Barn Owl Wins California Audubon Bird of the Year

December 13, 2010


Barn Owl Wins

California Audubon … the Barn Owl

That’s right, voters from all around the state have named the Barn Owl Audubon California’s 2010 Bird of the Year. The Barn Owl won as a write-in candidate. Watch for our formal announcement tomorrow. Thanks for voting!

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33 Responses to “Barn Owl Wins California Audubon Bird of the Year”

  1. VSue Says:

    Goes to show, write-ins can and do win!

    Yeah! Yahoot! YeahScreech for the Barn Owlz!

  2. GeniaKnitz Says:

    Can’t wait for tomorrow to find out how many votes our Molly & McGee garnered (we all know it was no generic common barn owl we were voting for!)

    Just incredible how far Donna’s wish for an owlbox took the world.

    There is no adequate way to say thank you, but… thank you. A million timez.

  3. Pam W. Says:

    In Honor of the great And World’s Most Famous
    owl Molly, We salute The Barn Owl as the winner!
    Way to go MODS! I knew we all could do it.

  4. Jo-Ann Says:

    Yeah!!!!! We did it!!!! Thanks to Molly, McGee and the Royal’s How exciting….Jo-Ann

  5. Lucy Sanders Says:

    Oh my goodness!!! That is so awesome, really, Molly & McGee brought to us by Carlos & Donna Royal were really the only choice!!! Good job! Carlos that should put another feather in your cap and know how much we all appreciated what you did. What a wonderful 8 months we have spent watching two clutches hatched, grow, and fledge. I know I am not the only one who learned, grew, and enjoyed the thrill of watching Molly and her family.

    How wonderful that the yard we watched is now to be the scene of a wedding. Beautiful…Enjoy!!!

    Take care,

    Lucy (silent MOD from Ohio)

  6. edtNZ Says:

    Whoot… I voted 5 times all the way away from New Zealand. GO Barn Owls…Stay warm in colder states…regards from NZ

  7. 1SkatrPie Says:

    Wu-Hooooooot! Happy Feet, Molly RULES! Congratulations Royals and Molly for bringing so
    much public awareness to such an important conservation issue with your love, perseverence,
    patience, and enthusiasm! Go MOLLY & McGee!

  8. Bigsis/Robin Says:

    Molly is absolutely the most gorgeous barn owl that I have ever seen….no wonder we voted her in as a write in.(We all know that it is Molly) xx Bigsis

  9. DZRTJUL Says:

    Yeah for Molly!! A well deserved accolade.

  10. Roni Says:

    I won’t confess to how many votes I cast…for Molly. But I sure am happy to see “the Common Barn Owl” win this honor. Carlos and Donna…thank you both for everything you’ve done for all of us..and for the owls.

  11. Madonna Varchetto-Bonner Says:

    Just goes to show…. “with love all things are possible!” I too voted several times. Carlos and Donna, look at what that 2,000 feet of cable accomplished!!! It might of been only 2,000 feet but it reached the hearts of people all the way around the world!!! And I will never forget this experience or the Royal family. Of all the great things you have done for people this has to be right at the top!!! Thank you. Madonna P.S. I am doing a crossword puzzle on owls from birds and blooms does anyone know “where owls raise their young” 5 letters starts with P and fourth letter I think is a t? Driving me crazy…would appreciate any help. Madonna

  12. Elizabeth or ET27 Says:

    Congratulations to barn owls everywhere :-)

    We know that it wasn’t just the barn owl but those famous Royal barn owls of San Marcos. It just goes to show you how powerful those “Vote Molly” items were!!

    Thanks for sharing all of this with us, Carlos & Donna. Best wishes to all for the wedding and the Christmas season.

  13. Yea Barn owls!!! We are hacking Barn owls as fast as we can in Missouri. To date right around 900 over the past decade.We can only hope they have been as prolific as Molly and Magee.

  14. Congratulations to the beautiful and amazing Barn Owl!!! Molly and McGee and the Royals have brought so much joy and world-wide info to all of us!!! Congratulations!!!!! (hoot)

  15. elsa lichman Says:


  16. dennisotool Says:

    Thank you from all us Carlos,Donna and Austin, We love that the barn owl, our Molly and McGee, made this all possible thanks to you guys.. Hope Ashely’s wedding goes as planned, and I’m sure she couldn’t have picked a more beautiful place to have her wedding other than Grandma and Grandpas backyard.. Miss you all and the “Special” owls that you brought to all of us. Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and a Great New Year!! Congradulations and have a grand weddig.. Love you all

  17. Lisa A. Burns Says:

    So happy, and just so dard proud!!!
    This is all so amazing!! Carlos, Donna, Austin…THANK YOU!!

    Barn Owl, Bird of The Year

    You betcha!!!

    Lisa, from NE FL

  18. Congratulations! So happy we found Molly, McGee
    and the owlets. Thank you Donna, Carlos and Austin for all you have done to bring this to us.
    Without you, we would not know all we do about
    barn owls. Merry Christmas and many blessings to
    your family.

  19. Vicki Says:

    Congrats to Molly and her avian kind! What a way to cap off an incredible year. Carlos, Donna you both must be so proud and happy. It really is true, good things come in small packages, 12-16 inches high and weighing less than a gallon of milk.

    Way to go MODS, we did make a difference!

  20. Lee McGrew Says:

    Molly, McGee and all owlets did it!!!
    The World’s Most Famous barn owls.

    We are all blessed to be ‘a part of it’!

    God has blessed you Royals to have brought it to us.
    Peace, joy, and love everyone, this advent season.

  21. PegRod Says:

    Everyone expresses such joy and gratefulness in the comments on almost all of the posts – it makes me feel so happy to be part of this! It is a wonderful world of the “commmon barn owl” that Carlos and Donna, with Austin’s help, opened up to the “common human” – to help us understand that each individual, each owl, each moment is a unique gift! Just Be Yourself!

    As far as competition, it brings to mind the Olympics – Pierre de Coubertin got the idea for this phrase from a speech given by Bishop Ethelbert Talbot at a service for Olympic champions during the 1908 Olympic Games. The Olympic Creed reads:

    “The most important thing in the Olympic Games is not to win but to take part, just as the most important thing in life is not the triumph but the struggle. The essential thing is not to have conquered but to have fought well.”

    The creed and motto are meant to spur the athletes to embrace the Olympic spirit and perform to the best of their abilities.

    The spirit of The Owl Box is one of participation and excellence for goodness with the spirit of the words surrounding “Vote Molly!”. I am ever grateful for this life-changing experience.

  22. PegRod Says:

    PS By the common barn owl winning (aka Molly), everyone wins, because millions of people have been made aware of all of nature and birds that need to be “given their space” as well as protected.

  23. Judy Sackson Says:

    I am very glad that our barn owls won the award this year. Molly & McGee have made an enormous impact on nature lovers around the world, and this is a way of acknowledging that fact.
    Thank you, Carlos and Donna and Austin, for all that you have brought into our lives!
    I sure the wedding will be beautiful, and that the New Year brings you all good things!

  24. Ricki Says:

    And… all started w/ a wind storm!!
    8 o )

  25. Joan Says:

    Congratulations to Carlos, Donna and MOLLY & MCGEE
    they are not just any old Barn owl.. they are the winners (as they should be)

  26. didinp Says:

    Yes! The power of M&M and family could move mountains.

    It looks like Molly might have the best seat in the yeard to watch the wedding huh!

    Thank you Royals – Have a Wonderful Holiday


  27. Diane Erdely Says:

    Yeah for Molly and her family! And thanks to the Royals for putting barn owls on the map! I am an avid birder, but never had such a close encounter with wild birds and it was wonderful!

  28. Betty Rexrode Says:

    The other birds never had a chance!

  29. Kit Says:

    Yes! MODs, Royals and Barn Owls rule! I voted as well for barn owl, this is fantastic!

  30. Linda Greene Says:

    Wow!! 70% of the voting total for the barn owl. Well done MODS!!

  31. Margaret C Kremer Says:

    Congratulations to Molly and McGee as Barn Owls of the year! And more thanks to you, Carlos, for letting us be part of the fun.

  32. jezbel Says:

    Kudos to the Royal Barn Owls
    From the Royal Night Owls
    Heartfelt congratulations.
    Happy Christmas
    Merry New Year
    …. and to all a good night.

  33. catsmommy Says:

    Bravo! not a common barn owl at all.

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