Molly Makes Top 10 News Story List 2010

January 6, 2011

Dear Carlos:

Did you see this story – Molly made the Top Ten Stories of 2010

Another one!

Molly is also mentioned in this article.  See prediction for March!  Not my prediction!

Your friend,


Austin did not reach his goal. He needs another 176 DVD sales.

Molly and McGee, the first clutch photography book is expected to be ready for me to sign on January 20th, the same day as the expected arrival date of Eric’s new baby.

33 Responses to “Molly Makes Top 10 News Story List 2010”

  1. Joan Says:

    Hi Carlos.. Molly deserves to be recognized !! there never was a sweeter story.. thank you once more for all of your hard work ( and I know that it was hard)to share it with us.. I hope that you still keep us up to date with what is going on in the owl box family.. regards , Joan from Colorado

  2. Yorkielvrof7 (Leatha Fo) Says:

    Geez I miss the owls! I’m not a bit surprised they made the top news for 2010. Millions and millions were addicted to the internet. Wondering if we’ll ever have the same type of opportunity in the future???? In more news, My son-in-law made the San Diego 50 people to watch in 2011. His name is Richard Cherry – Balboa Park.

  3. DebNeedsToTweet Says:

    I love the prediction! Guess you couldn’t rent it out, huh?

  4. Sandy Says:

    WOW — GO MOLLY GO!!!!

  5. JL Says:

    Great news, Austin, hopefully will reach his goal, sometimes they are a bit harder to reach than we realize, just have patience. Perhaps a ad in a local paper would create more avenues? Or Ebay or Etsy?

    Have you seen Molly & McGee lately?

  6. Peggy Martin Says:

    What wonderful articles and pictures!! Oh, how I miss her…

  7. Wryly Says:

    Good golly Miss Molly!

  8. Donna Simonson Says:

    I am delighted that Molly continues to make news! Carlos you called her a Diva and she has lived “Royally” up to her Diva status that you and Donna so wondefully created and shared with the world. Hopeful for the Feb/March return of the Molly and McGee live reality series coming to us all from “the Owlbox in San Marcos California”!
    Love, hugs and prayers owlways!
    “OwlLuver” Murrieta, CA

  9. Jo-Ann Says:

    Loved the new sites… So cute… You must pay off the loan on the owl box.. No evictions for Molly and her wonderful family!!! Maybe a new manageable loan for the Owl Box?

  10. JoAnn Reed - Benicia, CA Says:

    With so many owls being created in the area, I’m sure there is no truth to the foreclosure prediction! I’m pretty sure Molly and Magee have it in their Will that the house will go to one of their owlettes should they decide not to use the box anymore or one of them expires. Right?

    Molly has been the best news to read and watch all 2010 and deserves the recognition! I hope she will give us another season or two of entertainment before retiring. Thank you Royals for allowing us into your life and into your owl box.

  11. Bonita Lyon Says:

    Yay!! It is so wonderful that Molly and the Royals get recognized…What an amazing “event”. Thanks for sharing the articles. Bonnibell

  12. catsmommy Says:

    So wonderful to see some praise and recognition for the efforts you put in, wish it were more, but this is good.
    I too miss seeing our Owls… sigh… hope they are wll and carrying on.

    Austin will make it, sort of like the last 10 lbs, always the hardest to get off… so it will happen.

  13. Christine Peters Says:

    Go, Molly!! She’s a star.

  14. Madonna Varchetto-Bonner Says:

    See…you did something wonderful and it paid off. I bet if we get a third clutch, the news will spread across the nation…in papers all over. Large cities to small towns. And the world will be better for it! Please let us know how M&M are doing, have you seen any of the owlets? I smile everytime I see a picture of them. Please set the cameras back up,I know its bold of me to ask,but it brought so much joy to so many! Warm thoughts to the Royals…Madonna

  15. PegRod Says:

    Molly fans may not be aware that there is a “Molly the Owl Wiki” website which is the most comprehensive collection of All Things Molly which I have seen, from poetry to news stories to some of the official documents and history. I just looked at it today by chance and am quite impressed! Thank you “Chris” and to all the contributors for creating this site and keeping it updated. It looks like it could take a year to visit and read through all the valuable links!

    Also, some may not be aware that (although early in its development) The Owl Box has its own Wikipedia page! It is a measure of success to have one’s own Wikipedia page!

    • CAequuslvr Says:

      PegRod– Thanks so much for telling us about these 2 sites. Wonderful information.

      • PegRod Says:

        CAequuslvr – I agree they are great sites and probably many people are unaware of their existence – I did not realize what a great job they have done with the Wiki site! Thank you for all the support you give us (hearts and hugz)!

  16. Monica Says:

    Go Molly, Go !!
    Carlos, what a great honor for you to have Molly in the top 10 news for 2010, and I was glad to be part of it!!!!! Maybe we can have her again in the top 10 for 2011???? Thanks for all you do once again, and for this blog.. We all miss the Royals, and the Owl Box…Hugz to you and your family

  17. Alana Says:

    Looking forward to this Spring with sincere hope that Molly & McGee parent yet ANOTHER clutch!! Please…please…we all BEG Carlos and Donna to set up the cameras again for the ‘privilege’ of witnessing another life cycle of Molly & McGee! I miss Ashley & Carrie so much and look forward to having this experience again. Again…PLEASE????

  18. Hi Carlos and Donna!
    Happy to see that Molly is still making the news!
    I sure miss seeing Molly, McGee and all of the Royals. Even though I see that other CA Barn Owl box sites on Ustream are showing a lot of activity and bonding going on now and one with an egg layed, it’s still not the same as our Molly’s box. We hope to get our Molly, Carlos and Donna back so we can have some more fun! Hope your cold is gone Carlos and you are feeling great once again.
    Thanks for the update on the coffee table book. Can’t wait to get mine.
    Sending love,

  19. carlosroyal Says:

    I still have the bug, still hacking and coughing not back up to par. I figure a few more days.

    • Hi Carlos, sorry to hear you are still hacking away with the caugh. My hubby and I had the same thing along with the stuffy head just before the holidays and it lasted for somemtime. Just keep getting some rest and drink your magic potion! Hoping to hear that you are back up to par a few days.
      Sending love,

  20. Becky Says:

    Carlos…I would love to read just one sentence in your entries on ‘Molly’s Box’ if you have seen Molly and McGee! Molly and McGee and your cameras started a lot! I have been in the SPO chat room since the middle of May of last year. I have made many very good friends. SPO has kept us together as a community by keeping our chat room going. We now have Olivia and Oliver, Willow and Bear, and Mel and Sydney! Willow has two eggs now! I would love to hear about Molly and McGee too! Are you going to broadcast again? I would love to see the continued adventures of our ‘first’ owl family! Can you please let everyone know how they are doing and if you plan on coming back? Thank you!

  21. Victoria Says:

    Thanks for the update, Carlos. It continues to make me happy to hear what is going on in your life.

    Just noticed the happy face on your blog page. Nice touch. Wonder if anyone else has noticed it?


  22. Lisa Tye Says:

    thanks for the update….my 2011 prediction is that Carlos will have the cameras back up in a month or so…and we can all watch Molly again…I’m having MMW (Molly & McGee Withdrawals!!). Thanks for sharing all with us…just bought another DVD to give to a local school…they’ll love it and it’ll get Austin one step closer to his goal! Come on everybody…one more DVD!! Or if any MODS can’t afford a DVD and want one…let me know…I can buy one more!!

  23. Gates 2057 Says:

    How did Getty Images get credit for the photo in the Examiner? Did you sell them some of your photos, Carlos?

  24. Judy Sackson Says:

    I read over the top ten and found the only positive note on the list was the Owl Box and our Molly and our Royal family! It’s wonderful that you could give everyone that kind of wonderful lift to our worlds.
    Carlos, I’m so glad to hear that you are on the mend. Don’t go running out in the cold in the yard to check on the owls. I’m sure since they have been around all this time, they will wait for you to get really well!

  25. Kim Gorman Says:

    Way to go, Carlos!! Way to go, Austin!! Way to go, Molly and McGee and the owlets, now off to find their own families! It seems like a dream, but we were all part of it!

  26. Joanne Borle Says:

    Hi Carlos .. Hi Donna,
    Hope you are both doing well … sorry you are still recovering from that terrible cold Carlos. Hope you feel better soon.
    Thanks for the update re the coffee table book. I am very excited to receive it and enjoy browsing through your wonderful pics of Molly, McGee and their owlets.
    Take care.
    Joanne fr. Burnaby, B.C./Canada

  27. Barbara Says:

    please add new email address….thanks! Hello to the Royals, Austin, Molly, McGee and the owlets!

  28. Says:

    It had occurred to me that some maladjusted person could attack the Owl Box, but I never dreamed that you and Donna might be threatened. How sad that this kind of thing has to be part of our lives. Definitely yes–you and Donna do need your time back to do what you love. I am so appreciative of your gift of Molly and her family…something I will never forget.

    All the best from a Molly Fan in New York… Laurie

  29. Rue Says:

    Please sign me up for updates. Thanks!

  30. Dear Carlos, so sorry it has taken so long to feel well again. And thanks for sharing with us the other owl nests. Your venture was fabulous, and these other owl education efforts are great for us all too. I am watching Sydney today to see if she will have a 6th. Continue to heal, and follow your star – with Lady Donna of course! Marilyn – outside Chicago

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