McGee In Palm Tree

October 9, 2010

4D5Q0858 McGee Waiting For Owlets SF

McGee Waiting For Owlets

Is That McGee Calling From The Palm Tree

I Wish Ashley Would Bring That Up Here

Let's See You Do This Carrie

I Can Do A Swan Dive

4D5Q0850 Ashley LE SF

Take A Bow

McGee continues to call the owlets to the palm tree but so far not luck in getting them to fly over. I thought Ashley was going to fly over last night when she went to the roof and was looking in the direction of the palm tree and McGee, but no. Carrie did spend more time out of the box but still has not moved off the porch.

The first shipment of Molly The Owl Book was shipped yesterday as we will continue to sign books over the weekend.

Carlos, Donna and Austin

40 Responses to “McGee In Palm Tree”

  1. Helen Erickson Says:

    Yeah! Books are on the way. Hope it wasn’t toooo tedious for you all. Thanks so much for all that you guys have done. This has surely been fun. Sad to see the end coming. Have a wonderful vacation.

  2. Connie Hatfield Says:

    Great pics again Carlos!

  3. Judy Davis Says:

    Terrific photos. I do appreciate all you have done with the owls and shared it for the all of us. Thank you……Judy

  4. DWD in Atlanta Says:

    YIPPEE!!! I have been waiting for this!!! I can’t wait for it to show up at my door.

    These photos are great!!! I have enjoyed both clutches so much. Have a great vacation. Hope we see you in the Spring!!!

  5. There is a nice photo of Max’s face in Cafe Press, but you can’t get the tile print of it. Only the coffee mug. Could we please add the tile to how we can order this photo from cafe Press? Thanks

  6. Becky Says:

    Great pics! Love the captions too! What fun!

  7. francie bowers Says:

    Thanks for another post Carlos, an exciting morning! Hope your hand isn’t too stiff…maybe Donna can drive to the reunion?? the end is in sight…gee this was fun, and I was part of it!

  8. catperry aka CatsMommy Says:

    Love the captions… GRIN. I don’t see any spots on carries chest… so perhaps carrie is cary? would be cool to have one of each gender. I watched Ashley fly off and come back….. looking darn good. Carrie needs to come out more, but she/he will on her/his own time I guess.

    TY for the pictures, they really add to the whole experience.

    As much as we will be sad to see everything shut down on the 20th, we will also be excited for you and Donna to go to Hawaii. So pls dont’ let us put any pressure on you to stay… GO GO GO. We will survive but you two MUST go.

    anyway, back to it… thanks so much for everything.

    from Cat in Canada

  9. karen Plate Says:

    Carlo’s…Love Love Love these pictures:) Carrie’s big day is coming soon. Ashley will help her get there. Sisterly Love.

    Thanks again for all you and Donna do. Naturally Austin as well. Eduacation is so important and what a way for all of us out here to contribute while falling in love with Molly and McGee and their family at the same time. Can’t get much better than that:)


  10. Melissa Says:

    I am so excited to receive my book. I admire your integrity and dedication for personally signing every single one. I am one of the many MODs that peek in on the owls everyday via SPO. We all love you both and express it regularly on that chat! God Bless.

  11. Irene Hercules Says:

    Donna and Carlos…I have been attached to the PC since February!! It has been a great experience, I’m the 80 yr. young senior. Just have to keep reminding myself, this is nature, not the Build-a-Bear setting. Your photos are so outstanding, even better the NGeo. Thanks for all you have done.

  12. Nancy Brown Says:

    Love, love, love the photo’s. Ashley should well take a bow. The SPO chat room struggled right along with Ashley as you could see her thinking “How do I get this big rat to the box” First attempt a failure, but the will power of that super sized and hearted owl made it on the second try. Then to let Carrie eat it as she returned to the photo ledge for her bow. Thank you for all you do so that we may observe this wonder of nature, we know the time is short but every second brings new appreciation of our natural world. Nancy

  13. Cynthia Bradley aka bradleytwins Says:

    The pictures you take are incredible Carlos. Those two, Carrie & Ashley, are absolutely the bravest. I feel sad to some degree because it means this phase is coming to an end and we won’t be gathering together any more…..this experience has brought such joy to so many people. And for some I imagine the biggest highlight of their day. Oh well, thank you so much Carlos and Donna. You have been such a gift to so many. I hope you make another coffee table book of this clutch. Thanks again! :)

  14. Sally King Says:

    We all know you have to go but it doesn’t make the parting easy.How wonderful to have had this view into the world of Owls.THANK YOU so much Donna , Carlos and Austin for your creativity in making The Owl Box experience WONDERFUL and one which I will treasure always.It has been a journey (doubled due to 2 clutches) through viewing,photography,literature,art,comedy,music,companionship,education,entertainment and SHOPPING.Now I have my books,comics, clothing and jewellery as treasures to remind me of this wonderful experience.Enjoy your rest (have a great holiday)and your lovely garden. Thankyou so so much for sharing it with the world.

  15. owloverbo Says:

    oh the books are on the way oh i can’t wait…..You mean so much to us. Not sure I will ever have such a meaningful experience again in my life.
    TY Happy vacation
    gee this was fun, and I was part of it (wow)

  16. Carol Martin Says:

    this is the ultimate!!! I’ve never seen owls in the wild, but Carlos & family have given us a wonderful opportunity to observe and experience these magnificent birds.

  17. TXTKCush, Carrollton, TX Says:

    Carlos, the photos are wonderfullllllll! If I could only take pix 1/2 as good as you, it would be awesome. Thank you and Donna for all you do. I have been a part of both clutches and it has been a really, really great time. I am already tearing up, knowing what is coming next. The Owl Box for Rent sign was very, very sad, but it was “rented” very quickly. Have fun on your well deserved vacation……….Gee this was fun, and I was a part of it!!!!!!!

  18. Astrid Says:

    I cant wait to receive my book.

  19. Lou Says:

    Oh I can’t wait for the books to arrive, Christmas early!!!!


    Wonderful pictures and captions.

    Thank you for sharing the whole experience with us, this has truly been a gift to the world!

    Wishing you a wonderful trip and reunion, check in once in a while, will you?

    We love you – TOMandEve and redrazzy


    loved the whole experience!

  22. Jane Says:

    I love this site. I have learned so much about owls.

  23. Jane Says:

    Love the owls.

  24. shu curtis Says:

    Keeping in touch with this group is very important to me. Owls and people included.

  25. flukestail Says:

    Something I just wrote…was thinking about the 10/20 date coming up and how we’re all feeling sad about that. And, then I thought about how Carlos & Donna must be feeling…and I wrote this. With love to the Royals.

    It’s to the tune of “Leavin’ On A Jet Plane”:

    All our bags are packed, we’re ready to go,
    We’re standin’ here outside our door,
    We hate to tell you it’s time to say goodbye,
    The owls have fledged, the box is closed,
    The palm tree’s empty, that’s how it goes,
    Let’s not be sad, for the owls are meant to fly

    So, bye to our MODS & Mods,
    Thanks for all your gifts and cards,
    Gee, this was fun, we were all a part of it,
    Now we’re leavin’ on a jet plane,
    Will Molly return when we come back again?
    Oh MODS, let’s all hope so

    There’s so many times we’ve laughed, we’ve cried,
    Through owlet births and when some died,
    For months, we’ve all become such special friends,
    Every place we go, we’ll think of you,
    Every owl we see, will remind us too,
    When we come back, maybe we’ll start again

    So bye to our MODS & Mods,
    Thanks for all your gifts and cards,
    Gee, this was fun, we were a part of it,
    Cause we’re leavin’ on a jet plane,
    Will Molly return when we come back again?
    Oh MODS, let’s all hope so

    Now the time is coming and we all know,
    A few more chats, and then we’ll go,
    We’ll close the box, and then be on our way,
    Let’s all dream about the days to come,
    When Molly returns with McGee and some,
    New eggs she’ll lay, to start a brand new day

    So bye to our MODS & Mods,
    Thanks for all your gifts and cards,
    Gee, this was fun and we were a part of it,
    Cause we’re leavin’ on a jet plane,
    Will Molly return when we come back again?
    Oh MODS, let’s all hope so

    Yes, we’re leavin’ on a jet plane,
    Will Molly return when we come back again?
    Oh MODS, let’s all hope so…

  26. Donna Simonson Says:

    flukestail it seems you have written what’s on the hearts of many. It is amazing how much creativity has come with this experience and the friendships we have made. Inspiration from a common barn owl has made the world a warmer place for many. Thank you, flukes and all the mods who have shared so much in our love for Molly and the Royal family. Because of you, our hearts sing!
    Love, hugs and prayers “owlways”,
    OwlLuver, Murrieta, CA

  27. I LOVE the baby fluff that’s still on the owlets!

  28. Jeanne Says:

    These are great!!!

  29. Patrice (meowmie) Says:

    Thank you Carlos and Donna, you have brought so much joy into my life.

  30. terry Says:

    Thanks Carlos1

  31. Joyce McCollister Says:

    Thanks for everything that you have done for us. What a wonderful time I have had watching the 2 clutches, and listening to all the info you have given to us. Enjoy your much needed vacation.

  32. Gwen Says:

    Thanks to Carlos, Donna, Austin and all the other people that have made Molly’s Owl box a special place to be on a daily basis. I’ve been watching since Wesley hatched and I’m so glad I was a part of it. So Carlos and Donna you take your well deserved vacation and enjoy your reunion. We all wish you the best time ever and hope to see you again soon!

  33. nancy hamilton Says:

    We have enjoyed the owls since March and will truly miss them. Here’s hoping it will start up again in the spring. it’s been great fun for all and a big Thanks!

  34. Carole T Martin Says:

    What is Eric’s email address again where we can request that he creates a coffee table book of Clutch 2?
    Thank you, Carole T Martin

  35. Judy Says:

    Please send blog updates.

  36. Carol Fosco Says:

    Updates please!

    Thank you for everything you have done.

    Carol Fosco

  37. Debby Lyons Says:

    Donna,Carlos & Austin,
    THANK YOU so much for bringing this wonderful
    experience to us. You’ve touched so many hearts.

  38. have soo enjoyed the last 8 months thx to all
    donna carlos mods chatters everyone

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