Vote Molly Bird of the Year

November 17, 2010

Vote Molly Bird of the Year

Vote Molly Bird of the Year


It is time to give Molly her due. She has entertained and captured your hearts so now it is time to vote her California Bird of the Year 2010. You can do this by going to Audubon California and cast your vote. You can vote as many times as you like, so vote often and spread the word. Molly deserves this award, help us make it happen.  Audubon California


Molly will be a write in candidate so you will need to type in Molly the barn owl.  After you vote be sure to spread the word to your family and friends. Post this information and link on your face book and twitter.

Vote Molly Bird of the Year.


  Vote for Audubon California’s 2010 Bird of the Year

In an effort to raise awareness about bird conservation in California, Audubon California this year will again recognize its Bird of the Year. And while our Board of Directors has selected six finalists for the award, you the public will have the final say.

Vote below for the bird species you believe deserves the recognition. Vote as many times as you like.

Votes will be accepted through Dec. 8, 2010, and those who vote will be the first to learn the winner.

This is a conservation award. We’re particularly interested in recognizing bird species that were of significant conservation interest in 2010, but that also had a compelling story and rallied the public around it


Please go vote right now.  Just click on  the Vote Molly Image above or Pass the word image below.


Pass the word Vote Molly Bird of the Year

48 Responses to “Vote Molly Bird of the Year”

  1. Becky Konkol Says:

    I typed in Molly the barn owl into the ‘other’ space and I got a red ‘error’ message for the way I entered it. Help!

  2. Kathy Van Buskirk Says:

    Red error message said Molly the barn owl was not a valid response.

  3. Elizabeth or ET27 Says:

    I voted with no problem :-)

  4. Cindy Says:

    tried “barn owl” and “Molly the Owl”
    Got error. How’d you do it ET27?


  5. Phyllis Says:

    click on “other” first then type in “Molly the barn owl” in the box below it.

  6. Cindy Says:

    Correction to my question above. Left out one step! Must highlight “dot” choice before vote!!


  7. Nancy Sarazen Says:

    I did it with no problem….sure hope our Molly is the winner!!

  8. Broota Says:

    I just voted,,,no problem. Have to click on “other” first!

  9. It WORKS!!!!! WoooooooHoooooo!!! Molly is going to winnnnnnn!!!! I can feel it in my bones!!! Thanks for starting this Carlos, awesome idea and It’s going to be fun to see the outcome.
    “Gee, this was fun and I was a part of it”!!!!, hahahahahahahaha…..
    C’mon People, “GET OUT THERE AND VOTE”!!!

  10. PegRod Says:

    It took me three tries before I realized that I must highlight the “dot” for “Other” and then typing in “Molly the barn owl” worked. I see the advice is given by many “others” who voted, too!

    I will “Pass the Word” – I remember that image from the Social Stream! Thank you, Carlos!

    Now we can legitimately Vote Molly and give her the recognition she deserves!

  11. Jerri Weed Says:

    KSBORN Voted and will keep Voting—-Also Put out Word on Facebook Page as well via KS Personal Facebook. I get lots of Friends who Check out my Page since KS Always up a New Video of Molly and Family Everyday.


    • PegRod Says:

      Hooray, KSBORN for all you do to Spread the Word.

      All this time, I never noticed that the Vote Molly sign has words around the border. I am near-sighted! But they became visible to me today.

      I love the words surrounding Molly’s image “Beauty, Grace, Respect, Humor, Kindness, Perseverance, Heart, Loyalty, Caring and Friendship”!

      No wonder we love Molly and all she represents!

      • Geri Says:

        Silly me hadn’t noticed the writing around the vote for Molly sign. Thank you for pointing it out. Gee this is fun and I am glad I am part of it. Have a owlsome day.

      • Karin Says:

        I noticed the words right away and have a bumper sticker on my truck. I love them too.

  12. Bonita Lyon Says:

    I voted!! Icing on the cake if Molly won!!! Bonnibell

  13. vera Says:

    Keeps saying “please enter a valid response” ?

  14. Karin Says:

    I voted 10 times already.

  15. GeniaKnitz Says:

    That was so much fun to do, and no bird deserves it more!

  16. Hello everyone. While we’re very pleased at your enthusiasm for Molly the owl, the Bird of the Year competition is not about individual birds, but rather individual SPECIES of conservation concern. It’s quite fine to write in Barn Owl, but Molly is not appropriate. We appreciate your cooperation.

    Garrison Frost
    Audubon California

    • PegRod Says:

      Dear Garrison and Friends of Audubon California:

      Maybe Molly the Owl will not be allowed to win the Bird of the Year competition, but Audubon Calfornia could certainly provide a special award of “Honorable Mention”! She has opened the eyes of many in the worldwide community who had never thought about birds. Carlos and Donna Royal, through letting us watch Molly, allowed us not just to see the amazing life of a family of common barn owls, but sparked a new love of and respect for nature and an awareness of the environment and human interactions with our natural world, and so much more!

      Thank you for your comments on behalf of Audubon California and your thoughtful consideration.

      • GeniaKnitz Says:

        May I respectfully agree with and add my request to PegRod’s, dear Friends of Audubon California.

        I have become a lifelong owl lover, after spending hundreds of happy hours watching Molly and McGee and their families. I also find myself much more aware of other species of birds, and we have added to our bird feeders at home.

        And it all started with Molly – well, with Carlos and Donna.

  17. Janie Branison Says:

    It was with extreme pleasure I voted for Molly!! Spread the word!!

  18. Judy Steer Says:

    The thing is, the vote is for different species. The only way to go, IMHO, is to click on Other in step 1, then write in Common Barn Owl. That’s the only way it will do any good. The vote is not for an individual bird, and any vote for an individual bird will be tossed out, I’m sure.

  19. maureen Says:

    i tried to vote and it said it wasn’t a valid vote.

  20. Kathy Says:

    It took me a few tries (and reading the comments here) but I was able to vote, several times! Go Molly! Thank you Carlos.

  21. BugGirl Says:

    In what appears to be a recent clarification, the site clearly states that they will not give the award to an individual bird. If we cast votes for Molly, I think they may be discarded, or at best, go to Barn Owls as a species. For the time being, at least, I voted for the Barn Owl, which I think is the best we can do.

  22. Gisela K. Says:

    Despite all of your good intentions, this is not going to work, because it states very clearly:

    Audubon California is not going to award the Bird of the Year to an individual bird.

  23. Jerri Weed Says:

    KSBORN has Changed Facebook and Requested Peeps to Vote Again just Saying Barn Owl. Should be a Land slide if you ask KS.
    Thank You Again Carlos and Donna.

    Phoenix, AZ

  24. Susan Hartley Says:

    They want the name of a species, not an individual owl. To have your vote count, type in Common Barn Owl. See the instruction above the voting area.

  25. Jerri Weed Says:

    KSBORN did Both–Typed in Common Barn Owl and Barn Owl—Still Think Molly Should Get an Award–Has brought so Many Peeps togother Accros the World and have Learned So Much.

    KS just had an Owl on Top of House the other Night but didn’t sound like Great Horned Owl like we usually have. Had Flashlight out looking (felt like Carlos) LOL.

    KSBORN will still keep Voting!!
    Thank You For Updates Carlos and Donna

  26. GeniaKnitz Says:

    Callie the Kestrel is on the kestrel box! First time I have ever seen her there.
    I’ve had the Kestrel Box cam open for several days, and this is the first time I’ve seen any bird there during the day. What fun.
    Thank you, Carlos.

  27. Brenda Says:

    I voted for Molly and will continue to vote for her with the Audubon Society. Thanks to Carlos and Donna, they have taken time out of their lives to give us all great insight into their lives. I now have an Owl box in my back yard here in Oceanside, CA and its from the time and education Carlos & Donna gave us that opened my eyes as well as thousands of others to help and protect Barn Owls. Vote for Molly!!!!!!! I can’t wait to see if she comes out the winner, can you?

  28. GeniaKnitz Says:

    Carlos, is Callie an American Kestrel? Found a neat site,
    with lots of info, including the fact that barn owls are among the creatures that prey on kestrels!

    She sure is beautiful, I am loving the fact that she is spending so much time on her box today.

    • PegRod Says:

      GeniaKnitz, I appreciate that you posted the website about the American Kestrel, and enjoyed reading the facts and seeing the photo!

      I also had some time today to watch OB2 on Ustream, and Callie has been there many times during the day, sitting, preening or eating on top of “her” box.

      Thank you Carlos for the live camera feed and Donna for sharing your favorite bird, the kestrel, with us!

      • GeniaKnitz Says:

        PegRod, there has also been a beautiful bird with a very long tail, a shiny blue head and back, and snowy white vest.
        He hightails it off the kestrel box when Callie shows up, but has been there frequently. Wish I knew what kind of bird he was, he’s beautiful.
        I believe Carlos has turned me into a broad-spectrum bird watcher, after a lifetime of almost total indifference to birds!

  29. Maryann Says:

    It says you can vote for BARN OWL and they will know it’s Molly.

    I wish Callie would find a mate soon. She is so sweet.

    Thank you Carlos for keeping the cam up!

  30. Nancy Says:

    I voted! I clicked on ‘Other’ and typed in ‘Barn Owl’. Thanks for an opportunity to vote for our Molly!

  31. kit (pensacolakit) Says:

    I voted for Common Barn Owl, hope that was OK. Got the Vote For Molly on my car as well.

  32. Donna Simonson Says:

    Is there any doubt “hoo” is the bird of the year?!
    Almost 20,000,000 votes for Molly have been documented on ustream! :) We’ll just keep voting for her on yet another website, Audubon California!!! Barn Owls!!!

    Love, hugs and prayers “owlways”,
    OwlLuver, Murrieta, CA.

  33. DandiLion Says:

    no problem – of course I voted for Molly the Barn Owl AND checked the “other” box above. Can’t wait – she IS the best weather she wins this or not folks! WE know this! xxoo

  34. margriet Says:

    I have voted for Molly the Barnowl

  35. flukestail Says:

    To: Audubon California

    I’d like to suggest your organization consider a special, honorary award to Molly, a “common” barn owl, and the Royals for their exceptional contributions in bringing worldwide attention and focus on barn owls through their live video feeds, etc. on Molly & McGee and the birth & raising of their 2 clutches. The global outreach (20,000,000 hits on the website) and extensive media coverage of the more than 6-month live coverage and education about barn owls through Molly is a phenomenon with which to be reckoned. Through Molly, the Royals have educated people in multiple nations about something which is not normally available to watch, study and learn. And, in doing so, their extremely generous contributions of time and expense has tremendously aided the efforts of conservation for barn owls and other species. On behalf of all MODS who have been fortunate to participate on this journey, I urge you to consider acknowledging Molly and the Royal family for their contributions to conservation. Thank you.

  36. ruthie'smom Says:

    Good Morning from MIchigan!
    Just wanted to share how wonderful it was to wake up several times last night, and observe the live activity of Molly & Magee. Never Fails to be interesting.. a smile crossed my face, then straight back to sleep.
    Has anyone ;) said “Thank You Royals” lately?
    With sincere appreciation,
    Chris r’smom

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