Tassel-eared Squirrel

November 3, 2010

4D5Q1209 Abert's Squirrel SF

Abert's Squirrel


Two squirrels live across the Grand Canyon from each other. They are both tassel-eared squirrels. The Abert’s squirrel lives on the South Rim and has a white belly. (See photo above)  The Kaibab squirrel lives on the North Rim and has a jet-black belly. They both have frosty white tails. What is interesting is Kaibab squirrels do not live anywhere else in the world. Sorry, we did not visit the North Rim so I don’t have a photo of a Kaibab squirrel but there is a wonderful children’s book Rascal, The Tassel-Eared Squirrel that is sold by the Grand Canyon Association www.grandcanyon.org  that describes the life cycle of tassel-eared squirrels. The book was written by Sylvester Allred and illustrated by Diane Iverson.

Chris is going to be adding Christmas Cards and other Holiday items this week to the Cafe Press Store. We are planning a Pre-Holiday sale starting the 13th for three days. Get ready to load up.

A new shipment of Austin’s DVDs, The Molly Story, a documentary is expected to arrive this Wednesday. www.austin4media.com  Help send Austin to college; all the profit goes into his college fund. He is working on year three. Austin is 17 and a high school senior. The City Counsel of San Marcos is going to honor him November 9th for his work and his contribution to the San Marcos Community Foundation. Austin was responsible for the Molly Watcher’s Picnic held in San Marcos which raised about $3,000 for the Foundation’s Wildlife Conservation and Promotion Fund.

If you would like to order Molly and McGee, photography by Carlos Royal, visit Mollythelowlbooks.com  or if you would like a photo book of the Second Clutch then send an email to eric@mollytheowlbooks.com and put in the subject line “Second Clutch.” According to Eric he has received about 800 emails. We need a 1,000 orders to be able to print this new book. Eric will make the decision on November 15th.

Carlos, Donna and Austin

55 Responses to “Tassel-eared Squirrel”

  1. ginger in tn Says:

    I think it is so neat that Austin has had so many wonderful results from Molly and McGee coming to your yard!!! This just continues to be more and more fun!!! Hope your trip has been awesome!!!

  2. Kirk B Says:

    thanks for the update ,Carlos. Sure hope we get 1000 emails to Eric since I didn’t get to see the first clutch(but bought the photo book anyway).
    Please give us an Owl update when you get back,and thanks to you all again for this great opportunity to watch nature and meet friends!

  3. What a lovely squirrel Carlos. I have never heard of these before. We are getting a nice nature education from your photography.

    How proud you must be of Austin! I know we all are.

  4. Debbie Says:

    Thanks for the updates Carlos!
    I think every squirrel in NJ lives in the trees outside my house, so if you’d like to study the well-fed, loud gray squirrel, stop in!

    When are you going to Hawaii

  5. Pat Harris Says:

    How proud you must be! Austin is such a wonderful young man. Looking forward to when you are once again home. Hope you are ready for a staycation again. We miss your smiley face on ustream. lol

  6. Joyce Hebert Says:

    that is one awesome squirrel…we have squirrels in our back yard but nothing as pretty as this…we feed them to keep them around…glad you are have a great time…hope the weather stays great for you…

  7. GeniaKnitz Says:

    WHAT a beautiful squirrel! Thanks so much, Carlos, for sharing your nature photography with us. Hope you and Donna are having a wonderful vacation.

  8. Lorie Fisher Says:

    Thanks for staying in touch, Carlos! I hope you and Donna are having a wonderful vacation on the road! There is mention of the 2 different (yet the same) squirrels in my favorite movie “Fools Rush In” with Matthew Perry and Selma Hayak. You should rent it. Donna would love it! Great romance/comedy!

  9. PegRod Says:

    I was delighted to see DotRot type in VacaChat the words, “I see a new post on the blog – a squirrel this time” followed by a discussion of how much Molly fans love and miss Carlos, Donna and Austin (http://www.ustream.tv/channel/vacadude)! Of course, my next move was to go to the blog to see what wonderful message Carlos had sent us from the Royal Tour of the Grand Canyon.

    I agree with everyone that it is so kind and generous of Carlos to not only share his photographs with us, but also to provide an education in the wildlife he and Donna are finding along their way. The links for further information are also welcomed. I went to look at the Grand Canyon bookstore and discovered that they have some free pdf e-books which you can download to read. As one of many fans who have riches in knowledge, but not in the pocket, freebies continue to be welcomed.

    I am so happy to hear that Austin will receive recognition from the City of San Marcos, California for his fundraising success and look forward to any photographs or reports of the ceremony on November 9th.

    Thank you Carlos for keeping the door cracked open still so we can get a glimpse of the beauty of nature and heaven on earth as seen through your eyes.

    One of Millions of Molly Fans – MOD forever and certifiable – http://www.rocketmancreative.com/MTO_MODCrds.html

    Oh, are you and Donna passing out the Molly business cards along your vacation trail?

    Thanks for helping us not have to miss you so much.

  10. Nancy Miller Says:

    Hi Carlos – I don’t know what you did in your “former life” but you should have been a Naturalist Photographer! Your documentation and enthusiasm surely spreads enjoyment of what we take for granted around us.

  11. 1SkatrPie Says:

    Sure am enjoying your trip through your blog and photography, congrats to Austin: well done, Royals!

  12. painteddaisy Says:

    Thanks for the update. It sure looks like you two are enjoying yourselves! As usual your photos are awesome. We hope to see more. What a wildlife education you are giving us. Please don’t stop. Be safe and have fun!

  13. Bonnie Hafdell aka jacumbaowlwtchr Says:

    Hi Carlos and Donna……..saw one of these beautiful squirrels when I was in Showlow in May. Thanks for sending your photos to us. Enjoy your traveling time.

  14. heather j. mac cannell Says:

    hi donna and carlos, hope you are having fun, relaxing and enjoying your vacation! thank you for the updates and pics. heather

    p.s. eric has my vote for a book on the second clutch!


    looks like owl food to me….and i can only imagine how long it would take to swallow that tail! lol

    • GeniaKnitz Says:

      Oh, my. The thought of one of “our” owls with a fat bushy squirrel tail hanging out of their beaks is just too funny!
      NOT that I want those beautiful squirrels to be eaten, jut the image put a big smile on my face. Thanks for that, Marie.

  16. Vicki Says:

    Please add me to the blog update email listing. Thank you.

  17. Alana Silvea Says:

    It is truly amazing how this Molly & McGee journey took on a life of its own and captured the love and attention of millions! I am also a devoted MOD and feel such an emptiness since Ashley and Carrie fledged. I didn’t know about Molly & McGee until the 2nd clutch made the news; hence, missed out on the 1st clutch. We all hope and pray that M&M return in the Spring to produce a 3rd clutch. I have discovered that no one outside the MOD world can possibly understand our “bond” to these owls. Ask me if I care…it’s truly “their loss”, huh? Carlos, I’m hoping the Ustream videos are online indefinitely…as I do return and watch them. Please confirm that they will stay on! Also, sales from a DVD produced by you of the Farewell 2nd clutch slideshow would definitely complete Austin’s college fund…don’t ya think? It’s worth considering! @:-)

  18. SARose69 Says:

    Another stunning picture, Carlos! Thanks for sharing.

    Look forward to hearing more about the sale items!

  19. flukestail Says:

    Urging all Molly fans…and all owl fans…to e-mail Eric for “2nd clutch” book. This would be fantastic sister book for the 1st clutch…and everyone knows Carlos takes gorgeous photos! Great holiday present, folks! 2nd clutch…2nd clutch…2nd clutch…2nd clutch…

  20. MaryLou (Fourthebirds) Says:

    Beautiful photos! Have you ever seen black squirrels? I saw them in Iowa. I guess they are only in the Mid-Western states because I have never seen them here in the East.

    Thanks for posting your wonderful photos!

    • sfsueny Says:

      New York City has plenty of black squirrels – they live in a number of the city parks and are quite stunning when you get to see them.

  21. francie bowers Says:

    more wonderful photos! Oh, hello to you & donna! please give my regards to Austin, he is in our hearts along with you and the owls…such a nice boy! Please keep in touch and enjoy your adventures!

  22. Julie Says:

    Carlos and Donna- I so enjoy reading your blog. Always great to hear from you. Thank you so much for keeping in touch! Love the photos!

  23. NatureLuver Says:

    Howdy from Texas!

    Beautiful squirrel. TY for sharing. Awesome for Austin! already sent my email to Eric, hope we get 1000 emails before Nov. 15th.

    I have to share this……at work today I was pulled to help out in radiology and a person I hadn’t seen in 2 months, who couldn’t remember my name came up to me and asked how Molly & McGee were doing! She apologized for not remembering my name but laughed and said she remembers the owls. So I had to fill them in and show them my owl jewelry and pictures on my iPad. A good MOD is always prepared!!!! My co-workers are always asking how I’m doing with my “empty nest syndrome” and surprisingly I’m doing well. The second time around I feel more gratitude and my “gizzard” tells me all is well…..it’s the “way of the owl.”

    Gee, hope you guys are having FUN! Stay safe! Look forward to your next post.

    Liz Garney
    League City, TX

  24. Cheryl in Denver Says:

    Thanks for the new photo. You are doing a wonderful job! We have Abert’s squirrels at our mountain property that is near Buena Vista, Colorado. We have the gray ones but also black. Another distinguishing feature of these squirrels is that they have pointed ears. I hope you both are resting well and will be home in time to see San Marcos honoring Austin! What a wonderful experience that will be for him!

  25. parrotfriend Says:

    I’m vacationing in florida at my sisters, another MOD. I love all your updates and photos. I’m taking pictures of wildlife but nothing like your photos. Take care and have a safe trip.

  26. Carol Adame Says:

    Thank you so much for keeping me in Touch! You have brought such happiness in my time of unemployment, I’m taking Medical & Hospital coding, as I have 40 years of working experience but, I need to be certified in our current times! I looked for your happiness and good nature about life to keep me going at age 57, single, no husband…..You have changed my life and I’m much more Positive…..I love nature and birds….

    You and your family are so Special!

    Please always send that special possitve energy.

    Carol Adame

  27. jacque green Says:

    I love the photo. Abert is beautiful. I know you’re so proud Austin ,he did wonderful job.Looking forward to next next post Be safe!

  28. Suzie2 Says:

    Thank you for your posts with the great photos, Carlos….love them all!!!

  29. Virgene Colby-auntie_vee Says:

    Love the photos. Have fun and be safe

  30. Sally King Says:

    WOW I love your photographs of nature.Thank you for sharing your knowledge ,skills and enthusiasm Carlos.My special skill is chalkboard drawing and whenever I visit as a casual teacher, I create a wildlife chalk drawing.In this way I share my love of nature .Can you guess what my latest subject was? The Barn Owl ….Yes! Also I happened to be wearing the charms of the owl box and McGee in flight.They were much admired and it gave me the opportunity of sharing my Owl Box experience with grade 5.
    So you see the ripples from San Marcos will spread far and wide for a long time to come.Enjoy the rest of your holiday and thanks again for letting us see some rare sights of nature through your eyes.

  31. CatSmommy Says:

    Beautiful image of a very beautiful critter. Wow. ours, in alberta are either all grey/brown or black..so nice to see a variety.
    Thanks again for sharing.
    Bravo for Austin… how proud we are all of him.

  32. Janie Branison Says:

    Thank you for sharing the photographs and giving us our “Carlos fix”. We miss you and Donna so much and hope to see Molly again someday. We are all so proud of Austin. He is a wonderful young man.

  33. finnwv Says:

    Carlos and Donna!

    Love your pictures and updates! So glad you are enjoying your vacation! Thanks again for sharing your lives and love of nature with the world!

    God bless you in your travels!

  34. Lisa A. Burns Says:

    Hi Carlos and Donna!

    Thank you for this beautiful picture of the squirrel. We sure do miss you!!!

    Look forward to hearing from you again soon!

    Be safe, have fun!

    God Bless you Carlos, Donna, and Austin!!

    Love, Lisa from NE FL

  35. Sherry Kelly Says:

    Hi Royals,
    I sure miss all of you and the MODs and of course our owls! Was your reunion in Arizona? My husband Don had his 50th HS reunion last year and mine is coming up in 2012. Hope you are having a great time – love your photos, please, keep them coming. Have a wonderful time in Hawaii!

    Sherry Kelly, Author of three very different books:
    A Cat Named Zooby (a charming true story for ages 8 to 108)
    Your New Baby’s Instruction Book (a great gift for expectant parents or parents of newborns – now babies can come with instructions!)
    The Big Life of a Little Man: Michael Dunn Remembered (the “can’t put down” biography of the little person actor who played numerous roles in the 60s and 70s including that of Wild Wild West’s Dr. Loveless!)

    Google them! Ask for them at your favorite book seller!
    Call in an order to Tate Publishing 1-888-361-9473
    Or order online at amazon.com, barnesandnoble.com
    Contact Sherry at skauthor1@aol.com

  36. Bonny Says:

    Hi Donna and Carlos,

    Just curious: in your travels, have you run into strangers who’ve recognized you from watching the owls?

    Hope you’re having fun. You’re missing some gorgeous weather here at home; it’s the summer we did’t have!

    All the best,

  37. Treva Roberts Says:

    What beautiful photographs Carlos. Thank you for
    sharing with all of us. Glad you and Donna are enjoying your well deserved vacation. Know what you mean about waking during the night thinking first thing (what time is it in San Marcos?) wondering about the little owletts, continued for weeks after they fledged. Austin is a fine young man, developing good work ethics thanks to his Grandad. Glad to hear he has ordered more DVD’s, gave mine to my granddaughter so now need another one for myself. LOL
    Best wishes and Happy Trails to you and Donna.
    Treva Roberts
    aka aspengoldred2

  38. Julie Says:


    I love how you promote other people’s work! You are just the best!!


  39. Linda B Says:

    Oh my goodness! I picked up my large frame prints today! They are stunning! Cafe Press does not do them justice!

    They are framed simply, but very elegant. Less is definitely more in this case. I got the black frames.

    The owls are absolutely the centre of attention, and the creamy matt around the picture picks up the light colouring in the feathers and makes them pop!

    I’m so happy with my decision to get the ones that I did. I just couldn’t decide, and they were more than 60% off the regular Canadian price, so I bought all of the ones that tickled my fancy…..6 of them! I can’t decide which one is my favourite! I love them all.

    I got the following ones:
    Oh Hi!
    Hand off
    Max in a Palm Tree
    Molly and McGee

    • Lisa A. Burns Says:

      I know how you feel…my den ( computer room ), has several of the same prnts! Just too wonderful for words!!! I love them all too!
      We miss you Carlos & Donna!
      Thank you for all you have blessed us with!!
      Lisa, from NE FL

  40. Diana/YTQ-SPO Says:

    Come Home Soon, Carlos and Donna. We all wander around from one web cam to another like little lost sheep trying to find our ‘place’.
    The pictures you posted are to die for! of the squirrel and the two birds. I hope you’re having a great time. Thanks for the updates about your trip.
    Betcha didn’t know how hard it was to be famous, did ya!?

    Have fun


  41. Theresa Atkins Says:

    I remember the last time I was at the North Rim I went to a discussion/lecture by a ranger about the coloration difference between this squirrel species caused by isolation. Isn’t nature facinating! Please keep posting your pictures, they are outstanding.

  42. Linda (hummerzz) Says:

    Thank you for sharing your pictures with all of us. They are wonderful. Congratulations to Austin..way to go!!

  43. Gabrielle in Houston Says:

    Hi Carlos and Donna! Hope you are having a great time. I just have to tell you about something that happened this past weekend. I was at the International Quilt Fest, and one day wore my DEET-DEET shirt. I had been chatting with a woman standing next to me at a booth for about 5 minutes, when all of a sudden her eyes got as big as saucers and she started going “DEET DEET DEET!” She hadn’t looked at my shirt until then! We both started laughing and jumping up and down going “DEET DEET DEET”. It was hysterical!! One of my friends said she would have refused to acknowledge me if she had been there, ROFLMAO!!!! The other MOD is Janet Wilcox, from the U-Stream group. I wish we had had a camera to take a pic, but I didn’t even think about it. WOW!! It was so much fun!

  44. GeniaKnitz Says:

    Just wanted to say I woke up yesterday missing “our” owls and owlets fiercely, and can’t get them out of my mind. What a beautiful experience it was. Thank you all over again, Carlos and Donna.

    • Lisa A. Burns Says:

      Feel the same way!!!!! Hoping our beloved Royals will share again with us, if
      our M & M have a 3rd clutch!!!!
      Love Carlos & Donna!

  45. Diane Ballou Says:

    Thank you so much for keeping in contact with us. I love seeing your wildlife photos, you are such an amazing photographer.

  46. Kathy Says:

    What a beautiful squirrel. I thought you might be interested in something I heard on NPR this morning. It seems that the mothering instinct is alive and well, as certainly demonstrated by Molly, even in butterflies. There is evidently a parasite that infects and ultimately kills the adult Monarch butterfly, but not before eggs are laid. The parasite is transmitted to the eggs. But the mother lays the eggs on a plant that, when eaten by the caterpillars, kills the parasite. So the offspring are cured of the infestation. Another wonder of nature.

    Be Well,

  47. Jane Young Says:


  48. glenda Says:

    please update me

  49. Lee Johnson Says:

    keep me posted

  50. Kay Says:

    keep me posted please

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