Molly and McGee Update

December 1, 2010

Hawaii Wild Plumeria

Molly and McGee Tree (Click Image for larger view)


Molly and McGee are still hanging around the owl box but Molly is not staying in the box during the day time.  I think this indicates that they are not having a third clutch at this time. This may be because they know it is getting too cold for little ones. One night while we were gone, the temperature dropped to 28 degrees. 

The Second Clutch Photo Book is now available for order.  Eric has had to raise his price on shipping and handling because he has had to reship over 100 books that got lost in the mail using book rate. So he will be shipping all new orders First Class or Priority Mail and the cost is $10.70 just for the postage. The new Shipping and Handling is $12 because he also has to purchase a mailer to protect the books in shipping.  The Second Clutch book is priced the same as the first photo book Molly and McGee, $49.95, the only difference is the shipping and handling went from $6.50 to $12, but to make up for this increase and for those that order now we are including four (4) never before seen high resolution photos that you can download and print out immediately.  You get the Four (4) high resolution images, the photo book “The Second Clutch” including shipping and handling, over a $150 value for only $59.95  Place your order today. This is a special price just for those that order early.  The Second Clutch  The Second Clutch This will be a limited, signed, first printing, when they are gone, they are gone.

It is my understanding that you can still order a copy of Molly and McGee, photos from the first clutch. If you order right now you might get the old shipping and handling price of $6.50 as it had not been changed as I write this but will be changed soon so check it out now.

Austin has reported that all the orders for Molly’s Story a documentary DVD have been shipped as 11/30/10. All DVDs were shipped First Class Mail so start checking your mail box except Canada where it takes two weeks to arrive. Austin also said he has about 200 DVDs in stock if you want to place an order for Christmas; remember all the money goes into his college fund. He is now working on year 4 as he has sold 3,200 DVDs. This is a great way to show your appreciation for the owl box. It takes about 1,000 DVD sales to pay for 1 year’s college.  Help send a good kid to college. He is working hard to get there.

The first photo was taken in Hawaii of a wild plumeria, the second photo was sent in by Julie. It is her Molly and McGee Tree.

More to come from Hawaii in the next few days.

Carlos, Donna and Austin

45 Responses to “Molly and McGee Update”

  1. Welcome home! Love the tree.
    Thanks for the update. This means all the MODs will have time to do their Christmas shopping & decorating w/o worrying they’re missing something in the owl box. Here’s to a new clutch in 2011!

  2. DianaJoe Says:

    I can almost smell that Plumeria flower. It is one of my fav perfumes.

  3. Rosemary Says:

    Thanks for the update Carlos.. I was just thinking about Molly and wondered if she was still visiting or staying in the Royal Suite.

    Looking forward to hearing about your trip, and welcome home Royals.

  4. imtresbien Says:

    Hi Carlos and Donna,
    Hope you enjoyed your time in Hawaii. You’ve been missed along with our owl family, of course.
    Thanks for posting the photo of Julie Beith’s owl-themed Christmas tree — how cute is that?

  5. Teri Saffren - Irthum Says:

    Welcome Home Royal family,
    It’s nice to hear from you again. Can’t wait to hear about Hawaii. The flower is beautiful – thanks for sharing it. The tree is adorable – great job Judy !

  6. Monica Says:

    Thanks for the update Carlos and Donna, you guys are the best..Have a great time..enjoy your vacation..wish I was there, only 25 degrees here.
    Hugs to you all.

  7. catsmommy Says:

    Welcome back to the Main Land, hope your vacation was fabulous…what am I saying?? its Hawaii and you GDaughter is there… of course it was FAB. Thank you for sharing the Plumeria, my fav tropical flower, look forward to seeing more.
    Thank you for update about Molly and McGee, I hope they don’t have a clutch, they need a break too. Grin.
    Happy ThanksGiving

  8. Jan Sessions Says:

    Thank you both for posting on FB. I assume you are enjoying R&R in Hawaii with the gorgeous plumeria photo. Happy holidays and much love for sharing your life with ours.

  9. carole lazor Says:

    I love your tree. I just finished putting my little owls on mine. It is sooo pretty. Enjoy your vacation and thank you again for the incredible job of photographing Molly and McGee.

  10. GeniaKnitz Says:

    Great to hear from you! And to get news of the OB.
    I really am surprised to hear about Molly not spending the day in the owlbox. She was landing so awkwardly before you left I was sure she must be heavy with eggs. But of course we do want our favorite owls to do whatever is best for them and for any additional family they might have.
    The plumeria picture is lovely!

  11. Marie Says:

    Hello Royals!

    Thanks for sending the update. Wishing your family a Merry Christmas in just a few more weeks and hoping all is well in San Marcos at the owlbox! I’m sure Molly and McGee will wait until end of Winter to plan any family additions….who knows maybe Wesley might come home and have a few feather kids!

    Enjoy your trip!


  12. Jann English Says:

    Welcome home!! I can’t wait for the rest of your pictures! I am most curious to see if any of them will be like the ones Jenese (my daughter)sends me.

    Also can’t wait for you to share the excitement of the trip!!

  13. SARose69 Says:

    I’m guessing that the little box ornaments are shipments from Cafe Press?

  14. francie bowers Says:

    Welcome home Carlos & Donna. So nice of you to keep us updated, we talk about you all the time! Hope you are enjoying a clutch-free holiday, we at SPO are amusing ourselves until we have to pay attention again!! Happy Holidays!!

  15. Kit Says:

    Thanks for the Owl Box update and the beautiful photo plus the great Molly tree photo. I was just today thinking how much I miss the owls and owlets and of course Carlos’ live updates on Ustream.

    Have great Holidays!

    Kit (pensacolakit)

  16. arags Says:

    I could almost smell the wild plumeria! Great photo, Carlos. Brings back memories of our trip there and the lei made of those incredibly good smelling flowers.

    Thanks for keeping watch over “our owls”….and keeping us up to date on life in the owl box.

    Eric already has my money for the C2 Coffee Table book. Really looking forward to it – whenever it comes. Granddaughter asked me last weekend to get my laptop and show her my owls! Good teaching moment when I told her they had flown away – for now, at least.

    Thanks again and best regards,
    arags, Marble Falls, TX

  17. Cathy Mueller Says:

    Thanks for the update. It’s great that you keep in touch.
    I’ve totally forgotten when the first coffee table book is due to come to us?? Will it be here before xmas?

  18. MutherNature Says:

    I’m looking forward to February….just know Molly will start a 3rd family around then :)

    Glad you guys are resting and enjoying your vacations – you have certainly earned them!

    Whooooda thunk a pair of Barn Owls would be paying for a young human’s college tuition. Wowsers!

  19. Makalani Says:

    Aloha kakou ~ Ah, Carlos, your “wild plumeria” statement makes me smile. Once upon a time they were called “dead man’s flower” as sailors would have a branch planted at the top of their graves. They are very easily started from a broken bit of a branch stuck in the ground.
    The weather’s been rather nice, huh? Trust you are enjoying your time in the islands. A friend saw a barn owl in our neighborhood last night.

  20. finnwv Says:

    Glad you are enjoying your much deserved vacation! Love the Hawaiian Wild Plumeria and the beautiful Christmas tree by Judy! Thanks for sharing with us!

  21. Memedee251 Says:

    The plumeria flower is gorgeous! I have a couple in pots that a friend gave me and they are just beautiful blossoms. And thanks for the photo of the M&M Tree! Glad you two are having some fun and some private time.

    Memedee in Owlabama

  22. Evi Says:

    Wow! Breathtaking plumeria! Hope we will see more vacation photos! Wishing the Royal Family a most wonderful holiday season! Thank you for sharing so much of yourselves this year! “…it’s been fun and I’m glad I was a part of it!!….”

  23. Nancy Harp Says:

    What beautiful flowers. What a fun tree with all of the Molly cut outs! I had a good time helping the grandkids with their Molly cut outs. We watched the DVD and the 6yr old, was so very sad when Wesley was all alone in the box.

  24. Suzanne Hannah Says:

    Carlos & Donna, Sure hope you had a wonderful vacation & Thanksgiving with your family. Always love to hear your stories & see your beautiful pictures. Thanks so much for all you & Donna do for all of us,just remember you leave us wanting more.

  25. Carlynne aka littleguys Says:

    If you are in Maui, you should look up Tulip Girl Maui aka Alex. She would love to hear from you, Carlos and Donna. If you need her email address, let me know. She is on our Molly and McGee Support Group meet up wish list, and loves to talk owls. Carlynne aka littleguys

  26. Joanne Borle Says:

    Dear Carlos and Donna,
    Oh… thank you so much for your update. Must mean your home :0) hope all was safe and sound, when you
    got back.
    I hope you had a great time in Hawaii.
    The plumeria blooms are gorgeous … do they have a nice aroma??
    I’m glad u see Molly and McGee hanging around .. I think of them and there little owlets often.
    Wow.. Austin has sold 3200 DVD’s … its amazing.
    Take care…
    Burnaby, BC/Canada

  27. Diane Auburni Says:

    Still enjoying the updates, thank you. The owl Christmas tree is charming.

  28. karen plate Says:

    Welcome Home:) Love the tree!!!! Love Molly and McGee, too. Have a wonderful safe Holiday.

  29. Here’s something y’all might enjoy: an hysterical pic of a barn owl imitating a bullet:

  30. Betty Mitchell Says:

    Thanks so much for the update Carlos. You know we are all like a bunch of mother hens. It is comforting to know you and Donna are doing well and enjoying your vacation and that M&M are holding down the fort in your absence. Must admit, I will be glad when you return. I need a “deet, deet, deet” fix. Safe travels!
    P.S. Congrats to Austin. He needs to start on a DVD of the second clutch.

  31. Alana Says:

    WELCOME HOME!! You’ve been sorely missed. I cannot wait until news of a 3rd clutch in the Spring. It appears Molly & McGee has claimed the Owl House as their glad. I wish I knew how Ashley and Carrie were doing…miss them sooo much…sob. Some time ago, I recommended a DVD for the 2nd clutch to further contribute to Austin’s college fund, but never rec’d a response. I just KNOW it will sell successfully. LOL…perhaps it will pay for Austin’s “graduate” studies as well (if he so chooses).

  32. Ellen516 Says:

    Hoping to hear all about your wonderful trip. That tree is a real “hoot”.

  33. Cheryl Says:

    Thanks for the update and pics..LOVE the christmas tree! Hope you all enjoyed the trip (or still enjoying it).

  34. Treva Roberts Says:

    So glad to get an update on Molly and McGee. Hope your visit with your Ashley was great. The Plumeria photo is fantastic can almost smell it, oops that’s my fragrance candle.LOL Did you find that your food was always served with a garnish of flowers? Good to see your home safe and sound. Thank you for keeping us MODs updated. Later Treva

  35. PegRod Says:

    Ahhhhh … we are so happy to hear from you – it brings happiness, like the fragrant aromas from plumeria blossoms warmed by the sun and carried aloft by the ocean breezes after a sudden rainfall, followed by rainbows over the Hawaiian Paradise.

    I Googled “plumeria” (one of my favorite flowers, but rarely present in my life)and discovered that there is a festival each year at Balboa Park as well as a Southern California Plumeria Society!

    Thank you Carlos, Donna and Austin!

  36. Mary Kowalski Says:

    Judy – Please tell me how you attached the photos to the clothespins (if that is how they are on the tree) because this would be fun for the preschoolers in my day care who watched Molly the Owl as part of our science last spring.

  37. Carol Watt Says:

    WOW Carlos you did it again what a beautiful picture of the Hawaii Wild Plumeria. Judy’s Owl Tree is adorable thank you for sharing.

  38. Laurie Bishop Says:

    Love the Plumeria…never saw any except in photos. They look as though they smell wonderful. I bet they can only be grown in a very warm climate…wonder if they survive inside? I will have to investigate.

    Best to you all and enjoy a beautiful holiday season…and endless thanks for sharing.


  39. Lisa A. Burns Says:

    Hi Carlos and Donna!!
    Loved hearing from you! Gorgeous photo of the flowers and I just love the M & M Tree!
    Will pre order my 2nd Clutch Book very soon.
    God Bless and enjoy your trip. Major congrats to
    Austin too.
    Love, Lisa

  40. Donna Simonson Says:

    Aloha Carlos, Donna, Ashley and Austin!

    Loved the new photos, tropical flowers and a owl Christmas tree could only be understood by us MODS. We certainly have our own culture! Today I used “Molly the Owl Book” and Austin’s DVD as a personal example of a moment in time that has brought me so much congruity in my life and the life of people all around the world. I was training time management to 17 employees at United Airlines LAX location. My enthusiasm has more than likely now added 17 new members of the Molly fan club after a 4 hour training workshop. One of the comments on the evaluations of the training I facilated read, “I really appreciated the personal experiences you included in the training which helped in relating to the principles and skill sets you were teaching.” Molly is a wonderful role model I so enjoy sharing. And yet one more . . . “thank you Royal family!” for all that you share with the world!
    Love, hugs and prayers owlways,
    OwlLuver, Murrieta, CA

    • PegRod Says:

      OwlLuver – I also appreciate that you share this personal experience from your world of work with Molly fans.

      How interesting that the training was on “Time Management”. For me, it is the awareness of time and opportunity of living in the moment with a community of people that was one of the greatest gifts of The Owl Box. In addition, many Molly fans certainly learned to prioritize, multi-task, and “not sweat the small stuff” (“cobwebs in the shower” – quoting VacaDude’s The Owl Box Rockz) in order to fully enjoy the experience!

      Messages on the Vote Molly logo, which Chris Adams (rocketman) created and designed, also encompass the good values that can make each day better for all of us – both in the family, at work, and out in the world – “Beauty, Grace, Respect, Humor, Kindness, Perseverance, Heart, Loyalty, Caring and Friendship”!

      From my perspective you have followed the principle of “Paying It Forward” to make the world a better place through your creativity! Again, thank you OwlLuver and all the Molly Fans who know what you have done to make the world a better place.

      • Donna Simonson Says:

        Ahh, shucks PegRod, I’m blushing . . .
        Your contribution of words and support and quips I have always loved and still look forward to! It is an absolute honor and a priviledge to be a MOD, don’t you agree?!

        Thank you for the kind words, A big hug coming your way!

        Love, hugs and prayers “owlways”,
        OwlLuver, Murrieta, CA

  41. Susanralph Says:

    Love the tree!! Thank you for the updates Carlos.

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