Pre-Holiday Sale Coming

November 10, 2010





Donna and I returned home to a backyard full of birds. Let’s see why did we leave? Oh yes, it was to look for some more birds. 

We also returned home to see Austin get his Proclamation Plaque from the City of San Marcos for putting on a Community Event and raising money for The San Marcos Community Foundation.  Like Austin said, “I will remember this for a long time.”

Pre-Holiday Sale Coming; November 13th, 14th, and 15th. It will be $10 off on a purchase of $60 of more. CafePress Store  Christmas and Holiday items will be posted soon… Before the Pre-Holiday Sale is our plan.

I will do a live broadcast this Saturday morning, November 13th, at 9 AM PST to fill you in on the final chapter of the Second Clutch. 

Next stop, Hawaii.

Carlos Royal

104 Responses to “Pre-Holiday Sale Coming”

  1. GeniaKnitz Says:

    Hurray! A broadcast with my favorite birder!

    How wonderful you were able to be home in time to see Austin get his plaque. We all know what proud grandparents you and Donna are, and you certainly deserve to be.

  2. Katy Says:

    YAAY!! We get to have a visit with Carlos!! Glad you are back and hope you are rested and ready to re-pack for Hawaii!.
    Thanks for all you do for us, Carlos.

  3. GeniaKnitz Says:

    And thank you for the beautiful pictures! Those are fabulous.

  4. Sunshine Says:

    Thank you Carlos :-) So happy you had a great time away and thank you for the update of 2nd clutch this coming Saturday morning.

    Our family sure has missed you, Donna, & Austin (oh and of course the beloved owls)

  5. MtnGal Says:

    Welcome Home Carlos and Donna,

    Congratulation to Austin! We are so proud of you!

  6. Joan Says:

    Carlos what a nice surprise to hear from you.. looking forward to your broadcast.. Joan from Colorado

  7. Cynthia Bradley (bradleytwins) Says:

    Welcome home Carlos & Donna. I’m so thankful you are sharing about the second clutch on Saturday. I wouldn’t miss it for the world!! Sure do miss the owl experience, but so happy that I was a part of it!! :)

  8. Monica Says:

    Welcome home from your trip! Loved the bird pictures you shared. So thrilled we will hear from you on Saturday!!! Can you remind me of the website address again? I had it memorized for 8 months, but now I forgot it. Thanks. Miss you Carlos!!

  9. Jes63 Says:

    Carlos, you gave the Vacadude chat room something to talk about! We are all excited to see you again.
    Hope you and Donna can make it to the Elephant Bar lunch at 11 AM the same day as your chat to us!
    We’ve missed you both but we are going strong!
    What a great community you have built thru Molly’s box!

  10. Darlene Salisbury Says:

    Hello Carlos.
    Hearing from you in like hearing from a long lost friend. Thank you for keeping us posted. I am so looking forward to seeing you and Donna Saturday morning. I’ll be here with bells on for sure. Have been enjoying the pictures you have been posting very much. This has been the coolest thing ever. The SPO web site chat room is the best and it has brought so many people together from all over the place. Thank you once again for making such a difference in our lives.
    Darlene Salisbury from Oregon

    • Darlene Salisbury Says:

      Should have said here from you IS like hearing from a long lost friend. (Guess I didn’t proof read before I posted) :-)

      • Darlene Salisbury Says:

        Oh for goodness sakes. I messed up again. It should have said “hearing from you is like hearing from a long lost friend”….:-)

  11. Lani (Luckyladyeds) Says:

    Welcome home Carlos and Donna,

    Glad you had a wonderful time at the reunion and for sharing the bird pictures along the way!

    Anticipation.LOL. Can’t wait to hear you on KWOL and of course to hear about our Owls! Hope Callie finds a mate too!

    Hugs Always from SD

  12. francie bowers Says:

    yay, Carlos & Donna are home, if only for a little while! Looking forward to the broadcast Saturday, will you please play the Molly song? We miss you and the owls, you are still the talk of the town!

  13. Diana/YTQ-SPO Says:

    Hey, Carlos and Donna! Sooo happy to see you home. You must be very proud of Austin. It will be super to tune in on your broadcast….been missin’ you guys a lot! It just ain’t the same with you gone, but it’s still pretty darn good with all the MODS on SPO.

  14. I’m sure you were so proud of Austin! Hope your trip was wonderful! The pictures of the birds are beautiful! From such a small moment of generosity,
    you sharing the owls with your mother-in-law, you’ve touched people all over the world. this is the first chat site I’ve experienced and it has been a wonderful thing. Thank you, Donna, and Austin.

  15. floridaheat Says:

    Please record the broadcast Carlos. I want to see it but I will be in a car traveling across the state. I will watch it when I return if it is recorded. Thank you for everything you have done and continue to do with these lovely photos of the animals and birds. I love them and yall.

  16. barb stegun Says:

    So happy to hear you’re back from Arizona. Just goy back last night from San Diego myself. What a beautiful area southern California is! Birds everywhere. Balboa Park is a gem. Didn’t get to see San Marcos, but there’s little wonder why McGee picked your backyard, what a wonderful area. See you Saturday.

  17. CatSmommy Says:

    YAY our favorite human pair are home, safe and sound.
    Love the pictures, Callie is so beautiful. TY

  18. Julie Says:

    Missed you and Donna!

  19. Kathy Martinez Says:

    Thank you for the beautiful pictures . Thank God you got home safe.

  20. Rosemary Says:

    Welcome Home Royal family. It is so great to have
    you post and include us in your travels. Your
    pictures are fantastic. I am sure it was a highlight for you and Donna to see Austin honored
    by the City… Three cheers Austin, you did good!

    I will be right at my computer come Saturday morning. Thank you so much for keeping us informed on the owls.

  21. Sherry Kelly Says:

    So excited about your live broadcast! Where can I find it? I got the word thru facebook. What a great achievement for Austin – congrats to all of you! Hard to explain how much this lurker has missed the Owl Box.

  22. Lisa-PA Says:

    Glad to see you and Donna home safe for now. I’ve had “Molly” withdrawals. Sure do miss Ashley & Carrie, I think of them often. I’m excited to see you and Donna do a live broadcast and update on the second clutch. So looking forward to it. You have touched so many lives with your generosity and patience upon bringing us into your lives and the Owls. Sure look forward to a third clutch. Hopefully with Molly. BTW,how would you know if it is indeed Molly or possibly one from her clutches. Just a thought.

    Miss you all!

  23. Karen in Sebring Says:

    Oh wow, I’m so glad to hear from you! I have missed you and Donna very much but am really glad you had a restful, bird-filled vacation. The pictures are really pretty, especially of Callie!I’ll bet you were so proud of Austin!Congratulations to all of you. I can’t wait ’til Saturday and your live broadcast…I’ll be so excited to hear all about the second clutch! Love, Karen

  24. janned Says:

    Hi Carlos and Donna!!

    I will certainly be on to hear you on Saturday morning! How nice to have all these birds in your backyard! Where in HI?? My oldest daughter is on Kona for the 50th Anniversary of the YWAM community. Have a dynamite time!


  25. Twoclubs Jane Says:

    Happy Happy Happy to get to see you again. Wow, have you been missed. We are going to be like little children on Christmas morning when we see you Saturday….what goodies will you bring us?

    So pleased about Austin. He is an amazing young man and has the greatest start in life with you both as grandparents. You are all terrific.

    Have loved seeing your gorgeous bird photos. Thanks!

  26. Ginny in NJ Says:

    I missed seeing your wonderful emails. I am a MOD who has not been in the chat rooms but I have enjoyed many hours watching your site. I hope you will continue to keep us informed.
    Thanks for everything you share with us.

  27. Holly Sue Says:

    Dear Carlos, welcome home! How wonderful to hear from you – I’m so excited to hear you on Saturday, as well as having news of our precious owl family! You are missed so much! Your pictures have been beautiful and, I hope, reflective of your vacation trip #1. You must be so proud of Austin – great job! Love to you and Donna! Holly Sue

  28. Joyce Hebert Says:

    glad austin was recognized for his work with wildlife…hope to hear you on sat…have a super time in hawaii

  29. cherry daniel Says:

    Did you see Tauntz and family?

  30. cherry daniel Says:

    Also, just received a precious owl ornament from a dear Molly friend. She purchased it at Pier One last weekend.. All fuzzy owlet!! Brought tears to my eyes.

  31. joisey38 Says:

    How about the Owls have you seen them?

  32. Virgene Colby-auntie_vee Says:

    Glad to have you back,will be watching Saturday. Missed you guys. Glad you have found some time for yourselves.

  33. Amy B. in IL Says:

    Congratulations to Austin! Looking forward to seeing your smiling face on Saturday!

  34. Joanne Borle .. aka Joanne51 Says:

    Hi Donna and Carlos,
    Great to hear you had a safe trip. Hope you enjoyed your 50th High School Reunion :0)
    I hope you had some time to relax and recuperate!!!
    Oh, Hawaii sounds wonderful for your next stop too.
    Please wish congratulations to Austin on his award. Looking forward to hearing an update on Saturday November 13th.
    Take care.
    Joanne Borle .. aka joanne51 in The Owl Box
    Burnaby, B.C./ Canada

  35. Jo-Ann Says:

    Can’t wait!!! I/we all miss you and love your updates and pictures. Glad your trip was fun and I know you will enjoy Hawaii.. temperature is in the 75+ category.. So nice of you to keep in contact with all of us….. Have a great rest of your trip.

  36. Seabrz78 Says:

    I just wanted to say thank you for sharing the pics of your trip to AZ. I love the pictures, but love hearing about them. I loved learning about the two squirrels at the rims of the Grand Canyon. Thanks Royal Family.


  37. Janie Branison Says:

    Carlos, you have no idea how much we miss you. Nov. 13th will be a great day! It’s the 7 year hatch date of my African Grey, Beau. I’m still trying to get him to say “This is Carlos Royal coming to you from the owlbox in San Marcos, California.” Can’t wait to see you again.

  38. Lisa A. Burns Says:

    Yipeeee ! We get a visit from our Carlos!!
    Can’t wait…have missed you very much!
    Way to go Austin!!!
    Love your photos too. Birds, birds, birds!! : )
    So happy, can’t wait to hear from you Carlos!!!
    Thanks so much! Lisa, who missed The Owl Box, KOWL, and The Royals!!!!! Big hug!!!

  39. jackyjoe Says:

    Have a good time. I can’t think of two people who deserve it more than you two.

  40. DWD in Atlanta Says:

    Welcome Home!!! You have been missed. Can’t wait to hear about the 2nd clutch. I have thought about Carrie so much since the camera went off. Congrats to Austin. I know you & Donna are proud of him. See ya Saturday!!!

  41. Lynne Townsend Says:

    Just watched the video of the honor that San Marcos paid to you, Donna, and Austin. How wonderful! Will be looking forward to your chat on Sat. a.m. Miss those chats!!!! Hope you are having a wonderful “rest”, but you are sorely missed! Thanks for so many memories!
    Lynne Townsend(LynneMcKay)

  42. Linda Stauffer Says:

    Hi Carlos and Donna,

    Glad your back and hope you had a good time. Congrats to Austin! You should be very proud of him. Look forward to hearing from you on Saturday. Let me know when your leaving for Hawaii and I’ll pack my bags. Hawaii is my dream vacation. I hope to get there someday.

    Linda Stauffer
    Harrisburg, PA

  43. Susan Belloff Says:

    Congratulations Austin!

    Looking forward to the Saturday broadcast…Don’t forget to turn the sound on, Carlos!! :)


  44. Chris in Olympia, WA (cbbrunner) Says:

    Please be sure to record the Saturday broadcast. :) I have told everyone I know to tune in, but some folks work and there is a Northern CA MODs tour of the UC Davis Raptor Center at the same time. I know they will want to see the video later. :)

    Thanks for keeping us posted! Hope you had a wonderful trip and glad you were able to see Austin be honored. You must be super proud grand parents!

  45. Deborah (purplebird2) Says:

    Welcome back to beautiful San Marcos, CA!! Many thanks for the bird pics Carlos. Big congrats to Austin. Am looking forward to your broadcast on Saturday!!!!! :)

  46. Linda Greene Says:

    Great to hear from you guys!!! Glad you are home and looking forward to the broadcast. Tell Austin how happy we all are for his award..Great job…Linda

  47. BonnieKay Says:

    Good to hear from you Carlos. Can’t wait to get the news Sat AM. Lucky for me I’m not working so I will be at my computer waiting. Do miss the owls and the chat etc. What fun we all had.

  48. Marla Spellenberg Says:

    So happy you and Donna are home safe! I loved the bird and squirrel pictures you sent! Hope you had a great time at your reunion! I’ve really missed your Owlbox reports and seeing you, Donna and Austin in the broadcasts. Congrats on the Proclamation! Please tell Austin how proud we are for his accomplishment! I watched the presentation broadcasted from your City Council meeting! Check it out at about 18:30 into the video.

    Please record your broadcast Saturday morning, as I will be at another event. And remember sound, too!
    (((HUGZ))) and <3's to you!


  49. Makalani Says:

    E komo mai – Welcome home, traveling Royals.

    Bring your camera and its nice long lens over to the islands, as the whales are here from Alaska.

    A hui hou ~

    Makalani / Eliza

  50. Kim Gorman Says:

    Hi Carlos and Donna and welcome home! We are all proud of Austin, too. He has many “aunts” and “uncles” now :).

    Yes, please record your broadcast. I can’t wait to hear the last chapter of Ashley and Carrie. At least, if it’s good news :).

    With aloha and good wishes for your next trip,


  51. Gail Loveless Says:

    Welcome home Carlos and Donna. So glad you find the time to keep us posted on your vacation. Congratulations to Austin for his award. I just wish I lived closer so that I could attend some of the envents. I have missed you and the owlz. Have fun in Hawaii. My husband and I have been there twice and enjoyed every minute of it. On our first trip we went to the Arizona Memorial it was an extremely moving experience. You will find a lot of wildlife to photograph. Take care, have a safe trip and God bless both you.

  52. Teri Saffren - Irthum Says:

    Hi and welcome home ! Congratulations to Austin for receiving his proclamation from the City of San Marcos. I loved watching the presentation and cried with pride watching it! The amazing Royal family ! See you Saturday

  53. Cindy Says:

    Thanks Carlos . .Nice recognition for Austin and you all.



  54. Sandra Everest Says:

    Have really enjoyed the bird photos. Hope you all had a grand old time. Look forward to Sat. broadcast; have really wondered how the little owl family is doing.

    Thanks for keeping in touch.

  55. Linda Young Says:

    Congrats to Austin – can you post a photo of him getting his award – inquiring MODS want to see? So glad you had a wonderful vaca and reunion. We look forward to hearing you on Sat – can you please record for those MODS who won’t be able to see it? Many thanks for everything you have done – we are all so proud to be a part of it.
    Thanks for the great photos of the birds – we really appreciate your keeping in touch.

    • PegRod Says:

      Here is the link to the evening City Council session, where Carlos, Donna and Austin were all recognized. It was a really great presentation! It starts around 18:30 and ends around 25:00.

      If that does not work, go find the video for the City Council meeting of November 9th, 2010. You can put the video on full screen or not. Under the smaller video is an index – you can click on “D – Proclamation – Recognition of the Royal Family”.

      While you are at the site, you can read about the City of San Marcos, California, and even find photos of Walnut Grove Park where the Molly Picnics have been held!

      Disclaimer: I am not a resident of San Marcos, but it looks like a great place to live!

      • PegRod Says:

        PS – The link to the San Marcos City Council meeting has also been posted on the Molly the Owl Offical Fan Page on Facebook by Gill. That page is a good place to check weekly for updates, too!

      • Me_Owl Says:

        Carlos, I am so delighted to learn that you are home, at least temporarily, and will be broadcasting on Saturday. TURN ON THE SOUND, CARLOS AND RECORD please please. I won’t be home during the broadcast but will rush to my computer the minute I get back.

  56. Liela M. Maielua Says:

    Sounds like you both enjoyed your time away, so jealous you will be going to Hawaii. My deceased hubby was born and raised there and we lived on Kauai for many years now living in Oregon.

  57. Vicki Says:

    So good to hear from you and Donna. How wonderful for Austin and how proud you and his parents must be. Your family and this site have been such an oasis of kindness, love and goodness. Thank you so much. Hopefully you will be recording your chat (with sound!). I will be at the Northwestern/Iowa football game–in the cold–in the wet–in the wind–in the midwest. Can you give a link to the news casts of Austin receiving his award? Can’t wait for photos from Hawaii–I hope? Enjoy your trip and the holidays too!

    All my hopes!

  58. Nancy Sarazen Says:

    Oh how wonderful it will be to see your smiling face again and to hear how our wonderful owlets and Molly and Mcgee are doing. I do hope you will have some photos of our precious babies all grown up for us to see!
    So happy that you are having wonderful vacations and looking forward to even more to come with your Hawaiian trip.
    Nancy Sarazen

  59. Pam Richards Says:

    Welcome home you two!
    I was so happy that you sent us more bird pictures from the Canyon. You have given me a renewed interest in our feathered friends, with a very special love for our owls. Hope you have a wonderful time in Hawaii. Hearing from you again is like hearing from a lost family member. Looking forward to hearing the final chapter of our 2nd clutch.
    God Bless, Pam in MO.

  60. Ping1 Says:

    I join everyone in wishing you a big Welcome Home and Aloha for your next outing! Can’t tell you how much it means to get these e-mail updates from you guys; makes me feel still “connected” to one of the most wonderful wildlife experiences I’ve ever had. And, as noted in previous comments, please, please record the Saturday update. Some of us are at work at noon Saturday on the east coast.

  61. Ginny Williams Says:

    Will you be recording your live broadcast on Saturday for those of us you can’t be there? I so want to know how the 2nd clutch is doing.

  62. Alana Silvea Says:

    Welcome home Carlos! As you can see from all the comments, you’ve been sorely MISSED! There’s a big hole in my heart from missing Ashley & Carrie. I never EVER thought I would feel this way. Are the Ustream videos going to be online indefinitely? Hope so, as I have them in my “Favorite Places” to view periodically. Please please Molly & McGee, return in the Spring and produce a 3rd clutch in the Owl Box! We can only hope, huh?

  63. LoveYourDNA Says:

    May I add it is a wonderful thing you are doing by sharing this experience with Austin and allowing him to take the reins and shine! What a wonderful family!!

  64. Sue Couch Says:

    Thank you, for feeding us the “treats” of these photos and the feast to come this Saturday!

  65. Carlynne Says:

    Please record it and also recap what you say here at the blog. Many of us will be in transit to lunches at Elephant Bars in different parts of the country and up in the Sacramento area, they have a visit to the Raptor center. While lunch isn’t until 11, the drive is over an hour, so I can’t listen and then have time to meet up with my fellow travelers, and someone else said they have the same situation. So please, record it but in case recording doesn’t work – tell us in the blog. Can’t wait to hear your great voice.

  66. Vicki Says:

    I can’t wait for Saturday morning. I will be there with a smile. It will be good to see and hear you again! Wonderful photos. Great news about Austin.

  67. Louise Landeta Says:

    Where do I go to see/hear the live broadcast about the last clutch’s update on Saturday? I’d love to know how they are doing?

  68. Judy Steer Says:

    It will be SO good to see you again…but I won’t be anywhere near a computer at that time. Please record your appearance and replay it a few times during the latter part of the day and maybe the next day.



  69. Corkyandporky Says:

    Carlos, the photo you sent earlier of the brilliant blue bird was the most beautiful avian picture I have ever seen. Kudos!

  70. Rita King Says:

    Dear Carlos,

    A friend sent me the e-mail saying you will be on-air on Saturday. I would like to know where to go to see it? Also, can it be recorded as I have two commitments and don’t want to miss what you are saying, even if I am not available at that moment. I loved Ashley and Carrie. They were so precious, fun, and a tribute to the blessings of God! Thank you for everything!

    Rita King

  71. Sherrie Says:

    Again, thank you for keeping all of us mods happy with updates. The bird pictures are awesome. Congrats to Austin, you must be so proud of him! Please record Saturday’s broadcast so I can check up on the owlz later in the day. Thank you. Sherrie

  72. njblue Says:

    Thank you Carlos!! Welcome Home! You have been missed. Wonderful pictures.awwww Callie is precious. Did she ever find a mate? Looking forward to your update this Saturday. Please send my congratulations to Austin. Hi to Donna too! (hugs and hearts)


    p.s. yes, please remember to turn on the sound! lol

  73. Yvonne Gregory Says:

    So glad that you all are home. We missed you very much but was glad that you had some “private” fun time. I wonder if Molly and McGee ever said, “Do you get the feeling that we are being watched?” lol Congrats to Austin on his award from the City of San Marcus. He also did a marvelous job with the Molly DVD.
    We can’t wait for Saturday to hear the live broadcast.
    Wishing you and yours a wonderful Thanksgiving and an exciting time in Hawaii.
    Bill and Yvonne Gregory Ft Worth, TX

  74. NatureLuver Says:

    Welcome home Donna & Carlos!

    Can’t wait to hear…..”the rest of the story,” as Paul Harvey would say.
    I watched Austin’s DVD again. I cried at the beginning & end, what a sap I am!
    I miss it ALL!

    Yay Austin, way to go!!!!!!!

    Do record Saturday pretty please. I will be right in the middle of a massage that I desperately need. Will take my iPad so I can listen, but it is not always reliable.

    Love and miss you all. Have a wonderful trip to Hawaii.
    Happy Veterans Day Carlos and all our veterans out there!
    <3 Liz Garney, League City, TX

  75. Robin Says:

    Can’t wait to hear how things are going!!
    Please post a link in case folks aren’t home.

  76. owloverbo Says:

    You are Back, how wonderful. Really missed you.
    Congrats Austin. Bet you never imagined last Thanksgiving that there would be many people around the globe thankful for you both this year.
    We are Thankful for you each and every day.
    Hope I will be able to listen on Saturday, can’t wait to see you all. Austin, hope you can stop in for a wave.

  77. owloverbo Says:

    oops pushed the button before I was finished.
    Thanks for serving and Thanks to all of our Vets.
    We owe you a lot and never forget you.

  78. Lisa Nucci Says:

    Hi Carlos and Donna! Thanks for the beautiful bird pics. So glad to hear about Austin’s award…he so deserves it!
    Looking forward to seeing and hearing from you this Saturday. Missing the owls terribly.

  79. Helen in Arkansas Says:

    Aloha Carlos and Donna. Looking forward to the broadcast Saturday.

  80. kit Says:

    Carlos, so glad to hear about an upcoming update on 2 very special families, yours & Molly’s. It’s my birthday today and it was a great present!



  81. Tracey Says:

    Hope you had fun at the reunion and Grand Canyon! Can’t wait to hear how the second clutch is doing. Have fun in Hawaii and hope you are coming to the Big Island so you can see some of our amazing birds including our Pueo (Hawaiian Owl).
    Tracey from Big Island

  82. Sonia Lopez Says:

    So good of you to give us an update on the second clutch. Is it possible for you to tape it as I am on East Coast and will not be able to watch it on Saturday morning. I would really love to see you and hear about Ashley and Carrie.
    You have all been very generous with your time.
    Thank you for sharing Molly and family with us.

  83. VeeTX Says:

    Oh wow! What a surprise to see a message from two of my favorite people ~ Carlos and Donna. The video of Austin and y’all at the Council meeting in San Marcos was wonderful. Austin is certainly getting a good education in production, marketing and fund raising! Of course, he has a perfect mentor in Gramps.

    I’ll be working on Saturday morning when you’ll be broadcasting, so I hope it’ll be recorded and I can watch it later.

    Thank you for the photos of the birds – glad you’re back home safe, and have a wonderful vacation in Hawaii. VacaDude chat has been a lot of fun and the “old gang” is grateful to have a place to meet again. Happy Trails to y’all.

  84. Tammy Smith Says:

    I saw an internet banner ad promoting Conan O’Brien’s new show on TBS, & it has him with a barn owl! I thought it was so cool.

  85. Linda (hummerzz) Says:

    It will be great to hear your voice again. Can’t wait to hear news of the owls. I have missed them so much. See you Saturday!

  86. Chris in Olympia, WA (cbbrunner) Says:

    Any chance I can get an ornament with either Max or Ashley in the palm tree? Or “Oh Hi”? I would like something with some green or foliage in it. :) Or the one with Carrie and Ashley one facing forward and one facing backward? Just thought I would ask. I love the Heart Scarves & Snow one!! :)

  87. Diane Ballou Says:

    Carlos, What a great surprise when I opened my email this morning! I hope you and Donna enjoyed your trip. I really enjoyed seeing the photos while you were traveling, the ones from your return, and hope you get to post some photos of some tropical birds while in Hawaii. I can hardly wait to see you and hear about the owlets tomorrow. Congrats to Austin as well, I know you and Donna are so proud of him.

  88. Elaine Says:

    Want to be updated

  89. sousasax Says:

    Please keep me updated

  90. Cathy Says:

    Thanks for the update Carlos! Ya’ll have fun in Hawaii!

  91. Kristina Selia Says:

    Carlos, I am so happy to see you again. Thank you for the update and hope to see you again very soon!

  92. Cindy Says:

    I have so enjoyed the broadcast and your wonderful pictures. I hope you and Donna have a great time in Hawaii. I hope to receive all of your future updates. I hope you will prodcast again next year on the 3rd cluth.


  93. Robin Balko Says:

    Thank-you Carlos for the update!

  94. avocado lady Says:

    please include me on Molly’s blog updates
    thank you

  95. Sue Couch Says:

    Carlos, it was wonderful to see you broadcasting again, telling us what has been going on with the owls. And what a great pre-holiday gift to turn on the cameras once again to see the owl and kestrel boxes. Somehow just seeing them restores a great feeling of peace, stability and “all’s right with the world.” I hadn’t realized how much I had missed seeing the owl box and this lovely owl nation, until you turned on the cameras again. Thank you, so very much.

    I hope you’ll see some beautiful birds in Hawaii and will share pics of them with us if you have time.

    Thanks again for all you do for us.

  96. Dawn Says:

    Please keep me updated.

  97. Betty Rexrode Says:

    God Speed on your trip to Hawaii……..

  98. Ree Thompson Says:

    Please keep me updated. Thanks.

  99. Connie Says:

    please keep me updated with blog

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