Molly and McGee Large Frame Print On Sale

December 9, 2010

Click Image to See Large Frame Molly and McGee Print


In effect, you can get a $125 Molly and McGee’s Large Frame Print for only $45 because there is a $5 OFF SALE in addition to our mark down.

Or you can get a $125 Ashley and Carrie Large Frame Print for only $45 because of the $5 OFF SALE going on right now.  This will be your last chance to order and get delivery before Christmas.

Even if you don’t want to buy you should go see these two magnificent photos by Carlos Royal.

The Owl Box Update: Molly was not in the box yesterday but she is back in the box today.  This seems to be the pattern as they wait for spring. Last year, they started matting around January 21st, so I would not be looking for much action until next year.  Also, we are going to have a wedding in our backyard, so all the cables have to be disconnected and removed because as they are now, they are definitely a trip hazard.  I plan to remove the cables this weekend so not even I will know what is going on inside the owl box.

The Photography Book Molly and McGee has not been shipped. According to Eric’s website   it is expected to ship in January.

All the best,

Carlos, Donna and Austin

P.S. More people are reporting Owl Boxes and Owls inside.  Looks like 2011 is going to be a good year for the barn owl population. Also, the voting has been extended to December 12th California Audubon bird of the year.  Remember you can vote as many times as you want.  Barn Owl is a write in Candidate.  Hmmmm, I wonder why they extended the voting?

18 Responses to “Molly and McGee Large Frame Print On Sale”

  1. TOPPSY Says:

    because of various jobs/friends/etc, i have about 15 emails,,,,,,,,,,are you telling me, I can vote on each one? For barn owl that is?
    gahhhhhhhh, good idea.
    HOOT HOOT all you owl=lovers

  2. Janie Branison Says:

    Maybe they want to give the other species a chance to get a few votes. ;-) I’m voting for “Barn Owl” at least 5 times a day and I’m sure the other McGee and Molly fans are doing the same.

  3. vicki Says:

    Congrats to the lovely couple -oh, and your granddaughter and her intended too. My oldest daughter was married in our backyard and it was absolutely wonderful. We kept it to immediate family (their wishes)and it made it even better. One question, who’s the photographer going to be? Maybe Molly and McGee can get some great aerial shots for you.

    Enjoy this icing on the cake (pardon the pun) to an unbelievable year and two wonderful grandparents.

    P.S.Will Austin do the video?

    Best wishes!

  4. VeeTX Says:

    A wedding!!!! Your backyard is the perfect setting for a beautiful outdoor wedding. I’m thinking this might be your grandaughter’s wedding? We’d love photos later – she is a beautiful young woman. Thanks Carlos and Donna and we love ya Austin!!!!

  5. flukestail Says:

    Other than the 1st pic of Molly in the box looking up at the camera way back in January…and the head-turned-90-degrees shot of a fuzzy Wesley in the box…I do believe that photo of Molly & McGee that’s now on sale is the most beautiful photo in the collection. Stunning, Carlos, just stunning.

    Crazy as it sounds, I feel like there should be a live video feed of your granddaughter’s wedding! :) Seems that all the goings-on in the Royals’ backyard is filled with joy, hope and love. You have much for which to be grateful…and so do all of us MODS. Happy Holidays, Best Wishes to the Bride & Groom, and wishing you all a happy and healthy New Year! Hope to see you soon in 2011!

  6. Holly Sue Says:

    Dear Carlos and Donna,
    Won’t this be just a marvelous December! Your backyard will be a perfect and beautiful setting for Ashley and Spencer’s wedding – what a joyful event for your family and friends. Love and best wishes to all of you! Have a blessed Christmas and the happiest of new years ever!
    Love from Holly Sue

  7. Jerri Weed Says:

    KSBORN Curious if there will be Molly and McGee Gift Bags…LOL
    Very Joyous Occasion For Everyone. Thank You Again Carlos and Donna for Keeping us Mods. updated. You All are The Best. Just Know KS Luvs You All.


  8. Suzanne Hannah Says:

    Carlos & Donna,
    Let’s hope they extended the voting because we have all been voting 10 to 20 times a day for our Molly & McGee.
    A backyard wedding could this be that beautiful granddaughter of yours and her handsome fiance? If so how very exciting for you both and what a great gift and honor for them to want their wedding at your home.
    Hope you have wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year.
    Looking forward to third clutch in the New Year and all your great updates.
    Thank you both for everything.

  9. francie bowers Says:

    Please post wedding pics for us!! when is the date?? oh, Happy Holidays!!

  10. SnugglesDad Says:

    Please subscribe me to the blog. Thank you!

  11. LizBeth Says:

    Please subscribe. Thank you!

  12. GeniaKnitz Says:

    This is NOT a nag, or a request, or anything like that. I understand completely why the channel is offline.
    Just wanted to say that I miss our beautiful owls.

  13. June Schafer Says:

    How exciting!!! All best wishes to the happy couple!Thanks so much for the updates. Keeps us MOD’s in touch with our owl family not to mention the Royals!
    Have a blessed Christmas and the best 2011!
    June Schafer
    Greer, SC

  14. OwlyKats Says:

    Donna & Carlos,
    Oh What a joyous occasion to have a wedding in your backyard and it is such a perfect place to have it . Congratulations to your grand daughter & her fiance! Best wishes to the blessed couple and all their families.
    I sure have missed you all & Molly & McGee. Thank you for keeping us MOD’s updated on our Kids!
    May You have a Glorious Christmas and may Your New Year be blessed to over flowing!
    Much Love,
    Kathleen S
    COwlorado Springs, Co

  15. Donna Simonson Says:

    Wonderful decision to have the wedding in your backyard where there has been a little magic since the beginning of the year! Beautiful beginnings and a wonderful place to begin and celebrate a marriage! Bravo Royal family once again! Love never fails!

    Love, hugs and prayers owlways!
    OwlLuver, Murrieta, CA

  16. Terry Flinn Says:

    Sounds exiting for the upcoming wedding! Congrats to the happy couple. Thank you for keeping us all updated on the owl box activities. Please keep us posted on anything more and hope the cameras are back up soon.
    BIG OWL FAN, Terry

  17. Says:

    Hi, Carlos and Donna, and congratulations to you both and to your Grand Daughter. With all the cable wiring and computer gadgets and i.e computer burn outs. I for one never once thought it was a simple task for any of you. Everything I purchased to support your dedication is still in boxes waiting for Christmas Day to open and enjoy. Plus the anxious patient waiting of my coffee table photo books i.e both. I would love to put up a Barn Owl box, but have chosen not as unfortunately they have discovered 2 losses in town this year, not sure why. Plus I have a Great Horned Owl in my neighbor hood. So I have to rely on your camera or others to enjoy their beauty. Have a Great Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. AJ4thebrds

  18. 1SkatrPie Says:

    Congratulations, Carlos and Donna! And we just found out that Molly did, indeed, win “Bird of the Year” for all barn owls! What you two and your family, Eric, Chris, Vacadude, and Austin have all done has created so much magic! Best wishes and hope to see pics of the wedding on your blog?! Congratulations,

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