October 21, 2010

FREE GOODIES are are back and available for FREE DOWN LOAD 


Put a little deet, deet, deet in your life.


34 Responses to “FREE GOODIES ARE BACK”

  1. Beth Gramoy Says:

    The Royalz and family,

    My hub and I are, as he calls it, “LoyalLurkerz”. We never chatted but watched everyday. We thoroughly enjoyed everything — the chatterz, your broadcastz and sense of humor, the blog and videoz with all the great picturez, and of course the owlz. We are inspired and amazed by the commitment and professionalism you not only showed us, but surrounded yourselvez with — Eric, Chris, Barbara, John, the moderators and so many kind and creative chatterz. And we know the scientific community has benefited just as much from watching the owlbox as the rest of us have.

    The best way we know how to say thank you is to tell you that there will be a new owl box up in Ocean Beach, California in the very near future. It was my birthday present a month ago.

    (Just a side note, I’m certainly glad my hub is not the jealous kind because for monthz we have joked there is another man in my life as I would stop everything and turn my sound up loud each time I heard “this is Carloz Royal coming to you from the Owl Box in San Marcos, California”. And sometimes it even worked — at least when you had your sound on too).

    We laughed and we learned, it was a delightful 8 monthz. Thank you and bon voyage. Travel safe.

    Beth and Kevin

    • Penny Says:

      Very well said and agreed with…

      • Lisa A. Burns Says:

        Agree 100% with your wonderful words!
        Awesome Lurkers !! : )
        I too am crazy about our Carlos & even my pets know to run out of the way every time I heard his voice! We miss you Carlos, Donna, and Austin!
        Fly free our beloved Owls. Godspeed!

  2. Jodi (nostrebor) Says:

    Great news! I have to download the Molly the Owl Paper Toy. I ran into a *cough cough* technical error during my previous attempt at construction. Must have some deet, deet, deet in my life!

  3. Jodimaher Says:

    Thank you ! we sure miss you guys !

  4. Jennifer Says:

    Thank you for putting the freebies back on! It was such a shock to go on there and they had been disabled. It doesn’t feel like it’s over yet. It’s going to take some time. Miss you gutz!

  5. flukestail Says:

    Signing up again for site updates. Thanks.

  6. Susan Says:

    Carlos and Donna,
    Such joy you have brought to so many! And you are responsible for increased awareness of owls and their habitat. More people will put up owl boxes and quit using poisons–thanks to you. My husband gave me an owl box with a camera and we are so excited about installing it.
    Thank you so much for all you have done.Have an amazing vacation. You are loved and admired by thousands–or maybe millions!

  7. Thanks for the free goodies again. Finally bought some glossy paper, attempted to download the puppet & no picture. lol. Anyway it all worked out ok as I had the paper puppet to copy.
    Grandchildren will have fun this rainy day.
    Love the picture of carlos & donna in bus with all the owls around. caption was great. have a great vacation. you certainly deserve it.


  8. Judy Says:

    Thanks! Loved every minute watching the second clutch. Love the RV picture! Have a great vacation. Judy

  9. Diane Ballou Says:

    Carlos, Donna, and Austin,

    Thank you for everything you have done for us MODS. IT has been a wonderful 8 months.

    I love the owls and the friends I have made through the OB. Carlos, I loved seeing you as well, with your humor, excitement and infection attitude. I will miss your daily updates. I will also miss your amazing photos of the owls.

    Thank you for everything!!!


  10. Linda Smith Says:

    Just a note to say how very much I enjoyed viewing Molly and McGee and the precious baby owls. Thank you for sharing so much with so many online here. we all have learned alot about God’s creatures that we never knew. Have a wonderful time off and get some rest!

    Linda Smith

  11. Sumaclain Says:

    Dear Donna, Carlos and Austin ~ I can’t thank your family enough for bringing your beloved Molly and her family to all of us to love, learn about and live with for these many months. My daughter told me about the owls just as Max was hatching and I’ve been logged on ever since. Two of my groups of children from school have loved Molly and what we all have learned is invaluable. I’ve been an animal and nature lover my entire live but this has been an experience unique to all others! Thank you and God Bless, Sumaclain

  12. GeorgiaGoose Says:

    Carlos and Donna, have a safe, fun vacation! Thanks for everything!

  13. GeorgiaGoose Says:

    subscribe to email updates.

  14. Maxine Keene Says:

    Please notify me of updates to the blog.

  15. Janice Grassmeyer Says:

    I am haveing a problem with downloading the free items….it keeps giving me a message that Bandwidth limit is exceded….I have downloaded free items before and this wasn’t a problem. Any suggestions?
    Thanks for any help you can give

  16. Ginny Howard Says:

    I also am getting the message about the Bandwidth limit is exceded. I hope I can download in the near future!

  17. Lisa A. Burns Says:

    Thank you for the freebies, will download them from home! This has just been sooo much fun. Hoping for a 3rd Clutch too!! ( Can’t help it )

    Sorta lost these days & not running to my computer everytime I hear your voice Carlos!
    Miss you, Donna, and The Owl Box very much! God Bless you both and Thank You for 2 amazing experiences with our beloved Owl Family! Austin, you rock!

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!
    Lisa, Ponte Vedra, FL

  18. Diana Says:

    I will be very happy when you return to the site and tell us all about your vacation! Seems we all miss your chats a lot. It soothes the soul. Have fun!


  19. CAequuslvr Says:

    Carlos & Donna–

    Just wanted to let you know that Carrie Underwood is going to be a the Stagecoach Country Music Festival (in Indio — April 30 & May 1. 2011).

    Hope your reunion was a great time for you.

    Take Care :)

  20. Cassandra Says:

    Hope you had lots of fun at your reunion and the trip to Hawaii to visit your Granddaughter. Carlos, we really miss hearing your updates. Love your and Donna’s effervescent personalities. Your family and friends make me smile. Hope to see you in the Spring.

  21. Linda B Says:

    I just finished reading my Molly the Owl book! It’s amazing! I loved opening it and seeing the signatures. It made this whole experience feel all the more real and that I really was part of it.

    The art work is incredible!! The video promo doesn’t do it justice at all. There are so many images, and they all make you just grin ear to ear, especially if you were present to watch the first clutch with Max, Pattison, Austin and Wesley!

    You all did such an amazing job on the book! I’m so glad that I bought one. I almost didn’t because it was geared towards kids, but even though I witnessed the first clutch, I couldn’t wait to turn the page to read the rest of the story!

    This will be a book that I cherish for a lifetime.

  22. Donna Simonson Says:

    Okay, you really know you have MOD when you drive by the Lake Elsinore Outlet Stores at night and your vision reads Owletes Stores! I was so tired when I drove by the sign and read Owletes instead of Outlets but I was immediately rejuventated with a big grin thinking of our Molly owletes and how much I miss the “fun” we have everyday at the owlbox. We miss you Royal family and Molly’s family, too! I know we must all look each and everyday for updates on Molly’s Box. One day soon we hope, we’ll all be surprised with pics from your vacation and an update on the owlbox and just “hoo” might be visiting! Take care our special friends, just know how much we all love and miss you! Love, hugs and prayers, owlways!
    “OwlLuver” Murrieta, CA

  23. flukestail Says:

    I don’t know about the est of you chatters, but I MISS MOLLY, HER BROOD, THE ROYALS, AND ALL OF YOU! (I can use caps here. ;) )

    Hope you’re all well. Miss talking with you…except for the Nutella discussions. I was done with those. ;)

    Now I lay me down to sleep,
    My memories of Molly are what I keep
    Close to my heart and on top of my mind
    And hoping the owl box again she’ll find.

    Take care! flukestail in Indianapolis

  24. Jann English Says:

    I was just tickled to see your post on your trip! We are all still on the Molly chat on SPO with a lot of new MODs! They are showing the African Banded Owlets too! Great times are had by all!!

    Sleep with those Angels!


  25. Lisa A. Burns Says:

    Darn it…..Carlos, we MISS You !!!!!!

  26. Karen M. Says:

    please update me with new info

  27. Linda Smith Says:

    please update me with new info. thank you.
    I so enjoyed seeing Carlos this morning and hearing the updates on the owls. Just makes my day!!!

  28. Mimi Says:

    I’m so missing my daily owl fix and hearing from Carlos and Donna! Please notify me of updates!!

  29. Mimi Says:

    oops – forgot to check the box!

  30. Pam Says:

    Please add me to the blog update email list. Thank you.

  31. pelicangirl Says:

    Please keep me updated on events regarding Molly and family.

  32. Sue McComb Says:

    Miss you Carlos! Please keep me updated.
    Thank you,

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