Only 263 To Go

December 19, 2010

We are going to extend the sale. Austin needs just 263 more sales to reach 4,000 DVDs sold. Help us make it happen, order your Signed Limited Edition DVD, Molly’s Story for just $19.95 with FREE SHIPPING. You can help a great kid earn his way to college for less than twenty bucks. All the sales go into Austin’s College Fund.

Ashley and Spencer have arrived on the main land as wedding date is fast
approaching. Weather forecast is calling for 40% chance of rain. Like the mail, the wedding vows will be delivered rain or shine.

Molly and McGee Update: We have no cameras hooked
up but last night I needed to get some things out of the RV garage. It was
raining and dark so I grabbed a flashlight, as I passed the owl box I
shined the light up on the box and sure enough there was McGee standing in the door looking out at me.

Carlos, Donna and Austin

26 Responses to “Only 263 To Go”

  1. GeniaKnitz Says:

    Thanks for the report on your quick glimpse of McGee! Always love to hear that Our Owls are doing well.

    Hope you and Donna are surviving Wedding Planning; I remember how stressful it can be, and we just celebrated our 42nd anniversary!

  2. chana meddin Says:

    And Carlos, what did McGee tell you?!
    Congratulations on Wedding…how thrilling.
    We are all so happy for you. And still, I wonder,
    what did McGee TELL YOU?!

  3. Barbara Bostwick Says:

    Thank you for the updates, Carlos. Maybe there will be rainbows as a backdrop for the wedding. Wouldn’t that be special?

    So happy to hear that McGee is in the box (maybe Molly too?) They are high and dry in this weather and enjoying very nice and safe accommodations. How lucky can a nice owl couple get?!

    Happy wedding and Merry Christmas to you and Donna and your family.

    Barbara Bostwick
    San Jose, CA

  4. Elyse Wright Says:

    Hey, Carlos,

    I’ll by a DVD if you hook the camera back up. It hardly seems like almost a year since we had the storm that blew Molly and McGee into your yard.

    What d’ya say?

  5. BJ Utgard Says:

    Congratulations on your grand daughter, Ashley and her future husband, Spenser’s, wedding. You all must be so busy preparing for their wedding day.

    McGee must be preparing for another brood…as life goes on.

    God Bless and Merry Christmas to the wonderful Royal Family. You have been a blessing to so many. BJ Utgard

  6. kit Says:

    I ordered a signed DVD and received it within 3 days. Super fast shipping! Thanks! Also, Thanks for the McGee update. I sure do miss the owls.

  7. ItsAllAboutMeToo Says:

    Fabulous photo of Carlos & Donna!!
    So Carlos, you saw MCGee, but any sightings of Molly? Was she in the box, too? Do owls mate at this time of year and/or when it’s this cold? I love the DVD of the 1st clutch. I highly recommend this as a gift to either yourself or someone else. Lastly, when will the 1st clutch Coffee Table Book be sent? Thank you!!

  8. NUBSPEACE Says:


  9. Cher Says:

    Glad things are well with all the plans and that the happy couple are on the mainland.
    Such good news about McGee! Smart dude, staying warm and dry! *wink*

  10. Susan Wernet Says:

    I finally ordered my DVD as I am on a very limited budget. I am so excited and will invite friends over to see it with me. I am so glad to be able to help Austin with his college fund, as he has done an excellent job and made so many viewers happy while educating them on barn owls!

    Love to you!
    Suzy Wernet in Rocky River, Ohio

  11. Lynne Townsend Says:

    Wonderful picture of both of you! I know you are busy with wonderful wedding plans—it is so special that the wedding will be held in your yard. The Christmas tree is lovely. I do so appreciate the updates on our owls. Best wishes to you for a Most Merry Christmas and a Wonderful New Year. LynneMcKay

  12. Carol Says:

    It warmed my heart to hear about you seeing McGee in the owl box – and looking right at you, connecting! Thanks for sharing. So excited for your family with the upcoming wedding. Congrats and Best Wishes to all. Merry, Merry Christmas!

  13. Ginny Howard Says:

    Will M&M be flower girl and ring bearer? Or they could carry Ashley’s train behind her! Happy wedding and Merry Christmas to you all!

  14. Jan Halstead Says:

    With all your busy things to get done before the wedding you took time to check on the ” kids in the box ” so to speak as you ran to do one more thing. Thanks for taking the time to tell us McGee was checking on you as you went to the RV garage. We out here in the big wide world appreciate the updates from a very busy grandpa of the bride. Jan in Indiana

  15. VeeTX Says:

    It’s always so great to hear from you! Happy Anniversary to you and Donna – 49 years is just wonderful in our world today. We’re excited for Ashley and Spencer – and what an honor to be married around your grandparents’ anniversary and to have a beautiful wedding.

    Thanks for the update on McGee watching you – he knows who you are by now. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to the Royal family!

  16. LoveYourDNA Says:

    Carlos & Donna,

    Many Happy Years of Love to you!!

    Nice to hear about McGee too!

    Happy Holidays and Wedding Blessing on your family…


  17. grams3cs Says:

    Congratulations to both of you. May you have many,many more. The Christmas tree you posted is just breath-taking. Glad to know our owls are staying around to help with the festivities. May you all have a very merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Thank you again for all you have shared with us. Tamera

  18. Peg Says:

    Thanks so much for keeping us informed. Blessings to you, and Merry Christmas.

  19. Terry Flinn Says:

    congrats to them on the upcoming wedding. Prayers your way that the weather will be wonderful for them. Also SO glad to hear that Molly/McGee still hanging around. I miss the cameras so bad.
    Also I have my CD and love it, he will make his goal soon. Thanks for all updates.

  20. Jodimaher Says:

    Love is in the air !!! Carlos & Donna – Ashley and Spencer – Molly & McGee !!!!

    Love you guys ! Enjoy and Merry Christmas.


  21. Treva Roberts Says:

    Wonderful time of the year for a wedding. Hope Ashley & Spencers wedding day is dry, been keeping an eye on San Marcos weather for you. How wonderful it must be in planning a wedding for your granddaughter on your Anniversery. Thanks for the update on our favorite feathered couple and tell Austin I received by signed CD within 3 days of my order. Christmas Blessings to all the Royals. Thanks for spreading the joy of the season. GOD bless

  22. Gale Says:

    Please, please watch for a new clutch and share with us!!!

  23. Sandy Says:

    Yea!! So glad you checked on them…that box is “their” home, and they feel so safe and cozy there at your home in San Marcos. :) Racoona

  24. Marilee Fillion Says:

    Love your predictions and agree with most of them. Like my friend at Costco said when I helped her retrieve something from a large bin, thank you so much and vote Republican, we cannot let this happen again!

    Best to you and Donna in 2011!!!!

  25. Dear Carlos, thanks for posting the wedding pics. They are beautiful & so are the wedding couple! So glad to hear from you and pray that you are feeling better real soon! Get plenty of rest and chicken noodle soup! God Bless!
    p.s. Just not right to have ice in San Marcos!
    Love you Carloz!

  26. Patsy Says:

    Hi Carlos , Thanks for the undate about McGee .
    I’m so happy that you caught sight of him and that He and Molly are doing well !
    Congrats on your grand daughters up coming wedding! I hope it doesn’t rain !

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