Last Day of Sale 15% OFF

October 13, 2010

15% OFF SALE Last Day

Let's Fly Over To The Sale

I Know There Is a Sale Here Some Where

I See It Over There 15% OFF

(Carrie) I'm Jumping In With Both Feet

Gee, That Was Fun

Sale ends at midnight PDT or Molly Time. 15% off Cafe Press Sale.


Carlos, Donna and Austin

39 Responses to “Last Day of Sale 15% OFF”

  1. vicki Says:

    How perfect! Very clever too.

  2. Joan Says:

    one of the best pictures yet is the one of Carrie and Ashley on the ground after Carries big fall… good one!!

  3. Andrea Says:

    So clever!
    Carlos, you need to keep doing something even if it’s not the owl box (heaven forbid!). Radio Disc Jockey? You’re just too talented not to! The photos are fabulous.
    The two of them standing out there last night side by side was so heartwarming.

  4. Mary Fairbanks Says:

    i just love this whole series of photos. thank-you Donna for teaching Carlos everything. lol

  5. Gill Shepstone Says:

    Superb photos – thank you so much, better than a birthday card, perfect end to my day.

  6. flukestail Says:

    The “Gee, That Was Fun” captioned photo seems to tell us who’s a girl (on the left) and who’s a boy (on the right). So, who is Ashley & who is Carrie?

  7. Mary Weber Says:

    What a fun and imaginative use of your wonderful photos!

  8. caboval Says:

    Oh I just love the narration! Did Ashley get her keepsake box at cafe press??? LOL caboval

  9. Cynthia Says:

    You are wonderful! Thank you for sharing all your photos. I’m really going to miss you.

  10. Doreen Says:

    Carlos you’re the best! I can’t tell you how much I look forward to your email every day. Your photos are fantastic, only to be enhanced by your clever captions. Love them! No matter what goes on, I can always count on you to cheer me up!

  11. Deb Says:

    Carlos, best photos ever! I especially love the owlet on the owlbox and the one of Carrie jumping. Amazing!!

  12. Cherie Wagner Says:


    Thanks for all you and your family have done. Your photos are fantastic! I hope you are considering another year of sharing owls with the world in 2011!

  13. Jo Bradley Says:

    Love the pix, but the one of Carrie jumping in with both feet made me laugh. She appears to be concentrating sooo very hard and she has got the tail rudder working too. Love it!

  14. And we were a part of it……love your captions Carlos;))

  15. Rosemary Says:

    I am so proud that I am a MOD. I love receiving
    your emails with new photos… You make my day.
    We could never thank you and Donna enough for all
    that you have shared with us these last months.
    Wishing you a fantastic vacation. You so deserve

    You truely are ROYAL folks.

  16. Nancy Brown Says:

    Great photos, love, love, love. Please can the last photo above be added to your portfolio at Cafe Press? Holiday ornament, pretty please.

  17. Judy Says:

    Carlos, those pictures are precious! Love the sale comments. Ashley and Carrie are beautiful, I wanted to say thank you for sharing your expierience with us. It has been uplifting and educational.

  18. Bonnie Wakeman Says:

    what a wonderful experience and opportunity to learn and have fun at the same time.

  19. Andrea Fincham Says:

    I’d like to subscribe to this blog.

  20. Owlcoholic4life Says:

    Thank you for all the wonderful memories you have given to me and the world. I hope that you will stream live again in the future. The Royal family will be greatly missed. The world needs more people like you, full of love, compassion, excitement and understanding. Enjoy your vacation, but please remember, we will never forget what you have given to this world.

    Stay Safe and Blessed.

  21. D2onTen Says:


  22. Gisela K. Says:

    Subscribe by email.

  23. Helen Newton Says:

    Could I please be put on the email updates list.
    Thank all of you soooo much for this wonderful experience. I will miss all of you and the wonderful humor, joy and beauty that this experience has brought me. It has been quite a ride for everyone. Who would have known such a simple thing could have grown so big and made sooo many people happy. Carlos and Donna – you have made a real difference in people’s lives and you can be so proud of what you have accomplished. Thanks again, Helen Newton

  24. Sharon Schultz Says:

    This has been one of the best things that have happened to me in a long time. I have been a watcher since March and have enjoyed every minute of it. Thank you so much to everyone that has been involved in this wonderful experience. You are all the best. Don’t forget to LIVE,LOVE,AND LAUGH~

  25. vera daley Says:

    I want to thank you and Donna for sharing your life with us, it has been an expierience, and I hope you feel the same. Love and hugs to you and Donna, and your grandson Austin, he’s got a great family behind him.

  26. Linda Oberloh Says:

    Look forward to hearing more from the Royals in the future. Have a wonderful relaxing vacation.

  27. Kirk Boyd Says:

    please add me to email list

  28. Eileen Wanger Says:

    Many, many thanks for everything you’ve done for us Carlos, Donna and Austin.
    Hope we see you in the spring.

  29. Harma Nyhof Says:

    please subscribe me!

    Can’t say thank you enough! This has been an amazing, entertaining, awe-inspiring, addicting, an all in all fabulous experience. Can not be adequately described.
    Hope you have grand trips/travels.
    Lots of warm hugs and love to all,
    Harma aka NotherDutchie

  30. Joan Says:

    An experience of a lifetime.

  31. Linda Asbury Says:

    I’ve really enjoyed watching both clutches “grow” up. Thank you for the wonderful experience. Carlos, Donna and Austin, you are the real “Royal” Family!

  32. Laura Stailey Says:

    Please add me to your email list. A day without owls is a day without sunshine.

  33. C A Goebel Says:

    Please keep us updated if at all possible…

  34. Marilee Fillion Says:

    LOVE my book and love the Ashley and Carrie calendar, the pictures are amazing. This has been an experience of a life-time and I feel so blessed just to know there are people in the world like the Royal’s and the mods who are the greatest! I will think of all of it everyday as I look at my pictures on my family room wall!
    happy travels, “gandm” Marilee Fillion

  35. Marti Says:

    I hope that the barn owl cam will be back real soon. I’ll miss it, and seeing these beautiful creatures!

  36. Marti Says:

    Hi! I’m just trying to subscribe to an update for when the Owl Box is active again!
    I wish to be informed when the Owl Box is up and running again.
    I’m not sure how to do this, but please add me to the list so that I will be informed when the cameras for the owl box are turned on again. Thanks! I’ll miss watching the owls grow, and am looking forward to watching new clutches in the future.:-)

  37. Kristin Nazaret Says:

    Carrie jumping in both feet please

  38. karen l moore Says:

    please notify me of new blog entries or any other info concerning our wonderful owls—


    karen l moore

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