Royal’s Foggy Predictions for 2011

January 1, 2011

Royal’s Foggy Predictions for 2011


As you know, or maybe you don’t know if you are a newbie, but I have been making predictions for the coming year for a number of years with absolute clarity using crystal balls, tea leaves, computer pixels and a twirling Martian beanie I found in Roswell, New Mexico. However this morning I am having a bit of trouble getting a clear focus because my head is stuffed up, my nose is running, my eyes are blurry plus I feel like I have a Roto-Rooter truck parked on my chest trying to unclog the mucus from my lungs with one of those twisting mechanical snakes used to clear a drain pipe. And if that was not enough to affect my finding the vortex into the future this morning, it is below freezing outside. I mean, do you know what it is like to have ice crystals dangling from ones nostrils when you are trying to enter a time wrap? Well, I can tell you from experience; it is definitely a distraction and distorts one senses of what’s going to happen next.


Okay, we are in. Gold will continue to inflate because the government is doing what I said they would do. They are currently monetizing the debt with 1.2 trillion dollars or adding about 30% to the GDP. Who needs workers or production when you have the printing press? The economy will appear to rebound. Now, isn’t that good news? Remember, when they passed those huge spending bills when Obama first took office, I bet you forgot that 75% of the money would not be spent until 2011 and 2012. No wonder we haven’t seen any of the effects yet, the money is just starting to show up. Hmmm, I guess someone wants to win an election badly in 2012. Don’t be surprised if you feel like you’re rolling in the dough by the end of 2011, unless of course, you have to go buy something like gasoline or food.


Sara Palin will make her announcement that she will run for the Presidency and she could be our first women President. I know I will vote for her. How can you not vote for the candidate that climbs mountains, shoots bears, eats moose and is a woman.  Obama was the first Internet President; Palin will be the first Reality President. For more clarification on this subject, I have been counting spots on the Magic Owl Feather that came with the book Molly the Owl.  A Magic Owl Feather when used in this way will usually reveals such things as who will win future elections but so far all I have been able to determine is that you can see Russia from Alaska even if it is only a little bit. When I checked the FAQ section on the Internet as to why I was not getting a clearer picture as to who was going to win the election in 2012, the answer was clear…Al Gore’s Global Warming was creating a fog similar to the hanging chads of Florida plus I got an error message “It is not time to make predictions for 2012.” But I did predict that Obama would win two years before he was elected when Hilary was supposed to be the shoe-in.


Look for conversation skills to improve in 2011 because of the new all electric cars.  According to Nissan, twenty thousand people are already standing in line to buy one. When you drive your new all-electric car to visit a friend, go shopping or to make a sales appointment, you will have to stay for 3 hours while the car is recharging. What else are you going to do but talk and have a conversation with someone. It will be one of those unintended consequences or benefits depending on how you look at it.  Others claim it is retailers that are behind the new all-electric car craze because once you arrive at the shopping mall you won’t be able to leave for 3 hours. It fits right in with their current marketing and credit strategy “Charging is for Customers Only.” Stupid me, I thought that was already their strategy.


Some people never learn. Did you know that Wall Street and the big bankers are still securitizing mortgages? They have a new slogan too, “Real Security This Time.” Look for the housing market to improve as the economy improves and inflation shrinks existing payments. More banks will move into the foreclosure market but on the buying side as a way to make money and show profits. This will be done with holding companies. It is almost like “I’ll buy yours, you buy mine” that the S&L’s did except this time they are buying for lower prices instead of higher prices. Here is a simplified version of how it works. When a bank forecloses on a property it becomes a liability but if a holding company buys a property, it becomes an investment. Buy low, sell high, show a profit, and offset gains with past losses.


Banks and Wall Street are finally waking up to the fact that people/investors are making money buying their foreclosures and they want in on the action. This will be a paradigm shift in the housing foreclosure market, kind of like when Wall Street decided it wanted in on the mortgages. Look for large Wall Street type funds to start investing in home foreclosures big time. Who knows what will happen if they are as creative with foreclosures as they were with securitizing mortgages. One thing is for sure, there will be more foreclosures in 2011 because Wall Street will be fighting over who gets to buy them.


Rents in most areas will continue to rebound and may go into bubble condition in boom towns in energy rich states. Remember that while in general the real estate market has been in the toilet, real estate is regional and many areas have been booming. Yes, that is right, housing has gone up not down in those areas. Good news typically does not make the news so you only hear about the bad real estate markets, but I can assure you there are some booming markets. If you want to know where, just check out the energy states that have oil, nature gas, coal, wind and usually lousy weather. Then zero in on the towns where the exploration and production is taking place.


One persistent rumor is that oil could hit $210 a barrel by 2012, a bit much I would say but I don’t know. No wonder 20,000 are standing line to get an electric car if gasoline is going to $20 a gallon. Most people are not worried though or large SUVs and large pickups would not be the number one sellers, which they are. I mean, who wants to drive a little car when it has been written that the size of your car tells so much about you: just think how it would look if President Obama and the first lady Michelle arrived in one of those dinky Smart cars. The President with his head bent over looking forward, face smashed up against the windshield and his knees up around his chin and Michelle squeezed in next to him.


I was asked just last week, “What do you do in this kind of market”? With rampant inflation predicted, this is a good time to leverage and lock in low interest rate long term debt provided you have a long term stable income source to pay off the debt with cheaper dollars in the future. From all indications, you can now purchase a rental house and have it break even or have a little positive cash flow. This is rare for California so early 2011 could be one of the best times to buy a rental house or that first time home. Gold and precious metals are also good hedges against inflation but they do not produce any income while holding. A good move is to buy gold with all your excess cash, that is if you have any excess cash, because the banks are not paying you any interest anyway but remember there is always a chance it could go down.  Gold is up around 50% from this time last year. Yes, I did recommend gold last year.


Healthcare will be funded despite the election and what the Tea Partiers say because once an entitlement is given it is almost impossible to take it away until the government fails. All Socialist programs lead to failure because with Socialism it is more advantageous to be a non-producer than it is to be a producer.


I am out. That’s it; my predictions for 2011 are finished. My head is still stuffed up and my nose is still running and I have not been able to get that Roto-Rooter truck off my chest. The good news is I no longer have icicles dangling from my nose as I have warmed up a bit.


Here is to a Happy and Prosperous New Year. It is 1-1-11, it will be the year of the inflated one.


Carlos Royal


Warning: These predictions are made just for fun and are not to be used for investment advice or anything else for that matter because they are simply my thoughts while wearing a beanie in an imaginary simulated time warp. You can recreate this experience by placing a towel over your head and breathing deeply Vick’s Vapor Rub with a streamer; that is provided you have a serious head cold, it is freezing outside and you have the heat off. It helps if you can type without looking at the screen. Believe me, that’s harder than it looks. If you don’t believe me, try it.


259 Responses to “Royal’s Foggy Predictions for 2011”

  1. Anne Canfield Says:

    I’m so disappointed to learn you are a Palin supporter. Tell us it’s a joke, please. Stick with the owls! Otherwise, hope you feel better soon.

  2. Terry Flinn Says:

    Oh Carlos, you forgot to predict about Molly and McGee……is 2011 the year for 3 more clutches?
    I sure hope so. Lights action and of course the cameras. Terry Flinn

  3. GeniaKnitz Says:

    OK, I’m laughing! Feel better, Carlos, and happy 2011 to you and yours, including the Royal Owls!

  4. jenny Says:

    Carlos, I’m sure your thoughts are probably as good if not better that the highest paid investor!!

  5. sandee Says:

    Carlos, the only thing that really worries me about all of your predictions is that you’re going to vote for Sarah Palin. Please say it isn’t so!

  6. Ann Scandiffio Says:

    Greetings from Mint Hill, NC. Happy, healthy and prosperous New Year to all the Royals and MODS everywhere.
    Carlos, love your predictions, will have to see how it turns out.
    So sorry you started the new year with a cold, save some of that Vicks and when the coughing starts, rub some on the soles of your feet and cover with socks. It stops the coughing…It REALLY does work, I’ve used it before.
    Looking forward to Molly and McGee’s first clutch of 2011….You ARE putting the cameras back up aren’t you?
    Thank you for all the fun of 2011, again…

    • Elizabeth or ET27 Says:

      I totally agree about the Vicks on your feet. I was a sceptic when I was told about it but it really DID work for me.

  7. Bonita Lyon Says:

    Wow! You are an amazing writer on top of all your other talents!! I am glad ( and pleased ) to learn of your political persuasion.:) I surely hope that you get well soon. Must be hard to keep you down. Thanks for your predictions for 2011, seems you are pretty good at it. HHHHmmmm…now what a bout M and M??? Get well soon and Happy New Year! Bonnibell

    • Kalani Says:

      Carlos is much too savvy to reveal his politics. I’m surprised so many people missed the whole tongue-in-cheek tone to his predictions. Stop being so literal, people!

  8. Carlos, sorry about your cold. Everyone here in NE Ohio has had it and it is a doozy. I love your insightful predictions. Hey, my daughter’s house is in foreclosure…have I got a buy for you!!!

    Keep warm, have some nice chicken soup and Tylenol Extreme Cold/Flu. Hope you feel better soon, and Hugz to Molly and McGee. Hope they are finding lots of yummy mousies.

  9. Dana C Witzke Says:

    I LOVE IT!!!

  10. Lisa A. Burns Says:

    LOL !!!!! Oh Carlos, you are just toooo wonderful!!! Enjoyed this so much!!! You are just so darn talented…. predicting 3rd Clutch for M & M and all your loyal fans as well ?
    Thanks for this update…Happy New Year!!! Still smiling..
    With Love from NE FL,

  11. Marie Says:

    We miss you Carlos….maybe you should try putting out a daily news letter?


  12. Carol Says:

    Hi, Carlos,
    So good to hear from you. Hope that cold soon goes away. Don’t think it would help you feel better to know that it has been hovering around 60º here in southwestern PA for the last two days. And, yes, a lot of folks have colds here,too.
    Enjoyed your predictions. My hubby is a real estate owner/broker here in an area where marcellus shale gas is starting to become a big economic factor. Even though in fun, I hope your prognostications about our area are true.
    Hope you will consider writing regularly. Our best wishes for 2011 for you, Donna and your family.

  13. sharon durham Says:

    we miss your silliness and coming from Kowl…hope you feel better and the vicks and socks works well. Hope to hear soon that M&M are back at it in the OB and lights, camera, and action!

  14. Madonna Varchetto-Bonner Says:

    Carlos, so good to hear from you! Love the predictions. Hate that you feel bad. Hope you are taking an antibiotic, not seen anyone get better without one(I’m a PA, and have been seeing about 50 pts a day with this bug)can go into pneumonia easily. So take care of yourself. Feel the warm thoughts of all of us M&M fans. Will keep you in prayer for a speedy recovery. Love the Royals and M&M, Madonna

  15. Rosemary Says:

    Carlos… Have we told you lately that we love you?

    Wow, what a way to begin 2011! Thanks.


  16. Kim Torkelson Says:

    Get well soon Carlos, seem like everyone is getting colds and the bug. It was so fun reading your predictions, would love to hear from you every day, just a little note would be nice, really miss you two. How is M & M doing? Very cold today in Mn. not a good winter lots of snow.
    Happy New Year to you and your family. KimMN

  17. Liela M. Maielua Says:

    Thanks for the humor this first day of 2011, you just may be right.

  18. finnwv Says:

    Hi Carlos and Donna!
    Happy New Year to you and the entire Royal family including Molly and McGee and the kids! Enjoyed your foggy predictions so much! Very interesting!
    Hope you feel better soon! Best wishes for the New Year 2011 to all of you! 1/1/11 Hearts! And oh yes thank you again for the best year ever – the year of Molly & McGee 2010!!

  19. Marcy Says:

    Carlos, what about predicting another clutch? I predict that Molly will have healthy, beautiful clutches this year!! (Third one hopefully soon. I’m still feeling some withdrowl)

  20. Suzie2 Says:

    Use Mucinex, Carlos…and drink lots of water with it…
    that, rest and chicken soup will fix you :-).

  21. weeezer Says:

    Are you kidding me? I signed up for this blog notification to get news about Molly & McGee and now Carlos is pushing Politics in here…what a shame.

    • Mary (Grrammy724) Says:

      Agreement here, weezer. I go to this blog to find out about Molly & Mcgee, and am disheartened to see blatant politics, etc. So, Grrammy moves on.

    • Kalani Says:

      LOL! There’s a reason they were called “foggy” predictions – have you forgotten Carlos’ sense of humor?

  22. Sue Conner Says:

    Sorry you’re feeling poorly, Carlos. Get better soon.
    I, too, noticed there was no mention of M&M in your New Year’s predictions.
    I miss the old times when you drank your morning cafe mocha from your Molly mug and updated us on M&M. I’m hoping for Clutch #3 and a chance to see the new Hawaiian shirts you undoubtedly brought back from your trip.

    BTW, any chance that Mel or Sydney on Ustream are Molly and McGee’s owlets? Please let us know your thoughts on that. I just happened to see their owl box cam for the first time today.

    Happy New Year, Carlos, and thanks for OWL the good times in 2010!

    • GeniaKnitz Says:

      Sue, I looked in at Mel & Sydney – they are beauties – well, they are barn owls, right? Of course they are beautiful. And I peeked at O & O and a couple of other Ustream barn owls, but… how do I say this?

      They just aren’t Molly and McGee!

      It isn’t just owls I miss, it is OUR owls. Sigh.

      • Bigsis/Robin Says:

        Oh I agree GeniaKnitz….they are beautiful owls but they aren’t our Molly and McGee. I miss them too xx and I miss Carlos…he has such a great energy!

  23. Jane Duckett Says:

    I do not think that owls and politics mix.

  24. Carlynne Allbee Says:

    WOW – I am impressed with this “new to us” Royal side to Carlos. The writing style, the predictions, the twirling beaning from Roswell….

    Sign me up for the newsletter – with disclaimer firmly in place, this was a blast to read.

    Cold EZE, I have been told, will cut that cold down to 3 days. Drink lots of liquids. Sinus Rinse really does work – I just found out last year.

    Carlynne aka littleguys

  25. Vades Brinkley Says:

    Oh Carlos, you are soooooo funny! Do you really have a head cold or are you just being funny? Someone should call Rotor Router so the truck will back off your chest. :-) If you do have a cold, please feel better soon.

  26. Kate Johnson Says:

    Was the blog hacked today? Thought politics was off topic.

  27. Ericka Says:

    Happy New Year Carlos!

    P.S. It will be very easy for me NOT to vote for Sarah Palin.

    May your New Year be healthy and happy!


  28. Ellie Says:

    Oh Carlos, once again you are priceless!! While your predictions are “beanie” oriented, I must say that I have to agree with quite a bit of it. I sure hope you can get that truck off of your chest (so that leaves room to get anything else off your chest that you may want to do), and that you feel much, much better soon.

    Happy New Year to you and Donna!! I remain your owly friend, Ellie Day.

  29. DianaJoe Says:

    You are the Best!

  30. 1SkatrPie Says:

    what you got, i got, too: please pass the vapo-rub
    and may everybody feel better in 2011! All the best and lots of gratitude to you and Donna and Molly and McGee and Austin for an extraordinary, completely unexpected 2010! That was the best year of my life!
    (payin’ for it NOW, but, still…it was!)

  31. Janie Branison Says:

    Carlos, take all of the suggestions for cold remedies and you will be over it in 7 days. Do nothing and it will last a week.
    My grandson is a fuel cell engineer for those dinky little electric cars, so be nice. lol
    Politics were banned in chat, but you can talk about anything you want especially when I am in complete agreement.
    Love you!

  32. Linda Says:

    Carlos – excellent predictions! I sure hope you are right about our next President! I live in Colorado and the housing market in Colorado Springs is doing fine – CO has natural gas and coal! Right again! Gave my good friend Molly’s Book, DVD, calendar and mousepad for Christmas – she loved it! Feel better and hope to see you with the next clutch!

  33. muttsfan Says:

    Happy new year to the Royals! and thanks again for sharing your lives with us.
    Your predictions are interesting – I see that the current national debt is now 3 times the GDP. I don’t think rental properties will be a good bet in Michigan because we have the honor of being the only state that lost population in the last 10 years.
    Love the Molly updates – ever see Leggs McGee on a flybye?

  34. GeorgiaGoose Says:

    It sounds like you’ve been hitting the NyQuil pretty hard, Carlos! Feel better soon!
    From rainy but warm north Georgia.
    Happy New Year!!

  35. John B. Says:

    Carlos, I believe all of it except the head cold part–If I felt like that I wouldn’t be typing on a computer (and I’m a “geek”)!
    Maybe you can figure out how to take people into that time warp with you; it sounds like you get a pretty clear view of reality in there. ;~)

    Well, I hope you can take it easy for a few days & get rid of the illness. Lousy way to start the year, I know; it often happens to me early in the year.
    Freezing in southern CA? Must be all those Tesla Roadsters driving around cooling things off; you better get the neighbors together for an SUV road rally & crank out some more CO2…

  36. Patsy Butler Says:

    Was great to here from you this morning, sorry you don’t feel well. I as well miss your talks every day and M & M and kids. Lets hope that the new year brings with new jobs for the ones out of work and a better economy for everyone. Happy New Year to you and yours! Your Owl Friend Patsy (MomNbeth)

  37. Owlcoholic4life Says:

    (((HUGZ))) and Hisses Carlos that you feel better real soon. I am sorry you are bringing in the new year feeling so bad. I love your predictions. You are always one to make us smile, even when you are feeling badly. My prediction for the new is is that you will feel better real soon and have the cameras back up and running in time for Molly to lay the first egg of Clutch # 3. YOU have brought this world together for the better and through YOU, your family and Molly and McGee, streaming again will continue to spread love and joy throughout this new year. Yes, there are other owl boxes to watch and they are very nice, but there is only ONE CARLOS and in my book, Carlos is what has made this experience so special. We certainly miss you and look forward to having you back in our lives again in 2011.

    Happy New Year Royal Family!!! We love and miss you. Hope to see you soon. Take care of that cold!!!

  38. PegRod Says:

    PegRod’s Marine Layered Predictions for 2011

    1. Carlos Royal, after recovering from his New Year’s Eve/Day Foggy Brain Syndrome, will look around his San Marcos estate, see 12-foot ladders blocking the way into his garage, and decide to move them back into the Royal Gardens.

    2. McGee will perch on one ladder, Molly on another and they will gaze into each other’s eyes, under the full moon of January 19th, and silently telecommunicate their thoughts of how sweet it was when Max climbed up the ladder. Love will blossom as the springtime in Southern California fills the air and fruitfulness fills the earth.

    3. Real estate bargins in Hawaii will draw Ashley’s parents to Hawaii for a Valentine’s visit and second honeymoon to see daughter and new son-in-law, Ashely and Spencer, who will help them pick out a new house to raise the new family in (with an in-law’s apartment attached, of course).

    4. On Valentine’s Day, Carlos and Donna will be snuggled on the couch watching the slide show of Owl Box 1 on Ustream and say “Remember, this is how it all began on Feb 14, 2010”.

    5. Carlos will be sent a $5000 gift certificate from Fry’s Home Electronics in San Marcos and give Austin a call “Let’s go shopping for a new computer for college for you!” but while there will see the perfect set up to rewire everything for Molly and McGee’s third clutch – and everything will be 50% off for purchases under $5000, as long as your total is $5011.00! He’ll say “Well….since we are here….”

    6. MODs from around the world will cheer in glee – another great year to look forward to – 2011 has just begun – I BELIEVE (hearts and hugs)!

    We Love You Carlos!

    • finnwv Says:

      Love it, PegRod! Too funny! Have you written any books? If so I would love to read them! You are SO good!!!

      • PegRod Says:

        Glad you liked it! No books – I am not a writer. But, The Owl Box Family and experience, the chatters (like you!), the Royal Family, the VacaDude Family, and all the creative people inspire me and fill me until I can’t hold the words in! (Thanks to y’owl!)

    • BonnieKay Says:

      Oh wouldn’t it be great. Love your predictions also. I do miss the Owl Box, the Mods in blue and Carlos.

    • Teri Saffren - Irthum Says:

      Pegrod, Perfect Predictions for 2011 – you are a really good writer and got us all ready for another clutch!

    • Love the predictions of Carlos and PegRod! It’s going to be an interesting year–and I’m looking forward to a new batch of ‘owlettes’ to keep us occupied while we lurching along in our handbaskets on the way to…… Happy New Year, Carlos and Donna and all!

    • catsmommy Says:

      Love your reply Pegrod…. HUGS and happy new year…from catsmommy

    • CAequuslvr Says:

      PegRod– I love your predictions. Let’s hope they all come true.

  39. Janice aka dg1018 Says:

    Loved the predictions. Go Palin! Go Gold, as it might be the only thing I have to count on in my retirement. Gas? Here in Nebr. I’m paying $3.00 a gal. and it is creeping upward daily but might be ok since I don’t drive a big @## truck or a hummer. Does anyone ever pay their mortgage off anymore? Health-care, scary, pray I have it but don’t know if I or my Grandchildren can afford it.
    All in all, 2011 is going to be a scary year but I am an eternal optimist living with an eternal pessimist—great combination, someones always right.
    One of the bright spots in my life for 2010 was Molly but the bright spot in my 2011 will surely be my new Grandchild.
    Wish you and Donna a very Happy New Year and more fun than humanly possible on your many travels.
    Get Well Soon!
    Janice aka dg1018

  40. MnMwatchnSantee Says:

    Carlos: I needed a good amount of smiling & laughing, giggling, & some good old fashioned laughing out loud this morning! THANK YOU so much for your post. It is my high spot of the day so far :) Peace & abundant blessings to you, Donna & your dear family for a prosperous, healthy, blessed & Happy New Year.

    Genny, aka “MnMwatchnSantee”

  41. Joan Says:

    Happy new Year to You Carlos and Donna..the first e-Mail that I open is always if there is one from Mollys’ Box..I received an owl ornament for my tree and also a necklace with owls on it.. the MOD doesn’t go away easily.. Joan from Colorado

  42. VeeTX Says:

    You’re as good as all the other market prognostigators, if no better. I’m going to read your “Report for 2011” again and see where I should invest, if I ever get any excess money. Thank you for the first laugh in 2011. Happy New Year to you, Donna, Austin and all your family. Sorry about your cold – do the Vicks thing – it helps to put some on your chest too. Did Molly, McGee, C1 and C2 have a party at the OB last night? I hear they kept Jackson and Cassie up all night with their songs. Looking forward to 2011 clutches, and getting to visit with y’all once again.

  43. I am very confused was I suppose to laugh or cry at what you wrote?

  44. Seabrz78 Says:

    Happy New Years Donna and Carlos.

    I love the predictions! I hope and pray that the cold goes away quickly and you will be up and around. Also that it warms up soon. Middle of Calif is cold too. What happened? We live in Calif.


  45. John B. Says:

    And my 2 cents on colds: Nostrilla (similar to Afrin) works great for me to keep the nasal passage open. Keeping nice & warm reduces the running. Take care.


  46. Holly Sue Says:

    Dear Carlos,
    Your foggy predictions are priceless – how did you have the strength and clarity to be so productive as ill as you sound! Please take care and get well soon, get plenty of rest and try soup – it always comforts me. Happy New Year to you and Donna and all of the family! Enjoy your next trip, too!
    With Love, Holly Sue

  47. Nancy Says:

    I might wish we would all chat, about Molly of course, for three hours while our electric car was recharging, but I have heard that “filling stations” will just use crane-like things to take out the empty battery and put in a charged one.

  48. Lucy Sanders Says:


    I couldn’t have said it better!!! I’m impressed and very pleased to have read your prediction blog! Good job! Happy New Year! Get well soon!

    Lucy (silent MOD from Troy, Ohio)

  49. Darlene Salisbury Says:

    Happy New Year Carlos and Donna,
    Love your comments. Like I’ve said before,I love hearing from you. This post is quite entertaining I must say.It actually made me LOL. But aside from that, thank you for every thing you have done creating this community. I truly hope you get better soon. Don’t let that thing sitting on your chest get any worse. Don’t want you ending up in the hospital or any thing like that.
    Carlos and Donna, you are like family. I miss seeing you on “KOWL”. Hopefully one day it will be up and running, but we know that is totally and completely up to you. We only saw it because of your generous nature. So thank you once again. Thank you Donna for participating also. For being such an important part of the whole project. We have made life long friends because of the two of you creating this. It goes beyond words. We are still chatting on the SPO web site. It’s incredible.
    Have a Happy and Healthy New Year.
    Darlene Salisbury from NW Oregon.

  50. Mommyduck Says:

    Happy New Year Carlos! I’m so sorry that you have that awful bug! I’m on Day 6 of what you have…so I totally understand how icky you feel! What I don’t understand is how you could write such brilliant predictions for 2011 while feeling so lousy! You are the greatest, Carlos!! Thank you for sharing your fabulous musings with us!!! Feel better soon!! Love, Mommyduck

  51. DWD in Atlanta Says:

    I was hoping for some news on Molly & McGee. I hope you feel better soon and the weather warms up so you can get out and set the cameras back up. The worst of winter is still to come, so having the owls to watch while we stay warm will be the highlight of winter for me.

    Happy New Year to you, Donna, Austin & the Owls.

  52. jeanne lese Says:

    Political commentary like this is out of order. You’ve lost a faithful follower. Stick to the owls. That’s what the people want.

    • Mary F Says:

      you need to find your sense of humor for new years

    • Lourdes Says:

      Get a grip. This is Carlos’ blog. He can write whatever he wants.

    • Jen Doughty Says:

      I agree. This is Carlos’ blog. It is not for you to say “this is out of order.” If you are here for the owls, it shouldn’t matter what Carlos’ politics are. And you don’t speak for all “people!” Go Carlos!!

  53. Cathy (maxermum) Says:

    Happy New Year to you and your family, Carlos. I really enjoyed the predictions. You left off the amount of babies that Molly and McGee will have this fine year.
    May you all have all the finest that life has to offer this coming year.

  54. Cathy (maxermum) Says:

    p.s. I LOVED the political commentary, unlike other people making comments about it.

    • Judy Says:

      I loved it too. Finally, I’m not alone on these sites.

      • Barb Says:

        Yea, Cathy and Judy; we are not alone. The pleasure in reading today’s comments warms my heart, I’ve spent too much time feeling a little too conservative for these chats. So glad to have a Carlos “state of mind”.
        Happy New Year, all.

      • Donna Smith Says:

        I too am happy not to feel alone here and can now comment. I loved every bit of it.

  55. NatureLuver Says:

    Happy New Year Royal’s,

    Sorry you are sick Carlos. I have had the same thing three times since Thanksgiving. Third round of antibiotics and I think it’s gone! Certainly hope so.

    I too enjoyed your New Year prediction letter. LOL. Hope M&M show up on Ustream in 2011, along with our favorite KOWL announcer. Miss you all terribly.

    Love and (((((((HUGZ))))))) to you and all MODS this new year!!!!!
    Liz Garney, League City, TX

    Get Well Soon!

  56. M.B. Says:

    Oh Carlos . . . so very disappointed that you’ve interjected politics into what has been such a wonderful experience thus far. We were able to totally immerse ourselves, albeit briefly, in the world of nature . . . and for a while, be free of all else.
    I can only hope that somehow I missed the point and that your offering was, in actuality, a satirical piece. I can honestly say, though I love this country with all my heart and have lived here for all of my 66 years, and still believe it to be the best in the world, if Sarah Palin were to become president I might seriously consider leaving it.

  57. vera daley Says:

    I’m laughing! Thank you I needed that. Hope you feel better. Happy 2011 to you and yours, and all the MODS, hope we will all be together again real soon. Take care

  58. Julie Says:

    I’m laughing here in Indiana! Very funny (and perhaps accurate) blog today Carlos and the time it took to write it all allowed you to thaw out. Hope you are feeling better soon! No prediction for a 3rd clutch? Keeping my fingers crossed that we will see those two beautiful owls Molly and McGee again in the spring.

    Happy New Year to the Royal family and to all of the Molly chatters!

  59. Robin Says:

    Love the predictions! Your’s too Pegrod!
    Sorry for your cold. Add peppermint tea (celestial seasons) from any grocery store to your current treatment plan. It’s great for your head!!
    Cold here in NC too, still have snow on the ground.

  60. JoAnn - Benicia, CA Says:


    I’m amazed that a few folks actually had to comment negatively about your 2011 foggy predictions. They need to strive for a little more humor in their life and quit taking things so seriously. Honestly!!

    I LOVED it and laughed all the way through, even knowing that much of it is probably true! Investing in Gold was the smartest advice I took right before things started tanking back in 2007. It saved my IRA. I work in a corporate real estate company and can tell you that you are correct about that market. It doesn’t matter what a person’s political affiliation is to appreciate the humor in what you wrote.

    I’m impressed that you have the energy to spend the time writing when you feel as lousy as you say you do. I hope you get well very soon. Humor, while being sick, is definitely one way to healing yourself.

    Everyone that I sent Molly’s DVD to for Christmas loves it! You may get a few new fans to watch Molly and Magee if you decide to let us watch their third clutch.

    Happy New Year to you, Donna, Austin and the rest of your family.

  61. Leslie Says:

    Ditto for all of the above except the political stuff remarks. You are right on!!!
    Miss your daily OWL remarks.
    Get healthy and don’t pass this bug to Donna!
    P.S. It is 50 degrees in Michigan today; eat your heart out.

  62. Sue Couch Says:

    I’m glad to see that your cold has not interfered with your creativity and sense of humor. A great way to start the year. And who knows, you may be right! (Although looks like we’ve already turned right. We need a zig,zag left, I think.:-) Hope your beanie will transport you to a “no-cold zone” and you can breathe again and drive that truck off your chest onto the electric highway! Happy New Year! And to Molly and McGee, too.

  63. Karen Foster Says:

    Sarah Palin, really?? I’m so glad we were not allowed to discuss politics in the chat room…I would have left before Ashley even hatched…

  64. Carol (planetmom) Says:

    Really enjoyed the humor in your article. You are a great writer too. Sorry to hear you are sick though, but fear not you are not alone. I have had the same awful stuff for 2 1/2 wks and last night it finally did me in. I spent the night in the ER with an asthma attack even while on prednisone, antibiotics, and albuteral by nebulizer. Not the best party I have ever attended on New Year’s Eve for sure. Get better soon. I figure if the year starts this way then there is only one way to go from there UP I hope.

    Can you tell me what address to write too to find out about a missing DVD that says it was shipped Dec 4th. I have tried several but not getting any responses, thanks.


  65. joly2u Says:

    Thanks, Carlos, you are a wonder! Be careful of pneumonia with that weight on you chest. Don’t let them give you any quinolone antibiotics (Cipro, Levaquin etc), they are not needed and cause side effects. I love your humor, attitude and insight. Thank you for sharing yourself with us.

  66. Teri Saffren - Irthum Says:

    Loved your predictions Carlos. Hope you feel better fast but this cold/flu thing is making the rounds nationwide and the cough lasts and lasts. Dayquil did help me during the day.
    As for the folks complaining about Carlos talking politics here, it is his blog. The no politics rule was for chat but on his blog, Carlos can say anything he wants to say. I am thrilled that he talks to us about his life and his feelings at all. We are a bunch of strangers brought together by his and Donna’s generosity.
    I sure hope Molly and McGee decide on a 3rd clutch in the spring and Carlos and Donna invite us all back again for that joy.
    Have a wonderful 2011 folks.

  67. Monica Says:

    Happy New Year to the Royals!!!
    As always, your humor makes me laugh.
    We miss you Carlos, and of course M & M too.. Thanks for keeping us informed, but ahhh, yes, we could sure use a third clutch prediction… now that would be something to talk about….
    Feel better Carlos…

  68. Sally aka MollyLoverForever Says:

    Thanks for the predictions Carlos! Will take them all to heart, with tongue in cheek! Hope you feel lots better soon!

    TY for all the news you give us about M&M – it warms my heart!

  69. Judy Says:

    Sarah Palin!?! You lost me as a follower if you are now promoting politics. Sad.

  70. Jes63 Says:

    I enjoyed reading your predictions!
    I think a lot like you do!
    Take care of the cold and we hope you will try to attend EB this coming Saturday the 8th.
    We all still meet once a month there.
    Plus we want to help Eric, in February, packaged up the coffee table books!
    Happy New Year!

  71. Tammy Smith Says:

    I hope the political stuff was a joke. I’d hate to think Carlos was a hard-core right-winger.

  72. Elizabeth Mason Says:

    Carlos, you’re the best! Feel better soon and please keep in touch.

  73. Susan Says:

    Carlos – LOVED the predictions! Great way to start 2011. Hope you feel better soon!

  74. Sally Dausch Says:

    so sorry to hear you are starting off your New Year sick, as well as breathing in the Vick’s, rub geneous amount on your chest put on your flannel jammies, sweats and get under the covers, sweat it out, make sure you eat heavily loaded fruit with potassium, and drink lots of water. Loved your predictions, made me chuckle. Here’s hoping you Donna and the rest of your family have a great new year…………love to all

  75. Lisa Tye Says:

    Carlos, I sure hope you feel better soon…ya’ll have had such a whirlwind year (and last few months), your body is probably telling you that it’s just a little tired! Much happiness to the Royals (and everybody!) in 2011!

  76. Nancy Says:

    Happy New Year to you both. Sorry you don’t feel well it’s not surprising with all the rain you have had. Take time and rest up!

    Your predictions gave me quite a chuckle! Can’t wait to see what happens to the power grid as people begin to plug in their new electric cars. They say it will draw as much power as a whole house. Keep your flashlight handy.

    Get better soon

  77. Teri Friedman Says:

    Love your predictions. I totally agree; and I have a head and chest cold myself. As for those afraid about Sarah Palin, how does the saying go, “there are none so blind as those that will not see.”

    Take care, and keep the Vicks vaporub near!

  78. Sherrie Says:

    Wow, some owl watchers just don’t have a sense of humor when it comes to politics…As for this long time lurker, I loved it Carlos, I needed a good chuckle today. I brought this nasty cold, snuffy, coughy, thingy, back from our Christmas in Maine to Georgia. It’s everywhere…My mom used to plaster our chests with vicks when we were kids. I think the cold still lasted those darn seven days… Peg Rod, great predictions! My husband, who may think I’ve over-owled got me the 2010 spring graduating owlet sweatshirt! YEA!

  79. Patti Says:

    Didn’t know colds made people stupid. Foolish me I thought you might just be an enviromentalist liking wildlife like I thought you did. Do you have any stuffed owls or moose on your walls? Maybe you should stick to electronics or real estate.

    • Janie Branison Says:

      Calling him stupid is not the way to win friends and influence all the people who love Carlos. Get a sense of humor!!

    • BonnieKay Says:

      I can’t believe you just said that! Carlos is the best. He did so much for so many people. I’m sure he did it all out of love of people and wildlife. You can disagree if you like but name calling! I’d say you will not be missed on this blog Patti.

    • Pikabu Says:

      So, according to your logic, Patti — someone who cares about wildlife and the environment cannot have conservative political views? And anyone who doesn’t agree with you politically is “stupid”? Wow.

      People have become so narrow-minded, thinking that political leanings dictate one’s views on every single issue. This country is filled with diverse people and with 2 (maybe 3) political parties, there is no way one party can encompass all of the views of its members.

      I actually feel sorry for you, Patti, for having such a narrow view of the world.

    • catsmommy Says:

      wow too harsh Patti… I think we need to send you some polite pills and a dose of humor …. happy new year and lighten up eh, at least play nice.

    • Kit Says:

      we were all brought together because we love Molly & her family and Carlos and his family. the chat was G-rated and that was one thing. The blog is a personal thing and we should all respect Carlos and what he has brought to us. i think he’s one of the coolest people i have ever ‘met’ and he and the owls were a stellar event in 2010. i, for one, think he’s tops! pensacolakit

    • CAequuslvr Says:

      Carlos, stupid. To even consider that is not the most intelligent of conclusions. Carlos is the total opposite of stupid. The man is incredibly intelligent and well-spoken. Patti where were you all those months of M&M watching. Carlos was making predictions. He did not say he agreed with or hoped that whatever prediction came true.

      • Laura Says:

        I cannot believe that anyone would be so “stupid” and write those nasty comments about the Royal family! She must be a very unhappy person — hope she moves on. Let’s help her pack!

    • Mary Jo Says:

      Please go away Patti we all love Carlos here. He has brought us all a beautiful experience. The time and effort he has put in to this project has brought a lot of people a lot of joy!!!! MJ

  80. steve Says:

    Happy New Year!!
    Great predictions. Get well soon.
    We still need the senate. :-) We hope you turn the cameras on soon.

  81. carol Says:

    i’m only surprised that it’s fairly well-written, and that he’d take the chance of alienating customers. Have known from the first he’s Not an animal-lover,and neither is anyone who likes the killa from wasilla.

    • Kit Says:

      Carlos is the best and that’s all there is to it. I am Thankful he brought us Molly and he’s a great friend to all animals. I’m a first and second clutchher and Carlos has been first rate all through the experience. Carlos is a great guy!

  82. PegRod Says:

    “Constant kindness can accomplish much. As the sun makes ice melt, kindness causes misunderstanding, mistrust, and hostility to evaporate.” (Albert Schweitzer (1875-1965)

    “As there is no worse lie than a truth misunderstood by those who hear it, so reasonable arguments, challenges to magnanimity, and appeals to sympathy or justice, are folly when we are dealing with human crocodiles and boa-constrictors.” William James (1842-1910)

    Just some thoughts which may also be misunderstood ((please give us the light of understanding!))

  83. Barb Says:

    Happy New Year to all the Royals and their loved ones, hope that 2011 brings all the best.
    Love your blog today and am sorry that some have been critical of your views; I hope you don’t view us all as just petulant stalkers in your life. You and Donna have given us so much of yourselves this past year and we do appreciate all the sacrifices you made for the love of these owls. We hope that the new year brings you blessings in all that you do for yourselves and family. Love ya to bits, Barb & Neil

  84. Joan Watson Says:

    It’s AMAZING how many people lack a sense of humor. Very sad indeed!

  85. Joan Watson Says:

    PS – the people who are criticizing Carlos so badly should be BANNED from being able to write on the blog.

  86. Kathleen shear Says:


    Every New Years Day I watch the Vienna Orchestra’s concert on PBS as it is the perfect performance to highlight hope for the upcoming year.

    Your predictions are spot on for 2011 and I will read your blog carefully this year.

    Thank you.

    Thank you.

  87. Wendy Coffin Says:

    LOL. . .I love you Carlos. You and the Royal Owls entertained us throughout 2010, and now you’ve proven you’re a great solo act as well. Thanks for cheering me up and making me smile and laugh out loud. Feel better soon!

  88. Mary Jozwiak Says:

    Happy New Year to you and Donna and I hope you get rid of the nasty cold soon! The predictions are interesting! Personally I have no idea what’s going to happen this year, but I hope we’ll see more of you and Donna and your backyard neighbors!

  89. Carole Says:

    I’m like a previous reply – I thought no politics! Carlos, you probably went down in popularity quite a bit voicing your opinions Tea Party opinions! TARP was the first funds to try to keep our country out of a depression, & that was the Bush administration! All three car manufacturers are doing great! & many banks and the car manuf.have repaid their debt to the United States!It’s all working fine!

  90. Memedee251 Says:

    Carlos, thank you for the predictions and the humor ala Mark Twain. Sorry you are fighting a cold. Gran always gave me lemon/honey/whiskey to get rid of the crud. Maybe it would work for you, too. May 2011 bring you and Donna and all your family as much happiness as you bestowed on the MODs last year. XOXOXOXOXO Memedee in Owlabama

  91. morromoon Says:

    After following Carlos and M&M from almost the beginning and observing his intelligence and insight, I cannot seriously believe that he actually would vote for Palin. This is satire. Read all of the paragraph. I believe that he may have deliberately left it ambiguous and open to interpretation. Carlos is very clever and I say that in a totally positive way. I admire his intellect and his way of turning around the worry warts and others who doubted his handling of the owl box issues that came up. He is an amazing person. I love your sense of humor. Too bad that some can’t see it. A wonderful new year to you and your family.

  92. Eleanor Dodge Says:

    Hi Carlos,
    Happy New Year to you and Donna. Sorry to hear you are not feeling well. Always look forward to reading your blog and your predictions put a smile on my face. Take care of yourself and hope that the year 2011 is a good year for you since you made 2010 the best year for us with our Molly.

  93. Nancy Anthony Says:

    Happy New Year Carlos, Donna, Austin and all of your family, including all resident birds! I hope you feel better soon Carlos. Please get plenty of rest. It is the best healer and you have been through a year of non-stop excitement. I enjoy reading your blogs and check in every day even though I rarely comment. Take care. Nancy (homedaleteach)

  94. BonnieKay Says:

    Carlos I think you should run for President. You would have alot of support! Hope you feel better soon. Hoping for a Great New Year for all, with some Molly pictures! Bonnie

  95. Jo-Ann Giunti Says:

    I predict you will feel better in a week or two.. you must be going through withdrawals also.. just like the rest of us
    Have a healthy, prosperous, and happy New Years to you and Donna! Hope you are better soon..

  96. Lisa Says:

    Thank you for my first good laugh of 2011! Well, not counting the one I got when I saw myself in the mirror this morning. :) Happy New Year to the entire Royal clan, human and owlish.

  97. Lisa Says:

    Geez, just went back and read all of the prior comments. People really need to lighten up! And since when do chat room rules apply to Carlos’ own personal blog? I think some people just like to complain and don’t need much of a reason. Happy New Year all!

  98. Says:

    Whoa! I just read through most of the comments on this post and can now see why political views were not allowed in the Owl Box! I was kind of surprised to see a political posting but apparently Carlos has done this prediction for several years now so I thought I would read it and see what it was all about. I am not a very political person but I thought much of it was funny. I am not a Palin supporter but I will not stop talking to or belittle people who are. Wow! I cannot believe some of the comments made in response to this post. Maybe I will just stick to reading the blogs and ignore the comments from now on.

  99. imrw39frank Says:

    Your head may be stuffed up, but I see you’re thinking clearly.
    I’ve been socking away gold and silver for the last year.
    It’s gonna get ugly when inflation kicks in.
    Get well soon

  100. philjustphil Says:

    Best wishes for 2011 and a 3rd clutch. Spin that beanie again while thinking owl.

  101. Kitty Carlyle Says:

    Dear Carlos,

    I’m so sorry to hear that you are fighting that nasty cold or virus. You have brought so much joy and happiness to so many people. I doubt you will ever know what you, Donna, Austin and the owls have meant to me. But I want to take a minute and just let you know, you made my day for nearly 8 months or more and I will never forget the happiness I have shared with so many people in the owlbox.

    Looking forward to your broadcasts was certainly an exciting time and of course, your gorgeous photography and the beautiful owls helped put the whole thing together as the most memorable experience of 2010. I will never forget that, nor will my son who also loves the owls and the whole Royal family as well.

    Peace to you and yours for the coming year.


  102. Mary Says:

    So sorry about you having the creeping crud that’s going around. I’ve got it too so don’t feel alone. Use the Vicks…it works.
    I too have the “Carlos state of mind” and for the person who ask if he had a moose head on the wall? Maybe he doesn’t but I do, and I shot and dressed it myself. :)
    Life is to short to worry about what others think, so people lighten up. This is HIS blog and he can talk about anything he wants.
    Just my thoughts, nothing more.
    Carlos and family…may the new year bring bushels of Blessings to you and yours!
    Mary aka Maannie

  103. Samantha Says:

    Congrats Carlos I you have not only lost me, but Im sure others in your “predictions”. If people are to be kicked out of the conversation for their political convictions how do you get to rant about yours. Though not surprisingly a Republican changes the rules when it best fits them.

    • Samantha Says:

      I am just overly disappointed you went that way. As a newly found diabetic Obama’s Health Care Plan is going to allow me to get affordable Health Care.

    • Pikabu Says:

      Political discussions were not allowed in the chat room because they are so very polarizing and unfortunately get down-right nasty these days. The chat room was set up to be a friendly place for people of all ages to enjoy the owls and was not an appropriate place for political discussions.

      This is Carlos’ PERSONAL BLOG where he is free to express his opinions and is completely separate from the M&M chat room.

      Just like Carlos is FREE to express his views here, you are FREE to (1) read it and disagree; (2) not read it at all; or (3) start your own PERSONAL BLOG to express your opinions.

  104. Melanie Says:

    Oh Carlos, I sympathize with you. I’m getting over that lousy cold too. Not a fun way to spend my last week of vacation, but hopefully I’ll be healthy enough to return to work on Monday. I’m on the mend now and will be lucky if I can wrap this up in 7 days. Others have had it for up to 8 weeks. No, no….not you, Carlos!

    I love your predictions for 2011. I’m still laughing. I hope that you’re feeling better soon and that you and your family have happy and healthy 2011. Happy New Year!

  105. BJ Utgard Says:

    Carlos…you are wonderful. Feel better…perhaps some hot chicken soup with vegetables and noodles will help.
    Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts.
    BJ Utgard

  106. Linda Greene Says:

    MODS: So glad to know that I’m not struggling alone with this cough and cold. What wonderful suggestions for remedies.

    Carlos: Hope u r better soon and Happy New Year to you and Donna and the rest of the family.

    M&M: May you fly free for many years and good luck w/ a third clutch.

    PegRod: The voice of reason


  107. chris aka whitedog01 Says:

    Oh Carlos hope you get to feeling well soon. thank you for keeping us posted. You have a heart of gold and are a very caring person. Miss the owls but I know they are flying free and probably having a blast. Love to you,Donna and Austin.

  108. Sandra Scott (sandyj999) Says:

    After reading all the comments this is a perfect example of people and politics and the problems it causes. I have seen this happen too many times. People that were friends over the Molly and McGee will sometimes become enemies over politics. And then feelings will be hurt. It doesn’t matter if it was satire or not some will be offended. It was such a good chat room rule.

  109. Bigsis/Robin Says:

    Feel better soon Mister Royal! Let Donna take care of you and rest. I would be delivering chicken soup if I lived nearby. We need you healthy….I say Carlos Royal as president and Donna Royal as the first lady :) I know that I would vote for you!

  110. Happy New Year from Cherryville, NC. Sorry your not feeling well. All the pictures you have posted from vacation to wedding have been beautiful. Please keep us updated on our precious owls Molly & McGee, I miss them very much. Hope clutch #3 comes along and the camera’s come back on.

  111. jal Says:

    I am saddened by the comments left here. Come on people- this is not the chat room. This is a blog that Carlos writes- his personal blog. He is entitled to his opinion, as is everyone else- but slamming Carlos and then other chatters about what they have written is not necessary. If you don’t like it, then don’t read it. No one is forcing you to read the blog. Good grief. And get a sense of humor- please.

  112. Carol (csw5545) Says:

    Carlos I am so sorry you have this nasty stuff thats going around. Gets losts of rest, eat good old fashion chicken soup (not from a can, use Vicks Vaper Rub and please don’t give it to Donna. Loved you predictions and the way you get them :) Thank you for your updates. You and your family are the greatest, that includes all the owls. May God bless and keep you. Happy New Year.

  113. Kathy Feltch Says:

    Carlos hope you feel better soon, Thanks for sharing your thoughts,its good to have a good laught and who knows you might be right on with your predictions, miss seeing your face and also M&M, sure they are doing fine..Wishing you Donna and family a wonderful and Happy 2011

  114. emeraldcher Says:

    You must be smoking crack too!

    • catsmommy Says:

      whoa uncalled for, going to send you polite pills and a dose of humor as well…

    • Lisa in Oklahoma Says:

      Because he disagrees with you? Sheesh!

      Love you Royals….Whether you are Right, Left or Right down the Middle.

      • Kit Says:

        Carlos and his family are great folks! Everyone has the right to their opinions. I happen to agree with Carlos, but I can see the other side as well. We were all united over our mutual love of nature and that’s something we can all agree on.

    • CAequuslvr Says:

      Carlos was making predictions. He did not say whether or not he agreed with what he saw. Duuuhhhh. Come on people. Read and understand.

  115. DianaJoe Says:

    last time I looked this was not chat but Carlos’s blog. I believe he can prophisize all he wants. It was posted in humor.

    • catsmommy Says:

      agree…. and a different point of view does not entitle someone to be rude or inconsiderate…. sheesh… GO CARLOS

    • joym13 Says:

      Totally agree! I read it as satire – but even if it wasn’t and that’s his opinion – he has every right to it. I don’t expect everyone I associate with to have the same opinions and views as I do, too bad all can’t be that way.

  116. Judy Sackson Says:

    I’m really sorry to hear that you are feeling so poorly. Chicken soup is always a good idea! And keep up with the Vicks….hope you and Donna have had your pneumonia shots.
    Don’t go out to check on the owls or anyone until you are feeling much better!
    Since this is your blog and you have kindly invited us to participate, even those of us who disagree with your views have no right to fault you on your opinions. We can only be grateful for everything you did for us and hope for a better year for all in 2011!
    Get well soon–and Donna, take extra vitamins–don’t you get it too!

  117. BonnieKay Says:

    As I look out the window from my computer, at the hills in the distance, or as I drive on 78 or up 15 I look out and wonder about all our owls, and I smile. I think of the work Carlos and Donna did to share Molly and McGee with millions of people. Never will I look at a barn owl and not remember. Happy New Year and Thank You again for the memories. Bonnie San Marcos Ca (Molly Land)

  118. Bigsis/Robin Says:

    I LOVE the predictions Carlos……you always make me smile :)

  119. catsmommy Says:

    Carlos, I loved your blog from yesterday. Made me laugh, made me think, and made me cry…. thank you so much for it.

    I hope that nasty old ‘bug’ leaves you soon! it is a bad one. Take good care of youself.

    Know too, that for every ‘poo-poo-er’ that posted you have a dozen more supporters out here, we luv you and Donna unconditionally.

    Thanks again for sharing your G-daughters wonderful day with us out here… and HAPPY NEW YEAR to you, Donna, the owls, and all the family.

    from Cat in Canada

  120. Cindy Says:

    But Carlos, what about the owls??? :-P

  121. beezy357 Says:

    Happy Healthy Blessed New Year to you Carlos and Donna and to you whole family…the wedding was beautiful. I hope you are feeling better soon, my hubby has been sick for about 3 weeks too.
    Loved your predictions…don’t know about Palin but I really would like to see a man president, I don’t think the country is ready for a woman, but I sure hope BO doesn’t get re-elected. The country needs someone in there to straighten it out…sure miss Molly and McGee and hope you soon decide to put the cameras back up…my owlbox is not up yet, he is building a wide porch with dowels for perches all around it for wobbly owlets!!

  122. Kit Says:

    Carlos, I loved your predictions, so funny! We here in Florida miss your live broadcasts and your wit and humor. Thanks for all you have done in enlightening us about owls, many of us are looking into installing owl boxes and helping birds in general. I live outside of Pensacola and we have many different species of owls, hawks, & sea birds. Now a group of my friends and myself have been volunteering and contributing everywhere we can to perpetuate the assorted species in our area. We Thank You, Carlos, for your inspiration. Joking or not, we saw Sarah Palin at the Pensacola Civic Center during the election and she rocked the packed house! Thanks again for all you do!


  123. SactoSylvia Says:

    Carlos – I hope you start feeling better soon. Please don’t just “tough it out” if things get worse – the Doctors may not be able to do anything to help most colds, but bad colds can lead to secondary illnesses that can and should be treated…

    Have a great new year!

  124. Betty Says:

    Carlos and Donna Happy New Year and a healthy one get better Carlos…..thank you for your predictions they are so funny…..


  125. lulumae Says:

    Your post has made my day. Truly enjoyed it. Get
    well soon.

    Say hello to M&M

  126. Denise Thies Says:

    So sorry to hear that you are under the weather. Please take it easy and take care of yourself you don’t want it to progress into something worse.

    Thank you for sharing so much of your lives with all of us watching Molly and McGee last year. You are an amazing person and I looked forward to seeing you every day and watching how you so lovingly did your best to make Molly and McGee’s lives much easier.

    Congrats to your darling granddaughter and new grand-son-in-law – they’re a very cute couple. All the best to Austin as he closes in on sales to see him through his college years – I did my share!

    May the New Year bring nothing but good health and happiness to you, Donna and your family.

    Keep us up to date on all your adventures – we so enjoy hearing from you!


  127. Joyce Hebert Says:

    sure hope your nose stops running, your head clears up and the truck gets out of your chest…may 1-2-11 see you better…glad to read your ramblings…

  128. jacque green Says:

    Please VOTE Molly N McGee.NO Palin Happy New Year!Thank you for info Please take care yourself.Congrats on wedding cute couple.I love hearing from you”re family .I look on e-mailfor you, please keep us inforthank you Jacque

  129. Tammy Smith Says:

    Sorry I got upset, but the Repubs. are ruining my life. I just feel so sad when I find out someone else is a right-winger, especially someone that I thought was a cool person. I wish he hadn’t posted something political in here.

    • Becky Evans Says:

      This is a blog….and if anyone ruined your life Tammy, it was probably you!

      • Kit Says:

        i am an independent, and know many republicans and democrats. just because you are democrat, doesn’t make you liberal and just because you are republican, it doesn’t make you a right winger. we live in a center right country and probably all the politicians can take a bit of blame for our situation. anyway, just wanted to comment, it’s not always black and white. let’s just love the owls!

    • Janie Branison Says:

      Tammy, bless your heart. You should know that the Republicans have had no power to ruin anyones life in the last few years. Even when Bush was president, the Dems held the congress. Maybe you could try reading a newspaper once in a while.

      • Pikabu Says:

        Well-said, Janie and Kit! I don’t understand how anyone could say “Republicans” are ruining her life when the Democrats have held the power in both houses of congress for the past 4 years and the White House for the past 2 years. Sheesh!

      • catbyte Says:

        Read your history, Janie. The Democrats held Congress for 2 YEARS out of the eight that Bu$h was in office. What did they do during those 6 years for anyone besides themselves and their cronies? I know you’re a bagger, but be fair.

        Anishnabe in MI

      • Janie Branison Says:

        Diane, what part of “a few years” did you not understand? 4 years is a few and 4 too many.

    • catsmommy Says:

      sorry to hear your having a bad time of it, but really, Carlos is always making humor about all things.
      PPl can be on opposite sides and stil respect each other, I hope.
      Hope you have a better 2011.

    • catbyte Says:

      Amen, Tammy. You’re not alone.

    • Susan Warren Says:

      I’m a republican, and I’m a cool person! I have not ruined anyone’s life. I do nice things for people every single day and I am as charitable as possible in these times. I think that makes me pretty cool.

  130. LibLana Says:

    Carlos–Hope you take care and only feel like crud for a few days.
    You are a marvelous person with many, many talents. We looked forward to seeing you and hearing from you each day “from San Marcos, California.” So it was very nice to read your yearly predictions. Some will like them, others not. They are what they are and I enjoyed all of it. Sounds like you make them every year. I’m sure you have it right more than 50% of the time, too!
    Keep on with your life and may the owls ever be a part of it.
    You blessed millions in 2010 with the owl box, M&M and the little ones. Could 2011 be any better?? Time will tell. Blessings to you and Donna and your family. May you have a terrific 2011!!

  131. A FAN OF M&M Says:

    Hello MODS: For all of you that got upset at Carlos predictions,did you not read his disclaimer? These predictions are made just for fun and are not to be used for investment advice or anything else for that matter! I am not going antagonize this anymore by pointing out the obvious but this was for fun! Our forefathers came to this country to allow us freedom of religion, speech and political parties. Let’s lighten up and appreciate this for what it was, a fun blog and remember that Carlos brought us one of the best experiences of 2010, M&M! HAPPY NEW YEAR and looking forward to Clutch # 3! CHEERS! And Carlos I think you are a Ham and I hope you are feeling better. Signed a big fan of M&M and Carlos & Donna!

    • Anita (M&M fan in LA) Says:

      Fan of M&M,

      I wholeheartedly agree with you! Carlos made these predictions in fun, as the disclaimer states. He is the owner of Molly’s blog and as such can post whatever he wants to most. As American citizens we all have freedom of religion, speech and politics! Carlos has a right to vote for whoever he wants to. I may or may not agree with Carlos’ choices, however I will always remember what he did bring to me (and millions more) this past year. He brought us a wonderful experience in the San Marcos Owl Box. Happy New Year to all!

      Carlos, keep up the good work, the good words, the positive attitude! Get well soon!
      Hugs, gratitude & blessings to you and yours!


    • CAequuslvr Says:

      Excellent, You get it. Too bad so many others did not.

      • A FAN OF M&M Says:

        Thank you Anita and CA and most of all Molly for brining us all together to enjoy this so~ Carlos loved your blog today as well.
        Now M&M get busy we want clutch # 3!

  132. Michelle Says:

    Hope you feel better soon, Carlos! It is sad to see the rude comments when someone posts on their OWN blog that someone else doesn’t agree with. And to Tammy Smith, how typical of a LEFT-winger to blame someone else for your own problems. Go move to socialist Canada.

  133. Kit Says:

    I love this blog and am glad we can still keep in touch with the Royals and the owls. I just watched ‘Legend of the Guardians’ for the first time and it was beautiful! If you have not seen it, rent it, if you love owls, you will love this movie!

    penasacolakit (first & second clutcher/lurker)

  134. Tom Says:

    You’re a little early, Carlos. You posted this on Jan. 1 not April 1.

  135. Thank you for this wonderfully wise and delightful tongue-in-cheek expose! Hope you are feeling lots better!
    HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL OF YOU and to the Owls, to Tauntz & family and to all the other special creatures who live in your wonderful garden!
    Jutta in Chicago

  136. Christine Peters Says:

    I just want to say Happy New Year to the Royal family, and thank you so much for posting the wedding photos. Very generous to let us peek in at Ashley’s lovely wedding. Boy, what a beautiful radiant bride! Glad the weather held out for that too. Wishing Ashley and Spencer all the best for their life together. Sending hopes for good health, happiness and prosperity to all of you.

  137. charb Says:

    Hey, hope you feel better soon! And Donna doesn’t catch your bug! Since this was. by your edict,a no politic zone, I am thinking this was just a medical lapse. Let’s keep it as it was- free of political stuff and open for fun, comaraderie, owl commentary and education. The owl box ss site will be ruined if it becomes just another political forum. Let’s all LIGHTEN UP!

  138. catbyte Says:

    Please stick to the owls.

  139. vicki Says:

    Thanks Carlos for the fun! Too bad people are so small to not be able to laugh at themselves. Your predictions were greatly appreciated for the enjoyment you were trying to bring. I guess you really can’t please all the people all the time. I think all that you and Donna and Austin have done has been the greatest gift anyone could receive this past year.

    Sorry about your cold but at least it came after the wedding. Turn the heat back on, cuddle up with Donna and let the world go by for a while. You all deserve the rest. Besides, when it warms back up, it’s time to string all that cable again!

    With all my love and gratitude to you and your amazing family!

  140. catbyte Says:

    I’m so sad that Carlo brought politics into this. I can’t bring myself to buy the Second Clutch book now. It’s put a taint on the whole experience and for that I am truly sad. I guess those of us who think Sarah Palin is a vicious twit don’t belong here and for that I’m sorry. Goodbye.

    • Laura Says:

      If you are going to snoop around in someone’s blog, you are bound to see opinions from time to time that are different than yours. You need to adjust your thinking and respect the opinions of others.

  141. Mark Says:

    Too funny Carlos; you had me laughing out loud.

    As for some of the rest of you I have one word: SATIRE!!! Look it up, lighten up. Sometimes we just next a chuckle folks. Don’t be so serious all of the time.

    Wishing everyone a great 2011 and looking forward to the next clutch.

  142. Chililfinger Says:

    Wow! 136 and counting I hope someone sees this.

    OH MY!

    So, we’ve had a little family spat;
    And now we have to deal with that.
    We must, because our love for Molly
    Is more than just a moment’s folly.

    Our family is much like any other:
    Mother, father, sister, brother.
    But chance of birth was not the bond
    That brought us close and made us fond.

    We shared, we cared and even dared,
    To say we’re happy, joyful, scared.
    We listened close to Carlos’ words,
    And knew the box held more than birds.

    No one in those chatrooms cared
    What views the other chatters shared;
    Except the unobstucted view
    Of OB1 and OB2.

    We CAN forgive; We CAN forget.
    We’re grown-ups here, and must not let
    Matters so fleeting, fading and foul
    Come between us and Molly The Owl.

    Mike Gardner (chilifinger) 2011


    A note to Carlos Royal:

    I re-read your Foggy Predictions. The light-hearted spirit of those words are in the same spirit of fun and

    wit that you have so eloquently shown in the past. Be assured that your post was in no way offensive, or

    biased. We (Americans) are all being pushed and pulled emotionally by an unusually large variety of power-

    seekers. One can only hope this soon will pass and fade into history. Mistakes were made by good people

    (everyone who has come this far has to be good people.) Please remember also that everyone is here for Molly,

    McGee and the babies. And we all know who made it all possible.

    Thank you so much!

    • CAequuslvr Says:

      I too hope that you reply is read by all. It is just so well written. Thanks for your voice of reason and the insights.

      • PegRod Says:

        “chilifinger” Mike, I am someone who sees your poetry and love it! Thank you for writing this wonderful poem and sharing it with us – one for The Owl Box Archives!

        Oh, and if the Smithsonian does not add The Owl Box of San Marcos and all the wonderful history, videos and associated imagination and creations that come with it, someone should be building the Molly Royal Museum in San Marcos, California, USA!

        Albert Einstein quote (1879 – 1955)-“I am enough of an artist to draw freely upon my imagination. Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.”

    • PegRod Says:

      PS to chilifinger Mike – I posted your poem on Molly’s Facebook Page so more may have a chance to see it – I hope that is okay.

      • Chilifinger Says:

        Thank you, PegRod. It’s more than okay to re-post this. (I’m trying to get my poetic license renewed!) It was for Molly, most of all. I checked and Tyto Alba is still public domain (I wouldn’t say that to Carlos, though), ha!

        Oh, and Einstien quotes are pure gold. I found this one that speaks to our, uh, family squabble. (:

        “If A is success in life, then A equals x plus y plus z. Work is x; y is play; and z is keeping your mouth shut.”
        A Einstein (The London Observer, Jan. 15, 1950.)

      • chilifinger Says:

        Thank you, PegRod. It’s more than okay to re-post this. (I’m trying to get my poetic license renewed!) It was for Molly, most of all. I checked and Tyto Alba is still public domain (I wouldn’t say that to Carlos, though), ha!

        Oh, and Einstien quotes are pure gold. I found this one that speaks to our, uh, family squabble. (:

        “If A is success in life, then A equals x plus y plus z. Work is x; y is play; and z is keeping your mouth shut.”
        A Einstein (The London Observer, Jan. 15, 1950.)

        PS Well, it’s clear that I’m no Einstein – I spelled chilifinger wrong (!) and almost never figured out why I couldn’t reply in my own post. (Hint: with moderation on, you can only reply if you have already posted once.) So I will remain chililfinger for a bit longer, I guess… Oh my!

      • Chililfinger Says:

        Thank you, PegRod. It’s more than okay to re-post this. (I’m trying to get my poetic license renewed!) It was for Molly, most of all. I checked and Tyto Alba is still public domain (I wouldn’t say that to Carlos, though), ha!

        Oh, and Einstien quotes are pure gold. I found this one that speaks to our, uh, family squabble. (:

        “If A is success in life, then A equals x plus y plus z. Work is x; y is play; and z is keeping your mouth shut.”
        A Einstein (The London Observer, Jan. 15, 1950.)

        PS Well, it’s clear that I’m no Einstein – I spelled chilifinger wrong (!) and almost never figured out why I couldn’t reply in my own post. (Hint: with moderation on, you can only reply if you have already posted once.) So I will remain chililfinger for a bit longer, I guess… Oh my!

      • PegRod Says:

        Love the Einstein quote! Thanks for ALL!

  143. Janie Branison Says:

    Carlos, I’m sorry. I feel some of us owe you an apology. The discussion about politics has gotten out of hand. As I’ve gotten older, I seem to have no tolerance with people who are so woefully uninformed. I am a politics junkie and read and watch everything I can from the far left to the far right and everything in the middle. I think I’m a conservative because my late husband and I were both self employed with two separate businesses. When you have to make a payroll, pay city, county, state and federal taxes, you soon realize just how much the government is in your pocket. OK off my soapbox. This is my last post about politics. I’ll simmer in silence. Again, I’m sorry.

  144. Sandy Says:

    I hope you feel better Carlos!!

  145. CAequuslvr Says:

    Carlos, hope you are feeling better. Wow, your predictions resulted in some “interesting” responses. Welcome to democracy. Thanks for the predictions. I thought it was wonderful and well thought out. I understand that just because you made a prediction you did not say whether or not you agreed with the statement.
    May you and the Royal family have a super New Year. Take Care, Be Well and Be Happy.
    Thanks so much for continuing the blog and M&M updates.

    To the rest of the MODs out there. 2010 was a spectacular, extra special year for us because of the generosiity of Carlos, Donna, Austin, Eric Blehm, Christopher Adams, John Atkinson/Vacadude, Barbara Allen and so many others. We became an extended family & community. May 2011 bring us all better understanding, acceptance and grace in our lives.
    ¡¡ HAPPY NEW YEAR !!

    • PegRod Says:

      Double Ditto, Triple Deet! – Thank you CAequuslvr for saying this so well – I am so grateful to be part of this wonderful extended family and community of human beings brought together by The Owl Box experience!

  146. debi Says:

    I miss our happy little home…. ::::sigh::::

    I make it a rule to never talk about politics or religion with friends or family. Both are very private to me.

    I do wonder, even in it’s *sattire*, if this is Carlos’s way of saying the world of M&M is over? I can’t imagine him hooking everything back up again and doing all that he had done for us last year, after the rudeness shown here. (and just for the record… I’m NOT a fan of Palin haha)

    I want our happy little family back :(

    • Tammy Smith Says:

      I wish Carlos had never brought politics up. I watched those owls to escape the mean-spirited country I live in. I’m sorry if I offended any Republicans, but I find that many liberals don’t defend themselves, so I vowed that I wouldn’t be the same way. I cannot just be quiet when I feel that liberals are so unfairly blamed for so many things.

  147. Donna Smith Says:

    Being in recovery from back surgery, I have needed something to distract me. Every bit of your blog has been great. Very amusing and has me laughing.
    You go Carlos! Happy New Year to you and Donna

  148. CATHY BUHLER Says:

    Carlos, you are hysterical. Love you and Donna for sharing your lives and yard with us!!! Sure hope we get news of the next clutch soon. EWven if you don’t do the cameras, please give us a frequent update as the events unfold! HAPPY NEW YEAR TO THE ROYALS AND ALL THEIR CLAN!!!

  149. Marilee Godsil Says:

    Happy New Year, to all the extended Royal family. God bless.

  150. Victoria Says:

    Carlos: You crack me up! Happy New Year to you, and all your extended family.

    Feel better soon.

    Love to you

  151. Helen Erickson Says:

    Carlos & Family

    Thank you for all that you did to bring us together as one big “Owl Family”. I miss our little owls and your chats on KOWL. But, I have discovered some nice people to chat with in the evenings.

    I am sorry people felt it necessary to share their rude thoughts and take offense at your writing. I haven’t always agreed with some things, but have kept that thought to myself.

    I have loved sharing your experience and your family’s support through this wonderful event.

    Hope we can see more. Molly’s kids are hanging on my tree. I will always rem. 2010.

    Thanks again for a fun time.


  152. Mary Jo Says:

    Carlos, I think you need your own talk show! You are the best!!!! Mary Jo

  153. pat canada Says:

    As I am rolling on the floor laughing at your sense of humor in spite of being sick, I am hoping you are now feeling much better! Thank you for your predictions and keeping in touch with us. Pcanada

  154. Theresa Says:

    OMG!! My sides are hurting from laughing so hard! Accckkk!!! yep, I got it too “cough”

  155. Deb Says:

    Well, I can’t say I found the “humorous” in this blog post. It seemed rather out of place. Sure, it is your blog. But, I had believed you wanted politics and religion (and all the angst these can conjure up) to be left out of the Molly and McGee experience.

    I do wish you all a most wonderful, abundant, happy 2011. Many thanks for all you’ve done to make this a delight! 2010 will always carry the special memory of you and the owls, and all the friends I’ve made in the SPO chat. I’ll be watching with anticipation to see if KOWL returns to the airwaves to bring us more of the Molly story…

  156. Lisa Says:

    EXCELLENT PREDICTIONS for 2011 !!!! Thank you!!!1

  157. Lisa Says:

    EXCELLENT PREDICTIONS for 2011 !!!! Thank you!!!

  158. Sherrie Pearl Says:

    Happy & Healthy New Year Carlos, Donna, Austin and all the Royal Family.

    The humor is great, still rolling on the floor.

    Anyone that has listened to you over these months knows you were not at all serious in your predictions. It is fun and we are all part of it.

    Keep up the good work.

    Feel better soon.

    Love you

    Sherrie Pearl ( Sher67 )

  159. Becky Konkol Says:

    Get well soon, Mr. Royal. Will we be getting any wedding news? Hope it all went off w/o a hitch. Got my beautiful calendar and am really enjoying it. Such great photography! Take care of yourself and then continue to have a Happy New Year.

  160. donna Says:

    Carlos, Happy New Year to you and the family! Hope you feel better soon. The predictions were fun to read and love the wedding pictures. I’m looking forward to another year with Molly, Mcgee and the Royals. Thank You again for all you do!

  161. Virgene Colby-auntie_vee Says:

    Keep up your wonderful sence of humor, Carlos. A good 2011 year to you and all of the famoly.

  162. buffybean Says:

    Carlos, I guess you were pulling our leg about the Palin thing because I sure can’t envision a nearly illiterate woman who shoots at defenseless animals with a high-powered rifle as the next POTUS. As for your economic predictions, I think you were being conservative and possibly low-balling the negatives. But then, you are a sunny sort of guy and seem to be always optimistic. BTW, another excellent cold remedy: one spoonful each of honey, lemon juice, Jameson’s. Stir. Drink. Rinse. Repeat.

  163. Joanne Borle .. aka Joanne51 Says:

    Hi Carlos,
    Happy New Years to you and your family.
    I haven’t had time to read thru all the comments but I guess seeing all the passion we have for M&M and their little owlets we shouldn’t be surprised to find many of us are passionate about many other issues too and it’s difficult to keep that to ourselves specially if there aren’t any Mods around to rein us in (he,he) if we’re being unfriendly etc. (I don’t mean you by the way) I read your last paragraph re your predictions being made in fun i.e. with some sarcasm/not necessarily the personal opinions of the writer .. so it appears that maybe just …maybe some people didn’t read that paragraph .. hmmmmm !! Just imagine if we didn’t have the Mods in The Owl Box .. the chaos YIKES!!!! I don’t have to worry about using Caps here either :0)
    I love your little updates … specially when you pop in a little detail about Molly or McGee. You guys are awesome.
    Take care.
    PS Who knows what effects the Vix Vapor rub, cinnamon/lemon tea or lack of Oxygen under the towel with the steamer had on your ability to make 2011 Predictions ….
    Joanne Borle fr Burnaby, British Columbia/Canada (aka joanne51 in The Owl Box)

  164. carol murphy Says:

    Happy New Year to all of you, may all your Good dreams come true.:)

  165. Saavik Leary Says:

    Carlos, I got a real laugh from your predictions. Thanx for brightening up my new year. Hope you feel better soon, take it easy and recharge :)
    I have a prediction for 2011 – Molly & McGee will go on another adventure on board of the U.S.S. Owlbox with thier new clutch, going where no owl has gone before.

    Take care


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