Signed Limited Edition DVD

December 15, 2010

Limited Edition, Signed DVD's on Sale


This is the first time that a signed keepsake DVD has been offered. Austin’s goal is to sell 4,000 DVDs total to pay for his college education. As of this morning, he has sold 3,534 DVDs.

Last Chance Before Christmas Sale! Limited Edition, Signed DVD’s for $19.95 available now for a limited time. Signed by Austin Faure, these keepsakes are the perfect owl lovers stocking stuffer. Plus, take advantage of same day shipping, first class mail from December 15th through the 19th. Don’t miss this opportunity to share and receive this amazing story before Christmas!  You need to order now to get them before Christmas. 

Barn Owl named Audubon California’s 2010 Bird of the Year Thanks to Molly Fans.

December 14th, 2010 · by gfrost 


Be sure to get yourself a piece of history and tuck it away. You were a part of one of the biggest events on the Internet for 8 months.  The Owl Box and Molly the owl captured the hearts and minds of millions and will be remembered as the Woodstock of 2010. Visit our CafePress Store and pick up your keepsakes to remember this once in a lifetime event and it was an event.  FREE SHIPPING on orders over $40

Molly The Owl


Carlos, Donna and Austin

9 Responses to “Signed Limited Edition DVD”

  1. GeniaKnitz Says:

    Carlos, thanks so much for the link to California Audubon. What fun to see that The Royal Owls won 70% of the vote! (Well, OK, the common barn owl, but that species will always be the Royal Owl to me.)
    I’ll never be able to thank you enough for opening my eyes to barn owls.

  2. Elizabeth or ET27 Says:

    The 3 DVDs I ordered on your recent sale just arrived today. Timing is everything as I’m “bagging up” my Christmas gifts this week.

    Excellent work on the sales so far, Austin – hope you meet your goal.

    Congratulations again to all of us on the write-in voting for the barn owl :-)

  3. Becky Konkol Says:

    Woohoo! Let’s hear it for the Barn Owls. Mr.Royal, I was so impressed by the amount of cable and all the equipment used to entertain and inform us. What an amazing grandfather (and grandmother) you are to have given this opportunity to your grandson. Austin, you’re a lucky guy but I know, too, that you’ve worked hard. I’ve ordered the board book for our 6mo. old grandson and the calendar for myself. May you all continue to be blessed as you have blessed us. Merry Christmas.

  4. chana meddin Says:

    Molly and McGee WERE THE WOODSTOCK OF 2010, and we were part of it! Wu-HOOOOOOOO! We love you Royals and wanted to share that a large, independent, quite
    famous, landmark bookstore here in Bellingham, WA has asked for “Molly the Owl” to sell retail! Think Eric preparing a package of books as we speak, so even MORE PEOPLE GONNA BE LOVIN’ ON MOLLY AT CHRISTMAS!

  5. chana meddin Says:

    p.s. every one of the guinea pigs here voted more than once for “barn owls” and the Audubon Society was
    kind enough to allow their furry, little votes to
    count! hee-hee.

  6. Debbie G Says:

    I was at Woodstock.. (so how old am I!)
    We should all be very glad that while this was clearly as big an event… we weren’t outside int eh rain and mud … getting into all sorts of trouble…
    Oh wait: maybe some of us were! LOL!
    Thank you Carlos Donna and Austin for 2100 feet of cable and memories that extend way beyond that!
    Hope we all meet up again (maybe in the spring????)
    Happy Howlidays everyone!

  7. JoAnn Reed Says:

    Hello Carlos and Austin,

    I JUST ordered the DVD like 2 nights ago. I would have ordered 2 or 3 more if I could get them at the $19.95 price, especially with Austin’s signature. Is there any way that the one I ordered could be for the $19.95 price and have Austin’s signature? I will order more if you will give the one for that price. I want to give them as Christmas gifts. I don’t know how to get in touch with you other than here, so I apologize for doing it here. Thank you so much for looking into this.

    Happy Holidays to you all there. Looking forward to seeing more of Molly and Magee, if possible, in 2011.

  8. GeniaKnitz Says:

    Carlos, I am trying to identify the (first clutch) owlet who is featured on the August 2011 first clutch calendar page.
    I have a copy of it on my computer slideshow page and every time it appears it makes my heart smile all over again. Is it Max?
    Thank you very much for any help you can give me in identifying this little sweetheart.

  9. Jodimaher Says:

    Love you guys !

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