Wedding Tent Goes UP

December 23, 2010

Wedding Tent Goes Up

The wedding tent went up this morning. Rehearsal is this afternoon. As you can see the weather looks very stormy but at the moment we have a 60% chance that it will just be cloudy on the wedding day December 26th. We did see Molly this morning looking out the box. She was like all the neighbors; they just want to see what’s going on.

Austin is getting closer to his goal of 4,000 DVDs sold. As of just a few minutes ago he only needed 255 sales, he hopes to be below 250 by the end of the day. We want to thank all those that have bought more than one DVD, it really helps. Molly’s Story a documentary DVD makes such a great gift for all occasions.



46 Responses to “Wedding Tent Goes UP”

  1. Jodimaher Says:

    This is wonderful !!! Molly and McGee get to be there for the wedding also! Thank you for sharing and a very Merry Christmas to the Royal family !

  2. Bonita Lyon Says:

    What a fabulous wedding that is going to be and hopefully Molly will attend! Congrats to all and Merry Christmas! Look forward to wedding pics..Bonnibell

  3. Diane Says:

    Thank you so much for keeping us informed Carlos of all the activities (animal and human!) We will all be keeping you in our prayers for the 26th to be a beautiful day without rain!!! Thanks for the update on Molly. We have all become so close it would have been hard not to have some updates on you, your family, and Molly! thanks again

  4. rosiebud Says:

    I think that it is wonderful that you have made us a part of your family. Is Molly going to be the Matron of Honor?? She can fly the ring in!! Now that would be a sight…

    Merry Christmas and a Joyous New Year to everyone!!!

  5. Deb Says:

    Thank you for sharing. Awesome clouds. Congratulations to the happy couple.

    Deb from OH

  6. christine Says:

    That is not a good looking sky- I hope that the bad weather will depart and the sun will shine on the 26th. Merry Christmas and Happy Wedding!

  7. joym13 Says:

    Merry Christmas to the Royal Family! I know the wedding will be absolutely beautiful no matter what Mother Nature decides to do! Best wishes to the newlyweds

  8. BJ Utgard Says:

    Praying for sunshine for Sunday….but if no sun…did you know that rain on your wedding day means good luck? (Old Irish Lore)

    Wish the Royal family a wonderful and refreshing Christmas and many blessings to Ashley and Spencer in their married life ahead.
    BJ Utgard

  9. Christine Peters Says:

    Hi Carlos and Donna; It’s very generous of you to share photos of the wedding preparations. Doesn’t matter what the weather; there will be so much love going around nobody will notice!! Blessings on Ashley and her new husband, and your whole family.

  10. Jeri Lynn in NW FL Says:

    I love hearing the news of the wedding. Molly does too! You two have lived right all along as the family always gravitates to you! Many blessings for a wonderful Christmas and wedding!

  11. chana meddin Says:

    May I nominate Molly and McGee as ringbearers?

  12. Katy Says:

    What a wonderful way to see YOUR Ashely “fledge”. Hearts around the worrld are sharing in your pride and joy. Thank you for sharing your life with us. Merry Christmas and Happy Wedding Day.

  13. Teri Saffren - Irthum Says:

    It feels amazing to part of your lives. Millions of people around the world are smiling and wishing Ashley and Spencer a long wonderful life together. Thank you for sharing this with us. The wedding will be beautiful no matter what the weather decides to do. And I second the nomination of M & M as ring bearers. God Bless you all

  14. Kenneth Patchen Says:

    I suspect Molly and McGee are assuming that the nice people who live at this home, and provided such a nice place for their first two clutches, have merely found a bigger, better whiter canvas owlbox for them to use, one that allows all-weather flight training and hunting. I mean, why wouldn’t they think that? Merry Solstice you sweetheart owls. –AntPatch

  15. GeniaKnitz Says:

    Maybe Callie the Kestrel will find a mate and there can be a double wedding!

  16. Patricia Sowers Says:

    Merry Christmas Royal Family and Congratulations to Ashley and Spencer. Thank you Carlos for keeping us updated on everything. We are your extended family and love and care so much for your entire family. I agree with previous postings that Molly would be a great Matron of Honor, and McGee a precious ringbearer. What a picture that would make. I hope all of your family have a wonderful Holiday/Wedding celebration and Happy New Year to all of you. Much love from Virginia..PattiinVA

  17. Mary Jozwiak Says:

    I hope the storm clouds all blow away! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  18. Diane Erdely Says:

    Here’s hoping the weather stays dry for the big day! Merry Christmas to the Royal Family!

  19. VeeTX Says:

    Why am I so excited about this wedding???? Probably because of Carlos, Donna and Austin – and the whole Royal family. Carlos, I’d love if if you could get a shot of either Molly or McGee looking out at the goings on from their Owl Box.

    I’ll bet Ashley isn’t getting much sleep – what with the wedding only days to go!!! How excited. Best wishes to Spencer and Ashley!


  20. Sherry Says:

    Wishing you and your family only “showers of blessings”!

  21. kit Says:

    So Molly is peeking out? That’s funny, she’s just like everyone else, excited about a wedding!

  22. Madonna Varchetto-Bonner Says:

    What a beautiful setting for a wedding! You kinow my Mom always said that it was good luck for a rain drop to fall on the bride. I had a couple raindrops right at the end of our outside wedding and we have been married for 16 yrs and are very happy. Maybe there is something to Anyway, when two people are truly in love nothing can spoil their special day. Maybe the minister could bless Molly and Mcgee after the wedding. That would make a nice picture! Can’t wait to see some more pics. Thanks so much for sharing. Carlos and Donna, if you only knew how many lives you have touched by opening up yours to so many.I thank you. Have a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful wedding!!! Madonna

  23. Ginny in NJ Says:

    Thanks for including us on the happenings in Molly’s “extended family”. Your yard looks beautiful. We send our best wishes to the happy couple.

  24. catsmommy Says:

    thank you for sharing. I am esp happy to know that Molly will be in attendance. GRIN
    Here’s wishing the bad weather awaaaaay…….

  25. Tammy Smith Says:

    It will be like Molly & McGee are at the wedding!:)

  26. Carol Watt Says:

    Oh Donna and Carlos, how exciting. I pray for a beautiful wedding day. What a joy thanks for sharing with us. Have a Belssed Christmas, Jesus is the reason for the season.

  27. Darlene Salisbury Says:

    Crossing my fingers and toes for clear blue sky on the wedding day. At least for no rain. But whether there is rain or shine there will be love in the air.
    Once again Carlos and Donna Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to the entire family.
    Many many good wishes to the bride and groom.
    Love hearing from you.
    Darlene Salisbury from NW Oregon

  28. Sandra Says:

    I was told on my wedding day that if you are worried about rain put a rosary on the clothesline. It doesn’t matter if you are catholic or not. And if you do it will not rain on the bride while she is outside in her wedding dress. Worked on our wedding day, 2 of my brothers and 5 different friends now. Right after my SIL got into the reception hall the downpour that had been threatening all day started but stopped as they left later to head to the hotel. Give it a try. It can’t hurt.
    Enjoy the day.

  29. bradleytwins (cynthiabradley) Says:

    My prayers are that it will stay nice and dry on the day of the wedding. It should be beautiful though no matter what. Thank you for sharing this exciting time with all of us! Hope Molly looks out for a peek during the festivities. God bless your whole family…human and “fowls”!!

  30. Donna Simonson Says:

    There’s a little bit of heaven in Carlos and Donna’s backyard. The wedding will be beautiful and blessed. Oh my gosh, we’re going to have to pass the tissues around just as we did in Molly’s chat room. Let the wedding bells ring and the fun begin!Many blessings to Ashley and Spencer. The world is watching the magic once again along with Molly!
    Blessings to all with much love, hugs and prayers owlways!
    “OwlLuver”, Murrieta, CA.

  31. Vades Brinkley Says:

    Thank you for sharing. I will be praying for sunshine and warmth in time for the wedding. Have a very Merry Christmas.

    Love, Nanajo Grants Pass, OR

  32. francie bowers Says:

    Have a Molly Jolly Christmas! We hope for good weather for the lovely bride and groom also. Thanks so much for making 2010 the year of the owl, it was Royal!! deet deet!!

  33. Sue Couch Says:

    The wedding tent looks gorgeous as I’m sure the bride will also. Molly and McGee will be deet,
    deet, deeting in great celebration!

  34. Owloverbo Says:

    Congrats to Ashley and Spencer. Maybe m&m will restate their vows Sunday along with them. Carlos and Donna, what a year this has been. And you allowed the world to share. I among many feel blessed for finding you. Merry Christmas and Happy Wedding (oh and let’s hope for another healthy clutch viewed by millions or just by you)

  35. hummerzz Says:

    Congratulations to Ashley & Spencer. Thanks you for sharing with us. May you and your family be blessed as you have blessed so many of us. It is also great to know our Molly is in the box & watching the preparations for the wedding day.
    Merry Christmas Royal Family.


  36. Lisa Tye Says:

    The wedding will be beautiful in your wonderful yard! Molly & McGee have brought luck to so many this year…I’ll bet the sun will shine on this young couple!

  37. Dinah Says:

    Congratulations to Ashley and her intended! It will be a lovely wedding no matter the weather. We were married 46 years ago on the 26th–and it’s a lovely time to have a wedding (we had snow!)
    Thank you and your entire family for a wonderful owly year–and all blessings to you for 2011! (RuralGrit)

  38. PegRod Says:

    Today the sun is shining and the wedding tent and gardens are drying! All this love, happiness, prayers, wishes, good news and all the wonderful comments make me want to sing:

    Zip a dee doo-dah, zip a dee ay
    My, oh my, what a wonderful day.
    Plenty of sunshine headed my way.
    Zip a dee doo-dah, zip a dee ay

    Mister bluebird on my shoulder
    It’s the truth, it’s actual.
    Everything is satisfactual.

    Zip a dee doo-dah, zip a dee ay
    Wonderful feelin’.
    Wonderful day.

    (Lyrics by Ray Gilbert and Allie Wrubel)

  39. Camperfamily (Kim) Says:

    Merry Christmas and Congrats to the Bride and Groom:)

    What a very special time for all of you!

    Best wishes,

  40. kate Says:

    I’ve always heard it said that rain on a wedding day is actually very good luck! Either way, rain or shine, may Ashley and her finance have the perfect wedding and a wonderful new life. Happy Holidays to all of you!

  41. Carlynne Says:

    So – do we turn to Owl Box 1 or Owl Box 2 to watch the festivities? Are you going to remember to hit record? Did the new in-law to be know about the owl box’s world wide fan club?

    Just kidding. Hope you guys have a perfect day for a wonderful occassion.

    Carlynne aka littleguys from Lakeside, CA

  42. PhilJustPhil Says:

    Best Wishes for a truly Royal wedding!!
    Thanks Austin for the really quick service.
    I ordered Molly’s Story at 2:00pm pst on Dec. 22 and it was in my P.O. Box on the 24th!!

  43. Thresa (TByrd) Says:

    To the Royal family we wish happiness and health. We wish Ashley and her soon to be husband many years of happiness as well. Thank you for sharing your lives with us and making this the year of the Owl. Looking forward to another year of Royal blessings.

    Your Humble MOD….TByrd…..Deet Deet

  44. twotoesforwardtwotoesback Says:

    Merry Christmas, Royals, and best of luck for a beautiful, memorable wedding day, Ashley !
    Love you all !

  45. Kathy Says:

    My daughter suggested that Callie the kestrel should fly by and catch the bouquet after the wedding, in hopes of finding a mate! Hope she did! Ashley found her mate and I know she and Spencer will have a long, happy life together. They have excellent role models for that!

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