    Thank you for a truly wonderful experience.
    Best Regards,and safe and happy travels.

  288. Kim Says:

    Carlos & Donna,

    I, like many others here, cried when I heard the news. You provided many hours of laughter, entertainment, community and eduation with your broadcasts. I will miss all of you!! How generous of you to share your time, energy and owls with all of us. It is too bad some people have to make trouble and ruin a precious and enjoyable event for the rest of us. You do not deserve this treatment, as you have been incredibly kind and respectful to all the MODs and the owls. I truly wish you all the best in the future. Thank God for people like the two of you!!

    Love, KFem

  289. royal owl box fan Says:

    Royal family… you deserve the peace prize. To bring in peace more than 20 million people from all over the world to care about a “common barn owl” and her family is amazing. We miss you and your owl family,it was a wonderful experience. Take care but don’t let the kook’s dictate.
    Thankyou and all the best.

  290. Lisa Says:

    Dear Mr. & Mrs. Royal,

    So sad, so shocked. I am so sorry you were threatened. Appalling. No wonder you’ve pulled the plug.

    Thank you for giving us Molly, McGee, and the babies, clutches 1 & 2. I love the DVD, can’t wait for the books, and I am so grateful to you for sharing a new world with all of us. I miss Molly and her family so. I couldn’t wait to see Molly and McGee again, but I understand why that’s not to be.

    I am happy for you that you’ll be enjoying your retirement. Godspeed you in your travels.

    In Christian love, Lisa

  291. Carlos, Donna and Austin–Thank you so much for spending your year, energy and money in order to share the wonders of the Owl Box with the world. It was truly wonderful and I’ll be forever grateful for the opportunity to share it with you and all the owlish friends I met. I hope you have fun travels and perhaps might check in with us to let us know how you are.
    We don’t want to be like that wagon driver in Dances With Wolves who wonders what happened to his friends ‘who don’t write no more’!
    Again–all my thanks for all you did–and I appreciate your good old common sense, too!
    Dinah (RuralGrit)

  292. Rhonda Says:

    you introduced a “new generation” also to the wonder of “the birds” including a 2 year old (now) who still asks to see Molly. She has the book, hopefully she’ll have the memory. Thank you. (there were other words here for dumb people). There is life beyond Molly and McGee and I continue to follow the Starr Ranch Barn Owls (where I began way before M & M)…and they also deserve your support. Your exhuberance for your back yard was expressed and impressed. Enjoy your peace and quiet and your travels..

  293. Deb Says:

    Carlos I personally thank you for giving up a year of your life so I could have the opportunity to see Molly and her family. No one deserves time off more than you. Thank you again. Go travel and live without guilt others may inflict. And if you ever decide to do it again, I will be there to watch too. Good luck and God bless. Deb

  294. owloverbo Says:

    Thank you still seems like not enought for what I gained when Max was born and beyond.
    Love/understanding of owls/happiness/cyber friends.
    You and Donna are wonderful and when I say Thank you, I wish the english language had a better word.
    I realize from reading your site that your trip thru NE a few years back might have crossed paths a couple times with me as we were the same places on the same days. What a joy to know how small this world is.
    Thank you again. Will check back just to say hi owl to everyone.

  295. Becky Carroll Says:

    Carlos & Donna, I want to thank you so much for what you have done for all of us. Watching Molly & McGee and owlets have surely been a learning experience for me. I will miss you and keep you in my prayers.

    God bless you,

  296. Sherry Kelly Says:

    Dear Royals:
    This was not the news I had hoped to hear, but I totally understand. It is a shame that a few “bad apples” can spoil a beautiful thing. I don’t think there will ever be another experience quite like your Owl Box – kinda like there will never be another Dr. Loveless (of Wild Wild West fame). Something so unique is truly “one of a kind” and when it is gone, it is gone forever. And I am so thankful that “I was a part of it”. People who weren’t will never understand just how special the whole experience was. I wish all the best for all the Royal family. Carlos, we miss you and Donna as much as the owls and would love to have continued posts from you on Molly’s Blog! Please?! Sherry Kelly, Author of The Big Life of a Little Man – Michael Dunn Remembered (Google it!)

  297. flukestail Says:

    Sherry Kelly hit the nail on the head when she wrote: “People who weren’t [part of the Molly experience]will never understand just how special the whole experience was.” That’s one of the reasons I miss chatting with my MODS friends. We shared it…we get each other.

  298. flukestail Says:

    Pam/CastOwlRockCo…you’re welcome. Crossing my fingers for the wind chimes!

  299. Glennette Starsiak Says:

    Thank you for a wonderful year 2010 and getting to know the owls and their babies. And getting to know all the MODS. Good luck Carlos and Donna in your retirement and travel. And thank you from the bottom of my heart for the experience of a life time. I was there and it was one fun time. Glennette Starsiak also Glenstars

  300. Careen Mammen Says:

    Please don’t feel that you owe us an apology for your decision not to broadcast again. It was a once in a lifetime event for all of us and I will have my Molly and McGee treasures, including the soon to be mine photo book, to remember you by.

    Thanks again,

    Careen aka pixiebobmom

  301. Jodimaher Says:

    Donna and Carlos, you are one of a kind people that allowed us into your lives :) It takes me back to a special family bond that you may develop along life. I wish you all the best :) There are many more adventures for all of us along the way. Thank you so much for all that you have done. In so many ways, words cannot explain how much you have done to brighten so many peoples lives. We love you for that! All the best and know that we have you in our hearts!

    Jodi Maher and family.

  302. Beth Says:

    “Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it even happened.”

    Although I was not fortunate enough to be part of the First Clutch viewing, joining in this past August was one of the most amazing long-distance relationships imaginable!!! A couple of birds. A family named Royal. Many, MANY on-line viewers. I was just going to watch for a few minutes. And then…the addiction began! I couldn’t tear myself away! The clever, kind, interesting commentary by other viewers. The sage narration by Carlos. The selflessness of the entire Royal family (let alone the cost, time and thoughtless abuse of others who really don’t understand).

    I will wistfully, joyfully watch my DVD. I will think of Austin, making his way through college. I will think of Carlos and his UNDERSTANDING wife travelling and relaxing. And I will smile and remember the weeks that I was held “captive” by the events at the Owl Box.

    To you, whom I have never met in person, but who will forever have a place in my heart,

    Beth in Chicago

  303. Sherrie Says:

    Phew, I just finished reading 299 of your 340 replies, (don’t know where the other 41 of them are)… But anyhow, Carlos and Donna, It’s all been said over and over, but I just want to add one more personal Thank You for all you’ve given and done. It was such a bittersweet feeling when the first clutch fledged, and now I have the same feeling for you. Sad to see you leave, but oh so happy that you are able to! Best wishes and enjoy your travels. And thanks to Austin, the owlsome moderators, Eric, Chris, Vacadude, Dotrot and mods and of course Molly and her family. Unforgettable! Sherrie Coughlin

  304. Lisa A.Burns Says:

    GodSpeed our Blessed Royals !!!!!

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