October 17th Molly Watchers Picnic

October 16, 2010

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Grant requests sought by San Marcos Community Foundation
Posted Date: 10/13/2010 11:15 AM
The San Marcos Community Foundation is accepting grant requests now through November 3 for monies from the newly established “Wildlife Fund.” There is currently $9,000 available for grant making from that fund. Grants can be made to any non-profit organization serving San Marcos for projects to help with wildlife education or preservation.

The special fund was established in March 2010 following a surge of interest in “Molly the Owl,” a barn owl that nested in the San Marcos backyard of Carlos and Donna Royal. Molly subsequently had several owlets hatch on a live Web stream set up by the Royals. More than a million viewers from around the world have watched the coverage.

Following the coverage, the Royals began receiving several donations, which they generously diverted to the San Marcos Community Foundation. The foundation established the Wildlife Fund in order to ensure that the monies generated in response to Molly the Owl would go back into wildlife preservation and education in San Marcos.

“We are grateful to the Royal family for thinking of the community in this way,” explained Colleen Lukoff, president of the San Marcos Community Foundation. “They have done a wonderful job of educating millions of people around the world about wildlife, literally right from their own backyard.”

For more detailed information about the grant process, or to request an application, please contact Andrea Rouse at (760) 744-1050, ext. 3116 or arouse@san-marcos.net 

About the San Marcos Community Foundation: Since awarding its first set of grants in 1988, the Foundation has provided more than $918,000 to non-profit organizations serving San Marcos. The Foundation acts as a non-profit public benefits corporation to provide financial and other assistance to programs that benefit the City of San Marcos. Such programs include senior programs, children and youth sports, drug and alcohol abuse prevention, day care for pre-school and latch-key children and support for cultural events or institutions within the City of San Marcos.

27 Responses to “October 17th Molly Watchers Picnic”

  1. 1SkatrPie Says:


  2. Kathy Says:

    Very Nice. You give and give back in a big way! Thank you is not enough.

  3. Charles Van Eeckhout Says:

    Thank you Carlos and Donna, What you are doing is unheard now days.. You both are something special…
    Thanks again..

    Charlie and Audrey

  4. Carlos and Donna,
    Thank you for letting us see what our donations have resulted in for the foundation, and thank you for arranging for us to donate to them. Over at the mollyandmcgeesupport group on Yahoo, we have all talked about what great opportunities you have given to us, sharing your lives, your owl box, your owls, and your generosity. You have a huge fan base as good people, and the owl box is just the tip of the iceberg.

    Thank you,
    Carlynne from Lakeside, CA

  5. Teri Saffren - Irthum Says:

    May God bless the Royal family because of the way they have joined millions of people around the world with the joy of Molly, McGee and the kidz!

  6. Mary Kowalski Says:

    As one of the millions of viewers, and a proud MOD, I want to thank the Royals, both Carlos and Donna, for the gift of months and months of dedication to Molly the Owl and her family. My day care children play with stuffed owls and are much more sensitive to nature thanks to my emphasis on a nature curriculum and a few minutes with the owl box each week. I will never forget this experience.

  7. Angie Tungett Says:

    Thank you for letting us enjoy the owl family!

  8. mispatyknits Says:

    How wonderful about the grants available!!!!

  9. Susan Belloff Says:

    Thank you for posting this. I had been wondering how much money had been raised for the foundation. How nice to have a lasting memorial to Molly and her Royal family in the form of wildlife preservation and education. I can’t think of a more fitting tribute.

  10. Sally Greninger aka roxy44 Says:

    What a wonderful thing the foundation has as well as Carlos and Donna Royal. Just being one person out of a million to have watch this I can’t begin to thank all involved for the hours and hours this site has helped people like myself get through a rough time in their life. Gives us something else to think about other than there problems and puts a great big owl smile on our faces. I would like to thank them from the bottom of my heart. Thank you all!

  11. SARose69 Says:

    A wonderful community gift from our wonderful Royal clan–people and owls both!

  12. angela Says:

    gee this was fun – and i was part of it :D

  13. Carolyn Gooding Says:

    Please sign me up for email updates. Thank you.

  14. Sandy Says:

    the owls couldn’t have picked a better city to make their home..San Marcos rocks!

  15. Anne Tucker Says:

    Have loved checking in to see the news.

  16. Sandra Everest Says:

    Amazing pictures and I thank you again for all you have done. You are a special family and it has been an honor to know you across the miles. Would have enjoyed the picnic but alas, my son is getting married and I’m a bit busy. I’ve lurked i the chat room from the beginning and enjoyed it all.

    Please keep me in the loop for all the followup; you all enjoy your vacation; it is well deserved.

  17. debi Says:

    Sure gonna miss ya’owl!!! sniff, sniff


    I just want to thank Carlos and the group for all the JOY you have brought to myself and others. I watch constantly. I have ordered the 4 owlet mousepad, the DVD, and the Molly and McGee portrait. Happy with all three items. I have them in my den. Also down load all the goodies. How cute the paperdoll Molly. GOD bless you ALL.

  19. Diane Evans Says:

    Please subscribe to email updates

  20. Jean Says:

    I have been lurking through the entire second clutch and loving every educational minute of it. Thank you, Royals, for providing us with this priceless experience.

  21. Carlynne aka littleguys Says:

    I was on my way to the picnic, and half way there (one hour drive) had to drop something off at a friends, got back into the truck and nothing. Would not start, not even a glow in the headlights. By the time AAA got it started, we figured there is an electrical problem so headed home instead of to the picnic.

    Hope you folks had a great time and that it was as dry at the picnic as it was at my house east of San Diego, near Alpine.

  22. Laurie Kennedy Says:

    Carlos, Donna

    Thank you so much for everything. Carlos the pictures you have taken of all of the owls have been beautiful. Can’t wait to get my books I have ordered. Thank You

    Laurie Kennedy

  23. Judith Wahlander Says:

    Please add me to your email list. Thanks, Judy

  24. Caseyl3d Says:

    Great time at the picnic!!! It was so great to meet so many fellow owl lovers!!

    Thanks Donna and Carlos


  25. Fairygram Says:

    How do you thank someone for the special times we’ve had over a period of eight months? Sure there were defining moments and memories. However, the overall picture of Carlos, Donna and Austin – the friendly chatters from the world around us – the patient, never tiring moderators and no lack of subject matter put it into one basket. Add those talented offerings from among the masses bringing “stuff” into our midst that were to die for and the natural wonders of the owls, beginning to end. Is there one among us who would/could ask for more – NOT. Gee this WAS fun and I am so proud to have been a small part of it while the Royals rocked our world! ~fairy

  26. Aprilfowl (Aprlfool59) Says:

    Thank you so much for all you have done to bring us together.

    Hugz and love! Aprilfowl

  27. Kim Gorman Says:

    Donna and Carlos, please enjoy your reunion and have a wonderful howliday season. We all love you and thank you for this tremendous, amazing experience which has taken up so much of your energies this year. Little did you know! I received my owlbox charm and childrens book, signed!, and magic feather this week. Love and hugs to you all and may your computers never hork!!


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