Cameras Go Off Tonight

November 20, 2010

Molly and McGee on Kestrel Box

Molly Waiting


Molly and McGee spent some time on the kestrel box last night before moving over to the owl box. You can watch the video on

Although it appears that Molly and McGee are mating/bonding, they are still both leaving the box in the day time.  There are no views of the inside of the owl box because that computer has horked completely.  The outside cameras go off tonight at 9 PM as Donna and I get ready for our travels.  

For updates go to  .   

According to an email from Eric, he hopes to be able to take Pre-orders for The Second Clutch by tomorrow. He plans to include some instant downloadable high resolution printable photos you have never seen before. These photos you will be able to print and frame immediately.  Be sure to check tomorrow.

We want to thank you for your continued support of  The Owl Box.

And don’t forget Austin’s DVD, he is now working on paying for year four since he passed the 3,000th sold DVD this past week. Help send a good kid to college: buy Molly’s Story DVD – a documentary.  All profits go into Austin’s College Fund.

Please take note: We received word  (11-18-10) that the company that produces the DVDs was backed up. We were expecting a shipment today but now they are saying November 29th. In effect, shipping has been delayed two weeks. We apologize but it is that time of the year.

Barbara Allen has put all the Molly Songs on a CD since so many of you have asked for it. You can purchase the Molly Song CD from Barbara for only $8.00 plus Shipping and Handling.  Remember when you buy a CD, $1 goes to Mead School and $1 goes to San Marcos Community Foundation. Just send Barbara an email  and let her know how many you want. Don’t forget to send her your mailing address.

Get your FREE DOWNLOADs on CafePress. The newest one is Molly Paper Howliday Ornaments. Great fun!

Carlos, Donna and Austin

75 Responses to “Cameras Go Off Tonight”

  1. GeniaKnitz Says:

    Have a safe, wonderful trip, a happy Thanksgiving, and know you go with our love and our thanks for this interlude.
    When you have finished with your travels, if there is something to broadcast and you want to do so, I would be so happy to contribute to a fund to purchase new equipment, and I’m sure I’m not the only one!
    Vaya con Dios, Royals!

  2. Tresbien Says:

    It has been a cherished bonus to be able to have this special time to watch the world of Molly and McGee again. Thank you Carlos, Donna and Austin for making it available for so many months. You all have my deepest regard for your kindness and generosity. I wish you a blessed Thanksgiving trip to Hawaii and all good things always. Love, Linda

  3. Couleedam (Nora) Says:

    As always, thanks for letting us view Molly & McGee when you are home. I’ve so enjoyed seeing and hearing them again. You and Donna have a wonderful time in Hawaii, and a blessed Thanksgiving.

    I saw your thumbs up yesterday as you came down from the ladder ;-) Bet you didn’t think you would have so many ladders in your back yard….lol.

    Take care and safe travels

    Hugz, from couleedam

  4. francie bowers Says:

    Carlos & Donna, have a wonderful relaxing trip! oh, and Happy Thanksgiving…Hawaiian turkey??

  5. Michelle Says:

    Happy trails to you and Donna!

    I would also be happy to contribute to equipment upgrades for future broadcasts. This has been a lovely brief return to my owl family. I’ve missed Molly and Family and also you and Donna. To have this opportunity again after you’ve had a much deserved break would simply be heaven.

    Please let us know what we can do to help.

    May your travels be safe and your love with family be strong.

    Happy, happy holidays!!!


  6. Tarheelmom Says:

    Thank you for the “extra time” with Molly and McGee. Safe travels to you and Donna. Happy Thanksgiving!

  7. Maryann Says:

    Thank you Carlos and Donna. It was sooo nice to see Molly <3 and McGee again. I can't watch them without thinking of all their sweet baby owlets and wonder how they are all doing. Good bye Molly, McGee, Max, Pattison, Austin, Wesley, Ashley and Carrie :)

    Happy travels Carlos and Donna. Please keep safe! You will be missed!

    Maryann (njblue)

  8. Marje Pattison Says:

    Many thanks for your unique contribution to the lives of all fortunate enough to have found you. I refer to each of the 20,000,000 taking a look!
    Putting us in touch with the unnoticed life surrounding each of us is a service beyond measure. Travel with peace, joy, — and your camera!

  9. Linda Scroggin Says:

    Have a great vacation, looking forward to the next time you Share Molly & McGee with us, praying for safe travels for you and Donna.


  10. Tammy Smith Says:

    I now love barn owls because of what you have done, Carlos & Donna! Hope to see more of Molly & McGee in the future!

  11. Nancy Brown Says:

    A world of thanks for all you have done so that we were able to see into the lives of the owls. Safe travels, the Royals and the Owls will be in our thoughts and prayers. PS Looking forward to some great scences from Hawaii on your blog. A true MOD from Vermont, USA Nancy

  12. Joanne Borle Says:

    Good morning Carol and Donna,
    Thank you for answering my question :0) and putting my curious thoughts to rest.
    Thank you again for turning the cam on … I have enjoyed watching Molly and McGee .. they are so beautiful.
    Have a wonderful trip.
    Take care,
    Love joanne51

  13. Cinda B in VA Says:

    Always sad to see the cams going off, but I am hoping that you have a wonderful trip to Hawaii and a great holiday season! I have really loved being able to see Molly & McGee and their personalities (without owlets) this past week! The folks at SPO are also really taking care of us, and have already given us some Great Horned Owls to observe while we wait to see what spring brings for you both and Molly & McGee! My deepest gratitude for all you do. Looking forward to blog pictures from your travels too!

  14. Ingrid Welch Says:

    Hope you have a wonderful trip to Hawaii and get some time to unwind and relax. You both deserve so much for all you have given to us.
    God speed and just enjoy.

  15. Camperfamily (Kim) Says:

    Carlos & Donna,

    Happy Thanksgiving! Have a wonderful trip to Hawaii!
    I wanted to share with you that we are moving out to the country and I’ve asked Santa for an owl box! My husband has printed out the plans and the work will be under way soon! We already know we have owls in the area!
    Thank you for the continued education of nature and we look forward to seeing photos of Hawaiian birds! They have some really beautiful species!

    Gee this has been fun!!


  16. MtnGal Says:

    Carlos, Donna and Austin,

    I’m thankful Donna wanted an owlbox. I’m thankful Carlos put it up. I’m thankful Austin put it on Ustream. Hope you have 20,000,000 views by tonight!
    Have a safe trip and a Happy Thanksgiving!

  17. Deb Lay Says:

    Have fun you two!

  18. Diana/YTQ-SPO Says:

    Thank you for keeping us updated, Carlos! We all appreciated The Owl Box, and have learned so much about the Barn Owl.
    I wish you and Donna Happy Trails, and a great time on your journey.
    My best to you both, and Austin.

  19. Linda Greene Says:

    Thanks so much for letting us view the owls again while you have been home. Have a safe trip and enjoy. Keeping you and the owls safe in my heart!!

  20. Cindy Says:

    Well Carlos I so agree with comments above.

    It has been fun, exciting, educational, heartwarming, thrilling, weepy and most loving. I’ve learned how to chat which I’ve never done before not to mention an entire new language.

    Happy happy trip Carlos and Donna. Do hope you’ll send some pics of the beautiful birds and flowers of Hawaii.

    Mahalo and Aloha


  21. Holly Sue Says:

    All my best wishes and prayers go with you both for a splendid and restful, sunny and warm Thanksgiving in Hawaii with Ashley and family. Thank you so for this wonderful extra week with our owl family – it has been such fun! Please keep in touch and share your amazing photos when you can. May your holidays be everything you wish for!
    Our love goes with you!
    Holly Sue

  22. Nanci Says:

    I, too add my thoughts and prayers to you, Donna, Austin and family for a safe, fun and wonderful trip.

    My heartfelt thanks to all of you for this brief glimpse of our beloved Molly and McGee.

    I’m not working at present, but would be more than happy to contribute to a fund to help with financing new equipment, should you decide you’d enjoy broadcasting at some point in the future.

    Safe travels and with utmost respect,


  23. Ruthie Says:

    Thank you to the Royal’s, for keeping us up dated.Have a safe and relaxing trip. Peace Love

  24. Susan Belloff Says:

    Carlos, Donna and Austin,
    Have a great Thanksgiving! Thank you so much for all the updates. I love getting them in my email! I read them faithfully and enjoy them and the pictures you post immensely. I also enjoyed the Ustream updates. It was so nice of you to give us another look at the Owl Box when I am sure you had lots of other things to think about as far as packing etc. Or is it like at our house and Donna does all the packing? :)
    It was interesting that you said Molly and McGee appear to be mating. I didn’t expect that for a while. I thought they might take a little longer R&R break.
    Have a great time in Hawaii. Enjoy your time with your granddaughter. Will look forward to any pictures you post…have never been there myself.
    PS Austin…good luck selling your DVDs! Who would have thought when Molly and McGee chose your grama and grampa’s owl box to raise their family that it would lead to an opportunity for you to earn your college tuition?

  25. owloverbo Says:

    Carlos and Donna,
    On Thursday I will be among the many saying an extra thank you for enriching my life this year.
    Hope you have a Thankful day, we are thankful for all you have given us.
    Safe travels.
    and Thanks so much for this “extra” I was just beginning to think I wasn’t going to recover from MOD when what to my pleased eyes, I have been able to see M&M.
    Thanks and look forward to photos from HI.

  26. Bonnie Says:

    Thank you very much for turning the cameras on for all of us to share this wonderful experience once more. We so love our owl family. Hope you have a safe trip. We are very thankfull for everything all of you have done to make this possible. We are looking forward to pictures from your travels.

  27. Doxielver Says:

    Thank you for the viewing. Have a great trip will b anxiously waiting for your return and the cameras go back up. I hope the inside camera can be fixed soon when the next clutch comes along. Again thanks. Terry

  28. Sherrie Says:

    Have a great trip, and thanks again for sharing. M&M are quite the couple aren’t they! Sherrie Coughlin

  29. Donna Simonson Says:

    We’ve often heard, “The road to the house of a friend is never long” and with the Royal family and Molly’s family it is “only a click of a mouse with modern technology”. You have brought such joy to so many people worldwide and your generosity continues even today as you prepare for your “over the ocean and to the islands we go” to spend time with your granddaughter and family in Hawaii. Be safe in your travels our good friends and I,too will be counting you and the Molly experience as one of my greatest blessings this Thanksgiving Day. Deet, Deet, Deet, Mahalo and Aloha!!!
    Love, hugs and prayers owlways,
    OwlLuver, Murrieta, CA

  30. lyn licay Says:

    Wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving. Thank you so much for giving us this little bonus viewing of our beloved owls. It was such a wonderful surprise to see it back for a bit.

  31. Lisa Tye Says:

    I too would contribute to upgrading the equipment to help everybody continue to enjoy their MOD. Safe travels to Hawaii, Happy Thanksgiving, and I’ll bet Molly will be ready have new babiez when you return!

  32. Carol Ann Bossemeyer Says:

    i am so blessed to be able to watch M&M. You have put a love in my heart and a blessing in my life. Thank you and take lots of animal pictures in Hawaii. Knowing that Molly and McGee will continue on while you are taking a long overdue break from the hectic rat-race that goes along with the modern technology. Be blessed and know how very much you are loved by me. Thank you so much for your friendship and your generosity.

  33. Janice Says:

    Lots to be thankful for this Thanksgiving. Thanks for the wonderful year of Molly Watching and for all the time, money and hard work you have both put into this experience that I have gotten to share with your family and Molly’s. I wish you safe travels and fun times in Hawaii. Will hope to see some great pictures on this blog. Lots of flora and fauna to photograph there for sure. Thanks for allowing me into your home and lives for the past 10 months, you will be in my prayers.
    Good luck to Austin and his continuing education. Hope we hit 20,000,000 views tonight.
    Thanks for the memories,
    PS. Saw you cleaning the camera lenz last night, had to chuckle just a little.

  34. GeniaKnitz Says:

    Hey, Donna, do you have your knitting packed? ;o)

  35. Pam Richards Says:

    Thank you both for being such thoughful people. These few extra days with M&M is truly something I am thankful for this holiday season.
    I will miss you both as you have become a member od our family. Enjoy you trip and family time together. We will be looking forward to receiving pictures from your trips and update from M&M. God bless and happy holidays.

  36. Mary Says:

    Thank you guys! (Those words do not say it enough.)
    Have a grand time in the Islands with family and friends.
    I do hope we’ll be seeing some of your fantastic photography off and on while you’re away.

    (My great grand babies, ages 5 & 4, said to tell you hurry back as they want more M&M’s.)

  37. Lisa A. Burns Says:

    Oh how I will miss you, Donna, and The Owl Box!

    I too, would love to contribute to your equipment costs Carlos. I can’t thank you enough for blessing me this year……have a wonderful vacation. I will be thinking of The Royals, and hoping …… we all get to experience Clutch 3 !
    Enjoy your Trip !!!

    Love, Lisa from NE FL

  38. Giving thanks this Thursday for my new MOD family, thanks to both of you. Safe travels, warm sunshine and fair winds at your back!

  39. arags Says:

    Aloha!Happy trails to you til we meet again! Very thankful for the gifts you have given and the love and knowledge you have shared. Keep looking for the “good shots”, Carlos. Wonder is out there everywhere waiting for you to discover.
    Got get it!

  40. Martha M. Gibbs Says:

    From Calliopekid:

    Thank you for all the joy you have brought to those of us who love Molly & McGee. This has been an experience that I will fondly always remember. I pray that your travels will be
    trouble free and safe.
    May God Bless you both.
    Martha :-)

  41. Linda Young Says:

    Donna, Carlos and Austin,
    We are blessed to know you. Thanks so much for your generosity these last few weeks in putting the cameras back on for your MOD family. A safe trip, hello to Ashley and the family and enjoy every second of your time.


  42. Jerri Weed Says:

    KSBORN—IS Giving Thanks to Many Things this Thanksgiving–One of them is to You The Royals for Bringing this Joy into Our Lives Again Just to Watch and Peek in on Molly and McGee for a Few Days. You All are Blessing and KS will say a Special Prayer For Safe Travels for You.

    So Thank You Again and Again Donna and Carlos. We Luv You All So Dearly Almost as Much as We Luv Molly and McGee and Family. LOL

    Happy ThanksGiving and Special Hugs to Your Grandaughter Ashley.

    Gee This was Fun and KSBORN was Part Of It.

    Oh, Carlos Do Keep us in Tune Via Blog What is Going on but Don’t Brag Too Much about your Tan.

    Love To You All,

    Jerri Weed
    Phoenix, AZ

  43. Marie Says:

    Carlos, hoping you and Donna have a safe trip and that your entire family has a wonderful Thanksgiving. Your family is blessed!


  44. Mary Jozwiak Says:

    Thank you and enjoy your trip! Safe travels!
    Mary Jozwiak

  45. June Schafer Says:

    Hi Royals, What an unexpected joy it has been watching M&M these last few days. Thank you for the surprise.
    Hawaii is just about my favorite spot on this earth to visit. Hope you and your family enjoy every minute of paradise!! Will be looking forward to some beautiful pictures on the Blog.
    As others do, I also give thanks for you and your generosity. Such a blessing you are! Have a blessed mahalo day!
    Love to you all,
    June Schafer

  46. Theresa Says:

    Happy Holidays to the Royals and their family. May you have a safe trip and miss us a tiny bit lol. I know everyone will miss your family and Molly’s family. I hope one day to be able to be a part of this again. Funny how one little bird made such a difference in the world. Take care and let us hear from you.

  47. Roger Says:

    You’re absolutely right about the bonding/mating. Last night I tuned in to Owlbox2 (about 2:34 Molly time) and immediately got an “owlful” of what they were doing right there on the Kestrel box! For modesty’s sake, I had to look away. There were about thirty or so viewers at the time who must have done the same, Lol! Of course, this is great news for Mods, but I am secretly hoping Molly and McGee are able to enjoy a long break before the next clutch comes along. They have had a very hard year. Both looked terribly exhausted this last clutch and are surely in need of R&R as badly as you and Donna are. Safe travels and Happy Holidays to you and to your family!

  48. Gena Says:

    Have safe travels and a Happy Thanksgiving.. You truly have given us a blessing by letting us have another sneak peek at at these beautiful owls.. I am so proud to be part of the Molly and McGee family. I see the counter is at 19,995,919. are you sure you want to turn if off before 20 million ? We have waited so long to get there !!!!!! Or does the counter keep counting for a time after the cam goes dark ?
    Blessing to you and your family ;;;;

  49. Lil Says:

    Thank you for turning the cams on while you were home! It was so nice to see the owl box again. Have a safe trip and Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family (both human and owls)! =)

  50. Carol Watt Says:

    Carlos and Donna thank you for letting us continue viewing the Owl Box. Now have a wonderful trip enjoy enjoy enjoy. Thank you so much.

  51. Katy Says:

    Many, many thanks to you Carlos and Donna, for taking the time and expense to turn the owl box on for us. I love getting to see Molly and McGee in another light, just hanging out and enjoying life……
    Enjoy your trip and soak up the sun and relaxation of Hawaii.
    Happy Holidays to everyone in the Chat Room and beyond.
    See you soon!!

  52. Lori Says:

    Have a great vacation. Thank you for turning the cameras on again so we could see M&M. I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving! Have a very safe trip.

  53. Georgette Maggs Says:

    Please send e-mail updates.

  54. encinitaskj Says:

    Thank you Carlos! What a treat for us. Enjoy every minute of your vacation and Godspeed.

  55. Deb S. Says:

    Many thanks for turning on the cameras these last few days. It was an unexpected gift! It was really a treat to see Molly and McGee so relaxed, without all the tiny beaks to feed.

    Wishing you safe travels and a fantastic Hawaiian vacation – enjoy, enjoy enjoy!

  56. Deb S. Says:

    ….and it goes without saying, but…
    We LOVE our Royal Couple and our Royal Pair!

  57. Ann Says:

    Thank you, Royals! It’s so exciting to see Molly moving around in the box, and think that we might have babies again.

  58. Rosemary Says:

    Thank you Royals…… Do have a great trip
    and know that this Thanksgiving I will be saying
    a special prayer of thanksgiving for all that you have shared with us these many months in 2010.

  59. GeniaKnitz Says:

    Thank you so much, Carlos. I watched until the camera went off, and then I watched the slideshow for a few minutes more. Molly sure does seem heavily eggnant! The one time she flew off and back, she landed really hard on the roof, and then on the fledge ledge. Bet she doesn’t want to leave the box in the morning – doesn’t seem like she would be able to hunt for a while.

    I have loved every single minute that I’ve been able to spend watching this “bonus round.” Have a safe and most wonderful trip, enjoying Thanksgiving with your family in beautiful Hawai’i.

  60. Lucy Sanders Says:

    Dear Carlos & Donna,

    Thank you for allowing us to watch Molly & McGee while you were home! It was wonderful to see those famous owls again and to know what they are doing now! I hope you all have a wonderful time in Hawaii with Ashley. I am sure you will see some new and fantastic birds. Take care of yourselves and know that you are in our heart’s with great appreciation.

    With many thanks & love,
    Lucy (silent MOD from Ohio)

  61. Alex Says:

    I would contribute $100.00 dollars towards new equipment. I’m sure alot of other people would also help contribute money towards new equipment.

    • carlosroyal Says:

      If you want to support The Owl Box we want to give you something of value other than just the ability to view the owl box. The best way to support The Owl Box is Visit our CafePress Store and buy something you like or visit and buy my one or both of my books Molly and McGee or The Second Clutch. You can get them both for about a hundred dollars. And yes, we will be buying some new equpment at least one new computer and two new power boxes. Yesterday I took two computers in for repair. We believe one is not repairable.

      • Katy Says:

        I have already started purchasing Owl related Christmas/Birthday gifts. People have commented on how gorgeous the photos are on the Cards/Stationary.
        Everyone can support in this way. Thank you Carlos for all you are doing, not just providoing good UStream viewing, but encouraging so much talent and innovation in others.

  62. Madonna Varchetto-Bonner Says:

    Carlos, thank you so much for sharing M&M with us once again, I miss them already! I hope you and Donna have a great time in Hawaii. Will be looking forward to some of your beautiful pictures and hearing how the 2 of you are doing. You know you have become like family to many of us! And this Thanksgiving I have added the Royals to my list of that which I am thankful. Please keep us posted on that 3rd clutch to be…lol.I missed the 1st one, but enjoyed the 2nd one and will remember the laughter and yes, also the tears, forever. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and know you and your family will be remembered on this special day….hope you both will feel the warmth and love being sent to you from all of Molly and McGee’s fans!!! Love you both, and once again thank you, Madonna

  63. catsmommy Says:

    happy thanksgiving and bon voyage!
    our prayers go with you.

  64. AJ Says:

    Well miss the camera’s. But Thank You again for sharing your backyard views during this home stretch. But most of all both you and Donna enjoy your visit with your Daughter. Happy Thanksgiving and safe travels.

  65. Tresbien Says:

    Subscribe please!

  66. Janice Barreras Says:

    Just wanted to convey my appreciation for the time and dedication your family has put into allowing us to watch Molly and McGee and their offspring. The knowledge, joy, interest and appreciation you have created for the barn owl is phenomenal. Of course, your family has personalized it with your talents and charm, keeping the interest of the public over time and making us yearn for even more viewing time with the owls as well as interaction with your engaging family. The Royals have a special gift and I am so appreciative that I have been able to be part of the whole experience. Looking forward to any future endeavors you choose to broadcast and again, am thankful that I have been part of it!!

    A subscriber and silent MOD from Owlbuquerque, New Mexico

  67. Ellie Says:

    Enjoy your family and have a great Happy Thanksgiving Day!!! It was such a treat to have those extra days of evening watching. Boy!! M&M surely do love their house. I can’t believe that they might be thinking of expanding their family again so soon. If they do, I pray for very healthy owlets. These birds are so beautiful…I never realized.
    My very best wishes to you and your family…and to the McGee family too!!!

  68. Irene Kowalski Says:

    Thanks so much Carlos and Donna for all the enjoyment. We’ll miss you and the owls!!!!!

  69. Kathy Says:

    Sign me up for e-mail.

  70. PhilJustPhil Says:

    Best wishes for a great trip(s). Thanks for postponing it this long. It’s been quite a ride!

  71. PhilJustPhil Says:

    Gotta remember to change that profile picture!!

  72. Kathie Utt Says:

    Thank you for such a wonderful experience. Enjoy your time off – you both deserve it!! Happy Holidays and hope to see you next year!!

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