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October 29, 2010


Donna and I had a great time at our 50 year high school reunion reconnecting with old classmate which we had not seen in 50 years. Wow, some of them had really changed but not us. Ha-ha.

We are currently in Williams, Arizona, the gateway to the Grand Canyon just kicking back. I have finally stopped dreaming of the owls. No longer am I waking up and thinking I have to go check on the owlets, which I did for the first few days. I don’t know about you but I keep waking up two or three times a night. I guess old habbits are hard to change after 8 months of owls 24/7. 

Cafe Press is putting on a sale check it out.

All the best,

Carlos and Donna Royal

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  1. Camperfamily (Kim) Says:

    So nice to hear from you both! Glad you are having a nice time!
    I love Williams AZ! We have done the Polor Express Train Trip a few times! The train ride was really special, along with Santa arriving on board!
    I miss seeing the owl’s but know they are grown now and enjoying their life!
    I thank you for all the time you have spent in allowing us to ‘be a part’ of this!!!

    Temecula CA

  2. janie2 Says:

    I’m so happy to “hear” from you, Donna and Carlos. I wonder if the people at the reunion knew you are world famous. Have a wonderful vacation. We all love you and miss you terribly.


  3. vicki Says:

    I’m so glad you’ve had time to decompress from your owlet watch. Have fun in Williams & the canyon area. How cool, Halloween at the Grand Canyon! When my husband and I were there @ 5 years ago, we took the train trip to the canyon–it was great.
    Again and again and again thank you and Donna so much for all you have done. My cat Peanut still cannot figure out why we are not on the computer at night watching the owls. It was as much his entertainment as mine. Enjoy!

  4. Couleedam (Nora) Says:

    Glad you had a great time at your reunion!!! I enjoyed my week in LasVegas and the Pro Bull Riding (PBR) was great…I didn’t know the winning bull rider got 1 million dollars and also didn’t know the high point bull got 1/4 million!!! I wanted to thank you again for the opportunity to be a moderator on your site…I had so much fun!!! I still wake up at night and think I should check on the owlets!! Old habits die hard. ♥♥♥s & hugs to you both!!!

  5. Mary Anne Says:

    I miss the owlets too! Keep watching Youtube clips to see them. Have a great vacation! Grand Canyon will be beautiful! All the best!

  6. Thresa Granger (TByrd) Says:

    Carlos and Donna, It sounds like you are getting much needed rest. Of course we all miss your smiling faces. Thanks for keeping in touch and our thoughts are always with you during your travels. We look forward to seeing you both when you return home. And of course we miss the owls as well but I’m sure they are off on their own adventures.

    Respectfully yours, Thresa Granger (TByrd) in Florida

  7. SactoSylvia Says:

    Carlos – thank you for stopping by to say “Hi” — what a nice treat! I’m so glad you and Donna had a great time at your high school reunion!

  8. Dear Carlos and Donna,
    Wow! Seeing classmates after 50 years. Wonderful! So glad you can travel
    and enjoy this great country. Relax, kick back, enjoy it all.
    Much love to you both!

  9. Cindy Says:

    Hi Carlos and Donna,

    Great to hear from you and glad you had a fun time with your classmates.

    Our fav. place(s) in Williams are Pine Country Cafe . . . save room for pie.
    Also love Rod’s Steak House, old Route 66 and good place to eat.

    Have fun . .miss you both


  10. Margaret (imNOTaustin) Says:

    Carlos & Donna,

    Thanks so much for letting us know how things are going. We miss you!! Happy travels.

  11. Lynne Townsend Says:

    Glad you are having a great trip! It is nice to get away (especially from your 24/7 “duties”. You are missed by all of us and we will look forward to hearing and seeing you when you get back. Thanks again for all you have done.

    Yours truly,
    Lynne Townsend(LynneMcKay)—Kansas

  12. Melodie Penton Says:

    Hi Carlos and Donna, So glad you are having a good time and finally getting some rest.
    I miss the owls so much! I am sure all is well with the most beloved Owl family!
    Thanks again for all you have done to bring so much joy into so many lives! Sending fondest thoughts with appreciation. Love, Melodie

  13. Nancy Cesario Says:

    Thank you Carlos & Donna for keeping in touch. I miss the owls & owlets like everyone else. But you both need your precious time!

    Have a great and safe time!


  14. Jackie Says:

    Carlos and Donna – great to hear from you and happy you are “kicking back” and enjoying. I think about the owls/owlets all the time and not having owl action to watch does leave a bit of a hole in my day and my heart.
    Continue to have a safe and wonderful trip! And thanks for everything you’ve done!

  15. Katy Says:

    So glad to hear you are relaxing and see old friends. I still go for my Ustream App to check the owls. Missing the owls but love that I have met chat room buddy “ttackwell” face to face in our own “picnic” at Red Robin in Broomfield.
    Thanks for everything and have a wonderful vacation.

  16. Karin Blaschik Says:

    Hi Carlos & Donna….so glad to hear you enjoyed your class reunion and are getting some much deserved rest. Enjoy your time together, savoring all those special moments. I cannot thank you enough for sharing Molly, McGee and their babies with all of us. I sure have missed seeing you, feel like you’re our personal friend! I received my Ashley & Carrie calendar…LOVE IT!
    You two are the best…..have a wonderful vacation!
    Karin from Connecticut

  17. Gail Loveless Says:

    So glad you and Donna had a good time at your reunion. Don’t feel bad about waking up in the middle of night thinking of owls. Everytime I hear the Dish Network commerical played on Tv, that used to play on Molly’s Box, I start yelling OWL’s. My poor dogs think I am crazy. I already purchased 3 calendar’s, 3 keepsake boxes, 3 mousepads, and a hat. All the items are just beautiful. Thank you again for everthing you and Donna have done. I have wonderful memories.

  18. MutherNaturel Says:

    LOL you have Empty Nest Syndrome! Literally…you’ll get over this come January/February next year ;)

    So glad you are getting to enjoy a vacation finally and real neat that your 50th reunion went well!

  19. Sue Couch Says:

    Thanks so much for your travel update. So glad to hear you are enjoying yourselves after your intense owlet experience. I so.o.o.o miss seeing you and the owlets. As you say, it seems strange to wake up in the night and not have to check on the owlets. I find myself wondering what they are doing and if Carrie and Ashley are finding their own treats. What a powerful experience this has all been. It also feels strange “to get a life” or at least a different one! At least I have some tiles of Molly/McGee and Ashley/Carrie that I can look at.

    Have a great trip at the Canyon
    and Happy Halloween!

  20. Lynn Dumont Says:

    Wonderful news, Carlos! You two deserve all the fun and happiness you can get! I think many of us are also ‘weaning’ successfully but, oh, how I miss those days and nights of love and laughter with our winged friends and fellow MODs. Be safe, dear friends, and know you’re respected and loved by us all!

  21. arags Says:

    “Howdy” from the hills of Texas! Thanks for the update. Glad y’all are adjusting to your new found freedom. I too have been “on the road” without my owl family. Heard Letterman say last night that his little Harry was going trick or treating as an ‘Owl’. Betcha it is because of a most UN-common barn owl named Molly and the Wizard of Owls, Sir Carlos Royal.
    Happy trails, til we meet again!

  22. Lori Says:

    Carlos & Donna,

    I’m so glad your having a great time and finally able to relax and enjoy yourselves. Thank you again for letting us be a part of such an amazing experience. Have a great vacation!

  23. Kate / Orlando Says:

    Yes, we still wake up and think about checking on the owls. And at the SPO site there are always familiar faces ready to chat, no matter what time of day or night. We’ll watch African Eagle Owls for now but hope to see our lovely barn owls back this Spring!

  24. Vicki Stevenson Says:

    nice to hear of your adventures, and have a link to past good memories

  25. PurpleTexan Says:

    Yes still dreaming of owlets here. Glad things are going great and you are having a good time. JaniceTX

  26. Haopy to hear from you Carlos and Donna. Class reunion must have been fun and I bet you had a lot of good stories to tell of your latest adventures!

    Just want you to know how pleased I am with customer service at Cafe Express. I made an error in one of my orders. Cafe Express is taking care of it at no expense to myself. Gee, that was fun!

  27. Pam Richards Says:

    So glad to hear from you. Sounds like you are finally beginning to unwind and enjoy your time away.Thanks again for giving us a peek into the lives of our Barn Owls. Have a safe trip and hope to see you and the owls again in the spring. God Bless you both.
    Pam in MO.

  28. Memedee Says:

    All the best to you both! It’s a great time to be traveling. Looking forward to “hearing” about more of your adventures.
    Meme in Owlabama

  29. sdsurfchick Says:

    Yodel down the canyon for me! Have fun and stay safe. Surf

  30. Ruthie Says:

    Carlos I hope you take lots of pics. I have never been out west. Will you be going on the sky-walk?
    Have a great time, drive carefully.

  31. Ginny Howard Says:

    We are all so happy ya’ll are getting a well deserved vacation! We’ve all been visiting over at vacachat. The best to you and Donna,

  32. Judy Phillips Says:

    I was so happy this morning to see a message from you and Donna! I have been checking for an update regularly, and am glad you enjoyed your reunion. Have a great relaxing time at the Canyon. Hope you get to see the Condors. They’re not pretty like our owls, but really spectacular to see. Perhaps you have seen them in California? Have you ever taken a helicopter ride over the canyon? That was my first view of Grand Canyon- what an introduction!

    Have a great vacation! You both deserve it.
    Gee, that was fun, and I’m so happy you let us be a part of it!

    JudySue in Door County, WI

  33. barb Says:

    Knew you two would have a great time at your reunion! Hope to see your pictures of the Grand Canyon, what a photo opp! You both deserve a restful time together..interrupted sleep is still with me as well,keep thinking I can hear owlets sqwauking. Have fun in Hawaii! Hope to hear from you two soon.

  34. Michele R Macielag Says:

    How wonderful to hear from both Carlos and Donna.

  35. Denise Thies Says:

    Carlos and Donna,

    Thank you for the update. I think about you every day and wonder how your travels are going. It sounds like you are finally able to relax and are getting some much-needed rest. I’m sure all our little owlets are doing just fine, after all they had great parents/teachers in Molly and McGee! Thank you for the travel update, enjoy your time on the road, be safe, and keep in touch periodically! You have a whole new family of friends who love and care about you both.

  36. Carlos & Donna – So glad you are adjusting to the empty nest. Some of us have just replaced our MOD with other webcams and chats. We just can’t let go. You sure gave us wonderful memories! Hope to see y’owl again someday. I do hope you’ll give us an update on the little family from time to time if you have more sightings.

  37. Bonnie Hafdell aka jacumbaowlwtchr Says:

    love Williams, great place……..the train ride to Grand Canyon is a must…….keep checking for owls… might see some………

  38. Cinda B (SPO) Says:

    What a nice surprise to see an update this morning. I’m sure the last week has been as much an adjustment for both of you as it has been for all of us. Thankfully, SPO put the African Pot(ted) Plant Owl on for us earlier in the week. Glad that you both are enjoying your vacation. Safe travels!

  39. SueinMaine Says:

    Glad you had a great time and how nice of you to check in with us! We miss you so much, but are happy you are getting a much-deserved vacation…ENJOY!! Love Sue

  40. Sandy Rice Says:

    Deet Deet Deet, oh so good to hear from you. So happy your travels are safe. I used to live in AZ. What a beautiful state and so much to see and do. I still awake and wanna click on the OB. I miss them and the Royals so much. See you in the Spring. Until then, be safe and enjoy this much needed vacation. Love you both~Thanks for Everything.

  41. Patsy Butler Says:

    Good Morning! Carlos and Donna so good to hear you are getting some rest, miss seeing you guys and the owls. I still wake up with the Molly song playing my head. Be safe and enjoy your travles hope to see you soon may be at the Ebar in November. A friend MomNbeth

  42. Helen Says:

    Thank you for all you have done. It’s been a wonderful ride. Looking forward, perhaps, to another brood of owls.

    Most Sincerely,
    rushhen 06

  43. Francie Yarber Says:

    Whew! What a relief to hear from you. Owl withdrawal is hard enough and then not to have your cheerful input and broadcasts is disconcerting. I, too, had Barbara Allen’s songs in my head for days. Thank goodness SPO chat is still ongoing, so that’s a lovely bridge to Molly’s world.

  44. Monica Says:

    Hi Carlos and Donna,
    Great to hear from you.. thinking of you guys, and of course Molly and McGee, and their family. Glad you are having a VERY WELL deserved vacation. Vacadude is keeping us entertained. Lots of fun.. Helps us with not missing Molly and McGee as much.
    Enjoy your vacation!!!!

  45. VeeTX Says:

    Hi Carlos and Donna:

    I’m so happy y’all are having a great vacation. You both deserve it after “owling” 24/7 for 8 months. We continue to thank you for sharing your time, your home and your owl box with us.

    I don’t think I’m alone when I say that we’d really enjoy some of the photos you take of the Grand Canyon and other places of interest during your vacation. A lot of us won’t ever have the chance to visit these wonders of beauty and would love to travel vicariously through you.

    All my love – and prayers for safe journeys.

  46. Joan Says:

    Dear Carlos and Donna.. it was surely a treat to wake up with news from Mollys’ Blog today.. I feel a loss wthout the daily update.. thanks Joan

  47. rita edwards Says:

    Hi Carlos and Donna
    So glad you had a great reunion. LOL over your owl wake-ups. Sure do miss them and you. Have a wonderful trip. Just got back from Kauai and Oahu – it was beautiful – 85 and humid. Now have smooth soft skin and hair, but won’t last long. I know you are going soon to see Ashley – you will love it.
    Went to the north/east shore of Oahu – it is really pretty. Enjoy!

  48. Bonnie McNerney Says:

    Hi Carlos & Donna! I check the OB and the Blog everyday and it was such a nice surprise to see your message here this morning. I miss the owls and your cheery updates so much. It’s really your personality and your diligent care that made this internet encounter so special and different from the rest. After all those months of watching, it’s an adjustment without it now. But, I bought the book, I watch some of the videos and I purchased Barbara Allen’s marvelous songs and I play them and they lift my spirits and bring back so many fun memories. Thank you both so much for sharing the experience with us all. I intend to “stay tuned” for more updates on your travels and adventures. Have a wonderful time.

  49. Teri Saffren - Irthum Says:

    Hi Carlos and Donna,
    It was so nice to see a post from you today. So glad the reunion was fun – I wonder how many of your school friends were part of the Molly 19+ million friends – Enjoy the Grand Canyon and please post pictures when you return home. Miss you both and the owlz too. And thank you again and again for the 8 months of fun !

  50. Carlos and Donna –

    It was so great to hear from the two of you today. I check the blog every day for some sort of message from you. So happy that your reunion went well and you reconnected with your classmates.

    We all wonder about Carrie and Ashley but know in our own minds that they are well and being taught to hunt by Molly and McGee. Not so sure that Molly isn’t back in the “box”. She returned so soon after the first clutch! At any rate, all of the owlets (and now owls) are thought of so often (Max,Pattison, Austin, Wesley, Ashley and Carrie …and even little Kelly and Jody). We love them all.

    Hope you have a magnificent vacation. We miss you all so much and your friendly pop in’s on the website. You both are so special! Will forever be a part of our hearts just like Molly and McGee. Hope to see you soon!


  51. Donna Simonson Says:

    Ahhhhh . . . we MODS across the world are saying today with your new post! Now I know why I’m continuing to wake up throughout the night. I had not put it together because I put my laptop on Hibernate everynight instead of leaving it on OB1. Like everyone, still check all the sites everyday looking for a glimps of fond memories and fun that rocked our world. What a wonderful place the Grand Canyon is to have a respite. The train ride from Williams is so fun and you and Donna are all about fun! I was wondering if you had any stow-a-ways in your motorhome?! :) Every motorhome I pass, I look to see if it’s you and Donna tooling down the highway. :) Take good care our special friends. May a band of angels surround you as you travel and “happy trails to you, until we meet again.” Love, hugs and prayers owlways, “OwlLuver”, Murrieta, CA.

  52. Martha M. Gibbs Says:

    So great to hear from you Carlos. I’m so happy that you had a good time at the class reunion.
    And pleased that you are now sleeping through the night. Enjoy the Grand Canyon – it’s one of God’s best.
    Calliopekid – Martha

  53. angowleyez Says:

    What a wonderful pick up to our day-
    Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts..and giving us the wonderful update!
    Miss you and Donna very much.. sometimes I just turn off the sound and say “Carlos- no sound : )!

  54. jacque green Says:

    Donna n Carlos,thank you for letting us know you’re having good time relaxing. i miss you on the chat. You gave us so much friend and love. I’ll never forget our Molly N McGee. Have fun!

  55. Roz L-M Says:

    Dear Carlos and Donna,
    Thank you so much for checking in with us all on your blog! I check it most every day whenever I think of you and Molly. So glad you enjoyed your reunion.

    My husband has never seen the Grand Canyon and we want to get there someday soon. Next trip up this coming summer, however, is Glacier. A little closer drive from the Northwest Pacific where we live. The National Parks are truely an inspiration!

    I gave a copy of Molly the Owl to one of the elementary school principals I work with and she was ecstatic and very impressed with the beautiful artwork. When we get lonely for the owls, we watch our DVD. I am quite partial to Max- she was the first and grew up to be so gorgeous1
    Have a wonderful trip and post when you can! Pictures is you please!
    Roz in Tacoma

  56. marie Says:

    Great to hear from you Carlos! So you and Donna haven’t changed any….lol too funny! I think you have the “mother” syndrome wake up schedule as many of us do. We will be waiting patiently until Feb? 2011!!!.

    Have a great trip!


  57. PegRod Says:

    Carlos and Donna – I agree with everything said by all the wonderful people in today’s comments. You are our family, part of our daily thoughts, and we missed not hearing from you, so an update on Molly’s blog means the world to your Molly Fans. You are on vacation and “Out of sight” now, but not “Out of mind”. You are in our hearts.

    I imagine our Owl Families of Clutch One and Clutch Two enjoying the beautiful Fall weather right now. Sunny skies, warm breezes, and a gorgeous San Diego day.

    Thank you from all of us!

  58. Sue Says:

    Carlos and Donna,

    Thanks so much for the owl box. I watched the first clutch constantly, and the second clutch, I was in and out quite a bit for, as the school year started with a bang for us! hehe…

    Anyway, I pray you will have a great time relaxing on your trip, and thanks so much for the great memories for my family!

  59. cathair Says:

    Hi Carlos and Donna,
    Thanks for all the beauty, joy, learning and fun you brought to us and the owls.
    We felt like you provided us a home along with a new feathered family.
    Glad your having a great time.
    Thanks for giving us all so many good times too.

  60. Lisa Tye Says:

    So happy for ya’ll at getting to attend your 50th, just travel, and have fun…you deserve it! I’m still waking up thinking I need to cut computer on to see what babiez are doing! In the middle of work yesterday, I suddenly told everybody…”I miss Molly, McGee, and owlets!”

  61. Jean Davis Says:

    So good hearing from you and filling us in on your trip. We all miss you and the Owls.

  62. Laura Tezer Says:

    Thank you Carlos for the update. So glad you finally took some time off and are enjoying yourself.

  63. Mary Jozwiak Says:

    I’m glad you are having a good time and enjoying your travels! I miss seeing you online everyday, but I know you have your own life to live, places to go, people to see… Maybe when you return home you could schedule a chat like Vacadude does and tell us about all your adventures outside the Owl Box! I hope you continue to enjoy yourselves and have safe travels!

  64. 1SkatrPie Says:

    Dear Carlos and Donna,

    We SO appreciate hearing from you and extend a warm invitation to you both to join us for our Friday night Molly Movie Night where we all get together to celebrate the Owls and this loving MOD community which endures and comforts each and every one of us, although it would not be fair if you enter our Trivia Contest since you will know all the answers, but doubt one soul would mind! We would, in fact, adore seeing you both tonight!

  65. Angie Says:


    So glad you had a good time at your reunion! I bet that was something to reconnect with old classmates.

    I miss the owls too and often wonder if Carrie finally left the box for good! I spent every evening watching them and didn’t know what to do with myself after the cameras were turned off.

    I know it’s alot of work, but sure do hope you will do this again in the Spring if Molly and McGee have another clutch.

    Take care and God bless you both!


  66. Virgene Colby-auntie_vee Says:

    So glad for the update. Wondered where you were. Miss Donna and your smiling faces. Enjoy your travels and be safe.

  67. OhioCheryle Says:

    Wow Carlos and Donna, 50 years and everyone has aged but the both of you…………you must have the same kind of mirrors in your house that I have in mine , please don’t sell them on Cafe Press LOL

    So happy to hear you are having a great time. Enjoy and be happy.

    Thank you for the update,

    Miss the both of you. OC, Ohio Cheryle

  68. Kathy Copas Says:

    Greetings and “best witches” for a Happy Halloween from here in New “Owl”bany, Indiana! My Halloween costume this year is actually an owl! (I’ll try to get some pics to share!) Be safe, have fun. All of the Kentuckiana MODS love you and miss you dearly!


  69. Debbie Bernard Says:

    Glad you are enjoying your trip….because if you were home you might get addicted to watching the ‘Pot Plant Owls’ on Ustream! They are filling the void for me left by the Royal clutch, but I will always have a soft spot for the barn owl, thanks to you.

  70. Joyce Hebert Says:

    so glad you are having a ball…i still wake up at 3:30…then remember i don’t have any owls to watch…have fun, stay cool,…africa owls real cut but smaller…

  71. Andrew Says:

    Carlos and Donna,
    It must be great to be away from it all and out in that gorgeous wilderness but couldn’t help thinking that you’ve probably already been recognized by now! We miss you lots and as someone already mentioned, Vacadude has been working diligently to keep us entertained and amused so that we all make it through this transition. Did you check out his owl pumpkin carvings? They are amazing!

    We were all reminiscing the other night in chat about what made the owlbox so special. Everyone agreed that it’s really the two of you: your artistic eye(s) for beauty, as well as your talent and excellence in the ways you are able to capture each moment with perfection. All that along with providing us with humor, excitment, a sense of community, and lots of fun!!

    With both your outstanding photography skills, we hope that you will gift us with a couple of photos from the Grand Canyon. We continue to keep you in our hearts and prayers so that you will have a safe journey with every bit as much relaxation and joy as you can stand. Thanks for the much appreciated update. Happy Trails to you!!

  72. Nita Says:

    Hi, to the best auctioneer ever – !!
    How great to hear from you. I was sitting here with my Carrie and Ashley calendar I was looking at again and drinking coffee from my “gee , wasn’t that fun… Vacadude cup and read your blog. How fantastic you and Donna are having such a wonderful time and sleeping the night through!! I know we all are so in love with all the owlettes and Molly & McGee and one day hopefully we will see them again or hear about them. I visulize all of them being in the box keeping nice and warm. Continue having a great trip and upcoming Hawaii trip and take care. Everyone misses you and your updates so keep in touch when you can.
    Nita – (catlover40)

  73. francie bowers Says:

    Yea Carlos & Donna, hope you are having the grandest of times!! You have to know we miss you and talk about you all the time on the SPO chat, we are hanging together and being silly MODs…and carrying on the Molly tradition of Peace, Love, Community….thank you for being a “founding father”. Please keep in touch, we love to hear how you are doing!!

  74. Nancy Harp Says:

    What a happy surprise, to bring up my e-mail and find a message from Molly’s Blog. Here I sit wearing my Molly the Owl Sweatshirt. So very glad to read that you and Donna are relaxing and having a great time. Yes, I know about those reunions, isn’t it strange how the others are looking so much different, but not us. No Way!
    Having so much fun helps us to stay forever young.

  75. Wow you two are in a beautiful part of the state. Did you go to the Canyon? That is so awe inspiring. I’m really glad that you two are finally having some time to yourselves (unless of course the picture of the rv with the owl box and owlets and M&M is true). Have fun kicking back and be careful of the sandstorms in AZ. Thanks again for all your dedication in making the owl experience so rewarding and delightful to so many.

  76. Ruth White Says:

    Just great to have an update from both of you! Enjoy your well deserved trip! Miss you both and the owls.

  77. Brenda Hebel Says:

    Hi Carlos & Donna! What a great surprise to get an update from you. Glad you both are enjoying your much needed rest! Miss your daily updates on KOWL! I think about the owls & owlets, wondering what they are up to. Enjoy life & Happy Holidays

  78. Darlene Salisbury Says:

    Carlos and Donna,
    How absolutely wonderful to hear from you. I miss the owlets too. I miss you as well. I miss hearing your voice talking about our owl family. I miss seing Donna at the camera everyone once in a while. Enjoy your time away you deserve it and then some. Thank you once again from the bottom of my heart for such a wonderful life changing event.
    Hopefully one day we we see you again with another clutch.
    Take care and enjoy.
    With Warmest regards,
    Darlene Salisbury
    NW Oregon

  79. Vicki Nicholson Says:

    It is a TREAT to get your update! I think I have missed the daily updates almost as much as watching Owlbox 1 and 2. Good to hear the reunion went well. Enjoy the rest of your vacation. Again, thank you for all of the wonderful memories over the past several months. I wish you both the best.

  80. Pat Adams Says:

    Glad you are having a well deserved trip. Good to hear from you. Keep us posted & kick back & enjoy! Thanks for everything!

  81. Kim in San Diego Says:

    Hi Carlos & Donna….what a surprise to have an email from the blog!! So glad you had, & are having a great time on your vacation. I like everyone else miss your voice in the mornings & throughout the day. I find myself watching Vinky on Vacadude’s site as if it were real…LOL. Wonder how Molly, McGee & ALL the babies are doing..Have a wonderful rest of your vacation. Hope to see you sometime after you get back.
    Kim Harris
    Rancho Bernardo

  82. finnwv Says:

    Carlos and Donna!

    Wonderful to hear from you! Glad to hear you had a great time at the reunion! No surprise there! But shouldn’t that be old habitZ are hard to change! You guts enjoy your travels! Hearts and many thanks for everything!

    God bless you both!

  83. Jane Says:

    Glad you are having such a wonderful time. I still think about the owls at least 500 times a day. I am sure it will get better with time. Maybe down to 50 times a day. You sure gave me a wonderful experience that I will truly never forget.
    Good to have an update. Thank you. I watch at least one video a day and it helps.
    Watch out for that big hole at the Grand Canyon!

  84. Mary - Maannie Says:

    Donna and Carlos,
    So happy to hear from you. Quite a suprise. I attended my 50th a few years ago and had the same experience…everyone was so much older than I was!
    Enjoy your down time. You’ve earned every minute of it. (I still hear “deet-deet-deet” in my sleep.)
    Blessing to both of you.

  85. Pat Izzo Says:

    Great to hear from you Carlos and Donna. I am glad you had a great time at your reunion and are now getting to just kick back and relax. We are having PRIMO Fall weather here in Sedona and the colors are abound in Oak Creek Canyon so come on down. It would be wonderful to see the both of you :O)
    Thank you both for everything you did for all of us!

  86. Deb Says:

    Hi Carlos. Nice hearing from you. So happy you are having a great time. You and Donna certainly deserve the time away. When I would have trouble sleeping, I would get up and check in on the owl family. I’ve had a few times since the cameras went off that I have wanted to do this. I still miss them but know that they all are having wonderful lives. Miss seeing you and Donna as well. Enjoy the rest of your vacation. Take care. Thanks again for the update. Hope to hear from you both again.

    Deb from OH

  87. elsa lichman Says:

    hi i got a hot tip that you had updated the blog! well withdrawl is just that, and difficult, but my new carrie and ash calendar helps! hope all the trips are as much fun and hope to see you again. elsa

  88. OwlyKats Says:

    Hi Donna & Carlos
    So glad you two had a great time at your 50th Class Reunion! Enjoy your vacation. You both deserve every minute. I was viewing my screen shot the other day. When your picture came on. (LOL) I sat there waiting for you to say something! I too get up thinking I must check on the Owls. I miss You, Donna & The Owl’s being a part of my day. Thank you So much for such a Glorious adventure This Year, it brought me closer to my Dad In Spirit!
    Thank You for making me an even more optomistic person too!
    Kathleen S Colorado

  89. Linda (hummerzz) Says:

    Carlos & Donna,

    It is so wonderful getting this update from you. I go to Molly’s Blog every day hoping to hear from you. I am happy that you are having so much fun. I know it is a much deserved time for just you & Donna! I also woke up at all hours during the night thinking about the owlets and Molly & McGee. Each day is getting better. I think of them now and SMILE….
    Thank you again Carlos for bringing these owls into all of our lives throughout the world. You & Donna are awesome.
    I still miss seeing you every day and hearing your voice. You brought such a spirit of love and kindness to all of us.
    Enjoy the rest of your vacation. I would love to see some pictures of your travels.
    May God keep you & Donna safe.
    Hope we can meet again one day….in the Owlbox!

  90. CatSmommy Says:

    Sounds wonderful, glad you are ‘kicking back’ well earned by you both. Thanks for thinking of us as you go along. We certianly miss you both and yes, I check in to site, wondering how the owls are doing. Huggies from Cat in Canada

  91. Chris aka Whitedog01 Says:

    Carlos and Donna,

    Thank you so much for the update.. You both deserve a much needed vacation. Just got thru reading some of the comments. I agree with everyone you both have made this last 8 months something we will never forget. I to this day still hear the owlettes in my sleep. Currently am flooded with tears of joy. (((hugs))) to you both and much love!

  92. Amy B. in IL Says:

    Happy & safe travels to you!

  93. Nancy Says:

    It’s heartwarming to hear from you and Donna. We miss you guts so much! Wonder if Carrie is still squawking??? lol Have yourselves a well-deserved vacation.

  94. Kathy Martinez Says:

    There is nothing more to say that has not been already said, Thank You so much for 8 months of fun ! Miss it all so much !!!!!!!

  95. Colleen Poor Says:

    Donna and Carlos,
    So good to read your post about the reunion and hear you had a great time! I have to say you’ve gotten me into watching birds ;-) I’m currently watching a clutch of 3 Eagle Owls in Johannesburg, South Africa BUT IT’S JUST NOT THE SAME as watching Molly and her owlets. I miss the hissing, screeching and other noises Molly, McGee and the owlets made. These new owls are very quiet compared to them. Thanks for introducing me to the wonderful world of owls and I hope your vacation continues to be a great get-away!
    Best wishes,

  96. Colleen Ireland Says:

    Carlos and Donna,
    So glad you had a good reunion and that you are kicking back near the Grand Canyon. That is one beautiful place. We did the helicopter over and into the Grand Canyon last year, what a beautiful view from the helicopter. Keep enjoying yourself, we think of you often and the owletts, I am sure they are fine.
    Cheers, for now
    aka “IrisheyesCanada”

  97. KW Says:

    So did your classmates know about your owls? Very happy that you and Donna have had a chance to get away and enjoy yourselves. Your MODS have been seen on other sites watching owls and other animals. The Eagle Owl cam is especially interesting as eagle owls chose to nest in a potted plant and the babes are starting to fledge. They are very cute as was the M&M babes. We miss our babies and well you and Donna, but we what a great experience we will never forget. Love the Halloween Mask. I am downloading it and wearing it ! All the best to the Royal Family~ Best Wishes and happy vacationing. Katey Wise

  98. Deborah (purplebird2) Says:

    So great to hear from you two! Glad you are having a wonderful, well deserved vacation. We all miss you and our owlets. Have fun in the Grand Canyon. Carlos – I can see you with your camera while you are there – click click click!! I am sure there are many wonderful photos you will take. Thank you again for all that you guys have done. I know you two know how much joy this experience has brought to so many. Hugs to you both!! Enjoy your time away!
    Warm Regards, Deborah (Purplebird2)

  99. Kathy Says:

    Great to hear from you and hear of your travels. I’m still hearing the owlets calling Molly & McGee for food and ready to run to the computer. Even my husband who would make me turn the volume off said he can hear the owls. I’ve been playing your last broadcast which brings back all the memories and fun we had. We are all suffering owl withdrawal but today I received my 2 pictures of the owl box and the 4 owlets which made my day. Tomorrow they go up in my office. Enjoy your break time because we are all looking forward to seeing you next year.

  100. Maxine Keene Says:

    Please put me in the list for updates to the blog.

  101. Elsie Says:

    Glad you enjoyed your reunion. I went to my 45th in June, and couldn’t believe I went to school with all those old people!

  102. Jerri Weed Says:

    Dear Donna and Carlos,

    Glad you are Finally having your Vacation. Now don’t Forget KSBORN does live in Arizona so KS will be looking for an RV with Owls ALL over it and May have to Pull you over. LOL

    We miss you all But Glad your Enjoying. Thank You for The Updates.

    Miss You All Bunches,

    KSBORN (aka) Jerri in Phoenix, AZ

  103. Thanks so much Donna & Carlos for keeping us posted on your whereabouts. I know what you mean about reunions. We feel the same when we go to ours. Everyone has changed a bit LOL.

    Have a great time. You certainly deserve it. Is anyone checking on the owl house to see if there is a third clutch on the way? Take care & thanks for letting us know where you are.

  104. Kim Gorman Says:

    So glad to hear from you and know all is well with the Owl Master and his lovely wife! Also glad your minds and bodies are resting. We send you much love,

    Kim and Dave Gorman

  105. ldgreene123 Says:

    Carlos & Donna, just had my 50th too..such fun reminiscing about old times. I managed to recognize most classmates lol…So glad u r having a good time. Missing u, Linda

  106. painteddaisy Says:

    Hey you two – It was great to hear from you. I’m so glad you are having a great time on your much needed vacation. Of course we all miss you both but also glad that you FINALLY have some time to yourselves. Take care and happy travels!

  107. Elaine Says:

    Carlos & Donna, What a nice surprise to hear from you again. I’m so glad you’re now able to relax. We so enjoyed the owls, but we fell in love with you. Thank you for all your dedication and expense. Gee, that was fun! Have a wonderful time!

  108. Blanche Fedor Says:

    So glad you had a great time at your reunion. Isn’t it funny how everyone else has changed?
    I still get up and think about Molly and McGee and the owlets-can’t really get myself interested in looking at the other cams.
    I occasionally sit and play Barley’s songs and sing along with them a couple of times. We have an ad locally that plays the music on the ad for Austin’s DVD and I think-is Carlos back.
    Have a great rest of your trip and again-Thank you both for what you gave us.

  109. Mary Lou Says:

    I’m glad you are having a nice vacation. You certainly deserve the rest. Words can’t express the enjoyment I had from watching the second clutch. I have learned so much about owls and human nature. I will just check in later in the hopes that another clutch might happen. I felt bad when I read some of the negative thoughts that were written, but know that it is from just a few of the viewers and I think their negative attitude is representative of their life. Some people are just plain unhappy. For the rest of us—Thank you. Enjoy the rest of your time together.
    Mary Lou in Michigan
    P.S. Thanks for taking the time to post for us.

  110. Lisa A. Burns Says:

    Hi Carlos & Donna !!

    Oh how I miss The Owl Box and our beloved Royals!!
    Thank you for the update, happy you are having a good time. I still dream of owls and miss hearing from you every day!!
    Enjoy, relax, and keep us posted! Hoping after you are both rested,…that our M & M will lay their 3rd clutch & bless us again! Sorry, can’t help but dream. Take care, and God Bless you both!! Hugs!!

    Love, Lisa from NE Florida

  111. Robin Says:

    So glad you are relaxing. You spend so much time giving us the joy of seeing the owls. It’s amazing how easy it is to get attached. As selfish as it sounds, I hope to have this experience again next year.
    Take care and be safe.
    Robin, NC

  112. AnnInSDtoo Says:

    Dear Donna and Carlos,
    How fun to hear that you enjoyed your reunion and where you are now!

    I fed my MOD by finally going to the Legends Owl movie! It was terrific, even if I was the last person from the Owl Box to see it!

    Have safe travels and check in when you can – we are happy that you are happy!

    • dandypatch Says:

      Nah, You’re not the last person in the Owl Box to see the Legends owl movie. I probably won’t see it until it hits DVD or streaming on Netflix!

      Jan aka Dandypatch

  113. Cassie Julich Says:

    Donna and Carlos,
    Thank you so much for the note. Sounds like you are having a wonderful time on your much-deserved vacation. Yes, I too keep wanting to check on the owls – funny how they and you became such a huge part of our lives.
    Thank you for everything you did for us and for our owls.
    Much love,

  114. Christine Peters Says:

    Hi Carlos & Donna. Enjoy the Grand Canyon. I went once in my lifetime, but we woke in the morning to a blizzard, so I never did see the sunrise over the canyon!!! Still beautiful though; I remember deer in the snow, looking at us. Hope you are relaxing and having a great time.

  115. Linda Young Says:

    Hi Donna and Carlos,
    Your owls still live within us and the joy you brought to us all. Glad you had a fab time at the 50th (had mine this year too – awesome, except for all those old people – lol). Enjoy your trip and thanks again for all you have given us, your generosity is incredible. Have fun, artgirl4388

  116. Holly Sue Says:

    It is so great to hear that your reunion was such a smashing success! Enjoy your peaceful rest in Arizona and Hawaii…you deserve it after all those months of loving and faithful attention to the precious owls, and to all of us who love them and you! My thoughts and prayers go with both of you!

    Love from, Holly Sue

  117. Carlos and Donna,

    So pleased you enjoyed your 50th reunion. Arizona is a beautiful state and hopefully a restful stop for both of you. Have my pictures of Ashley and Carrie adorning many spaces in my office through prints, calendars and keepsake boxes. One look at those cute owlets quickly soothes away any stressors from the day. I so enjoyed everything about Molly and McGee and appreciated the generosity of your family sharing all of it with us. Am hopeful that we will do this again!!

    Janice Barreras

  118. brenda hanson Says:

    So glad you and Donna had a great time at your reunion. Hubby and I graduated in the same class, which is pretty neat! We live right near our old school, so are able to see classmates who still live near, also. The “gals” get together frequently.
    Oh, how I still love those little owl faces. I have purchased so much stuff from Cafe Press, that they are with me every day. I am also reading the Legend of the Guardian books, so I have owls on my mind all the time!! Thank you so much for allowing us into your life and that of the owls. I do miss them. Enjoy your trips.

  119. Donna J Smith Says:

    Those class reunions are so much fun- especially when everyone else looks so much older than you! I have gone past my 55th and I still look better than they do- those who are still able to attend.
    I don’t dream about the owlets as much as I walk around humming the Molly song. Love it!
    Thanks for the joy of many months of Molly and the Owlets.

  120. Susan Belloff Says:

    Donna and Carlos,
    So glad you had a good time at your reunion. Hope you are enjoying Arizona. My husband and I hope to visit his sister and her husband there once I retire. I’d like to be there right now…it’s cold in northern NY!
    I miss the Molly Royal Show but have so many great memories.
    Have a great vacation and take lots of beautiful photos! :)

  121. Seabrz78 Says:

    So glad to hear from you both!! Enjoy your time in Williams Az. Dad and I took the train to the canyon at Christmas it as so much fun. I really like that area. Send us pictures, miss seeing your photography.


  122. Diane Hill Says:

    Hi Donna and Carlos,
    How wonderful to just be glancing through Molly’s blog and to come across a note from you guys. It feels so good. I miss everything so much.
    So happy you had fun at your 50th and have a wonderful and safe trip and get lots of rest. Thank you for all you did for the owls and us. I am still waking up 2 and 3 times a night looking for them. :(
    Take care and enjoy,

  123. Judy Sackson Says:

    Carlos and Donna, it made my day to see that you are having such a wonderful and restful vacation! And I love reading all the comments.
    I think we are all suffering from a new disease-called ROD (Royal Obsessive Disorder). It was wonderful to have an update!
    Have a wonderful time in Hawaii, it’s one of my favorite places!

  124. Joisey38 (sandy) Says:

    Carlos and Donna,
    So nice of you too check in. I am also dreaming of Owls and missing them terribly. You have a wonderful time in the Grand Canyon. So glad you two youngsters had a good time at your 50th!
    joisey38 (sandy field)
    Clayton, NJ

  125. Hey Carlos & Donna,
    So glad you guys are having a wonderful time you both certainly deserve it, it’s alot of work sharing Molly & McGee and the owlets with all the MODS and the world. I received my Molly the Owl book it is wonderful and it does give me goose bumps when I hold it because I was there. I still check the Owl Box and Molly’s blog every morning and throughtout the day, happy habits are hard to break. Thank you for everything.

  126. owloverbo Says:

    So glad to hear you are having wonderful time. I saw this note from you shortly after it was posted and didn’t respond. Now I realize many of us are still checking to keep in touch.
    My cafe press order arrived and i can’t say enough about the quality.
    Oh and sorry I have to type in caps.
    Tears of sadness, happiness and remembrance as I read it more than once a day.
    Thanks for all you gave us.

  127. Joan S Says:

    Glad to hear you guys are doing well and having fun. You really deserve it. I didn’t know how bad I had MOD’s until the lights went out on the 2nd clutch. Took about 2 wks to get over the “lost” feeling. Have fun and be safe.

  128. We miss you and the owls!!
    Glad to hear you and Donna made it back safely.

  129. Barbara Says:

    Please update

  130. Debra Heidmiller Says:

    My name is Deb. Please, keep me updated on the blog! Love you guys and the owlets, miss it all! Thanks for the update Carlos! Have fun in Hawaii!

  131. JoAnna Darwin Says:

    Please keep me updated.

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