Molly and McGee

November 13, 2010

Molly and McGee

Molly Sleeping Last Night

Red-shouldered watching mate

Red-shoudered Mate


Molly and McGee are still hanging around at night, but so far no signs of mating, only a lot of sleeping. It appears they are going to take a break like someone else I know.  

This morning Roark and his mate came in for about 30 minutes to feed on the grubs. After filling up they left. I never thought of hawks as eating grubs until Roark, a Red-shouldered hawk, showed up in our backyard a few years ago. 

Callie the kestrel has been around this afternoon but I did not get any pictures. Owl box 2 is up and focused on the Kestrel box. Some of you may have seen Callie coming and going. 

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Carlos, Donna and Austin

81 Responses to “Molly and McGee”

  1. Joan Says:

    Hi Carlos .. I never get tired of hearing about Molly and McGee’s comings and goings . thank you keeping with the news..

  2. Marie Says:

    God bless Molly and McGee, they are the perfect couple and make beautiful owlets! I miss seeing them very much.

  3. Phyllis Benson Says:


    Great pictures! Thanks for the update today. We have missed you and Donna and Austin! Hope you have a great time in Hawaii. Thanks again for everything you do!

    Phyllis Benson

  4. PegRod Says:

    Just Awesome!

    Thank you Carlos for the gorgeous photos – I feel I can reach out and touch each individual feather with my mind. Also thank you for turning on the Ustream Owl Box 1 and Owl Box 2 cameras today. I can’t watch tonight, but I hope they stay on for the rest of the day – I know many who are glued to the Ustream channels for a peek at our Molly Family of owls, as well as the beautiful birds and raptors who find a comfortable home in the gardens of your life.

  5. DianaJoe Says:

    Like seeing two friends. Thanks Royal family

  6. francie bowers Says:

    Carlos, seeing the owl box is just icing on the cake after seeing you today!! thanks so much for the update and the gorgeous pics of Molly and McGee and your lovely hawks! thanks for everything you do, and have a blast in Hawaii!!

  7. Sherry Kelly Says:

    This has been a great day in the owl box! I have had both 1 & 2 open and once again enjoyed the sights and sounds from San Marcos! Loved seeing Callie and friends throughout the day. Thanks for leaving the cameras on for our enjoyment! You guys have a great flight to Hawaii and I will be checking Molly’s Blog for updates! Wishing you all the best!

  8. Diane Erdely Says:

    So good to hear from you today, Carlos! When you said itr was the “final chapter” on the second clutch, Iwas afraid you had some sad news for us. Glad to hear all is well.

  9. Nice pics Carlos. It was so nice to see you on the OB today. I enjoyed the updates for owlets and Molly*McGee. Thank you.

    I have a pair of red shouldered hawks on my property. I have never seen them on the ground eating grubs. We have so many moles, I wish they would do them in! They prefer the mourning doves and small birds. I am sure they get some rodents, I just don’t ever see it. They had two babies this year who spent half the summer screaming for food in my back yard. These birds are quite good about posing for photos.

    Have a wonderful time in Hawaii visiting your GD I am sure;)

  10. Carol Ann Bossemeyer Says:

    Hi Carlos Donna and Austin,
    I could not be here this morning for the broadcast and when i try to watch videos (any recording) it won’t load…. help!!!! Please. The screen is just black and no ustream videos will load. What am I doing wrong?
    Carol Ann

  11. Julie Horn Says:

    Please send me email updates. I give many thanks for all of you wonderful people and wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving! Thanks for so many happy memories and great experiences!

  12. Rebecca Welch Says:

    Please send me updates via email of the blog. Thanks for everything! Great to see you and get the latest news on Molly, McGee and all the gang!

  13. Darlene Salisbury Says:

    You continue to bless us with these outstanding pictures. It is unbelievable that Molly & McGee and their owlets have created such a huge community of people out here in Molly Land. Thank you and Donna for keeping us posted and posting pictures today. What a joy to see. Enjoy your vacation to Hawaii and seeing your granddaughter. From all of us at SPO thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
    Darlene Salisbury from Oregon

  14. Gail Says:

    Please keep me posted on blog updates! :)

  15. GeniaKnitz Says:

    Aw, I just love the pics of Molly and McGee together – we never saw them like that when they were answering the demands of their families! Thank you for that and for the pic of Our Molly sleeping. AND the beautiful hawks.
    I sure do appreciate these wonderful pictures, and thank you for keeping us posted.

  16. rosiebud Says:

    Just wondering if Carrie came back a few times why was he still calling for food? Does he not know how to hunt on his own?

  17. rosiebud Says:

    Oh I forget. Carlos it was wonderful seeing your handsome smiling face again and hearing your laugh. I truly miss our M & M adventure..

  18. Carol Says:

    Please keep me updated!! Thank you.

  19. Shanru Says:

    Please add me to email updates

  20. Madonna Varchetto-Bonner Says:

    Nice to hear from you Carlos! Glad to know “our perfect owl family” is doing well. Please keep us posted. Please notify me of any new postings. Have a great trip. We love you,Donna and Austin and miss you when you are gone. Hurry back, Madonna

  21. Linda Stauffer Says:

    Please keep me updated by email.

  22. MutherNature Says:

    How glad I am to be kept informed on ‘our’ owl family!

  23. Darren Says:

    want to get updates

  24. Larry Says:

    Please keep me updated by e-mail.

  25. Carol Cherry Says:

    I would like to receive updates.

  26. Sally Says:

    This photo reminds me of Simon and Garfunkel’s song, “Old friends, sat on their park bench like bookends.” Molly and McGee brought so much to those of us who sat on our own benches, watching, waiting, and learning to accept mother nature’s work. Thank you Carlos for being so dedicated in keeping our old friends in our lives! You are a good friend to all!

  27. Paula Says:

    Please notify me of site updates.

  28. Ellen Weaver Says:

    Please add me to receive email updates.
    Thanks, Ellen Weaver

  29. Bee Says:

    Please keep me updated. Thanks.

  30. Barb Van Lente Says:

    Thanks so much for sharing your backyard and winged friends with us so that we all can enjoy God’s beautiful creation.

  31. Teri Saffren - Irthum Says:

    Carlos it was great seeing you on OB1 today. Then tonight I find a wonderful surprise – you are broadcasting OB1 and OB2 for us again for a few days before you head out to Hawaii. Thank you and Donna for your generosity to us again. We watched Molly clean the box a bit, McGee swoop in then they both flew off together. Then we saw another owl fly in and keep her head turning looking into the distance. Finally she moved to the box, peeked in, went to the top and Molly fly in and chase the other owl away. This happened a couple of times and we are all sure it was Carrie being chased. What a treat we all had. It was like being home again. Thank you both so much. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and safe travels.

  32. Mary Anne Says:

    Are the owlets still around? Just wondered what they are doing?

  33. Michelle Parcel Says:

    Was glad to hear about the owls, hope we get to watch a 3rd clutch when they come back. Please keep me updated by email.

  34. Tresbien Says:

    Carlos and Donna, thank you so much for allowing us to watch the stream tonight. It’s a tremendous treat to see Molly & McGee at home again. Much love and gratitude to you both.

  35. Lisa A. Burns Says:

    Oh how wonderful to see you this morning & get live updates! Thank you! Love these photos & I am having a blast watching our M & M tonight live!!
    You are a dear!! We have missed seeing them and you! God Bless you Donna, Carlos, & Austin!

    Lisa from NE FL

  36. didinp Says:

    They are home and so are you! Very nice to hear you live again. Have a safe journey to the islands –


  37. Susan Says:

    What a thrill to see you again this morning Carlos and then to turn on Owlbox 1 and see Molly and McGee. Thanks

  38. Katy Says:

    Thank you for leaving the Owl Box open today and tonite just in case Molly or McGee stops by. I feel like old times again, just minus the squawking.
    Bless you for all you have done for us.
    You will love Hawaii. We spent time on the Big Island this summer but never saw the illusive owl from that island.
    You are the best.

  39. Jerri Weed Says:

    Thank You Carlos for letting us see the Beautiful Owls again Tonight. It was Fun to see Molly, McGee, Carrie and Possibly Ashley. Lots of Action. You are a Doll to let us see this LIVE on Ustream. KS spread the Word via Facebook and other Chatters that We get to See Molly and McGee again. What a Treat. KSBORN is Dancing.

    Bless You All So Much
    KSBORN in Phoenix, AZ

  40. finnwv Says:

    Carlos and Donna!

    Thanks you for the beautiful pictures of Molly and McGee, Callie and the Hawks! Special thanks for bringing Molly and McGee and Family back live tonight for a special treat! Heartwarming! God bless you for all you do! Have a wonderful time in Hawaii!


  41. Linda Brown Says:

    I have thoroughly enjoyed watching Molly and McGee, both clutches this year. Hope you have a wonderful vacation, and I’m sorry to hear we won’t be seeing anymore Molly & McGee, at least that’s the news I received in an email. That was a very heart-breaking thing to hear since the whole world fell in love with these beautiful barn owls.

    Guess all I can do is dry my tears and hope and pray that maybe next spring you will change your mind. If not, I’ll never know if Molly & McGee have more beautiful owlets and will have to find something else to do with my boring life!!!!

    But thanks for the memories you gave us – it’s absolutely priceless!

  42. Debbie G Says:

    Great to see you this morning, and as if that weren’t enough, got to see Molly McGee and was that Carrie AND Ashley!?! Thanks for turning OB1 on!
    Wow this is fun! Thanks Carlos and Donna and have a great time in Hawaii!

  43. Ann Says:

    Cute photos!

  44. Janet Says:

    Thanx for the update!

  45. Janice Barreras Says:

    Carlos and Donna,

    Thanks for catching us up on the progress of the owlets. Checked in just before bedtime and was delighted to see OwlBox1 and 2 up and running. Fun to see Molly and McGee. It was heartwarming to hear from you this morning — sounds like your travels have been restful. Enjoy Hawaii. Thanks, again for giving us this opportunity to “visit” the owls and hear from you.

    Janice Barreras

  46. Nancy Says: Please update me on anything new. Thank you

  47. Nancy Says:

    Please update me on anything new. Thank you Carlos and Donna for letting all off us back into the world of Molly and McGee. I couldn’t beleive it when I logged on this evening. I was very happy. Have a wonderful time in Hawaii and Happy Thanksgiving to you both.

  48. cyndi mancini Says:

    Please let us know what happens

  49. GeniaKnitz Says:

    I didn’t realize until almost 10 tonight that OB1 and 2 were live tonight! What a very special treat. Got to see McGee standing proud on the kestrel box, and flying over to meet Molly. They sure seemed more relaxed in their “empty nest”!
    Looks like The OwlBox has disproved another “expert” opinion that barn owls, while they mate for life and stay in the same territory, only come together when it is time to mate. Clearly Our Owls are thoroughly enjoying spending time together! I love Molly and McGee more every time I see them. Thank you, Carlos!

  50. Jan Says:

    Thanks Carlos and Donna for doing this for most of 2010. Looking forward to any updates!

  51. yvonne ireland Says:

    Thank you so much for all your time and effort you put into this. it gave me such great pleasure to watch all of it.can’t wait for the next clutch.

    have a wonderful vacation.

    til next time,



  52. Pat Asakawa Says:

    keep me updated, please

  53. Ellen Westermann Says:

    I have been glued to OB1 since April, and couldn’t believe there was an OB2. I am a lurker, I don’t have time to chat in the chat room, but this has been the highlight of my life as a wildlife rehabilitator. Thank you, Carlos, for explaining how to get your e-mail updates, and last night I got my first. That was the fastest trip accross the country I ever took. I was there looking at McGee. I now truly feel a part of this amazing experience.

  54. SixToes Says:

    Carlos and Donna,

    I just wanted to say thank you for broadcasting the Owlboxes again. You are so generous.
    A mere thank you is not enough to express my gratitude. So thankful to be part of the Molly family.



  55. owloverbo Says:

    Wow Carlos/Donna thanks for the update yesterday.
    Tuned in early this morning to watch OB camera.
    What to my surprise about 4:13 am Molly time, owl in the box, owl on ledge. Wait owl on ledge flies into box. We have 2 owls in the box. Thanks to you for understanding how important this has become to so many people.
    Pictures are great, you are wonderful.

  56. Judy Ambrose Says:

    Thank you Royals!!

    It’s fantastic to hear about Molly and McGee and especially to see pictures of them in your beautiful yard. Also, thanks for OB2. That is amazing. Have a wonderful time in Hawaii and an incredible Holiday season.

    P.S. McGee ~~ please give Molly a break!!

  57. Suzanne Rumsey Says:

    Send me notices! Thanks. Have fun travelling, too.

  58. pursja Says:

    Keep those blogs coming! I love getting updates & Carlos’ beautiful photo! So keep me on the email list, please!

  59. Mary Anne Says:

    I would like to change account

  60. Holly Sue Says:

    Dear Carlos and Donna – What a wonderful, unexpected gift to not only see and hear from you in person, but be able to watch our beloved owls come and go from their owl box all night! How very generous of you! Have a fun-filled and joyous trip to Hawaii and Thanksgiving. Do come back on for an update on your travels and well-being, and the owls, whenever you get the time…you are really missed!
    Love to you both! Holly Sue

  61. Owlfan Says:

    Thank you for the great photos and the update Saturday. Have a great time in Hawaii!

  62. Kathy Nelson Says:

    Thanks for keeping us informed. Have a great trip!

  63. Linda Stauffer Says:

    Hi Carlos,

    Can you take me off of the “notify me of follow-up comments via email” and make it “send me site updates instead.


    Linda Stauffer

  64. Tresbien Says:

    Smiling to see so many people finally signing up for blog updates! My efforts were not in vain!

    Carlos, we saw you taking some photos this morning and look forward to seeing them posted here. This is an unexpected and very special gift. Thank you Royal family. <3s

  65. Judy Sackson Says:

    Carlos, it was just great to see you this morning! Just like old times! and then to get to watch the OB and see how well Molly and McGee are doing! You do so much for us, but we really appreciate all of it!
    Have a wonderful trip to Hawaii! We love the big island and go as often as we can–it’s a fantastic place!
    Thanks for the special OB treat!

  66. jacque green Says:

    thanks for wonderful up date Please keep the up dates on my e-mails and you have great time in Hawaii, Molly and McGee looks great Love to the both of you Jacque Green

  67. Carol Ann Bossemeyer Says:

    Nice picture of Molly and McGee and I still can’t get U-Stream videos to load, I emailed them and put in a support ticket, we will see if they respond.

  68. JoAnn Wray Says:

    Nice to see Molly and McGee We missed them so

  69. Slim Says:

    Thanks for all you did Royals’. We certainly have enjoyed it.

  70. cj Says:

    Hi Carlos. What is the code for the $10 off cafe press sale 13-14-15. Thought you said it was mollygift but it does not work. Thanks.

  71. Arlene Says:

    I luv your owl family, thanks for sharing.

  72. Susan Buchart Says:

    Good to hear from you again. I’m glad Molly and McGee are still hanging around the owl box. Please add me to your e-mail updates.

  73. Kathy Says:

    love it

  74. Deja Says:

    Thanks for the updates!! I miss the owls – and look forward to the next clutch.

  75. Barbara Says:

    Please email me with new blog posts! Thanks!

  76. Alene Says:

    I’d love to receive new blog posts as well. I’m glad nobody (including yourselves) was hurt when the posing ledge fell. Take care and God bless you & yours!

    Alene (pronounced Owlene) aka Watchnover

  77. Jane Says:

    Please send site updates. Thanks tons.

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