Last Day of Sale Tomorrow

December 5, 2010

Don't be caught out in the rain (last day of Sale)

Roark wants to know if he will be in one of Carlos' Photo Books

Taken at the San Diego Wild Animal Park


Click to vote for Barn Owl

Molly and McGee Update: Molly spent the last two days in the box so there was a lot of speculation about a third clutch but the box is empty today.  In the past Molly has laid an egg within 24 days of returning to the box.  McGee ran off Ashley and Carrie on November the 1st, so we should have had some eggs but not so fast. Remember, I said they were not mating. On November 11th, one of the owlets returned until Molly ran her off. So, if we start the clock again, today would be day 24, but Molly is not in the box.  Molly has always been in the box the day she laid the first egg of the new clutch. Oops, I guess all that speculation was for nothing.

Vote for Audubon California’s 2010 Bird of the Year

In an effort to raise awareness about bird conservation in California, Audubon California this year will again recognize its Bird of the Year. And while the Board of Directors has selected six finalists for the award, you the public will have the final say.

Vote below for the bird species you believe deserves the recognition. Vote as many times as you like.

Votes will be accepted through Dec. 8, 2010, and those who vote will be the first to learn the winner.

This is a conservation award. We’re particularly interested in recognizing bird species that were of significant conservation interest in 2010, but that also had a compelling story and rallied the public around it.

Don’t forget to vote the barn owl as the bird of interest of the year. Click   Audubon California 

Barn Owl is a write in candidate. You have to check (other) then type in Barn Owl. Click  Audubon California

Molly’s Story, a documentary DVD is only on sale for one more day. (20% OFF  plus Free Shipping) Austin4media

Don’t be caught out in the rain: Order your copy of The Second Clutch today.  $150 Value on $59.95  Molly The Owl Books

Carlos, Donna and Austin

16 Responses to “Last Day of Sale Tomorrow”

  1. Darlene Salisbury Says:

    Hello Carlos and Donna,
    It’s so good to hear from you. Still hoping for another clutch. It’s all up to Molly and McGee. And then of course you and Donna.
    As always, the pictures you have posted are wonderful.
    Thank you.

  2. GeniaKnitz Says:

    I can just see Molly and McGee in the palm tree with their wings around each other laughing like crazy for once again keeping their loyal subjects guessing.
    That’s OK, we love them with or without eggs. Of course, this MOD wants to see another clutch, but first of all and most of all, I want to see Molly and McGee happy and healthy and doing what is right for them.

    LOVE those pictures of beautiful Roarke; thanks, Carlos.

  3. DianaJoe Says:

    Carlos and Donna, Who knew I would add adults to my family this year. At least that’s what you feel like. Anything particular on the Christmas list this year? LOL I guess Ashley getting married is a great present.

  4. Sherry Kelly Says:

    So happy to get this post! Love to read the updates on M & M and of course the Royals. I have voted many times for “barn owl”. I know they say they are not accepting votes for any one owl, but if “barn owl” wins they will know it is the result of the owl box! Best wishes from Yukon Oklahoma!

  5. Tammy Smith Says:

    Oh, well. M & M will eventually have more babies. I can wait.

  6. elsa lichman Says:

    hi, i ordered the new coffee table book and was unable to download the free pictures. i emailed eric and he never answered. any ideas!? thanks and thanks so much for all the updates. el

  7. flukestail Says:

    Just ordered my copy of “The Second Clutch” coffee table book! And now looking forward to ordering my copy of the 3rd! ;) (…a girl can always continue to dream…)

  8. Nancy Brown Says:

    Beautiful photo, as usual, of the Red Shouldered Hawk. We, SPO chat room, have been looking in on the O&O pair of Barn Owls in San Marcus and they appear to be doing the same thing, hanging around the box but no eggs either at last report. Thank you for the continuing updates for M&M, looking forward to the receipt of first clutch book of your 100 favorite photos. They are just so endearing, must be the photographer! From a true MOD from Vermont, Nancy

  9. Astrid J Says:

    Truly missing Molly and Mcgee! Also the Owletts

  10. CAequuslvr Says:

    Thank-you once again for the update of M&M. The photos are just beautiful.
    Congratulations on the upcoming marrigage of your granddaughter.
    I too have ordered the “Second Clutch” photo book.

  11. Deborah Moore Says:

    When will the cameras be turned back on? Also, will it ever be compatible with Apple IPad?

    • carlosroyal Says:

      We don’t know at this point when the cameras will be turned back on. We are having a wedding in our backyard plus have travell plans. The broadcast has always been compatible with Apple products. In fact, it was the # 1 show on Iphone and Ipad when were were broadcasting.

  12. Nancy Brown Says:

    Yes Carlos & Donna you can be assured Molly is famous and even the postal service is in on it! Here is to keeping my fingers crossed that M&M and broods “Barn Owl” is also recognized as California’s bird of the year. They and you have certainly earned it with the promotion of wildlife conservation, not only to Californian’s or American’s but to the world. We are proud to know you and to be a part of it! Nancy a true MOD from Vermont, USA

  13. catsmommy Says:

    Roake is so beautiful, wow. TY for sharing all your pictures with us.

  14. Sally Dausch Says:

    Happy Anniversary, 49 years, wow, no surprise you two are the best matched couple I have ever met. Here is my hope for a blessed Christmas, Anniversary and a wonderful new celebration coming on the 26th, all my best to the soon to be newest couple to the family tree………:)

    sl dausch

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