Ashley In Palm Tree

October 15, 2010

Ashley & Carrie Calendar

Ashley In Palm Tree

Ashley On Camera Box

4D5Q1094 Ashley Watch Carrie Land SF

Ashley Watches Carrie Make Landing

Owlets Ashley and Carrie

Carrie may have received some food in the palm but not sure because it happened off camera. Carrie flew to the palm tree and did not return for a while. Ashley took both treats delivered at the box. Molly came for a visit to the kestrel box but did not bring a treat in the early morning hours during a heavy mist. The photo above is Ashley in the palm tree, she also flew over to the palm tree last night. I got a photo of her but not of Carrie.

Ashley and Carrie Calendar is available.

Carlos, Donna and Austin

99 Responses to “Ashley In Palm Tree”

  1. Liz Says:

    The photo of Carrie and Ashley is unbelievably cute – the best yet! Please consider offering this photo on Cafe Press merchandise. Thanks for all the beautiful photos and commentary. This experience has been amazing, due in large part to all the time and effort you have put into it for us MODS.


  2. Diana Says:

    Say it like it is Carlos!! You and Donna are doing it right, no matter what the WW’s say! I lovy your style, and stickin’ to your guns.
    Sure wish I could be at the picnic.
    Much love

    • Judy Says:

      My sentiments exactly! Have thoroughly enjoyed watching the owls. Missed the first clutch~hoping for a third. Thank you Carlos & Donna!

  3. Bravo, Carlos! Well said. I think some of your comments should be embroidered and hung in the chat rooms for all to consider.
    Thank you again for allowing us to witness TWO cycles of owl life. Wow! This has been such a wondrous gift to millions of people. I hope you realize that the number of followers who are happy for your generous efforts far, FAR outweigh the naysayers. This is the truth, just like your comments this morning.

  4. Bo Says:

    The owl box was a wonderful gift and I’m glad I found it.
    Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  5. Cheryl Owen Says:

    Carlos, I just wanted to say thank you for the comments you just made about nature being nature and don’t watch if you can’t handle it, I agree totally – just judging by some of the comments that we’ve seen in the SPO Chat Room over the last few days, I can only imagine the amount of emails, pm’s and comments generally that you are getting about ‘assisting the owlets’ and how fed up you must get with it all, so I just wanted to tell you that we are behind you 100% and really really appreciate this fantastic opportunity that you have given us all, to witness nature first hand – good and bad! Thank you so much!
    Cheryl Owen (UK MOD since March!)

  6. Sherrie Says:

    Still just a lurker since the 1st clutch, but loving every minute of “nature”. Carlos & Donna, thank you so much for your generosity and hard work. You are truly special people. My calendar is awesome, and I’m anxiously awaiting Molly’s book. Have a wonderful vacation! Love, Sherrie Coughlin–Grovetown, Ga

  7. Kris Says:

    I can’t begin to express my joy at looking at your webcams everyday. I understand that you have been receiving comments to “feed Carrie” DON’T DO IT!!! YOU ARE DOING THE RIGHT THING by not interfering! There are alot of us out here who support you and your decission. Chin up, you are not alone.

  8. Gail Burns Says:

    Carlos and Donna,

    Just wanted to let you know that you are appreciated and loved by many! Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to share this magical experience with you!

    Have a safe and wonderful vacation!

    Gail Burns from Louisiana

  9. Betty H. Says:

    Thank you Carlos for this wonderful nature experience. I am just a lurker, however, I have been watching daily since I found out about it on the national news in early August. I have Austin’s DVD of the 1st clutch and have requested by email to Eric to consider a Coffee Table Book of the 2nd clutch. I hope that if Molly and McGee come back to the box next Spring that you will allow us all to be a part of it again. Thank you.

  10. Jann English Says:

    I agree with everyone above me. I do so hope you don’t let the naysayers provoke you too much so you won’t let us peak into the next wonderful world of owls, in the spring. Mother Nature shares so much of her world with us, you are her middle man and I KNOW deep in my heart, She thanks you for this.

    Thank you and your precious family so much.

  11. Glenn Says:

    Thank you Carlos and Donna for The Owl Box. This experience I will never forget. I missed the first clutch, I’m glad we heard about them on the news. I hope you let us know when Molly and Mcgee return next year. Carlos, hope you keep us up to date and keep posting on the blog here after you shut the cameras down, Glenn

  12. Eleanor Says:

    I want to add to the posts above me, agreeing with the line in the gag shag…er…sand that you’ve taken with the angst about Carrie. You’ve given us a gift beyond telling in providing this wonderful window on a natural world. We’re free to close it for ourselves if the view of nature is too disturbing. Please know that there are legions of us who agree with you, and whose angst now is that you may decide not to do this again, given the grief you are getting. Enjoy your vacation and your winter. PLEASE consider coming back to us in the spring! –EFS in Tucson

  13. Chris in Olympia, WA (cbbrunner) Says:

    Carlos, thank you for all you have done! Thank you for making things clear and explaining about nature webcams – again. It shouldn’t have to be done, but many apparently forget that owls & animals usually live their lives outside of our view and do just fine or not, but that is normal and part of nature. Please don’t let the worriers ruin this experience for you or for the rest of us. We appreciate you and the view of Owls that you have given us. :)

  14. caboval Says:

    Oh Ashley at the Palmz Hotel! I love it! Thanks again for such great pictures!!! Caboval

  15. marcia Says:

    Carlos, i don’t know what was said but i am going to assume some people wanted you to intevene with Carrie. perhaps they were mean spirited about it. please try not to let this dampen your spirits. the majority of us that watch your cam are 100% behind you. we are human, with human emotions and hearts. the bad thing about that is hearts can break. when that happens peoples emotions take over. if Carrie doesn’t make it i will be heart broken but i will still be forever in debt to your generousity and kindness. thank you.

  16. Jody Tyler Says:

    Wanted to take a minute to Thank You and Donna and your crew for letting us have the enjoyment of a lifetime. There is nothing more heart warming than to watch Mother Nature in progress. You put a lot of work into this project so that people from all walks of life can sit and relax and enjoy your backyard. We should all be so lucky. I loved it when you named the last baby Jody. Even spelled it like I spell my name which is unusual to find that. I had to go to FLorida for a funeral and came back to find my precious little Jody had also died. I was heartbroke but we all know that is how survival of the fittest works. Then life goes on. Hope to see you all with the next clutch. Pray for the safety of the owls all Winter this year. Again, Thank you so much!!!!

  17. chula (az)l Says:

    Dear Carlos,
    Thanks for all you have done to bring us the beautiful gift of nature! You ROCK!!!!
    Now, go have a great vacation and enjoy.
    Hope to see your smiling face in the Spring.
    Peace to you and yours.

  18. Barbara Bolton Says:

    I missed your appearance this morning, but saw some of the comment about it on the other chat site. I just want you to know how much I have enjoyed this site and all your dedication to the owls and to us! I sincerely believe that nature is just doing it’s thing and all is going according to plan. I actually think Carrie is just fine. M& M seem to know what they’re doing as well. I am sorry that people are blogging weird things, humanizing the whole thing. It seems to be getting kind of psycho! But, I can understand peoples’ passion. Thank you Carlos and Donna for everything you’ve done and putting yourselves out there. I totally enjoy your commentaries and the web/blog sites…and your beautiful photos. NOW! go have a fabulous reunion and vacation and relax and enjoy yourselves, you certainly deserve it!

  19. Diane Says:

    Thank you ever so much for the many many many wonderful times and memories I will carry with me forever. I have always loved nature/animals but now have a deeper love for it since I was able to experience it first hand. You are both wonderful people. Who knows, perhaps we might get to watch a “third” clutch”!!???!! Saying “thank you” doesn’t even seem like enough. I feel like I know you and Donna and I haven’t even met you or spoken with you, but you are both exceptional people. Have a safe and fun trip you two!! Thanks again.

  20. Lynn Says:

    I have learned so much since February about Barn Owls and what a fascinating creature they are….this has been an educational tool of a lifetime thanks to Carlos and Donna Royal and Austin. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for bringing us these owls and their babies and the chatting from folks all over the world. These creatures get along, support each other and survive….we humans can take these visual lessons to our own lives.

  21. Cynthia Bradley (bradleytwins) Says:

    How heartwarming seeing the little sisters being so loving with each other. This exxperience will be soooo missed when it’s over…but I’m so blessed to have been a part of it!!! :)

  22. Judy Says:

    Just a big Thank You to Donna and Carlos for all you have done. This site has been a blessing to many. I hope you have a great vacation and some much deserved rest. We appreciate all you have shared with us. “Gee, it’s been fun and glad I’ve been part of it.” Hope we have the opportunity to watch them again next year. Blessings to you both and your family.

  23. Bev Pellet Says:

    Dear Carlos and Donna, and Austin,

    What a wonderful experience this has been, loved every minute of it, especially knowing that without this owl box and all your effort, we would never see this,, so appreciated. Have wonderful well deserved vacation, and come back safely. God bless…

  24. Elizabeth Says:

    Carlos & Donna,
    I have never posted before. I have been watching since the first egg in Feb. But i felt a need to express my feelings. Thanks for all you said this morning. This is nature and this is the way things go. I cant express how grateful I am to have had the privilage to watch these 2 clutches. I cant even begin to imagine how much time and dedication you have put into this and I will be forever grateful. I think you are an awesome pair and truly thank you from the bottom of my heart for doing this.
    P.S. I hope there is a next time!

  25. Janice Says:

    Carlos, many many thanks for the many gorgeous photos, for the precious opportunity to witness this saga, and for your steady hand on the helm. A priceless experience

  26. Flo Gondek Says:

    Thank you, Carlos and Donna, for offering everyone the opportunity to watch Molly & McGee and family. Your kindness was a special blessing for me during a difficult grieving time in my life. Watching those two clutches has been an unbelievable experience. Please accept my heartfelt thanks and appreciation.

  27. Lynda C Says:

    Carlos, thank you for reaffirming your position not to interfere with nature this morning. There was much support for the position you took in the very beginning in the SPO chat room this morning. We all hope for the best, as we know you do, too. As difficult as it is sometimes, nature is nature and what will be, will be. Thank you for all you have done to bring this wonderful world of nature to us, up close and personal and 24/7 for so many months. Wishing you and Donna the best for you’re your much-needed vacation and the celebration of the milestone of your 50th class reunion. Certainly hoping, too, that you will come back rested and refreshed and that you will consider bringing to us another clutch in the Spring.

  28. Glenn Says:

    Thank you Carlos and Donna for The Owl Box. This experience I will never forget. I missed the first clutch, I’m glad we heard about them on the news. I hope you let us know when Molly and Mcgee return next year. Hope you keep us up to date and keep posting on the blog here, IGlenn in Florida

  29. Karen in Sebring Says:

    Dear Donna and Carlos, I have no words to describe what the two owl clutches have meant to me. Your kindness and generosity and your hard work has made me love both of you very much. We will probably never nor speak to each other in this lifetime but I just want you to know I think of you as dear friends. Thank you for everything! Please stay happy and joyful.God bless, Karen Scott, Sebring, FL

  30. Dear Carlos and Donna, Your generosity, endurance, love, and fortitude are
    so wonderful. I have enjoyed those marvelous owls so very much! I’ve enjoyed the chat room and met wonderful people! Thank you! Love, Gloria Whitfield

  31. 1SkatrPie Says:

    Well, Carlos, I’m afraid you are in for another coffee table book of Second Clutch with photos like these! Superb and poignant, thank you for more than words can say. Sooooo wish I could be at picnic!

  32. Carol Joy Says:

    You have allowed me, and millions of others, to view nature first-hand that we never would have had if you had not taken the time, talent, efforts and money to share this website. Thank you for sharing your unselfish talents. After viewing both clutches I will say I personally enjoyed the first clutch the most, simply because they were so much more loving and considerate of each other. However, your photography continued to improve daily and I enjoy checking each day to see what pictures you were able to share. As human families are each different so also are Owl clutches!!! I was not one to chat myself but did spend many hours reading and learning about the lives of those in the chat room.

    Hope to meet both of you some day and thank you personally for the joy you have given me into the world of Owls. I will now forever love and appreciate the world of the American barn owls!

  33. Jannie Says:

    Thank you for those great words of wisdom this morning Carlos! It seems to be easy for some people to forget that this is nature in the ‘raw’ and death is a sad part of it. I don’t think you were too blunt….just honest. Thank you for all you have done.

  34. Leigh Starlin Says:

    Carlos, Donna and Austin,

    I am so inspired by your website and photographs of the owls. It has been such a joy to be able to watch this clutch mature into young owls. Thank you for the time and energy you have put into sharing this with all of us.

  35. What can I say???? With tears running down my face, I am so happy that God has put gentle, kind, tenderhearted people in this world to make mine and all the MODs life so enlightened!!! I just say……..THANKS FOR THE MEMORIES!!!

    Dale Triplett

  36. Tommie Krone Says:

    Thank You very much for letting our world into your world “Mollywood” — if a creature cannot survive in the splendid surroundings you have provided then, they never will in the wild.

  37. Jeannie Franz Says:

    I’ve been a lurker since the first clutch was hatching. Wanted to thank both Carlos and Donna for this wonderful site and say that I fully agree with your “hands off” policy. This is nature and it can be cruel and sometimes difficult to watch but that is what strengthens the species. Hope you both have a great time on your well-deserved vacation and that when it is over you can say “Gee, wasn’t that fun”.

  38. Annette L. Says:

    I just lurked and didn’t get in on any of the chats….pretty much computer illiterate. But had to say “Thank you” SO much for all you time and hard work you put in to bring us the two owl clutches. It has been an unbelievable experience!! Just loved seeing nature as it is. Sometimes sad…as we saw some die…but there were WAY more happy times. You have given us that. And for that we just cannot thank you enough and really express how much fun I have had watching. Gee this has been FUN…and I’ve been a part of it!!! Thank You! (really hoping that if M & M come back with another clutch in the spring that you all will give us the blessed opportunity to watch again!!!) :)

  39. Debbie Says:


    What fun. My mom, sister and I have all been following the second clutch. We have looked forward to looking in on Molly, McGee and their family each day. I also appreciate you and Donna sharing this experience with all of us. Thank you for all your time, effort, enthusiasm, commentary and great pictures. It’s going to seem strange not checking in each day for the latest news from the Owl Box in San Marcos California.

  40. Rita in DC Says:


    “Ashley and Carrie Calendar is available.

    Carlos, Donna and Austin”

    That hyperlink to the Ashley/Carrie calendar, at the very end of your Oct. 15 blog post, is a bad link.

    The URL that got entered erroneously:

    Note “http” twice.

    The correct URL:

    Also, is the photo of the palm tree owlet indeed Ashley? Caption says so, but blog text discusses Carrie in palmtree.


    Rita in DC/ bluenoter in Chat

  41. Diana Says:

    Thank you again. This has been a Great Adventure, and I have loved every minute of it! My son got a Molly shirt and he wants to wear it every day. What joy you have given so many people! It’s amazing.
    Wish you could visit us on SPO sometimes. You have a huge fan base, all loyal, supportive to each other, and you and Donna.
    Have a wonderful vacation! And let us know when you get back. Maybe we could have ‘Home Movie’ night with pictures of your trip. Wouldn’t THAT be fun?!


  42. Barb Haeg Says:

    Carlos and Donna, thank you a million times for letting so many witness this awesome event! You are truly loved! Have a wonderful vacation!

  43. Peggy Malone Says:

    Thanks Carlos for your daily comments. We are all concerned with Carrie, but hopefully all will be well with her…

  44. Peggy B. Says:

    Carlos and the Royal family,

    I have thoroughly enjoyed watching the second clutch grow up. This has been an awesome experience! Thank you so much for all your hard work and for sharing this with all of us. Enjoy your much-deserved vacation.

  45. Nancy Says:

    Carlos and Donna, My husband and I have so enjoyed watching nature unfold before our eyes! My husband is a diabetic and he has had some rough evenings. Your site has given us both something to concentrate on besides how sick he is. We are very grateful for all the time and effort you took to bring this to us. The owlets are amazing as well as Molly and McGee. As a fellow bird photographer, I know the time and patience it takes for a good shot, so I know that your life has been literally taken over by the enormous task of photo taking and camera upkeep. God bless you and Donna! Have a great vacation!!

  46. Debbie Lynch Says:

    Dear Carlos & Donna,
    I want to thank you both for the opportunity to watch this amazing event unfold before our eyes. Without all of your hard work and total dedication this eye opening experience would never have been available to your world wide audience. I feel you have handled everything about these owls exactly as you should have. Please do not listen to the nay-sayers. This is nature and what happens, happens. I personally feel that both owls are thriving. I was with you for both clutches and it has been so interesting to me to see the differences between the two. I feel that Molly and Magee have done a great job parenting and feel that any one who tries to second guess them is really out of line. Thank you and your entire family for all of your time and effort and I hope that you can find it your heart to share this with us all again if the opportunity arises in the future. I wish you both health and happiness. Have a great time at your reunion. I hope we will meet again in the Spring. I am forever grateful.
    Debbie Lynch (dogswood)

  47. Linda Says:

    You have been so generous with your time and providing all of us with such memorable experiences. I am extremely grateful that you were so willing to do this. I also have been very pleased that you have let us see “Nature” as it really is. May God bless you richly.
    Gee. that was fun!
    A MOD that is goin into withdrawal.

  48. Pat Cummings Says:

    Hello Carlos and Donna:
    I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you have done for the MOD’s(such as me). This has been an experience I will never forget.
    I hope that after your break you will consider doing this again. If not I truly understand and am happy for all of you and the owls of course.

    So OWL be seeing you from “THE SIGHTS AND SOUNDS OF THE OWL BOX”.


  49. Carlos, Donna and extended family and friends,

    Thank you for all the work and time you have given
    to enable the world to see Molly and her family.
    It has been so much fun. I can’t believe all that
    we have learned. Many blessings to you and your

    Dave, Diana, grandkids, Camryn, Allison, and
    Blaine and Diana’s mom, Nina

  50. Sandy Owen (from NYC) Says:

    Dear Carlos and Donna,

    I was a belated ‘comer’ to your site but for the past month and a half, I have been fixated on and astonished by what you have so selflessly provided for us. It is obviously a huge undertaking, necessitating more time and energy than anyone should have to expend for others. Please don’t be upset by the negative comments; just know that for every one of them, there are thousands who would vociferously counter them in your defence. Every single person who has access to this wonderful gift should be thanking their lucky stars for you and Donna and your gift to us. May you have a wonderful, refreshing and restorative vacation. (selfishly, so you will feel like doing this again with the next clutch!)
    Bless you both.

    Sandy Owen

  51. liz roberts Says:

    Dear Carlos and Donna, I have tears right now. This Owl family and all this human family have been wonderful. I have witnessed(lurking) many peoples lives that have been touched by this community.Random people write of thier sad lives that have been uplifted by the care and communication that has sprung forth from your unselfish dedication to these wild birds and all of the MODS who really show thier love for all. Enjoy your vacation,laugh at the reunion and hurry back to all of us , who want to hear about all of YOUR adventures. See you soon (fingers crossed for the spring) Wish I could be at the picnic, sing my part in the sing-a long wiil ya! love to you both liz maryland

  52. Margaret Kremer Says:


    Thank you again for sharing so much of yourself with us. Don’t worry about the worry warts. I think you are quite right to let nature take it’s course. All is well!


  53. Nancy in Stow, OH Says:

    Carlos & Donna – I’ve admired the way you’ve brought this project to us; you have been consistantly open & honest in your what you’ve said & done & I appreciate that very much. You’ve been good examples to many. God Bless.

  54. Lori Sarosi Says:

    Carlos and Donna, Thank you so much for the joy you have shared with the world. You have touched all of our lives in a special way. Thank you from my heart to both of yours, and my God be with the all the owls of the world!

  55. debbie butler Says:

    I just want to Thank You Carlos and family for all the hours of fun I have had.. You are right that nature is nature and we all have to understand what you stand for. Enjoy your vacation. Hope to see you again soon. Debbie Butler in Palmdale, Ca

  56. Cinda Browne Says:


    Thank you so much for your comments this morning. I think it’s been fairly obvious for those of us closely observing that Carrie has been just fine. She has been showing all the signs of a healthy owlet. I am sorry that you are getting what I am sure is a huge amount of emails, etc. from worriers. Thank you so much for making this available for all of us to view, and for all the time you & Donna and others have put into this “project”. Keep the positive, upbeat attitude and I do hope you and Donna enjoy your reunion and visit to Hawaii!

    Cinda Browne, from the Sportsman’s Paradise Online chatroom

  57. Debbie G Says:

    I heard your “message’ this morning to all of us regarding nature, and I decieded that I wanted to write you
    13 million unique viewers!
    I’ve been involved with big organizations for a LONG time mentoring and working with people who run and organize events. Here’s the thing:
    No matter how well run the event, no matter how happy people are in general, what we tend to remember are those 5-10 complainers. I tell my younger colleagues all the time: “2000 people loved your program! Don’t focus on the 3 that told you they didn’t!” But, I guess it’s human nature to want to make things perfect and please everyone.
    13 million unique viewers! And all but those 5 “complainers” love you and respect what you do.
    I know you know this, but I wanted to say it.
    I’ve only been here since the second clutch, but I have been amazed with your generosity and your “level-headed” approach to nature. For example, the death of Jody was tragic to so many people, and you were just extraordinary with the way you handled it. You (and Donna) are amazing people. I know you both had fun with the Mods and all of us owlcoholics, but you both are so kind and generous, and FUN!
    So Thank you Carlos and Donna Royal. Thank you MODS who attend to every single person who enters the chatroom. Thank you for the 13 Million of us who lurk in the background but take advantage of your generosity and appreciate all you do.
    This truly has been an exceptional experience for all 13 million. And we all had fun, and we were all part of it: Thank You, thank you, thank you.

  58. JL aka ~joanna and family Says:

    DiTTo on ALL the positive remarks, i am from the SPO site also and have enjoyed ALL that both you, Donna, Austin and ALL the others have done. It has been a joy to watch and ALL that you all have given back to others while on this wonderful journey made possible because you and Donna decided to share.

    Thank you so verra much for ALL that you ALL do and say, wish we could ALL be there on the picnic Sunday, just to give everyone a hug and to tell you all thank you!

    There will be several SPO members attending and when each one gives you a hug or a special thanks for their appreciation, multiply that times several THOUSAND!

    {{{{{{{Carlos, Donna, Austin and all}}}}}}}}

  59. Michelle Says:

    Thank you Carlos and Donna for what you have provided to those of us who are grateful for it. Ignore the WW’s and the ingrates. Do they not know the rest of the owls/owlets and all other wild animals that aren’t on camera go through this on a continuing basis? Not to mention we don’t know what happens off camera. Bottom line–you can not and should not mess with nature. Period. I’m sorry you have to actually make this stand with people. Oh, and your photos are GORGEOUS!!!
    Michelle-Cheyenne, WY

    • D.S. Langguth Says:

      Hey, Michelle–

      I lived in Cheyenne when my family was stationed at Warren AFB. I have fond memories of the place even though I many times freeze in the winter. It was a great place for a kid who had a horse. Frontier Days were always a blast. :)

  60. Wendy D. Says:

    Dear Carlos, Donna, Austin…..

    Thank you so very much for this wonderful & amazing experience. I’ve been thrilled by Molly & McGee and their owlets since last winter. I have my ebook, DVD & am anxiously awaiting my coffee table book. I have a Christmas wishlist ready, too!

    Enjoy your well-deserved vacation! Gee, this really was fun and I was a part of it!

    Wendy D.from Massachusetts

  61. Diana Says:

    Looks like the comments have all expressed my views as well. A BIG HUG to you and all the Royals.

  62. Nancy Layton Says:

    Carlos. I heard your conversation this morning and I feel badly that people have made comments that have been hurtful to you. I’m sure they are coming from their caring for Carrie.

    I think you said it beautifully. Of course we don’t want anything to happen to Carrie, but as you said this is Nature and we have to accept what will be will be.

    I have loved watching the owl box since March when my mother passed away and it has been a Godsend for me to get me through this difficult time. I absolutely love the book and pictures and ornament and everything I have purchased and I even got a movie poster I’m going to have framed.

    My 50th High School Reunion was this year also but I was too shy to go since I have packed a few pounds on since then. Listening to how excited you and Donna are, I wish I had gone to mine.

    Please don’t let the naysayers influence you as to whether you will do this again. You definitely are not “heartless”! I definitely look forward to hearing and seeing you, Donna and Austin on the live chat next Spring.

    Have a wonderful vacation — you both deserve it.
    Happy Holidays also to you, Donna and your family.

    Rochester, New York

  63. AnitaB Says:

    Does anyone have the URL for Carlos’ website. I read in social stream that someone was reading about his travels and I’d love to do the same!

  64. Regina Llop Says:

    Ashley and Carrie are utterly adorable!
    I enjoyed the whole first clutch; and I’m still having fun with the second one.
    I’ve gotten so much beautiful merchandise (books/etc.) that my husband might build an owlbox for me and put me in it! lol!

  65. francie bowers Says:

    Dear Carlos and Donna, I missed your chat this morning but I don’t want to be counted in those who are complaining…please!! You are doing a fabulous job…and these pics are wonderful!!

  66. Susan Pizon Says:

    The photos make me giggle, and that is a good thing for a 58 year old! I can’t thank you, and Donna, enough for all you have done, for just the “fun” of it! More than fun, this has been a journey I will carry with me forever. I share stories with my grandchildren, and will be reading the book(s) one of each of them when recieved.

    Please remember how much we all love you and Donna and appreciate the joy you have shared.

    Sue In NH

  67. Stephanie Says:

    What a cute kissy picture. You guys have truly been pioneers in the birding and especially owl watching field, I really respect what you have done!
    We keep an eye on several resident birds and have recorded owls in the past too.

  68. Judy Sackson Says:

    Thank you, Carlos and Donna, for all that you have done for us all these months. You have given all your time and effort to this project, and we have all benefited so much from it all!
    Sorry, but you have now given us Too Many Choices! I’m going to have to decide which calendar I want for next year. The photos are all so unique and beautiful that it’s going to be a hard job.
    I want to thank Eric for being on the job and getting my MOD pendant out to me before the picnic!It came this morning, and I was so stoked! It is just beautiful, everything it seemed to be! All the merchandise I’ve received so far has been better that advertised. You don’t see that very often these days! A great thanks to everyone involved!!

  69. Tammy Smith Says:

    It looks like both Ashley & Carrie may be females. They have light brown on their chests.

  70. Karin Blaschik Says:

    Thank you-thank you-thank you!!!!
    You both deserve a vacation. Enjoy!

  71. Vicki Says:

    Carlos, Donna and all the Royals,

    What you all have given us cannot be repeated or replaced. Not just the window to the natural world of barn owls but the view of what the soul of your kindness and generosity has given to us. Friendships grew with the tiny owlets, heartwarming care for those who needed it from the chatters, times of happiness, awe and wonder that can never be forgotten. Not only the owlets but you and your family have been the true gifts of life as it should be. In a world so uncertain and many times ugly, beauty can be found in the most unlikely places–in the nature you so love and the love you so share. God bless you and enjoy your time together.

    All my hopes!

  72. Sandy Says:

    Dear Carlos & Donna,
    Thank you from the bottom of my heart for allowing us into your home for a birds-eye view of nature. I have been here for over 6 months & have thoroughly enjoyed learning the way of the owl. You & Donna are exceptional, unselfish people to have allowed the public to follow what started out to be for your immediate family only. I am so lucky & grateful to have been a part of this. I am sorry that some people are treating you negatively as there is absolutely no reason for it & shame on them. Why do they even bother to join in with their bad attitudes? Well, nobodys perfect & you must know that you have a world of positive support out there. Even though I will never get a chance to meet the both of you, I feel like we are good friends anyway. I wish you peace, joy & rest on your upcoming much-deserved vacation.
    With love,
    Sandy in Redford, MI

  73. Mary Lockwood Says:

    Wonderful photos Carlos!
    Thank you both for the sacrifices you have made so others could participate.
    As the Saga of M&M draws again to a close, many eyes are filling with tears amid the cheers for Ashley and Carrie. Friendships have been forged through these long months that can never be replaced. All because of two owls and the people who decided to allow others, the World, to be included.
    For some, myself included, the Owl Box offered a small, safe place for love, harmony, friendship, and unity, in a world full of distrust.
    My heartfelt thanks to the Mods who diligently kept our Chat safe for all ages. Thank you also for their assistance and knowledge that certainly came to the rescue many times.
    It is with a heavy heart I watch the closing date fast approach. But it is with a Happy Heart I wish Donna and Carlos a wonderful vacation! They have certainly earned a “time in the sun & fun” in Hawaii.

  74. Jo Ann Poston Says:

    Dear Carlos and Donna:

    You could not possibly have known what a solace this website has been to me. I lost my precious husband of 42 years two weeks ago. Watching these babies has been such a comfort, as well as reading the chat of the MOD squad!

    I know you and your family have put in an inordinate amount of work to share this beautiful experience with the world. MANY thanks for all you’ve done.

    Jo Ann, Lexington, NC
    (aka DrMama)

  75. Diane Moffett Says:

    Please let me know if you bring site up next year. It’s been a great experience learning about barn owls. Thank you for letting me sharein yourenjoyment of owls. The economy has been really hard for me and being able to escape into the owl box has been a real blessing. I would get
    excited about all the items for sale even if I
    could not afford to buy they. carlos you are a truely great man with an eye for beauty. I am a better person because of this site. Thank you.
    Be well Always. And I hope things are wonderful for you and your family.
    Thank you.

  76. zesty Says:

    Thank you for a fun-filled and edifying experience! Nature is what it is, and we have been blessed with this opportunity to observe these wild creatures. Your photos are lovely. Come visit the Sportsman’s Paradise Online chat… you have many adoring fans there.

  77. Shelley Says:

    I didn’t hear your chat this morning but from reading these comments, I can figure out what has gone on. I join all those who want to reassure you, Carlos, that your approach to nature is the healthy one: watch, wonder, learn, laugh, cry, enjoy, cheer, love, respect. Life goes on all around us all the time, and has, for millions of year. Ok, so millions of years ago, maybe they had no fledge ledge, or *porch*. But they species continues to thrive and survive.

    To you, Carlos, and Donna and Austin (and Eric, John and Chris), I offer my gratitude and respect, for sharing your curiosity, your talents, your compassion and your humour with us. Not to mention, your time! Technology is almost as miraculous as nature, in some ways, certainly in this instance, when it can allow you to push some buttons and allow millions of people to be one of those bugs on the wall inside the owl box! To be able to witness this intimiate life cycle in this way is not only a priviledge, but no doubt is also opening some doors in the world of science and shedding light on what was previously known (and unknown)!

    Thank you again, though the words hardly seem adequate,

    Shelley in Toronto, Canada

  78. Carolyn B. Tyler Says:

    Subscribe to email updates of blog.

  79. catperry aka CatsMommy Says:

    I too add my thank you for all that you and Donna and your crew have done with this event (clutches one and two) and the best gift you have given is the opportunity for Molly and McGee to bring six fabulous owls into this world, thus increasing the chance of this species to thrive. Everything else was for we selfish humans, and we enjoy every cup, picture, book, song, and item created for the event – we wouldn’t have bought them otherwise. You kind heart has made it possible for these owls to have a safe home and a little comfort is always appreciated no matter what species we are.
    I can not say these two words enough: THANK YOU

  80. Darlene Watson Says:

    Thank you for all the great pictures that you have taken and all the work all of you have done to bring us all such pleasure in watching these owls grow. Hope you and your wife have a great hoilday and rest that you both deserve.

  81. Mary Kay Says:

    Carlos and Donna,
    I missed today’s chat so am in the dark as far as the particulars of what might have been said that was perhaps judgmental, unkind, or in any way critical of you. I hope you won’t allow those isolated negative comments to color your memories of us and this wonderful experience we have all had together. For any hurt or stress that inappropriate comments might have caused, I am deeply sorry. No doubt, you’ve experienced the very best of human nature and possibly the very worst these past eight months. We hope you know that 99.9999999% of us Mods are completely in your corner and we fully support any decisions you and Donna have made or will make concerning the owlbox. Your stance concerning non-intervention with nature has always been crystal clear and fully consistent from the beginning.
    I agree with previous comments: you and your family have been the best part of this journey. You’re irreplacable. It would not have been such an amazing experience without your dedication and your wonderful, fun-loving, creative, generous spirits to brighten each day. Thank-you for inviting us into your world and allowing us the enjoyment of this past year. You have no idea how big a place you have taken up within our hearts. May your well-deserved vacation be the best ever!

  82. Marcia Says:

    Carlos Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful experience with us. My whole family has enjoyed.

  83. Jackie Says:

    Once again great photos!!!!

    Thanks so much Carlos and Donna for sharing such a once in a life time experience!! The cams and photography are outstanding!!

    Take care and enjoy your long awaited and much deserved vacation!!

  84. D.S. Langguth Says:

    Shelley in Toronto (comment #77) said it all so well. Count me as one of your most ardent supporters. I am so looking forward to the picnic tomorrow. A great time to be had by all I am sure. :)

  85. Jean Davis Says:

    We need a coffee mug with the Owlets kissing. That is a totally beautiful photo!

  86. mike Says:

    hi can you please tellme where to find that necklace with the silver chain and big charm you showed tonight you said it was going to be10.00 from eric but cant find it on his website thanks

  87. Joyce McCollister Says:

    I wanted to thank you for bringing so much joy into my home by watching the 1st and 2nd clutches of M&M. I learned so much with all the information you were putting out there for us. You and your wife are both a delight and so wonderful of you, Donna and Austin to put so much time in for us. Don’t know if you will be back but we will be waiting just in case. I really appreciated, like so many of us have, how much you put into this for us because you love it, because you care about nature and never would I have been able to know how it really is without seeing it because of you and your family. Again thanks. Have a great time on your vacation and wished I could’ve been at the picnic. But will be watching.

  88. Ann Says:

    I would like to subscribe to this site by email.
    Thank you for all you have done and given. Your work has given us a window into a very important part of nature’s world. Children, teens, and young adults have been watching. You will never know what you have given them, or how you might have affected their future lives and careers. You have undoubtedly encouraged many of them to be future stewards of the earth and to help heal the planet.
    You make us all proud.
    Ann in Palo Alto

  89. Bo Says:

    Words can’t express my thanks for everything.Donna little did you know that you would be an international celebrity when you asked for an owl box. So glad you did and Carlos was enabled to share all with us.
    at 5x years old this will remain one of my most treasured memories.

  90. Linda Scroggin Says:

    Carlos, thank you so much, I will be waiting for updates and future activities, have a safe trip.


  91. Linda Brown Says:

    Carlos & Donna – thank you again for sharing such a wonderful site for us. I posted earlier but it’s disappeared, either accidentally or someone helped it along!!!! Anyway, you two deserve the best vacation possible, lots of rest and time together. I hope to see you in the spring again – I’m hoping you turn on the cameras if Molly & McGee return (a few comments posted these past few days said you told people NO). I don’t take anyone’s word for anything – you are in charge, so I’m asking you if this may be something to look forward to again in the future – it was a wonderful way to relax after losing a job!!!

    Thank you, thank you, thank you – love you both and Molly, McGee and all her little ones. God Bless you all.

    Jamestown, ND

  92. Dear Carloz, Donna & Austin,
    Words can’t express my thanks for everything. Who would have thought your interest in watching an owl would have turned into something worldwide! THANK YOU guys sooo very much for sharing your and our owl’s lives with me. It has been an incredible experience. I have been here since right after Max was born and could not break away! Enjoy your vacation & rest up for next spring! Hope, Hope, Hope! God Bless you and keep you safe!! I sure will miss your Deet, Deet, Deet’s & your smiling face!! You’re the BEST CARLOZ!
    Love, Diana

  93. Loretta Ewing Says:

    follow me

  94. Beth Gramoy Says:

    The Royalz and family,

    My hub and I are, as he calls it, “LoyalLurkerz”. We never chatted but watched everyday. We thoroughly enjoyed everything — the chatterz, your broadcastz and sense of humor, the blog and videoz with all the great picturez, and of course the owlz. We are inspired and amazed by the commitment and professionalism you not only showed us, but surrounded yourselvez with — Eric, Chris, Barbara, John and so many kind and creative chatterz. And we know the scientific community has benefited just as much from watching the owlbox as the rest of us have.

    The best way we know how to say thank you is to tell you that there will be a new owl box up in Ocean Beach, California in the very near future. It was my birthday present a month ago.

    (Just a side note, I’m certainly glad my hub is not the jealous kind because for monthz we have joked there is another man in my life as I would stop everything and turn my sound up loud each time I heard “this is Carloz Royal coming to you from the Owl Box in San Marcos, California”. And sometimes it even worked — at least when you had your sound on too).

    We laughed and we learned, it was a delightful 8 monthz. Thank you and bon voyage. Travel safe.

    Beth and Kevin

  95. Darla Says:

    Thank you for the owl box. Hope you have a wonderful trip for your 50th Reunion.

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