Merry Christmas

December 25, 2010

We want to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas on this very Special Day.

Remember 2010 - The Year of Molly and McGee






Molly's Story a documentary on DVD

The best way to remember this year is with a keepsake of Molly and McGee.


All the best,


Carlos, Donna and Austin

P.S. Austin is trying to reach 4,000 DVD sales to pay for his college education. He has only 239 to go. He is getting close but not there yet. In effect, you can send him a Christmas Gift by purchasing his DVD. All the funds go directly into his college fund. If you order today and before the end of the year the DVD will be a Signed Limited Edition for just  $19.95 with FREE SHIPPING.

29 Responses to “Merry Christmas”

  1. Owlosaurus Says:

    Merry Christmas to the Royals and the Owls, with sincere wishes for a beautiful Holiday, a lovely wedding and a properous & healthy New Year.

    (Just sayin’: It would have been nice to see a post from you today of all days that did NOT include a sales pitch. Just sayin’.)

  2. Marlene Hall Says:

    A very Merry Christmas to you, Donna and Austin. The year of the owl, yes it was and oh what a year. It’s been so fun and also educational. My daughter and I would get on the phone and talk about the owls by the hour. Thank you so very much, Donna and Carlos.


  3. Janie Branison Says:

    Merry Christmas from Missouri to the Royal family. May you all have a blessed day as you get ready for the wedding.
    Thank you for all the joy of watching the owls you have brought to us.

  4. Tresbien Says:

    Very best wishes to the Royal and Faure families for a joyful holiday. Thank you again for the special gift of viewing Molly, McGee and family for so many months. Merry Christmas!



  5. Linda Greene Says:

    Merry Christmas!! From Henderson Harbor, NY To San Marcos, CA!! (looks like it may have stopped raining there, I hope) ldgreene123

  6. GeniaKnitz Says:

    A very merry Molly and McGee Christmas to you, Carlos and Donna!
    You added so much joy to my 2010; be sure I will be sending blessings and love for the new year to you, to Austin, to Ashley Rose and Spencer, and of course to the Royal Owls.

    Fingers crossed that the weather is dry for you tomorrow!

  7. Sue Couch Says:

    Merry Molly and McGee Christmas to the Royal family, the owls, Tauntz and all the other creatures in your yard, and of, course the soon-to-be bride and groom. Thank you again for all your hard work bringing us such a delightful experience of the antics in the owl box. Last night I had some friends over and I read them the Molly the Owl book. They enjoyed it as much as I did and it was such fun to relive the experience.

  8. Elizabeth or ET27 Says:

    Merry Christmas from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada!

    May 2011 bring us all good things.

  9. francie bowers Says:

    Merry Christmas Donna, Carlos & Austin. owl kisses!

  10. Donna Koski Says:

    Have a Merry Christmas, Happy wedding and great New Year God Bless and Good luck to all.


    Have you heard the story of The Polar Express?
    It’s a story, they tell every year
    About children who go to the North Pole
    To see Santa, his elves and reindeer

    It’s a Christmas story they tell at this time
    About children who ride on that train
    They ride through long tunnels, up to the
    All night, through the snow and the rain
    They’re having dreams like all children
    Ex-cited, about Christmas to come
    They’re in their PJ’s on The Polar Express Eating candies–and just having fun

    This train only picks up believers
    But it stopped for this one special boy
    Who received the first gift of Christmas,
    He received his wish not a toy

    A bright Silver Bell that was ringing
    On a reindeer attached to the sleigh
    Was the only gift that he wanted,
    And received as the train pulled away

    He put the bell deep in his pocket
    Not knowing a hole was inside
    He reached for the bell, to hear its sweet sound, When he found it was gone, he cried

    The very next morning was Christmas
    And as he opened each gift carefully
    The one that got his attention
    Was a small box in the back of the tree

    Attached to the box in the corner
    Was a short note from old Mr. C.
    “You left your bell on the seat of my sleigh
    And it’s in this wee box, signed me”

    “Make sure you mend up your pocket
    There’s a needle and thread just inside
    Now take care of my bell; I’ll see you next year
    It’s time for my Christmas sleigh ride”

    Santa’s bell in his mind still rings clearly
    And he’s kept it throughout many years
    It holds boyhood memories of past times
    And it brings back sentiment and tears

    Though he’s aged, he still listens for Christmas
    And he finds it’s of no great surprise
    That the sounds never fade as time passes
    To those believers whose faith never dies

    By Donna Faith

  11. Joyce Hebert Says:


  12. christine Says:

    You all must be very excited about the wedding tomorrow! Wishing Ashley and Spencer many years of love and happiness, just like her grandparents!

  13. Judy Sackson Says:

    A Very Merry Christmas to the Royals and the Faures and may tomorrow be a beautiful day for your special wedding!
    Thank you again always for 2010-the year of Molly and McGee!
    Best wishes for 2011!

  14. Joan Says:

    MERRY CHRISTMAS to all of the Royal family.. thank you for all of the Joy you have given me in this year of 2010.. the year of Molly and Mcgee.. I will never forget them.
    Love from Joan from Colorado

  15. debbie Says:

    happy christmas and a joyous new year!! many blessings on the royal household and the owl box as well. thank you again, for such a wondrous gift in 2010.


  16. Patricia Sowers Says:

    Merry Christmas to the entire Royal family. Special good wishes for Molly and McGee and their children they have raised in 2010. Gave gifts 2day of the owl books and CDs and everyone loved them. Will be praying that weather will cooperate for the wedding and that Molly and McGee will watch from their perch in the palmz. God Bless you all and thank you for giving my family wonderful educational memories of our beloved owls. PattiinVA

  17. hummerzz Says:

    Merry Christmas to the Royal family. You gave all of us such a special gift when you let us be a part of Molly & McGee’s life and all the Owlets. This is one gift that I will always cherish.
    God bless you.

  18. Monica Says:

    Merry Christmas to the Royal Family!!! Today, my kids opened up the hardcover Molly, the Owl book, signed by everyone! Can’t wait to read it to them at bedtime….what great gifts you gave me and my boys with the owl experience! I am so grateful for that moment in time, when all we could think about was McGee, Molly and her owlets!!! I will cherish that forever. Congrats to Ashley on the wedding tomorrow. May you have a blessed sunny day…..
    (from Moorpark, CA)

  19. Nancy Says:

    What a Christmas gift you gave us all summer long! How we laughed and we cried and we worried and we fretted. You gave us nature in a way that most of us would have never otherwise experienced. Thank you so much for the memories. We’ve been watching to see if the rain has stopped for your wedding….and I doubt that we’ll ever stop watching the weather forcasts for San Marcos. lol Merry Christmas to the royal Royal family and thanks for a great year! Wildcatwoman

  20. KW Says:

    Merry Christmas to the Royal Family and may your dear Ashley have a fabulous wedding. We hope that M&M do a fly by for your guests.
    My stocking stuffers were all M&M stuff and I have my “four owlet ” apron on as I prepare our Christmas day dinner. My glass of beer is sitting on my tile coaster of M landing with wings spread. God Bless you and your family.
    Katey Wise

  21. Bigsis917/Robin Says:

    Merry Christmas to the Royal family and best wishes to Ashley and Spencer for a beautiful wedding day with or without rain. A fly by would be very nice as long as Molly and McGee and the owlets refrain from gift giving :) Love to all xx

  22. Holly Sue Says:

    Dear Carlos, Donna and all of your family,
    Blessings to you for a joyous Christmas and New Year! My thoughts and prayers will be with you tomorrow for a glorious wedding day for Ashley and Spencer! Please share some photographs when you can. With Love, Holly Sue

  23. Joanne Borle Says:

    Hi Donna and Carlos…
    Just wanted to wish you and your family a Merry Christmas. Hope you have a wonderful time with friends and family … although with the wedding tomorrow I am sure it is crazy busy. Will be thinking of you all. Hope everything goes well.
    Thank you for the little updates… I love them.
    I received two owls from 2 girlfriends of mine this Christmas… one is on my tree along two ornaments I ordered, earlier :0) I wonder how many of us MODs received owls of some sort as a Christmas gift, he,he. Take care.
    Joanne Borle from Burnaby, B.C./Canada aka ‘joanne51’

  24. Colleen Ireland Says:

    Merry Christmas to the Royals, all of them including Molly, McGee, and all the owletts. Best wishes to Ashley tomorrow for her wedding day. Enjoy!

  25. Lisa A. Burns Says:

    Year of The Owls! You betcha! Have enjoyed every moment….Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and a Blessed Wedding Day!!

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart!
    With Love, Lisa from NE FL

  26. nagg1979 Says:

    merriest of christmases and a very happy new year to you all- which includes the whole MOD family :D~ happy hOWLidays!!! ;)

  27. Carol Says:

    Best wishes to the happy couple!!!

  28. Kit Says:

    Merry Christmas to the Royal familiy and the M&M family! May your happiness multiply!

  29. Caryn Schutzler Says:

    Are any more Austin DVD’s available? I’d like to order 3 please…

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