Vote Molly Bird of the Year

November 17, 2010

I just saw this on the blog so please go back and vote “Barn Owl” we will know it is Molly.

Hello everyone. While we’re very pleased at your enthusiasm for Molly the owl, the Bird of the Year competition is not about individual birds, but rather individual SPECIES of conservation concern. It’s quite fine to write in Barn Owl, but Molly is not appropriate. We appreciate your cooperation.

Garrison Frost
Audubon California

35 Responses to “Vote Molly Bird of the Year”

  1. I am still not able to vote Barn Owl. It gives an error.

  2. Peggy B. Says:

    Thanks for the clarification. I wondered about that; have happily changed my vote to “barn owl”.

  3. cannot vote barn owl. Gives error.

    • Mary B in StL Says:

      The last choice in the list of birds is “other”. You have to select “other” and then enter you “other” in the blank below.

  4. Diane Says:

    I changed my vote to barn owl–Barn Owl came up as an error, barn owl was counted. Hope this helps.

  5. Simpatica Says:

    At #1 go to the bottom of the list and mark OTHER. At #2 write in BARN OWL.

  6. Sandra Everest Says:

    Oops! I will go back and redo! Fascinating that they know it’s Molly! Our famous lady!! So fun to be a part of the fun thanks to Carlos and family!

  7. Diana M. Says:

    Oops.. Sorry ’bout that. I went back and corrected my vote to “other” & “Barn Owl”!
    Thanks for clearing that up!

  8. Janie Branison Says:

    Starting over with votes for Barn Owl. It’s wonderful that they know who the most famous Barn Owl is. Molly is not so common after all.

  9. OhioCheryle Says:

    Heads up, be sure to click on the O for other before typing in Barn Owl or it won’t register.

    Happy voting. Go MOllY

  10. Lynn Briskin Says:

    I’d like to be subscribed to the blog and notified of updates by email.

    • CAequuslvr Says:

      Lynn, at the bottom of where you type in your comment there is a box for “Notify me of site updates”. Click inside the box.

  11. Maryann Says:

    Barn Owl gets my vote!

  12. Kathy Carpenter Says:

    Go Barn Owls!!!

  13. Deb Says:

    I clicked on other and typed in Molly the barn owl and it was accepted. Did not see that we were only to type barn owl. Opps.

  14. Catherine Willis Says:

    Love your site!

  15. flukestail Says:

    To: Audubon California

    Thanks for the clarification on the voting for “Bird of the Year”. In addition, I’d like
    to suggest your organization consider a special, honorary award to Molly, a “common” barn owl, and the Royals for their exceptional contributions in bringing worldwide attention and focus on barn owls through their live video feeds, etc. on Molly & McGee and the birth & raising of their 2 clutches. The global outreach (20,000,000 hits on the website) and extensive media coverage of the more than 6-month live coverage and education about barn owls through Molly is a phenomenon with which to be reckoned. Through Molly, the Royals have educated people in multiple nations about something which is not normally available to watch, study and learn. And, in doing so, their extremely generous contributions of time and expense has tremendously aided the efforts of conservation for barn owls and other species. On behalf of all MODS who have been fortunate to participate on this journey, I urge you to consider acknowledging Molly and the Royal family for their contributions to conservation. Thank you.

    • PegRod Says:

      Well said, flukestail!

    • Treva Roberts Says:

      fluestail, did you send this well stated nomination directly to the Audobon Society through their web site? I hope this is a read only copy for us MODs. I’m sure the Audobon is not reading the Molly blog every day. This is too important to get lost in logistics.
      Thank You for making the extra effort to get our Molly & The Royal family some well deserved recogniton.

  16. Jean Sevrens Says:

    I would like to be subscribed to the blog and notified of updates by email. Thank you

  17. Debra Heidmiller Says:

    Where do I go to vote?

  18. Tammy Smith Says:

    Voted for Barn Owl. I think there are barn owls in my neighborhood, btw. I keep hearing birds at night, & they sound just like an audio clip of barn owls that I listened to. That would explain the lack of mice in this area!:p

  19. Judy Says:

    I would love to be updated on the events at the Owl Box. Thank you for your work.

  20. Cat Says:

    I voted for Barn Owl and got a confirmation screen.
    I’d love to be updated. Add me to the list please!

    Love you guts!

  21. CAequuslvr Says:

    Flukestail—Excellent letter to the Audubon Society. You are so right about it being a well-deserved recognition.

  22. Mary Fessenden Says:

    Just voted for “Common Barn Owl” on the Audubon site and kept thinking as I cast my vote, that while Molly is a wonderful and beautiful barn owl, she is simply the representative of a wonderful and beautiful species. Many of us watched not only Molly, but others: Owliver and Owlivia, the Nicasio owls, Buddy and Fluffy, plus several abroad. Thinking of all the barn owls in the world, especially those who have suffered from loss of habitat and other destructive acts by man, please do cast your vote for the Common Barn Owl.

  23. Mary Fessenden Says:

    While casting my vote for the Common Barn Owl, I couldn’t help but think of the other barn owls I’ve watched over this past year: Owliver and Owlivia, the Nicasio owls, Buddy and Fluffy, and some who live abroad I like to think of our Molly as representing all of those owls plus all the other common barn owls who suffer from loss of habitat and other destructive acts of man. So here’s to Molly and all of here kind!

  24. Mary Fessenden Says:

    Here’s to Molly and all of her kind!

  25. marilyn Says:

    Please keep me updated by email.thanks

  26. Brenda Says:

    I am not receiving the new widget on your posts. What is it?

  27. Betty Says:

    I voted and I keep voting…Molly needs to be number one…..thank you Carlos and Donna

  28. Aubree Says:

    Well said, Flukestail! I agree with you that Molly and the Royals deserve an honorary award for their global outreach efforts. Did you know that the Owlbox has made such a major impact Molly and the owls have their own page on Wikipedia?

    One of the criteria for inclusion in Wikipedia is NOTABILITY: the subject or person(s)must be of significant interest or have made notable contribution to qualify for eligibility.(Popularity is secondary.) Notability, according to wikipedia is not temporary. Once notable, always notable. I would say that it’s high time Molly and the Royals received an Audubon award for their contributions. Perhaps we could interest them in creating a “Royal” barn owl fund in honor or Carlos, Donna, and Austin.

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