Count Downs Are On

December 22, 2010

Austin is counting down; he only needs 274 more DVD sales as of this morning to reach his goal of 4,000 DVDs sold. If you order today he will ship it today first class mail and the shipping is FREE and the DVD will be signed. Join the fun for less than twenty bucks you can help Austin pay for his college education. He is already getting a head start and will be taking two college classes at Palomar College. his final semester of high school. He has signed up for Business Management and Accounting.

The children are counting down to Christmas, only 3 days to go.

Ashley is counting down to her wedding, only 4 more days.

California is counting the days until it stops raining. Yes, it is raining. No, let me rephrase that, it is dumping. We just topped 6 inches of rain here in San Marcos and that is more than we normally get in a year. The prediction is it will stop today; if it doesn’t it will be “Man the life boats.”

2010 The Year of Molly will be over in 10 days.

Our CafePress Store is counting down to the Day After Christmas Sale 10% to 70% OFF every item in the store. As they say, “Start your Engines.”

Have a great day

Carlos, Donna and Austin

33 Responses to “Count Downs Are On”

  1. francie bowers Says:

    We MODs are all crossing our wings that your rain stops, the sun will come out, and Ashley will have a beautiful wedding! Merry Xmas to you and Donna…tell Austin I got the last DVD lightning fast!!

  2. Kathy aka encinitaskj Says:

    Thank you Carlos and Donna for keeping us in the loop. I’m betting the sun will come out and the wedding will be a true socal experience! All the best for a wonderful Holiday, wedding and on into 2011!!TY TY TY!!

  3. Kathy aka encinitaskj Says:

    Thank you Carlos and Donna for keeping us in the loop. I’m betting the sun will come out and the wedding will be a true socal experience! All the best for a wonderful Holiday, wedding and on into 2011!!TY TY TY!!

  4. Kathy aka encinitaskj Says:

    Thank you Carlos and Donna for keeping us in the loop. I’m betting the sun will come out and the wedding will be a true socal experience! All the best for a wonderful Holiday, wedding and on into 2011!!TY TY TY!!

  5. Kathy aka encinitaskj Says:

    Thank you Carlos and Donna for keeping us in the loop. I’m betting the sun will come out and the wedding will be a true socal experience! All the best for a wonderful Holiday, wedding and on into 2011!!TY TY TY!!

  6. jenny Says:

    I did my bit and bought a copy yesterday.

    We have at least 20 inches of snow, which would you prefer?? :)


    Hey, I got married on Dec. 26th also! Best wishes to her.


  8. what excitement must be going on at The Royal’s, Christmas And a wedding. The tree you posted is beautiful. Thank You for taking time to tell us what is happening with Molly& McGee’s Family. Merry Christmas And Blessing’s on the Wedding.

  9. Gates 2057 Says:

    You got me with this one, Carlos. I’ve just ordered my DVD. Looking forward to your posting a few wedding photos. Happy holidays to you and Donna and family.

  10. Jim Shoemaker Says:

    Merry Christmas to you, Donna and all the rest of you family.

  11. Lisa Tye Says:

    Oh, I hope the rain stops for your holidays and wedding!! We’ll send you some sun from South Carolina! Thanks for making 2010 The Year of Molly…let’s hope 2011 will be the Year of Molly II!! Thanks for all you’ve done to make so many of us MODS, we’re happy people!!

  12. I have my DVD. Hope Austin makes the 4000 sales. What an enterprising young man…which my GK’s could do that, although my GS is working hard to pay for his college.

    Ashley is having a Christmas Day wedding? That makes Christmas even more special forever. Hope the weather improves and the sun shines on your special day.

    We had three feet of snow, raccoons living in the wood pile on my front porch so they can grab some bird/squirrel food. Poor deer must be starving too. As soon as I can I will get to the feed store for deer food…after Christmas my new knee will be working better.

    At least Molly et al can fly above the rain, but can they find enough to eat?

  13. chana meddin Says:

    Thank you Carlos for the “countdown” updates and I am wondering if Molly’s box isn’t going to turn into an ark if that rain doesn’t stop soon! You are getting our Pacific Northwest weather and hope the Sun comes out to bless Ashley’s wedding…what a year you Royals have given to so many, Carlos.
    Please don’t float away!

  14. Sally aka MollyLoverForever Says:

    Over 7 inches here in El Cajon – more than we get in a year. Love the rain, need the rain, but will keep fingers crossed for the rain to stop!

  15. Sherry Kelly Says:

    Wish you could send just a little of that rain to Oklahoma. We sure need some. All the best to all you Royals – including M&M &family!

  16. GeniaKnitz Says:

    Fingers crossed that the rain stops and the garden has time to dry out; I’ll be praying for blessings on the young couple on Sunday as they start their life together.

    Now I have to figure out what kind of binocs to buy to be better able to see the birds that have come to the new feeders in our backyard since I became a bird watcher! Any suggestions, Carlos? (No owls, sadly, not a good location for them.) Thank you for adding this new dimension to my life, Carlos and Donna!

    Oh, and the DVD I bought for my SIL reached her home in Arkansas in record time. Thank you, Austin!

  17. VeeTX Says:

    Thanks for the update. I’ve been talking with the God of Rain and asked him to stop the deluge until after the wedding is over! Then we asked the God of Sunlight to shine down upon the bride and groom so that they join their lives in sunlight and warmth.

    Love you guts!


  18. Linda Greene Says:

    Dear Donna and Carlos, Have been watching the news re: the weather in CA..Hope it stops before the wedding. Be Safe!! Merry Christmas! ldgreene123

  19. karen plate Says:

    I had my first date with my husband on Christmas Eve. Which is also his birthday. We became engaged on Christmas Eve. We were married on Christmas Eve:)

    I know you all are very busy but the business of joy of a wedding on a very special day seen throughout the world as the most Holy Day of the year. Ashley’s wedding is extra special. Merry Christmas to all and Congrat’s:)

    So sorry or all of the rain. I have snow.:)

  20. catsmommy Says:

    OH, I will add my prayers for lovely weather on the Wedding Day.

    Merry Christmas.

  21. TOPPSY Says:

    HMMMMMMM,,,,,i do believe ive helped out austin ALL I CAN====bought plenty,,,,,got a cute smile outta him at the picnic,,,,but no more Molly and crew makes me very very sad,,,

    lets hope for the future,,,,,

  22. Denise Thies Says:

    Oh how I miss my daily Carlos, Donna, Austin, Molly and McGee fix. What wonderful memories you have provided to all of us this year. Never in a million years would I have thought I would become so invested in owls let alone spend hours upon hours watching them. Amazing!
    I bought a couple of DVD’s. Here’s hoping Austin reaches his goal.
    All the best to the Ashley and her young man as they start their life together. May you all be richly blessed this holiday season. Merry Christmas to all the Royals.
    Denise Thies

  23. Tammy Smith Says:

    I’, in Santee, so the rain was bad here too. Wonder what barn owls do when it rains like that?

  24. Nancy Brown Says:

    Yes congratulations for the “Year of Molly”
    The Royals 8 months of super 24/7 coverage. The miraculous first brood and successful 2nd brood, San Marcos proclamations’: Molly, Carlos & Donna, and Austin for the San Marcos conservation preservation fund, voted California bird of the year and the internet sensation of the year with over 20,000,000 view and over 20,000 five star like ratings.

  25. Mary Weber Says:

    If it rains Sunday, Molly will have the best seat in the house. Maybe she’ll invite you all up into the Owl Box for the big wedding!

  26. Mary Weber Says:

    I don’t know if it’s new or been circulating for a long time, but a friend in England sent me a powerpoint slide show of beautiful owl photography. When I got it, it was called “Hooters.” Email me if you would like me to send it to you.

  27. Kathy Says:

    All the best to the extended Royal family and blessings for Ashley and Spencer together. I hope that the clouds will part for sunbeams to shine on them and their friends and family, and Molly will add a little “deet deet deet” music to festivities.

  28. Lani Wilson Says:

    To the Royal Family,
    Merry Christmas and have my fingers crossed for a lovely wedding without rain!! Thanks so much for sharing M&M with us and the updates!

    Also a Merry Christmas to all the wonderful MOD’s and friends I met along this journey!

    Hugs to all from SD
    aka Luckyladyeds

  29. OoltewahTN Says:

    I wish all happiness for your family on Christmas and the Wedding Day!!! We are having our first white Christmas in years in East Tennessee so all I have to send you is snow. *tosses snow at the bride and groom* Good Luck and Blessings!
    (And I’m glad Molly and McGee are invited to the wedding. At least they won’t eat all the cake!)
    Jeanne K (OoltewahTN)

  30. Betty Says:

    enjoy your traveling and thank you very much for sharing Molly and Mcgee it was a nice ride thank you agian Betty

  31. Maureen Says:

    Carlos maybe I will receive my book by January 23, which is my birthday and yours too, I believe

  32. Charlotte Says:

    Dear Carlos and Donna,
    I certainly understand you and Donna wanting to retire from the lime light, and as a “retire” I think you are 100% correct not to put off your plans. I’m a bit envious of you being able to walk out on your porch on a moon lit night and watch Molly and McGee. I wanted to ask you if there was a chance that occasionally you could add a post as to how they are doing.
    Have a healthy and happy 2011. Enjoy your travels!
    God bless you both.
    Charlotte (Houston, Tx.)

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